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Think whatever you want about me. But somehow I doubt your imagination...

  1. You must have your own opinion. Only then can you count on any kind of life.
  2. I communicate with a person exactly until he begins to impose his opinion on me. Sorry.
  3. You can listen to another opinion. But only if you first take a closer look at its owner.
  4. I fell out with most of my friends, it's sad. But I’m glad that I still stuck to my opinion.
  5. Try not to criticize others. But be prepared to be criticized all the time.
  6. You are too far from that, or rather, for me to take your opinion seriously...
  7. In essence, you can listen to any opinion. But then you still have to rake it yourself.
  8. Even if you are a wuss now, do everything to make sure everything changes tomorrow.
  9. You consider yourself superior. But the trouble is that all you do is think.
  10. Happy is the person who can look at things sensibly and accept criticism in the same way.
  11. People are constantly gossiping about you, but that doesn’t mean that the “judgers” think about you?
  12. A big dream shouldn’t be subject to someone else’s opinion!
  13. You describe your opinion so epically that I’ve already forgotten where it actually began...
  14. Your opinion is who you really are. And if he is not there, then that means you are not there either.
  15. Keep your opinion to yourself. That is, use it to your heart’s content, just don’t touch me!
  16. A person thinks of us the way he wants to think, so don't try to please anyone unless you're on the first date.
  17. Always have self-respect, and only then, for the sake of variety, listen to other people's opinions.

Interesting quotes

Statuses about the opinions of others arouse a lot of interest, because this topic can be discussed endlessly. But is it worth really listening to other people’s words or is it easier to think about clever phrases and understand their meaning:

  1. You should only listen to your heart, and not the opinions of other people.
  2. You shouldn’t force your opinion on people if they already have one.
  3. You shouldn’t be afraid of changes and the opinions of others; they will definitely admire your unconventional actions and happy eyes.
  4. You should never judge a person based on someone else's opinion.
  5. You should not follow generally accepted stereotypes or be afraid of envy. Give those around you only smiles, then you can win a real victory.
  6. If a person has found himself, then he no longer depends on the opinions of others.
  7. You can respect other people's opinions, but you don't have to love them.
  8. You need to do only what helps a person be happy, you shouldn’t look at others.
  9. Someone else's opinion can be dangerous, because it is impossible to refuse it.
  10. Age cannot be a hindrance; usually it’s all about someone else’s opinion.
  11. Happiness will come in life if people express their own opinions only after being asked to do so.
  12. You need to listen to many opinions and people in order to understand the main thing about yourself, and experience the influence of the masses, only then will you be able to become an independent person.
  13. Public opinion fully deserves the title of public feeling.
  14. If others think this way, it doesn’t mean at all that I think the same.
  15. If the majority of people agree with the opinion of one person, then it cannot be considered truly true, and disagreement cannot be false either.
  16. Everyone needs to have their own opinion, but expressing it can be very dangerous.
  17. You should not pay attention to the condemnation of other people; each person commits actions for his own reasons.
  18. You need to be able to listen, respect other people's opinions, but not impose your own.

Everyone today has their own opinion, even if they are not asked about it...

Someone else's opinion is correct when the person sincerely wants to help you. Does this setting resonate with you? Then review the following statuses about opinion.

  1. Changing your point of view regarding something is wisdom. But to stubbornly resist is stupid.
  2. If you have your own opinion, it's not so good. Many people will not like you.
  3. If you like personal opinion more than public opinion, then what are the problems?
  4. I don't like overly smart people. I love simple and active people who do not boast of their wonderful opinions.
  5. You cannot forget about a person as long as his views are close to you. Alas.
  6. It is not advisable to demonstrate your opinion to someone who cannot even properly hear it.
  7. You can get the opinions of many people, but remember that they take time.
  8. Don't be too brash about showing me your opinion. There is a possibility that I will crush him.
  9. The opinion I completely share is my own...
  10. It's simple. You just give me your opinion and I just punch you in the face. Just.
  11. I will never change my mind. Maybe I suffer from this, but what do you care...
  12. I stand by my opinion. Whatever one may say, this makes me a unique person.
  13. I often don't care. People often accuse me of this. But how nice it is to just smear their opinion on the wall.
  14. You’re trying to change my opinion here, but I have little idea who you even are...
  15. I'm not always good, maybe even bad in some places. But this is just your opinion.
  16. If your criticism is limited to references to spelling, I have nothing to talk to you about.
  17. You need to behave with dignity in any situation. This is my opinion and it is inviolable.
  18. My life is clearly not designed to pay attention to your opinion.
  19. I hate it when someone tells me how I should treat a person. Me too, “Lords of God.”
  20. I'm madly in love with my girlfriend. And I absolutely don’t care who thinks what!
  21. If anyone can decide whether your opinion should change, it's you.

