Aphorisms, quotes, statements of great people on the topic of Hatred

Sparks of anger

Once he breaks out, he never comes back. He will burn your life and the lives of those you care about. Try replacing your anger with statuses about anger and anger!

  1. If it seems to you that someone did not understand something, then he simply did not want to understand!
  2. There are only two options: you control your emotions... or your emotions control you!
  3. Never show your anger to anyone who wants to see it!
  4. If someone starts insulting you, then he has already lost.
  5. I hope everything here will burn with the righteous flame of fire that warms your damned souls...
  6. I'm so angry that I want to take a grenade and shove it down your throat!
  7. Sometimes a smile hides more malice than the most unkind look...
  8. No one will ever hurt me again unless I allow it!
  9. There is only one enemy that no one has ever been able to defeat - your own mind.
  10. The best thing about the one you hate is the fact that he is also mortal!
  11. One day you will beg me... I hope you will remember this moment when you read this status.
  12. I sincerely wish happiness to those whom I hated... I forgive you.
  13. Don't look at the past with anger, don't look at the future with fear. Look only around... and only in your right mind!
  14. When I'm angry, I'm afraid of myself!
  15. If you can't control your anger, then close your eyes and count to 10. It really works!
  16. The hardest thing about anger is thinking about the consequences it can cause!
  17. For a second of anger you have to pay with minutes of peace!
  18. Anger is a poison that kills those who keep it to themselves...
  19. Anger is coal from the furnace. It is impossible to hold it in your hands, it leaves scars. But you also need to throw it out with caution so as not to set anything on fire...
  20. If you don't know how to keep your anger to yourself, then one day your own anger will punish you!
  21. A person who can piss you off is not worthy of your anger.
  22. When anger wakes up, the mind goes to sleep...
  23. Anger is always generated by pain. But not every anger creates pain... The choice is yours.

If you hate your loved one...

Statuses about hating a guy are the most frequently used ones. If a loved one has betrayed or simply behaves unworthily, it is enough to put the correct quote to show him your pain or disgust. It is not enough to set just the phrase “I hate men”; statuses can be more varied:

  1. How complicated it is... You hate a person and at the same time you go crazy about him.
  2. Most of all you hate the one who touched your heart and then spat on your soul.
  3. The main difference between hatred and love is that it is rarely non-reciprocal.
  4. The reason for my hatred is not that love has passed, but because of your indifference.
  5. Without knowing how to sincerely hate, it is often impossible to love.
  6. Once a beloved man is capable of causing the fiercest hatred.
  7. Hatred is easy to hide; for a long time you were unaware of my feelings.
  8. It's easier to miss someone you love than to live with them and hate them at the same time.
  9. I hope that love will overcome hatred, then I will win my small victory.
  10. You yourself paved the short path from love to hate - when you stepped to the left.
  11. A person who lies in love is not even worthy of hatred.
  12. Hatred can be explained, which is why it is simpler than love.
  13. Judging by actions is a sign of hatred, not love.
  14. There is a struggle within me between love and hatred for you - I don’t know who will win...
  15. Jealousy transformed my love into hatred for you.
  16. Hatred towards you will someday subside, but disappointment will remain forever.
  17. I justify all my feelings with love, which helps to extinguish the hatred towards you. Maybe I'll forgive you.
  18. I dream of driving away hatred for you from my heart to make room for new love.
  19. I need a few doses of love to heal from the anger and hatred.
  20. Only the unloved can hate as much as I do.

Anger and kindness

Everything has a downside. And the other side of anger is the ability to screw over a friend, not paying attention to the pain. Statuses about anger and kindness, which can save everyone.

