From dusk to dawn: a selection of quotes, statuses and aphorisms

The sun rises and sets regardless of the time of year, circumstances and people's mood. It lives on its own. It starts the day and ends it. In our selection you will find beautiful quotes and statuses about sunrises and sunsets. After reading them, you will definitely have a desire to wake up at dawn and admire it, and philosophical statements about sunsets will inspire you to take a romantic walk during sunset.

A person is always looking for happiness, but it lies in simple things and is so close. Living in harmony with nature, isn't this happiness? Isn’t it wonderful to watch sunrises and sunsets? Sunrise and sunset are very beautiful, or rather even bewitching phenomena that you can observe every day, the main thing is your desire.

Dawn is the awakening of people and nature, the beginning of a new day. The rays of the sun break through the trees and houses, with every minute the glimpses become brighter and brighter, the sun rises higher and higher. Dawn is filled with cheerfulness, energy and optimism.

Sunset is a kind of conclusion of the day. The sunset indicates that the day is coming to an end. Unlike a cheerful and optimistic dawn, sunset is filled with romance and mystery. It awakens human thoughts and slightly evokes sadness. But, if you watch the red fireball sink into the horizon with your loved one, then you won’t be afraid of any sadness!


Look at this sunrise. This is the eighth wonder of the world. This is what you need to live for. Enjoy this every morning, enjoy the music, the freedom. You don't need people for a happy life. Believe me. (Stace Kramer)

To become happy, you need to be alone with nature.

The night cannot last forever... No matter how endless it may seem, no matter how dark it may be, it is always followed by the dawn of a new day.

Everything has an end, and the night is no exception.

Sunset is almost always, in all worlds, crimson, bloody, filled with molten gold, purple - there is something so pathetic, dramatic, alarming about it... a sort of magnificent funeral of the day according to all the classical canons. But a new day is born quietly and dimly. A barely noticeable gilding, a barely noticeable pinkishness - in a sea of ​​morning whiteness, gentle and light, inspires joy and hope, simply drives away the darkness and that’s it, without any pathos, pressure or tension. And - a rarely observed mystery: at sunset we are awake, owls, so to speak, and at dawn we sleep. This is probably why there are fewer optimists in this world than pessimists... (Max Dahlin)

Those who wake up at dawn are born optimists.

Life is measured by sunrises, not sunsets. (O. Demchenko)

Just like the day begins with sunrises, not sunsets.

Everything has its sunset, only the night ends with dawn. (V. Grzegorczyk)

No matter how lonely and long the night may seem to you, it will end in the morning...

The sun not only rose, it surged like a torrent and filled the whole world. (Ray Bradbury)

The sun fills life not only with light, but also with joy and optimism.

Sunsets are saturated with sadness. Because every time you see him off, you think: no matter how successful or unsuccessful, the day is my day, and it goes away forever. (Elchin Safarli)

Sunset is the end of the day.

Have you ever noticed that the sunset is much more beautiful if you admire it with someone special to you? (Angela Montenegro)

Dawn, by the way, too...

One sunset is not like another, the colors of the sky are not the same. (Mark Levy)

Nature does not tend to repeat itself, creating masterpieces.

The gray halftones of dawn are unlike the gray evening twilight, although the colors seem to be the same. At sunrise the light appears active and the darkness passive, while in the evening the growing darkness is active and the light drowsily passive. (Thomas Hardy)

On the one hand, dawn and sunset seem similar, but if you look closely, they are so different. Yes, they bring different feelings too...

Other alumni traditions

Different countries have different graduation traditions. For example, in the United States, schoolchildren love to say goodbye to school at luxurious parties. Guys come in suits, and girls come in incredibly beautiful dresses. At the end of the holiday, the king and queen of the evening are chosen.

