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Astrology has always occupied an important place in human consciousness: first, one of the most ancient sciences,

then as a symbolic language, the doctrine of the influence of celestial bodies on the fate and behavioral reactions of each of us.

The importance of astrology is evidenced by the fact that now there are many definitions of the concept itself - science, pseudoscience, fortune-telling practices, methods of determining the fate of people using a tool - a horoscope

, occult teaching.

Quotes about mysticism


What is considered mysticism in one century becomes scientific knowledge in another.

Leo Taxil. Sacred nativity scene

In large doses, mysticism leads to madness, in small doses it leads to savagery.

Ueda Akinari. Moon in the fog

. The empty house has turned into a den of foxes and badgers, and therefore strange werewolves and ghosts may appear here.

Chuang Tzu (Zhuang Zhou)

No one lives longer than a dead child. Heaven and Earth are as old as I am, and ten thousand things are one.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. Evil wisdom

When skepticism and longing combine, mysticism arises.

Boris Akunin, Grigory Chkhartishvili. Cemetery stories

I, like other fiction writers, have more than once experienced a frightening, but at the same time pleasant shock when fiction mystically invades reality: you meet a person with a completely unprecedented last name that you just invented, or what you described will happen in life in a novel, or you yourself will end up in a literary situation designed by yourself. This is normal, revenge from a profession whose main focus is to lie as plausibly as possible about what could have happened, but which actually did not happen.

fiction writers reality books, literature mysticism

Terry Pratchett. I'll wear a dress the color of the night

Witches know that mysterious omens are swarming around. There are just a dime a dozen of them. At any time, simply select the appropriate one for the occasion.

Frank Belknap Long. Dogs of Tindal

Einstein is a profound mystic and explorer of the sublime expected.

Polina Dashkova. Source of happiness. Misterium tremendum

Scratch even the most utilitarian pragmatist, the most ardent materialist, and there is such a mess of mythologies, superstitions, and mystics in his head.

Edgar Allan Poe. Morella

And so, when I read the forbidden pages, when Morella laid her cold hand on mine, and pulled out from the ashes of dead philosophy some quiet, strange words, the extraordinary meaning of which was etched in my memory as if by fire, I felt that within me the forbidden spirit lights up. So, hour after hour, I sat beside her, enjoying the music of her voice, until at last its melody took on a tone of horror, and a shadow fell over my soul. I turned pale and shuddered internally at these unearthly sounds. And thus joy gradually turned into horror, the most beautiful turned into the most disgusting, and Ginnon became Gehenna.


Mysticism in life. Never google your name

Mysticism is common in life, but with the development of technology we have stopped noticing it.

But it still exists and adapts to new conditions.

Mysticism has even penetrated the Internet, and this mystical story is exactly about that.

I want to give you one piece of advice.

Never Google yourself. Why? Because you might not like what you find...

One day, I was bored and decided to search for my name on Google.

I have a fairly rare name, so I didn't expect to find many results.

Imagine how surprised I was when I came across a site that completely repeated my name in the domain. WWW.(my name).COM

When I clicked on the link, it took me to the guest page.

I looked at the profile of the site owner and found out that this person is the same age as me and has the same hobbies as me.

There were no posts on the home page, but I was intrigued and saved the site as a favorite.

I visited this site again after about a month. This time it has more content.

These were diary entries, mainly descriptions of what happened during the day, for example: “the weather was good today,” or “I already miss work.” Etc.

However, as time passed, I began to notice more and more similarities.

The man lived in the same city as me.

It seemed rather strange to me that two people with such a rare name could live in the same city at the same time.

See also: How I became a Baba Yaga

At some point, I noticed that the contents of the diary reminded me of my own life.

I once went to a football match, and when I checked the website in the evening, I discovered that the owner of the site was also at the same game.

At first, I didn't attach any importance to it. After all, tens of thousands of people in the city are rooting for the same team.

But then everything began to seem more than just a coincidence.