  1. A person who knows how not to return evil for evil knows how to save not only himself...
  2. Forget your love. Punish your anger. See another sunrise...
  3. Anger is born of desires that develop into obsession.
  4. Try to start with good... you'll always have time to wave your fists!
  5. Lies are afraid of the truth. Anger fears peace. Evil is afraid of good. Darkness is afraid of light. This is how the universe works. And only you decide... which side to take.
  6. Anger is weakness. Just remember this.
  7. Anger is like passion... but the passion is evil. This passion devours your soul while you indulge in it!
  8. Anger is madness! The madness that you willingly let into your mind.
  9. The most dangerous anger is the anger of an intelligent person. You will never guess what he has in store for you until it is too late.
  10. Anger is a childhood vice. In adults, it occurs only if they never deigned to grow up.
  11. The weaker your spirit, the easier it is for anger to take over your mind.
  12. When a breakup occurs in anger, it doesn’t count!
  13. Masculinity and anger are two completely different things that do not depend on each other.
  14. It is not anger that comes to a person, but a person that comes to anger...
  15. Anger is an emotion that we direct at those we cannot take revenge on...
  16. You will find a thousand reasons to be angry... and none of them will be worthwhile!
  17. When anger clouds your mind, the best thing you can do is remain silent.
  18. When you are angry, you are unable to make decisions.
  19. Anger and anger are what destroy lives...

But the eyes are beautiful

Most often, girls with beautiful appearance are mischievous. They believe that thanks to their attractiveness they can indulge in whims. Judging by the status of the mischievous girl, men willingly fulfill these whims.

  1. I prefer not to listen to how much they love me, but to feel it.
  2. For a girl to become an angel, create a paradise for her.
  3. Darling, why are you jumping from the window, you have horns, not wings.
  4. Follow a guy? I beg you! I only look after myself.
  5. What is two and two? I know how to make it look like 5, not 4!
  6. A smart girl knows how to turn on a fool in time.
  7. Heels and self-esteem hinder me from chasing men.
  8. Do you know why a beautiful woman can go both right and left? The queens have all their moves!
  9. I never hold a man by the horns... Let him graze where he wants.
  10. Devouring me with your eyes, don’t slurp.
  11. You called and said, “Forget me.” Now I’m sitting and trying to remember: who are you?
  12. I only accept money into my account.
  13. If a man didn’t like a woman, it means she simply didn’t want it.
  14. First of all, I am the best thing in your life. And secondly, the first one is enough!
  15. Anyone can love a good girl. And you try to love me!
  16. The cat is not interested in what the gray mice are squeaking about.
  17. Why be perfect if you are a masterpiece?!
  18. Boy, you don't have the intelligence to argue with me!
  19. Everyone has the right to make mistakes, but only I have no limits.
  20. I'm like chocolate: beautiful and harmful.
  21. Whoever does not hear the rustle of the girl’s wings will hear the roar of her broom.
  22. You won’t hear a word of flattery from me, but the nasty things will be true.
  23. If you don’t take me to the registry office, I’ll drive you crazy!
  24. If you don’t refuse people anything, they begin to become impudent.
  25. The mouse is afraid to tell the cat to its face what they were whispering about behind its back.
  26. He thought that his wife had caved in... But she simply bent over to lift the ax.

Angry words

What to do when you need to express your anger in words? You can start with angry statuses, and then – as it goes! Maybe this will be enough not to explode!

  1. A person who can control his anger will never sin!
  2. Anger cannot be turned into good, but it can be curbed.
  3. Anger and madness differ only in duration...
  4. Is there really so much anger in your eyes?
  5. Evil in response to evil only generates greater evil... and anger in response to anger will not generate anything new.
  6. Even the most worthy of husbands humiliates himself in anger...
  7. A good person will never spill poison around himself...
  8. Anger does not live in the head, it lives in the hearts... Don't try to understand it, try to curb it!
  9. Wrath has destroyed more lives than any plague and war combined...
  10. The more emotional a person is, the more terrible he is in anger!
  11. He who gives in to weakness in anger regrets the most...
  12. There is no anger that does not die on its own. The main thing is to wait.
  13. The voice of reason is rarely heard over the cries of anger...
  14. Patient anger is the most dangerous anger.
  15. Anger burns with such a fierce fire that it can burn everything it touches...
  16. Any word you say in anger will come back to haunt you one day...
  17. Being angry at a person is tantamount to taking revenge on yourself...
  18. Everything that begins with anger ends in shame.
  19. Any person, once angry, showed his true face. And then he claimed that it was just an obsession.
  20. You can only give in to anger in one case - when there is no other way...
  21. Oh, if only they knew why I'm so angry...