  • In Germany, graduates do without dancing. Graduates are presented with diplomas, and in the assembly hall, to the sounds of the anthem, they begin to say goodbye to the educational institution.
  • An official farewell is also taking place in Cuba. However, in Cuba it is also customary to complement the official celebration with a meeting of the dawn. Schoolchildren go to the beach, where excellent conditions are created for the perfect sunrise.
  • Graduation is celebrated very interestingly in Sweden. After completing their training, the schoolchildren go on a big picnic, where for some time an ordinary clearing turns into a platform for joy. Schoolchildren enjoy life, have fun, rejoice, open champagne, and then go home and help their parents. In this way, students make it clear that they always have time for joy and for supporting and helping their parents.
  • In Australia, schoolchildren try to outdo each other in driving a vehicle. Students are given the opportunity to drive a real car; a special track is opened for them, on which they must show their class. Of course, all this is done in compliance with all safety standards. Sometimes the winner of this event may be awarded a real car. Of course, it won't be a new Ferrari, but it's nice to get a car anyway.



Dawn comes without roosters crowing.

Dawn does not wait for everyone to wake up, it comes on its own.

Every sunset is beautiful in its own way.

Both sunsets and sunrises have unique beauty.

There will be a new dawn - there will be a sea of ​​victories! And never believe that there is no way out!

Dawn is another day, another opportunity to correct mistakes and implement our plans.

Get up early at dawn and remember that sunset will come when you least expect it.

The sun will set regardless of whether you managed to do everything or not.

Don’t be weaker than that rooster who crows at dawn while you sleep at dawn.

So should I also go to bed at 7 pm?)

To enjoy the sunrise, you need to admire the dawn.

Life must be loved with all its sunsets and sunrises.

The sunset is with you, the dawn is with you... only you are the beloved INTERNET!

You can admire sunsets and sunrises only in nature, and not on the Internet.

I look at the sunset, which at this time of year lasts three hours. As if the sun, at the last minute before sunset, finally found some merit in this world and because of this now does not want to leave. (P. Heg)

No matter how much we want to continue the day, the sun will still set and night will come.

The most beautiful sunrise is not on the seashore or in the distant Alps. The most beautiful sunrise is where you are, and I wake up in love and full of hope!

The sunrise is beautiful anywhere, the main thing is the desire to see this beauty.

After the night, there is always dawn, you just need to wait for it and not break down.

Or better yet, sleep at night and wake up at dawn.

The darkest time is before the dawn.

This is the time to sleep best.

Sometimes at sunset you see something unusual, which you don’t believe later when you see the same thing in a picture. (A. Chekhov)

Sunset is such a beautiful natural phenomenon that sometimes it’s hard to believe that it’s happening in reality.



The time has come when everything becomes silent before the coming night. The wind does not move the branch bending over a small river going straight into the sunset, the birds silently see off the sun setting in the flood meadows, even the dogs in the village stop barking monotonously. A lilac-pink light spread across the sky, turning into thick blue in the east, curly birch splinters barely noticeably move the foliage. A thin blue smoke from a silently crackling fire spreads over the most serenely calm water, mixing with the fog gathering near the shore. A battered, smoked pot hangs over the fire. He grumbles barely audibly, getting ready to boil.

- Ger, and Ger? “Grinya carefully placed a small dry branch into the fire and now watched with enthusiasm as the fire first carefully licked it, as if tasting it, and then greedily pounced on it.

- What do you want? – Herman looked without stopping at the river, which reflected the entire sunset drama.

“Life seems so... It’s gone,” Grinya sighed furtively.

Herman did not answer. And what can you answer here, both of them are in their eighties, they have lived.

“But I look back and can’t see anything.” Memory, apparently, is playing tricks. I remember my childhood very well - he moved the burning branches and placed another branch. - My dad was a miller, yeah.

Herman silently grinned into his mustache. Grinya has been telling the story about Father all his life, and it invariably acquires some previously unknown details.

