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Work and profession are integral components of human life. By what a person does and how he does it, you can tell a lot about his personality. After all, it is in this area that he expresses all his talents and qualities, positive and negative sides of character. Not surprisingly, a lot has been said about occupation and work. Wisdom related to this area of ​​​​life can be learned from outstanding personalities: politicians, economists, writers, poets and others.

Opinion of F. Engels: on violation of the professional code

The following quote about the profession was said by F. Engels, and it is difficult to disagree with these words:

In fact, each class and even each profession has its own morality, which they also violate whenever they can do so with impunity.

Each profession has its own “code of honor,” a certain set of rules that must be strictly followed. A classic example of this is the Hippocratic Oath. The simple commandment “do no harm” is, of course, observed by most representatives of medicine. But among them there are those who, in the absence of strict guidance, may neglect this rule. This quote about profession applies to any field of human activity. In addition to medicine, other areas also have their own important laws and principles. Perhaps they are not expressed as succinctly as in medicine, but this does not negate the obligation to fulfill them.

Words by Bernard Shaw

This is what B. Shaw says about the specifics of professional activity:

Every profession is a conspiracy against the uninitiated.

When a person masters any specialty, begins to work in this field, gains more and more experience - over time, he turns into a real “guru”. And to other people his actions may seem like a kind of mystery that they could never comprehend.

That is why, in his quote about the profession, B. Shaw compares high professionalism to a “conspiracy.” But in reality, every person who has reached heights in his field can be the bearer of his own “conspiracy.” Therefore, there is nothing shameful in not knowing how teeth are treated, computers are repaired, or roads are repaired - the main thing is to be a professional in your field.

Inspirational Career Quotes (200 Quotes)

After the student years, there is a desire to get a well-paid job and, over time, build a career and rise in position. This process can last for years, and those who are impatient may completely lose the desire to do anything or strive for anything. At this stage, motivation is needed - this is what will help the spirit not to break. This collection contains inspiring quotes about career.

If you don't conquer yourself, then you will be defeated by yourself.

If you wait every time for the last obstacles to be removed, you will never be able to do anything.

Choose a profession you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

You learn the fastest in three cases - before the age of 7, during trainings, and when life has driven you into a corner.

Don't swim with the flow, don't swim against the flow - swim where you need to go.

Many things seem impossible until you do them.

Think about how much you could do if it weren't for someone else's opinion.

Each time you need to jump off a cliff and grow wings on the way down.

When you reach the end of the rope, tie a knot and hold on.

The only courage anyone needs is the courage to follow their own dreams.

Many people look at the world around them and ask, “Why?” I look at the world around me with hope and ask: “Why not?”

To become successful, it is enough to do very little of everything that is in our power.

When it seems that everything in life is falling apart, I begin to dream of what I will build in the vacant space.

A person cannot be defeated until he himself admits defeat.

The biggest obstacle is fear. The biggest mistake is to lose heart.

Nothing creates self-esteem and self-confidence like achievement.

Many people will never make a breakthrough in their lives because they refused to step out of their comfort zone and take a step into the unknown...

When you feel like giving up on your dream, force yourself to work one more day, one more week, one more month, and one more year. You will be amazed at what will happen if you don't give up.

Only those who stay after everyone else leaves achieve success.

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to just wait for it.

The last stage of failure is the first stage of success.

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can turn the sails so that I always get where I need to go.

A successful person is more focused on doing the right thing instead of doing things the right way.

Winners never give up, and quitters never win.

The road to success is always an uphill road, and to climb it, you need to make an effort.

I'm not playing against a specific team. I play against the very thought of defeat.

Instead of just wanting fish, it’s better to start weaving nets to catch them.

To reach the goal, you have to go.

If you can't, then you must. And if you must, then you can.

How a person acts and what he achieves is a mirror reflection of his dominant thoughts.

There is nothing absolutely wrong in the world. Even a broken clock shows the exact time twice a day.

A successful person has the habit of regularly doing what losers are so afraid of.

Here are the four steps to any great achievement: precise planning, careful preparation, a positive attitude and working hard.

I used to say, “I hope things change.” Then I realized that the only way for everything to change is for me to change.

Hanging on to a stable job all your life is much riskier than taking risks to learn how to create a business. One risk is temporary, while the other lasts a lifetime.

Don't do what you can do - try what you don't know how to do.

It’s better to do it and regret it than not to do it and regret it twice.

Your whole life depends 90% on yourself and only 10% on circumstances, which 99% depend on you.

If you decide to do something, but don’t start doing it within 72 hours, in 85% of cases you will never do it.

