Quotes about children with meaning: 100 sayings of great people

Quotes about children with meaning

  1. If you want your children to do well, then spend twice as much time with them and half as much money. (Abigail Van Buren)
  2. The greatest and most valuable gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence. (Denis Whately)
  3. Parents can learn a lot from their children. Like how much patience they have. (Franklin P. Jones)
  4. Even if children are still very young, they should not be prevented from saying what they think. (Anne Frank)
  5. Every child needs a world where they can laugh, dance, sing, learn, live in peace and be happy. (Malala Yousafzai) (We recommend reading funny quotes and sayings about children).
  6. Children will listen to us when they see that we are listening to them. (Jane Nelsen)
  7. I was in the war, raised twins, but if I had a choice, I would rather go to war. (George Bush)
  8. If a child cannot learn the way we teach him, perhaps we should teach him the way he learns. (Ignacio Estrada)

  9. Children are not vindictive. Even if you punish them, they will hug you within a few minutes. (T.D. Jakes)
  10. I continue to believe that if children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams! (David Witter)
  11. Children with disabilities are stronger than we think. They fight battles that most people will never know about. (Unknown)
  12. If you want to see your child's creativity, then stop giving him toys for a while. (Norman Douglas) (If your children have graduated from high school, then read the wise quotes and wishes for graduates).
  13. Children need guidance and empathy much more than instructions. (Anne Sullivan)
  14. If you want your children to stand on their own two feet, then give them some responsibility. (Abigail Van Buren)
  15. Children will learn more from what you are, not from what you teach them. (William Burkhardt DuBois)

Great post about moms, dads and life with children

Hello, dear readers of our blog! We offer you a large text about our children.

Parental love.

Parental love is difficult to describe and even find a worthy definition for it. A person cannot treat anyone in the world the way he treats his child. Every parent sees in their child a part of themselves and a part of their loved one, thanks to whom this angel was born. Perhaps this is why we see only the best in our children. And despite the difference in generations and views, parents will always accept and understand. This love is blind in its own way, a little crazy and uncontrollable.

We can choose friends and partners by determining what we like in people and what we don’t like. Children, however, like parents, we do not choose, and throughout our lives, they will be our closest, dearest and most beloved. Loving and beloved children and parents can never be replaced by anyone.

Nicknames for children

Many parents express their love with kisses, gentle hugs, or other manifestations

caresses. But, without exception, mothers always affectionately call their children by various affectionate nicknames, declining their names, comparing their children with various animals, and so on. There are an innumerable number of such nicknames, since the imagination of loving parents is inexhaustible.

We all remember the nickname that our mother called us in childhood. And some mothers call them by affectionate nicknames not only in childhood, but throughout their lives. Whether it's Piggy, Ratty or other amazing nicknames, they remain in our memory for the rest of our lives. And they will always be the most tender and dear to us. And it’s not uncommon for us to name our children the same way our parents called us.

Beloved mom and dad.

Love for parents is the feeling with which children are born. It is laid down by nature and only intensifies over the years, thanks to the manifestation of parental care and attention. The child should not choose one of the parents whom he loves more, since he must perceive them as a single whole. After all, they both take care of him, play with him and even scold him together. Even if he suddenly chooses, after some time he may answer differently, based on which parent was the last to praise or give candy.

Children learn to love the people around them only over the years. As children, love for others is incomprehensible to them, because they hear about love only in the family. From this example, they learn love, and later project it onto others. First it will be someone from kindergarten, then from class, and so on.

Guess what I said!

Children often distort words, and sometimes it turns out very funny, even unexpected!

Some do this on purpose, seeing how others are laughing, thereby simply trying to attract the attention of adults. Others do not fully understand how to correctly pronounce this or that word.

Still, it's worth paying attention to this, in any case. Otherwise, you will spend a very long time retraining your child to speak correctly. It is much easier to teach than to retrain from what he is already accustomed to. When the baby is still very small, such statements are funny. But imagine that he goes to kindergarten or you just walk down the street with him. In this case, you will scold the child for not being careful and once allowing him to talk like that.

Kinder Surprise.

No matter how much we prepare for the birth of a child, no matter how many books we read, it is impossible to be prepared for what he prepares for us. He will still find something to surprise us with and will more than once baffle us, adult parents. Children are all so different, and your child is especially different from others. They surprise us with their thinking, reasonable statements and many unexpected actions. You never know what your baby will surprise you with tomorrow. Perhaps it will be a new “broken” word, or maybe it will be a question that, in principle, should not interest him yet, or something else.

No matter how many children there are in a family, parents have a lot of amazing stories about each of them. And all these stories will be different from others. And no matter how many children we raise, each child will find a way to surprise us.

Matryoshka dolls

Really like nesting dolls, because we are quite similar to them, especially when we are pregnant!

This is a wonderful and quite powerful analogy. Just like the man and Vanka-Vstanka. J Matryoshka is a symbol of a woman, and a primordially Russian one - an appetizing (or pregnant) woman in a sundress and headscarf with rosy cheeks. We often hear that this or that trait, appearance or character, was passed down through the female line. Girls very often look like their mothers, and this is how nesting dolls are made.

