Quotes about the night city and the car. Statuses about the night

Night is a fascinating and inspiring time of day. There is no person who has not admired her impressive beauty at least once. Since ancient times, artists, poets and writers have sung it as the best time for reflection, for romance, for creative and spiritual inspiration and, finally, simply for relaxation. In general, night is a beautiful time. And it is precisely such beautiful quotes about the night that we present to your attention. The wonderful night phrases and statuses that we have selected for this thematic collection are funny and sad, playful and wise. Everyone can find a quote here that accurately reflects his feelings and attitude towards the night.

Quotes about the night of great people

A person is always different at night than during the day. Erich Maria Remarque

I love to live at night. At night there is a different degree of freedom... Elchin Safarli

Night is the negative of the previous day; morning develops the photograph. Slawomir Wroblewski

It's darkest before dawn. Thomas Fuller

Some people don’t even need night - they themselves emit darkness. Stanislav Jerzy Lec

Night gives shine to stars and women. George Byron

Contemplating the night, I see nothing, love nothing. Georges Bataille

The night's possibilities for mixing colors are endless. Claude Lévi-Strauss

All life is one or two nights. Alexander Pushkin

Not a day without a night of love. Arkady Davidovich

At night, as a rule, it is so quiet that even quiet, distant isolated sounds - the voices of late passers-by, barking dogs or the sound of the wind - can be heard as if they were very close. In general, it's time for reflection. For example, above these quotes about night with meaning.

Sad quotes statuses about night

Perhaps loneliness was invented at night. During the day you can talk to a shadow...

By nightfall we all feel sad.

At night time stands still. Only the clock is ticking.

Night. Come on, remember all the saddest and most painful things in order to suffer.

Don’t rush words, they strangle people at night...

The night exists to say what you cannot repeat in the morning.

Sometimes, the person who smiles during the day is torn with sadness at night.

In the silence of the night, you dream more about the tender words of one person than about the applause of thousands of people.

When you forget to call at night, I forget to sleep.

I hate this state when you lie at night and think, think, think, think...

Night is a time of waiting...

A terrible time at night - too late for yesterday, too early for today...

The human world seems to freeze at night and cede its dominant role to some unknown magic. The streets are gradually emptying, the lights are going out in the windows of houses and apartments. And only lanterns create lonely illuminated islands of space. It's a romantic time. Time for beautiful statuses and phrases. Time for magic.

Walk through the city at night


Walking through the city at night
The light from the street lamps, randomly scattered in different corners of the sports ground, contrary to usual, did not penetrate the huge windows of the second floor bedroom of a fashionable townhouse. And the moon, the eternal companion of the night, sometimes looking into the windows and shining with a cold, otherworldly light, disappeared.

Yegor Kislov, one of the top managers of a large construction company, loved to watch how familiar objects, reflected in this magical light, change their usual shapes, and what a bizarre pattern bloomed ordinary rhombuses on the wallpaper in the room. Recently, daily stress began to greatly affect the manager’s psyche - he could hardly fall asleep. The play of light and shadows gently lulled Yegor, helped him relax and fall into the saving sleep that he so needed. But that night something strange happened in the room. Yegor immediately realized this when he finally woke up, he tried for a long time and to no avail to fumble with his hand for the floor lamp switch. For some reason the switch was not in its usual place, and the floor lamp seemed to have also disappeared. Instead, Yegor’s hand felt something wet and cold, which immediately slid down silently.

Yegor Kislov never believed in anything supernatural. “Everything has its own explanation,” he believed. “The main thing is to plan everything correctly and move forward towards the intended goal. And all unforeseen accidents happen to people who do not know how to correctly calculate their time and think rationally.” But tonight seemed to mockingly try to overturn the established worldview of a successful thirty-two-year-old young man. The lights did not turn on anywhere, and the apartment began to be filled with completely unexpected sounds. It seemed as if the floorboards were creaking under someone’s heavy steps, pitiful sighs were coming from different corners, and a weightless blanket fell from the ceiling with a slight rustle. “No, why did I drink so much yesterday at the corporate party? - Yegor thought sadly. “Now the hallucinations are starting, tomorrow my head will start to hurt, and then I’ll be tormented by insomnia again.” A familiar squeal was heard nearby, and the Newfoundland’s wet nose buried itself in its owner’s hand.

“Jack,” Yegor rejoiced, “at least you’re in the right place.” “Let’s go get some fresh air with you.” If, of course, I find my pants in this bedlam.

Yegor desperately stared into the darkness, but could not see anything there. The dog whined and trotted forward. Slowly moving behind him, Yegor stepped on some kind of package. Bending down and rummaging with his hands below, Yegor discovered that his tracksuit was lying on the floor, and there were sneakers under it. Somehow squeezing into his trousers, he fumbled for a long time to get his hands into the sleeves of his jacket and put on his sneakers. When the last obstacle in the form of a tightly zipped zipper was overcome, Yegor felt in his pockets for the keys to the apartment, a mobile phone and a lighter.

The clock on the phone showed two o'clock when Egor and Jack plunged into the damp autumn night. A light rain was falling. Yegor, shivering, pulled the hood over his head and thrust his hands deeper into his trouser pockets. There was incredible silence on the street, only the trees creaked and swayed from the wind. Yegor felt uncomfortable and turned the corner of the house, deciding to go out onto a busy avenue, along which a string of restaurants and luxury boutiques stretched, and where, even at night, one could meet belated pedestrians and hear car horns. But, oddly enough, the avenue, dimly lit by lonely lanterns, was empty. Yegor did not meet a single person, and not a single car drove past him. Only mannequins stared blankly from illuminated store windows. Everything around seemed to freeze, plunging Yegor into a feeling of the unreal.

Jack, barking loudly, raising a fountain of spray, rushed through the puddles.

“Jack,” Yegor shouted, “stop, go back immediately.”

And he himself, not knowing why, rushed after the dog with all his might.

“Run,” it seemed as if someone unknown had settled inside and was giving orders.

