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Hatred is an active feeling of discontent; envy - passive. It is not surprising that envy quickly turns into hatred.

• Johann W. Goethe

Envy, Wisdom Quotes, Discontent, Hatred

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I am incurably dissatisfied. No matter how well things are going, there is always something that needs to be fixed, there are problems that need to be solved, there is something that needs attention.

• Jared D. Leto

Dissatisfaction, Dissatisfaction

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As long as you are so dissatisfied with yourself, all is not lost.

• Emil Michel Cioran


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Any noise and any murmur, any outburst of discontent can be cured, as experience teaches, with fear, beer and halva.

• Igor M. Guberman

Irony, Discontent, Humor

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Dissatisfaction with oneself is a necessary condition for a rational life. Only this dissatisfaction motivates us to work on ourselves.

• Leo N. Tolstoy

Dissatisfaction, Motivation, Self-Knowledge

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A person who is not busy with work can never enjoy complete happiness; on the face of an idle person you will always find a trace of discontent and apathy.

• Heinrich Heine

Apathy, Idleness, Busyness, Discontent

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The English waiter waits for orders, carries them out and never anticipates them; if you change your mind, he shows neither surprise nor displeasure. The Italian waiter has a very clear idea of ​​where you will sit and what you will eat, and if you fail to meet his expectations, he will kill you.

• Bernard Show

Dissatisfaction, Deception, Surprise

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A bad mood comes from internal annoyance at one’s own imperfections, from dissatisfaction with oneself, inevitably associated with envy, which, in turn, is fueled by absurd vanity. Seeing happy people who do not owe their happiness to us is what is intolerable.

• Johann W. Goethe

Frustration, Life, Dissatisfaction, Imperfection, Relationships

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When I stop being indignant, it will mean that I am getting old.

• André Gide

Dissatisfaction, Aging

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When serving your father and mother, exhort them as gently as possible. If your advice does not work, remain respectful and humble. Even if you are annoyed in your heart, do not express your dissatisfaction.

• Confucius

Mother, Discontent, Fathers and Children

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Do not torment yourself with dissatisfaction - this is cowardice, but complacency is also cowardice.

• Baltasar Gracian y Morales

Cowardice, Wise Quotes, Instructions, Discontent, Complacency

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When away from home, behave as if you are receiving honored guests. When using the services of people, behave as if you were performing a solemn ceremony. Don't do to others what you wouldn't want for yourself. Then there will be no discontent either in the state or in the family.

• Confucius

Nobility, Instructions, Discontent, Family

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He who is lonely will not be abandoned. But sometimes, in the evenings, this house of cards collapses, and life turns into a completely different melody - haunting with sobs, throwing up wild whirlwinds of melancholy, desires, discontent, hope - hope to escape from this stupefying nonsense, from the meaningless twisting of this eternal barrel organ, to escape no matter where. Ah, our pitiful need for a little warmth; two hands and a face bending towards you - is this it, is it it? Or is it also a deception, and therefore a retreat and flight? Is there anything in the world other than loneliness?

• Erich M. Remarque

Pain, Life, Melody, Dissatisfaction, Loneliness

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You must be able to live and enjoy life based on what you have at the moment, and not be offended by what you don’t have. After all, no one and nothing can return the time lost to dissatisfaction.

• Pavel A. Florensky

Life, Moment, Discontent, Skill

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Manufacturers of epilators are most concerned about the results of Eurovision 2014.

• Ashot Nadanyan


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Suffering is the condition for the activity of genius. Do you think that Shakespeare and Goethe would have created, or Plato would have philosophized, and Kant would have criticized reason, if they had found satisfaction and contentment in the real world around them and if they felt good in it and their desires were fulfilled? Only after we experience a certain degree of discord with the real world and dissatisfaction with it, do we turn to the world of thought for satisfaction.