- He was healthy, dad. Once the three-year-old bull got mad and started chasing the cows across the meadow, the shepherdess threw him and the horse into the river, yeah. And then he went to the village to restore order. We had a neighbor, Uncle Vanya, it was his bull. Uncle Vanya went out into the street and towards the bull. “Vaska this, Vaska that. Let's go to the stall." Uncle Vaska picked Vanya up on his horns and threw him onto the woodshed. Women screaming - Grinya looked blindly into the fire, remembering. “So dad came running from the mill and lashed the bull with a whip to distract it from himself. Vaska, don’t be a fool, turned around and went to his father. My mother covered her mouth, she was afraid to breathe, my brothers and I were sitting in the barn. It was scary that you! And dad looked at the bull, stepped out, grabbed it by the face and pressed it to the ground. The bull roars and rushes, but to no avail. The men came running, tangled the bull's legs with the reins and dropped him on his side. Uncle Vanya lamented, but he himself put his own Vaska under the knife, here’s the story - Grinya took the lid off the boiling pot, threw a bunch of fragrant herbs inside, closed it, took the pot off the fire and put it next to it, in the warmth. Let it brew. Then he threw up another branch and looked sideways at his comrade.

- Why are you grinning? – he growled warily. – Do you think I don’t see? I see it.

“Yes, you seem blind, you old boot,” German chuckled good-naturedly.

- Do you really think that I am unconsciously telling you this story for the hundred thousandth time? – Grinya smiled slyly. - And I care about you, your stupid head. Every time I add something new so that you don’t get bored. Do you understand now?

Herman remained silent. The evening was too good, I didn’t want to talk at all.

- Ger, and Ger?

Seeing that his comrade was not responding, Grinya sat down next to him and just as silently stared at the setting sun. But it didn't last long. He pushed Herman with his shoulder and pulled out a rosary from his bosom.

- Maybe we can hit fifty? And we won't go to school tomorrow, eh?

Geran silently took a folding cup out of his pocket, deftly unfolded it and set it on the grass. Grinya put down his rosary and happily rubbed his hands:

“That’s why I love you, Hera, it’s foresight,” he deftly twisted the cork and dashingly poured half a glass.

“I said fifty,” Herman glanced sideways at the glass.

- Why dirty your mouth twice? – Grinya pulled a cucumber out of his pocket, breathed on it, wiped it on his shirt, broke it in half, meticulously examined both halves and gave the smaller one to a friend. – My body is young, growing, it needs to be fed. Well, let's shudder - he picked up the rosary, spun it, clinked it with the glass, spun it in his hand and deftly tipped its contents into his mouth. Herman just grunted, carefully raised the glass, drank it in one gulp and took a bite of the cucumber with a crunch.

“Now everything is in order,” Grinya carefully folded the glass and handed it to German. – Clean it up, otherwise you’ll lose it again.

- I’ve never lost it, I think.

“That’s why I didn’t lose it because I think about you ahead of you.”

Meanwhile, the sun had almost disappeared into the meadows on the other side, the twilight became thick, like cream, and the silhouettes of the trees lost their clarity. With a characteristic whistling of their wings, a herd of ducks flew in from somewhere, they splashed noisily into the water, breaking the silence. They quacked and fidgeted in the grass, getting comfortable, but soon fell silent, and silence hung over the river.

“Look, you’re already on the wing,” Grinya spoke again, but this time quietly, as if he was afraid to frighten away the creeping night. - Fast…

“It’s always fast,” Herman answered just as quietly. “They just seem to have hatched, but they’re already flying out of the nest.”

—Are you talking about Dimka? – Grinya nodded understandingly. – It’s actually early for you.

“Remember yourself,” German chuckled. - If you can.

- There’s no point in remembering, everything is right before your eyes. Do you remember how we fought at school? Let's stand back to back, try to come over. “Oh, you were so angry before the fight,” Grinya clicked his tongue. – He gave out cuffs for everyone to see. Do you remember in technical school? How we laughed at the townsfolk in the mowing.

Herman remembered, remembered very well. It was while mowing that he met his Marya. Laughing, blue eyes shine stubbornly, unruly bangs fall over her nose every now and then. She immediately sank into his soul. How he remembers her now, standing astride a haystack with a rake in her hands...

“Remember, I already slipped it to the girls?” There was a scream...

- I remember, but of course. And I also remember how they rolled you into straw and didn’t let you go to the river - Herman laughed. “Then you were itching for a week.”