Negativity towards the surrounding society

Many statuses about anger and hatred are addressed not to a specific person, but to the people around you. If you are tired of rudeness or other vices of society, use the following phrases:

  1. Our society hates those who are free the most. I answer him the same.
  2. I prefer to distance myself from society, I hate it so much.
  3. Many people love qualities in themselves that they hate in others.
  4. Society is ready to kill on orders, but hates in order to appease its conscience.
  5. In some ways, I apparently envy everyone, because I feel unreasonable hatred for people.
  6. I hate people and love dogs.
  7. People often hate me for my sarcasm, and I hate everyone for no reason.
  8. When will my professional holiday – Hate Day – come?!
  9. I always hate people when I don't get enough sleep.
  10. When leaving home, the main thing is not to forget anything: your handbag, headphones, wallet, phone, a feeling of disgust and hatred towards society...
  11. I have so much hatred for people that I have almost no self-love left.
  12. Sadness reigns in the soul, pain lurks in the eyes, and hatred sits as a thorn in the heart.
  13. It’s worth walking down the street and I want to scream, long and loudly - maybe then the hatred will leave me.
  14. I look at people and think that they just have the talent to piss me off from the very morning and make me hate everyone.
  15. Why is there only hatred and anger around?
  16. I think somewhere I once hated you all...
  17. Envy is a passive feeling that quickly turns into an active stage - hatred.
  18. My hatred gives me strength.
  19. I don't understand the society around me, that's why I hate it so much.

And again “good” morning...

Angry quotes start a new day. Negative news and phrases are heard at every step.

Anger is like milk... As soon as it boils, it certainly asks to come out...

And rage and evil manifestations boil up in a person very quickly. People themselves do not notice how anger is born in them from the simplest and most ordinary things:

  • the child hesitated getting ready for school;
  • the wife over-salted the borscht;
  • a retired mother asked about her health for the fifth time that morning;
  • Electricity bills went up again by 2 rubles;
  • my sister did not return the 200 rubles she borrowed on time;
  • husband was late from work again;
  • the saleswoman awkwardly threw the change onto the counter.

That's it, a wave is seething in the soul, and negative emotions are rushing out.

I am an angry and terrible gray wolf!

But there are also people who are truly the product of evil deeds. They do not notice their dishonest and defamatory actions and justify their behavior, no matter what it is:

An evil person lives unrighteously even in wealth.

Many who do evil are justified by their rank.

Deception and force are the tools of the evil ones.

The unjust, making himself evil, does evil to himself.

Angry ladies

Quotes from angry women are filled with bitterness and disappointment. They contain sad notes of unfulfilled hopes, broken fate, broken heart and humiliated pride. In the best-selling novel “The Master and Margarita,” written by Bulgakov, there are wonderful words:

There are no evil people in the world, there are only unhappy people.

They provide the basis for deep reflection about negative and slanderous people. Angry and irritated women, tired, tortured mothers and wives forgotten by their husbands do not have the strength to rejoice and forgive. They find a way out for negative feelings and thoughts through an increase and outburst of internal anger:

Anger means fear. Anyone who is angry is scared, he is afraid of losing something.

If a woman is angry, it means that she is not only wrong, but also knows about it.

By expressing grievances and taking out evil on someone, women are under the control of a range of raging emotions. In a fit of anger, they are capable of saying unnecessary things, severely insulting and disgracing their man or beloved child.

Statuses on social networks contain a large number of disappointed statements.

