Quotes about the people, the state and national identity

Quotes about the State

Audio: The most famous aphorisms of great people (collection: part No. 4) Quotes about the state, power and laws.

* In a country where there is order, be bold in both actions and speeches. In a country where there is no order, be bold in your actions, but careful in your speech. Confucius

* Every democracy is distrustful and prejudiced towards statesmen, and therefore, if useful decisions are made without disputes or struggles, a suspicion of prior collusion arises. Plutarch

* In honor and strength is that power, Where sound mind and right rule, And where a fool is in power, There is grief and misfortune for people. Brant Sebastian

* Where the unworthy are honored and the worthy are despised, three people find refuge there: hunger, death and fear. (author unknown)

* A citizen without property has no fatherland. Pythagoras

* States perish when they can no longer distinguish good people from bad. Antisthenes

* A city is people, not walls. Thucydides

* No large state can remain at peace for a long time, and if there is no external enemy, it will find an internal one: so it seems that very strong people have no one to fear, but their own strength weighs them down. Titus Livy

* If the palace is luxurious, then the fields are covered with weeds and the grain stores are empty. The nobility dresses in luxurious fabrics, carries sharp swords, is not satisfied with ordinary food and accumulates excessive wealth. All this is called robbery and waste. Lao Tzu

* When laws and orders multiply, the number of thieves and robbers increases. Lao Tzu

* What benefit can the state bring to a body in which everything, from the throat to the crotch, is just belly? Cato the Elder Marcus Porcius

* Just as a sick person endures an insignificant illness more difficult than a healthy person endures a serious illness, so a sick, shocked state will not endure any misfortune, and not because this one is so severe, but because there is no strength to lift any other burden. Titus Livy

* Both in a person and in a state, the most severe disease is the one that begins in the head. Pliny the Younger Gaius

* A better state is one where more people listen to laws and less people listen to speakers. Chilo the Spartan

* Small states can resort to any method to survive. Isocrates

* What is dearest to me is living under democracy. Solon of Athens

* The country does not benefit from a ruler who is devoid of intelligence. Biant of Prienta

* Do not live in a country that is ruled by no one, ruled by many, ruled by a woman or ruled by a child. (author unknown)

* The expectation of untold riches became one of the reasons for the impoverishment of the state. Tacitus Publius Cornelius

* The foundations of every state and the foundation of any country rest on justice and justice. As-Samarkandi

* In relation to the state one should stay as if one were to a fire: not too close so as not to burn, and not too far so as not to freeze. Aesop

* The prosperity of the city as a whole will bring more benefit to individual citizens than the well-being of a few individuals in a general decline. Thucydides

* The Roman state, having started small, grew so large that it was already suffering from its enormity. Titus Livy

* A king or tyrant gains most glory when he is the first to show an example of obedience to the laws. Biant of Prienta

* To the man who advised introducing democracy in the state, Chilo said: “First establish democracy in your home.” Chilo the Spartan

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Quotes about the people, the state and national identity

A citizen in the general sense is one who participates in both domination and subjugation. Aristotle

He who has not become a man first of all is a bad citizen. V. G. Belinsky

Every country owes its unique appearance to its people. J. Bernanos

A country that has no heroes is unlucky. B. Brecht

An enlightened people is easier to lead, but more difficult to persecute; easier to control, but impossible to enslave. G. Brougham

No nation can prosper until it realizes that plowing a field is as worthy an occupation as writing a poem. B. Washington

The masses have political wisdom because the life of the people is the life of the state. D. Woodberry

The most courageous state is the one in which valor is best rewarded and cowardice is most severely punished. K. Helvetius

The people are not only the force that creates all material values, they are the only and inexhaustible source of spiritual values, the first philosopher and poet in time, beauty and creative genius, creating all the great poems, all the tragedies of the earth and the greatest of them - the history of world culture. M. Gorky

I know the Russian people and am not inclined to exaggerate their merits, but I am convinced, I believe that this people can bring something unique and deep into the spiritual life of the earth, something important for everyone. M. Gorky

The political strength and importance of the people are constantly expressed in the strength of the government, the weakening of which inevitably leads the state to decline. T. N. Granovsky