- You would say the same, a week... Three days in total! But then how did everyone jump over the fire together? And what songs, what songs did they sing? Your Masha sang better than anyone else, oh, and her voice... “Oh, it’s not evening, it’s not evening...” he said in a low voice. Grinya sang so-so, but very soulfully, and German could not resist and began to sing along. It was completely dark, only the fire cast glare from behind, and their huge shadows danced on the black surface of the water.

- Do you remember when the whole village sang? Aunt Aksinya was the loudest of all, remember her?

Aunt Aksinya was the wife of the chairman of their collective farm, she’s beautiful, I’ll save her. A stately, lush head of resin-colored hair twisted into a thick braid, huge bright blue eyes and a look that would make anyone stutter. Her husband, Ilya Ivanovich, was a nondescript-looking peasant, but he held the collective farm tightly in his fist, and you won’t spoil it. It used to be that one of the men would get drunk, and Ilya Ivanovich would come to him with a bottle, drink with him and say: “This was the last one. In the morning, be solid at work.” No one ever disobeyed. The chairman’s wife really sang so loudly that the others couldn’t really be heard. A low, chesty voice flowed through the village like a full-flowing river and died somewhere in the undergrowth, entangled in a thorny spruce forest. And their daughter was a match for her mother, just as beautiful and vocal, her name was Ksana. German at one time began to glance in her direction with interest, but he met Masha and forgot about everything. So, when mother and daughter began to sing together, even the birds fell silent, listening to the chanting Ukrainian songs. When Masha first came to the common table, she couldn’t take her eyes off Ksana and Aksinya for a long time. Then she even asked him why he didn’t marry Ksana? Such a beautiful girl... German then grabbed her, buried his nose in her hair and didn’t say anything, but she already understood everything...

The fire was burning out, and Herman, getting up with a grunt, threw an armful of twigs into it.

“Now, you’re groaning already,” Grinya tried to get up, but couldn’t do it on the first try, so he got down on all fours. - And you call me an old boot. The stump itself is rotten.

“Give me your hand,” German extended his palm, wide as a shovel, to his friend, but he didn’t even look in his direction and tried to stand up on his own. After a couple of minutes of sniffling and groaning, he couldn’t stand it:

- Well, what are you standing for? At least he would have given his hand, my friend, to me too.

German bent down and jerked Grinya to his feet, but immediately grabbed his lower back and hissed in pain.

- What are you doing, old man? – Grinya fussed around. - Come on, come here, sit with your back to the fire. Warm it up a little and your back will loosen up and you will feel better. Otherwise I’ll have to drag the paramedic here overnight, but she won’t come with me, she’ll be afraid.

- Why are you falling apart? – Herman laughed through the tears that appeared.

- No, look at him! – Grinya clasped his hands. “One foot in the grave, but everyone is making fun of each other.” No paramedic for you, die yourself.

Grinya pouted and went to the shore, and German sat down with his back to the fire, lifted his T-shirt and quietly groaned when he moved awkwardly. Silence hung over the river, broken only by the creaking of a whippoorwill somewhere near the water.

- Grin...

Silence in response.

- Grin, look, isn’t my back burned?

“Even if it burns, that’s how it should be,” Grinya muttered without turning around.

- Well, Grin, why do you need me so burned?

“And it’s not needed at all, even if it’s burnt or ripe.” Now live on your own.

“Grin,” Herman smiled, looking into the darkness. - Why are you so little? You can’t even make a joke anymore.

“Manenko,” Grinya mimicked him. “Your jokes are unkind and offensive, that’s what I’ll tell you.”

“Grin, forgive me, it’s just me from old age, my mind is completely damaged, yeah,” Herman was already smiling from ear to ear.

- No, why are you smiling again? – Grinya boiled. - What's so funny?

- How do you know that I’m smiling if you’re sitting with your back to me?

“You’re the one sitting with your back to me,” Grinya muttered. - And I’m watching the river. Because of your ossification, you are not able to appreciate all the beauty of our nature. And here, by the way, is the lunar path.

- Where is it? – German turned around and again gasped from the pain shooting through his lower back.

“Where, where,” Grinya grumbled, getting up. - We know where. On the water.

He approached the fire and commanded:

“Come on, lie down on your stomach, we’ll treat you.”

- How are you going to treat me? – Herman asked suspiciously, slowly going to bed.