And Yegor ran furiously and frantically, as if a flock of bats were rushing after him, stumbling and falling into holes full of rainwater. He stopped at the door of his construction office, which in good weather could easily be reached on foot from the house. Breathing heavily, Yegor climbed the steps and called Jack. But the dog seemed to have disappeared. Turning back, Yegor slipped on the rain-wet steps of the building and fell, hitting his head hard.

Yegor woke up on damp ground. The moon shone faintly overhead, but enough for him to realize that he was in a cemetery. Yegor was lying on the central alley, and grave fences were lined up around him in even rows. Overcome with horror, he jumped up and began to rush around in search of a way out. Disembodied silhouettes glided from everywhere and ghostly sighs were heard. Several times Yegor came across ancient sarcophagi and family crypts, but there was no way out. With each new gust of cold wind, the trees moaned more and more pitifully, and the metal crosses beat more frantically against the fences. The jacket was wet from the rain and stuck to the body, one sneaker, caught on a piece of iron protruding from the ground, became leaky and soaked through, but Yegor didn’t feel any of this. A rolling wave of primitive fear drove him along the path strewn with rustling gravel forward. The moon went behind the clouds, and Yegor found himself in pitch darkness. Having completely lost his bearings, he froze in place. The brain refused to believe what was happening. I wanted to scream in horror, but not a sound came out of my open mouth. For the first time in his life, the top manager felt completely alone and helpless: there were no subordinates or friends nearby. And he himself could not do anything to somehow influence the situation. The rain intensified and the rumbles of an approaching thunderstorm began to be heard. Yegor, gathering his last strength, rushed forward. Having run no more than ten meters, he ran into some obstacle, painfully crashing into it with his knee. The lightning that pierced the sky at that moment illuminated the openwork metal lattice of the fence that blocked the path to the long-awaited freedom. Despite his tall height, slender physique and constant exercise, Yegor, raising his head up, realized that he could not climb over the fence - it was too high. In desperation, he turned back, hoping to find some loophole somewhere else. Alternately illuminating himself with his mobile phone and striking a half-empty lighter, Yegor carefully moved step by step among the graves. Once again, tripping over a shovel thrown by someone, he could not stay on his feet and fell face first into the dirty slurry. I didn't want to get up. “Can I lie here until the morning, and in the morning someone will come, open the gate and take me out of here?” - Despair has already taken possession of Yegor completely. But he immediately vividly imagined who might appear here before morning, and, abandoning this idea, tried to get up. Not used to giving up, he decided to fight the invisible enemy to the bitter end. The ground, wet from the rain, began to slip under his feet, and Yegor fell on all fours, tearing his palms on the fine gravel. Thunderclaps shook everything around. The lightning that flashed at that moment illuminated the tombstone, opposite which Yegor was located, so brightly that he could easily read the inscription.

What he saw plunged him into deep shock. His own image was frozen on the gravestone, in the form of a mourning portrait inserted into a medallion, and under it his last name, first name, patronymic and date of birth were carved in beautiful gold letters. Another clap of thunder rolled across the sky, and Yegor began to fall into the dark abyss.

Yegor almost regained consciousness, but was still lying on his left side with his eyes closed, secretly hoping that everything that had happened to him was just a nightmare, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he would again find himself in his cozy apartment. But the icy cold piercing through my entire body spoke of something else. Something hard and wet touched my forehead. “Probably it’s Jack’s nose, which still didn’t leave me in trouble,” a joyful thought flashed through my head. Yegor immediately opened his eyes and the first thing he saw near his face was a frog, which looked at him with an unblinking gaze of multi-colored eyes. At the same time, one eye glowed bright lilac, and the other - soft pink. Egor tried to sit up, rolling onto his back and freeing his left hand, which had become numb from lying for a long time, from under him. His whole body ached and ached as much as once upon a time when, as a boy, he had rolled off a high cliff. But instead of the starry sky he saw then in his distant childhood, Yegor’s gaze focused on tall, gloomy columns directed upward and forming pointed arches. Huge windows, occupying the entire space between the side arches, decorated with stained glass windows, thanks to the multi-color palette, emitted a mysterious light. Yegor finally realized that he was in a medieval castle. With great difficulty, overcoming the dull pain, he was finally able to rise to his feet. “The main thing is that this castle does not turn out to be Dracula’s castle, although anything is better than a cemetery,” he grinned. But the laughter came out completely sad. The frog, winking at him with a lilac eye, jumped forward, as if showing the guest the way. Egor, without thinking twice, hobbled after him, hoping to find some way out.

They slowly and endlessly trudged along a gloomy long corridor, here and there lit by torches. Along the way, every now and then, some strange creatures came across. A flock of bats flew past, almost touching Yegor’s face. Moreover, the mouse flying in front also grinned impudently at him and lightly scratched his cheek with its claws. Shrugging away from her, Yegor almost fell, when a huge black rat emerged from under his foot and hissed angrily. It seemed that this seemingly abandoned and strange castle was inhabited by some incredible living creatures. A variety of sounds were heard from everywhere: the squeaking of mice, the hissing of a snake, the yelping of a dog, and when the roar of a lion was heard from somewhere in the distance, Yegor’s dull fatigue began to develop into dull despair. He is very tired. In addition, his leg, on which he “landed” so unsuccessfully when he got into the castle, began to ache. To top it all off, I began to feel thirsty. One more step forward, and he ran into a blank wall. “That’s it, this is the end.” Yegor leaned his back against her, closed his eyes and began to slowly slide down. Finding himself on a floor as cold as a tombstone, he stretched out his long legs and silently cried.

