Quotes about children with meaning: 100 sayings of great people

Experienced parents and teachers will agree that babies need to be loved with all their hearts. So much has been said about this and strong quotes about children are heard so often that it is worth getting to know them in order to get to know the soul of a little creature, teach you to appreciate the purity of this soul and try to give your little one true happiness.

No matter how knowledgeable, wise and versed many issues are, adults are superior to them, intuitively always choosing the right decision. Where do toddlers get this from? We probably need to get acquainted with these little creatures again to answer this question. Let's read together all the most interesting quotes about children to become closer with our children.

It’s interesting, but statements about childhood and about kids can be completely different. These are: beautiful quotes; a frank opinion about our hopes; funny words and expressions; statements talking about the present and future; about raising children; let us remember the words of the great; everything in which we see the meaning of life.

It wouldn’t hurt to remember your early years. This will help you understand your little ones, understand why they are naughty and playful, be able to forgive them for breaking their favorite vase, talk, and not read them boring morals. Memories of the time when we ourselves were carefree happy sometimes seem like a fairy tale to all of us. It was so long ago. But it happened! And it was because our parents and teachers knew how to understand and support us at the right time. So let's now learn to understand our kids from a parent's point of view!

Quotes about children with meaning

  1. If you want your children to do well, then spend twice as much time with them and half as much money. (Abigail Van Buren)
  2. The greatest and most valuable gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence. (Denis Whately)
  3. Parents can learn a lot from their children. Like how much patience they have. (Franklin P. Jones)
  4. Even if children are still very young, they should not be prevented from saying what they think. (Anne Frank)
  5. Every child needs a world where they can laugh, dance, sing, learn, live in peace and be happy. (Malala Yousafzai) (We recommend reading funny quotes and sayings about children).
  6. Children will listen to us when they see that we are listening to them. (Jane Nelsen)
  7. I was in the war, raised twins, but if I had a choice, I would rather go to war. (George Bush)
  8. If a child cannot learn the way we teach him, perhaps we should teach him the way he learns. (Ignacio Estrada)

  9. Children are not vindictive. Even if you punish them, they will hug you within a few minutes. (T.D. Jakes)
  10. I continue to believe that if children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams! (David Witter)
  11. Children with disabilities are stronger than we think. They fight battles that most people will never know about. (Unknown)
  12. If you want to see your child's creativity, then stop giving him toys for a while. (Norman Douglas) (If your children have graduated from high school, then read the wise quotes and wishes for graduates).
  13. Children need guidance and empathy much more than instructions. (Anne Sullivan)
  14. If you want your children to stand on their own two feet, then give them some responsibility. (Abigail Van Buren)
  15. Children will learn more from what you are, not from what you teach them. (William Burkhardt DuBois)

Beautiful quotes about children

No one can speak more beautifully about our children than we can. So many sweet words have been written and said about them that these 10 beautiful quotes are worth taking as a sample of golden thoughts about children, especially when we look at the little ones sleeping peacefully in their cribs. (We also recommend reading 130 beautiful aphorisms about children.)

  1. Children are not coloring books. You can't color them with your favorite colors. (Khaled Hosseini).
  2. Big and strong love will never spoil children. They become “spoiled” when we replace personal “presence” with gifts. (Unknown)
  3. Children are like wet cement. Everything that comes into contact with it leaves its mark. (Dr. Chaim Ginott)
  4. Each child is a different kind of flower, but together they make this world a beautiful garden. (Unknown)
  5. Children are intuitively wise. They know who loves them the most and who is just pretending. (Virginia Andrews)

  6. Children have such an innocent view of the world and their surroundings that for them every sentence is a garden filled with wonders. (C.J. Heck)
  7. Every child needs to hear seven things: I love you; I'm proud of you; sorry; I forgive you; I'm listening to; it is your responsibility; you have everything you need to succeed. (Sherry Campbell)
  8. The birth of a child is God's message that he is not yet disappointed in people. (Rabindranath Tagore)
  9. Always kiss your children and say goodnight, even if they are already asleep. (Jackson Brown Jr.) For us, these are the two most touching quotes about children. What affected you? Share your feelings.
  10. A child is not a vase that needs to be filled, but a fire that needs to be lit. (Francois Rabelais)

Cool quotes about children

A CHILD is a perpetual motion machine, and also a kicker, a jumper, a galloper, a biter, a hugger and a tight kisser...


