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Quotes about principles in relationships

Issue title: Quotes about principles in relationships. Don’t let go of your love, don’t betray, no matter what temptations fate has in store for you!

Love is like valerian - it gives peace of mind exactly until the body stops reacting to it, getting used to its calming effect.

Happiness is just a dream, but grief is real. Voltaire

Women who indulge in drunkenness give birth to children who are similar in this respect to their mothers. Aristotle

The meaning and dignity of love as a feeling lies in the fact that it forces us, with our whole being, to recognize in another the unconditional central significance that, due to egoism, we feel only in ourselves. Love is important not as one of our feelings, but as a transfer of all our vital interest from ourselves to another, as a rearrangement of the very center of our personal life. Vladimir Soloviev

For too long a slave and a tyrant have been hidden in a woman. Therefore, she is not capable of friendship: she knows only love. Friedrich Nietzsche

In relation to your friends you need to be as little burdensome as possible. The most delicate thing is not to demand any favors from your friends. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Love is the desire to enjoy beauty. Beauty is a kind of radiance that attracts the human soul. Marsilio Ficino

Love audacity should be manifested in actions, not in words. Gestures are not as intimidating as speech, and silence guarantees the purity of relationships intellectually. Andre Maurois

Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins. Proverbs of Solomon (ch. 10, cm. 12)

What I wouldn't give to rid the world of isms! We fiddle with our isms like blind moles, doing so many base things to each other that a thousand years ago it would have been necessary to throw some kind of comet at our heads. Charles Dickens

Love will always find a way. Stephen King "The Stand"

Personal relationships are the fertile soil on which all achievements, victories and successes grow. Ben Stein

The potter's daughter Dibutad saw the shadow of her lover on the wall and traced his profile with a dagger. Thanks to this design, her father invented the style of painting that decorates Greek vases. The basis of all things is love. Albert Camus

No one voluntarily gives away his property, but everyone, without hesitation, shares his time with his neighbor. We throw away nothing so willingly as our own time, although it is only in relation to the latter that frugality would be useful and worthy of praise. Michel de Montaigne

Only by her, only by love does life hold and move. Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev

In general, friendship can only be judged in relation to people of mature age and mature souls. Cicero Marcus Tullius

Love is the most interesting and most forgivable of all human weaknesses. Charles Dickens

What is valid for the greater must also be valid for the lesser. Marcus Tullius Cicero

The height of culture is determined by the attitude towards women. Maksim Gorky

Love is a joyful acceptance and blessing of all living and existing things, that openness of souls that opens its arms to every manifestation of being as such, feels its divine meaning. Semyon Frank

An injustice committed against one person is a threat to all. Charles de Montesquieu

Happiness comes to those who work hard. Leonardo da Vinci

Women who indulge in drunkenness give birth to children who are similar in this respect to their mothers. Aristotle

Intelligence is undoubtedly the first condition for happiness. Sophocles

Personal relationships are the fertile soil on which all achievements, victories and successes grow. Ben Stein

Love is fire, longing for happiness. Every creature is subordinate to its irresistible power. Lope de Vega

The real hobby of our generation is whining and stupid chatter about nothing. Failed relationships, problems with school, the boss is an asshole. This is all complete bullshit. If nothing works out for you, then there is only one asshole - that's you. And you will be very surprised if you find out how much you can change just by getting your ass off the couch. George Carlin

If we love people without thinking about Christ, then our love will be lustful with an animal bias, selfish, expecting reciprocity or retribution, and such love will inevitably end in disappointment or even hostility and anger.

Of all duties towards others, the first is truthfulness in words and deeds. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Love is stronger than self-love: you can love a woman even when she despises you. There is less tenderness in compassion than in love. Vauvenargues

Great love cannot be the companion of vile ones. Crates the Theban

The homeland and parents should come first, then the children and the whole family, and then the rest of the relatives. Marcus Tullius Cicero

We love, sometimes without knowing it, And often we call delirium empty love. Moliere

Personal relationships are the fertile soil on which all achievements, victories and successes grow. Ben Stein

If there is no suspicion in the relationship, this is a good family.