He himself didn’t know how long Yegor had been sitting like that: maybe an hour or two, or maybe a week. All sounds disappeared. Silence, as if like soft cotton wool, enveloped the entire castle. Time stopped and stood still, as if an invisible wizard touched everything around with his magic wand and turned the castle with its inhabitants into the Sleeping Kingdom. The cold gradually disappeared, giving way to warm air flowing into the back and pleasantly enveloping the neck. Yegor suddenly felt that the wall behind him was slowly moving away, forming a free space, where the palms of his hands, on which he was sitting and leaning, were the first to fall, and then his whole torso slowly fit in. The next moment, Yegor found himself in a large, darkened room similar to the halls of medieval castles, which he had explored more than once on numerous foreign trips. This was reminiscent of the vaulted ceiling painted with golden stars with brackets and rosettes framing the painting, and tall stained glass windows with drawings depicting scenes from the Old Testament, and ancient tapestries on the walls reflecting the change of seasons, and wooden oak furniture arranged in the entire perimeter of the room. Almost the entire wall opposite the entrance, from floor to ceiling, was occupied by a massive fireplace, trimmed with marble and decorated with figures of knights on horses carved on it. In the very center of the room stood a dining table covered with a tablecloth. Near him sat a single chair with a high back and a chest under the seat. The sources of meager light were the fire from the fireplace and several wrought iron candelabra with candles, a couple of which stood right there on the table, and the rest were located a little further away on two-tier cabinets and sideboards located along the walls. This knight's castle lacked only objects telling about the military past of the knight himself who lived in it. No matter how closely he looked, Yegor could not see the heraldic shields, banners and weapons - mandatory attributes of any medieval castle.

“This is just some stupid prank staged by colleagues or a trap invented by competitors,” the manager had a saving thought. “Now people will appear, everything will become clear and finally this nightmare will end.”

Yegor perked up a little. But nothing like that happened. Instead, suddenly a creaky voice came from behind the back of the chair:

- Finally, come here, otherwise I’ve already been waiting for you.

Yegor, confident that he was completely alone in the room, shuddered in surprise.

- Are you giving this to me? - He approached the table on wobbly legs.

At the table, in the only chair opposite the fireplace, sat a thin old man in a long white cloak with a hood, which did not hide his stern face and his flowing long gray, almost silver hair. In front of him lay an open tome with some incomprehensible hieroglyphs.

“Well, if you are Yegor Kislov, then you,” the old man grinned.

“Listen, I don’t know whose stupid joke this is, but I’m already fed up with this,” Yegor’s voice broke into a scream. - Tell these “jokers” that if they wanted to scare me, they did. Let's finally say what's wrong, resolve all the issues and disperse peacefully.

- What a fast brother you are, let's go our separate ways. You will leave here when I decide, when I understand that you are ready,” the lights of the eyes flashed angrily from under the hood.

- Oh, I understand, I was kidnapped and will be released from here under special conditions? - Yegor continued to push his limits.

This means that this is, after all, the revenge of competitors, and, most likely, these are the tricks of the bastard, Ilyin, who cannot calm down after losing the tender for the construction of an elite residential complex in the Moscow region.

About six months ago, the General Contractor was looking for builders for a residential complex, and a tender was announced. Many people responded. The tender was won by Gennady Ilyin’s company “IlyinStroy”. This organization was famous for the fact that it very often lured hired workers from distant regions to a project under construction, promising them fabulously high pay, but after the completion of the project it paid them pitiful pennies or no money at all. But a profitable order was received by a construction company, where Yegor Kislov worked as deputy general director. Having “unfastened” whoever owes a tidy sum, “ZetStroymonolit+” got to work. Yegor remembered how furious Genka was the last time they accidentally met in a bar. Ilyin, being very drunk at the time, threatened Kislov with terrible punishments - both earthly and heavenly. Genka, with bloodshot eyes and a tie askew, was such a comical sight that Yegor didn’t take him seriously. But now, as it turned out, it was in vain.

“Most likely, this redneck wants money, so someone slipped me drugs yesterday at a corporate party, somehow lured me here, staged a whole performance, and decided that I, mad with fear, would give them any money I could get. - Yegor became wildly angry, remembering how much he had suffered during the night. “As soon as I get out of here, I’ll kill that bastard Ilyin and the one who put some kind of “dope” in my food yesterday.”

For some time, Yegor completely forgot that he was not alone, that he was not in his apartment or even in his office. Mentally, he had already dealt with Ilyin and the unknown accomplice, who still needed to be found first. Plunging into “vengeful dreams,” Yegor shuddered in surprise when he heard an angry voice:

“Don’t also kill your lost and lost soul,” these words, as it turned out, belonged to the old man, “you were called here to warn that you, Yegor Kislov, are standing on the very edge of the abyss, one more wrong step, and you died. Leave Ilyin alone, he himself, when his time comes, will answer for his actions. No one dares to judge a person except the Almighty Himself.

The fire in the fireplace suddenly went out unexpectedly, there was a whiff of dampness, a wind rose from somewhere and began to rock the tapestries, and the colored stained glass paintings on the windows seemed to revive the ancient elders, who stirred and angrily pointed their fingers at Yegor. The feeling of the unreality of what was happening captured him completely.

“No, it’s definitely not Genka, but some kind of supernatural forces,” a terrible thought flashed through my head. “And it looks like you can’t buy them off with money.”

Yegor began to look around in search of a way out. But no matter how much he tried to find some doorway in the dim candlelight, he failed. There were simply no doors in this room.

“And how could the old man know what I was thinking? — a belated thought came to mind.

Having instantly calculated all possible options, the manager came to the only disappointing conclusion for himself - it is useless to resist. And, accustomed to quickly finding his way around, he immediately decided to surrender to an unknown enemy. Immediately the wind died down, a fire was lit in the fireplace, there was a breath of warmth and comfort, and the old man suddenly reminded Yegor of his long-dead grandfather.

“Why are you Yegor Kislov, you only think about money,” the grandfather shook his gray head. “Look how much trouble you have caused because of them and will do more if you don’t stop.” The only question is, will you stop of your own free will or will you be stopped? For this, Yegorushka, you were invited here, to warn and help you make the right choice yourself. Yes, don't stand there like a pillar. I know how tired you are today, but this will only benefit you,” the old man waved his hand. “Pull up any chair for yourself, drink some wine, because you and I will have a long conversation.”