At first, girls are interested in dolls, and boys are interested in cars. And then - on the contrary...


-Mom, do you know how much toothpaste is in the tube? -No, son, I don’t know. -From the washbasin to the chair and back!


(parents to children) 4th grade: “Have you done your homework?” 9th grade: “Have you packed your briefcase?” 11th grade: “Are you going to school?”


The child, stroking the cat’s face, playfully says: “Musenka, you know, in the human world, women with mustaches are not very valued!”


- Mom, why didn’t you shoot me when I was a child? “You ran fast, dad didn’t have time to aim, and when you were sleeping, you were so cute.”


The daughter fell asleep on the sofa in front of the TV, the father quietly takes her in his arms to carry her to bed. daughter in a dream: put it back where you got it!


Putting children to bed is very simple: you just need to give them something to drink, eat, pee and read books, sing a lullaby, say “good night”, kiss, stroke their back, tummy, lie in bed with them... AND FELL ASLEEP FUCKING EARLIER THAN THEM !


Children are terrorists, and their grandparents protect them!


If there is no food in the house and the children are crap, it means that mom spent the whole day on the Internet!


- Dad, buy me a chocolate! “Your daughter is already an adult.” - Does this mean I can drink, smoke and bring boys home? - Do you want it with nuts?


Undressing a sleeping baby is like defusing a bomb. One sudden movement – ​​minus 3 hours of sleep.


No matter what the child amuses himself with, as long as he doesn’t hurt his own.


I don’t know where childhood goes, but I know exactly where it plays!


Lessons learned! I am hoarse, my son is deaf...


The most valuable cargo in the world is a toddler in the belly!


With the advent of children, you again start asking your parents for time off to go somewhere...


A slap on the head is a way of transmitting information from one generation to another...


A sleeping baby is not only cute, but FINALLY!


-Mom, what does the stork do after it brings the baby? -Turns on his side and sleeps!


Only children will help you find out how much patience you have.


Daughter, when will you quit smoking? - Dad, I’ll get pregnant and give up. - Smoke, daughter, smoke!


A young father is alone at home with his child and sings him a lullaby: Bayu-bayushki-bayu. Where is your mother?


The husband bathes the child and shouts from the bathroom: “Katya, he’s eating the foam!” After a couple of minutes: “Katya, she’s really delicious!”


Mom is changing the bed linen on her and her husband’s bed, and her little daughter comes into the bedroom and asks: “Mom, what are you doing??” - Don’t you see, I’m changing the bed. Sparkles of surprise and slyness appeared in the child’s eyes, followed by the question: “Did you piss yourself or something?”


Mom is sleeping, she’s tired, I’m already tired of her. I won’t lose heart - I’ll pester dad!


I had a difficult childhood! Until I was 6 years old, I thought my name was Shut Up...


A child shouts from the corridor: “Mom!” Maaama! Mom! The mother answers: “Why are you screaming?” Come and say what you want. The son spanks across the apartment, comes up and says: “Mom, I stepped in the shit.” Where can I wash my sandal?


The child is sleeping and... the mother is free!!! If you want to wash, if you want to clean, if you want to steam at the stove!!! Rest... I don't want to!


- Dad, where did I come from? - From cabbage. - Dad, am I a vegetable?


My child, after the phrase: “It’s time to go to bed!” It starts immediately: dryness, constipation and hunger!


Sunday. Easter. I’m walking down the street, kids run up and congratulate you: Happy Risen Christ to you!


MATERNITY is also work!!!! Only the BOSS has to be carried in his arms!!!


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Short quotes about children

Children have always held a special place in human hearts. They became the subject of numerous statements that remain valid to this day. Below you will find 20 short quotes about children.

  1. Children are a spell of love and time. (Reporter John Krudel)
  2. Noble fathers have noble children. (Euripides)
  3. Children reinvent the world for us. (Susan Sarandon)
  4. Wealth and children are the decoration of life. (Unknown)
  5. Children are the keys to heaven. (Eric Hoffer)
  6. A small child is like a curly-haired lunatic. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
  7. Children make your life meaningful. (Erma Bombeck)
  8. Adults are just overgrown children. (Dr. Seuss)
  9. Children are humanity's most valuable resource. (Herbert Hoover)
  10. One generation plants trees, while another enjoys the shade. (Unknown)

