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How often we lack understanding of people close and dear to us... And sometimes we ourselves cannot understand others. So what is “understanding”? Wise people will tell you about this, aphorisms about the understanding of which I have collected in today’s post.

For some people, seven years is not enough to understand each other at least to some extent, while for others, seven days is more than enough. Jane Austen "Sense and Sensibility".

I need the company of a person who would sympathize with me and understand me perfectly. Mary Shelley "Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus"

To understand means to feel. K.S. Stanislavsky

I try to be brief - I become incomprehensible. Horace

You should speak in such a way that you are understood as you want to be understood, and so that they cannot be understood otherwise. Mikhail Litvak “Psychological vampirism”

To understand what a person wants, put yourself in his place. To understand what he can do, put him on your own. Stas Yankovsky

Know how to take the position of another person and understand what HE needs, not you. The whole world will be with the one who can do this. Dale Carnegie

You'll be surprised how much a woman can understand. The main thing is to find the right words. Terry Pratchett "The Thief of Time"

Words only interfere with understanding each other. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

If you suffer from not being understood, take comfort; you would suffer much more if you were understood. Clarence Darrow

The ability to understand depends on personal experience, and not on mental effort... Max Fry “Victims of Circumstances”

You can't know everything, only understanding is enough. George Sand

To understand hearts, but not to conquer them... John Ronald Reuel Tolkien "The Silmarillion"

And we parted without understanding each other. In this world, people rarely understand each other. Johann Wolfgang Goethe "The Sorrows of Young Werther"

I hate sympathy. I want understanding. Even if I'm painfully different. Cursed, despised, shocking, twisted and first in line to be burned at the stake. Janusz Leon Wisniewski “Repetition of Fate”

Your soulmate is the one who understands you like no one else and will always be with you, no matter what happens. They say that nothing lasts forever, but I know for sure that there is such love that remains with us even after death. Cecelia Ahern "PS I love you"

It's hard to find someone who truly understands you. Usually people judge only by their own standards, and simply do not take others into account. Murasaki Shikibu

The desire to understand is an attempt to regain what you have lost. Peter Hoeg "Smilla's Snow Feeling"

Understanding another person is like hugging a cactus. We all have to hug cacti. It is important to believe that it is necessary, learn to find pleasure in it, and one day, when you really need it, someone will hug you. Robert Downey (Jr.)

*** No one understands each other as well as a schizophrenic and a paranoid. *** Let's not try to understand each other, so as not to hate each other. *** A woman can forgive a man everything, except for not understanding that he is VERY lucky to have her! *** I don’t understand you right now, so let’s listen to music! *** Don't try to understand the girl. God forbid you understand! *** It’s sad when we first get together because we are “so similar” and then break up due to a banal misunderstanding. *** The strongest walls are not built from stone or concrete. The strongest walls are built from misunderstanding... *** The wall of misunderstanding, the pit of ambition, the attic of claims... *** You know, I decided everything for myself. There will be no more meetings. It is not for nothing that popular wisdom says that you cannot step into the same river twice. It's true, I tried it. *** Understanding is just the sum of misunderstandings. *** How sometimes quarrels, resentments and misunderstandings in relationships lead to... You need to stop and not look for those to blame, but simply understand and listen to each other... There is no point in this rivalry, finding out who is right or wrong... This brain-picking without a particularly important reason ruins everything the good and bright things that exist between you... Appreciate each other. *** It’s strange, but they still take me for someone I haven’t been for a long time... *** Don’t judge a person only by his friends, remember that Judas’s friends were impeccable (c) E. Hemingway *** If you You can spend a completely useless half day in completely useless activities - you have learned to live. *** Misunderstanding makes enemies out of friends. *** If a person has sad eyes, it means he understands something in this life. *** I don’t want to love anymore, I don’t understand you. This status is for you. *** - Darling, will you buy me expensive mascara? - Yes... - And eyeliner? - And with vodka, you’re already good. *** I’m tired of looking into eyes that don’t understand you. *** How can a man and woman understand each other if they always want different things? A man wants a woman, and a woman wants a man. *** One will not understand what roses smell like, another will extract honey from bitter herbs. Give bread to one - he will remember it forever. Sacrifice the life of another - he won’t understand... *** They passed each other every day, looking into each other’s eyes. But they both didn't say anything, he just thought she didn't care; She believed that she was unnecessary to him... *** Our destinies depend on ourselves! By changing ourselves, we change others! *** Misunderstanding between two people does not give rise to resentment - but to indifference........ *** Does it also infuriate you when they don’t understand you???

Statuses about misunderstanding

People match in spirit - there is no misunderstanding, solving every problem with their eyes, with intuition. Seven hours of conversation - the understatement remains. Now, the appearance of presence is annoying, driving me into a rage.

They pass by open doors, not understanding their happiness. When the gates of happiness close forever, many will be alarmed. You can't bite your elbow. The miracle did not happen, although it floated past, touching the clothes with its magical plumage. They didn't appreciate me. It's a pity.

Psychosis, hassle, desire. Calls, wishes, SMS. Misunderstanding. An elementary craving for a full life.

Misunderstanding is extreme. Lord or Devil.

Best status: Southern and northern subcultures always cause surprise and misunderstanding.

Human misunderstanding does not mean hostile and hostile attitude. Aggressively minded people are for themselves, not against.

Opponents challenge my research spirit to conduct an experiment. There is no misunderstanding here. Misconception?

I want - I can. The ice of misunderstanding is difficult to melt. It is impossible to break your heart into sharp pieces without touching your soul.

When they introduced us, we were so confused that he ended up calling me by his first name!)

There was nothing between us... I was just joking... And you played along with me...

Sometimes it’s so bad... And the fact that you [where you are] makes life completely unbearable... When every day there is another portion of misunderstanding, desperate tears behind a locked door, and then you paint your eyes again and pretend that everything is okay ok...

Take off my dress, take off my bra, take off my panties... And never wear my clothes again! -6

The selfishness and lack of understanding of a friend really spoils the mood... (the indifference of the guy... (and the empty cries of the parents... how exhausting it all is...

He just wanted to talk, you just didn’t want to listen to fairy tales, he just wanted to be with you - you just grew up.

You encounter misunderstandings more and more often

You’re talking to her in all seriousness... And she just giggles into the phone... And asks in surprise why I’m swearing...

What I regret at the moment is that when you were added, I clicked “authorize” when I should have “rejected”!

We used to play with the boys and tell them so easily that we liked them. And now we are running from them and cannot say anything.

So that I can see you on crutches, and you can see me with one eye!

I'm trying to find his feelings for me...

It’s a man’s job to call, but a woman’s job not to pick up the phone...

My brain is negative and not indifferent to the fact that they are trying to mark it out in full...

I will be a silent hallucination.

They passed each other every day, looking into each other's eyes. But they both didn't say anything, he just thought she didn't care; She believed that she was unnecessary to him...

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