E-book Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus | Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
The events and phenomena described in this article happened a long time ago, and only a couple of oldfags remember them. But Anonymous doesn't forget!

Mary Shelley

, née Wollstonecraft-Godwin, is a transgender virtual figure of the famous online writer Alexei Andreev. It was created back in 1997, and became the first (or is it the second? See Katya Detkina) successful project of this kind in RuNet.

IRL Lekha Andreev is a man, over 40 years old (born May 7, 1971) and bearded. I chose this nickname in honor of the English writer who wrote a novel about Frankenstein (the first sci-fi novel in history, by the way). He named his offspring “whale.”

[edit] How it all began

Andreev himself says:

At that time, I had just returned from America, from Usenet, where everyone was swearing, and found the rudimentary Runet, in which everyone was cooing and being friends. Moreover, at that time it was mostly men who came to the Internet; there were very few girls. Therefore, the image of a broken but educated girl without complexes naturally suggested itself... 1997, Parovozov, Nosik and company. Everything is decent, everyone puts links on each other, they review new sites, in short, it’s an idyll. And then I fall in and write a 'Review of Columnists' from the point of view of a girl who sits on the wall and throws bottles down. The reaction was clearly calculated - and everything worked. The very next day, angry and admiring reviews appeared everywhere, as a result, Mary became more famous in a day than I was in two years on the Internet

E-book Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus | Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus

The novel begins in St. Petersburg and Arkhangelsk, from where the English explorer Walton goes to the North Pole with the aim of mapping these unknown lands. Among the ice, his ship picks up an emaciated European named Victor Frankenstein. Having strengthened his strength a little, Frankenstein tells Walton the story of his life and how he got to these places.

Frankenstein was born into a wealthy aristocratic family from Geneva. Since childhood, Victor was interested in everything mysterious and inexplicable and, as a teenager, studied the works of famous alchemists like Paracelsus and Cornelius Agrippa. After the death of his mother, his father sent Victor to the prestigious university of Ingolstadt. There, Victor, under the influence of science teacher Waldman, became interested in the origin of life and death.

After spending two years on research, Victor found a way to create living matter from inanimate matter and, with the help of this discovery, created and revived a giant. The newly appeared creature frightened Victor with its very appearance, forcing the scientist to flee the laboratory in horror and causing him to have an attack of fever.

Having recovered, Victor tries to forget what happened, but after a while he learns that his younger brother William was killed. Victor returned to Geneva, where at night he noticed a monster he had created in the forest. The court found Frankenstein's maid Justine Moritz guilty of William's death, as the boy's medallion was found in her possession. She is executed, but Victor realizes that the real killer is a monster.

The monster meets Victor and tells him that he learned to speak thanks to one family, in whose barn he lived and in which the man taught a foreign bride French. Having tried to befriend the blind father of the family, he was beaten by family members because of his terrible appearance. The monster found Frankenstein's diary of his own creation in the cloak he took from the laboratory and hated the creator. Persecuted from everywhere because of its ugliness, the monster accidentally stumbled upon William and, finding out who he was, killed him.

The monster demands that Victor create a female bride for him. After much bickering, he agrees and retires to the island, but, thinking about the consequences of such an alliance, as a result of which the Earth could be populated by many monsters instead of one, he destroys the body of the female creature. The monster, enraged, swears revenge and kills Victor's best friend, Henri Clerval.

Returning to Geneva, a depressed Victor marries his childhood friend Elisabeth Lavenza, but on their wedding night a monster enters her boudoir and strangles her. Elizabeth's death affects Victor and his father, who dies soon after. Having thus lost his entire family, Frankenstein swears revenge and sets off in pursuit of the monster, which leads the unfortunate scientist to the North Pole, where the monster, possessing supernatural strength and endurance, easily escapes.

Walton, deciding not to take risks like Victor to achieve knowledge, turns the ship back. On the way, Frankenstein dies. In the cabin with the scientist's body, Walton discovers a monster who says that he regrets the atrocities he has committed and decides to go further to the North, where he intends to commit suicide. Having uttered this oath, the creature flees the ship.

[edit] Contribution to the history of the Internet

« If you grabbed Facebook, you'll grab Pokemon»
— https://lexa.livejournal.com/309888.html

Mary Shelley's most significant contribution to the history of the Runet is the “Manifesto of Anti-Literacy,” published at one time on fuck.ru. Before that, everything in RuNet was written in the correct Russian language, and the release of “Manifesto...” served as an impetus for the emergence of the language of bastards.

In 1998, Mary Shelley even took first place at the TENET awards in the “Virtual Personality” category. Andreev persuaded his friend to go out and receive the prize on Mary’s behalf, and at the same time wrote her a speech. As a result, many remained convinced that Mary Shelley was not a virtual person.

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: Mary Shelley
: Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus
: Frankenstein.
Free sequels Genres
: Science Fiction, Horror, Philosophy
Year of publication
: 1818

I see happiness everywhere, and I’m the only one who didn’t get it. I was meek and kind: misfortunes turned me into an evil demon. Make me happy and I will be virtuous again (Frankenstein's Monster).

