Frost and sun, a wonderful day: a selection of statuses and quotes about winter

This has never happened before, and here it is again... The thing is that snow falls every winter in the northern hemisphere. And for many it comes as something unexpected. For some it is pleasantly unexpected, but for others not so much. For public utilities, that’s true. And, probably, not only wipers, but also many of us have thought about where snow comes from and why it is needed. Therefore, let's understand with the help of quotes about snow.

And the snow circled and fell

Statuses about the first snow are full of optimism and joy that the off-season is finally over, and nature has decided on the time of year. Then the statements could be like this:

  1. White snowflakes are flying across the sky, they want to cover up the dirt and puddles.
  2. The first snow is like a path to success.
  3. After rains and gusty winds, white snow always pleases and excites.
  4. When the first snow falls, many people make wishes, just like during a starfall.
  5. The first snow makes many people start counting the days until the New Year.
  6. Indian summer gives way to the white first snow - and this evokes only positive emotions.
  7. When you look out the window in the morning, and it’s white and white for the first time this year, you feel a fabulous, rainbow mood.
  8. The first snowflakes are greeted with joy, the last ones are seen off with pleasure.
  9. The purity of the first snow inspires confidence in the purity of the world.
  10. I really want the first snowflakes not to melt, but no - the dirt wins.
  11. “The snow is spinning, flying, flying” - let it cover up all past adversities and misunderstandings..
  12. With the first snow, it’s as if you are entering a new life - everything starts with a clean slate.
  13. The first snow is like a blank sheet of paper - write a new story of your life.
  14. The first snow inspires confidence that things will only get better.
  15. When the first snow falls, you involuntarily think about the transience of life - after all, you just jumped over puddles.
  16. White snow for the first time is like something unusual and sacred, despite the fact that in a month you will complain about the snowdrifts and wish it would stop falling.
  17. The first snow brings an involuntary smile to your face. Have you noticed how the eyes of passers-by become kinder on this day?
  18. The first snow is an emotion from childhood, when everyone ran out and started making snowmen.
  19. With the first snow, I have hopes that everything is ahead.

Quotes about snow

Prepared by: Dmitry Sirotkin

I present to you a selection of quotes about snow .

snow has become a rare guest in our area , and people have begun to appreciate it!

Quotes are summarized by topic: people and snow, love and snow, first snow, nature and snow, November and snow, spring and snow, feelings and snow, color of snow, house and snow, snowflakes, sleep and snow, wind and snow, winter and snow, December and snow, happiness and snow, Russia and snow, peace and snow, sun and snow, death and snow, life and snow, soul and snow, creativity and snow.

People and snow

People are like porcupines walking through an icy snowy desert: they huddle together from cold and fear, and stab each other with their quills. (A. Schopenhauer)

When it snows, we feel like children again. (Yu. Mishima)

Snow is like a white sea, a person can go out and get lost in it... and forget about everything in the world. (D. Fitch)

Be cold as ice and pure as snow - you still cannot avoid slander. (W. Shakespeare)

It was snowing. If you squint and look up for a long time, it will seem that Heaven and Earth are floating towards you, and you can no longer understand whether snowflakes are falling on your face, or whether you yourself are flying, flying upward... (M. Semenova)

It seemed to him as if he were a fragile empty shell that would soon be crushed by the weight of the falling snow. (N. Kleinbaum)

Winter awakens the appetite. While there is snow on the streets, chocolate cake is the best medicine. (E.M. Remarque)

In essence, winter has just begun, the snow will remain for another four months, and Moscow is already tired of winter. (E. Grishkovets)

Those who did not believe in bad prophecies, did not lie down in the snow for a moment to rest, should meet someone as a reward for loneliness. (V. Vysotsky)

There was no snow. It was promised on radio and television only so that people knew that it could be, so that they would buy down jackets with hoods and snow removal equipment. (D. Glattauer)

I want to walk in knee-deep snow and watch it fall from the sky in large clods. Beauty... beauty. (T. Capote)

I look calmly and dispassionately: The coal is lighter, the snow is darker, Once everything was clear to me, But, unfortunately, I have become smarter. (I. Guberman)