Mysticism has not happened often in my life, but this all reminded me a lot of it.

Whenever I checked the website, I noticed details so similar that it couldn't be a coincidence.

For example, the owner mentioned his dog.

I had a dog of the exact same breed when I was little.

The website owner posted a photo of his car, the exact same car I drove when I was in college.

He often mentioned one restaurant.

This was the same restaurant that I visited when I worked at my previous job.

One day, when I looked in the guest book, I saw that people were leaving messages to the owner of the site: “Happy Birthday!”

On the same day, it was my birthday.

I decided to write a message in the guest book for the first time. I was going to wish the owner a happy birthday and tell him that I have the same name as him.

However, when I tried to write something, I realized that it was impossible to do.

See also: Dwarves

It was a simple static page, not a guest book.

“Strange,” I thought.

In other words, the site owner made his site appear interactive when in fact no one was interacting with him.

All content on the site was created directly by the owner.

“Why on earth did he do this?” I asked myself.

I decided to send the owner an email.

It said: “Hello. Do you believe that mysticism is real in life? Believe it or not, we are complete namesakes. Nice to meet you!"

It was just a friendly letter.

The next day, when I tried to access the website, I found that it had disappeared. It appears to have been removed.

Then I opened my mailbox.

There was one letter. When I read it, a chill ran down my spine.

There were only three words written there:

"I found you!"…


You can read even more stories of the mystic genre in life here

If such mysticism has happened in your life, you can write your story and we will publish it on the website. Write - don't be shy


Quotes about magic

Krabat. Sorcerer's Apprentice (Krabat)

There is only one faith - black magic.

Amelie Nothomb. Fire Man

Pyromania is one of the deepest instincts of the human race: nothing fascinates like fire.

Magic of Moonlight (Magic In The Moonlight)

There may or may not be a purpose in life, but there is definitely some magic in it.

Witches of East End

Magic is among us. Reach out your hand, feel its power.

Max Fry. Tubur game

A person who devotes himself to magic must be neither good nor evil, just as our World is neither good nor evil. And at the same time sensitive, changeable and plastic, like life itself. That is, ideally, a sorcerer should be everyone - at the same time.


What if magic is not something you choose? What if she chooses you?

Andrey Zhvalevsky, Igor Mytko. Porri Gutter and the Stone Philosopher

It must be said that the newborn sorcerer is an earthquake that has taken up residence in the children's room. Any whim of the baby literally turns the house upside down (by the way, this happened on Elm Street). Pacifiers explode like firecrackers, diapers are scattered by a flock of frightened quails, bottles are filled with milk from neighbors' refrigerators... In a word, only a witch mother can withstand the typhoon-hurricane-tsunami that her wonderful offspring creates. And when teething begins, then daddy has to take a vacation and sit with the little wizard - who knows, he’ll set fire to the curtain or make the neighbor’s gargoyle cry.

Mystical quotes, aphorisms, statuses, phrases from around the world

An extensive collection of quotes, aphorisms, sayings from many sources on the topic of Mystical from a variety of authors. Are you looking for a beautiful aphorism for your text? Want to use a clever quote in an important conversation? Or do you just want to put a beautiful status on VKontakte or Instagram? Then use our list of quotes about Mystical generated on this page.

Trust is earned for years, but lost in a second. I have a request to you: when opening the gates of your soul, think about whether you trust the right person. Errors need to be corrected. And the sooner you do this, the better. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // mistakes // trust //

Love must be sincere and mutual. You cannot play with the feelings of those who entrusted their hearts to you. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // love //

The past often haunts people. Especially if there were grievances, betrayals, disappointments. But I, Victor Verzhbitsky, am sure of one thing: any mistake of the past is forgivable if in the present you do everything not to repeat it. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // mistakes // past //