I remember that as a child I had wooden nesting dolls and, using their example, my mother explained to me where children come from. J I think the method she chose was simply amazing! I also plan to explain this to my daughters in the future. Everything is clear and no unnecessary information.


A wonderful poem that makes us think and remember our mother. A person needs a mother all his life, both children and adults. Mom teaches us many important and necessary things, preparing us for independent life. After all, all this is laid down from childhood, when children want to seem like adults and want their mother to praise them. As teenagers, children are angry that they are forced to do things around the house, but in adulthood they will be grateful for it. Mom's hands are the most affectionate, most gentle and most skillful hands in the world. Mom's love is the strongest, the most devoted and the longest.

And our love for mom is special. She is full of gratitude for our birth. For how patiently she raised and cared for us. For the way she forgave us our mistakes and was always there for us.


Children are so funny when they take their first small and very fast steps. And looking at them, it is difficult to understand whether he is in a hurry to get somewhere quickly, or whether it is simply easier for him to keep his balance while moving. After all, as soon as the baby slows down, his butt outweighs him, and he falls on it. J But now again you will have to make a lot of effort to get up.

When children walk holding their parents' hands, they are clearly in a hurry, so their parents can barely keep up with them. Maybe they want to show everyone how they walk, because they instantly notice attention to themselves, and they really like it. Or perhaps they saw something ahead and, feeling the support of their parents, without fear, run towards the goal, because now they can take it themselves!

Older and younger children

It is always more difficult for older children to grow up; their childhood is much shorter than their younger brothers and sisters. And this is not always the fault of the parents. They, one way or another, become more mature and more responsible, knowing that he has a younger brother or sister. After all, now they must take care of him and protect him.

At first, everyone likes the appearance of the youngest in the family, now he is the Elder, which means he is more mature, and no one will say that he is a Little Baby! They watch the little ones, imagining themselves the same. But over time, parents will begin to entrust the older child with taking care of the younger one, and not everyone likes this anymore. After all, this distracts him from games and other activities that are already familiar to him. This is where complaints about a “hard life” begin.

Tricky question!

Children know how to baffle us with their questions. I heard the word somewhere, on the same TV, but couldn’t understand, so the parents are taking the rap. J And it’s not always possible to find the words to give him an answer without confusing him with new incomprehensible words. To do this, even adults will need considerable ingenuity.

Many parents often simply brush it off, not wanting to answer the question, but it’s better to still try to answer it. Then your child will be more interested in communicating with you, and he will be more inquisitive. And this is a very useful, and even necessary, character trait for a child. She will help him study at school with interest and ease, and simply experience life. After all, this also makes it much easier for our children to choose a suitable profession and life in general.

Mom knows more.

But indeed, during pregnancy, a woman can “communicate with her child,” and even scientists talk about this. The child feels and understands the mother while still inside her. He hears her voice, feels her mood, and even hears what surrounds his mother. Even before the baby is born, the mother knows whether the child will be active or, on the contrary, slow and calm, feeling how he behaves during pregnancy. She can determine whether he likes this or that music or something else.

The main thing is to have a desire to get to know him, talk to him and listen to your feelings, trying to recognize his behavior. After all, this is the most wonderful feeling, to feel how it grows, develops and reacts to certain factors.

Everything needs to be tasted.

There are an endless number of such stories, everyone has at least one. Children explore the world in all possible ways, often by putting something completely inappropriate in their mouths. Everything that comes into his hands is gnawed, and what is not gnawed is slobbery and worn out. And nothing can be done about it, this is an integral consequence of the presence of a growing baby in the house.

Don't be too scared when your child eats something “wrong.” In most cases, this is simply a need of a growing organism. Of course, you need to protect the child from harmful substances, and if something gets into his mouth, then you need to give the child milk and call the doctor. Many children in childhood ate things that an adult wouldn’t even think of, and that’s okay, everything is fine. J

Anecdotes from the lives of children.

Yes, many children fight and get offended, sometimes it seems to us that it’s even just like that. But in fact, there are quite a lot of reasons for this. Children may thus show their feelings or emotions. And these feelings can be both positive and negative. Some, for example, bite other children, showing their sympathy, or they can simply come up and hit with a smile. In response, accordingly, he may even get hit back and so a fight will ensue.

But it happens that children see how parents at home resolve their quarrels by fighting, or force the child to do something, threatening them with a belt or, worse, with a fist. Such children consider it the norm to solve a problem by fighting, and if they don’t like something, then they use their fists. Only parents can correct this, first of all by changing their behavior at home, and, of course, by talking with the child.

Happiness is in children.

It is rightly said that children are the flowers of our lives. You say there is no order in the house? But how interesting it can be to watch how a baby explores a new object that has come under his little hand, licking and biting it and knocking it on the floor. Less money in the house? But how nice it is to dress your baby like a doll, choosing bright and cute baby clothes for him. As for peace, you never appreciate silence so much in life as when the little bandit is sleeping. J

Children decorate our lives, make it brighter and more fun. More events, more impressions, more joy and smiles. As children grow up, we really miss all the noise and chaos in the house that they brought into our lives when they were little. Only then do we understand how wonderful it is to have a child in the house.

