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Interesting quotes about games (100 quotes)

In the modern world, when we talk about games, we primarily mean computer video games, although for 10-15 years this name was used to refer to various entertainments. And no matter how one feels about such changes, this should be recognized as a fact. This has its problems, but there are also a lot of positive aspects. This collection contains interesting quotes about games.

To win, you first need to play.

People usually start playing because they have nothing to do, the continuation is driven by the thirst for profit, and as a result we have an addiction.

This game we are playing cannot be won. Some failures are better than others, that's all.

We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.

The only way to become smarter is to play against a smarter opponent.

When the game ends, the king and pawn fall into the same box.

A game whose outcome is decided by fate? “More than likely, they are waiting for an opportunity to trick you.”

The winner will never say, “It’s just a game.”

Play is the highest form of exploration.

Love is like a game. Whoever said “I love you” first lost.

All I can do is play life and hope that someday I will understand the rules.

Conversation is a kind of game. Everyone must wait for their turn.

In games without rules, you need to know the rules especially carefully.

Man is some kind of fictitious toy of God. This is what we must follow, we must live by playing.

Over the past seven years, I have firmly learned one thing: in any game there is always an opponent and there is always a victim. The whole trick is to realize in time that you have become second and become first.

Don’t trust someone who speaks beautifully, there is always a game in his words. Trust the one who silently does beautiful things.

It's not about whether you win or lose, it's about how you play.

A person is fully human only when he plays.

But there is a game that should never be played. I repeat: never! Even if it is offered by your best friend. It's about burying yourself in concrete.

The victim always doubts his opponent. In fact, she doubts herself, her capabilities. But this is not admitted. Even to myself.

Everyone is addicted to the game. Even the most sensible people enjoy this activity, but only until the moment they realize that they are throwing away money, killing precious time, wasting their lives on a series of violence, impermissible techniques and mistakes.

The one who plays well without an opponent plays well.

The child loves his game for the wrong reasons. that it is easy, but because it is difficult.

Even if there are dead pawns at the throne, the game will only end when the king falls.

The world runs on tricks. Everyone plays. And this is where live talent is important. A gift from birth, something that no diploma can give you.

“Mothers and Daughters”, “Fathers and Sons” are two familiar games, only the first is for children, and the second is tragic.

The rule of experienced players is to stop a successful game on time.

Understanding atomic physics is child's play compared to understanding child's play.

The game must be fair, otherwise there is no point in it.

Life is just a game. The true value of life is to enjoy the game until the very end.

Don't be afraid to lose to the strongest. Let the taste of his victory be somewhat darkened by his awakened conscience.

Children play with words, adults play with words.

Show me a man who knows how to lose, and I will show you a man who plays golf with his boss.

We joked fun - we were good actors, we knew how to put a good face on a bad performance.

When playing an unfamiliar game, never make the first move.

I’ll figure out the game, as well as the instrument, on my own, just master the process.

In the game called “life”, it doesn’t matter what the score was in the first half.

Men can be frivolous when it comes to work or politics, but they always take their games seriously.

The ball is round and the game lasts 90 minutes. This is a theory, everything else is facts.

The more sophisticated the game, the more sophisticated the opponent. If the opponent is truly good, then he will drive the victim into a situation that he can control. And the closer it is to reality, the easier it is to control. Find the victim's weak spot and give her a little of what she really wants. Distract the victim while he writhes in the arms of his own greed.

He who is afraid of the game loses it.

The game is a holiday because it takes us beyond pragmatics and to the most serious question of our time, “why?” answers without blinking an eye: yes, just like that!

According to the rules, only the smart are played; any game without rules is played with the fools.

To outplay an idiot, you have to think like an idiot!

You must learn the rules of the game. And then you will play better than anyone else.

Playing cards, they lose fortunes; playing at love, they lose the best years of their lives.

The game cannot be denied. You can deny almost all abstract concepts: right, beauty, truth, goodness, spirit, God. You can deny the seriousness. The game is not allowed.

Work is what a person is obliged to do, but Play is what he is not obliged to do. Therefore, making artificial flowers or carrying water in a sieve is work, but knocking down skittles or climbing Mont Blanc is fun.

My actions are always sincere. And yet they are nothing more than acting.

The only thing women do not forgive is betrayal. If you immediately establish the rules of the game, whatever they are, women usually accept them. But they don’t tolerate it when the rules change during the game. In such cases they become ruthless.

The players made a mess out of the dealer.

The great art of life is to play a lot but risk little.

The winner will never say, “It’s just a game.”

Everyone got what they played for. After all, we all came up with the game. And invented games always have some problems with the ending.

Those who don't cheat don't want to win.

The hardest thing for a player to bear is not the fact that he lost, but the fact that he must stop playing.

Lose everything and start all over again, without regretting what you have acquired.

Fraudsters laugh at an honest person who plays fair with them.

“Here,” Ostap finally said, “fate plays with man, and man plays the trumpet.”

A good player sees the boundary in any game.

A male actor will equally successfully play both Hamlet and King Lear. However, I cannot even imagine myself in the role of the nurse from Romeo and Juliet.

All I can do is play life and hope that someday I will understand the rules.

Business is a fascinating game that combines maximum excitement with a minimum of rules.

You can win without any chance of success, but you can lose with any trump card.

Life is a game... not very well planned, but the graphics are good!

Men have never shown greater wit than in the invention of the game.

Man is a playing animal.

You can't play with other people's lives.

We will play Love. - What are the rules of this game? - There are two at the start, but at the finish - options are possible.

Gambling is a contagious disease of semi-civilized barbarians.

There is no person who gets only winnings in life's lottery.

The card game is a clear manifestation of mental bankruptcy. Unable to exchange thoughts, people throw cards.

