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Quotes about love from books are an excellent guide to the world of this magical feeling. So often, while reading books, you catch yourself thinking that you want to copy out some individual statements from it, remember it, and share it with friends. They captivate with their deep meaning, amaze with their accuracy, and surprise with their relevance. Sometimes it is enough to read a single catchphrase about life, and how involuntarily it becomes the most important motto in all matters, allowing you to easily cope with problems and overcome difficulties.

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Quotes from books with meaning

It often happens that from a favorite book we remember most of all a certain phrase that caught our attention, amazed us, or simply came at the right moment.

Hell is not loving anymore. While we are alive, we can indulge ourselves with the illusion that we love on our own, apart from God. But we are like madmen stretching out their hands to the moon's reflection in the water. Georges Bernanos "Diary of a Country Priest"

Each time his cold beauty pierced my heart like a sharp knife. Stephenie Meyer "Twilight"

The meeting of two is sometimes also a matter of time. You need to find each other at the right moment. Marc Levy "Shadow Thief"

Men love to be needed. Alex Flynn "A Kiss in Time"

I will believe in love. From now on and always, I will believe that you can meet a person whom you will love for the rest of your life and who will love you. And this is not self-deception. Liz Tuccillo "Is it easy to be alone?"

Neither wine, nor cigarettes, nor fire, nor communication is enough; another intoxication, another flame is needed. Paulo Coelho "Eleven Minutes"

I think you're in love. It’s strange, women become prettier with love, but men look like sick sheep. Agatha Christie "White Horse Villa"

Pain and torment justify what should only bring joy - love. Paulo Coelho "Eleven Minutes"

To fall in love with someone who loves you back is a miracle in itself. But it’s even better, even more important, to find a kindred spirit in him. A truly soulmate is someone who understands you like no one else, loves you like no other, who is always there for you, no matter what happens. Cecelia Ahern "PS I love you"

Love is not only an alternative: you suffer or make you suffer. It may well be both together. Frederic Beigbeder “Love lives for three years”

- How do you know that you fell in love? “I’m hungry all the time, and I’m never cold.” Frederic Beigbeder "Ideal"

Love is the work of the heart. Antoine de Saint-Exupery "Citadel"

Quotes from books about love

When love raged in her heart, she was not able to understand him. Now, in the atmosphere of calm friendship established between them, she managed to penetrate his thoughts a little, to understand him a little. Margaret Mitchell "Gone with the Wind"

The only human right that cannot be taken away is to love. The heart cannot be reinstalled... Elchin Safarli “I will return”

True love lasts forever. Nicholas Sparks "Choice"

Love is one world for two, into which reality cannot enter without first knocking on a locked door... Elchin Safarli “Love from the Bottom of the Bosphorus”

There are people who don't hug you endlessly and don't play different games with you, but they still love you. They just don't know how to say it. Cecelia Ahern "Look at Me"

Everything, to love everyone, to always sacrifice oneself for love, meant not loving anyone, meant not living this earthly life. Leo Tolstoy "War and Peace"

I wanted you for myself, all of you. In love there is a bright and quiet jealousy, growing from the desire to belong to all seasons of your other half. It’s like squeezing warm coastal sand that doesn’t belong to anyone in your fist, but feeling it pour out of your hand. Elchin Safarli “They promised me you”

You are more precious to me than life, and I will turn myself inside out just to please you.

She didn't love him, but his love was enough for both. Paolo Giordano "The Loneliness of Prime Numbers"

I love you and will love you until I stop breathing. I know this for sure. You are my horizon, and all my thoughts converge towards you. Whatever happens, everything always revolves around you. Erich Maria Remarque "Arc de Triomphe"

My love is small, but it is big; She doesn’t have a long life, but when she’s there, you feel her with all your bones. Frederic Beigbeder “Love lives for three years”

Neither wine, nor cigarettes, nor fire, nor communication is enough; another intoxication, another flame is needed. Paulo Coelho "Eleven Minutes"

Think of me and I will be with you, because you and I loved each other only for a moment, but forever. Alexander Kuprin “Garnet Bracelet”

- I love you. - This is your problem. Margaret Mitchell "Gone with the Wind"

Love is an endless road along which two people walk towards each other. But it happens that only one goes along this road. And if he loves, he will have to go through the entire infinity of this path. He goes for two. Angel de Coitiers "Confession of Lucifer"

For most people, the problem of love is to be loved, and not to love, to be able to love. Erich Fromm "The Art of Loving"

Love is not the right word. It says too little. It is just a drop in the river, a leaf on a tree. All this is much more... Erich Maria Remarque “Arc de Triomphe”

Instead of wondering how long love lasts, enjoying the minute is not the best way to prolong it? Frederic Beigbeder “Love lives for three years”

Love cannot prevent a person from following His Destiny. If this happens, it means that love was not true, not the kind that speaks the Universal Language. Paulo Coelho "The Alchemist"

Statuses dialogues about love

An unusual episode with the main theme: Status dialogues about love, well, the first statement will be - The main thing in life is not to lose people with whom you have the same type of cockroaches in your head.

