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Read and think

When you are puzzled by something or want to puzzle the whole world, create mysterious statuses with deep meaning or a hint:

  1. Sometimes a kick from behind will give you the exact trajectory of your forward movement.
  2. When you're angry, you're just weak.
  3. Don't show sadness, it can cheer up many.
  4. Learn to live with tolerance in your soul, then everything will not be so annoying.
  5. When you have a positive attitude, then somehow everything starts to change for the better.
  6. Don’t try to embrace the immensity, you might overstrain yourself.
  7. Don’t take your anger out on your loved ones, there are many who truly deserve it.
  8. Don't try to edify and teach someone, act and set an example.
  9. Don't lie to yourself, you are the only one you can tell the truth to.
  10. You shouldn't try to be good in the eyes of strangers.
  11. Don't criticize others, laugh quietly...
  12. You should not be jealous of your chosen one, this will turn her away from you, and will not bring you any positive emotions.
  13. Is your soul sick? Go to sincere people and get some treatment.
  14. Female friendships are more fragile, as women are more selfish and unforgiving when their territory or man is encroached upon.
  15. Parents - only they will help, pull you out, pull you out, forgive, because for them you are the best.
  16. Don’t prove to fools that you are right, otherwise you will become a little goat...
  17. A realistic view of things comes over the years, and while this experience accumulates, a sea of ​​mistakes and unjustified actions are made. It is important not to panic and move on.
  18. When your boss is an idiot, don’t argue with him - he still won’t understand.
  19. When you are bankrupt and you need help, only a few remain nearby.
  20. In a country where everything is good, everyone should be fine.
  21. When trouble comes, don’t even think about opening the gate.
  22. The oil power is holding us for recyclable materials.
  23. Never give up on your dream, otherwise it will go to someone else.
  24. Don't be afraid to do, don't be afraid to be afraid.
  25. Don't look into the mouths of those who speak beautifully, learn from those who do beautifully.
  26. Living without a mask and remaining yourself is very difficult, but very necessary.
  27. Love yourself for who you are, even with your mistakes. They will leave you over time.
  28. Don’t call a liar and a scoundrel a friend, a friend is a part of you.
  29. Treat people the way you would like them to treat you. And wish for others what you would wish for yourself.
  30. Don’t be angry with people, they are good, you just need to be able to reach them.
  31. Don't cry when it hurts. The pain subsides faster with a smile on your face.
  32. When it seems to you that the whole world is against you, it means that you also take everything with hostility - change your attitude towards the world, believe that it is not so bad.
  33. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, look around – there are many people worth feeling sorry for.
  34. Don’t complain about fate, you made this choice yourself.
  35. Everything that happens to you is yourself.
  36. Blaming others for troubles is being closed-minded or an idiot.
  37. Discover something new for yourself every day, replenish your knowledge.
  38. When everything is good and the vodka is flowing, there are many friends at the table. Sometimes vodka runs out with friends.
  39. You don’t need to explain anything to your friend, just call - he’ll fly in from anywhere.
  40. Boundless friendship still has boundaries - usually they are delineated by money.
  41. What is important is not what is happening around you, but how you perceive it all.
  42. When we do not betray ourselves, life will reciprocate – and will not let us down at a crucial moment.
  43. It is better not to get involved in serious projects or relationships with negativity.
  44. It is better to fall physically and get back up than to fall mentally and not be able to pull yourself out of depression for a long time.
  45. It is always easier to fight with others than with yourself, especially with your fears.

Short quotes about the meaning of life

People start thinking about life and money when they come to an end. Emil Krotky

Give a person a purpose to live for, and he can survive in any situation. I. Goethe

When a person does not know which pier he is heading towards, not a single wind will be favorable for him. Seneca the Younger

The main thing in this world is not where we stand, but in which direction we are moving. O. Holmes

Life is a moment. It cannot be lived first in a draft and then rewritten into a white paper. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

A person can have two basic behaviors in life: he either rolls or climbs. Vladimir Soloukhin

He who can fill every moment with deep content endlessly prolongs his life. Isolde Kurtz

Like a fable, so life is valued not for its length, but for its content. Lucius Annaeus Seneca (the Younger)

Finding the meaning of life is happiness, finding happiness in life is meaning. Vladimir Kolechitsky

If there is a Why to live, you can endure almost any How. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

A person feels the meaning and purpose of his own life only when he realizes that others need him. Stefan Zweig

If everything in the world is meaningless, said Alice, what prevents you from inventing some meaning? Lewis Carroll. Alice in Wonderland

A person must dream in order to see the meaning of life. Voltaire (Francois-Marie Arouet)

Maybe I didn’t die today to understand why I’m alive... Thank you for being alive. Vladimir Vysotsky

