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Yes, I'll just play a little

Statuses about games that have not become a habit can be playful and humorous - after all, what adult doesn’t want to play a little - either with children or on the computer. Choose your status:

  1. Every game has an understatement and mystery, which is why they attract both adults and children.
  2. Getting adrenaline in a game means temporarily escaping your problems.
  3. The generation that did not know what a computer was today is having fun playing computer games - you can’t drag them away by the ears.
  4. The desire to stop thinking takes you to the computer desk to play a little.
  5. When I don't want to think, I just play computer games.
  6. When I play on the computer, brilliant ideas arise in my head, but there is no time to implement them - after all, the game is on.
  7. I'm very confused about the game - why is it so hard to win? And this makes me play every day to prove to myself that I can do it.
  8. Only a kick from behind from my wife gives me the opportunity to be eliminated from the game.
  9. Any games can be a manifestation of your strength when you can stop in time, and also serve as a manifestation of your weakness when the game takes first place in your life.
  10. What cleaning - I have bonuses in the game today!
  11. Only a game can cheer me up and give me the opportunity to accumulate strength for future non-games.
  12. I start to get annoyed when I lose on the computer, which means I started taking games seriously.
  13. When you have a positive attitude, losing a game completely destroys it.
  14. I didn’t play for a week – everything started to change for the better.
  15. In order not to take my anger out on my loved ones, I sit down at the computer to play, after 15 minutes I’m just a darling.
  16. When you're struggling with your child being on the computer all the time, take a look at yourself first—you're probably doing the same thing.
  17. Only the personal example of the parents forces the child to also sit and play on the computer for hours.
  18. Don’t criticize your husband because he loves tanks and airplanes, let him play enough - for a childhood without toys.
  19. Is your soul sick? Go play a little - it will cheer you up.
  20. When I'm playing on the computer and suddenly someone encroaches on my territory, I become uncontrollable and angry - I shouldn't do that.
  21. When you need to rethink something, the best way is to sit down at the computer and start playing your favorite game.

If you don't feel, you don't live

Those who are unable to sense other people's feelings know how to disguise themselves. Doesn't this explain that people with a subtle soul are often drawn to scoundrels? Let statuses of playing on feelings protect you from such unions.

  1. The soul is tired... I really want to find someone who will help her rest.
  2. It is impossible to attract someone and then push them away. Life will take revenge on you for such neglect of other people's feelings.
  3. Some people's favorite pastime is playing with other people's feelings.
  4. Question for those who have “Everything is complicated” in their personal life. Is it difficult because you are so difficult or, on the contrary, is someone using you for their own purposes? Perhaps, if you answer this question honestly, it won’t be difficult anymore?
  5. The worst scenario in life is to have a relationship with a man who either left or came...
  6. If a person doesn’t attract you, there’s no point in playing with him. They let go and left.
  7. Dude, you're not a Boeing to have alternate airfields!
  8. The wives of a truck driver, a driller and a shift worker found out that they were married to the same man...
  9. There is no point in playing with a woman... otherwise it will turn out that she plays better!
  10. I am a creative person. I masterfully play on nerves and feelings!
  11. As soon as you open your feelings, bam - and someone is already playing with them!
  12. Feeling and thinking at the same time is something that even Julius Caesar could not do!
  13. Why is this like this in life? A sincere person always comes across someone who likes to play with other people's feelings?
  14. There are people who laugh at everything in the world. Including feelings. Even over your own.
  15. Even when parting with an unworthy person who has pretty much messed up your life, you think: what if he is not as vile as I thought? Maybe he didn't mean it at all?..
  16. You need to remember feelings and forget words.
  17. You can joke with your loved ones, but not with their feelings.
  18. In some respects, the best thing for the heart is to become insensitive.
  19. I want a pure, bright, real feeling! But as you look around, you understand - well, screw it!
  20. It’s a big punishment to live when your soul is wide open...
  21. It is useful to develop the habit of hiding your feelings. In many cases, this helps to save yourself.
  22. – How else can you say: “Don’t take it to heart”? – Turn off your ability to feel!
  23. Some people give you butterflies in your stomach. Others make them die...
  24. If a person is reduced to indifference, he will never return from there.
  25. How disgusting the feeling of disappointment in someone you loved tastes...
  26. Music is an anesthetic for a broken heart.
  27. Your feelings are controlled by the first person you think about in the morning, and the last person you think about in the evening. In most cases it is the same person.
  28. Apparently, I really want to play with my feelings, because they are well tuned...
  29. Often in life we ​​love not a specific person, but what we think he could be like...
  30. Only you decide how much to open your heart to the world. And if someone took advantage of your excessive openness, you can only blame yourself.
  31. When we experience feelings for a person, we experience him himself.
  32. A person who has no feelings is not a person.
  33. Think about what it would be like for you if they played with your feelings the same way you do...
  34. When the bright idea of ​​opening up about your feelings once again comes to you, it’s better to shut up in time!
  35. If you don't control your feelings, control your words.