The wisest phrases

Statuses about opinions can be useful for many individuals; you can set them on social networks and show everyone your independence:

  1. The biggest fear in life is the fear of other people's opinions or judgment, but if you don't pay attention to this, you can become a truly great person.
  2. Many people tell me that I’m going the wrong way, so be it, but it’s mine, the main thing is to enjoy life.
  3. You shouldn’t pay attention to the conversations of others, you just need to continue doing your job.
  4. If a person knows what he needs, then he needs to live at his own discretion; this does not require taking into account the opinions of others.
  5. Until a person learns not to pay attention to other people’s opinions, he will continue to be controlled.
  6. The opinions of others cannot be essential for a person’s happiness.
  7. Don't worry about what others think about you, because they are too worried about what you think about them.
  8. If many people do not accept your decision, this does not mean that it has no value.
  9. If a person values ​​himself too cheaply, he is worthy of contempt, if on the contrary, then he deserves respect. Society doesn’t understand anything else, so why pay attention to it?
  10. An intelligent person always strives to know himself, while a stupid person is guided only by the opinions of others.
  11. Everything a person says about another person means nothing, but these words can say a lot about him.

Don't push it to the limit

It's too hard to constantly live up to other people's expectations. Especially those that are inspired by a sick fantasy. Statuses that say: “I don’t care about your opinion.”

  1. It's not my fault that someone doesn't like me. This is purely their problem.
  2. I have nothing to lament or be consoled about. I am so proud that I will never allow myself to listen to other people's opinions.
  3. People without character get angry when you show that you have one.
  4. Don't let the noise of other people's opinions drown out your inner voice.
  5. I put myself above others and feel infinitely right.
  6. It's better to be arrogant than to be below par.
  7. I don't need your pity, I can handle everything myself!
  8. Life has taught me to only worry about myself.
  9. Keep your fears to yourself so that no one takes advantage of them.
  10. I know that I acted meanly, but somehow it doesn’t bother me.
  11. If you suddenly feel like I’m allowing myself too much, it’s probably because you’re just not allowing yourself enough!
  12. Don't overestimate your importance in someone else's life. You may be wrong...
  13. My nerves are stronger than your criticism.
  14. Stop worrying, live as you please.
  15. And I didn’t give a damn about those who gossip about me, and I don’t give a damn about those who listen to this gossip.
  16. Pull your smile higher, no one cares what's inside you.
  17. No shame, no conscience. Nothing extra.
  18. No one will help you just like that, without benefit. Always rely only on yourself.
  19. So many stones have been thrown at me that none of them are scary anymore.
  20. I am responsible for what I said, but not for what you thought.

Aphorisms and quotes about public opinion

There is nothing more changeable, more uncertain than public opinion, and no matter how capricious it may be, it still happens to be truthful, reasonable, and fair much more often than is believed. Napoleon I

Public Opinion, that mysterious independent variable of political calculations... Thomas Huxley

A real tyrant always begins by enslaving public opinion. Cesare Beccaria

The pressure of public opinion is like the pressure of the atmosphere: you cannot see it, but there is sixteen pounds of pressure on every square inch. James Russell Lowell

In alliance with public opinion, anything can be done; without it, nothing can be done. Abraham Lincoln

Public opinion is an attempt to organize the ignorance of society and elevate it to the rank of physical strength. Oscar Wilde

Public opinion is (...) a bad interpreter. Seneca

The English will never be slaves; they are free to do whatever the government and public opinion allow them to do. George Bernard Shaw

The government cannot run ahead of public opinion. David Lloyd George

Democracy is too important to be left to public opinion. Walter Lippmann

Americans have an excessive penchant for guessing what the average person thinks about what the average person thinks. John Keynes

We should not listen to those who say: “The voice of the people is the voice of God,” because the fickleness of the crowd always borders on madness. Alcuin

The voice of the people crucified Christ. V. Dahl. "Proverbs of the Russian people"

Public opinion: what people think about what people think.