But Yegor, fascinated by what was happening and not believing his own eyes, no longer felt any fatigue. Politely refusing the wine - as if they wouldn't put something in there again - he, looking around the space and not finding anything more suspicious, moved a low stool away from the wall and sat down with pleasure on it, crossing his tired legs. Now he was sitting at a long table on the right hand of the old man, and the light from the fire of candles in a massive candelabra fell on a tome with strange hieroglyphs lying between them. Yegor looked at the old man, he was sitting with his eyes closed and seemed in no hurry to start a conversation.

“He expects initiative from me, like everyone else at work,” He was surprised. “Well, that means I should start.”

- And who are you? And why are you sitting in the cemetery? — Yegor went on the attack.

— You and your entire company are sitting in the cemetery, which built an office there, which you know very well. You all fraudulently obtained permission to demolish the old closed cemetery and build a building. Egorushka, don’t the dead come to you at night and ask you to return their place to them? — the old man instantly turned from a kind grandfather into a strict old man.

“But it wasn’t me who made the decision.” The General decided so,” Yegor began to justify himself.

“Yeah, he decided, and you carried it out, you tried very hard and found who and when to bribe in order to get permission for this abomination,” the old man’s hand clenched into a fist. When my grave was demolished, I, like many others, had to look for another place of refuge - now we live in this castle, which no one alive can see. And only on one single night a year can we all gather here and invite living people to visit us.

A light breeze arose, and the saints on the stained glass windows began to stir displeasedly again.

— Do you want to say that you are a living dead man, or maybe an inhuman or a vampire, which is written about in mystical stories? - Yegor shouted, not believing himself, and, knocking over a stool, jumped up from the table.

“Well, you’re talking nonsense,” the old man frowned. — There are more nonhumans and vampires among the living than among the dead.

- Then who are you, and what do I see in front of me? - Yegor felt a nervous shiver.

“My body rested in that very cemetery, and now it sits here in front of you,” the old man smiled a sad smile. — The soul is nearby all the time: sometimes in your office, sometimes in your apartment, talking to your dog. After all, animals can communicate with the other world, but people cannot. Have you ever noticed how Jack looks into the void and growls, or waves off the invisible thing with his paw? Nobody talks to him except me.

“It’s not true,” Yegor perked up, “I feed him well and take him for walks every day.”

“And you think that’s enough?” An animal is a living being and, like a person, it has a soul. He needs communication and human attention, which you deprived him of,” the old man raised his voice again. When was the last time you visited your parents? You are busy only with yourself and your pleasures.

“I work a lot, I don’t have any time left for anything else,” Yegor justified himself.

“You don’t work as much as you get money by any means, and then spend it in clubs and taverns, instead of helping anyone.” For example,” the old man rustled the pages of his strange tome, “a week ago you and your friends, while visiting the Karat nightclub, smoked weed and started a fight over some girls. As a result, a fairly decent amount had to be paid for the damage caused. Further, in the men's restroom of the Parus bar, you crushed some poor guy's nose on the mirror, for which you also had to pay a lot.

“Yes, I just wanted to throw some homosexual out of the toilet,” Yegor immediately bristled.

- And Marina? — as if not hearing Yegor, the old man continued. “You abandoned a woman who was expecting a child from you, your son.” Here in this Book of Fates everything is written down, your every action,” the old man tapped the page with the index finger of his right hand.

- What about Marina? - Yegor was surprised. “She herself refused to meet with me, and I didn’t know about the child at all.”

- Yes, you didn’t want to know anything. And most likely, if she told you, you still would not believe that the child is yours. And she kept waiting for you to propose to her and marry her. But you, instead, chose to continue having fun for your own pleasure. Your soul is almost dead,” the old man continued angrily, “you don’t love anyone and are no longer able to feel the pain of others.” Your life in this world has become useless and unnecessary.

Yegor suddenly discovered that his legs could not hold him up at all, and the hair on his head began to move like snakes.

- Do you remember the creatures you saw there, in the damp, cold corridor? — the old man suddenly calmed down and looked searchingly at Yegor. - So, these are the souls of those people who, like yours, became dead during their lifetime. Only those people themselves also died, and they will no longer be able to help themselves. Do you know that the body is perishable, but the soul is immortal? — the old man asked questions, but he himself, it seemed, did not expect an answer to them.

But Yegor didn’t even think to answer. He was simply unable to think about anything anymore. All his feelings left him at once, leaving his head feeling like a vacuum of emptiness.

“You’re lucky,” the old man continued, “because you had the last chance to realize the vileness of your behavior and try to change it.” Otherwise, soon you will lie in that grave that has already been prepared and is waiting for you, and which you yourself recently saw, and at night in a damp dungeon you will slide like a silent mouse or an evil rat. This is also said in this Book of Fate.

- But if my destiny is already, as you say, written down somewhere, what can I do? As far as I understand, I still have no choice. - Yegor himself was suddenly surprised by his own voice, which now seemed alien to him.

— A person always has a choice. The most important thing is to decide whether he will be a man or a creature. And everything else will depend on this decision,” the old man threw back his hood. Yegor suddenly saw in front of him not a decrepit old man, but a young and strong man, whose blond hair was gathered into a ponytail at the back of his head. - Remember what your grandfather taught you as a child, because for the sake of him, a holy man, you, Yegor, were given this opportunity to change and find a human soul.

“And that frog with multi-colored eyes that brought me here is also someone’s soul?” - Yegor suddenly remembered his recent travel companion.

- No, the frog is a conductor between the living and the dead. Without her, entering another world is impossible, but you, like me, will never see her again.

A strong wind suddenly rose and put out the candles and put out the fire in the fireplace, leaving Yegor alone in pitch darkness. The last thing he felt, when he fell almost unconscious on the floor, was something cold and wet touching his forehead.

Yegor opened his eyes when a ray of sunlight penetrated the bedroom window and slid across his face. He was delighted to find that he was in his apartment and all his things were in their usual places. There was a light sound of approaching steps, Jack ran into the room and licked the owner on the nose. Yegor hugged and kissed his friend's face with feeling.

“If you knew, Jack, what a nightmare I had last night,” Yegor shuddered when he remembered the past night. - No, they definitely slipped something into me yesterday. It's good that it was a dream after all.