Child love

When it comes to love, children are pure, naive and sweet. There are many definitions of love, but when children talk about it, their definitions especially touch our hearts. No adult can love the way children love. They love without asking for anything in return. How tenderly they treat the puppy or kitten given to them. How they rejoice at the success of their pet. How tenderly and carefully they stroke his fur.

And no matter what we do, no matter what mistakes we make in raising our children, they love us. The most sincere and reverent love. They can forgive their parents a lot. For example, lack of attention, constant employment. And even when we try to make them in our own image and likeness, forgetting that they also have their own opinions and needs.

What do children dream of becoming?

Every child has a dream about what he will become when he grows up. They do not choose a profession because adults do not weigh the pros and cons. Most often, they just want to do something good and useful. If one of the parents is often sick, the child dreams of becoming a doctor, promising to cure his relatives. If parents often talk about a lack of money, then the child dreams of becoming a banker or simply “rich,” promising to buy them many different things. Also, children often dream of being like their parents and acquiring the same profession.

These dreams often change and very rarely come true. Since adults, when choosing a profession, most often rely on earnings, the labor market, etc. Unlike children, we seek benefits only for ourselves, without thinking about what our work will bring to others.

Why do children fight?

Yes, many children fight and get offended, sometimes it seems to us that it’s even just like that. But in fact, there are quite a lot of reasons for this. Children may thus show their feelings or emotions. And these feelings can be both positive and negative. Some, for example, bite other children, showing their sympathy, or they can simply come up and hit with a smile. In response, accordingly, he may even get hit back and so a fight will ensue.

But it happens that children see how parents at home resolve their quarrels by fighting, or force the child to do something, threatening them with a belt or, worse, with a fist. Such children consider it the norm to solve a problem by fighting, and if they don’t like something, then they use their fists. Only parents can correct this, first of all by changing their behavior at home, and, of course, by talking with the child.

Developing memory by playing

Such poems are very useful for little ones. First of all, they help develop a child’s memory with pleasure, since they are simple, funny and can be taught through play. Children are often asked to learn poems, in kindergarten, at school, so it is worth preparing him for this. Rarely does a child like to learn poems, so children need to be interested so that memorization is associated with positive emotions for him. Various nursery rhymes - children's games with poems - are great for this.

And by reading and memorizing poetry with your child, you can have a great time with him. Adults shouldn’t discuss routine problems with him, but children really love it when adults talk to them, much less play.

Sad tales

Have you noticed that we have a lot of fairy tales in which there are incomplete families. For example, the mother is absent, but the stepmother is present, who embodies evil itself, or the father is absent. And in some fairy tales, children are even orphans. These tales are certainly good, but would anything be different if both parents were in the story?

Children who grow up in two-parent families do not understand where the other parent is, and it can be difficult for us to explain to them why this is so. And those children who live in single-parent families associate themselves with the heroes of the fairy tale. This is especially true for those who are not raised by their own mother; due to the stereotype created by fairy tales, it is difficult for them to find a common language with children. I would like children to know less about such cases.

Sweets are also good for you

Many children love sweets, and parents, in turn, forbid their children to eat sweets. They are concerned about the large amount of fructose and sucrose in such products, since they are “considered” harmful.

But parents should not forget that sweets are a source of energy that children really need to replenish. Sweets such as chocolate stimulate the brain, helping the child develop properly, and lift the mood, thanks to the content of the “happiness hormone”. And sweets such as honey, jam or dried fruits contain many useful substances that any body needs.

But everything should be in moderation. Let children have access to a little of everything every day; the amount can be increased over the years. For example, one candy a day is enough for a one-year-old child.

How mom loves

The closest love is the love of a mother. This love contains a lot of goodness, light, warmth, joy that will fill our souls all our lives. She is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of the child, and never expect anything in return. Just imagine that in every corner of our planet, where there is life, there live millions of women-mothers who, speaking in different languages, carry in their hearts the same, greatest maternal love. Their hearts speak the same language of the world. We do not always realize that mother’s love does not leave us at any age, and that it is she who very often saves us from something bad, because we are not left for one minute without her prayers and petitions for us.

It's your own fault

Many are accustomed to relaxing at home and not thinking about their behavior, believing that since no one sees them, then everything is possible. But if there are children in the house, they absorb everything like sponges. They still don’t understand what is good and what is bad. But they consider their parents to be an example, and therefore try to imitate them in every possible way. Moreover, they will try to portray something from their parents’ repertoire in front of a larger number of strangers, expecting praise and attention. The parents, of course, will severely scold the child for this, but the child will not be able to understand for a long time why his parents are allowed to do this, but he is not.

Take care of your children, be adults and responsible people. After all, all that is required is to monitor your behavior at home, especially in the presence of children.

Awkward situation

Children often put their parents in an awkward position with their behavior or conversations, because they do not understand what is allowed in front of others and what is not. But teaching them this is the task of parents, which requires time and patience. By the age of 5, a child is able to understand the rules of decency and etiquette, and the fact that many issues simply cannot be discussed in front of strangers.

Most often, children simply repeat our actions, like mirrors. Parents will inadvertently drop some phrase, by accident or as a joke, and the child will remember it and repeat it, often at the most inappropriate moment. Since, in fact, they are very attentive, nothing escapes their sensitive ears. Therefore, try to choose your words more carefully in the presence of a child.