I was their toy and their god, and even better than that, their child... (Victor Frankenstein).

Alas, Victor, if a lie can look so much like the truth, who can believe in happiness? (Elizabeth Lavenza).

I saw what the beautiful human body becomes; I watched his blooming beauty turn into decay; I saw how everything that pleased the eye and heart went to worms as food.

O beloved homeland! Who, besides your children, will understand with what joy I saw your streams and mountains and especially your marvelous lake again!

I don't know how I survived; More than once I lay down, exhausted, on the ground and prayed to God for death. But the thirst for revenge kept me alive; I did not dare to die and leave my enemy alive.

Do you really think, Victor, that it’s easier for me than for you? No one loved their child more than I loved your brother (here tears welled up in his eyes), but don’t we have a duty to the living? Shouldn't we restrain ourselves so as not to aggravate their grief? At the same time, this is your duty to yourself, because excessive grief interferes with self-improvement and even the fulfillment of everyday duties, and without this a person is unfit for life in society (Alphonse Frankenstein).

The work of genius, even if misdirected, almost always ultimately serves the good of humanity (Waldman).

Everyone except me tasted peace and joy; and only I, like Satan, carried hell within me (Frankenstein's Monster).

Since I cannot inspire love, I will inspire fear (Frankenstein's Monster).

What can block the path to a person’s courage and will?

The thirst for revenge gave me strength and calm; she forced me to control myself and helped me to be calculating and cold-blooded at such moments when I was threatened with madness or death.

Our Mr. Frankenstein is modest—an excellent quality in a young man. A young man is supposed to be modest, Monsieur Clerval; in my youth I was like that myself, but only this modesty does not last long.

Life, even if full of suffering, is still dear to me, and I will protect it (Frankenstein's Monster).

We remain, as it were, incomplete until someone wiser and more worthy than ourselves - and this is exactly what a friend should be - helps us overcome our weaknesses and vices.

You accuse me of murder, but with a clear conscience you yourself are ready to kill the creature you created. Here it is, the vaunted justice of people! (Frankenstein's monster).

We stayed up late. It was difficult for us to tear ourselves away from each other and say the word “goodbye.”

I was created for peaceful happiness. In my teenage years I did not know dissatisfaction. And if ever I was overcome by melancholy, then contemplating the beauties of nature or studying the beautiful and sublime creations of man always found a response in my heart and lifted my spirit. Now I was like a tree struck by lightning; it pierced my soul through and through, and I already felt that I was to remain only a semblance of a person and present a pitiful spectacle of decay, evoking compassion from others and unbearable for myself.

I was passionate about knowledge. At home, it often seemed to me that it was a shame for a person to spend his youth within four walls; I wanted to see the world and find my place among people. Now my wishes were coming true, and it would be stupid to regret it.

God, in his mercy, created man beautiful in his own image and likeness; I am a disfigured likeness of yourself, even more disgusting because of this resemblance. Satan had fellow demons; in their eyes he was beautiful. And I'm lonely and hated by everyone (Frankenstein's Monster).

If I have no attachments, I will indulge in hatred and vice. The love of another being would eliminate the cause of my crimes, and no one would hear anything about me. My atrocities are generated by forced loneliness, which I hate; my virtues will certainly blossom when I communicate with a being equal to me. I will feel the affection of a thinking creature; I will become a link in the chain of all things, in which there is no place for me now (Frankenstein's Monster).

[edit] Mary Shelley vs. Peysatel

On September 29, 2002, at the Wanderer convention, Sergei Lukyanenko tried to arrange a showdown with Andreev. Eyewitnesses describe this incident as follows:

“The conversation was very simple: Alexey asked Sergei why he writes only about teenagers and does not write about normal adults. “It’s more convenient for me!” Lukyanenko replied. But apparently this question hurt him. For about five minutes, a drunken Lukyanenko tried to pretend to be a psychiatrist and take control of Andreev - he hugged him by the shoulders and shouted to the whole audience: “Why are you asking about teenagers?” Why did you notice this? Did you have any problems as a child?” Andreev answered with humor and quite politely: “Yes, I was flogged with rods, etc., since childhood.” However, five minutes later he repeated: “You still haven’t answered the question: why?” Do you prefer to write only about teenagers? What stops you from writing like an adult? There is Fowles, after all!“ Lukyanenko’s reaction was wild. Having knocked a glass of water out of Andreev’s hands (Lekha took a long time to shake out the fragments from his clothes), the drunken science fiction writer began to yell: “If he appears here again, I won’t come here again, I won’t come!!!” A crowd of sympathizers formed around Lukyanenko. A cry rang through the hall: “Mary Shelley is here, it’s him, it’s him!!!” Lukyanenko shouted that Andreev accused him of plagiarism. At the same time, he threw his glass of vodka directly at Andreev. Lech’s points were saved for the second time.”

However, there is a simple explanation for this case. About a year before, Peysatel had a big fight in Fido with the Kaschenites, who staged a flash mob in revenge for him, as they say now. Kaschenites went to Peysatel’s guest book on Tyrnet, and for several pages they asked Lukyanenko why he writes so much about children, and whether this is connected with pedophilic tendencies. So Mary Shelley, wittingly or unwittingly, simply stepped on Peysatel’s sore spot.