Yegor looked at his watch and whistled: “Ten o’clock, I overslept the meeting, the general will kill me.” He began to hastily pull on his things. The dog looked at his owner with a reproachful look, as if he wanted to say: “You are leaving for a long time, and I am again left all alone until the evening.”

“In the end, I was late for work anyway, so there’s no need to rush,” Yegor concluded. “I’d rather play with Jack and walk with him longer.”

An unseasonably warm day greeted him and Jack outside. There was nothing like the bad weather at night. The puddles were almost dry, the autumn leaves delighted the eye with their bright colors. The dog ran around the yard just like when he was a little puppy, tumbling over his head, chasing pigeons and enthusiastically bringing an abandoned stick to his owner. Egor suddenly felt like a boy. He wanted to laugh and run with Jack, jumping over small puddles. He felt a warm wave somewhere inside him slowly rise and fill his entire being. “Marina,” Yegor suddenly remembered, “I need to call her, maybe I really have a son?” A feeling of endless happiness completely overwhelmed him.

With great difficulty, having persuaded himself to go to work, Yegor immediately got ready and quickly walked towards his home office. The street lived its own life as usual: cars honked, pedestrians hurriedly ran across red lights, passers-by jostled.

At the sight of the familiar building, something sank unpleasantly in Yegor’s chest. Climbing up the steps, he slowed down a little and looked around carefully, but did not notice anything unusual. “No, well, I had to dream about this!” — Yegor’s joyful mood gave way to slight excitement. He nodded to the guard he knew on duty and finally made it to his office. There he was met by his elegant secretary Olechka, dressed as always in a short, tight skirt.

— Egor Vladimirovich, a new Customer came to you there, but he didn’t wait and left. I couldn’t reach you, your phone was unreachable all the time - Olechka seemed to feel guilty.

— New customer? - Yegor strained his memory. “It seems like he didn’t negotiate with anyone.”

— Maybe he asked me to give me something or left some brochures?

- Well, yes. — Olechka smiled a flirtatious smile. — He gave you a souvenir. I put it on your table in your office.

Yegor opened the door to his office. Directly opposite the door, in the middle of the room, there was a huge desk on carved lion paws. In its very center, in the shape of a bronze ashtray, there was a frog with multi-colored pink-lilac eyes and, grinning, looked at Yegor.

Funny and cool quotes about night short

And the night lasts longer than a century when the daughter is at the disco...

Two o'clock in the morning? Sleep? What are you talking about? You need to think about the meaning of life, the universe, and generally about something smart...

We should try to sleep at night. What if you like it?

You wake up in the morning and think... What time is it??? What day is today??? Where am I???... And this is not morning, but night!!!

If your conscience doesn't let you sleep at night, then don't let it sleep during the day.

I don’t get enough sleep... Either the nights are short, or I sleep so quickly...

No matter where I live, I will always be haunted by a neighbor who has something loudly falling and rolling in the middle of the night.

I’m sitting on a summer night under the full moon, I can’t sleep... I can’t sleep... I wish I could sleep...

Night... The apartment falls asleep... The cat wakes up...

Why does one sleep so sweetly during the day... but food tastes better at night?

There are nights when sleep is an unaffordable luxury!

For any beautiful eyes, after a sleepless night, the prefix “pre” usually disappears somewhere...

Night is a mysterious time. Therefore, at all times, quotes about the night have been relevant and, apparently, will always remain so. Just like the night will come to us regularly and every day.

Romantic quotes about night and love

At night, the eyes are always brighter. After all, they reflect love, passion, the moon and stars...

There is no better sleeping pill than a “good night” message from someone whose thoughts keep you awake...

Friendship between a man and a woman weakens when night falls.

Even those who are not going to sleep await the night.

At night, words are really unnecessary.

Love is when you call him in the evening to wish him good night, and you cover the conversation with the phrase: “Damn... it’s already eight in the morning, I’m late for work...!”

If you are woken up at night, it means someone needs you!

Sometimes you just want the night to never end.

Night is a time for love, not friendship.

Night is not just the dark time of day when life comes to a standstill. Very often it happens quite the opposite; it is at night that real life begins. At night, people take off their masks and allow themselves to be who they are. Night is a time of sincerity, love and reflection. We offer you a selection of quotes, sayings and statuses about the night. Share them on social networks, let them help you find out what the night means and for whom.

Night is an opportunity to rest and gain strength. But at night the law of meanness also comes into force, especially when you need to get enough sleep before a big day. Then, as luck would have it, thousands of thoughts come into your head, and insomnia sets in. But for young people, life is just beginning at night; clubs, night parks and loved ones await them. Students see a special meaning in the night, especially during the session. For them, the night is an attempt to learn everything that others have been learning for six months. This is probably where the expression comes from: sometimes you can learn a hundred times more in one night than in a whole year.

Night is the time of love. To do this, it is not at all necessary to fall asleep with your loved one in the same bed. In order to fall asleep, it is important to simply hear your own voice at night or read a sincere wish for good night.

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“You’ve been staring blankly out the window for 15 minutes now!” - Fuck off, I'm walking))

It’s nice to take a walk... For this you need very little: a pleasant person nearby and good weather... However, if the person is also loved, the weather no longer plays any role...

Yesterday my husband and I decided to take a walk before bed.

The weather was amazing - light frost and no wind, the mood immediately jumped 100 points - they started fooling around, throwing snowballs, and at the end of the walk they finally went their separate ways - they found a huge ice puddle and decided to go for a run... My husband ran off on one side, I on the other... boom ... chrums... we were both lying on the ice - his jeans were cracked at the seam, and I sprained my leg... Somehow we got home - my husband supported me by the arm, I tried to cover the hole in his pants - when the children saw us, they almost peed themselves from laughter - thirty years - no mind)))

(T) This cat not only walked on her own, but also forced a dozen and a half cats to walk with her.

Let's run away from problems... Well, at least for the evening! From the vanities and worries, the gray everyday life that weighs on your shoulders... We’ll get on the first bus and get with you to the final one!

...well, then - on foot... until midnight... Towards HAPPINESS!