Only actions change something. If there are no actions, then everything remains the same.

If you can clearly imagine something, then you can achieve it. The only barriers in our lives are the ones we set for ourselves.

If you want a future that makes you happy or want a world that you admire, then get out of your ass and earn it.

Always do what you are afraid to do.

Failure is just the cost of learning to succeed and nothing more.

The one who can and does not act is worse than the one who cannot, but tries to do something.

Our goals are our dreams, which we turn into plans, and then, using our own actions, into the reality of our lives.

Our achievements always correspond to our ambitions.

I'm a strong believer in luck, and I've noticed that the harder I work, the luckier I am.

Don't be afraid to give up good to go for great.

Do what you can do now - so that very soon you will be able to do what previously seemed impossible.

Dreams don't work until you work.

If you want to go high, use your own legs! Don't let yourself be carried around, don't sit on other people's shoulders and heads!

Whether you think you are capable of accomplishing something or you think you are not capable of doing it, you are right in both cases.

Any downfall prepares us for new ups.

You will never be a failure until you stop trying.

If you want to have success, you have to look like you have it.

Once in a lifetime, fortune knocks on every person's door, but at this time a person often sits in the nearest pub and does not hear any knock.

The best way to start doing is to stop talking and start doing.

Even if you are on the right path, you will be run over if you just sit on the road.

If you like something, then you can make it a profitable activity, regardless of your field of activity.

The most dangerous poison is the feeling of achieving a goal. The antidote to it is to think every evening that you can do better tomorrow.

A problem is a great chance to do your job much better.

Indecision never won the battle.

Success requires certainty of aspirations.

Do as much as you can today, you can do even more tomorrow!

Our strength lies in our ability to make decisions.

If you do only the same thing as all mediocre people, you will not get more than what is available to typical mediocrity.

Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not ability or a unique idea, but the courage to bet on your ideas, take calculated risks and act.

Whenever you see a successful person, you only notice the glory surrounding him, but not what he sacrificed for it.

If you really want to do something, you will find a solution. If you don't really want to, you will find an excuse.

Success requires no explanation, failure does not accept excuses.

I can tell you the most important characteristic of an optimistic person: even if circumstances are not going well, he knows that very soon everything will be much better.

Anyone who really wants to go upstairs will come up with a ladder.

Never, ever let others convince you that something is difficult or impossible.

To succeed in life, you only need to win one battle - the battle with yourself.

Our destiny is shaped by those small, imperceptible decisions that we make 100 times a day.

We can achieve anything we want if we try enough.

People who decide to act are usually lucky; on the contrary, it rarely accompanies those who weigh and hesitate.

Man is created for action. Not acting and not existing are the same thing for a person.

Man is a product of his dominant thoughts. Because he becomes what he thinks about for more time.

Failure causes some people to break and others to break records.

Any achievement begins with the decision to try.

A bullet that whistles an inch from its target is as useless as one that never left the muzzle.

The most wonderful day of the week is tomorrow. Tomorrow everyone will quit smoking, go on a diet, go in for sports, start studying, and you just do it today!

Having reached the end, people laugh at the fears that tormented them at the beginning.

The most amazing success often comes right after the most bitter disappointment.

Even if you lose, time will pass and you will understand that the words “I tried and couldn’t” sound much more worthy, honest, higher and stronger than the banal excuse “I could if I tried.”

Who if not me? When if not now?

Do everything possible on your own, God will do everything impossible.

New knowledge is an excellent springboard for a leap to success.

If you fall in body, they will lift you up; if you fall in spirit, they will trample you.

If you look at what life has given you, you will always have enough. If you focus on what you are missing, you will always be missing something.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

He who does nothing makes no mistakes! Don't be afraid to make mistakes - don't be afraid to repeat mistakes!

You will never be able to solve a problem if you keep the same thinking and the same approach that led you to this problem.

As long as you have a try, you haven't lost!

When you introduce any innovation, be prepared to be called crazy.

Don't wait for a miracle or "opportunity to come your way." You are the axis and this world revolves around you. Live like that.

Investments in knowledge yield the highest dividends.

Train yourself to have only good thoughts. They will perform miracles on your consciousness.

Remember that there are only two days a year when you can't do anything. One of them is called yesterday, and the other is called tomorrow.

We invent our own problems, obstacles, complexes and frameworks, free yourself - breathe life and understand that you can do anything.

To achieve twice as much success, you need to double the number of your attempts, because each failure is just an excellent opportunity to start over, being more carefully prepared.

Never complain to anyone. They will regret it, but they will stop respecting you.

The man who was able to move a mountain began by dragging small stones from place to place.