She looked into the darkness outside the window, where snow flakes were rushing randomly, not subject to either the force of gravity or their own will. All they wanted was to land somewhere and become quiet, and then melt and disappear from the face of the earth. This was the consolation. (Yu Nesbe)

In the end, only the instinct of self-preservation always wins. Under the pressure of this instinct, all so-called humanity, which is only an expression of something in between stupidity, cowardice and conceit, melts like snow in the spring sun. (A. Hitler)

The calendar has already turned, the meaningless distance of winter is visible. Turning towards frost, and New Year, and many other worries. You have to hold on, you have to in December, when there is snow and darkness in the yard, and winter is rampant outside the window. You have to hold on and not go crazy. (E. Rein)

Old age comes suddenly, like snow. In the morning you get up and see that everything is white. (J. Renard)

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Love and snow

Love should be as easy as breathing, as gentle as falling snow, and that is what it is. (D. Krom)

Yes, there is sad joy in the fact that love will pass like snow. Oh, is it really necessary to swear to ancient fidelity forever? (A. Blok)

December... Snowdrifts in the yard... I remember you and your speeches; I remember in the snowy silver Shy shoulders trembling. In Marseilles white lace, you were daydreaming by the curtains: All around on the low sofas, Respectful gentlemen. (A. Bely)

The first snow is like new love: bright, unexpected, pure. (M. Matskevich)

To remember how slowly the snow falls when we are called to love. (I. Brodsky)

How the snow flies! There's so much snow! How I love you, my brother! What a long road from St. Petersburg to Leningrad. (B. Akhmadulina)

I like snow and ice more than love. It is easier for me to be interested in mathematics than to love my neighbors. (P. Hoeg)

The evening is not forever. It will rush by - like a New Year's moment, The snow, having looked for it, will disappear without leaving a trace. I know that I love you very much, that I love you very much - today, Tomorrow, perhaps, there will never be. (V. Gaft)

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First snow

The first snow is so nice, it’s better than all the old snows put together... (A. Lindgren)

The streets were quiet - that quiet that always accompanies the first snow. (N. Gaiman)

Then the first snow fell, pleasing with its purity, as if nature itself was making it clear that everything unpleasant that had managed to accumulate in the soul was superficial. (Ya. Zemojtelite)

Initial October snow... In the silence of abandoned gardens Like sad yellow leaves On the early shroud of snow! (D. Merezhkovsky)

The winter that year was fierce. From the end of November, after a week of frost, snow fell. Heavy clouds approaching from the north could already be seen from afar, then thick white flakes began to fall. In one night the entire valley was covered with a white shroud. (G. Maupassant)

Oh, who doesn’t love the first snow In the frozen beds of quiet rivers, In the fields, in villages and in the forest, Gently humming in the wind! (N. Rubtsov)

Since childhood, I have experienced a kind of excitement in front of a fresh cover of snow... It’s as if you are entering some new world, and the joy of discovery, the first contact with something pure, untouched, undefiled, permeates you. (D. Steinbeck)

The first snow, like a frightened hare, huddles like a white fur at your feet, and the road brightens, becomes timid and melts from its incomprehensible anxieties. (T. Rovitskaya)

Drinking coffee at night is like the first snow or like the early morning after a storm: it always seems that something similar has already happened in your life... (B. Yoshimoto)

Nature and snow

How quiet it became on the mountains from the freshly fallen snow. In what slow circles the smoke rises. And in heaven, what tender bliss. (K. Balmont)

Against the black background of the thawed earth, the remaining piece of snow always appears more tempting and brighter. (M. Sholokhov)

The snow is fluttering and spinning, It’s white outside. And the puddles turned into cold glass. Where the finches sang in the summer, Look today! - Like pink apples, there are bullfinches on the branches. (S. Yesenin)

How monotonous the snow would be if God had not created the crows! (J. Renard)

It's snowing, it's snowing, It's snowing, and everything is in confusion: A white pedestrian, Surprised plants, A turn at the intersection. (B. Pasternak)

Snow is considered a shroud of dead nature; but it also serves as the first route for life supplies. So unravel nature! (K. Prutkov)

