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Teen Love Quotes

Welcome, the title of this collection of quotes about teenage love. The first statement will be: Sex is the greatest thing that people who do not love can give each other, and the least that those who love can give each other. E. Panteleev

In love, the spiritual is controlled by nature, but at the same time it is enriched with all its colors and power. A. Kruglov

Desinit in piscem mulier formosa superne - a woman beautiful on top ends in a fish tail.

Loving is madness, unless you love madly. J. Itier.

Platonic love is a pure idea that arises from the contemplation of a dress and a smile. Brothers Goncourt

He who has experienced great love neglects friendship; but he who has wasted himself in friendship still knows nothing about love. J. Labruyère.

In love, most seek an eternal refuge, and only a few seek an eternal journey. Walter Benjamin

Love is the real Orpheus, who raised humanity from its animal state. E. Renan.

Love is a lofty word, the harmony of creation requires it, without it there is no life and cannot be. Alexander Ivanovich Herzen.

Caritas omnia credit - love believes everything

Poets and canaries stop singing when they have a mate. Placid Yankovsky

No person is able to understand what true love is until he has been married for a quarter of a century. Mark Twain

Love arises suddenly and unconsciously: we are pushed towards it by passion or weakness. J. Labruyère.

They love not for something, but in spite of it. A. Vasiliev

True love is like a ghost: everyone talks about it, but few have seen it. F. La Rochefoucauld.

I love the saying that every person who comes and returns has a chance to be better today than he was yesterday. Evgeniy Chervonenko

Love without humility cannot be strong and firm. Venerable Macarius of Optina

The meaning and dignity of love as a feeling lies in the fact that it forces us, with our whole being, to recognize in another the unconditional central significance that, due to egoism, we feel only in ourselves. Love is important not as one of our feelings, but as a transfer of all our vital interest from ourselves to another, as a rearrangement of the very center of our personal life. Vladimir Soloviev

Pleasure in love, without love - just a contract!

What does it mean to love someone? It means wishing him well and doing it whenever possible. Saint Demetrius of Rostov

Some people love the person in themselves, some love themselves in the person, and some are perverts and both.

Love is easy to experience, but difficult to maintain!

Amor omnibus idem - love is the same for everyone.

It's easy to play with a girl's heart when she loves, but this is the most vile baseness.

Put your love into everything you do. If you are in trouble, turn inside yourself: what lesson should you learn from this situation? Louise Hay

Love is selfishness together.

In love, as in cinema, few people like short films. Yana Dzhangirova

Respect yourself and love yourself, only after that can you truly love and respect another.

Only love bought with money is worth nothing. E. Tarasov

The meaning and dignity of love as a feeling lies in the fact that it forces us, with our whole being, to recognize in another the unconditional central significance that, due to egoism, we feel only in ourselves. Love is important not as one of our feelings, but as a transfer of all our vital interest from ourselves to another, as a rearrangement of the very center of our personal life. Vladimir Soloviev

A girl must love someone, otherwise she will hate everyone Jared Leto

Like a fire that easily flares up in reeds, straw or hare's hair, but quickly goes out if it does not find other food, love blazes brightly with blooming youth and physical attractiveness, but will soon fade away if it is not nourished by the spiritual virtues and good character of young spouses . Plutarch

Women simultaneously desire the greatest and the most insignificant. They demand love and courtesy - a million for pins. Ludwig Börne

A girl must love someone, otherwise she will hate everyone Jared Leto

Loving someone means wanting the best for that person. F. Aquinas.

in the future she loves only love. F. La Rochefoucauld

With each new love, love is further and further from us. Natalie Clifford Barney

Life is arranged so devilishly skillfully that without knowing how to hate, it is impossible to sincerely love. M. Gorky

Since childhood I have loved greens, and to this day I am almost indifferent to the ruble.

Love is a mystery, love is the unknown...

He is the first one I love, and most importantly, the first one who believes it. Yanina Ipohorskaya

Don't be humiliated, true love, without humiliation.

The ancient Greeks despised women as the inferior sex. Therefore, it seems to me, such a concept as platonic love arose - Plato also did not like women. Olga Arnold

I loved her, she loved someone else, I forgot her and met someone else...

Women love, men play along in love. Arkady Davidovich

Platonic love knows no embrace, because infinity cannot be embraced. Paolo Mantegazza

Don't be a toy in love games.