Just as it is

Children cannot be, as ordered, exactly as you dreamed. They cannot be programmed and molded in their own image and likeness. Children are born with certain personal characteristics. According to astrologers, this is due to their date of birth. The name the child is called also has a lot of influence. It is believed that those sounds that are present in the name influence our character in a certain way.

Of course, you can choose a name, choosing one that will give your child the desired character. You can even try to conceive him at the right moment so that he is born under the desired zodiac sign. But it is still not possible to predict everything. A person’s character is determined by many factors - family, friends, work, etc. Therefore, it is better to just accept him as he is.

Fairytale Prince

All girls dream from childhood that they, like princesses from a fairy tale, will marry a fairy-tale prince. Most children's fairy tales are based on this. No matter who the heroine of the fairy tale is - a princess or a dirty little girl, at the end of the fairy tale, having gone through many trials, she will definitely marry a prince. This idea is so firmly fixed in children's heads that even as we get older, we are still looking for our prince to marry him and live happily ever after.

With age, the image of the prince in our dreams changes greatly. Someone forgets about the castle, and someone forgets that the prince should also be kind and handsome. This is how a girl defines for herself the image of an ideal man with whom she would like to connect her whole life.

Little gentleman

Many female representatives complain that we have completely run out of gentlemen. And they themselves immediately coo and pamper their sons, forgetting to teach them to be like that. The child grows up in his mother’s arms, not knowing, and therefore not even thinking, that it is hard for his mother, because she is, first of all, a fragile and weak woman.

Only rare parents do not forget to teach their beloved child to be a gentleman, to respect and appreciate female representatives and especially his mother. In most cases, this happens in those families where the head of the family is a gentleman and loves his mother very much, thereby setting an example for his heir. And also, this often occurs in single-parent families where there is no father. And his mother raises him based on her opinion of what a man should be.

Where do they get questions and where to find the answer

Our kids are still very smart! But they can’t understand everything in the world around them without our help. Books and other information media are not yet available to them, so parents have to answer all their questions. They very closely monitor what is happening around them and sometimes draw very unexpected conclusions from what they see or hear, and stun us with questions.

Parents are not able to answer all questions, and they have to develop considerable imagination in order to satisfy children's curiosity. Many parents have phrases prepared for such a moment that help them escape the conversation. Now there are even sites on the Internet that give parents answers to funny children’s questions.

Why do children fight?

Why do our children fight and hurt each other? In fact, there are quite a lot of reasons for this. Children thus show their feelings and emotions. Moreover, these feelings can be both positive and negative. Some, for example, bite other children, showing their sympathy, or they can simply come up and hit with a smile. In response, accordingly, he may get back and so a fight will ensue.

But it also happens that children see how parents at home resolve their quarrels by fighting, or force the child to do something, threatening them with a belt or, worse, with a fist. For such children, I consider it the norm to solve a problem by fighting, and if they don’t like something, then they use their fists. Only parents can correct this, first of all by changing their behavior at home, and, of course, by having long conversations with the child.

Waiting for a miracle.

Nature has awarded a woman the opportunity to bear a child under her heart. What could be more beautiful than waiting a long time for him to be born, to hug him, to take care of him. Communicating with him, feeling his mood, feeling how he grows, develops, gains weight... Finding out so much about him when no one knows him yet is the dream of every woman.

A woman begins to take care of her baby already at the moment when he is still growing in her belly. By following proper nutrition and observing a daily routine, she takes care of its proper development. We give up a beautiful figure, agree to these constant tests, examinations, and even give up our favorite job so that our baby can be born and decorate our lives with his presence.

Allergy to sweets

It's terrible when children are allergic to sweets. The very fact of allergies causes real panic among parents, but when the allergen is in sweets, this is a particularly difficult problem. It is difficult to explain to a little sweet tooth that candy can be harmful to him, while other children do not part with sweets. And parents have a difficult job ahead of them - to protect their child from the allergen.

Many parents simply forbid their children to eat sweets. Often children perceive such a decision only as punishment. This is the least effective method, since the child, not understanding the danger, will still use every opportunity to eat. Therefore, it is very important for parents to choose the words to explain to the baby how and why sweets harm him.

Childish sincerity

Little children are very sincere in all their statements. They still don’t know how to lie, cheat and fawn, until we teach them this ourselves. Sometimes, of course, they put us in dead-end situations with their statements, but their compliments are especially pleasant to us. After all, these are the most honest and sincere words, and we are so pleased to know that our children think of us this way.

As children grow up, they change and, like all of us, they often give compliments for a purpose. Many people react to this by laughing it off, perceiving it only as growing up. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, but I think this behavior should not be encouraged, especially with parents. Sometimes this behavior can be cute and funny, but there will come a time when you want a sincere compliment, and it will be difficult to hear it...