True love does not tolerate strangers. Erich Maria Remarque

Love is a delightful flower, but it takes courage to come and pluck it from the edge of a terrible abyss. Stendhal

Love is the glue that nature uses to glue together everything that, in her opinion, is too weak to survive in this world alone. Wilhelm Schwöbel

You must always remember that the most important criterion for your success is your attitude towards the people around you. Barbara Bush

Love under a mask is like fire under ashes. Carlo Goldoni

Love is more than rational consciousness, but without it it could not act as an inner saving force that elevates rather than abolishes individuality. Vladimir Soloviev

Less exalted, less selfish than love, friendship, alien to any harshness, occupies the hours that are not occupied by the latter. Friendship is a true, reliable refuge from the suffering caused by love. Marcel Prevost

Change your attitude towards the things that bother you, and you will be safe from them. Marcus Aurelius

Love is what the Earth rests on. Boris Ratzer "Diogenes"

Victory breeds hatred; the vanquished live in sorrow. The calm person lives in happiness, having given up both victories and defeats.

Being a woman is a terribly difficult thing because it mainly involves relationships with men. Joseph Conrad

Don’t chase love, it will come by itself, take care of yourself!

Love is not chosen, loved ones are not blamed, fate is not repeated, the forgotten are not called...

Rumor usually reminds a woman of her first lover only after she has taken a second one. Francois de La Rochefoucauld

If love makes fools smart, it makes smart people very stupid. P. Buast

To deserve love, beauty alone is not enough. Ovid

A good woman, when she gets married, promises happiness, a bad woman waits for it. Vasily Osipovich Klyuchevsky

Love is limitless, it has no boundaries and no visible horizons!

It is sweet to indulge in madness where it is appropriate. Quintus Horace Flaccus

A family is like a balloon—someone has to control it, but it can’t be done without ballast. A. Markov.

Women who indulge in drunkenness give birth to children who are similar in this respect to their mothers. Aristotle

Sincerity of relationships, truth in communication - this is friendship. Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov

All passions generally make us make mistakes, but the funniest ones are made by love. F. La Rochefoucauld.

Love! This is the most sublime and victorious of all passions. But her all-conquering power lies in boundless generosity, in almost supersensible selflessness. G. Heine

In your social relations, avoid making enemies out of friends; try, on the contrary, to turn your enemies into friends. Pythagoras

Success: the only unforgivable sin against your fellow man. Ambrose Bierce

Anyone who is capable of treating a woman with simplistic, shameless cynicism does not deserve trust as a citizen: his attitude towards the common cause will be just as cynical, and he cannot be fully trusted. Anton Makarenko

Love and friendship are a mutual echo: they give as much as they take. Alexander Herzen

When people are fighting for their lives, they are often reluctant to be polite to those who are trying to destroy them. Winston Churchill

The height of culture is determined by the attitude towards women. Maksim Gorky

At its peak, love is always a vision of the face of the beloved in God. Nikolay Berdyaev

It is unthinkable to draw a line where premonitions end and true love begins. Alexander Green

Love is unknown what, unknown where it comes from, but it is known why. Then to make two people happy.

Of all generally immoral relationships, treating children as slaves is the most immoral. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Love, of course, is paradise, but jealousy often turns the Garden of Eden into hell. Lope de Vega

Love without boundaries imposes an awful lot of restrictions on a person.

Anyone who wants to enter the path of love should not worry about how to treat all people, whether they are good or bad. Rev. Isaiah

Everyone can love, but not everyone can build long-term relationships!

Women are grateful for love, men demand gratitude. Henrik Kaden

A friend is the greatest happiness and wealth in life.