Moreover, he subsequently stepped on her at least once more. In the book Web there is this moment:

“Don’t use Aztec spells to excuse yourself, Victoire.” You forgot Freud, that's what. You're too smart and smart with your prototypes. Haven’t you thought that the author of a work of fiction can simply spill out his own unconscious onto paper? Lukyanenko is the same one you mentioned in your speech. Well, yes, he wrote “Labyrinth” in the “fidorpunk” genre. But note: in all his novels the main characters are a tough guy and a gifted, but weak boy, whom the tough guy takes care of and cradles on his knees. That is, we have a child’s longing for a strong dad. Homosexuality, in general. And you burst into song: whatever science fiction you have, it’s the Delphic Pythia.
Trying to troll professors

Struck by this incident to the core, Mitzgol became disillusioned with Peysatel and closed his project “Deeptown: Generation Wend”.

And because the writer (in a good sense) Eskov shook Shelley’s hand there, the writer Gromov harbored a grudge against him.


I took up history, which addresses our subconscious fears and creates horror. A story whose reader will begin to be afraid to look around. From which the blood runs cold and the pulse quickens. FRANKENSTEIN MARY SHELLY Beginning of the 19th century. The world is on the verge of revolution and new scientific discoveries - capable of turning the world upside down. The thirst for knowledge is enormous. Among the pioneers is Captain Robert Walton, who is obsessed with the idea of ​​reaching the North Pole. But his expedition encountered a story that would inspire horror in anyone who hears it. ARCTIC OCEAN, Tell the captain to lower the topsail. Otherwise it will break. - We need to lower the sails. - All to the mast. Take the helm. Captain, we'll hit the ice. Iceberg ahead! Right steering wheel! Help! Hold on! Keep it up, guys! - Let's! - Captain, it's useless. -Is it better to die here? — People are exhausted. I've come too far to give up now. They knew what they were getting into. If necessary, we will cut a road. Captain, this is dangerous. A riot might start. - Did you say riot? - Yes, he did, sir. We will continue moving north. As planned. - At the cost of how many lives? - As many as needed! There's something there. What the hell is this? - Who is your captain? - I'm the captain. -Who the hell are you? - I don't have time to talk. Take your people and follow me. - Hurry! - Stay put! This is where I give orders. Keep the dogs! Late! They are already dead. All aboard. Everyone get back to the ship! - Doesn't look like a bear. “Maybe he needs this person.” Or the captain! I walked from St. Petersburg to Arkhangelsk. Then I went north on a whaling ship. Then on dogs. What's there? I spent six years preparing. And all the condition. Neither you nor any ghost can stop me. Are you also crazy like me? - No, this is not madness. - What then? There is a passage to the North Pole. I have to find him. - At the cost of all your lives? - Nobody lives forever. If we win, our names will live forever. I will be revered as a benefactor of humanity. You are wrong. And I am one of those who knows this. Who you are? My name is ... ... Victor ... ... Frankenstein. GENEVA, 1 7 73 - Mom! - My beautiful son Victor! You are the most beautiful, kind and wonderful child on earth. Madam! You are spoiling the child. - Leave us for a while. - Doctor. Let's go, Justine. Victor, this is Elizabeth. She will live with us. Her parents died of scarlet fever, Victor. - Now she is an orphan. - Accept her as your own sister. You must take care of her and be courteous to her. Always. - How is our future guest? - A little spoiled. - You were chasing fireflies. - When I caught them, they died. And you cried. I wanted them to glow at your head, so that

[edit] Translation activities

Engaged in translations (from different languages ​​into Russian). The translations are disgusting, both in quality and in the “new meanings of reading.” However, all of Shelley’s poetic activity is intended for lovers of gonzo - https://lexa.livejournal.com/207165.html.

Doors - People Are Strange. Original.

People are strange when you're a stranger Faces look ugly when you're alone Women seem wicked when you're unwanted Streets are uneven, when you're down When you're strange Faces come out of the rain When you're strange No one remembers your name When you're strange When you're strange When you're strange People are strange when you're a stranger Faces look ugly when you're alone Women seem wicked when you're unwanted Streets are uneven when you 're down When you're strange Faces come out of the rain When you're strange No one remembers your name When you're strange When you're strange When you're strange When you're strange Faces come out of the rain When you're strange No one remembers your name When you're strange When you're strange When you're strange

Translation by Andreev

people are not happy to meet a tramp, look at the stranger with contempt, women drive him away like a mongrel, even the road beats on his legs

you're a stranger, blend in with the rain and the crowd, you're a stranger, the name has been washed away by water, you're a stranger, you're a stranger, you're a stranger

Literal translation

People are so strange when you're a wanderer Faces look creepy when you're lonely Women look wild when you're not wanted The streets are rough when you're down When you're strange Faces turn away from the rain When you're strange Nobody remembers your name When you're strange When you're strange When you're weird

[edit] Links

  • Manifesto of Anti-Literacy
  • Mary Shelley website archive
  • Interview with Lekha Andreev
  • Works
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