  11. Children are mirrors that reflect back to us everything we say and do. (Pam Leo)
  12. A child's smile can teach you to be happy, even if there is no apparent reason for it. (Unknown)
  13. A child is a diamond in the rough. (Austin O'Malley)
  14. A house without children's laughter is as quiet as a grave. (Henny Youngman)
  15. Children should be taught to laugh, not preached to. (Unknown)
  16. Don't stop your children from making their own lives easier. (Robert Anson Heinlein)
  17. A child needs good examples, not criticism. (Joseph Joubert)
  18. Children make you want to start your life again. (Ali Muhammad)
  19. The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. (Peggy O'Mara)
  20. Children are the anchors of life for mothers. (Sophocles)

Sayings and quotes about loving children

10 quotes about loving a child shows the importance of love in our lives. Here you will find wise sayings of famous people about love for children collected from various sources. Practice showing love and you will become the best version of yourself!

How should children treat their parents? We have collected proverbs about parents and the respectful attitude of children towards them, which we recommend you read.

  1. My sense of responsibility for the safety and well-being of my children is so strong that if an asteroid threatened to destroy all life on earth, I would still be responsible for their fate. (Unknown)
  2. I love my children for no reason. They are my joy, even when they are crazy with their childish energy. (Christopher Meloni)
  3. A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. (Agatha Christie)
  4. I have never loved anyone as much as I love my children. (Katey Sagal)
  5. You don't know what true love is, saying that you have it. Until you have a child, you don't know what it is. But when you have a child, then your love will be most complete. (Regina King)
  6. The beauty that surrounds me and captures my spirit is the faces of my children. (Unknown)
  7. What is it like to be a parent? It is one of the hardest chores you will ever do, but in return it teaches you true love. (Nicholas Sparks)
  8. Education should always be based on true love. (Writer Fiona Dimas-Heard)
  9. Freedom has never been free. I love my children and my wife with all my heart. And I will gladly die if it makes their life better. (Medgar Evers)
  10. Before I had a child, I thought I knew and understood the boundaries of my heart. But you need to throw away all these limits to understand that your love is inexhaustible. (Uma Thurman)

Quotes about children, parents, raising and developing a child

Parents often come across certain quotes about raising children. They often bring a smile and approval to our face. Here are 10 quotes we'd like to use to reflect the complex nature of parenting emotions.

(Many people like aphorisms about education and the importance of learning, which we advise you to read.)

  1. Parenting doesn't give your child everything he wants. Parenting is not your child's friend. Parenting is about preparing your child to be a useful and respected person in society. (Unknown)
  2. The most important key to children's success and achievement is positive parental involvement. (Jane Dee Hull)
  3. Some say Frankenstein is a story of bad parenting that produces a troubled child. (Dave Morris)
  4. Ironically, parenting is a minefield of shame and judgment precisely because most of us struggle through self-doubt. (Brené Brown)
  5. Children should be educated, but they should also be given the opportunity to educate themselves. (Ernest Dimnet)

  6. The golden rule of parenting is to treat your children the way you want your parents to treat you! (Louise Hart)
  7. Raising today's next generation of children guarantees that you will hear them screaming, whining and begging on an airplane, a store or any other public place. (Unknown)
  8. The relationship between parents and children is mainly based on learning. (Unknown)
  9. Raising my children, I went crazy, but I found my soul. (Lisa T. Shepard)
  10. It takes a whole village to raise one child. (Unknown)

Quotes about happiness and children, a child's smile and joy

For everyone, a child's smile is the best scene of childhood happiness. To do this, we have collected 15 quotes that will remind adults of the happiness and joy that are so well reflected in the bright smiles of children. (These proverbs and sayings about happiness will give you an even more positive mood).

  1. Children are not only innocent and curious, but they are optimistic, joyful and essentially happy. That's all adults want. (Writer Caroline Haywood)
  2. For me there is no such beautiful picture as smiling, bright eyes, happy children. There is no music as sweet as their clear and ringing laughter. (Phineas Taylor Barnum)
  3. Children are happy because they don’t have a file in their head called “Everything Can Go Wrong.” (Marianne Williamson)
  4. I think the reason we love children's smiles so much is because they remind us of the days when we were young and innocent. When we weren't hurt at all. (Unknown)
  5. Always smile back when a child smiles. Not doing this means destroying their belief that the world can be good. (Pam Brown)
  6. I didn't believe it when I was told that a child's smile is one of the most beautiful sights in the world, until I saw my own child's smile. (Unknown)