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November and snow

It's just snow, St. Petersburg and the third Thursday of November made her head spin. (T. Ustinova)

Nature is silent, frozen, and waits for snow... Waits for purity and silence... then peace will come. Later, the first creak of footsteps in the snow will break this silence with anticipation of the holiday. Until then it's November. (I. Asimova)

Black Forest Irresistible Drawn to the roots, Behind the November pre-winter Snow awaits the soul soon. (M. Sadovsky)

There are no plans for tomorrow, nor for the day after tomorrow, however. What a happiness, God, God, to walk among the naked branches in the last days of November, whose plans are so fickle: Now snowfalls, now fogs, now straight spring dawn. (L. Miller)

But that’s why November, the darkest month of the year. In November, you doubt the existence of the sun and the sky, and if suddenly a ray of sunshine appears and the blue sky shines through the clouds, you want to say a special thank you for it. And when it becomes clear that there will be no more rays or blue, you begin to dream of snowfall. So that this whole hopelessly gray world would shine with whiteness, so that the eyes would hurt from the whiteness. (G. Schmidt)

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Spring and snow

The landscape with snow-shrouded trees was replaced by a gentle watercolor of spring. (A. Golden)

In spring, hopes for a snowy winter fade. (Yu. Tatarkin)

Driven by the spring rays, the snow from the surrounding mountains has already fled in muddy streams to the flooded meadows. With a clear smile, nature greets the morning of the year through a dream; The skies are blue and shining. (A. Pushkin)

Winter is a good thing when it’s real winter - with ice on the rivers, hail, sleet, biting frosts, blizzards and everything else, but spring is no good - continuous rain, mud, slush, one word - melancholy, and soon it would end. (M. Twain)

Before spring there are days like this: The meadow is resting under the dense snow, The cheerfully dry trees are rustling, And the warm wind is gentle and elastic. (A. Akhmatova)

Feelings and snow

There is no such melancholy in the world that snow cannot cure. (B. Pasternak)

Dreams are dust! There is no place for them in the world. And even if the youthful delirium had come true? What if it snowed in the hot desert? An hour or two of rays - and there is no snow! (O. Khayyam)

Snow is water, it will melt and go away, like my trouble, once and for all. (A. Makarevich)

We make our idols out of snow and cry when they melt. (W. Scott)

Pleasure is like a poppy - as soon as you touch the flower, the petals fall; or like snow falling into a river: one moment white, and the next - it disappears forever. (R. Burns)

Falling neck-deep in snow is a pleasure that can only be appreciated by those who have experienced it themselves. (E. Bronte)

Snowfall is the only weather I like. It hardly annoys me, unlike everything else. I can sit by the window for hours and watch the snow fall. The silence of snowfall. (E. Lu)

Snow color

Do you know why snow is white? Because he forgot his color... (K. Geass)

It appears white, but sometimes it is pink, sometimes it is blue. It can be softer than anything in the world, or it can be harder than stone. Nothing can be known for sure about him. (T. Jansson)

Anaxagoras taught that snow is black. He was right: cold is black. Ice is night. (V. Hugo)

Looks just like sugar, tastes like emptiness. (K. Link)

The reddish, bluish snow of the snowy streets, This is not fluff, this is not cotton wool, This is the snowy height, The snowy sky has snowed, An angel breathes a snow wing, Like holy simplicity. (Yu. Moritz)

House and snow

This winter is truly endless. You look out the window and want to spit. And there lies, lies gray snow on the roofs. I'm tired of winter! (M. Bulgakov)

The snow lying on the roof melts, for it is so decreed from above. (N. Glazkov)

When it snows – so soft and fluffy, as if strange snowbirds are playing somewhere up there – you don’t really want to go home. (V. Rasputin)

Besides, it should start snowing any minute. It’s such a pleasure to listen to long, intelligent discussions in the snow. If you look out the window when it’s snowing, does it really seem like someone is heading towards the house through the yard? (B. Pasternak)