  1. Only a good person laughs well. Angry - does not have such a warm laugh.
  2. An angry person is never happy.
  3. Fake kindness repels a person worse than sincere anger.
  4. Evil feelings are too personal, and we cannot allow them today...
  5. An intelligent person loses his unique charm if evil enters his head.
  6. The most sensible thing in a person is not to cultivate anger at others, but to act firmly to achieve the goal.
  7. There are times when strong anger gives rise to the desire to live.
  8. Villains are people who strike out of fear that they will be hit first.
  9. If people didn’t carry so much evil within themselves, they would see how beautiful this life is.
  10. If a person is very angry, then he is wrong.

Lack of good

There are also cases when inaction helps evil and unrighteous deeds to develop. In this case, a person helps evil to spread. Martin Luther King said this:

He who accepts evil without resistance becomes its accomplice.

Without preventing negativity, a person, unwillingly, helps it spread unhindered.

Evil people include the category of subjects who care only about themselves. Egoists, indifferent to the problems and joys of their neighbor, are none other than heartless people. Heartlessness is anti-warmth, anti-kindness, therefore anger:

He is evil who is good only for himself.

Wow, there's not enough evil!

Angry quotes express dissatisfaction with the environment:

Stop whining, get angry instead. Anger is more productive than snot.

If someone in life puts a spoke in my wheels, I change them to caterpillars and roll like a tank.

Choose expressions...on your face.

It was not love, but our evil stupidity that fell in love with a prince and married a goat.

Angry quotes have become an emotional outlet for dissatisfaction in life. People began to get used to being angry. Annoying moments are all over the place: a slow customer, an annoying relative. Patience and mercy are slowly becoming a thing of the past, giving way to rude and harsh actions and poisonous words. If inner beauty were reflected in a person’s external appearance, then our planet would be populated by freaks with distorted faces. Why so much aggression around? Lack of money, hard times or increasing self-obsession?

cocky bitch statuses

  • Every normal woman should have her own little peek-a-boo
  • If you are not sure that you can bite me to death, then believe me, you shouldn’t even bark in my direction, otherwise, God forbid, I WILL BREAK OFF THE CHAIN
  • I’m not looking for anyone... But the stupid habit of attracting and liking remains!
  • Affectionate, kind, gentle - these are the qualities I have always lacked...
  • My grandmother also said: Baby, don’t give a fuck - it’s a philosophy of the soul! When you don't give a fuck, you sleep better!
  • I'M HAPPY! And this doesn’t mean that everything is fine with me... I just learned to look past, through all the bullshit around me...))
  • - Yes, I won’t take your husband away!... Not a little one - he’ll come on his own...
  • I do not blacklist traitors! They immediately go on my “dead” list. And just try to resurrect, bitches!
  • - What day is today? - Wednesday... What? - Yes, it’s like the third Monday in a row.
  • I’m not looking for anyone, I have what I need.. What the hell I don’t need is gone

Hatred towards loved ones

Often the people closest to you give you credit. Statuses about hatred of people who previously seemed like friends to you are suitable for this case.

  1. We hate our loved ones most of all, because they are the ones who cause us the most suffering.
  2. My life is too short to waste it on hatred. You have hurt me so much that I will immediately begin to take revenge.
  3. I hate everyone because of the evil they caused me.
  4. It's no secret to me that everyone hates me. What do you expect from me in response?
  5. You hate me for the same reasons you once loved me.
  6. The pain of the past lingered and became the hatred of my future.
  7. You can try to come back into my life as much as you want, I’ll just shower you with hatred, take my glasses, headphones and move on with my life.
  8. I will smile in your face and wish you happiness, and then I will leave, swaying my hips. And just around the corner I will kick off my heels and shout loudly how much I hate you.
  9. It was no accident that I moved away from you, I was just tired of hiding my hatred.
  10. I always support everyone, but in return I only get spitting on my soul. That's why I hate you now.
  11. So that you don’t torment me anymore, I just want to destroy you.
  12. Negative emotions make it difficult to think, so I dream of stopping hating my enemies.
  13. The pain you caused led to fierce hatred, which in turn doomed me to loneliness.
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