Among people there are those whose love becomes real only after long whispers, and frequent dates, and long-term friendship. Ibn Hazm

You don't need much to be happy. Hot chocolate, favorite music, a warm blanket and now you are happy.

The happiness that has never deceived me is your friendship. Of all my passions, the only one that has remained unchanged is my friendship for you, for my friendship is a passion. Nikolai Platonovich Ogarev

A little daughter is a great happiness. Her eyes, cheeks, mouth. It is impossible to look at her without smiling. I want to give my life for her laughter...

Love is worthy of this name only when no extraneous feelings are mixed into it, when it lives only by itself and feeds on itself. Nicola Chamfort

If a person’s life consists of nothing but happiness, then the very first problem becomes its end.

Once in a lifetime happiness knocks on everyone's door, but often this person sits in the next tavern and does not hear the knock. Mark Twain

In poverty and other misfortunes of life, true friends are a reliable refuge. Aristotle.

Love is a flower, and Happiness is the bee that pollinates it.

No man has lived a true life unless he has been purified by the love of a woman, strengthened by her courage, and guided by her modest prudence. John Ruskin

Only love and advertising can make something special out of the ordinary. Wilhelm Schwöbel

To love passionately is, of course, wonderful, but to love selflessly is even better. Only those who are loved even in their weaknesses and in their misfortunes are truly loved. To have mercy, to forgive, to console is the whole science of love.

Having brought happiness or averted misfortune from another being, albeit with great difficulty, a virtuous person is much more satisfied than if he had achieved his happiness with ease.

Love is more valuable than all treasures. She is a diamond that even kings cannot buy. She is the whole world, although she is hugged with two hands. M. Yokai

It is not through mutual love that the misfortune of unrequited love ends, but through greater love. Fr. Nietzsche

The only reason lovers never get bored with each other is because they talk about themselves all the time. Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Passion is a mocking, crafty deity, closer to the elves than to the gods. She loves to make fun of us. When we are finally able to give in to her, she leaves both or one of us. Clive Staples Lewis

Great waters cannot extinguish love, and rivers cannot drown it. If someone gave all the wealth of his house for love, he would be rejected with contempt. Song of Solomon (ch. 8, cm. 7)

Although there can be friendship between people of different sexes, in which there is no shadow of impure thoughts, nevertheless, a woman will always see her friend as a man, just as he will see her as a woman. Such a relationship cannot be called either love or friendship: it is something completely special. Jean de La Bruyère

Love without reverence and delight is only friendship. George Sand

A good family is one in which the husband and wife forget during the day that they are lovers, and at night they forget that they are spouses. Edmond Rostand

You cannot ask for happiness, you cannot avoid unhappiness if you yourself have acted badly or worked carelessly. Mo Tzu Mo Di

What could be more humiliating for a betrayer than the knowledge that they failed to take advantage of his betrayal. Fazil Iskander

It is bad if the authorities test their strength through insults; it is bad if respect is acquired by horror; With love you will achieve what you want much sooner than with fear. Pliny the Younger

Betrayal is a feat of loyalty to one’s interests. Alexander Kruglov

Love is the glue that nature uses to glue together everything that, in her opinion, is too weak to survive in this world alone. Wilhelm Schwöbel

Love grows from waiting for a long time and quickly fades away when it gets its way. Menander - Quotes about principles in relationships.

A completely special view can be established on the educational work in Russia, it is possible to give it a national basis, radically at odds with the one on which it is based in the rest of Europe, for Russia developed differently in all respects, and it had a special destiny in this world. . Petr Yakovlevich Chaadaev

The height of culture is determined by the attitude towards women. Maksim Gorky

There are days in life that are worth living for and not letting die. No wonder it is sung in the old glorious song that only love, love alone, rules over the world. Charles Dickens

A person carries self-love throughout his life. Oscar Wilde

Someone has a love relationship and I have a great friend over there

Do not have friends who are inferior to you in moral terms.

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