New aphorisms, quotes, new sayings, phrases
New aphorisms, quotes, new sayings, phrases Angles can be acute, obtuse and right. Therefore in
25 best quotes about love by Remarque - timeless classics are always relevant!
Remarque's best quotes (150 quotes) Erich Maria Remarque (German: Erich Maria Remarque, born Erich
Sevrus E.a
Sevrus Eduard Aleksandrovich (real name - Borohov) (b. 1948) Russian writer. Aphorisms, quotes -
Italian phrases for tattoos
Phrases in Italian for tattoos (tattoos) with translation
Cercando il vero (It.) – I am looking for truth. Due cose belle ha il mondo: Amore
For intellectuals
Names and mottos of teams on a military theme for schoolchildren: selection
Mottos mentioned in the Great Houses: Starks books: "Winter is Coming"
Albus Dumbledore
Interesting phrases and quotes from Dumbledore from the Harry Potter books
Albus Dumbledore is an extraordinary person. It is in the film that he looks like an outspoken supporter of the “light forces”.
Phrases with meaning about vision. Quotes and statuses about the look
Eyes are the mirror of the soul... Perhaps this is the most famous proverb about the human organ of vision. Really,
Carrie Bradshaw's best quotes about men and relationships
King Quotes Prepared by: Dmitry Sirotkin I present to you a selection of quotes from the American writer Stephen King (born
Vienna in quotes: “the city of pleasures” and “everything is like in a fairy tale”:
Vienna in quotes: “the city of pleasures” and “everything is like in a fairy tale”: Vienna is a special city,
A Brief History of Smiling: From Creepy Boschian Grins to Harold Hiding the Pain
Smiling is good. And not only so that the interlocutors feel good towards them. By
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