Children are noisy

Already at a very early age, children can observe the manifestation of one or another temperament. Some children are very active and noisy, while others, on the contrary, are calm and taciturn. From the point of view of an adult, we, of course, want to see our child calm and obedient, but it turns out that children very often need to discharge their emotions. It is clear that when a child simply cries, it is his release from negative emotions, either from resentment, or from pain. But sometimes a child can be very noisy even with joy. Still not having words and gestures to express their perception of the world, for them all this happens mainly through active and violent behavior. Therefore, the noise of children should be perceived as a positive charge, since the “noisier” they are, the more fun they are now.

Mom's childhood dream

Every girl has dreamed of becoming a mother since childhood. While still playing with dolls with their friends as “daughters and mothers,” they parody their parents, imagining themselves in their place, adopting methods of education and care. Girls more often ask for a brother or sister so that they can babysit and take care of him. The desire to take care and protect the baby is inherent in girls by nature, this is the so-called maternal instinct.

Boys are very different from girls in this matter. Few of them think about this in childhood. For most people, thoughts about children appear during puberty, and then more out of fear of their appearance than from desire. And only with age does a man dream of an heir or a small copy of his beloved.

Children's tricks

A typical mistake of many parents. If you notice that the child needs help in the same place, then after giving him the necessary hint, ask him to completely repeat the desired word. Often the child simply misunderstands you, thinking that you have to start and he will only need to say his part of the word, phrase or poem. So he doesn't forget what to say, but just waits for you to start so he can continue.

Children do not like to study, but they really like it when they are praised and admired for their successes. Since they are very cunning, many of them come up with various ways to achieve praise without studying hard. For example, many children who are taught to read from the same book simply remember the essence of what is written in this book. And once again, when they are asked to read aloud, they simply retell the tale in their own words, busily running their fingers along the lines.

Why do children chew their fists?

Why do children's hands reach to their mouths? As soon as the child begins to develop sucking, biting and other reflexes, he begins to try them on his fist. And the pacifier does not always help; apparently, the one that is closer to the body is better. J It is moderately soft, moderately hard and always available, unlike a pacifier or a toy.

After studying the reflexes, the baby begins to cut his teeth, and the repeated struggle with the hands in the mouth begins. For this fight, there are also many devices and creams that help relieve itching. But some kids still prefer their fist.

Don’t give up in this fight after the first try, try different toys and rodents. There will definitely be one that he likes more than his fist and victory will be yours.

Back to the childhood?

It is difficult to respond unequivocally to such an assumption. On the one hand, childhood is undoubtedly a wonderful time. A carefree life, sleeping as much as you want, doing only what you want, etc. - all this seems so desirable now. And most importantly, in childhood the world around us seemed so beautiful, full of new discoveries and impressions!

But on the other hand, returning to childhood, you will have to relive the period of growing up. Just imagine - school, university again, looking for your first job, mistakes and disappointments in people and life in general. After all, each of us had all this, especially in our youth. And now, when you finally have success at work, your own home, a loved one, and most importantly children, give up all this and start all over again. No, it's not worth it.

Childhood in the yard

Of course, our childhood was wonderful. But not all children today are deprived of the delights of our childhood. Some parents still try to accustom their children to the same entertainment that we had. In winter, almost every yard has a snowman and a snow slide, and in summer you can often see children swinging on swings. The main difficulty is that they lack company, since, unfortunately, the enviable majority of children prefer to sit at home in front of the computer.

We spent more time outside, because we were bored at home, all the fun and friends were outside, and together we came up with a lot of games. And today’s children have a lot of activities at home precisely because their parents show them, wanting to keep the child busy and relax, without thinking about the consequences.

One for all

Our household members do not notice how much time we spend on them. A woman, in principle, needs more time to get ready to go out. In addition to the general functions of choosing clothes and putting them on, a woman needs to pay attention to her hair and makeup. It is enough for them to dress in things prepared without their participation.

There are women who act more cunningly - first they take care of themselves, without responding to requests from household members to help them. And then, being in full attire, they grumble with a sly smile that they still haven’t been able to get ready. J Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to do this, but even occasionally it’s nice to be able to grumble at them as well. And often this has a positive effect, and household members no longer react this way if you are “a little” late getting ready to leave.

Surprises from kids

I can imagine how my mother rushed to the chair at that moment! J If you just don’t keep track of your baby a little, you can prepare for a new surprise.

The main thing is not to scold the child for this, because this is how he learns the world. It’s great if your child is so inquisitive and tries in every way to explore everything that surrounds him. That’s it, of course, you shouldn’t allow the child either, otherwise not only your home may suffer, but also the child himself. Sometimes the methods of study and experiment they choose are very unsafe. But if suddenly he chose an unsuccessful way of studying, it is worth not only explaining to the child why this should not be done. Also, don’t forget to be happy for him and reward him for the knowledge he has acquired. This way you will maintain his curiosity, and for future studies at school, this is very useful.

Make childhood easier

Most likely, most of us reasoned this way as children. Without any definitions, the child draws conclusions from the available data. And he makes these conclusions quite correctly, given his knowledge. The Russian language is rich in various difficulties for children's perception. Many words that sound similar but have different meanings, or vice versa, significantly complicate the child’s task of learning a language.

In general, it’s amazing why children are asked such questions. And in general, why would a child need such information? Every year the education system is becoming more complex, trying to load children with complex information at as early an age as possible. Let children be children; they will still have time to become scientists.