• Arthur Schopenhauer

Activities, Life, Wisdom Quotes, Discontent, Suffering

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We are usually driven to make new acquaintances not so much by fatigue from old ones or love of change, but by dissatisfaction with the fact that people we know well do not admire us enough, and the hope that people we do not know well will admire us more.

• François de La Rochefoucauld

Admiration, Acquaintance, Love, Dissatisfaction, Fatigue

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You are young and dream of a child and marriage. But answer me: are you already such as to have the right to desire a child? ...Have you overcome yourself, are you the master of your feelings, the master of your virtues? ...Or does the animal and the need of your nature speak in your desire? Or loneliness? Or dissatisfaction with yourself?

• Friedrich W. Nietzsche

Desires, Animals, Dissatisfaction, Needs

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A short introduction

People spend their entire adult lives searching for happiness. This is nothing more than the basis of the existence of man as a species, in the spiritual sense, of course. Some earn millions for this, believing that the yachts and other luxury items purchased with them will become a source of eternal joy, others are fanatically looking for their soul mate, thinking that only in marriage can one become happy. In general, everyone does what they consider necessary to feel completely satisfied with life, but in most cases no one gets what they want. Why? Yes, because man is designed this way - he is always dissatisfied with what he has. Last year I dreamed of a car, but this year I bought it. Now she seems old and bad to him, he criticizes her, dreams of a better one. No one realizes that it is enough to just stop for a second and praise yourself, be happy for yourself, because this will become that cherished moment of happiness. Because of such a race, an eternally dissatisfied person does not notice how his dreams are coming true, which, as he previously believed, should have become the source of his happiness.

Leave it, pass by

For some individuals, especially those who are followers and not leaders by nature, being “captured” by an eternally dissatisfied person is a common thing. This does not have to be a relative or family member - it could be a co-worker, neighbor or other relative stranger. Like hypnosis, such pliable individuals succumb to the eternal critical stories of grumblers, their constant curses and discussions. They don’t want to and they are not interested, but they listen to what they have to say and gradually turn into the same people. The only advice that can be given in such a situation is: get over yourself and pass by. It is better to choose a friend who is more positive and cheerful than a grumbler who will certainly not feed you with a charge of vivacity and creativity.

Close grumblers

Alas, almost every family or circle of close people has its own grumbler. It’s already more difficult to turn away from him, because this is the person who is dear to you, and you don’t want to lose touch with her. But sometimes there is neither the strength nor the desire to endure attacks and eternal attacks of negativity, so you have to avoid unnecessary meetings in every possible way, transfer topics, pretend that you are not listening. The most dangerous thing is that some grumblers can be announcers, especially if they are parents. In such cases, the situation escalates to the limit, and certain measures need to be taken. So before we figure out how to deal with people who are always dissatisfied, let's look inside the problem and try to eradicate it.

Forms of manifestation

Well, now let's see exactly what these fears look like and what qualities they develop in the affected individual:

  • Vulnerability. All words, even compliments, are perceived with a minus sign. They tell her that she looks good today, and she asks: “And yesterday, that means I looked bad?”
  • Categorical. Even the most innocent actions of people are considered as universal evil. A guest who does not praise the hostess's cake is an uncouth rude person!
  • Extreme self-doubt. A person simply cannot move along the path of life, because he is afraid to take a step to move closer to his dream, and blames himself for inaction. A vicious circle generates eternal discontent.
  • Demandingness. This trait is most characteristic of parents who did not succeed in life. They make children into “super personalities” so that they can be proud of them, demanding the impossible.
  • Pessimism. No comments here. Even before the most successful and attractive event, pessimists will tell you how and why it will go wrong.
  • Emotional reclusion. It borders on self-doubt, but manifests itself somewhat differently. Such people always leave things unsaid so that “the information will not be used against them”; they have a superficial attitude towards both work and relationships. When everything stops working out for them, they start grumbling.