There are bandit governments, but there cannot be bandit people. V. Hugo

The greatness of a people is not measured by its numbers, just as the greatness of a person is not measured by its height; the only measure is his mental development and his moral level. V. Hugo

Kings leave, but peoples remain. V. Hugo

In a monarchy, justice comes from the king. In a republic it must come from the people. V. Hugo

A republic is an established revolution. V. Hugo

You cannot remove a mark from a nation, like from a handkerchief. V. Hugo

There is no other true sovereign and there can be no other true legislator except the people. D. Diderot

The measure of a people is not what it is, but what it considers beautiful and true, for which it sighs. F. M. Dostoevsky

Social silence is a hidden form of anarchy. E. Yevtushenko

A nation that can and must be saved by one single person deserves no mercy. I. Zeime

Happy are the people who have not yet written all the pages in the book of their history. T. Carlyle

Every truly historical nation is called upon to realize a certain goal. V. Cousin

The people are the center of the world, the heart of the human race. J. Lacordaire

In difficult circumstances, heroism can save a people, but only the sum of small everyday virtues determines its greatness. G. Lebon

The state is strong in the consciousness of the masses. It is strong when the masses know everything, can judge everything and do everything consciously. V. I. Lenin

We must always and unconditionally strive for the closest possible unification of the proletariat of all nationalities. V. I. Lenin

Anyone who does not fully share their grief with the people will certainly feel rejected at the celebration of their joy. L. M. Leonov

By hating everything that is harmful to the people, people thereby express their love for the people. K. Liebknecht

You can fool some of the people all the time; You can fool all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. A. Lincoln

Nothing spoils a people more than the habit of hatred. D. Mazzini

Rulers forget promises, people never forget them. D. Mazzini

Humanity is the goal, nation is the means. Without it, you, like idle contemplatives, may adore humanity, but you will not be able to become a part of it, no matter how hard you try. D. Mazzini

The power and prestige of a country depend primarily on the talent and ability of its people. Margaret Thatcher

Every nation can and should learn from others. K. Marx

A people who enslaves another people forges their own chains. K. Marx

A nation, like a woman, cannot be forgiven for a moment of misstep when the first adventurer he meets can commit violence against her. K. Marx

A country that, like ancient Athens, looks at hangers-on, parasites, flatterers as exceptions, contrary to popular reason, as foolishness, such a country is a country of independence and independence. K. Marx

The dignity of a state depends ultimately on the dignity of the individuals who form it. D. Mill

Anyone who thinks that a revolutionary people is easy to defeat is mistaken: on the contrary, it is they who are capable of winning victories. C. Montesquieu

Nothing is more dangerous for any country than the indifference of the people. V. Rasputin

Often the greatest representatives of a nation are those whom it condemns to death. E. Renan

A nation does not need cruelty to be resilient. F. Roosevelt

Only a strong state provides freedom to its citizens. J.-J. Rousseau

You cannot bribe people, but sometimes you can deceive them. J.-J. Rousseau

The true greatness of nations is composed of the same qualities which constitute the true greatness of individuals. C. Sumner

The nation cannot afford meanness. C. Sumner

Nations, like individuals, can live in two ways: either by stealing or by producing. A. Saint-Simon

The voice of the people is sacred. Seneca the Elder

Not a state - where there is only one ruler. Sophocles

A nation only has character if it is free. A. Steel

The first civic feeling is the feeling of the creator of material wealth, without which human life is impossible. V. A. Sukhomlinsky

National enthusiasm is the great cradle of genius. G. Tuckerman

It is impossible to rule a state without the people and against the will of the people with impunity. M. Thorez

Nations have always drawn their strength from their people: in modern democracies based on science, this strength of the people can increase tens, hundreds of times. A. France

It is much more useful for citizens when the entire state as a whole prospers, rather than when individual people succeed while the whole is destroyed. Thucydides

Individuals can become morally corrupt, but people never can. Yu. Fuchik

The people may not see, but they always feel. D. Harrington

The first panacea for a poorly governed country is currency inflation, the second is war; both bring temporary prosperity, both bring final destruction. E. Hemingway

Any great feat of one people is accomplished for all nations. S. Zweig

The welfare of the people is the highest law. Cicero

No greater calamity can befall a people than prosperity at the cost of crime. W. Channing

The most common type of pride is national pride. A. Schopenhauer

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