All the houses, when they were covered with snow, began to look alike: a white lawn, a white driveway, a white roof, the corners were rounded, all the outlines lost their sharpness. No one driving by would be able to guess that a happy family lives in one house, an unhappy and incomplete family in another, and a demon’s lair in the third. (D. Wells)

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Every snowflake is like a letter from heaven. (M. Kivelya)

None of you have the beauty and uniqueness of a snowflake. (C. Palahniuk)

Millions of snowflakes swirl, spin and all together resemble rolling white waves. Are there really no identical ones among them? (L. Oliver)

Each New Year in a person’s life is fragile and unique, like the pattern of a snowflake, and melts just as quickly and imperceptibly, leaving delightful moments of happiness in the memory and unhealed scars on the soul. (T. Babayan)

And I have a snowflake in a matchbox. It was back in February, it was snowing, and I set up the boxes, caught one bigger snowflake and - wow! - he slammed it, quickly ran home and put it in the refrigerator... In the entire state of Illinois, I am the only one who has a snowflake in the summer. You won’t find such a treasure anywhere else, even if you crack it! (R. Bradbury)

Dream and snow

Snow is good on winter mornings, when the stove is already lit and it’s still too early to get up. (J.R.R. Tolkien)

Moomintroll stood on the porch, watched how winter swaddled the earth in its white shroud, and thought calmly: “In the evening we will go into hibernation.” (T. Jansson)

Winter is a time to make plans and see perspectives. Time to sleep under the snow and other blankets. (M. Kivelya)

Do you hear the snow rustling against the glass, Kitty? How fluffy and soft he is! How he caresses towards the windows! Snow probably loves fields and trees, since he is so gentle with them! He covers them with a white feather bed so that they are warm and comfortable, and says: “Sleep, dear ones, sleep until summer comes.” (L. Carroll)

Wind and snow

Light snow is a harbinger of big snowstorms. (H. Murakami)

The storm covers the sky with darkness, spinning snow whirlwinds; Then she will howl like a beast, then she will cry like a child (A. Pushkin)

Returned from a walk. I haven't seen such a brilliant performance for a long time. February, January and December perform their farewell concert on the same stage and do it with great feeling. Snow Symphony with Snowdrift Overture and Blizzard Suite; the wind is conducting, as always. (E. O'Connor)

Winter and snow

I love snow very much, it reminds me of almond blossoms in spring. (R.N. Guntekin)

From the greedy winter you won't get any snow. (K. Kushner)

For a whole week we made snowmen, fell on the snow and drew figures in the snow that looked like angels, and caught snowflakes with our tongues. What a joy it was! (S. Gio)

She had lived in Montreal her entire adult life and had forgotten how beautiful snow could be. She was used to the fact that snow was something that had to be cleared away. Kind of like trash from heaven. But now she saw the snow of her childhood. Cheerful, playful, bright and clean. The more the merrier. Snow is not a toy. (L. Penny)

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December and snow

December day in my window frame. Without brightening, the sky darkens. The branches stick out like brooms behind the houses. The balcony, clogged with snow, became wild. (S. Marshak)

Imperceptibly, sunset gave way to dawn, And the snow turned white from the darkness. I love you, short days of December, evening of the year and morning of winter. (V. Berestov)

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Happiness and snow

It would be great if, just like we sculpt snowmen and snowwomen in the yard every winter, you could sculpt yourself a snowy happiness that will be so cold towards others that it will never leave you! (O. Roy)

He falls quietly, and slow and powerful... I am immensely happy with his victory... Of all the wonders of the earth, you, oh beautiful snow, I love you... Why I love you, I don’t know. (Z. Gippius)

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Russia and snow

I think that there are no people under the sun so accustomed to a harsh life as the Russians: no cold bothers them, although they have to spend two months in the field at a time when it is frosty and more than a yard of snow falls. (R. Chancellor)

Our thoughts and deeds are whiter than snow, even our soot is pristine white; It was only in vain that our Russian cart slightly overtook its horses. (I. Guberman)

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Peace and snow

The snow hid the imperfections of the world. (A. Bobrakova)

The snow swirled sleepily, and when everyone woke up, the world was completely new. (G. Haywall)

I bet it snows even in hell, although I doubt it stays there for long. (S. King)