  7. Even the grumpiest old man can't help but smile when a small child smiles happily at him.
  8. I think there is nothing that can make me happy as quickly as a child's smile.
  9. A child's smile reflects the heart of heaven, just as a child's cries reflect his suffering.
  10. You cannot compare the smile of an innocent child with the intelligence of a thousand men.
  11. You can't buy a child's smile, even if you have millions in your pocket.
  12. A happy child is worth more than all the money in the world.
  13. Find the reasons why your child smiles and try them on yourself. Then you will find yourself filled with a great feeling of happiness.
  14. How sweet it is that a child can show you a thousand reasons to smile when you can only find a hundred reasons not to.
  15. Children are so happy and joyful that it is no wonder that kindergarten teachers rarely become depressed!

With these quotes we wanted to remind you of the goodness represented in children's happiness and smiles. Share them with your friends and family to remind them how important it is to appreciate the little things in life!

Quotes about children on Instagram

  1. The first half of our life is spoiled by our parents, and the second half by our own children. (Jennifer James)
  2. Children are a great consolation for us in old age, which they help us reach faster. (Unknown)
  3. All little girls need to be told that they are beautiful. (Marilyn Monroe
  4. Children make up a third of our population and our entire future. (Unknown)
  5. All men know that their children mean more to them than their own lives. (Euripides)
  6. Children are the same everywhere - greedy little creatures, but at the same time the best listeners in the world. (Cornelia Funke)
  7. We worry about who the child will become tomorrow, but we forget who he is today. (Unknown).
  8. All children begin their school years with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds and a willingness to share their thoughts. (Unknown)
  9. Every child is gifted with something, they just show their abilities at different times. (Unknown)
  10. There is only one best child in the world, and every mother has this child. (Unknown)
  11. Children rarely make mistakes. In fact, they usually repeat word for word what adults have said or done. (Unknown)
  12. A child can ask a thousand questions that even the wisest person cannot answer. (Jacob Abbott)
  13. Children need to be taught to think, and not given ready-made solutions. (Unknown)
  14. Stay a child while you can be one. (Stephen Sondheim)
  15. Children are living messages. We send them to a time that we ourselves will not see. (John Kennedy).

Let's sum it up

Much has been written and said by great people (philosophers, writers, artists and teachers) about children and childhood, about the legacy we leave to our descendants.

After all, childhood is a time that is remembered for the rest of your life. At this stage, we learn to communicate, express ourselves, perceive the world and form our own personality. Therefore, saytpozitiva.ru has collected quotes about children that help rethink education, past, present and future.

They will help us remember that babies are the most important in society and represent our future.

And at the end, watch the video about the kids. Tell me, aren't they cute?

Bright sayings about your favorite toddlers

Sayings about babies can only be the best and incredibly kind. After all, our children contain so much tenderness and so much sincerity that it involuntarily evokes a similar reaction in us adults. That’s why quotes about children are quotes about love, something that leaves no one indifferent.

Happiness is soft, warm palms,

There are candy wrappers behind the sofa, crumbs on the sofa, What happiness is - it’s easier not to answer, Everyone who has children has happiness!

I don’t like it when people say “have children”

. Cats, dogs and guinea pigs are adopted, and children are born.

For some reason many women think

that giving birth to a child and becoming a mother are the same thing. One could just as well say that having a piano and being a pianist are one and the same thing.

If by the age of forty a person's room

If it is not filled with children's voices, then it is filled with nightmares.

The most expensive bracelet is a rubber tag

, on which the weight, height and time of birth of your baby are written!

With the birth of children, the house disappears

order, money, peace and serenity... And happiness appears.

All the joy of life fits

in a child's smile!

Little happiness sleeps quietly on the pillow!

She's clinging to the toy and quietly sniffling!

The best a father can do

for your children it is to love their mother.

What is happiness, mom? —

My son asked me And, looking into my eyes stubbornly, he waited for an answer from me. I love his questions so much, there is so much childish simplicity in them. I, kissing his stubborn nose, will answer: HAPPINESS IS YOU!

Live like you did in childhood...

Without hiding feelings and emotions.

Children are not only the flowers of life,

but also the fruits of love. (Tamara Kleiman)

They say that sons and daughters are happiness, they are the flowers of life. Why not? After all, how much joy they bring to loving parents just by their birth. And then they grow. They learn to crawl, walk, smile and talk. And now our “piggy bank” is filled with their pearls of phrases.

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