“Yes, that’s how my grandmother treated me, so I’ll treat you.” Lie down, I say.

Herman, looking incredulously towards Greeni, who was casting a spell by the fire, somehow lay down on his stomach.

- Soooo, now pull up your shirt and don’t twitch, understand? It will be hot.

Herman closed his eyes, preparing for the inevitable. But it turned out to be impossible to prepare for this! Grinya came up with the words “Get ready, it’s going to be a little hot now,” and placed a hot stone from the fire wrapped in a rag on his lower back! A second, and a wild heat engulfed Herman’s back; it even seemed to him that he smelled burnt skin. With a wild cry, he jumped to his feet and rushed to the river, throwing off his pants and shirt as he went. A moment, and he jumped like a bomb into the night river, alarming the ducks who had already taken a nap.

- Hera, what were you thinking, fool? Why drown? – Grinya burst into laughter on the shore.

“Yes, I love you...” Herman growled from the water. “You burned my whole back!”

“And I didn’t burn anything, you just turned out to be very gentle.” You weren’t like this before, it’s all old age...

Herman climbed out of the water, shaking long strands of algae from his shoulders.

- A merman, just like a merman! – Grinya laughed out loud, throwing his head back. This was his fatal mistake. Herman was nearby in one leap, grabbed Grinya across the body and with a mighty jerk threw him almost into the middle of the river.

- Come on…? — the end of the phrase was swallowed up by the black abyss. Herman slowly collected the clothes scattered on the wet grass and went to the fire, listening with a smile to Greenie’s indignant screams coming from the water...

The fire was burning with all its might, illuminating even the opposite bank. German and Grinya sat by the fire and squinted blissfully, drinking hot tea. Wet clothes were drying over the fire, and steam billowed out from them.

- Ger, and Ger? – Grinya sat with his knees tucked under his chin and holding a hot mug in his palms.

- A? – Herman sat exactly the same way.

- But I still cured you. Look how you made it to the river. And it was your Karelin who threw me into the water.

They looked at each other and laughed...

The night spread a bottomless black sky overhead, strewn with a huge number of stars. The Milky Way stretched from horizon to horizon, as if dividing the sky in half. The fire burned evenly and smokelessly, mosquitoes rang thinly, not risking flying close to the fire emanating from the heat. German and Grinya lay by the fire, placing warm sweatshirts under their backs, and looked at the sky. The light of the fire hid the stars a little from them, but still their fussy flickering was clearly visible. One of the stars was rushing across the sky at great speed.

“Satellite,” said Herman.

- Or maybe aliens? – Grinya sighed dreamily. – Can you imagine if we could see aliens in our lifetime?

- And what would you tell them? – Herman looked at his friend with interest.

- So, they say, and so, come in, fellow aliens, sit down at the table. That's how it is with us. I would ask them about life on their Mars, and tell them something about ours.

- Why on Mars? What if they are from Alpha Centauri of some kind?

- Exactly from Mars, Martians, that is.

“Martians,” Herman corrected.

- Yes. Then in Mexico it’s Mexican, but in America it’s American? You're always making things up that you don't understand.

“You make sense,” German smiled.

- Otherwise! By the way, I know all of “Youth Technique” by heart and “Young Technician,” and that’s not a lot of bullshit. Previously, knowledge was strong and reliable.

Grinya fell silent, apparently imagining his meeting with alien citizens. The quiet crackling of burning branches in the fire mixed with the light rustle of the night breeze and put me in a dreamy mood.

- Ger, and Ger? – the restless Grinya could not remain silent for more than five minutes.

- A? – German responded half-asleep.

- What do you think, after death we will walk along the Milky Way?

- I do not even know. Don't think.

- Why don’t you think so? Not twenty years, I guess.

- For what? – Herman turned over on his side, resting his head on his arm bent at the elbow. - Why think about her? It will come, everything has its time.

- When will it come? – Grinya looked at his friend somehow like a child. - Soon?

“I don’t know,” German sighed. – You know, I miss Masha very much. If they told me that I would meet her after death, I would lie down and die right away. I wouldn't think so.