Don't judge a person by what views he holds, but judge by what he achieves with them. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

The success of a task accomplished by the common efforts of many people is always attributed to one thing: neither the crowd nor History likes collective and anonymous works. Etienne Rey

Pride is common to all people: the only difference is where and when they show it. Francois VI de La Rochefoucauld

Miracles are where people believe in them. And the more they believe in them, the more often they come true.

Anyone who considers power based on force to be more durable and firm than that based on love is deeply mistaken. Publius Terence

Where things get rocky, friends are at the door. Petronius Arbiter

Half your life is not enough to write a good book and the other half to correct it. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Other people only after selling are convinced that they had some kind of price. Leszek Kumor

If love does not demand anything, it is only because, as it seems to it, it already possesses everything.

In business you either get money or experience. Take experience and the money will come.

Less exalted, less selfish than love, friendship, alien to any harshness, occupies the hours that are not occupied by the latter. Friendship is a true, reliable refuge from the suffering caused by love. Marcel Prevost

Money is the artery of war. Peter I the Great

Love is the real Orpheus, who raised humanity from its animal state. Joseph Ernest Renan

If you want to be happy, be it! Kozma Petrovich Prutkov

Separation rejuvenates love and prevents it from growing old and withering away. Robert Louis Stevenson

You have found a devoted friend if, having risen, he has not become acquainted with you. Labruyère.

Love for one's neighbor is limited by how much each person loves himself. Aurelius Augustine

Every woman is a rebel by nature, and she rebels exclusively against herself.

To deserve love, beauty alone is not enough. Publius Ovid Naso

Falling from the heavens of spiritual experiences onto the plain of reason, the object of worship will certainly be fragmented into mutually exclusive concepts.

The sky and endless space is what love is.

Divorce in an unhappy marriage is more moral than the indissolubility of marriage bonds, because divorce eliminates deception. Anton Grigorievich Rubinstein

Mobile phone is switched off. She smeared mascara over her face. Yes, we are similar. But we put different concepts into love.

Education is a difficult matter, and improving its conditions is one of the sacred duties of every person, for there is nothing more important than the education of oneself and one’s neighbors. Socrates

Love begins with love; even the most ardent friendship can produce only the faintest semblance of love. Jean de La Bruyère

Each person has at least ten opportunities to change their life during the day. Success comes to those who know how to use them. Andre Maurois

Love is stronger than death and fear of death. Only by her, only by love does life hold and move. Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev

A drop breaks a stone not by force, but by falling frequently. Giordano Bruno

Love is one of the evils that cannot be hidden; one word, one immodest look, sometimes even silence gives her away. Pierre Abelard

The only thing that can direct us to noble thoughts and actions is the example of great and morally pure individuals. Albert Einstein

Any love, happy as well as unhappy, is a real disaster when you give yourself completely to it. Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev

Don't set your goal too low. If you don't want much, then you won't achieve much.

Love without humility cannot be strong and firm. Venerable Macarius of Optina

Most people work most of the time to live, and the little free time they have left is so disturbing to them that they try in every possible way to get rid of it. Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Love is never harmful. Only selfishness multiplied by comfortable coexistence can be harmful. Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy

Love is caused by love, which is produced by favor and favor in conjunction with virtue. Grigory Savvich Skovoroda

Poor in love? So you are angry in life! Don't try to understand someone who doesn't love you!

Happiness will definitely come - he is also interested...

There are just friends who write every day: I love you, bunny, and there are those who silently help you when you really need it.

Let's face it: only those who have completely killed some aspects of their soul live happily in the world. Nicola de Chamfort

The greatest insult that can be caused to an honest person is to suspect him of being dishonest. William Shakespeare

When a woman chooses a lover, it is not as important to her whether she likes him as whether other women like him. Nicola de Chamfort

Misfortune has escaped you; Enjoy this as your own happiness! Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Both friends and enemies are our own creations.