Value your feelings and don’t throw them away! Not everyone who meets us on the way is worthy of being allowed into the innermost...

When games turn from a hobby into meaning

Game statuses are set by those who are deep into this or that game; they have their own terminology and vocabulary that differs from ordinary people - without dependencies. Choose your status if you are a gamer:

  1. Hey, Agronub, don’t get too carried away, you don’t know everything about PvP yet.
  2. Hells, join us, it's getting hot.
  3. ; 2) hell itself - a place where sinners are boiled in cauldrons. In the gaming industry, it is often used as a name for difficulty level.
  4. You haven't mastered the first addon yet, you're already ready for weapons.
  5. Download the add-on and master new add-ons, but it won’t work.
  6. If you are an alpha tester, then maybe you will win.
  7. Are you too confident for a newbie, or what?
  8. There are a lot of anons (nameless participants) in the game, they spoil the whole picture.
  9. Have you already decided who you are in the game - the protagonist or the antagonist? And neither this nor that...
  10. Well, you gave up, and what – are you good at the new level? Now you'll regret it...
  11. The art of the game leaves much to be desired; it’s generally unclear who is who.
  12. AFK - “moved away from the keyboard” - we don’t need such players who leave in the midst of battle - away!
  13. I have as many achievements (awards, prizes) as there are hairs on your head.
  14. There were two bans, now we ban you completely - we don’t tolerate violators.
  15. I won’t buff my opponents – it’s a lot of honor.
  16. Hold on to the bijoux - it's not time to give away jewelry yet.
  17. We have a clan war, and here you are a homeless person, whose will you be?
  18. You had a lot of booster, which is why you accelerated so quickly in the races.
  19. You died from the first hit of a one-shot, there is no further you.
  20. You are a dark warlock, don’t go to the light side.
  21. Let's cut him down from this level together - he is clearly out of touch.
  22. If you love to play, you also love to delve into the game.
  23. Well, how do you like this gameplay? Do you have enough adrenaline?
  24. You are a real gimp - useless in PvP.
  25. I have damage, I'm wounded.
  26. Soon the end of our dazhnen will begin - the most interesting thing will begin - the battle with the bosses.

Cute statuses

As you know, kindness never goes out of style. Let's fill the statuses in the VKontakte group with it!

1. Don’t worry about tomorrow: tomorrow will come, then you’ll look for a way out.

2. Every princess should have a prince. Either there are no princes, or princesses

3. In any incomprehensible situation, pretend that you are a cat, and there is no need for you to put such difficulties on yourself.

4. We are looking for adventure, but we hope that nothing bad will happen.

5. No one forces you to love forever. Just remain human in any situation!

6. Or maybe tears were invented to wash away the dust from the heart?

7. British scientists have proven that being in a bad mood does not solve the problem, but a bottle of champagne really does.

8. There is no need to eliminate those who can make you cry with happiness.

9. According to statistics, everyone who has a suffering status wants to change it to a romantic one.

10. Sometimes there is much more happiness in a casual glance than in the most ardent embrace.

I'm sucked into games

Statuses about computer games are given by those who are already seriously passionate about them, or by those who suffer from a loved one’s passion for gaming. Choose your statement:

  1. A real view of things does not come if you are constantly in the virtual world.
  2. Don’t argue with a gambling addict – he still won’t understand.
  3. A real gamer doesn’t need help, he needs all the people around him to leave him alone.
  4. When a player feels good, everyone else feels bad.
  5. Your success in the game is not supported by real success.
  6. Only a weakling can go into a virtual world - he is afraid to live in the real world.
  7. How many families have already been destroyed when the husband is a gambling addict. But for some reason, women extremely rarely become gamers.
  8. Women are more responsible for real life, so kerchief is their favorite game, and even then they get to play it extremely rarely.
  9. A gamer’s dream is to win, a normal person’s dream is to live fully in reality.
  10. Because of your games, you gave up your dream, and she went to someone else, along with your wife.
  11. Don't be afraid to do real things, don't be afraid to get bogged down in virtual ones.
  12. It is better to make mistakes and gain real experience than to lose in a computer game and not understand anything in this life.
  13. He speaks beautifully, but in reality he does nothing - he just plays on the computer.
  14. Going into virtual games helps me remain myself - only there I am a hero, a brave knight and the best pilot.
  15. Behave with people the way you would like to. If you constantly have your back to them and are at the computer, they will also gradually turn away.
  16. When you feel like the whole world is against you, you just get caught up in the game and lose.
  17. Take your eyes off the computer screen and look around - there are many people there who love you and still appreciate you.
  18. Don’t complain about fate later, you yourself chose the games by betraying living people.