To swim against the current, a fish must be strong; even a dead fish can swim with the current.

If no one criticizes you, it means you have not yet achieved success.

I have learned to never ask if I can do something, but to simply state that I am already doing it. And then all that remains is to fasten your seat belts. And the incredible happens.

Winners focus on winning, and losers focus on winners.

Sometimes it is better to make the wrong choice than to make no choice at all. You have the courage to go forward - that's rare. Anyone who stops at a crossroads, unable to decide where to go, will never achieve anything.

If you don't learn to control yourself, others will control you.

While you're expecting a miracle, do a miracle yourself, maybe you'll get something weirder or more miraculous.

Our big flaw is that we give up too quickly. The surest path to success is to always try one more time.

We are born to be persistent, for it is only through persistence that we discover who we truly are.

Obstacles are those scary things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

Setting goals is the first step towards turning your dreams into reality.

All victories begin with victory over yourself.

It always seems to a person that he can do much less than he actually can!

Someday later - a most dangerous disease that will sooner or later bury your dreams along with you.

No matter how much it hurts now. Someday you will look back and realize that your struggle changed your life for the better. Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

And remember - there are no unattainable goals - there is a high coefficient of laziness, a lack of ingenuity and a stock of excuses.

To win, you must believe that you are worth it.

Fear stops action. Action stops fear.

Always do better than perfect.

Instead of complaining that a rose has thorns, I rejoice that a rose grows among the thorns.

You ask, “What if I fall?” I answer: “What if you fly?”

Trying to succeed without doing anything is the same as trying to reap a harvest where you have not sown anything.

You can neither win nor lose unless you are racing.

The strong fall but rise, lose but do not give up, fight and win. And the weak are not even able to set a goal for themselves.

The world is changed by those who are crazy enough to believe that they can do it.

If you work towards your goals, then those goals will work for you.

Make every day your masterpiece.

A small deed is better than a big plan without action.

A year from now, you may regret not starting today!

The problem is that by not taking risks, we risk a hundred times more.

Logic can take you from point A to point B, but imagination can take you anywhere.

If you don't like what you get, change what you give.

A warrior does not give up what he loves. He finds love in what he does.

In serious matters, one should care not so much about creating favorable opportunities as about not missing them.

This is life - starting over when everything is lost.

There are 2 ways to get to the top of the oak tree. One is to sit on an acorn and wait for a tree to grow. The second is to climb up the trunk. So choose for yourself.

Regardless of what you dream of, start working on it! And then real miracles will begin to happen in your life!

Success is a ladder, you can’t climb it with your hands in your pockets.

People are born to win, not to lose.

If this burden falls to me, then it is up to me.

Force your own work; don't wait for her to force you.

Make your dreams come true, or someone else will hire you to make theirs come true.

I want it. So it will be.

The only true measure of success is comparing what you do to what you could do.

Being the richest man in the cemetery is not important to me... Going to bed and telling yourself that you really did something wonderful is what is important!

The worst thing is not “it doesn’t work out again.” The worst thing is “I don’t want to try anymore.”

People actually change amazingly when they gain the belief that they can achieve what they want. Such faith is the first key that opens the door of success.

Poor, unsuccessful, unhappy and unhealthy is the one who often uses the word “tomorrow”.

What is not written down will never be performed.

Not making mistakes means living an unfulfilling life.

Only dead fish float with the flow. To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing at all.

Success is the ability to endure defeat after defeat without losing enthusiasm.

When it seems like the whole world is against you, remember that the plane takes off against the wind!

If you have a dream, desire and perseverance, you will grow even through asphalt.

A great man clearly knows his purpose in life. Everyone else has only emotions.

No one stumbles while lying in bed.

It will hurt - be patient, there will be tears - wipe it away, it will be difficult - hold on! And always remember - this is life!

The minute you settle for less than what you deserve, you get even less than what you agreed to.

Fall seven times and get up eight.

Don't talk about how you don't have time. You have exactly the same amount of time as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Pasteur, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein had.

Fate is not an accident, but a matter of choice; it is not expected, but conquered.

The temptation to give up will be especially strong shortly before victory...

You must have long-term goals so that short-term defeats do not unsettle you.

The biggest mistake is that we give up quickly. Sometimes, to get what you want, you just have to try one more time.

Do not waste a second, immediately and decisively take your place on the battlefield, whose name is life, do not be content with what you have, never accept defeat, because the world exists to be conquered.

Even if you fall, you are still moving forward.

Action is the real measure of intelligence.

Hawks fly much higher when they fly against the wind.

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

The road to success is never completely built.