Public opinion is like a ghost in an ancient castle: no one has seen it, but everyone is scared by it. Sigmund Graff

Public opinion is the opinion of those whose opinions are not usually asked. Krzysztof Theodor Toeplitz

What is called public opinion rather deserves the name of public feelings. Benjamin Disraeli

Public opinion is the last refuge of politicians who do not have their own. Maurice Carter

Everyone talks about public opinion and acts on behalf of public opinion, that is, on behalf of the opinions of everyone minus his own. Gilbert Chesterton

You should not rely on public opinion. This is not a lighthouse, but will-o'-the-wisps. Andre Maurois

The public buys their opinions the same way they buy meat and milk, because it is cheaper than owning their own cow. Only here the milk consists mainly of water. Samuel Butler

Journalists inform the public about public opinion. Modified Leszek Kumor

I wonder what influence public opinion has on the formation of public opinion? Wieslaw Brudzinski

Public opinion is formed not by the wisest, but by the most talkative. Vladislav Begansky

Public opinion research is based on the false premise that the public has opinions. Toto

The voice of the people is the voice of God. Alcuin

If a thousand people say the same thing, then this is either the voice of God or colossal stupidity. Karol Izhikowski

Public opinion is the deity of democracy, and the journalist is its prophet.

The weakness of public opinion lies in the fact that it is usually expressed in a purely private manner.

Nowadays people are learning about this. what they think is on TV. Victor Pelevin

How far would Moses have gone if he had conducted opinion polls in Egypt? Harry Truman

A public opinion poll showed: everyone lies!

Public opinion is a terrible coward: it is afraid of itself. W. Gaslitt

Public opinion is a boy-woman who will not allow anyone to rape her. P. Buast

Public opinion is a court of such a kind that it is not appropriate for a decent person to either blindly believe its verdicts or irrevocably reject them. J. Chamfort

Public opinion spares the hawk and punishes the chicken. Juvenal

There are times when there is no opinion more harmful than public opinion. J. Chamfort

Public opinion research is based on the false premise that the public has opinions. Toto

Sociologists inform the public about their opinions. author unknown

The further you go, the more you become convinced that in our world they look seriously only at easy things and lightly only at serious things. E. and J. Goncourt

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My game

There is nothing more disgusting and hypocritical than living by someone else's rules. If someone needs it, let that someone adapt to you. Statuses for those who are tired of playing other people's games.

  1. If you really want to play a game with me, then you have to play by my rules!
  2. You know, no one owes you an apology for their indifference. Lack of emotion about your feelings and opinions is not a reason for self-flagellation.
  3. I don't think I need to change... I think if you want to see someone else, then choose someone else!
  4. I am not perfect, but you are not saints to judge me.
  5. Don't point your fingers at me if I don't live up to your expectations. Better poke yourself in the eye so you don't see me again.
  6. I am the way I am. There is no point in my plans to “change to the stereotypes of a herd society,” alas and ah, ladies and gentlemen.
  7. I used to care what others said, but now I don't care, and I'm glad about it.
  8. I won't change my character for someone. Let others adapt to me, not me to others.
  9. Don't irritate me by imposing your "morals" on me. I don't care how badly I act, as long as I enjoy it.
  10. Not a single word thrown at you should change your opinion about yourself.
  11. The cheapest commodity in the world is the opinion of others about you.
  12. This is my life! And I will live it myself, without your instructions!
  13. Well, since you all around are such saints, then pray for me, a sinner.
  14. I don't break the rules, I just live by my own.
  15. I don’t care about your rumors and gossip, and even more so I don’t care what you came up with for yourself.
  16. One day, for my long tongue and cynicism, I will be sent to the stake! But today everything is fine, today I am with you.
  17. It doesn't matter at all what others think about you. No matter what you do, they will still think something. So just relax and have fun.
  18. I don't think about who likes me and who doesn't. I live without problems.