Save your time. Lucius Annaeus Seneca

If a person is worth something, it means that he is already a kind of monument to himself. In my opinion, it is both tedious and boring. Three Comrades by Remarque

I really appreciate those friends who have found a place in their work schedule for my sake, but even more I love those girlfriends who, for my sake, completely forget about the existence of their schedule. Robert Brault

The friendship of vicious people is unreliable; it lasts only as long as it serves for mutual benefit. Oliver Goldsmith

True love is selfless. She has no selfish bias and is distinguished by prudence. Elder Paisiy Svyatogorets

Nothing in life comes without a lot of hard work. Horace (Quintus Horace Flaccus)

Love each other, but don't turn love into chains. Let it better be an exciting sea between the shores of your souls. Gibran Kahlil Gibran

All human wisdom lies in two words: wait and hope! Alexandre Dumas (father)

With a unique man - I want to repeat it!

A smart woman gives happiness, a stupid woman waits for it.

If a friendship falls apart after the first push, stumbles over the first bump on the way, or crumbles into dust from the wind, this is not friendship at all. And so, it’s just pampering, friendship - and nothing more.

Love is a myth. Dean Koontz "The Keys to Midnight"

In old age, the number of friends does not increase: all losses are then irrevocable. Luc de Clapier Vauvenargues

Heroes are born from faith in the heroic. Benjamin Disraeli

The world has gone crazy.. You can buy anything, if only you have money.. Yes, even happiness...

A chance meeting is the most non-random thing in the world...

If you accumulate a lot, a lot will disappear. Lao Tzu

Happiness is not some kind of gift from God, but an achievement that a person achieves through his inner fruitfulness. Erich Fromm

You can only be jealous of someone you own. Anna de Stael

True love differs from gold and clay in that it does not become less by being divided. Percy Bysshe Shelley

Music, without mentioning anything, can say everything. Ilya Grigorievich Erenburg

Love doesn't kill. Love saves. Bernard Werber "The Last Secret"

Whoever finds chastity a burden should not advise it, lest it become the path to the underworld, turning into dirt and lust of the soul. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

And I am a real blonde. But people don’t just become blonde by nature.

Leave her, sir! I swear to you, she is so proud of her beauty that if the sky itself had fallen at her feet, she would not have deigned to ask him to rise and take his place. Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Pointless work turns a person into a bureaucrat. Fazil Abdulovich Iskander

To love means to see a miracle invisible to others. F. Mauriac.

A proud person is rarely a grateful person: he is always convinced that he receives less than he deserves. Henry Ward Beecher

When a woman is wrong, the first thing you need to do is apologize and shut up. Francis de Croisset

A rich man has companions and hangers-on, a powerful man has courtiers, a man of action has comrades, and they are also his friends. Andre Maurois

Love has never stopped anyone from realizing their dreams. Paulo Coelho, Maktoub

Time is space for the development of abilities... Karl Heinrich Marx

What a great happiness it is to love and be loved. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

The city is a unity of dissimilarities. Aristotle

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

I'll give my friend in marriage! I'm not healthy enough to walk with her so much!

The fastest way to increase your wealth is to reduce your needs. Pierre Buast

Politics has no heart, only a head. Napoleon I Bonaparte

I work on a difficult schedule: it’s a day at a time.

Yes, neither in wealth nor in power There is no happiness for people without morality. Sebastian Brant

Prudence and love are not made for each other: as love increases, prudence decreases.

Hope for happiness, even if deceptive, never causes harm to a person, because it makes life easier. Lope de Vega

A man who talks intelligently about love is not very in love. Sand Georges

All victories begin with victory over yourself. Leonid Leonov

Have you been abandoned? Well then say thank you! This was not your man!

Well, this collection has ended: Statuses, dialogues about love, here is the final statement: I forgave betrayals with my body, but I never forgave betrayals with my soul and heart. Afonchenko Valery

Interesting quotes from books

As long as you love, you hope. Helen Bronte "The House on Violet Street"

In what trifles does love find happiness! Stendhal "The Parma Monastery"

Love distinguishes shades that are elusive to indifferent eyes, and draws countless conclusions from them. Stendhal "The Parma Monastery"

There are women you need to love in spite of them, and actions you need to do despite yourself. Amelie Nothomb, Winterreise

Only a woman is capable of giving up fame and honors and remaining in the shadow of her beloved man. Janusz Leon Wisniewski “Bikini”

When you put your work into something, you begin to love it. Margaret Mitchell "Gone with the Wind"

They say that Jupiter neglects vows of love. William Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliet"

Love makes people vulnerable. Maria Gripe "Children of Shadows"

Love me. Tell me you love me, it makes me a better person. Erich Maria Remarque "Tell me that you love me"

I hate the tides, they take you away from me!