The Church does not forget dead people. The Church continues to be in communion with them. In which? Prayerful, first of all. We remember them, because the word “remember,” prayer for the deceased, is based on the word “memory.” We remember those people who were next to us. We love them. We sincerely pray for them. And I think that an option is possible when the Lord blesses us to help us, the saints or our loved ones who have been awarded a fate with the saints. Tags: Mystical stories // Georgy Kovalenko (Father Georgy) // religion, church // memory // saints //

The word “mysticism” came to us from Antiquity. Then it meant “a secret that is hidden from everyone.” Today, mystical knowledge is no secret to anyone and people are immersed in it headlong. And only one thing still remains unknown: what awaits the daredevil beyond the dark threshold of the other world. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // mysticism //

The walls remain the same as before, but the people have changed. Tags: Chronicles of Mystery. Scorpio Ritual (Mystical Chronicles. Scorpio Ritual) // changes, changes //

Any of our actions either leads us upward, to heaven, or pushes us into the abyss. But, as experience shows, a person learns about the result of his actions after they have been committed, and then it is too late to regret what happened. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // actions // regret //

Every person has a choice. Between good and evil, between life and death. The main thing is not to miss the decisive moment and not to make a mistake, because while a person is alive, he has a chance to correct his mistakes. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // mistakes //

There are things that are better not to touch. And there are actions that are better not to do. Sometimes they warn us about this, and sometimes we warn us. And it's good if we have the courage to do the right thing. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // actions //

Don't be afraid of making mistakes, because this is the price you pay for the experience you've gained. It is important that disappointment does not take hold of you. I, Viktor Verzhbitsky, assure you: all mistakes can be corrected if there is a desire. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // mistakes // disappointment // experience //

You need to live in harmony both with your conscience and with people. And if you believe in mysticism, then the same applies to incorporeal beings. Haven't you met them on your way yet? Well, maybe you're in luck. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // agreement //

Only a sick person can truly appreciate health. Tags: Chronicles of Mystery. Scorpio Ritual (Mystical Chronicles. Scorpio Ritual) // health //

A mother's word can either kill a person or raise him from the very bottom. Keep this in mind when communicating with your children. Believe in yourself and don't waste your life. She's too short for that. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // mother // words //

There are several unwritten laws of life, one of which says: do not do the wrong things where you live or work. Because nothing spreads faster than secrets. Tags: Mystical stories // Victoria Kornush // secrets, mysteries //

All people believe in miracles. But some wait for them all their lives with folded arms, while others themselves create a miracle for themselves and for their loved ones. And, believe me, belonging to the second category is much more pleasant. So, don't be afraid to be a wizard. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // miracles //

Love can give life, or it can kill. It can make you happy or make your life hell. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // love //

Sometimes a word thrown into a person’s heart can become a fatal mistake and ruin his whole life, but you need to find the strength in yourself and learn to forgive. And, above all, yourself. Any mistake can be corrected, you just have to want it. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // forgiveness //

Sometimes life throws us situations that are simply impossible to imagine. And then people say: “like in the movies.” But in fact, this is our life. And it’s a pity when some spend it fighting myths and superstitions. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // life // situations //

Feeling good towards ourselves, we open our soul in response. It cannot be otherwise. But something else amazes me: how do people, taking advantage of their goodwill, commit treacherous acts? Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // betrayal //

Every person should be given a chance. Any person, as long as he lives, as long as he is able to repent, as long as he is able to correct something, he has the right to a chance. Tags: Mystical stories // Yaroslav Fedorov // chance //

Every person dreams of happiness, but not everyone is capable of being happy. What is happiness ? This is an opportunity to have everything you strive for. After all, there are eternal values: love, family and friends. Everything that makes up the meaning of our life. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // happiness //

Have you ever thought what would happen if the most important thing is taken away from a person? If you make his life empty and aimless? Each of us is capable of anything when we have nothing to lose. When only one desire remains - to avenge the stolen happiness. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // revenge //