True happiness lies not in being correct, but in being real.

Life statuses from our collection will tell with meaning about life, which sometimes throws up such challenges that only the most worthy can overcome them.

  1. Don't just wait for the storm to pass. Better learn to enjoy the rain
  2. If life knocks you out, you have 9 whole seconds to catch your breath, get up and move on.
  3. The only difference between a bad day and a good day in your life is your attitude towards it.
  4. Learn to appreciate what you have now. Otherwise, there will come a time when you will have to regret what once happened.
  5. Remember that every fall prepares you for a new rise
  6. Our life can be compared to a train. In good times you feel like you are driving the train, in bad times you feel like you are a passenger. And there are also moments when you realize that you are lying on the rails
  7. Life is always fair. It's just that sometimes she tests a person's strength
  8. If you just wait for things to change for the better, you will have to wait a very long time.
  9. Only when tomorrow comes will you understand how good today was
  10. The best teacher is life experience. It costs a person a lot, but he explains it very clearly
  11. Don't make a fuss. Tomorrow nothing will happen that shouldn't happen
  12. Life confronts us with different people so that we, looking at them, correct our own mistakes
  13. Time is amazing. There is so little of it when you are late, and so much when you are waiting...
  14. Perhaps someday you will miss what you now hate so much
  15. It's better to fall than never to know the amazing feeling of flying
  16. We have so little time to live... Don't waste it on hatred
  17. Life will open doors for you if you know exactly where you are going.

The game is good, but a living person is better

Statuses in VK about games are also given with different attitudes towards the game - someone cannot live without them, but for others it is a reason to change their attitude towards the gamer and even part with him. Look for your phrase on VK:

  1. Discover something new for yourself every day, not just in games, but in those people who are nearby.
  2. To replenish your knowledge, you don’t need to master the next level in the game, you just need to live with those people who are still with you.
  3. I got so played that I was left alone.
  4. It’s better to let the vodka flow and there are many friends around, than to constantly see the back of a loved one who is mired in games.
  5. Often games end with friends.
  6. What is important is not what happens in your game, but what is happening around you in real life.
  7. You haven’t taken your eyes off the computer screen for a long time, which has already begun to replace your family, wife, children, friends.
  8. When a loved one is being devoured by a computer game, and you can’t do anything, turn off the lights and cut off the power to your opponent.
  9. The best way to combat gambling addiction is to damage property, in particular your computer.
  10. You constantly let me down at the most crucial moment, and not because you are mean, but because you simply no longer see these moments - your whole life has switched to the computer screen.
  11. It is better not to have common serious projects or relationships with a gamer.
  12. It is better to fall and get up in real life than to constantly win in virtual life.
  13. It is always easier to fight with others on the computer screen than with yourself, especially with your addiction to games.

Feelings are not for fun

The best thing about a person is the ability to feel subtly. But with such an open soul, how can you not encounter the opposite and not become a reason for a disgusting, low game? Perhaps the answer will be given to you by statuses about playing with feelings...