The snow bent the bamboo, as if the world around it had turned upside down. (M. Basho)

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Sun and snow

Frost and sun; wonderful day! You are still dozing, lovely friend - It’s time, beauty, wake up... (A. Pushkin)

Snow lies on the mountains and valleys, like a naked woman, with pride and voluptuousness revealing her sparkling body towards the warm sun. Soon the warm sun will melt everything. What then? (B. Kaufman)

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Death and Snow

Death is almost like snow: you never know when it will fall, although most often it happens in winter. (M. Parr)

Snow, like death, is a great equalizer; it “falls easily on the living and the dead,” without making any exceptions. (T. Foster)

Life and snow

The white color of snow reminds us that we ourselves color our lives. (M. Berestova)

Snow without dirt is like a long life without lies. (V. Vysotsky)

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Soul and snow

But there is no heart in it, in the snow, and if there is, it is evil, blind. (T. Tolstaya)

Snow fell - And everything was forgotten, What the soul was full of! (N. Rubtsov)

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Creativity and snow

Genius is a black man who sees snow in his dreams. (V. Nabokov)

Snow is a poem. A dazzling white poem. (M. Fermin)

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As you can see, quotes about snow are primarily dedicated to people, love, nature, November, spring and the first snow.

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Unexpected but true

But those who have not yet waited for the Indian summer, and then in October the snow began to fly, are not very happy. Then the statuses may be with a degree of grief and sadness. But if you are still happy about such a natural phenomenon, then don’t hide your emotions - post statuses about the first snow in October:

  1. And the weather forecasters promised another +18...
  2. Snow - where is Indian summer?
  3. We were deceived again, instead of a warm autumn there was an early winter.
  4. I took an umbrella, went outside, but the umbrella was no longer needed - it was snowing.
  5. I wouldn’t like winter to start in October – but it is what it is.
  6. With the first snow in October, hopes that it would still be warm melted away.
  7. I’ll go out into the street and look at the village - what the hell - I’m not having fun at all.
  8. My wife was so happy when the first snow fell in October, because with the first snow I promised her a new fur coat. I went to buy - what about unforeseen and early expenses?
  9. We wanted to dig potatoes, but it worked out - digging them out from under the snow.
  10. On Saturday we planned a trip to nature for barbecue - farewell to summer. It worked out - we hid in dens - welcoming winter.
  11. If the first snow falls in October, it means you will have winter for 5-7 months - a folk sign.
  12. The first snow - everything is fine, if it hadn’t started in October...
  13. “Snowfall, snowfall, don’t hit my hair” in the month of October - it’s a bit early...
  14. Our area has not seen such snowfall for a long time, especially in October.
  15. “But the snow didn’t know and was falling, but the snow didn’t know and was falling,” that it had been falling for several days in the middle of autumn.
  16. Usually we greet the first snow with joy, but in October it’s already too much of the heavenly office.
  17. What kind of global warming are we talking about if there is snowfall in October?

Sad statuses about winter and love

As bright, sharp and cold as a small shard of ice. They can hurt, or they can also give you a good mood, it all depends on what you expect from this Winter. If you are looking for sad statuses about winter and love, we have collected them in this article especially for you.