We remember and analyze

In one of the above forms, perhaps you recognized one of your loved ones or acquaintances. But do not rush to label them and call them grumbling pessimists, grumbling tyrants, etc. First, carefully re-read the description of each form again and remember what became the “starting point” for such behavior for a person. Perhaps the vulnerable girl was previously greatly offended, telling her that she was good for nothing, ugly, no one was friends with her, and even her parents did not have any special hopes. And pessimists - after all, they could have previously repeatedly “run into trouble”, and their current behavior is a shield against the next unjustified expectations. Therefore, if an eternally dissatisfied person is dear to you, try to delve into his past and find the root of the problem.

We eradicate fears

This is a task that only the owner of his own fear can cope with. Only an experienced psychologist can help him from the outside, who will guide him in the right direction and show the absurdity of a particular fear. But the key point remains “the patient’s desire to be treated.” When a person begins to realize that fear simply devours him and takes away his strength, he will weaken its influence. When he understands that because of this anxiety he cannot achieve what he wants, become better, happier, more successful, the fear will be completely dispelled.


Now let’s look at the most common problems in setting goals that can seriously interfere with achieving results.

1 The goal is too specific

If the goal is set very narrowly, then a person may miss other, very important points. To avoid this mistake, try to gather as much information as possible about your potential target.

2 The goal is too narrow

When you focus on only one problem, you stop noticing others that can also be very important. For example, in one experiment, two groups of students were asked to read a paragraph of text. At the same time, some were asked to find only grammatical errors, and others - all possible ones. Of course, the second group coped with the task better. Because their task was not too narrow.

To avoid this mistake, try to compare your narrow goals with global ones and find a connection between them.

3 Too many goals

People who have too many goals end up focusing on just one, and statistically, some types of goals are ignored much more often than others. In one study, researchers set several goals for volunteers: they had to select stocks for investment and at the same time count the number of portfolios processed and the accuracy of this processing. When the two goals together were found to be unattainable, participants neglected accuracy in favor of quantity.

To avoid this mistake, try to set a minimum number of goals (2-3 per month) and monitor the implementation of each of them.

4 Narrow time period

For example, people with flexible wages often choose to work more hours on high-earning days and fewer hours on low-earning days. At first glance, this is logical, but if during this period you do not focus on time and consider the total income on different days, you can reduce the total working time and at the same time increase earnings.

To avoid this mistake, compare your short-term goals with your long-term ones and try to find a “golden mean” between them.

5 A very risky goal

Sometimes setting goals can trigger risky behavior and greatly reduce productivity. These are, for example, those cases when tightrope walkers, for the sake of glory, set themselves the goal of conquering a rope at a very high altitude without insurance. Yes, some succeed, but others simply die for the sake of an ambitious goal.

Before you set a goal, think about what you are willing to do for it. And be sure to set a clear boundary that you will not cross.

6 Unethical behavior

People are much more likely to lie about their performance if they have a challenging goal than if they don't have any goal. This also happens in situations where it is not possible to achieve the goal.

To avoid this mistake, simply set ethical boundaries for your behavior up front.

7 Goals Get in the Way of Your Learning

If people are given specific goals, they are less likely to resort to alternative methods to achieve them.

Instead of a very clear goal, just indicate the direction in which you want to develop.

8 Purpose encourages competition

If a person is focused on achieving his specific goal, then he can easily succumb to competition or even change his attitude towards others. In this situation, it is much easier to ensure that your goals coincide with the goals of your team.

9 Goal Setting Hijacks Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation can decrease even due to the very fact of setting a goal

Often people simply exaggerate the importance of external incentives in motivation. That is why it is better to turn more often to internal motivation

Who should not study online?

Despite the obvious advantages, online education is completely contraindicated for some people. This primarily concerns less prepared students and those who do not have sufficient self-control and organization. Experts made this conclusion during a study based on Chicago schools. Students who failed the exam were divided into two groups to prepare for a retake. As a result, among those who studied online, the failure rate was quite high, but those studying “live” successfully retook the exam.

But for people who are very motivated to study, such courses, on the contrary, can help expand their horizons and acquire new skills.

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