He fell silent.

“But I said that I don’t really remember life,” Grinya spoke. – I remember everything until the moment when Tanka passed away. I remember everything, down to the smallest detail. I remember her every smile, every tear. – He paused. “And when she died, it was as if there was no life.” There's nothing to remember, you know? There is nothing and no need. For whom to remember? Children and grandchildren you know...

Grin's sons have scattered around the world, one in America, the other in Europe somewhere, they call and write, they send money. But this is not the same. There is no living warmth, no top of the head into which you can bury your nose. So one is in trouble.

- And your Dimka is no better. It seems like it’s not far at all, but the nose doesn’t show.

“He’s busy, work,” German snapped.

- Work... You can’t redo all the work, but Dad’s time will also come. They don’t think about this,” Grinya sighed heavily.

- Did you think a lot when you were young? – Herman looked at his friend. – Just tell yourself honestly, is it a lot? After all, you got married in a neighboring village and that’s it, you couldn’t lure him to your father and mother with a roll.

Grinya did not answer; German was right. Only this rightness did not make it any easier for either one or the other.

“This is bad,” Grinya said after a while.

- No it is OK. That's how life works. The chick flew out of the nest and built its own nest. And she remembers the way to him, but no longer to her parents.

- And before they lived in large families...

“And even earlier, one beat the other on the head with a club for a piece of meat.” What can we say about this? Empty.

Herman threw in some wood, and a whole sheaf of sparks soared into the night sky.

- Ger, and Ger? But we have lived such a long life. There was everything in her, both good and bad. The love was real, children were born from it. So what is next? What's the point?

“Why are you talking about the meaning of life and death?” Stop this for me, I don’t intend to stay here alone.

Grinya paused, collecting his thoughts, and answered:

— The sunset today was so... Beautiful. And I suddenly thought that this is how my life should end. And I also thought, how can I guess whether it’s already sunset or not?

- Is it necessary? To me, it’s not up to us to decide. There is God, he decides for whom the time comes when.

“Well, you know, I wouldn’t want to depend on someone in this matter,” Grinya frowned.

“You fool,” German laughed. – Who asks you whether you would like it or not. This is all - he gestured around the darkness around him - his creation. And we. And we don’t have our own will in this, no matter how much you crack.

- What is it?

- How to live your life, which is measured. You can become embittered, or you can be human, you decide for yourself. That's the point, you know? It is to live, and best of all, as a kind person.

-Are you kind? – Grinya asked with a sly squint.

Herman chuckled and remained silent.

- No, tell me - are you kind? – Grinya was clearly determined.

- It’s not for me to judge - Herman was found.

- Well, no, that won’t work. So I can say about myself that I am kind. But it turns out you can’t?

- About you? I can't, of course. Where has it been seen that a good man burns another man with hot stones?

“Hera, your decline may come ahead of schedule,” Grinya said threateningly. - Answer it like a human being.

- I think that I am not a kind person. But not evil either, ordinary like others.

“You’re too good to hide behind others,” Grinya grimaced with displeasure. – But you have to answer for yourself, let others answer for themselves.

And again there was silence over the fire, even the nightjar had calmed down.

“Grin,” Herman called out to his friend after a while, but in response he heard only a light snoring. - Are you sleeping, or what?

- Who? I? I never sleep.

- Oh well…

- So what did you want?

“I wanted to say... I don’t want sunset, I feel good here.” Have you seen Dimkina Eric?

“How can you not see?” Grinya sat down, clasping his knees with his hands and shivering chillily. - A very strange person.

- Why?

-Have you seen her poems? You can break your head until you figure it out.

“So it’s not she who’s strange, it’s your head that’s weak.” Herman wasn’t going to offend his daughter-in-law. “Dimka loves her, and she loves him, that’s what’s most important.” And soon they will give me a grandson, that’s the point. In babies smelling of milk, in our happy adult children. “I don’t want to leave all this,” he sighed heavily.

“Well, no one is chasing after you,” Grinya scratched his beard.

“You were the first to start this barrel organ and fall asleep, and I sit and think for you whether it’s already sunset or not... Let’s have a drink, shall we?”