Anne and Serge Golon "Angelique"

“Bella, I won’t be able to live if I hurt you.” You can’t imagine how I feel when I imagine you, pale, cold, lying motionless on the ground...” Callen lowered his eyes in shame. - Not to see your blush, the sparkle in your eyes when you unravel the deep meaning of my words... What then is there to live for? — A question froze in the sad eyes. “In the whole world there is no one dearer to me than you.” From now on and forever. Stephenie Meyer "Twilight"

You have to fall in love, go crazy, make dates, run out of breath, shaking your chest to the subway! Yes - age, yes - deficiencies of calcium, fluoride, what else... everyone has their own hormonal history. But the soul is still fifteen years old! Dina Rubina “A few hasty words of love...”

The strongest love is unrequited. I would prefer never to know this, but this is the truth: there is nothing worse than loving someone who does not love you - and at the same time, nothing more beautiful has ever happened to me in my life. Loving someone who loves you is narcissism. Loving someone who doesn't love you, that's love. Frederic Beigbeder “Love lives for three years”

Love is the only thing worth living for. Frederic Beigbeder “Love lives for three years”

Excerpts from books about love

In marriage, the main thing is love and with love you will always be happy, because happiness can only be found in yourself. Leo Tolstoy "Anna Karenina"

In love, even our mistakes seem to be short-lived. Thorton Walder "The Bridge of Saint Louis King"

If you found love, keep it forever. Cecelia Ahern "PS I love you"

Well, this kind of thing love... happens to just anyone, regardless of character, habits and tastes... Cecilia Ahern “PS I love you”

Their lips met again - reservedly. Gaby thought how right it felt when their bodies touched, as if the missing pieces of a puzzle had finally come together. Nicholas Sparks "Choice"

Concentrating love in yourself means happiness, concentrating hate means turmoil. Paulo Coelho, "Warrior of Light"

Love is a delightful catastrophe: you know that you are heading straight for the wall, and yet you step on the gas; you fly towards your death with a smile on your lips; you wait with curiosity for the moment when it explodes. Frederic Beigbeder “Love lives for three years”

It was so good that I saw love in everything. Even in the eyes of a schizophrenic. Paulo Coelho "Veronica Decides to Die"

With age, the ardor of love fades, and doubts of faith grow. Stendhal "The Parma Monastery"

No matter how much you love, the face you don’t see is gradually forgotten. Orhan Pamuk "My name is red"

Love is a wild force. When we try to curb it, it destroys us. When we try to enslave her, she turns us into her slaves. When we try to comprehend it, it leads us into confusion of thoughts and feelings. Paulo Coelho "Zaire"

In ordinary times, we all, conscious of it or not, understand that there is love for which there are no limits, and nevertheless we agree, and even quite calmly, that our love is, in essence, so-so, second-class. Albert Camus "The Plague"

First love changes your whole life. You won't forget her, no matter how hard you try. That girl became your first love and, no matter what you do, will remain with you forever. Nicholas Sparks "The Notebook"

I suddenly realized: yes, I love Thalia. And not at all because she is a “hot girl”, not because she is kind and reasonable. I love her because in her presence both I and the whole world around me become better. Alex Flynn "A Kiss in Time"

Love has passed, the muse has appeared. And the dark mind became clear. Alexander Pushkin "Eugene Onegin"

When you pass by, slow down a little. I'll stand there and wait for you. Janusz Wisniewski “Loneliness on the Internet”

Love is like the wind, you don’t see it, but you feel it. Nicholas Sparks "Hurry to Love"

Love brought me not only quite tangible physical pleasure; Thinking about her, I experienced something like intellectual pleasure. The expression “making love” has its own special, purely verbal charm, which alienates it from its meaning. I was captivated by the combination of the material, concrete word “engage” with the poetic abstraction of the word “love.” Françoise Sagan "Hello, sadness"

The highest satisfaction is to bring pleasure to the person you love. Jacqueline Susan, "Valley of the Dolls"

And of all the people, I have never loved or hated anyone more than her. Leo Tolstoy "War and Peace"

Love is... Sayings and quotes from famous people

Love in the statements and quotes of philosophers, writers, psychologists, sociologists, artists, humanists, theologians, teachers, historians, statesmen and public figures, scientists, poets, and simply famous and outstanding people. Bright, interesting with humor and serious, deep, and sometimes very simple... In general, the most interesting thoughts about what love is.