(T) They met every morning. She was walking with her dog, and he was walking with his bitch.

Today, while walking with the little ones, we measured the depth of the puddles; none of the three of us plus passersby had ever received such a positive charge)))

Quotes and aphorisms

For the morning to be good, the night must be passionate.

A night spent with your loved one is the key to a successful day.

The best thoughts come at night.

It’s strange, why then only crazy people come to me?!

During the day we are all ordinary people. At night we have our own crazy life behind a closed door.

At night, someone becomes a star, someone a millionaire, someone an astronaut... And so on until the morning.

You learn more in one sleepless night than in a year of sleep.

Especially when it's the night before an exam.

The night was tormented by oppressive darkness, frightened by the inaccessibility of knowledge. I just saw: grandeur and peace, Harmony and the mystery of the Universe.

The night is filled with mystery and the magic of darkness.

If you don't sleep at night, you can see something that many have never even dreamed of.

A sleepless night is the key to a nightmare day.

At night people take off their masks of the day.

The night comes so that everyone can be themselves.

Summer nights are the wildest, the most restless.

Summer nights are a time for new life.

The night exists to say what you cannot repeat in the morning.

Night hides shyness and gives courage.

Every night needs its own menu. (Honore de Balzac)

It just seems to us that all nights are the same, but in fact, every night, like every day, is special.

A person is always different at night than during the day. (Erich Maria Remarque)

This is because at night he becomes himself, and during the day he plays different roles.

At night, thoughts have a way of breaking free and roaming free. (Stephen King)

Those who think a lot are unlikely to sleep at night.

Night, street, lantern, pharmacy, senseless and dim light. Live for at least another quarter of a century - Everything will be like this. There is no outcome. (A. Blok)

At night life stops in order to continue during the day.

Doing anything at three in the morning is either too late or too early. (J.P. Sartre)

The best thing to do at three in the morning is to sleep soundly.

How good it is to stay awake at night. Then it’s easier to talk. (E.M. Remarque)

Night gives you courage and makes it possible to talk about what everyone is silent about during the day.

Night City: 292 books - download to fb2, txt for Android or read online

“The Witch’s Swing” What they don’t tell about the old house where Mishka and his sisters Sasha and Laura spend their holidays! They say there are ghosts there, and a real witch lives there. It’s stupid, of course, to take these stories seriously, but when a withered hand reaches out from behind a mysterious door, tendrils of fog creep across the floor, drowned people cry out from the quagmire outside the window, and the most ordinary soul turns into an evil monster - you won’t even believe it.

Unable to fight the obsession, the guys decide to escape from the trap, and this is where the real nightmare begins... “The Key to the Kingdom of Darkness” Mishka and his sister Alexandra gradually realized: they live in a scary house filled with nightmares. The brother and sister managed to defeat one of them.

However, the victory came at a high price - an unknown guy who called himself the Wanderer stepped into the darkness, saving the lives of the children. Nobody knew about his future fate. That’s why Mishka and Alexandra were very happy when he returned... However, the joy was short-lived - the children’s lives were filled with darkness and horror.

After all, this time the Stranger has come to destroy our world... “Mermaid Pool” “Have I really ended up in a lair of evil spirits?!” - Pashka asks himself with horror, without even having time to really look around the small provincial town. What else can one assume if exactly a year ago one of the local houses disappeared under water, and since then every evening its reflection appears on the surface of the ominous Black Lake? Of course, this could just be a local legend, but when you are pulled under the water by an unknown force, and in the depths you can see the face of a mermaid, you will inevitably believe in all sorts of devilry.

Well, if the nightmares in this strange place have become part of reality, there must be a real way to deal with them... Or is it too late and no one can help the prisoners of the cursed house? “Shadow of an ancient evil” Vlad knew exactly why he was going to this city... he just had no idea what he would face.

The guy wanted to find the source of the life-giving power of the Earth and make all of humanity happy, but he almost became the prey of a mysterious monster living in a shallow and peaceful-looking lake. He would have died there, on its shore, if not for Katka. The girl performed a miracle: Vlad’s wounds healed before his eyes.

In addition, it turned out that she is well aware of the unusual subject of his search... and categorically advises against continuing it. Too many dark secrets and sad events are associated with the corrupted magical source. But the shadow of a long-standing evil has already hung over the guys.

And events began to develop as if by themselves...


There is no better sleeping pill than a “good night” message from someone whose thoughts keep you awake...

A good night will happen when someone wishes it to you...

White night is when ladies are invited for the night?

No, it’s when you get up and you can’t figure out if it’s still night and you can sleep, or it’s already morning and you’re late for work...)

Night gives shine to stars and women.

By morning both of them fade away...

Friendship between a man and a woman weakens when night falls.

Night is a time for love, not friendship.

People can live without sleep, but not without night.

Even those who are not going to sleep await the night.

Night is a world of only sweet dreams, A world without sadness and without tears, A world where no unnecessary words are needed, I wish you tender, sweet dreams!

At night, words are really unnecessary.

Coffee at night - extends your online time in VKontakte.

But in the morning after a night online, even coffee seems to act as a sleeping pill...)

Summer nights are not made for sleeping.

Summer nights are made for living.

Without your “good night” every night becomes more and more restless.

The night is restless not when your loved one is not around, but when he does not wish you good dreams.

And the night lasts longer than a century when the daughter is at the disco...

Do you want to know what eternity is? Let your child go to the disco...)

Good night! May your dreams be so soft and fluffy that they make you purr in the morning!

The main thing is that the wool does not start to fall off...)

Good night everyone. I went to frame the mattress, hug the pillow and stick to the blanket.

Yes, it turns out that you are a little naughty...)

When they say good night in ICQ, something is wrong, and when you receive an SMS on your phone, it’s a thrill!

In ICQ they wish good night to friends, and via SMS to loved ones.

Love is when you call him in the evening to wish him good night, and you cover the conversation with the phrase: “Damn... it’s already eight in the morning, I’m late for work...!”

This is not love, this is talkativeness...))

At night the city looks mysterious and dreamy, you want to dream and relax with it.