The fact that a person has forgiven, even if he has forgiven from the bottom of his heart, does not mean at all that at some certain moment he will not remember that he was treated badly. That is, it is always a risk. You can be friends, but you must always understand that this is not the closest person and you can expect a stab in the back at any moment. Tags: Mystical stories // Yaroslav Fedorov // forgiveness //

Every mother wishes her child all the best, the best. But each person has his own path. In order to appreciate something good in one's life, a person must first try something bad. And the parent’s task is simply to survive this bad thing. Because we do not have the right to protect at all. We can explain, but our job is to step aside. Tags: Mystical stories // Yaroslava Fedorova // children // parents // choice //

The natural practice of an adult is the practice of disappointment. And then when a person knows how to experience and handle his disappointment, then this, of course, encourages him to deal more with reality, to focus more on it and to have more accurate forecasts. Therefore, the ability to be disappointed greatly develops people. Tags: Mystical stories // Kirill Koshkin // disappointment // reality //

Infinity exists, and everything devoid of meaning will drown in it. Tags: Kjell Askildsen // Optimistic funeral of Johannes // meaninglessness // infinity //

This excellent world is not for those who are too old for it. Tags: Lodoss // Mystical // positive quotes // growing up //

Fear is a bad ally in the fight against invisible evil. And only those whose conscience is crystal clear can not be afraid. Don’t forget to ask for forgiveness, make peace with everyone who is offended by you, and then fate may be more favorable to you. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // fear // evil // forgiveness //

Sometimes I would recommend to parents who are dissatisfied with their children because they are doing something that is not their job and that they get a bad grade - go to the hospital where the children have cancer. Look at these children and after you see what could really happen to your child, you will understand that he is drawing pictures - thank God. But he is alive, healthy, creative, loves you and is in the family. Tags: Mystical stories // Victoria Kornush // parents // children //

It's easy to offend. But to apologize requires courage and self-respect. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // insult // apology //

Every decision we make is a turn along the winding path of life. The right action brings us closer to happiness, the wrong action moves us away from it. And each decision determines where the final station will be and what luggage you will get to it with. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // decision // actions //

Suicide is a great sin, because everyone in life has a certain karmic payoff. And suicides are those people who did not have the willpower to live to the end and correct their mistakes, so to speak. That is, here is a manifestation of weakness of will, and therefore their souls walk around and cannot be reborn. After all, every soul has a certain period of departure. And suicides shorten this period, that is, they do what they, you see, want, and not what is written in the book of fate. Tags: Mystical stories // Ilmira Derbentseva // suicide //

Agree, sometimes you want to close your eyes, say a magic phrase and all your problems will mystically disappear. But in life, unlike fairy tales, you have to pay for any miracle, regardless of the result. Believe in miracles, but be careful with them. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // problems // miracles //

Instead of faces, what's underneath them and how to get inside? What does the dark fabric hide and why is life so difficult? These seemed to be ordinary people. Why do they hate so fiercely, but also love so deeply? Tags: Lodoss // Mystical // beautiful quotes // face // questions //

Revenge is a terrible and destructive feeling. Isn't it better to pack it more securely and send it to an unknown destination, so as not to poison the lives of yourself and those around you? Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // revenge //

Mysticism surrounds us everywhere. A person would rather believe in a miracle than think about why it happened. Tags: Mystical stories // mysticism // miracles //

What do you think: revenge has a right to exist? When pain craves retribution and blood demands blood? Or maybe you should try not to judge another and forgive, and even forgive someone else’s sin, so as not to one day turn from a person into a monster? Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // revenge //

Every thought we have has consequences. A person builds his future with dreams and actions. Watch your desires, control your thoughts, because your destiny is in your hands. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // thoughts // consequences // desires //

Suicide is a sin that cannot be forgiven. Because by this a person shows his complete distrust of God and the gift of life that is given to man, he, let’s say, throws it in God’s face, that is, he completely abandons God. Therefore, in the afterlife he can no longer be with God. Tags: Mystical stories // Archimandrite Longin (Vitaly Grigorievich Chernukha) // suicide //