Put off until tomorrow only what you do not want to complete until the day you die. Action is the main key to success.

Those who can do it, those who cannot do so criticize.

Great minds set goals for themselves; other people follow their desires.

You will never cross the ocean if you are afraid of losing sight of the shore.

As long as a person does not give up, he is stronger than his destiny.

What matters is not whether you get knocked down, what matters is whether you get back up.

Have a good idea? Don’t hesitate, don’t sit... Often the decision to act immediately allows you to make the most impossible dreams come true!

Life is like driving a bicycle. To maintain balance, you must move.

If you're working on something that really matters to you, you don't have to be pushed. Your dream pulls you forward.

Happiness does not lie in always doing what you want, but in always wanting what you do.

One single sound idea is what it takes to achieve true success.

The biggest mistake we can make is the constant fear of making a mistake.

Failure is just another great opportunity to try again. And this time be wiser.

Don't look for motivation for yourself - become motivation for others!

If you're tired, take a rest. But then you will never be first.

If you want to have something you've never had, you'll have to do something you've never done.

If you tripped and fell, this does not mean that you are going the wrong way.

The real hobby of our generation is whining and stupid chatter about nothing. Unsuccessful relationships, problems with studies, the boss is a fool. This is all complete bullshit. If nothing works out for you, then there is only one asshole - that's you. And you will be very surprised if you find out how much you can change just by getting your butt off the couch.

Life goes on: those who do not keep up with it remain lonely.

The vast majority of people fail because they don’t even suspect how close they were to success at the moment they gave up.

Inspiration comes only while working.

Avoid those who try to undermine your self-confidence. This trait is characteristic of small people. A great person, on the contrary, instills in you the feeling that you too can become great.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people don't want to do. Don't strive for it to be easier, strive for it to be better.

The key to success is turning dreams into reality.

Helvetius Life manifests itself not in states, but in actions.

Writer Virginia Woolf on women in the profession

A quote about the profession, written by the talented writer V. Wolf, highlights the problem of women’s fulfillment in the profession:

My profession is literature; and in this profession there are fewer difficulties for women than in all others, not counting only the theater - I mean specifically women's difficulties.

Wolfe reminds us that for women, full-fledged professional realization is accompanied by difficulties. Most often, this is the inability to achieve the same level of pay as men employed in the same field. Women have to constantly face discrimination, which makes it difficult to build a career and grow in their chosen field. But in our progressive age, this quote about V. Woolf’s profession is gradually losing its meaning: more and more women are occupying high political positions, and also working in areas that have traditionally been considered male.

A few more sayings

You can find many aphorisms about work and profession. All of them illuminate one or another aspect of this important aspect of human life. Let's look at a few more quotes from the greats about the profession:

Two things are very difficult to avoid: stupidity - if you isolate yourself in your specialty, and unfoundedness - if you leave it. Goethe

A one-sided specialist is either a crude empiricist or a scientific charlatan. N. Pirogov

It works well when you love your profession and are passionate about it. Yu. Gagarin

It's just a profession. The grass grows, the birds fly, the waves wash the sand, I hit people. Muhammad Ali

All professions are from people, and only three are from God: teacher, judge and doctor. Socrates

At the age of six I wanted to become a cook, at seven - Napoleon, and then my aspirations constantly grew. Salvador Dali

They say that politics is the second oldest profession. But I came to the conclusion that it has much more in common with the first one. R. Reagan

About choosing a field

Perhaps one of the most important steps in a person’s life is choosing a professional field. The decision that a boy or girl makes in their youth influences their entire subsequent path. Parents and teachers tell young people that the most important thing in their early years is choosing a profession, choosing a path. Quotes and statements from famous people will help you understand the peculiarities of making this difficult decision.

For example, V. Mayakovsky’s statement is known:

All works are good - choose according to your taste.

Each work is attractive in its own way. A young man has a huge number of choices - he just needs to decide on his own desires. But this is where contradictions often begin: should we be guided by financial criteria when making this choice? Or should you choose a job according to the dictates of your soul, and not according to the size of your future salary? The following quote about choosing a profession, belonging to the American director J. Huston, allows you to understand this:

Don't choose a profession for the sake of money. You should choose a profession like a wife: for love and for money.

Yes, these words have a humorous connotation. But there is some truth in them. Some say that money is not important - you must definitely work according to your calling. Others believe that calling is secondary, and a person should be ready for any kind of work. But in reality, it is important to get pleasure from work and decent financial reward. In this case, a person’s life will be happier, which means he will be better able to serve other people through his activities.