I want everything to be all over again, I want it to be all over again, To become loved again from an acquaintance, To tremble from a pleasant word.

I want to take a walk for the first time, And to go to the cinema for the first time too, To walk the alleys with him all night, To turn the hands from strangers into family.

So that your heart clenches painfully from separation for an hour or less, so that only this seems like pain, and happens as rarely as possible.

I want him to call in the middle of the night And whisper that he can’t sleep, Like, my two lines at night give him goosebumps...

To listen to him endlessly, To see his smile, So that a minute with him lasts forever, I want without rake and mistakes.

I want him to become my best, To be endlessly happy, To cook dinner together, To be silent about something, too.

I want to drown in these feelings, Without fear of being weaker, Choking from the passion of madness, So that the winters become warmer with it.

I want! And I know that in the world all dreams come true, and on this huge planet, he dreams about me too.

I am waiting for a woman to appear in Russia, about 45 years old, slender, well-groomed, not wearing makeup, ironic, mocking, independent, with a gray girlish haircut. Let her smoke if it helps her, let her be someone’s wife, if it doesn’t bother her, it doesn’t matter. Her profession and erudition are secondary, but her age is no less than 45. Humor, scratchy ridicule, unpredictability, and intelligence, all together in one, are not uncommon, one gives rise to the other. Such a woman is of great value. It evokes in a man something that is not used in today's life - honor, dignity, even conscience, which is not applicable in our time, firmness of speech and everything else that does not matter during the period of puberty of an entire country. But it is very important: the one about whom we are talking will hear, and understand, and answer, and teach. And most importantly, she has something to remember, just like you. What a wonderful minefield to walk together. We had such women in Russia. They left us, but didn’t show up there

Congratulations on Valentine's DayLovers! I congratulate you! Age, gender and view from the windows are not important. All those who were in love at least once, Whom love pierced like an electric current! Walks under the moon or flowers - In love, as before, the old is so fashionable! It’s a pity people, as if bridges in St. Petersburg are being torn apart, but that’s how Fate wills it. I won’t repeat hackneyed phrases, and I can’t come up with new words either. Let me wish you today to love each other, think about each other! Wherever Fate takes you, don’t forget your Love anywhere. And if suddenly love has already left, Remember that feeling like a shrine! Love is a gift from above for centuries! I wish everyone to experience this feeling, After all, the horse of life will not throw off its rider, As long as art is available to you in love

There are some tears that must be cried, at any time of the day or night, cried so that everything inside burns out.

It's terribly easy to be insensitive during the day, but at night it's a completely different matter.

If you don't sleep at night, you can see something that many have never even dreamed of.

I remember the view from your house, apartment and telephone number. I remember rainy nights when we didn't sleep. Remember them and everything that happened in the bedroom.

Day is the time of bonds and chains, duties and rules, and night is the time of Freedom.

"Sergei Lukyanenko"

A career is a wonderful thing, but it can't keep anyone warm on a cold night.

"Marilyn Monroe"

Every night, before we fall asleep, we spend a long time remembering what we most want to forget.

At night, everyone thinks about the person they love.

For some reason, during the day you want to experience sadness surrounded by people; At night, on the contrary, you look for a secluded place.

Let there be pain, let there be suffering. Walk through the dark night and you will reach a beautiful sunrise. Only in the womb of the night does the sun develop. Only in the darkness of the night does morning come.

At night, thoughts have a way of breaking free and roaming free.

"Stephen King"

But, most likely, this will happen at night, simply because I still believe that night is the best time for miracles.

"Max Fry"

Music is good to listen to at night. When people's faces are not visible.

"Sei Shonagon"

Every night before you go to sleep, imagine your ideal tomorrow. You will see that in many respects this will be the case.

I hate this state. When you lie there at night and think, think, think, think... and you just can’t stop

I traded my day for a night, and at a very lousy rate.

Vanilla lipstick... Long eyelashes... Mountains of chocolate and the night when she stopped dreaming of him.

Then the night fully came into its own and did what day could not do - it grabbed the heart.

"Erich M. Remarque"

Night is the time for stupid thoughts and amazing ideas.

The night brings peace to the old and hope to the young.

Love in marriage is when during the day a couple is decorous, respectful spouses who turn into passionate lovers at night.

Night gives shine to stars and women.

Night is a great time to remember your cherished desires and ignite the desire to fulfill them

Quotes about the night

There are some tears that you absolutely have to cry, at any time of the day or night, to cry so that everything inside burns out.

It was a delightful moonlit night, one of those bright, warm Bessarabian nights when you don’t want to go home and indulge in sleep. It really is a sin to sleep on a night like this. The eyes are involuntarily turned upward, to the heavens, to the moon, to the stars. The soul is torn to an unknown destination. The heart is drawn to an unknown destination. Some incomprehensible melancholy creeps into my soul, I don’t know what

You can't change your life in one night... But in one night you can change thoughts that will change your life forever.

There is no better sleeping pill than a “good night” message from someone whose thoughts keep you awake.

Night also exists to make day easier to recognize.

How good it is to stay awake at night. Then it’s easier to talk.

"Erich Maria Remarque"

No one can be held back during the day by what happened at night.

"Sally Stanford"

Every night or evening you need to ask yourself a simple question: I lived today - did anyone feel good about it? No? So, have time to do something good!

Most nights were spent in restless thoughts. It seemed to me that there was a huge pit inside me, bottomless and empty, as if the whole world was nothing more than a giant hall without a single person.

We have such a big city that there is not enough good weather for everyone.

A city becomes a world when you love one of its inhabitants.

I don’t want to fall asleep in a city that I wouldn’t want to wake up in.

I'm wandering around somewhere! Look on the city streets.

A person has so much energy that it would be enough to illuminate an entire city for a whole week...

There is snow, cold, traffic jams, slippery in the city... but the mood is FELITARY =)

In a big city you can see more, but in a small city you can hear more.

Someday I will take off my ten-centimeter stilettos and go for a walk around the city...

Gray city, wet asphalt, lonely people...Who needs this spring???