  1. Winter always brings something into our lives: fractures for some, and broken hearts for others.
  2. Winter is cold for those who do not have warm memories.
  3. If in winter sometimes even the sea freezes, then what can we expect from love...
  4. We are like autumn and winter, close, but not together...
  5. It’s easier for winter than for me, it can cover your tracks on the ground with snow, but in my heart a blizzard leaves only cold memories...
  6. You say that this autumn has ruined you, but you still don’t know that this winter will be our last.
  7. Sometimes it seems to me that there is no winter, that winter is a lie... Because snow is just frozen drops of rain... ... and there is no hate, because hate is just frozen drops of love...
  8. First snow... For some, first love, for others, first tears... But for me, a new life... Life without you...
  9. Snow falls quietly on the palm of your hand and melts. You are far away now and I miss you. How I wish I could turn into this snow. And slowly lie down in your palms!
  10. So, you wait, you wait for a warm meeting, and winter comes...
  11. This winter again prophesies love, because I so want warmth on a cold, lonely evening... I lit a candle on the table so that she wouldn’t get lost on the way and would lead her to the house along a snowy path...
  12. Winter came to me in the fall, when my heart was frozen and cold settled in my eyes.
  13. Winter turns water falling from the sky and people's hearts into stone.
  14. Winter in the soul, winter in the heart, winter has settled in me for a long time.
  15. I hate winter... You experience two colds at once: one in your heart, the other on the street.
  16. The colder the winter, the colder the heart.
  17. You can love winter and bring warmth to the world... Or you can love summer while remaining a shard of ice.
  18. The time has come to part. A blizzard swirls between us. And winter continues to be angry. The cold has chilled my soul.
  19. Winter has come to the city, severe cold, how can I find someone who I really need in this world?
  20. She will look at you with winter-colored eyes and silently leave, brushing snowflakes from her eyelashes...
  21. I just miss it when I don’t hear your voice or read your messages. I don't have enough of you, catastrophically enough. And even this winter is losing its charm.
  22. - My love for you is like winter. - What, is it just as cold? - No, it just ended.
  23. On the morning of a clear, frosty winter day, I will write down our story with a stick in the snow, and then, when the warmth comes in the spring, I will sail away into a new life along with the melted snow...
  24. Winter, December. Sad smile. Quiet mornings, gray days, and in the evenings tea with chocolate, but the most delicious thing is not chocolate - it’s dessert, but for dessert warm memories of how it all began with us...
  25. In winter, snow covers not only the ground, it hides all hopes for love until spring with its cold blanket...
  26. Winter evenings are a time of tender, cold and sad sadness...
  27. Your words wanted to make me cry, but Winter and cold froze them, like my heart...
  28. It's cold outside, you can't see the sun, everything is so gray, and even the snow is not white, but gray... Why? Maybe because it's December? No, you're just not around...

Let's laugh at the weather

But if the first snow still inspires optimism and gives you a good mood, then share it online by posting cool statuses about the first snow:

  1. I came out with a windbreaker and it turned out that I had gotten excited – I needed a fur coat.
  2. Winter, as always, came suddenly, treacherously and aggressively.
  3. I don’t like the transition from autumn to winter so much - I never have time to put on my new demi-season coat, it’s been like new for 5 years.
  4. We really wanted warmth - the first snow gave us it, at least saving us from the gusty wind.
  5. With the first snow, everyone takes selfies, and with the last frosts they simply post obscene messages on the networks.
  6. Oh, snowflakes are flying! And what? Do you think the sooner winter comes, the sooner it will end? This is not about her.
  7. The first snow fell and covered everything with a clean snow-white blanket - there was nowhere to spit.
  8. Why did you promise your wife a fur coat with the first snow? I didn’t know that it could fall out even in September...
  9. I’m walking and feeling sad: snow is a sign of winter, winter is a reason to freeze, a frozen person gets sick, and then death is not far away. It turns out snow is the beginning of the end.
  10. Rejoice at the first snow, while it is unusual and brightens up the entire space around you, you will have time to swear at it when it starts to melt - and everything will float under your feet.
  11. Snowfall is welcome only once - when it’s the first, everything else is characterized by unsightly verbs: it’s piled up, piled up, got it, pisses us off, and so on.
  12. Remember your first impression of the first snow. This will help you maintain a good attitude towards him when he pesters everyone.
  13. The snow is falling and melting - this swing is unsettling - it is not clear what to wear, and whether to change the shoes of the car is also a question.

November is a snowy month

The status about the first snow in November is also set in November - after all, then it will no longer be relevant. Such a statement can be joyful - after all, in many regions November is the month when there is constant snow cover. But if you are a resident of southern Russia, then snow in November may even make you angry. Choose your status:

  1. Oh, snow, snow, white blizzard - the snow has covered everything around, it will be bearable in November.
  2. There was a lot of snow, it’s good that it was in November.
  3. November is traditionally a snowy month - it’s no surprise that the snow won’t melt.
  4. In November, the first snow becomes the basis of the last.
  5. It snowed in November - we already need to prepare for the New Year.
  6. Snow in November - we are quite happy about it.
  7. When snow falls in November, the bores still grumble - it could have fallen later.
  8. In the south, snow is always welcome - even on New Year's Eve - as long as it falls at all.
  9. But I don’t like these snow covers, I just want to cover them too...

