Sayings about night walks. Statuses about the city

Statuses about walking with a child

You can endlessly look at the fire, at the water and at the man walking with his child.

Walking with children is like déjà vu when you forget that you are a mother.

Only in my favorite yard can I relax - because my children have a lot of activities here.

Going for a family walk is important for the child to realize that he has the best family.

Walking with your children is a time to ask them about what’s on their minds.

It doesn’t matter where you walk with your child, what matters is that you are together.

Today, while walking with the little ones, we measured the depth of the puddles; none of the three of us plus passersby had ever received such a positive charge)))

I don’t know who enjoys the walk more – me or my child, I become a girl and begin to remember the games I played as a child.

Only when you are walking with your children do you realize how happy you are when you see the joy of your child and his games with his peers.

Take care of the living!

The future of our planet is in the hands of each of us. Share statuses about nature with meaning:

  1. Nature is our parent. Let's treat him with respect!
  2. The justice of the Universe is that there is a place and occupation for everyone.
  3. Nature's pure heart is thwarted by the wisest of her creatures.
  4. Naturalness and kindness are always in fashion.
  5. The only good thing about an artificial one is the New Year tree.
  6. Forewarned is forearmed. But this is not about cataclysms.
  7. Right now you are in captivity. In captivity of the beauty and majesty of nature.
  8. If you lack courage, go to the mountains with confidence!
  9. Move to be in harmony with the Universe!
  10. Communication with nature will teach you how to draw, write and, in general, create.

Statuses about nature with meaning are not only decoration for your social network, but also a call to action.


Quotes about evening walks

Sometimes I go for a walk at sunset, through the forest to the twilight mountains. I watch how darkness covers the world, and everything is filled with the white light of eternity...

“Let's run away from problems... Well, at least for the evening! From the vanities and worries, the gray everyday life that weighs on your shoulders... We’ll get on the first bus and get with you to the final one! ...well, then - on foot... until midnight... Towards HAPPINESS!”

Every evening I take a walk before bed! First on one site, then on another...

Oh, how I love these evening romantic walks... to the refrigerator!

In the evening I walked along the deserted seashore. It wasn't funny or sad - it was wonderful.

The most romantic thing we have

  1. The further humanity develops, the more unknown it sees in the forest.
  2. Both with the warm rays of the sun and with the first May rain, you feel the boundless care of Nature.
  3. A limited person is usually limited to his room.
  4. If we have not yet felt the power of nature, then the time has not come yet...
  5. Leaving the city, at least for a while, means a lot. Leaving it alone, without companions, is akin to heroism.
  6. Any biological organism carries within itself something perfect.
  7. The world around us is full of beauty, as well as full of revenge.
  8. A smart girl cannot love only roses.
  9. Think about what we are without the benefits of civilization?
  10. It seems to us that we can lead nature, but in fact we only competently obeyed. And then, to a very small extent.

About a winter walk

It’s frosty outside and I dressed warmly to walk for an hour among the snow-white threads... After all, it’s snowing today - and there are no other events

You're walking down the street, and snowflakes come kissing you! I COME HOME... ALL KISSED!!!

If as a child your grandmother allowed you to walk without a hat in the winter, check it out - perhaps it is not yours.

Winter - Yes, what could be more pleasant?... When you're walking and you have small, white, but terribly beautiful snowflakes on your hat or hood... Probably nothing

I don't want winter. I just want to touch the snow, breathe the frosty air, take a walk in winter clothes. And then put everything away. Enough.

Through the eyes of art

World laws can only be described from the point of view of science. But successful, beautiful statuses about nature could come from the pens of the most desperate romantics:

  1. Autumn is not a habit. She comes as quickly as she goes, but she always returns.
  2. Cold is a true salvation for a reckless brain.
  3. No, nature is definitely better than women. Have you ever seen her without makeup or in a bad mood?
  4. A person who has the opportunity to walk along the shore of a deep river every day is already irreparably rich.
  5. We all need royalties to create without harming ourselves. Nature also needs some kind of fee.
  6. There are people who forgive everything. There are people who will never forgive anything in life. And there is a nature that does not forgive only certain things.
  7. We are so puzzled by the greenhouse effect that almost no one uses ordinary human conscience.
  8. It's good that there are places literally created for inspiration.
  9. Note to girls: to choose a good husband, you need to watch how he treats the living.
  10. Nature could not offend humans, although some individuals prove the opposite.

Beautiful phrases about walks in the forest

A walk through the autumn forest inspires faith in a fairy tale.

If a person went for a walk along the abandoned paths of the forest, he did not lose time, but found happiness.

What a bliss it is to be with yourself again, to go deep into yourself and enjoy the silence of the forests!

Walking among the trees, you learn to be calm.

“Looking at my feet, I wander through the forest at random. Autumn begins..."

If you go left, it’s just a forest; if you go right, it’s also a forest. But if you climb into the hollow, there is a magical forest in front of you!

“I love to walk along forest paths, When the birds are chirping in the sky, When you see the grass under your feet, And all the berries are hanging next to it. You walk and think how beautiful nature is, What views open from the sky. And you haven’t seen anywhere else in the world even more beautiful and colorful miracles.”

“The forest path runs somewhere, Calls, or maybe gently invites, To tread and walk along it, To meet with others, to disperse, To see the delights of the forest - Mushrooms, indigenous trees, Here are berries, and there are flowers, And here are openwork sheets - umbrellas. A beautiful pedestrian path, Sometimes it’s difficult at the crossings, Like life’s thorny path - You’ll get tired, but you’ll know the essence...”