Love in the family

Love for mother is the strongest feeling that accompanies a person throughout his life. Many believe that a child is born with this feeling, because even during pregnancy he heard his mother’s voice and felt her care for him. Love for mom is constant, no matter what happens. All grievances, if any, will be forgotten, but you will never forget your mother’s gentle hands and gentle voice.

People may outwardly look loving, hug and kiss a lot, but this does not always mean that it is a deep feeling that motivates them. It is impossible to explain in words that there is love in a family. It rather manifests itself in feelings, actions, and attitudes towards each other. It is believed that the greatest manifestation of love is tenderness. Show this feeling to each other as often as possible.

the freedom of action

Children will almost always find a way out of the situation. Prohibitions, rules of behavior and etiquette, and even more so the law - all these are attributes of adult life with which we limit ourselves. But the reason is most likely not in us, but in our modern society. Children, due to their inexperience, are not limited by such “rules”. They are free in their thoughts and actions, and they have yet to learn what can and cannot be done. One can only envy the kids for this. They can do what they want and how they want, and at the same time they do not know the feeling of shame.

It’s even a little pity that we have to deprive them of this freedom, defining the boundaries of behavior, instilling shame and modesty. In fact, each of us dreams of the kind of freedom that our children are gifted with.

Love for Mommy

We all know about love that it is the most important and brightest feeling. But, at the same moment, sometimes, there is the concept that love can come, and it can also go. But there is one love that we sometimes stop noticing, but it can never leave us, because everything in our lives began with it. This is love for our mother. Even if at times life will spin us around in our affairs, worries and problems, then try to remember more often about the person closest to you. Make it a rule to call, ask about her affairs, visit her more often and talk about what interests her. Remember that we need to rush to give our love to our mothers. Don’t forget that it was MOTHER who gave us the most precious gift - she gave us life.

Smart kids

Most children are much smarter than we think. We treat them like little ones, and they, in turn, notice this and try in every way to prove to us that they are not as small and not as stupid as we think. Why are we doing this? Perhaps we just really want to think that they are still small. It is so difficult to realize and accept the fact that our child is already an adult. We don’t want them to become independent, so that they stop depending on us. Simply because we are afraid of losing them, and we are afraid of becoming unnecessary to them.

It’s also so cute when these little creatures prove to us their adulthood. They are smart and very reasonable. Don't make fun of them, but rather listen and heed them. Their world and their view of our world is very interesting.

Mathematics of love

Most married couples who do not have children feel like they are not a complete family. And the reason for this is not at all the generally accepted stereotype: get married - have children. At first, the wedding, honeymoon and the arrangement of their first family nest take place in a state of love euphoria. Young people learn to live together, to share all their troubles and worries. But having established their life, the newlyweds understand that the time has come to take the next step and there is not enough baby in the house.

When a child appears in the house, the house becomes joyful and noisy. It is a great happiness for young parents to watch this little man grow and develop. Parents help him study and explore the world, and love to share their child’s successes with others.

Imitation or education?

Many people say: parents should live well, comply with the moral and cultural values ​​of society, be hardworking, truthful and attentive to people - and then the children themselves will become good, imitating the lifestyle of their parents. How, then, do hardworking parents raise lazy, liars, or simply cruel children? They were definitely not taught this at home, and they should not shift responsibility to the influence of the street and any company, avoiding the issue.

In order for a child to repeat good deeds after his parents, they must be associated with positive emotions. First of all, he needs to be interested in one or another action. And be sure to remember to praise when the child does something well.

Beautiful quotes about children

No one can speak more beautifully about our children than we can. So many sweet words have been written and said about them that these 10 beautiful quotes are worth taking as a sample of golden thoughts about children, especially when we look at the little ones sleeping peacefully in their cribs. (We also recommend reading 130 beautiful aphorisms about children.)

  1. Children are not coloring books. You can't color them with your favorite colors. (Khaled Hosseini).
  2. Big and strong love will never spoil children. They become “spoiled” when we replace personal “presence” with gifts. (Unknown)
  3. Children are like wet cement. Everything that comes into contact with it leaves its mark. (Dr. Chaim Ginott)
  4. Each child is a different kind of flower, but together they make this world a beautiful garden. (Unknown)
  5. Children are intuitively wise. They know who loves them the most and who is just pretending. (Virginia Andrews)

  6. Children have such an innocent view of the world and their surroundings that for them every sentence is a garden filled with wonders. (C.J. Heck)
  7. Every child needs to hear seven things: I love you; I'm proud of you; sorry; I forgive you; I'm listening to; it is your responsibility; you have everything you need to succeed. (Sherry Campbell)
  8. The birth of a child is God's message that he is not yet disappointed in people. (Rabindranath Tagore)
  9. Always kiss your children and say goodnight, even if they are already asleep. (Jackson Brown Jr.) For us, these are the two most touching quotes about children. What affected you? Share your feelings.
  10. A child is not a vase that needs to be filled, but a fire that needs to be lit. (Francois Rabelais)

Short quotes about children

Children have always held a special place in human hearts. They became the subject of numerous statements that remain valid to this day. Below you will find 20 short quotes about children.