Love is a delightful deception that a person agrees to of his own free will. Alexander Pushkin

Love is selfishness together. Germaine de Stael

Love is... the manifestation of the immortal principle in a mortal being. Plato

Love is mutual sacrilege. Karol Izhikowski

Love is happiness that trembles with fear. D. H. Gibran

Love is an ocean of feelings, surrounded by expenses everywhere. Thomas Dewar

Love is a man's attempt to be satisfied with one single woman. Paul Geraldi

Love is the happiness that is given to each other. George Sand

Love is a short period of time when a person of the opposite sex has exactly the same opinion about us as we do. Magdalena the Impostor

Love is a priceless gift. This is the only thing we can give and yet you still have it. Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy

Love is full of traps and traps. When she wants to make herself known, she shows only her light, and hides and hides the shadows generated by it. Paulo Coelho

Love is a reward received without merit. Ricarda Huch

Love is not the plaintive moan of a distant violin, but the triumphant creak of bed springs. Sydney Pearlman

Love is the most proven way to overcome shame. Sigmund Freud

Love is a game of cards in which both bluff: one to win, the other not to lose. Henri Renier

Love is a miracle of civilization. Stendhal

Love is a way of hearing “Darling” or “Honey” after having sex. Julian Barnes

Love is the triumph of imagination over intellect. Henry Louis Mencken

Love is all. And that's all we know about her. Emily Dickinson

Love is the energy of life. Robert Browning

Loving does not mean looking at each other, loving means looking together in the same direction. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Love is all you need. John Lennon

Love is full of traps and traps. When she wants to make herself known, she shows only her light, and hides and hides the shadows generated by it. Paulo Coelho

To love means to affirm the unique existence of another person. S. L. Rubinstein

Love is the greatest feeling, which generally works miracles, which creates new people, creates the greatest human values. A. S. Makarenko

Love is a gift from heaven that requires to be cherished by the most perfect souls and the most beautiful imagination. Ardent pleasures are lulled by marriage, the gift of heaven is lost under the influence of coarse and tasteless debauchery, and profit turns it into a commodity. K. Helvetius

Love is not one of the attributes of the Divine, but the sum of all His attributes. D. Gibbons

Love is a frantic attraction to that which runs away from us. M. Montaigne

Love is always a path to another, a search for “another self”... N. A. Berdyaev

Love is the shortest path from one heart to another: a straight line. M. Bedil

Love is the consciousness of your true life, united in Everything. Children, coming from THERE, still clearly feel this life and its only manifestation in love that is completely accessible to us. Consciousness of one's personal life is self-deception. Old age gradually frees us from it. Death completely liberates. L. N. Tolstoy

Love is the center of human life. T. Gyatso To love means to look together in the same direction? Perhaps, but only if they are not looking at the TV. Gilbert Sesbron

To love means to stop comparing. Bernard Grasse

To love means to see a miracle invisible to others. Francois Mauriac

Love is the best cosmetic. Gina Lollobrigida

Love is not the beginning of life, but only recognition of the consciousness of the beginning of life, God. L. N. Tolstoy

Love is the highest and ultimate goal to which a person can strive. Man's salvation lies in love and is achieved through love. V. E. Frankl

Love is a delusion that one woman is different from another. Henry Louis Mencken

Love is the best cosmetic. But it’s easier to buy cosmetics. Yves Saint Laurent

Love is a toothache in the heart. Heinrich Heine

What is love?.. It is probably a mosaic of feelings from which not a single stone can be thrown out. A. B. Mariengof

To love means to see a miracle invisible to others. F. Mauriac

Love is a miracle, a moral miracle. V. V. Rozanov

Love is the real Orpheus, who raised humanity from its animal state. E. Renan

Love is a reverent, religious perception of a specific living being, the vision of a certain divine principle in it. All true love - no matter whether the lover himself is aware of it or not - is in its very essence a religious feeling. S. L. Frank

Your love is my altar. Euripides

Love is the highest reality, the first cause... Love is the final goal of world history, the amen of the universe. Novalis

Love is eternal prosperity. John Climacus

Love is pain, love is scars, love is wounds and marks. Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and marks Nazareth

Love is the true, highest good, which resolves all the contradictions of life and not only destroys the fear of death, but also attracts a person to sacrifice his existence for others. L. N. Tolstoy

Love is the cause of all good things. Ephraim the Syrian

...Love is generally a precious good, happiness and consolation of human life - moreover, its only true basis... S. L. Frank

Love is good. It is not for nothing that, in fact, at all times, among almost all cultural peoples, love in the broad sense and the love of a husband for his wife is called love. If love is often cruel and destructive, then the reason is not in itself, but in the inequality of people. A. P. Chekhov