Ah, if only the Eternal City were not tormented by eternal traffic jams.

The smell of a big city. Dirty thoughts. And expensive things.

People find each other all over the world, but you and I are lost in the same city...

Cities are like women, each with their own special scent.

When rain falls from above, When eyes look up from below, People and cities become cleaner.

They climbed onto the highest roof in the city and disappeared into each other)

It’s amazing, incomprehensible how a big city can become empty with the departure of one person...

The most wonderful city is the one where a person is happy.

I was born in the last millennium, in a city and country that no longer exist.

Two cities... Two hearts... And one feeling...

The lights of a big city are always so inviting... but you always get burned by them...

Solitude should be sought in big cities

Like a child’s drawing on the asphalt, my whole life is on the city map...

The brighter the city, the darker its shadow...

Headphones for life

Hi all.

While repairing one laptop, I encountered a problem: one of the memory chips turned out to be broken. The device itself turns on, but there is no image on the screen. Laptop DNS with W350ETQ motherboard. After checking all the voltages, which turned out to be normal, it came to flashing the firmware of the memory chips, of which there were already 2 pieces. One chip is the BIOS itself, the second chip is the memory of the multicontroller. Documentation for Clevo laptops can be found here. There, in fact, there are diagrams, user manuals and BIOS files. And everything would seem fine, download the file, push it into the microcircuits. But it was not there. The firmware file itself in the archive is one common file for both microcircuits; therefore, in this form, it is not suitable for direct firmware flashing by the programmer.

After some searching on the forums, I came across the MAIN, in my opinion, problem of forums in the Russian segment of the Internet - the complete reluctance of users to share knowledge.:) This is the main difference between Russian forums and foreign ones. A lot has already been said about this, many will not agree with this, but this is, alas, a FACT. If you ask a question you don’t understand, they will be rude to you, they will say “if you don’t know how, don’t bother,” they will say that the question is idiotic and shouldn’t even be discussed, and as a result you won’t get a clear answer. This is especially noticeable on 1C forums; if you are interested, read it. But oh well.

I also encountered the problem that the BIOS needs to be cut, craftsmen from the forums send me to turn to theory, indiscriminately throw in “you need to divide the files,” compare files with old firmware, or even suggest growing your hands and buying another programmer.

As a result, it was not possible to find specific information ANYWHERE on a very specific model, despite the fact that BIOSes can be different and files must be divided in different ways. And in my case, there is not even anything to compare with because the multicontroller chip has failed and, alas, it is not possible to take a dump.

Well, okay, after a short digression, let's get down to business.

And so, we have a W350ETQ board in hand, it has 2 BIOS chips. The first is 2 MB (U29), the BIOS itself. The second is 4 MB (U30) multicontroller memory. From the repository, the link to which I gave above, I downloaded the W3xET_B0222.zip archive. Unpack the archive and look at its contents.

The archive contains files for flashing a laptop firmware by running the program from DOS. Since the laptop does not turn on, it will not be possible to flash it using this method.

Open the FLASH.BAT

and look at its contents.
I will give only part of the file: @echo off @set BIOS.ROM=W370ET.bin @if exist MSDM.BIN del MSDM.BIN
As we can see from the code, the file W370ET.bin

, this file is flashed into a 4 MB chip (U30), memory next to the multicontroller.

For example, I leaked an old dump of the BIOS chip (the one that is still working). Let's pay attention to the beginning and end of the file.

The archive also contains the file flashme.bat

, open it and look at the code:
fpt -f W370ET.ALL -L 0x200000 -y Call flash.bat fpt /closemnf < yes.txt Afudos /S /SHUTDOWN
In the first line we see important information for us. For firmware the file W370ET.ALL

, but the file itself weighs 6 MB, which is a lot, but 6 MB is the total size of the firmware of our microcircuits. You can also notice the mention of the address “0x200000”. This is the size of the data being written. Let's open the file W370ET.ALL and pay attention to the beginning of the file. The beginning of this file completely coincides with the beginning of the BIOS dump.

Now, let's go to address 0x200000, the address is indicated in hexadecimal, in decimal it will be equal to 2 MB (2097152 bytes). By specifying a block, we specify the size from 0 to 2097152.

The selected block will be our firmware for the 2 MB chip. This block can be copied and saved to a new file. Or cut off the remaining 4 MB, leaving the initial 2 MB, and then save the file with a different name.

Next, let's pay attention to the block following the first 2 MB (2097152 bytes).

The next 4 MB is the firmware for the second chip, designated U30. This part is similar to the W370ET.bin


For example, I took the file W370ET.ALL

, by the way, from the file extension it is logical to assume that it contains all (ALL) firmware, and “cut off” the first 2 MB from it, and saved this file with the name
Then, using the comparison tool, I compared the resulting file with the W370ET.bin
. As a result, these files are completely identical.

I hope that this article will help you understand the practical part of the issue of working with BIOS firmware for some laptop models.

Important note: parts of the BIOS firmware may be in a different order. In this case, the order was 2/4 MB, or maybe 4/2. To check, it is advisable to have at least 1 dump from the chip from the laptop itself.

IMPORTANT. On these models, both microcircuits must be flashed at once; different versions of the microcircuit firmware may not be compatible with each other.

Statuses about your hometown

Happy Birthday to our most beautiful city! How beautiful you are at sunset, and your dawn is also wonderful.

Nowhere, in any city in the world, do the stars shine as brightly as in the city of childhood.

Only in a foreign city can you understand how much you love your native one!

What a city - not a single unfamiliar face.

My hometown will be the one where my eyes will be happy.

I am very strongly connected to my city because I am an extension of it.

My city, baby, is Paradise! Watch and be amazed!

Statuses about the night city

The city, by its very nature, breeds insomnia and itself knows no rest.

At night the city looks mysterious and dreamy, you want to dream and relax with it.

At night there is a special smell, color, the city just looks special at night

At night the city is even more beautiful than during the day, it is simply magnificent.

I like a summer night or evening city, when the lanterns are shining and the green leaves on the trees are illuminated.

Car, speed, night, night city, favorite music... cool...

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