  1. Children are a spell of love and time. (Reporter John Krudel)
  2. Noble fathers have noble children. (Euripides)
  3. Children reinvent the world for us. (Susan Sarandon)
  4. Wealth and children are the decoration of life. (Unknown)
  5. Children are the keys to heaven. (Eric Hoffer)
  6. A small child is like a curly-haired lunatic. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
  7. Children make your life meaningful. (Erma Bombeck)
  8. Adults are just overgrown children. (Dr. Seuss)
  9. Children are humanity's most valuable resource. (Herbert Hoover)
  10. One generation plants trees, while another enjoys the shade. (Unknown)

  11. Children are mirrors that reflect back to us everything we say and do. (Pam Leo)
  12. A child's smile can teach you to be happy, even if there is no apparent reason for it. (Unknown)
  13. A child is a diamond in the rough. (Austin O'Malley)
  14. A house without children's laughter is as quiet as a grave. (Henny Youngman)
  15. Children should be taught to laugh, not preached to. (Unknown)
  16. Don't stop your children from making their own lives easier. (Robert Anson Heinlein)
  17. A child needs good examples, not criticism. (Joseph Joubert)
  18. Children make you want to start your life again. (Ali Muhammad)
  19. The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. (Peggy O'Mara)
  20. Children are the anchors of life for mothers. (Sophocles)

Sayings and quotes about loving children

10 quotes about loving a child shows the importance of love in our lives. Here you will find wise sayings of famous people about love for children collected from various sources. Practice showing love and you will become the best version of yourself!

How should children treat their parents? We have collected proverbs about parents and the respectful attitude of children towards them, which we recommend you read.

  1. My sense of responsibility for the safety and well-being of my children is so strong that if an asteroid threatened to destroy all life on earth, I would still be responsible for their fate. (Unknown)
  2. I love my children for no reason. They are my joy, even when they are crazy with their childish energy. (Christopher Meloni)
  3. A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. (Agatha Christie)
  4. I have never loved anyone as much as I love my children. (Katey Sagal)
  5. You don't know what true love is, saying that you have it. Until you have a child, you don't know what it is. But when you have a child, then your love will be most complete. (Regina King)
  6. The beauty that surrounds me and captures my spirit is the faces of my children. (Unknown)
  7. What is it like to be a parent? It is one of the hardest chores you will ever do, but in return it teaches you true love. (Nicholas Sparks)
  8. Education should always be based on true love. (Writer Fiona Dimas-Heard)
  9. Freedom has never been free. I love my children and my wife with all my heart. And I will gladly die if it makes their life better. (Medgar Evers)
  10. Before I had a child, I thought I knew and understood the boundaries of my heart. But you need to throw away all these limits to understand that your love is inexhaustible. (Uma Thurman)

Quotes about children, parents, raising and developing a child

Parents often come across certain quotes about raising children. They often bring a smile and approval to our face. Here are 10 quotes we'd like to use to reflect the complex nature of parenting emotions.

(Many people like aphorisms about education and the importance of learning, which we advise you to read.)

  1. Parenting doesn't give your child everything he wants. Parenting is not your child's friend. Parenting is about preparing your child to be a useful and respected person in society. (Unknown)
  2. The most important key to children's success and achievement is positive parental involvement. (Jane Dee Hull)
  3. Some say Frankenstein is a story of bad parenting that produces a troubled child. (Dave Morris)
  4. Ironically, parenting is a minefield of shame and judgment precisely because most of us struggle through self-doubt. (Brené Brown)
  5. Children should be educated, but they should also be given the opportunity to educate themselves. (Ernest Dimnet)

  6. The golden rule of parenting is to treat your children the way you want your parents to treat you! (Louise Hart)
  7. Raising today's next generation of children guarantees that you will hear them screaming, whining and begging on an airplane, a store or any other public place. (Unknown)
  8. The relationship between parents and children is mainly based on learning. (Unknown)
  9. Raising my children, I went crazy, but I found my soul. (Lisa T. Shepard)
  10. It takes a whole village to raise one child. (Unknown)

Quotes about happiness and children, a child's smile and joy

For everyone, a child's smile is the best scene of childhood happiness. To do this, we have collected 15 quotes that will remind adults of the happiness and joy that are so well reflected in the bright smiles of children. (These proverbs and sayings about happiness will give you an even more positive mood).

  1. Children are not only innocent and curious, but they are optimistic, joyful and essentially happy. That's all adults want. (Writer Caroline Haywood)
  2. For me there is no such beautiful picture as smiling, bright eyes, happy children. There is no music as sweet as their clear and ringing laughter. (Phineas Taylor Barnum)
  3. Children are happy because they don’t have a file in their head called “Everything Can Go Wrong.” (Marianne Williamson)
  4. I think the reason we love children's smiles so much is because they remind us of the days when we were young and innocent. When we weren't hurt at all. (Unknown)
  5. Always smile back when a child smiles. Not doing this means destroying their belief that the world can be good. (Pam Brown)
  6. I didn't believe it when I was told that a child's smile is one of the most beautiful sights in the world, until I saw my own child's smile. (Unknown)

  7. Even the grumpiest old man can't help but smile when a small child smiles happily at him.
  8. I think there is nothing that can make me happy as quickly as a child's smile.
  9. A child's smile reflects the heart of heaven, just as a child's cries reflect his suffering.
  10. You cannot compare the smile of an innocent child with the intelligence of a thousand men.
  11. You can't buy a child's smile, even if you have millions in your pocket.
  12. A happy child is worth more than all the money in the world.
  13. Find the reasons why your child smiles and try them on yourself. Then you will find yourself filled with a great feeling of happiness.
  14. How sweet it is that a child can show you a thousand reasons to smile when you can only find a hundred reasons not to.
  15. Children are so happy and joyful that it is no wonder that kindergarten teachers rarely become depressed!