The highest value on this Earth is Love. A. A. Blok

To love means to wish for another what you consider to be good, and to wish, moreover, not for your own sake, but for the sake of the one you love, and try, if possible, to deliver this good to him. Aristotle

Love is the salt of virtues. Ephraim the Syrian

Love is the sister of lofty thoughts. S. P. Shchipachev

Love according to God is a transition from evil. John Climacus

Love is the enemy of excess. In it, as in food, preference should be given not to quantity, but to quality. A. and S. Golon

Love is like a kind of tender singing from the depths; but the depth of unspiritualized instinct can be touched by temptation and sing with pleasure in sin.

Love is kindness - not only because it surrounds its beloved object with sympathy, cares about it, suffers and rejoices with it, but also because love, in itself, gives a person happiness and evokes in the happy person the need to make everything happy and everyone around you and enjoy this other people's happiness as a radiation of your own. I. A. Ilyin

Loving is the only meaning of life. And the meaning of meanings, the meaning of happiness. P. Verlaine

Love is the last and most severe childhood disease. author unknown

Love is our second birth. O. Balzac

Love is rebirth. V. V. Rozanov

Love is the treasury of happiness: the more it gives, the more it receives. W. Muller

Love is nothing more than the desire for happiness for another person. D. Hume

Love is fire, longing for happiness. Every creature is subordinate to His irresistible power. Lope de Vega

Love is the motto of human life. D. D. Minaev

Love is life itself; but not an unreasonable, suffering and perishing life, but a blessed and endless life. L. N. Tolstoy

...Love is the root of life. V. V. Rozanov

Love is the sweet core of life. German

Love is the apotheosis of life. A. I. Herzen

Love is the one and complete activity of true life. L. N. Tolstoy

Love is the desire to live. M. Gorky

Love is an ideal thing, marriage is real; mixing the real with the ideal never goes unpunished. Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Love is, as it were, the universal energy of life, which has the ability to transform evil passions into creative passions. Nikolai Alexandrovich Berdyaev

Love is the great decoration of life. She makes nature bloom, play with colors, sing the most wonderful songs, dance magnificent dances. A. V. Lunacharsky

Love is the apotheosis of beauty, beauty is the woman herself. D. D. Minaev

Love is a lush, graceful flower that crowns and ends an individual life; but he, like all flowers, must be opened with one side, his best side, towards the universal sky. A. I. Herzen

Love is the connection of a loved one with one’s most sincere ideas, the realization through him of one’s meaning in life. A. P. Platonov

Love is both the meaning and the goal of the entire essence of existence. Anyone who lives lives by love alone. Hafiz Khorezmi

...But if love... is the desire for the eternal possession of good, then along with good one cannot help but desire immortality. This means that love is the desire for immortality. Socrates

Love is the greatest reward for a person. D. D. Minaev

Love is an active action, not a passive acceptance. This is “standing in...”, not “falling somewhere.” In its most general form, the active nature of love can be described by the statement that love means primarily to give, and not to receive. Erich Fromm

Love is a priceless gift. This is the only thing you can give and still have it. author unknown

Love is a voluntary gift. I. Goethe

Love is the most morning of our feelings. B. Fontenelle

Love is an intimate and personal sphere of life in which society does not dare to interfere. Nikolay Berdyaev

Love is the most powerful of human feelings; friendship is the noblest and most delicate addition to love. Unknown author

Love is the highest feeling; it is as much higher than friendship as religion is higher than speculation, as much as the delight of a poet is higher than the thought of a scientist. Religion and love, they do not take part of the soul, they do not need a part, they do not look for a modest corner in the heart, they need the whole soul, they do not divide, they intersect, merge. A. I. Herzen

Love is not just a subjective feeling, due to which what we love “likes” us, gives us joy or pleasure. The object of love, on the contrary, often causes us grief and suffering... S. L. Frank

Love is a wonderful, exciting, touching feeling. J. Bedier

Love is the child of illusion and at the same time the mother of disappointment. Miguel de Unamuno

Love is the most intimate and inviolable feeling. V. A. Sukhomlinsky

Love is the truest kinship. And there is nothing closer to him in the world. Lope de Vega

Love is a man's attempt to be satisfied with one single woman. P. Geraldi

Love is the main way to escape from loneliness, which torments most men and women throughout almost their entire lives. B. Russell