The first snowflakes are like the first feelings

The status about the first snow and love is often romantic and warm. Those can put it. Who has already experienced this feeling or is waiting to meet it:

  1. The first snow is somewhat reminiscent of first love - both come suddenly and melt quickly.
  2. Snowflakes move like they slide along threads, so our love has eluded us.
  3. The first snow, like first love, is beautiful, graceful and fresh.
  4. “Snow is falling - a thousand white people are fleeing, and a man is walking along the road and his lips are trembling”...
  5. They say that there is not a single snowflake that has the same pattern as another. It’s the same with love - no matter how many times you love, everything is always different.
  6. When the first snow falls, the lovers rejoice - and not only at it, but at the fact that they are together.
  7. Many people want to get married precisely when the snow is constantly falling and the frost is getting stronger - according to legend, the love will be strong and the relationship will be long.
  8. When you are in love, you are ready to catch snowflakes in your mouth and at the same time jump like a child.
  9. Snow is like love - first, waiting for it to cover the dirt and the puddles to disappear, then admiring the white blanket of snow - how it sparkles in the sun, and then... And then - 2 scenarios - the snow melts and disappears, so love can disappear if it failed to save; the second option - the snow disappears - but grass sprouts - like love, tender, vulnerable, requiring care and attention.
  10. The snow will melt - water, and love will disappear - trouble.
  11. Only lovers can walk for a long time in the snow and not notice that they are already turning into two snowdrifts.
  12. For loving people, any weather is a joy, just to be together.
  13. Snowiness and tenderness are very consonant words; they are also united by light and purity.
  14. The first snow gives nature a new look, also with love - newness and fabulousness of relationships.
  15. I catch snowflakes in my mouth, like your breath.
  16. Flying snowflakes are so similar to the veil that my beloved will soon wear.
  17. There is nothing more beautiful in the world than snowflakes on your eyelashes.
  18. Snow and love are united by fabulousness and romance. It might all end, but it was wonderful!
  19. The first snow, like first love, evokes only positive emotions and a surge of feelings, even if the snow melts and love ends, the memories are the most fabulous and radiant.
  20. The first snow is dazzlingly pure, just like the first relationship.

The face of winter: poetic quotes

I love... when winter comes and the white soft snow swirls. Anxieties all go away from the soul, I believe... there will be no more troubles. I love... when snowflakes are on the palm, Tender... like an angel's feather, Hope returns to the heart, It becomes light in the soul...

Of course, this winter cold will pass, But traces of time will remain... After all, the main thing, believe me, is not the time of year: But for winter to end inside...

The sorceress winter is coming. She came, crumbled, hung in clumps on the branches of oak trees; Lay down in wavy carpets Among the fields, around the hills. The river has leveled the river like a plump veil; Frost flashed. And we are glad for the pranks of Mother Winter. (A. Pushkin)

The white birch tree under my window is covered with snow, like silver.

She came, crumbled, hung in clumps on the branches of oak trees; Lay down in wavy carpets Among the fields, around the hills. The river has leveled the river like a plump veil; Frost flashed. And we are glad for the pranks of Mother Winter. (A. Pushkin)

Bewitched by the Enchantress of Winter, the forest stands, And under the snowy fringe, motionless, mute, it glitters with a wonderful life. And he stands, bewitched, - Neither dead nor alive - Enchanted by a magical dream, All entangled, all shackled With a light downy chain... Does the winter sun place its scythe ray on him - Nothing in him will tremble, He will all flare up and sparkle with Dazzling beauty. (F. Tyutchev)

Let there be snow, frost and blizzard, Blizzard, snowdrifts, ice. Don’t forget to warm each other, When winter takes on the warmth... What comes from the soul, from the heart, Smile, tenderness and kindness. In winter we need it every day to keep ourselves warm.

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