Meaningful Expressions

Statuses about the opinions of others can make you laugh or help you think about what is really happening in a person’s life:

  1. Almost all people are good, the main thing is to really understand them.
  2. I don't care what you say behind my back as long as you're not telling the truth.
  3. If a person thinks too highly of another person, he should prepare for disappointment.
  4. You should not impose your own opinion on others, because everyone should have their own.
  5. Every person has an opinion, but this does not mean that it needs to be constantly demonstrated.
  6. There are no undisputed opinions, there are opinions with which it is useless to argue.
  7. When a person begins to love himself, he understands that he cannot impose his opinion and the fulfillment of his desires on others. It is quite possible that the person is not yet ready for this.
  8. If fate has humiliated a person, then he begins to take revenge. In the case when fate has offended him, he is only capable of insults.
  9. I may completely agree with the person, but no one has canceled my personal opinion.
  10. If a person does not believe in something, then convincing him of it is useless. This is the same as convincing a blind person of the beauty of the Universe.
  11. I don't care about the opinions of people I don't care about.
  12. If a person depends on other people's opinions, he will never know what happiness is.
  13. You shouldn’t allow someone else’s opinion to penetrate inside you, it’s better to listen to your own intuition, then everything will be fine.
  14. It doesn’t matter what people say, the main thing is that everything suits the person himself.
  15. If you stop paying attention to the opinions of others, you can find peace and happiness.
  16. If a person is interested in someone else’s opinion, then he will definitely hear it, and then he will have to take it into account.
  17. It is better to have a high opinion of yourself so as not to succumb to those who have an even higher opinion.
  18. I understand that many people don’t like me and cause irritation, hatred and anger, but this is parallel to me, just like your opinion.
  19. If the boss wants your opinion, he will take it for himself.
  20. Your own point of view always prevents you from seeing.

Statuses about other people's opinions of me always make me think. They can help you sort out your own life, stop looking at others and bring real happiness.

I'm selfish and I like it

Selfishness is considered to be a “negative” character trait. But in this world, the best goes only to the selfish person who can say: “I don’t care about your opinion.” Statuses about selfishness, which is not so bad.

  1. Perhaps I am sometimes too cruel, but my toughness gives results, unlike your spinelessness.
  2. Oh, go to hell, everyone, I can cope with everything just fine without you!
  3. I sincerely don’t care who gets hurt or who lost what. If your suffering helps me achieve what I want, then shove your opinion up your ass.
  4. People around me often say bad and terrible things about me - don’t believe them, I’m much worse and worse.
  5. It is better to be the center of attention, having a scandalous reputation, than to be in a primitive herd of judges.
  6. No one can destroy or change my devilish nature.
  7. Why care about those who don't care? Be selfish and do something for yourself.
  8. Oh, I love your gossip. You spend so much effort discussing, and I don’t even know your name.
  9. Never listen to anyone. Never rely on anyone. Never expect anything from anyone. Just take it and do it yourself. It's much easier.
  10. I don't try to please people. Let them not love me.
  11. No matter how they try to destroy me, I will still survive.
  12. Phrases like: “You only think about yourself” infuriate me. Who should I think about? About you, or what?
  13. I'm tired of learning the juicy details of my personal life from people with wild imaginations! If you have such a sick imagination, write books or something. At least you can earn money for your treatment!
  14. If someone doesn’t like something about me, then fuck the road - there are always no traffic jams.
  15. If suddenly you don’t like something about me, you don’t have to tell me about it. Try to deal with this yourself!
  16. I don't care what they think about me. I especially don’t care about those who don’t know how to think.
  17. There is always a choice. And everyone has. My choice is always a choice of myself.
  18. I've never had girlfriends... it's hard to have girlfriends while being perfect.
  19. What is my strength? In absolute selfishness.
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