To reach your goal, you must first go. O. Balzac

Only when we reach the goal do we decide that the path was correct. P. Valerie

I'll give you a hint, but you understand

Mysterious statuses about love can be put when you want your chosen one or chosen one to think about something or draw some conclusions. Put in mysterious statements and let them rack their brains:

  1. You were right, but still not...
  2. I explained for a long time, now I’ll keep quiet.
  3. Both need to think - after all, the brain must come in handy someday...
  4. Don’t say loud words about love, be silent, loving.
  5. If you haven’t grown 2 wings, then we won’t be able to fly together.
  6. I am inspired by love, and just as you were in love with yourself, stay with it.
  7. I wanted to write a romantic love song, but I only managed a verse...
  8. I feel good with you, but it’s cramped.
  9. You choke me with your love, and I want to breathe deeply.
  10. You loved me, but you killed the white bird in me.
  11. A cage, even with love, remains a prison.
  12. Your suspicion is gradually creeping from your subordinates to me.
  13. Diamonds are good, but respect is better.
  14. I fell in love with you sincerely and generously, now I can’t understand whether I was mistaken, or whether you have changed.
  15. No matter how life hits us, we must overcome these blows together.
  16. I understand that you are a master at running, but why run away from problems so quickly?
  17. Yes, we feel good together. But answer one question: “Are you also happy when you are without me?”
  18. I realized that I was in the wrong place...
  19. I don’t want to get married, I’m not ready, I can’t...
  20. Love inspires and disarms at the same time.
  21. How to attack love? I'm burned out.
  22. Falling in love is always useful.
  23. Don’t spill your feelings left and right, then you won’t be able to collect them.
  24. You never expect a trick from your loved one, but sooner or later it comes...
  25. I don’t want to be disappointed in you, but I have to.
  26. Don’t put your core and your uniqueness on the altar of love - keep them, no matter how strong your feeling.
  27. There is no love without separation, and you don’t even know how to be bored alone.
  28. When your boyfriend doesn’t see what mood you’re in, then screw him...
  29. The eyes of a loved one speak more than words.
  30. When you love, the world is filled with light.
  31. When I stop loving you, you will be the first to know, don’t rush things.
  32. You don’t have to apologize every time, it’s better not to do bad things.
  33. In order not to be disappointed in your loved one, really look at his actions and actions.
  34. Love is working on yourself.
  35. Where does true love go? To nowhere, and both are to blame.
  36. Only a person in love is capable of feats and unusual actions.
  37. If you know how to love, you are already a happy person; some people simply cannot experience this feeling.

Wise phrases from books

Life cannot consist only of wonderful moments. Then they will no longer be wonderful, but will become ordinary.


It’s a strange thing: people have been struggling for so many years, looking for the meaning of life, but you just need to be happy, that’s all.


The purpose of life is self-expression. To manifest our essence in its entirety is what we live for.


I want to remain crazy, to live the way I dream, and not the way others want.


In this world there is neither happiness nor unhappiness, both are comprehended only in comparison. Only one who has been infinitely unhappy can experience infinite bliss.


The Internet, it doesn’t bring people closer together. This is a cluster of loneliness. We seem to be together, but each one is alone. The illusion of communication, the illusion of friendship, the illusion of life


Please tell me where should I go from here? Where do you want to go? answered the Cat. Alice told me anyway. Then it doesn’t matter where you go, the Cat noted.


The expectation of danger is always worse than the danger itself, and the expectation of evil is ten thousand times worse than the evil itself.


If you suddenly want to judge someone, remember that not all people in the world have the same advantages that you had.

You are so mysterious…

Statuses about mystery can concern not only a person, but also circumstances, decisions, choices in life, here are some of them:

  1. Your mystery always scares me.
  2. Don't give riddles - give solutions.
  3. Life is already mysterious enough that I still have to solve puzzles at home.
  4. There’s no need to act mysterious, I immediately think you messed up.
  5. The mysteries of nature are pleasing, but the mysterious man is not.
  6. An aura of mystery can be either a pleasant surprise or a terrible event.
  7. I don’t like mysterious people - they are sudden and can take me aback.
  8. My wife's mysteriousness suggests that she has fallen in love, and not with me.
  9. And the climb was so mysterious, and the tears were so thoughtful.
  10. He tried to please me, but his mysteriousness only scared me away.
  11. With a good mood and mystery - no matter.
  12. If someone influences your mood with their mystery and omissions, send this “someone” far and long.
  13. When you feel good, mysterious grins and jumping don’t bother you anymore.
  14. You raise a great mood in yourself, but other mysterious personalities destroy it.
  15. You have to be an indifference, then the mystery will be a mystery.
  16. Don’t take someone else’s incomprehensible mystique to heart – embrace it yourself too.
  17. Your best friends are your good mood and a touch of mystery.
  18. You see the world the way you are in your mood. If he seems mysterious to you, then there is intrigue in you too.
  19. The mystery of life should arouse curiosity.
  20. A bad mood turns the mystery of the world into its problematic nature.
  21. Mood is a great thing; when it comes, all the riddles are solved right away.
  22. Mysterious people with a Giaconda smile always irritate me, today I’ll try on this image at work.
  23. I’m in such a mysterious mood – how to hide somewhere, I can’t find it for days.
  24. Well, if I’m having fun and joy, why do I need extra riddles?
  25. The autumn blues are not for me, even though my soul is miserable, but I turn on the mystery and vagueness.
  26. Don't be afraid of smiling people, be afraid of mysterious ones.
  27. I'm not thick-skinned or insensitive, just mysterious.
  28. I really want to approach my boss with a mysterious smile and tell him not to work!
  29. With a mysterious attitude, any fool looks smart.
  30. Why should I artificially put on mystique - I’m already a mysterious stranger.
  31. Your mystery should improve the quality of your life, not the other way around.