He who easily forgets his mistakes is unable to correct them. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // mistakes //

Everything that we wish for our enemies will definitely boomerang back to us. If you remember this simple truth, you can save yourself from many problems. Think about it and maybe stopping will save your life. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // enemies, enmity //

Perhaps the meaning of life is to give it to others? To be able to love and feel the warmth and care of family and friends? After all, it is thanks to this that the world exists. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // love // ​​life //

Every human life is like a painting. Parents give us a canvas, fate frames it, society gives it paints. And it depends only on ourselves what will be depicted on it. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // life // painting, paintings // comparison //

Time is actually sand and a non-renewable resource. Tags: Lodoss // Mystical // life quotes // time //

Sometimes it pays to be more careful. And when choosing a home, pay attention not only to the number of rooms and a good layout, but also to the fate of the house itself, because it may require respect for the former inhabitants. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // house //

Dear girls, you shouldn’t get into a noose because of unrequited love. After all, the end of a relationship is not always a tragedy. Perhaps this is the next step to happiness and fate will definitely give you another chance to love and be loved. Tags: Mystical stories // Viktor Verzhbitsky // suicide // separation // unrequited love //

Ah, if only the Eternal City were not tormented by eternal traffic jams. Tags: Chronicles of Mystery. Scorpio Ritual (Mystical Chronicles. Scorpio Ritual) // funny quotes // city // traffic jams //

There is either light in the soul or there is not. Either a person is still ready to return to the normal road, or he goes into the category of those people whom we call non-humans. Conscience is the main criterion. And conscience, which calls for redemption, for apology, for forgiveness. In order for a person to return to a normal path, first of all, he must not forget what happened. He needs to somehow be forgiven for what he did. Tags: Mystical stories // Victoria Kornush // conscience // forgiveness // apologies //

A halo did not grow over my head either, and wings did not sprout from my back, But in my eyes the fire was and remains sincere, and will remain so. Tags: Lodoss // Mystical // fire // eyes //

Quotes about magic and mysticism

Historically, phenomena belonging to the astral plane of man were also called mystical. Mysticism was not yet sufficiently separated from magic. But in a strict, differentiated, absolute sense of the word, only that which relates to the spiritual plane can be called mysticism.

Mysticism is a spiritual path and the highest achievements along this path. But there is also speculative mysticism, which is, first of all, knowledge.

Mysticism was constantly suspected and accused of heresies. These accusations usually missed the mark, because the accusers and the accused were on different planes and spoke different languages.

“Mysticism is associated with spirituality, not with soulfulness, and presupposes the penetration of spirituality into soulfulness. Mysticism is the awakening of a spiritual person who sees reality better and more acutely than a natural or spiritual person. Mysticism is the overcoming of creatureliness.”

My criticism of occultism, theosophy and anthroposophy was related to the fact that all these movements are cosmocentric and are in the grip of cosmic seduction, but I saw the truth in anthropocentrism and understood Christianity itself as deepened anthropocentrism. In anthroposophy, which I knew better both from books and from people, I did not find man, man dissolved in the cosmic planes, just as in Theosophy I did not find God, God also dissolved in the cosmic planes.

“We have artificially closed ourselves to the perception of a whole kind of occult natural phenomena that were perceived in earlier times, when consciousness was not so suppressed by rationalistic restrictions. Science is forced to expand its boundaries to infinity and explore all phenomena, no matter how extraordinary, occult, almost miraculous they may seem to it. The nature of the world and the nature of man are infinitely richer in forces than the scientific consciousness of the Enlightenment era imagined.”

“Genuine mysticism is realism, it is addressed to primary realities, to the mystery of existence, while orthodox theology deals only with symbols that have acquired social meaning. Mysticism is, as it were, a “revelation of revelation,” a revelation of the realities behind the symbols.”

