The main characters in the work Woe from Wit
Famus society in the comedy by A.S. Griboyedov "Woe from Wit"
Summary The main idea of ​​Griboyedov's work is to ridicule the lifestyle of the nobility of the 19th century.
Dispute about principles (views of Bazarov and Pavel Petrovich Kirsanov)
Arkady: “A nihilist is a person who does not bow to any authority, who does not
Yeshua and Pontius Pilate in Bulgakov's novel The Master and Margarita essay
Essays On literature Bulgakov Yeshua and Pontius Pilate in the novel The Master and Margarita Roman
“Fathers and Sons” - what I shouldn’t have noticed in the novel when I read it at school
Preparation for the Unified State Exam in literature. A collection of quotes from Turgenev’s novel “Fathers and Sons”
Turgenev's mastery is time compression, conciseness, concentration of meaning, clear psychological portraits, not deliberate
Stranger quotes, aphorisms, statuses, phrases from around the world
Reviews of the book “Letters to a Stranger” by Andre Maurois I can’t call this book great
Quotes from the story “The Tale of the Tula Oblique Lefty and the Steel Flea”
“one sideways left-hander, there is a birthmark on his cheek, and the hair on his temples was torn out during training”
Drawn nose
Catchphrases and expressions from the works of Nikolai Gogol
Notch your nose - your nose is for smelling, not for defloring other people's affairs.
An essay on the topic of intelligence in the understanding of Chatsky and Famus society
Chatsky about foreignness (quotes) 1 answer Chatsky: Stands for the development of national culture, for unity
N.V. Gogol “Taras Bulba”: quotes from the characters and the author of the story
". the future is unknown, and it stands before a person like autumn fog rising from the swamps.
Quotes from Hamlet from the tragedy “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” (William Shakespeare)
Best Famous Quotes from Hamlet Hamlet Quote About Knowledge Phrase used by the main character of the play
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