How to set goals correctly and achieve them: step-by-step instructions with examples

It has been proven that about 45 percent of people set themselves certain goals, but only 8 percent achieve their goals. What's the problem? Probably many people formulate their desires incorrectly, so we will try to figure out how to set goals correctly and how to achieve them.

We all make promises to ourselves, such as finding a new fulfilling job, losing weight , paying more attention to our family, paying off all our debts, or starting to look at the world with a positive attitude. But is it always possible to reach the end and fulfill your promise?

What is a goal

A goal is a desired outcome that you strive for. A goal is based on a dream or desire. But it’s not enough to want, you need to act.

If you play scientist, you can create a goal formula: GOAL = DESIRE + DESIRE TO ACT

Having determined the goal, you need to formulate tasks, the implementation of which will lead to achieving the goal. The goal is the answer to the question “WHAT do I want?” , the tasks answer the question “HOW can I get this?” .

If you, for example, want to learn a language, you need to set a specific goal: to communicate freely with foreigners in 1.5 years. The tasks in this situation are to choose suitable language courses and attend them regularly.

Effective motivation

Competent, effective motivation for success is also aimed at controlling one’s own emotions and feelings:

  1. the biggest mistake is wasting effort and time on experiencing a mistake, while determining that this is your goal in life;
  2. you should not rejoice at random success, because random success will not lead to the desired victory;
  3. dreams will be achieved by those who show not compliance, but perseverance and fortitude;
  4. When deciding to act and move forward, never betray your dream or be distracted by obstacles, otherwise you will become a victim of circumstances;
  5. the most important condition for success is faith in yourself, only faith in your own strengths will allow you to achieve your goal;
  6. use your power openly and as honestly as possible, only in this way will your efforts be effective and beneficial.

Of course, the right choice of allies plays an important role in achieving your dreams. It is necessary to surround yourself with like-minded people who will support, help with advice, and share experiences. It is impossible to become successful alone.

How to set goals

Do you want to play sports, become a vegan, find a job? Take time to prepare. Few people realize the importance of this stage. However, your chances of success will increase significantly if you slow down with a sober, cool mind, focus and understand why you need it, where you are going . This will greatly increase your chances of success.

What do you really want

You must be sure that you really want to achieve your goal. This is the only way you can achieve your goal. Is this what you really want?

Only by answering: “Yes, I really want this!” will you achieve your goal. It is important to choose the goal that you want with all your heart; a real sincere desire will push and motivate when it seems that you no longer have the strength and that the idea was a failure.

A strong desire will force you to focus on the goal, regardless of any obstacles or failures. It doesn't matter how often you go off track, if you're serious about it, you'll always find your way.

Check the deadlines

Many people are rather indecisive in setting goals and are unable to specify and systematize the goal and the results of achieving it. We want everything at once. We want instant success, to wake up and find that we have already become what we dreamed of. But not receiving immediate success, we give up, convinced of the futility of attempts, our own worthlessness, etc. Sound familiar?

If you are not sure what exactly you want from life, then try the following exercise.

  1. Quickly, without thinking, make a written list of goals for the next twenty years of your life.
  2. Next to each item, put the amount of time in which you want to achieve this goal.
  3. Highlight 4 main goals that you plan to achieve during the year.
  4. Write down everything that needs to be done to achieve the goal, regardless of whether you want to do it or not.
  5. Choose the most desirable goal, no matter how difficult the tasks to achieve it are.

The goal must be recorded in writing

Having spoken a goal orally, we are simply expressing a fleeting thought, which, even if it gets stuck in our head, will cause discomfort rather than motivation to fulfill our plan. Only by writing down and specifying the goal on paper do we make a commitment. The most convenient ways to record your goals:

  1. Diary . This is the most convenient option. People who keep daily journals live much more productive lives than those who neglect this habit. The good thing about a diary is that you can put goals in it, even for a day, even for a year. In addition to the usual diary from the store, you can add creativity to your life and start keeping a bullet journal , also recording your goals and plans in it.
  2. Vision board. This is a small board made of any convenient material, which provides the opportunity to draw something and erase it; it needs to be hung in a visible place, where it is most convenient for you. A wish map is good for visually representing an image of achieved goals, usually long-term, for a year or two.

Break the goal into many subtasks

This is especially true for large-scale goals , the achievement of which may take more than a year. A good comparison in this matter is to compare a large goal with an elephant (or any other large animal), and the process of achieving goals is identified with eating an elephant. No one can eat an entire elephant in one sitting, but if you break it down into small pieces, you'll soon find that big tasks are accomplished through many small steps.

You must be inspired by your goal.

Formulate your goal so that it gives you a burning desire to get down to business and achieve your goal. By visualizing the result of achieving this goal, you should be filled with inspiration and energy. The goal should be more effective than any alarm clock in getting you out of bed in the morning.

To make your goal inspire you as much as possible , do a simple exercise.
Take a piece of paper and write down the 10 most desirable changes that achieving this goal could bring to your life.

A few recommendations from psychologists

In order for everything you planned to happen faster, you should not only follow the above rules. It is also necessary to take into account a number of recommendations prepared by qualified psychologists:

  1. Try to keep your goal statement positive and without the word “not.” Psychologists explain this by saying that on a subconscious level we do not perceive all the instructions that are placed with the prefix “not”. Absolutely any goal can be formulated in a positive way. For example, the goal “I want to not eat after 6 pm for a year” is better formulated as “I want to have my last meal before 6 pm for a year.”
  2. To achieve your goal, divide it into several small subtasks. Each of the points should have its own deadlines, depending on your capabilities. Thus, you will draw up a detailed plan for getting what you want, which you will strictly follow, understanding what needs to be done and in what order.
  3. Make sure you have all the necessary resources to get what you want. We are talking about material wealth, knowledge, experience, useful contacts, etc. First, provide yourself with all the necessary conditions, and then formulate a goal and begin to move towards its implementation.
  4. Think about what circumstances might prevent you from achieving success. Write down these factors and determine how you can avoid or eliminate them.
  5. Think positively. Try to find the positives in any current situation. Even if you encounter some adversity, do not forget that it shapes your experience and teaches you how to make decisions and act.
  6. Manage your time wisely. If you notice that you spend a lot of free time on unnecessary things that do not contribute to the implementation of your plans, try to create a daily schedule and strictly follow it.
  7. Praise yourself for all your successes, even the smallest ones. Give yourself some kind of reward for each successfully completed step towards your goal. This will serve as additional motivation for you.
  8. Constantly develop yourself. This applies to absolutely all areas of your life (personal, professional, etc.). Expand your circle of acquaintances, read literature on your profession, take courses, watch training videos. This will allow you to become more confident.

Follow the recommendations and rules outlined in this article to become successful and significantly improve the quality of your life. Remember that any goal is achievable if you put enough effort into the process of its implementation and approach it responsibly!

I hope this article was useful and interesting. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below.

On my website there is already a list of reasons that prevent us from taking action. Today I decided to list my personal life principles on how to achieve my goal. I try to stick to them, whether it works or not... well, I try.

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