  1. If the feelings of another are a reason for you to have fun, you can only sympathize...
  2. He who is capable of playing with feelings is not able to feel.
  3. A person's weakness is in his feelings. Whoever rules over them rules over himself.
  4. It happens that feelings for a person intoxicate you. And you don’t want to get sober at all... And at this moment someone is taking advantage of your condition...
  5. No one will take over my heart until I want it myself.
  6. My heart burns with feelings for you. But this energy helps me live!
  7. Looking at you and not being able to touch or kiss you is the same as looking at the scorching sun with an unprotected gaze. It hurts.
  8. To awaken the feelings of one man... sometimes it takes another.
  9. Girls! Let each of us have a guy who ruins lipstick, but not mascara!
  10. How worthless must be the life of one who amuses himself by playing with other people's feelings!
  11. Our relationship is like this... You’ll get the status...
  12. Sometimes you would give a person everything you have. And he needs it. But not from you...
  13. It happens that people separate not because love has passed, but because one of them began to value himself more.
  14. My wife and I live without reproach. And we fight like that too.
  15. Having fun with the feelings of another is one of the worst vices in life.
  16. If a person does not understand what is in your soul when you are silent, you don’t have to tell him about it. He won't understand.
  17. Stole my heart and sold it... on the cheap.
  18. There are people who promise to help. And there are those who help.
  19. A person who never gives status is scary. Nobody knows what's on his mind.
  20. I start every day with something pleasant. With a smile, makeup and... thoughts about you!
  21. Feelings are when a man finds himself among many beautiful girls and thinks: “I wonder how mine is now?”..
  22. If your feelings are laughed at, the problem is not with you, but with the person who is unable to appreciate what is most important.
  23. When driving on someone else's ears, at least don't exceed the speed limit.
  24. Don't listen to the words. Observe their actions and you will understand how a person really treats you.
  25. People love those who love them.
  26. My beloved was angry in the morning. And during the day it got worse because I innocently asked if she had fallen out of the mortar.
  27. Those who evaluate their success by other people's admiration are doomed to live in constant anxiety.
  28. Women know how to be so silent that it is impossible to interrupt them.
  29. -What is a beautiful woman afraid of? - That no one will look in her direction!
  30. Feelings are like nerve cells. If they die, they do not recover.
  31. Sign: if a woman lives as if she flies on wings, her man will not grow horns.
  32. It is easy to destroy trust and love if you are not afraid to offend each other. And it seems that the quarrel is a trifle, and you both have already forgotten about it. But the next time you quarrel, you will remember this insult, and the next one will be layered on top of it... Remember, quarrels slowly destroy feelings.
  33. You live constantly - in my heart, in my soul, in my head. And I have only one question... When will you pay for my accommodation?!
  34. “Thank you,” said with feeling, allows someone to feel that life is not in vain.
  35. I have a man who loves me, indulges my weaknesses and will always help me out of any troubles. I am very grateful to you, dad...
  36. I'll stop loving you and get a Tamagotchi. An interactive animal doesn’t hang out in pubs with other girls...
  37. If a person falls in love, it means that his sense of humor no longer works.
  38. If you never believe, then you will never be betrayed...
  39. It’s not very often that you meet a person for whom feelings will surge. And if this happens, it is necessary to preserve it in every possible way.
  40. I'm actively searching! I'm looking for someone to share my feelings with.
  41. Spring has come - take your feelings off the shelf and make sure no one uses them!
  42. A good man is defenseless. His eyes cannot see, but his feelings can fail him.
  43. More than half of social media users do not have a marital status. Because they didn’t find the columns: “I live with...”, “I’ve been wanting to quit...” and “I sleep with...”.
  44. I don't know how to lie in love. But I’m a master at telling lies.
  45. A torn photo can be glued back together. Soul - no.
  46. My soul is not a piano for you to play on it like that.
  47. Our life is a game, but for some reason the actors are completely lousy...
  48. Men play at love so they can have sex. Women play sex so they can have love.
  49. Life is a game with a crappy script, but high-quality graphics.
  50. Love at first sight exists! I understood when I saw this dress...
  51. Never argue with a man! Cry now!
  52. Kill your sorrows with a bubble candy liner!
  53. A diploma in psychology must be given to... a friend with a bottle of cognac.
  54. Some girls are slept with, others are seen in dreams.
  55. Just break my heart! I'll make you collect and glue the fragments.
  56. He lit a fire in my heart... and only to keep himself warm.

The player should not play around

Statuses about players can be humorous if a person has not yet fully immersed himself in virtual life, and with caution when the game becomes the meaning of a person’s life. There is a saying for everyone:

  1. With your games, you stopped not only understanding hints, but also words - even original Russian ones.
  2. I explained to him for a long time that games take him away from close people, he didn’t understand, I fell silent.
  3. Stop playing - after all, the brain should someday be useful not only in games...
  4. You used to be in love only with yourself, now a new love has appeared - computer games. I'm the third wheel here.
  5. I felt good with you until you sat down at the computer.
  6. I loved you when you were alive and real, now you are virtual and alien.
  7. I wanted to help you overcome gambling addiction, but you chose the game, I’m leaving.
  8. Yes, we feel good together, but when a computer and your favorite game join us, I see that you feel better with it.
  9. When you constantly see the back of your loved one, who is playing tanks on the computer, you realize that you simply went to the wrong place and entered the wrong door.
  10. How to attack love when the game is in full swing?
  11. There is so much passion in your eyes when you are in the game - I don’t have enough passion.

Statuses with pepper

1. Daddy's boys can do anything, but just don't use bad language in communities.

2. “Hello. What are you doing?" from the creators of “Hello. How are you?"

3. Life is a very individual thing. Think about it, you can only change your status on your page.

4. Modest income is good because you inevitably learn to be content with little.

5. Censorship is not necessarily obscene words.

6. Conflict with reality is scary, but not fatal; conflict with virtuality is more difficult.

7. Those who get up early are online at 5 am.

8. The problem is when you can no longer find a suitable emoticon for the text of the message.

9. Don’t hesitate, even a nesting doll cannot have several lives.

10. If you think that you are not a drug addict, think about what you are on.

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