mystery quotes, aphorisms, statuses, phrases from around the world

An extensive collection of quotes, aphorisms, and sayings from many sources on the topic of mystery from a variety of authors. Are you looking for a beautiful aphorism for your text? Want to use a clever quote in an important conversation? Or do you just want to put a beautiful status on VKontakte or Instagram? Then use our list of quotes about mystery compiled on this page.

You seem surprised that it exists. He is a mystery to you as much as he is to me. Tags: Doctor Who (2005) // William Shakespeare // mystery //

the devil teaches a woman everything and she attaches an amber sun to the left on a tight spring on the right - a clip with a pearl moon Tags: Ilya Kormiltsev // women // devil, Satan // jewelry // mystery //

Russians know how to overcome difficulties like no one else. But they also know how to create difficulties like no one else can. Tags: Vladimir Vladimirovich Posner // difficulties // overcoming // Russians // mystery //

And the mysterious ones are first respected, and then they are loved or despised, depending on how this mystery turns out. Tags: Vasily Shukshin // Lyubavins // meaningful quotes // mystery //

There is a secret melody that fits and is invisibly present in every part of my work. This key will help complement and reveal the work completely. Tags: Edward Elgar // inspirational quotes // music // mystery //

Larisa Yuryevna Kuzmina, the most mysterious of all the unraveled women, gives the floor. Tags: Flights in dreams and in reality // Nikolai Pavlovich // ironic quotes // women // mystery //

— I like girls with stories. - I'm correcting myself. - It's a pity. Tags: Shameless / Shameless (2011) // Fiona Gallagher // Gus // mystery //

Votre âme est une enfant que je voudrais bercer En mes bras trop humains pour porter ce fantôme, Ce fantôme d'enfant qui pourrait me lasser, Et je veux vous conter comme un bon Chrysostome La beauté de votre âme aperçue à demi Autant qu'on peut voir une monade, un atome. Votre âme est dans la paix comme cloître endormi. Des larrons useront de plus d'un stratagème pour ouvrir le portail qui forclot l'ennemi. Tags: Guillaume Apollinaire // beautiful quotes // soul // children // mystery //

Life is an eternal mystery, And death is its oblivion. But, no matter how sweet oblivion is, Believe me, being is sweeter. Tags: Konstantin Mikhailovich Fofanov // meaning of life // mystery // oblivion //

this is a rebus, a charade, a riddle of the fate of those who kissed her: if on the right - it burned without a trace; if on the left - it froze forever Tags: Ilya Kormiltsev // women // mystery // secrets, mysteries //

I find the whole concept of "sexy" awkward and confusing... I know everyone wants a picture of me in a miniskirt, but that's not me... personally, I don't really think it's sexy. What's sexy about saying, "I'm here with my boobs out and my skirt short, notice everything I've got?" My idea of ​​sexy is less is more. The less you reveal, the more people are surprised. Tags: Emma Watson // sexy // mysterious //

Mystery is the most elegant way to control people. Tags: Tatyana Kogan // For initiates only // mystery //

Sixteen is the age of secrets. Tags: The Girl in the Fog (La ragazza nella nebbia) // Stella Honer // mystery // teenagers // growing up //

…reputations can be built on exaggeration, misunderstanding and mystery. Tags: Lisa Xi // Girls from Shanghai // life quotes // reputation // mystery //

I'm not the kind of girl who gets turned on by the image of a bad boy. I don't rush home to scribble in my diary that you might be a vampire. Tags: 10 Things I Hate About You // Katarina "Kat" Stratford // funny quotes // mystery //

Perhaps mystery is that secret pool that flickers in the very depths of every woman's soul. Tags: Francis Scott Fitzgerald // Absolution // beautiful quotes // mystery // women //

She never talks about herself, which means she can be anyone. Tags: Submarine // life quotes // silence // mystery //

I believe in the mysterious and do not want to go deeper. Perhaps I mean love here. Tags: John Densmore // beautiful quotes // love // ​​mystery //

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