It's not so important how you play, but how much you like it.

“But it so happened that I have all the aces in my hands.” “But it just so happens that I don’t play cards.”

Children play naive games, and adults play stupid ones.

Life is just a game. The true value of life is to enjoy the game until the very end.

Just understand that there are situations when you play. But sometimes it’s the other way around - when they play with you.

You can act out your feelings only after you overcome them.

Gambling doesn’t “suck in” as much as it “sucks out”

Adults believe that games are mainly entertainment. But this is not true! We are not ashamed to spend time watching TV. There is nothing shameful in computer games.

People play games when they don't have the real thing.

I believe that playing a role means getting as far away from yourself as possible. Take a vacation from your own self. Become someone else, step into the skin of another person.

Sometimes playing with words can end in real war.

Anyone who watches the game from the outside often sees more in it than its participants.

Let him play, let him. Let it frighten you, let it confuse you, let it not explain the rules, I whispered, leaning my back against the sun-warm stones of the Tyn Temple. If only He would continue to play, if only He didn’t get tired, if only He didn’t change his mind, or get distracted by something else, because I no longer want to live any other way. And it seems I can’t.

Any game seems fair if all the players are cheated at the very beginning.

The happiest of players is the one who just went broke from the game.

What's happened? Did they give up? Is this how it ends when I'm completely serious? If the opponent loses the desire to play, then where is the joy in playing?

There are two kinds of people: players and pieces.

After the heart stops, the human brain works for another seven minutes. We have six whole minutes to play...

What are you playing all the time - the gap has pushed to the floor!

If you want to win for sure, invent your own game and don’t tell anyone the rules.

A player usually regrets not about losing, but about the collapse of hopes of winning.

They say don't hate the player, hate the game, but when you came up with the rules together, losing became too painful.

Most often, games are played by people who have lost their mental balance; In general, we can say that the more anxious a person is, the harder he plays.

Any game between a man and a woman, no matter what the rules, has a sensual background.

We play to win! Trying, knowing that you are still doomed to failure, is absolutely useless.

A double game is when partners secretly treat each other as chess pawns.

Why should I play made-up games when there are so many real games in the world?

After all, it’s me who plays the role of the person everyone hates.

Game of millions

This game is played by many people, but it has hardly reached the professional level. It's unfair, don't you think? Quotes about table tennis that you want to share!

  1. Tennis is a game that combines dexterity and intelligence. And for those who lack dexterity, table tennis was invented!
  2. Tennis has such an important ability to make people happy!
  3. Table tennis is played with a racket, but you always win with the help of your brain!
  4. In table tennis, the winner is not the one who hits harder, but the one who hits more accurately.
  5. Good tennis players remain silent and continue training, while bad ones go to table tennis!
  6. Only decent people play games where there are no judges!
  7. There are no former tennis players... they just go into table tennis!
  8. In fact, you can even get injured in ping-pong if you have no brains...
  9. Table tennis is a game for strong-willed men!
  10. The most important thing in ping pong is to keep track of the ball!
  11. No blow will save you if you don’t know how to place your feet correctly!
  12. The ball should catch your eye in a way that no other model can!
  13. I took my eyes off the ball and went to study to become a doctor!
  14. Hitting the ball is not just hitting the racket. Here you need to think...
  15. Hitting the ball is only half the battle. It is also necessary that the enemy does not hit...
  16. Do you want to learn how to play table tennis? There is nothing simpler - just take it and play! And there is no place for whiners...
  17. To train your hand so that you can automatically hit any object flying at you - that’s what it means to be a tennis player!
  18. It's better to miss the ball than to hit the table with your hand!
  19. Table tennis is the only game where you are fed by your hands, not your feet!
  20. If you think that you are playing better, this does not mean that you need to quit training!

Statuses about Dota

I need to sleep... but I can’t sleep: I’m afraid that I’ll dream about Dota again, where you play as a puja, and I play as a good bansha. I use my ult on the turrets, I kill creeps with my first skill, I miss you so much.

Dota is painful, Dota is difficult, With it you are a beggar, you are a king... everything is possible.

I love you Dota 2 and I can’t live a day without you

And they will win you!

There is no game that cannot be played. Sooner or later this awaits everyone, but this is not a reason to give up! Share a wise quote about table tennis in your status.

  1. Never forget about your coach - he is the one who made you who you are!
  2. So tennis is a game in which only those who do not even think about defeat win!
  3. Physical fitness is important in tennis, and perseverance is important in table tennis!
  4. You should only take risks where it is appropriate and necessary! And not just for fun...
  5. The best table tennis players don't even know how to serve!
  6. There is a simple rule: if you win, there is no need to change tactics!
  7. Catching up with your opponent in the score is still half the victory!
  8. Table tennis is not a clown show! Everything is very serious here!
  9. Always respect your opponent and the audience! Never forget about them, even when you have won.
  10. Usually the referee and the player have completely different ideas about fairness...
  11. Do you want to start playing? Leave your doubts and go play!
  12. Show flexibility, but not compliance! Only then will you achieve heights...
  13. During a match, there is only the ball and your racket! Everything else is simply not there...
  14. No matter how easily you deal with your opponent, show him respect!
  15. A careless ping pong player is always doomed to fail!
  16. It's easier to win when you know how to win!
  17. The winner is not the tennis player who hits often, but the one who makes fewer mistakes...
  18. Any game has the most important rule - the fewer mistakes you make, the more often you win!
  19. Don't want to study? Go ahead and have fun in front of the TV...
  20. Desires alone will not win the ball...
  21. It happens that the game doesn’t work... it just happens. Humble yourself!
  22. Playing table tennis is like starting a small family! Don't leave your family, bitch...
  23. Table tennis is a drug! Once you try it, it’s so hard to stop...
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