“Religion translates into consciousness and everyday life that which is directly experienced and revealed in mysticism. The dogmatic consciousness of the ecumenical councils was only an objectified translation of what was directly seen in mystical experience. And the dogmas speak in conventional language about mystical encounters.”

“Since the criteria of orthodoxy and heresy are predominantly social in nature and associated with the dominance of the religious group over the individual, these criteria are difficult to apply to mysticism. This is the similarity between mysticism and prophecy. Mystics and prophets are the freest people; they do not agree to be determined in their ways by a collective, a society, or even a religious society.”


28 quotes from the series “Crazy Tales of Andrei Angelov”, published by Eksmo Publishing House.
Small sketches where mysticism is intertwined with lyrics, and subtle humor with thick cynicism. The style and manner of writing of Andrei Angelov cannot be confused with anyone else’s... “Life is an absurd thing. And that’s why it’s cheerful.” (With)

  • From the author
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  • “The Unchangeable Ruble” (story - 2018)
  • “Kareglazka” (story - 2018)
  • “Golden Horse Meat” (story - 2018)
  • "Apocrypha" - 2018
  • “A time machine for a geographer” (story - 2018)
  • Covers from Eksmo - 2018
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Quotes about magic

Dmitry Blake. Fairy Pollen

The boy lay under the blanket in a cozy, warm bed and thought how beautiful the night starry sky of the magical world was. Just yesterday he was in a boring, dull world of people, where everyone is chasing only profit and personal desires, but today he was in a special place. Michael knew he would never forget this night.

reality magic magic, wizards

Dmitry Blake. Fairy Pollen

Ah, my young friend, has it still not dawned on you? You don't see dreams, but travel to other worlds. Here, in this world of people, a magical population lives, but it is invisible to the common man. If you see me, it means you have a magical charge.

dreams, sleep magic magic, wizards knowledge

Nora Roberts. Enchanted

Magic exists. Who can doubt when there is a rainbow and meadow flowers, the music of the wind, the silence of the stars? Every loved one was touched by magic. This is a very simple and most amazing part of our life.

Dmitry Blake. Fairy Pollen

Night has always been a time of magic, enchantment and miracles.

time night magic magic, wizards

Dmitry Blake. Fairy Pollen

There are two types of magical power: chaos and creation. They could not be classified as good or evil; dark magic, like light magic, does not exist at all - there is simply magic and energy, and how a creature uses it is a separate question.

Mark Frost. The Secret History of Twin Peaks

As soon as a magician stands on the line between two worlds, he runs the risk of not belonging to either of them.

June 31

- Master of black and white magic Malgrim! Formerly a servant of King Edward, he requests the patronage of your royal majesty: King Perador, high lord of Bermagor, Marralor and Parloth, lord of Lansington, the Low Mosses. - And Three Bridges. - Yes of course. And three Bridges! Let him in? - Wait a minute! Does this Malgrim have recommendations from our crowned brother Edward? - Yes, Your Majesty. - Good recommendation? - Bad, Your Majesty. — All my recommendations are excellent. And from King George, now living, and from King Lear. And from King Edward, still living. Your herald insulted me, and so I turned his live weight into atomic weight. And now he is flying around your Majesty's head. - Jack, where are you? - I'm flying, Your Majesty. - Well, he flies. flies! - Very convincing. We'll think about who to apply this to.

Dmitry Yemets. Methodius Buslaev. Midnight Mage

- Of course, it’s nothing like lamb, but it’s all the same with mammoth meat - what a comparison, just tears! - Tararakh grumbled. - What do I use to fry? There are seven magicians in the school, all big-headed - creepy, one is even an academician, and at least no one bothered to conjure normal skewers. Thank you, I took a skewer from Marshal Davout two hundred years ago. A good skewer – exactly twelve pieces.

Ransom Riggs. City of empty ones. Escape from the House of Peculiar Children

It might be better to leave a few points on the map unexplored. Let the world keep a little of its magic.

world, universe unknown magic cards

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