Time and the Universe

Nature is cruel and not always fair. But each of its elements is capable of pleasing the human eye and inspiring the creation of statuses about nature and beauty:

  1. Believe me, nature in June is much more beautiful than the screensavers on your monitors.
  2. Valerian and a ray of sunshine in the spring heal the heart.
  3. Autumn is the time to get rid of everything unnecessary. Look how skillfully nature does this.
  4. Only a sensual person can feel the greatness of the world in winter.
  5. Have you ever thought that eternal summer is boring?!
  6. Go out into nature, go hiking, or even just walk in the parks. The benefits of this cannot be described in words - you can only feel them.
  7. Everyone hates rain so much. But what could be more comfortable than falling asleep under it?
  8. Don't like winter? Then you can live in the memories a little!
  9. It’s strange, even after inventing heating, humanity still blames winter for the cold.
  10. Don’t ask autumn for a new life - take your backpack and go, life doesn’t like the capricious.

Cool statuses about a walk

"- Where are you going?! - Walk... - What does it mean: “Walk”?! “Walking means pushing off the ground with your feet and cutting through the air with your face!”

Walking without money is a sign of bad taste!

I leaned out the window... I'm walking...))

If work interferes with walks, what's the point of work?

“I looked out the window for about fifteen minutes, so let’s write it down - I took a walk ;-)”

It’s good that I have a dog - only she makes me walk 2 times a day.

Go for a walk! Let's not yawn! Pull yourself up!

A Sunday walk with my wife always ends with intense shopping.

I love walking more than taking the subway. You can walk there in 30-40 minutes, but waiting for a metro to be built in our city takes much longer.

" - let's go for a walk? — E48 somehow you pronounce the word “swell” strangely... )))"

I wanted to spend the evening with a small group of five people, but now I have to get lost in a crowd of six.

About a night walk

Night walks along the streets of broken lamps are fraught with problems.

Walking under the moon brings the greatest pleasure to those who are in love.

I love walking at night. This is more to my taste, the world becomes different. Deserted, quiet and mysterious.

“Can we go for a walk? -Where are you looking at at night? “I’ll show you to the stars.”

“You and I will come to the shore, And listening to the sea surf, We will again admire the moon and the stars with the unearthly beauty! And the warm, mischievous wind plays with the foamy wave, gently caresses your curl. And because of love I am not myself! You have become my destiny, I want to always be with you, and I tear a passionate, drunken kiss from my lips in the silence of the night!”

Anyone who has never walked around the city at night with their best friend or just a good friend has no idea how and why they live on this beautiful land.

Statuses about a meaningful walk, beautiful

When we go out into the outer world, we also go deeper into the inner world.

A walk is a small life in a world of bustle and constant struggle.

I love walks like this, after which there is something to remember.

When there is no goal for a hike, and you just go and be happy, it’s a real thrill, because you’re so tired of moving towards a goal.

I belong to that category of people who would rather walk twenty minutes than wait five minutes at a bus stop and then take a five-minute bus ride.

Any walk drives away gloomy thoughts.

We don’t notice how rich we are, only when you’re walking do you realize that you’re happy—after all, you’re walking and haven’t forgotten how to enjoy the little things.

Walks can be different - fast, slow, with friends and alone, but they are all united by complete aimlessness.

Don’t invent things to do for yourself - you can’t redo all the work, go and take a walk - then work will not be a burden later.

A walk is a small life in a world of bustle and constant struggle.

Everything brings pleasure from a walk: birds, trees, sun and the fact that you are able to move.

Going without a goal and not knowing where to go is wonderful, but not in the global sense of life’s path.

About walks in the park

Just recently I was rushing through the park to work and didn’t notice that it was so beautiful there. Now I’m just walking along it - and I understand what I ran past and that it’s a pity that I didn’t notice all this charm earlier.

Today I want to go for a walk in full swing: I’ll go to the park and sit on a bench.

Previously, I loved to walk at the table, now - in a quiet park, time is still inexorable...

It’s good that there are parks - this is a place where you think about the most important thing in your life.

The park is increasingly becoming my favorite place for walks - I no longer want to visit or join a noisy company. I’m also not drawn to cafes and restaurants – I’m getting old, or what?

Deep thoughts

Humanity has managed to collect quite a lot of quotes on the topic of nature, since, unlike many exciting phenomena today, it has always existed. Choose the most beautiful statuses about nature in history:

  1. All living things around were perfectly balanced. His main enemy was man. J. Renard
  2. When thinking about marriage, remember that the Universe did not count on it. Napoleon
  3. Stupidity is possible in our actions, but never in the smallest plan of nature. L. Vinci
  4. There are no lazy animals, just as there are no lazy plants. I. Goethe
  5. Truth is not in nature, and not in the soul, some part of it is in both of these concepts. D. Diderot
  6. Nature doesn't look after anyone. But what’s more, it doesn’t spare many at all... E. Burke
  7. Think about it, our thoughts will never go beyond the Universe. F. Bacon
  8. Destruction is a law of nature. Human meanness has nothing to do with this, although it is destructive. M. Garden
  9. In the wild you will not find regression. Voltaire
  10. Some people see more words in the rustle of the wind than in the noisiest society. I. Goethe

About a walk with a friend

Only my friend can tell by my eyes exactly in what style I plan to walk with her: along the paths of the park or at the karaoke table.

I’m already starting to be afraid of my friend’s words: “Let’s just go for a walk.” I know how our simple walks end...

Only with my friend all walks are unpredictable, and we never know how our weekend route will end.

When I want to go for a longer walk, I call a friend; when I just want to go for a walk, I go with my husband.

My friend and I decided not just to walk, but to run and lose weight. We went out once, walked about 100 meters, spat, went home, changed clothes, and went to a cafe.

I'll give my friend in marriage! I'm not healthy enough to walk with her so much!

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