With these quotes we wanted to remind you of the goodness represented in children's happiness and smiles. Share them with your friends and family to remind them how important it is to appreciate the little things in life!

Quotes about children on Instagram

  1. The first half of our life is spoiled by our parents, and the second half by our own children. (Jennifer James)
  2. Children are a great consolation for us in old age, which they help us reach faster. (Unknown)
  3. All little girls need to be told that they are beautiful. (Marilyn Monroe
  4. Children make up a third of our population and our entire future. (Unknown)
  5. All men know that their children mean more to them than their own lives. (Euripides)
  6. Children are the same everywhere - greedy little creatures, but at the same time the best listeners in the world. (Cornelia Funke)
  7. We worry about who the child will become tomorrow, but we forget who he is today. (Unknown).
  8. All children begin their school years with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds and a willingness to share their thoughts. (Unknown)
  9. Every child is gifted with something, they just show their abilities at different times. (Unknown)
  10. There is only one best child in the world, and every mother has this child. (Unknown)
  11. Children rarely make mistakes. In fact, they usually repeat word for word what adults have said or done. (Unknown)
  12. A child can ask a thousand questions that even the wisest person cannot answer. (Jacob Abbott)
  13. Children need to be taught to think, and not given ready-made solutions. (Unknown)
  14. Stay a child while you can be one. (Stephen Sondheim)
  15. Children are living messages. We send them to a time that we ourselves will not see. (John Kennedy).

Let's sum it up

Much has been written and said by great people (philosophers, writers, artists and teachers) about children and childhood, about the legacy we leave to our descendants.

After all, childhood is a time that is remembered for the rest of your life. At this stage, we learn to communicate, express ourselves, perceive the world and form our own personality. Therefore, saytpozitiva.ru has collected quotes about children that help rethink education, past, present and future.

They will help us remember that babies are the most important in society and represent our future.

And at the end, watch the video about the kids. Tell me, aren't they cute?


Spoiled and pampered children, whose every whim is satisfied by their parents, grow up to be degenerate, weak-willed egoists.

F. E. Dzerzhinsky

Parents love their children with an anxious and condescending love that spoils them. There is another love, attentive and calm, which makes them honest. And this is the true love of a father.

D. Diderot

Fathers and children should not wait for requests from each other, but should proactively give what each other needs, with primacy belonging to the father.


A woman who, having children, is capable of experiencing boredom is worthy of

Jean Paul

all the time is not good. Through this they become selfish, and from here a corrupt mindset develops.

I. Kant

Without good fathers there is no good education, despite all the schools, institutes and boarding houses.

N. M. Karamzin

is much easier to become a father than to remain one.

V. O. Klyuchevsky

A child is a rational being; he knows well the needs, difficulties and obstacles of his life.

J. Korcht

Children are our future! They must be well armed to fight for our ideals.

N. K. Krupsky

Family education for parents is, first of all, self-education.

N. K. Krupsky

Descendants atone for the guilt of their ancestors .


There are strange fathers who, until their death, are occupied with only one thing: to give their children reasons not to grieve too much about her.

J. Labruyère

Mother is the only deity on earth who does not know atheists.

E. Legouwe

on the proper upbringing of children.

D. Locke

Children are the living force of society. Without them, it seems bloodless and cold.

A. S. Makarenko

By raising children, today's parents are raising the future history of our country, and therefore the history of the world.

A. S. Makarenko

The main basis of parental authority can only be the life and work of parents, their civil persona, their behavior.

A. S. Makarenko

Precisely those parents who poorly raise their children, and in general those people who are distinguished by a complete lack of pedagogical tact - they all exaggerate the importance of pedagogical conversations.

A. S. Makarenko

Our children are our old age. Proper upbringing is our happy old age, bad upbringing is our future grief, these are our tears, this is our guilt before other people, before the whole country.

A. S. Makarenko

If at home you are rude, or boastful, or drunk, and even worse, if you insult your mother, you no longer need to think about parenting: you are already raising your children, and raising them poorly, and none of the best advice and methods will help you.

A. S. Makarenko

Concentrating parental love on one child is a terrible delusion.

A. S. Makarenko

They usually say: I am a mother and I am a father, we give everything to the child, we sacrifice everything to him, including our own happiness. The most terrible gift a parent can give to their child. The question must be put this way: no sacrifices, never, for anything. On the contrary, the child is inferior to his parents.

A. S. Makarenko

The love of parents is the most selfless.

G. Marx

Mutual love is cemented by children.


He is the father who educates, not the one who gives birth.


One mirror is more important than a whole gallery of ancestors.

V. Menzel

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