“I would drink it, but there’s nothing to it, it was just a rosary.”

Herman smiled conspiratorially and, with a magician’s gesture, took the first “rosary” from the inner pocket of his twin brother’s jacket.

- Hera, I already told you why I love you? – Grinya smiled. - That’s it, we’re definitely not going to school tomorrow.

- Said. About forethought. But this - Herman pointed his finger at the vessel - is not her. This is a rich life experience.

They quickly ordered the second portion, ate the remains of the food they had grabbed from the house and began to settle down to sleep. We settled down, putting a couple of thick logs on the fire; their warmth would definitely last until the morning. Herman closed his eyes and was almost asleep when Grini’s whistling whisper was heard in the darkness:

- Ger! Hera!

- What?

- I was thinking... But after sunset there is always dawn. So don't be afraid.

“Go to sleep,” German smiled. - Sunset, dawn... I will have a grandson.

What entertainment can you find in Crimea?

In the summer, finding entertainment is not particularly difficult: almost everywhere there are points with a number of excursion offers, including active recreation products. As a rule, in resort towns and villages on the embankments you can meet representatives offering various services. On a certain day, a group is recruited, which is then transported to the places where the active program is taking place, and upon completion, brought back. If the required service is not offered, you can order it online.

The situation is more complicated in the off-season, when the tourist flow declines and many organizers of active programs curtail their activities. It is necessary to look for specific companies or tour operators that operate all year round. You will always find offers, the main thing is to take care of this in advance, to be able to agree and discuss the conditions.

The situation is similar on the peninsula in the winter season. The climate is such that winters are mostly warm, there are practically no frosts, and snow falls only high in the mountains. If there is a cold winter and heavy snowfalls, then this is perceived as a miracle. A lot of people go sledding, skiing, and snowboarding to the Angarsky Pass or Ai-Petrinskaya Yayla in order to get a taste of real winter. There is no infrastructure for these types of recreation in Crimea; only a few ski lifts on Ai-Petri and a few equipment rental points operate.

What do you need to be prepared for?

Before you set off on an adventure, you need to check with the instructors or organizers whether you need your own equipment, special clothing, and shoes. Is it possible to rent this or is it worth taking something with you in advance, purchasing it in a store on site or renting it. If you feel uncomfortable, then you will get negative impressions. If possible, try to participate as a family, as shared experiences always strengthen relationships.

And if you are worried that you are not physically prepared enough (even though you are told that this is not required), then remember that not all people who are involved in sports achieve success everywhere. For example, some weightlifters may have a harder time getting to the top than a six-year-old child. The main thing is the desire to overcome yourself in some way or to open up new opportunities, to look from the outside. To bring all kinds of active recreation into the system, we will divide them into groups according to elements:

Activities in the air


This is a very spectacular and bewitching adventure, especially if you choose “mountain” locations for your flight. The choice is quite large; there are many paradromes and launch sites in Crimea, as well as tandem instructors. The most spectacular places are Laspi, Ai-Petri, Vesele, Tas-Tau, Demerdzhi. The timing of the event also plays a significant role. It’s better to fly for 30 minutes in a mountainous area than for 10 minutes at an altitude of 15 meters in Koktebel, believe me, the sensations are very different. It is better to fly in the warm season; in the off-season at altitude you need to dress warmly for your comfort. Unlike skydiving, you will be maneuvering above the ground, smoothly moving along rock cliffs or over forests while sitting in your chair. The tandem pilot can make a series of turns, spinning you at an angle, as if in a carousel.


You have a choice: an independent exit and a low altitude, where there is only a couple of seconds of free fall, and then a short flight or a tandem jump from a high altitude, trying on the role of a skydiver, making an exit from 3 thousand meters. The first time you go out on your own, you won’t understand anything. Flying will help you realize that you did it! You are in the sky and you are flying! In a tandem jump, you will feel that the air is an element, and not just emptiness. The feeling of soaring above the ground is always unforgettable, so if you dream of making a jump, then follow your dream. The most popular place is Koktebel, the “country” of paragliding and parachuting.