Love is a ring, and a ring has no end. Russian folk proverb

Quotes about love with meaning from books

- Fell in love? You only met a couple of weeks ago! - What difference does it make, because it only takes one moment. Cecelia Ahern "PS I love you"

Listen to your heart, follow your natural instinct, and it will lead you where you need to go. Cecelia Ahern "Where the Rainbow Ends"

Even though we didn't take our clothes off, and I didn't possess you, or even touch you, we loved each other. Paulo Coelho "Eleven Minutes"

My beloved Holly! I don't know where you are or when exactly you are reading this. I just hope you are healthy and doing well. Recently you whispered to me that you wouldn’t be able to go on living. You can. You are strong and brave. You can handle this. We spent many wonderful moments together, and you made my life... No, you were just my life. Cecelia Ahern "PS I love you"

I am a Spartan boy, but there is no fox under my tunic, there is only my heart, and it eats itself. Angela Carter "Love"

Love itself is equality - it does not seek it. Stendhal "The Parma Monastery"

It turns out funny: many people live next to a person and do not notice at what moment they began to love him. Fannie Flagg "Fried green tomatoes at the Polustanok cafe"

Love doesn't often take the form of romance. Although sometimes, of course, it happens. And it confuses everyone. In a sense, the universal formula “this also happens” is automatically replaced by the obviously erroneous “this is always the only way it happens.” Max Fry "Yellow Metal Key"

I fell in love - it was like I was sick. Without wanting it, without believing it, against his will, without being able to defend himself, and then... - He cleared his throat. “And then I lost her.” Just as suddenly. Anna Gavalda “I loved her. I loved him"

Love is like capricious dogwood jam. Either it will ferment on the third day after cooking due to a lack of sincerity, or it will definitely become sugary from an overabundance of feelings. The latter is okay... Elchin Safarli “Love from the Bottom of the Bosphorus”

There will be different men in my life, and each of them will evoke new shades of love, just like another petal opens on a flower. And when he leaves, this new thing will remain with me forever, and I will become brighter, more receptive, stronger. Martha Ketro “About love for all living things”

For love to live forever, it is enough to forget about time. It is the modern world that kills love. Frederic Beigbeder “Love lives for three years”

It's strange, sometimes the heart continues to beat even when it's broken. Fannie Flagg "Fried green tomatoes at the Polustanok cafe"

He heard that women often love ugly, simple people, but he did not believe it because he judged it by himself, since he himself could only love beautiful, mysterious and special women. Leo Tolstoy "Anna Karenina"

Of all things eternal, love has the shortest duration. Janusz Wisniewski “Loneliness on the Internet”

You can’t tell a girl such things - that a person’s position is more important than his feelings. Nicholas Sparks "The Notebook"

Even if I know that love is a fairy tale, I will still probably be proud in a few years that I believed in it. Frederic Beigbeder “Love lives for three years”

The ancients called it a gift, the medieval mystics called it a curse, but we call it love. Elena Usacheva “Prisoners of Twilight: Revelation”

Those who deny love are precisely those who need it most: in every Valmont there is hidden an incorrigible romantic, whom do not feed with bread, let him strum on the mandolin. Frederic Beigbeder “Love lives for three years”

After all, it doesn’t matter at all what you look like, there will still be a person who considers you the most beautiful creature in the world. Fannie Flagg "Fried green tomatoes at the Polustanok cafe"

- He is not my fan at all! - Yes? And I'm not a dog at all. You can't fool your nose. Pheromones. Good old sexual alchemy. Terry Pratchett "To Arms! To arms!

Go out to the open sea, spread your wings and indulge in love at other latitudes. Anna Gavalda “I loved her. I loved him"

Love ends when you can't go back. Frederic Beigbeder “Love lives for three years”

When you scream “I hate you!” in your hearts, it means that inside you scream “I love you!” even louder. Elchin Safarli “If you knew...”

Only women to whom we pay little attention love us dearly. Honore de Balzac, "Elixir of Longevity"

Love is an eternal topic that excites the minds and hearts of both the authors of works and their readers. We present sayings about love that will touch your soul and make you think. Quotes about love in books are always deep thoughts that make the reader think. We see in them a reflection of life situations, experienced feelings, and also learn important lessons for the future.

Quotes from Chekhov A.P. about love

There is no happiness without marriage

From the story “Lucky” (1886). The words of a happy newlywed who met his old friend in a train carriage and shares his happiness with him.

Without a woman, a man is like a machine without steam.

From the play “Fatherless” (1878). Words of the village teacher Platonov (d. 4, 7).

Hopeless love is only in novels. Nothing. You just don’t need to let yourself go and keep waiting for something, waiting for the weather by the sea...