Another academic year is coming to an end. And the question involuntarily arises: “So what now? Where should I go to work? Or perhaps you already have considerable experience behind you. I hope these quotes will help you decide on your choice of profession, or at least reconsider it. And in moments of doubt, they will support you with their inspiring wisdom!


Which profession should I choose? What do you need or what is your soul passionate about?

For Excellence in Life:

“I’ll tell you what, forget about the beaten path. If you really want to fly, then throw all your energy into what really lights you up

. Everyone has it. Listen to your heart and success will definitely come.”

Oprah Winfrey

For Dreamers:

“Looking at Hollywood at night, I often thought: “Probably thousands of girls besides me want to become stars. But I'm not going to think about them.

I better be even stronger.”

Marilyn Monroe

For Butterflies:

“I prefer soft warmth to cold shine. Some people remind me of dazzling diamonds - expensive, but lifeless inside and unable to love.

Others are like wildflower petals. With hearts full of dew and all shades of heavenly beauty.”

Anaïs Nin, writer

For Clowns and Jokers:

"Follow your dreams. Stay true to yourself

. Never follow the path trodden by someone else. Unless you get lost in the forest and see a path. Then you can step on it.”

Ellen DeGeneres, American actress, winner of 11 Emmy awards

For Adventurers:

“Instead of trying to make your life perfect, and always move forward.”

Drew Houston, founder and CEO of Dropbox

For Athletes:

“Nobody likes to lose, but failure is an important part of life and learning

. If your uniform remains clean, then you were just sitting on the sidelines.”

Ben Bernanke, American economist at the White House.

For Artists:

“Remember, creativity is a skill

have fun.”

Albert Einstein

For Graduates:

“Education is a dress rehearsal

before real life
Nora Ephron, American film director, screenwriter, producer, short story writer, journalist, writer and blogger

For Rebels:

Vincent Van Gogh

For religious people:

“You can’t come to happiness. It cannot be mastered or earned. It cannot be earned or bought. Happiness is the spiritual skill of living every moment with love, grace and gratitude.


Denis Whately is an American writer and consultant on human excellence.

All professions are a conspiracy of specialists against laymen. George Bernard Shaw

The proof of the truth of any calling is the love for the hard work it requires. Logan Pearsall Smith

There are no professions with a great future, but there are professionals with a great future.

Probably only one person in a thousand is passionately absorbed in his work as such. The only difference is that about a man they will say: “He is passionate about his work,” and about a woman: “She is somehow strange.” Dorothy Sayers

A good person is not a profession. Paraphrased Ilf and Petrov

Don't choose a profession for the sake of money. You need to choose a profession like a wife - for love and for money. John Huston

There are no bad professions, but there are some that we are inferior to others. Miguel Zamacois

If something is worth doing, it is worth doing for money. Joseph Donohoe

We always respect people more after we try to do their work. William Feder

Here's the best advice you can give to young people: "Find something you love to do, and then find someone who will pay you for it." Katherine Whitehorn

Dictator is the only profession available to the violently insane: here they are not threatened with a medical examination. Sardonicus

If the military profession is to mean anything at all, it must be based on an unshakable code of honor. Otherwise, those who follow the reels will be just a bunch of hired killers. Carl Clausewitz

A writing prostitute is the oldest profession. Evgeniy Kashcheev

Finding a husband is an art; keeping it is a profession. Simone de Beauvoir

A vocation is any poorly paid occupation that you choose yourself. Mike Barfield

A person only becomes a master when he understands that he will remain a beginner for the rest of his life. Robin Collingwood

Find a job you love and you'll win five days a week. Jackson Brown Jr.

Over time, people become less and less competent in a profession for which they were originally well trained. Paul Armer

The more women there are in any profession, the lower the remuneration. John B. Cox

A weaver is a purely male profession, and a weaver is a purely female profession. Vyacheslav Verkhovsky

The price you pay for mastering a profession is becoming too familiar with its unpleasant sides. James Baldwin

And the most unpleasant profession gives moments of joy. If I, for example, were a gravedigger or even an executioner, I would not be without pleasure in serving someone. Douglas Jerrold

Eh, music! What beautiful art! And what a crappy profession! Georges Bizet

Being a star is not a profession, but an accident. Lauren Bacall

Writing is a profession that is acquired by writing. Simone de Beauvoir

Somehow I haven’t met actors with a light character, unless, of course, they are completely mastered by their profession.

I think there is flaw in any profession. Profession is work Is man created for work? Rinata Litvinova

They say that politics is the second oldest profession. But I came to the conclusion that it has much more in common with the first one.

Chubais is already a profession. Alexander Livshits

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