Hot air balloon flights

A cool opportunity to become a pioneer, experiencing strong emotions, like travelers who first took to the skies many years ago. Flying will give you a feeling of lightness, freedom and delight, rebooting your senses. The height of the rise into the sky reaches 1500 m, allowing you to admire familiar landscapes. A balloon festival is held annually in Crimea - a very colorful event.

Rope jumping

Falling from various heights over a cliff, usually takes a couple of seconds of free fall. It is carried out using a special design of organized rope belay and the use of climbing equipment. Upon reaching the end point, the shock-absorbing system of the hitch operates, allowing you to correctly complete the fall. Perfect for lovers of extreme sports and adrenaline. Here you need to be quite careful, the likelihood of injury is increased if safety precautions are not followed. The feeling of free fall is a powerful experience. The highest rope jumping was carried out on Mount Shaan-Kaya in the Ai-Petri region, where the free flight took 7 seconds, flying a distance of 160 meters. Jumping points are located on picturesque areas, so in addition to the flight, you will also get fabulous views from the peaks.

Active recreation on the water


In Crimea, unfortunately, there are no rivers that allow real rafting. But the coast is actively used for kayaking. Perhaps the most popular organization working in this area is located in Balaklava. Exits to the sea are carried out directly from Balaklava Bay in two directions: Cape Fiolent and Cape Aya. Suitable for beginners, instructions are always provided before the start. If you use the technique correctly, your arms will not get tired and you will be able to easily move along the surface of the sea. The only negative is that you can find yourself in unfortunate natural conditions when the waves begin or the wind rises. Then you have to make an effort to overcome the planned route. For beginners, it is better to take a shared kayak (for two), since together it will be easier for you to gain speed and row. You can swim for a few hours or a couple of days. It is possible to take an instructor for the group and choose another area of ​​the Crimean coast, for example, Cape Tarkhankut or Karadag. Sailing through the clear emerald sea, you will see the picturesque coast on the other side!


An absolutely unique activity where you find yourself in another world - underwater. The movements were unfamiliar, the flora and fauna were also only available on TV screens. And here you have the opportunity to explore it yourself, touching the beauty. Experienced instructors will always provide instructions and training in diving techniques; you need to listen to them very carefully so that there are no surprises later. There are also diving schools where you can get full training and the appropriate certificate. In addition to the interesting flora and fauna, you can visit the underwater museum on Tarkhankut or sunken ships in Sevastopol (wreck diving).

Windsurfing and kitesurfing

This is boarding with the help of additional traction: a wing or a sail. Requires good form, the ability to maintain balance and catch a tailwind. Very good conditions for surfing in the west of the peninsula, (near the village of Olenevka) on estuaries with strong gusty winds. Once you catch such a “fellow traveler” in the sails, you rush across the entire body of water at great speed.

Boat trips, yachting

This is an elite sport because the budget here is higher than other entertainment. Managing ships requires special knowledge and skills that are difficult to obtain in one day. Completely different possibilities open up here. Boat trips on boats or skiffs are available to everyone. You don't need any special preparation, but you are guaranteed a lot of emotions while swimming along the shore among the dolphins.

SUP Surfing

We are talking about boat trips on a board, you have an oar with which you steer. This is an experimental and fairly young sport for which comfortable weather conditions are important. Then you can enjoy the adventure by looking at your body differently. There are even yoga classes in SUP surfing format.


This activity has been popular since time immemorial; previously it was a necessity for obtaining food. Nowadays fish can be bought in any supermarket, but a person’s genes already contain a program that fuels interest in fishing and hunting. In Crimea, fishing is possible almost everywhere: on the Black and Azov Seas, in large reservoirs, on lakes and rivers, in special artificial reservoirs. For a nominal fee or a permit, you can devote an entire day to catching all kinds of fish. Knowing well the seasonal activity of various species, fishermen choose suitable places for this. You can meet horse mackerel hunting right on the shores of the embankments of resort towns. During the peak season, the shores of Balaklava are dotted with small yawls with fishermen, around which natural hunters - dolphins - line up. A number of artificial reservoirs or leased lakes are equipped for fishing, and the fish are fed and raised for you.

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