From the play “The Seagull” (1896). The words of married Masha, who is unrequitedly in love with Treplev (no. 4).

Marriages for love are never happy and usually end in poof

From the story “Which of the Three” (1882). The words of Baron Vladimir Shtral in a conversation with the girl Nadya.

In love affairs, vows and promises are almost a physiological necessity. You can't do without them

From the story “Lights” (1888). From the engineer's story about how he achieved the love of a young woman (Kisochka).

The main thing in family life is patience

From the story “Duel” (1891), ch. I. Words of the old agent.

Any rapprochement, which at first so pleasantly diversifies life and seems like a sweet and easy adventure, among decent people, especially Muscovites who are slow-moving and indecisive, inevitably grows into a whole task, extremely difficult, and the situation eventually becomes painful

From the story “The Lady with the Dog” (1899). Thoughts of married Dmitry Dmitrich Gurov about affairs with women.

Where there is love, there is reckless faith

From the story “Belated Flowers” ​​(1882). About the family’s attitude towards the reckless Yegorushka, who, having squandered the family’s fortune, vowed that he would change for the better:

Where there is love, there is no retreat or bargaining.

From the play “Ivanov” (1887). Sasha’s words spoken to Ivanov (d. 4, k. 1, 5).

A man's chest is a woman's strength


If you ever need my life then come and take it

From the play “The Seagull” (1896). Words by Nina Zarechnaya (seagull), addressed to the writer Trigorin.

A wife is a bride, half crossed out by censorship!

From the story “Two Novels” (1883). In the words of a recently married reporter:

When you get married, be strict and fair with your wife, don’t let her forget you, and with every misunderstanding, tell her: “Don’t forget that I made you happy!”

From the story “A Guide for Those Who Want to Get Married” (1885). This is the last line of the work.

To marry without love is as vile and unworthy of a person as to serve mass without believing

From the story “Duel” (1891), ch. I. Words of Laevsky, who decided to part with his mistress.

It is interesting to marry only for love

From a letter to his brother, Mikhail Pavlovich Chekhov, October 26, 1898 Yalta.

Woman is an intoxicating product, which they still haven’t thought of imposing an excise tax on

From the story “A Woman from a Drunkard’s Point of View” (1885).

A woman can be a man’s friend only under the following conditions: first a friend, then a lover, and then a friend

From the works of the Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860 – 1904).

Women give love, but take little from a man: only youth

From a letter to A.S. SUVORIN January 19, 1895 Moscow.

Women, how often are you the cause of the misfortunes of great people! Women, aren’t you the culprit that great people very often do not leave offspring behind?

From the story “The Artists' Wives” (1880).

Looking for something in a woman that is not in me is not love, but adoration, because you need to love your equals.

From "From Notebooks".

What a great happiness it is to love and be loved and what a horror it is to feel that you are starting to fall from this high tower!

From the story “My Life” (1896). The main character talks about the cooling of his relationship with his wife.

When a woman is ugly, they say to her: “You have beautiful eyes, you have beautiful hair.”

From the play “Uncle Vanya” (1896) by the Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860 – 1904). Sonya’s words in response to her stepmother’s phrase: “You have beautiful hair.” Sonya realized that she was ugly (no. 3).

Love without good deeds is dead

From a letter to his brother Alexander Pavlovich Chekhov, February 20, 1883, Moscow.

Love and hate are two sisters who, living in one shell, create devastation: they are spiritual vandals


Love is a good thing, but in this world it is not the first thing

From the story “Which of the Three” (1882). The words of Baron Vladimir Shtral in a conversation with the girl Nadya.

There are many women on the conscience of every beautiful artist, and to remember each one, you need to have too much memory

From the story “Two Scandals” (1882).

The purpose of a person is either in nothing, or in only one thing - in selfless love for one’s neighbor.

From the story “The Story of an Unknown Man” (1893). The words of the main character spoken to Zinaida Fedorovna.

There is no Quasimodo who would not be deeply convinced that only a beautiful woman can be his mate.

From the story “About Women” (1886).

Never fall in love with married women! Honestly, it’s better to be wounded in the shoulder and leg right through, like your humble servant, than to love a married woman...

From the play “The Leshy” (1890). Words by Fyodor Ivanovich (d. 1, 7).

Blind love finds perfect beauty everywhere

From the story “Living Goods” (1882).

Frequent, excessive caresses ultimately deprive us of the ability to respond properly to these caresses.

From a letter to A.I. URUSOV February 1, 1899 Yalta.

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