O lovers! All this is in your love. Just be able to find it.

Motivational Quotes for Graduation Album

When you appreciate what you have, and not live in search of ideals, then you will truly become happy.
Nietzsche Good people will give you happiness, bad people will give you experience, the worst will give you a lesson, and the best will give you memories. Appreciate everyone. Will Smith

Everything is possible. The impossible simply takes longer. Dan Brown

Let your smile change the world, rather than the world changing your smile. Will Smith

Premonition is the language of an angel that should not be ignored. Listen to your hunches, pay attention to your intuition, don't chase away random thoughts, insights or ideas. Read the tips. They can give the best advice you've ever had. Neil Donald Walsh

Everyone knows that this is impossible. But then comes an ignorant person who doesn’t know this - he makes a discovery. Albert Einstein

Money comes and goes, happiness is not in it. The most important thing in the world will always be the people who were with you in the most difficult times. Friedrich Nietzsche

Don't talk about how you don't have time. You have exactly the same amount of time as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Pasteur, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein had. Jackson Brown

Life is a journey. For some it’s a trip to the bakery and back, for others it’s a trip around the world. Choose yours! K. Khabensky

Whoever wants it looks for a way. Those who don’t want to, look for a reason. Socrates

All our dreams can come true under one condition - only if we have the courage to follow them. Walt Disney

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Peter F. Drucker

Magic is believing in yourself. And when you succeed, then everything else succeeds. Goethe

Those who do not take risks are at greatest risk.

Instead of wiping the tears from your face, erase the people in your life who made you cry. Elchin Safarli

If you want to succeed, ask yourself 4 questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not right now? Jimmy Dean

Believe that when a person really wants something, even the Universe does its best to help him achieve his dream. Paulo Coelho

It's simple. Don't hold back what comes and don't push away what comes. And then happiness will find you on its own. Omar Khayyam

If your soul is drawn to something, don’t resist! She is the only one who knows exactly what you need. Erich Maria Remarque

Always say what you feel and do what you mean! Silence breaks destinies. Paulo Coelho

Keep your soul light. Against all odds, despite everything. This is the light by which the same bright souls will find you... Vera Polovinko

Remember: you are where your thoughts are. Make sure your thoughts are where you want to be. Omar Khayyam

You know, true friends are needed so as not to ask unnecessary questions and not receive false answers. Alice Hoffman

There are only two ways to live your life. The first is as if no miracles happen. The second is as if everything in the world is a miracle. Albert Einstein

If you don’t know what you feel for a person, close your eyes and imagine: he’s not there. Nowhere. It never was and never will be. Then everything will become clear. A. P. Chekhov

Years flew by in just one minute. There was the first bell, and now graduation...

If you want someone to remain in your life, never treat them with indifference. Richard Bach

Remember that there is nothing complicated in life. We are the ones who are complex. Life is a simple thing, and the simpler it is, the more correct it is. Oscar Wilde

Don’t even think about why the person did this or that to you. It is enough to understand one simple truth: the offended are trying to offend... the happy are trying to make happy... That's all. Eckhart Tolle

After all, a person is given only one life - why not live it properly? Jack London

The last bell and school lesson are already behind us, the last bell and a new lesson are preparing for the life ahead of us...

Today will never happen again...

Who's got what on their mind

Teenage statuses are often given by girls and boys who want to emphasize their individuality and atypical approach to life:

  1. Romantic and sincere - not in fashion today, in trend - cool and fun.
  2. Girls dream of beautiful gifts, but we like not to give them.
  3. The boys in our class are like sparrows - just as disheveled and impudent.
  4. My friends can sometimes hook up with my boyfriend.
  5. In the fall, you don’t want to do anything, especially listen to teachers in class.
  6. My friend and I sit at the same desk, but this doesn’t stop us from chatting on the phone for hours at home.
  7. I want summer again - I got tired of school in one month.
  8. In general, I don’t feel like doing homework - I put a lot of effort into doing it anyway.
  9. The boys are all stupid. I wrote a note to someone here, but he didn’t understand at all that I gave it to him to Maria Ivanovna. Now parents are being called to school.
  10. When I’m in a good mood, everyone tries to ruin it: classmates, teachers, relatives and even friends in the yard - what’s wrong?
  11. During physical education they jumped over a goat - everyone wanted to jump over the physical education teacher - he is a real goat.
  12. In general, I don’t have time for anything - clubs, sections, and homework is assigned as if for a year in advance.
  13. I like one girl from our class so much, they don’t even know about it, the boys say they need to write a letter to Onegin to Tatyana.
  14. The only things on the girls’ minds are clothes and cosmetics, but we also play great football, and we hide the girls’ cosmetics in the men’s room – none of them have been found yet.
  15. They say correctly that boys grow up later. Today I told one classmate that I like him, and in response I heard - I also love it when you let me copy. What's this?
  16. Everyone says that we are children when it comes to doing our homework. But then we become adults when our parents want to disappear somewhere and leave us in splendid isolation. You have already decided.
  17. My father constantly tells me: “You’re not a boy anymore,” but who am I – a girl, or what?
  18. The girls are all so confused - they don’t like anything, they don’t like anything. Then I invited one for a walk and said that I would take her home, she was happy, and I brought her to the house on the playground to sit and chat. So she freaked out and still doesn’t talk to me.
  19. We must be tolerant, even towards our moronic boys from the class.
  20. The thing that annoys me the most at school is our math class. She constantly says that nature has rested on us and that without knowing mathematics, it is impossible to become human. And who, in her opinion, are we, subhumans?
  21. Don't put off until tomorrow what you don't have to do at all.
  22. The parents always have no time, the grandmother is far away, all that remains is to communicate with Tanka - a bore and an excellent student, but at least she will let you write off.
  23. My mom always says that my friend is a bad influence on me, but she just doesn’t know that it’s always me who initiates our adventures.
  24. Don’t be offended by your classmates - it’s a sin to be offended by God.
  25. My best friend is my dog ​​Rex, who definitely won’t betray me.
  26. Friends merged today, as soon as they found out about the showdown with high school students, I was the only one taking the rap. But he taxied anyway.
  27. When I'm scared, I tell myself that I'm not afraid at all - it helps.

Love, money, fame

Top statuses of teenagers often relate to topics: love, hatred, envy, disappointment, money, fame. They can be like this:

  1. Everyone says that money doesn’t buy happiness, but they themselves spend money like crazy.
  2. Today the teacher said that I am vain - and who doesn’t want fame? Then they will be proud that I studied at their school.
  3. Everything was so great for me until we met.
  4. This is horror, not first love, she herself doesn’t know what she needs….
  5. If everyone's first love is like this, then why the hell is it needed?
  6. And there’s no one to talk to!
  7. The point, of course, is not the money, but there is so little of it...
  8. My favorite time of day is when my parents are not at home – I’m sitting on the computer. But there is one rule: you must prudently turn off the computer a minute before their arrival, take out your textbooks, open your notebook and sit down with a smart look.
  9. Money sticks to the successful, that's how I am.
  10. I won’t tell anyone my secrets anymore - they’re also called friends...
  11. Today is not my day at all: my friends made fun of me, the girls were happy about it, the chemistry teacher called me to do experiments, and almost got hurt from it, it’s raining outside, there’s no one to chat with... In general, everything is bad.
  12. I want to become famous so that I can make money on my name alone: ​​you sit at home and the money drips in.
  13. No luck with friends - one is talkative, the other is a coward, the third doesn't talk about anything at all. Mom says it's all about me? Like this? Am I a coward, a dunce and a moron?
  14. When parents say that the word “need” is more important than “want,” I really look at the result of this rule - mom is always at work, dad is always looking for her.
  15. You must always be self-sufficient, that is, have a certain amount of money in your pocket in order to... If anything happens, invite a girl to a bar, and if that doesn’t work out, drink beer with the guys in the yard.
  16. Never pay attention to anyone, the one who can piss you off has not yet been born.
  17. Calmness and indifference disturbs your envious people. Therefore, be calm!
  18. The first time I fell in love was in 3rd grade, and this is already my second love.
  19. There are only thoughts about her in my head, dad says, “play, hormone.”
  20. My grandmother calls all my classmates twirling, she hasn’t seen high school girls yet...
  21. If love brings so much suffering, why does everyone admire it so much?
  22. Well, never mind, I somehow lived for 16 years without love, and I’ll continue to live.
  23. I don’t worry about grades at all; the worse you study, the more interesting life is.
  24. To fall in love or something, but there is no one decent.
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