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I miss you is a status that can be found among many on social networks. The feeling of longing or longing for someone is often sung in songs and described in poetry. I miss... It's not so much a word as a concept. It touches the depths of our soul, thanks to which we can express our attitude towards our loved ones and the fidelity of our feelings towards them. That's why so many quotes and statuses are dedicated to longing. We have selected the best sayings and phrases with which you can express how much you miss you.

I miss you - statuses and quotes with meaning

The best thing in life is to be bored in return.

Loneliness is time without a loved one.

If you miss me a lot, think about me. I'll feel it.

Those who are most bored usually do it silently, to themselves...

Missing means thinking, thinking and thinking again about your face, eyes, hands, hugs, kisses and just about your name.

I miss you catastrophically!

You won’t believe it, but now nothing comes to my mind except you!

You can’t help but miss someone you don’t love?! So it turns out I love you?

I miss you, by the way... Even a lot!

I would probably miss it if I had the strength...

Why do people get bored and sad? Due to the absence of the desired person nearby. At such moments, everything goes wrong. And time moves too slowly, and everyone around is rejoicing too loudly, and the sun does not shine for you, and perhaps it does not shine at all. Melancholy paints all the bright colors of life into one - gray. These sensations are probably familiar to everyone. Many people have experienced grief for a loved one. So strong, sometimes, that there are no words to say about it. For such cases, we have prepared “I miss you” quotes and statuses.

You need to be bored to maintain freshness in a relationship.

Have you noticed that the more you miss a person, the more attentively you listen to him when he speaks? These and other manifestations of tenderness in the “I miss” statuses are meaningful.

  1. My diagnosis is tied to you. That's why I miss you so much when you're far away...
  2. My dear, I trust you completely. But I still miss and am jealous like a girl...
  3. All my time, all my thoughts were filled with only you. What should I do now without you?
  4. You are the best and most attractive in my eyes. Be with me as often as possible!
  5. I miss you, and yes, I want you to know it. In general, please call :3
  6. I wish you were here 24 hours a day. But all that remains is to look and look at the photograph.
  7. I tolerate this distance only in exchange for the fact that I won’t be able to tear myself away from you when you arrive...
  8. Well, let us not be together. I feel with every fiber of my soul that you are mine.
  9. What do I need bright sunshine if my sunshine is not next to me?
  10. When you left, I was not left alone, I was left with an emptiness. Please get rid of her!
  11. We didn't spend much time together. But that's why I miss you so much.
  12. I don't need much. Just your presence. Is it too much to ask?
  13. Darling, when will you miss me as much as I miss you?
  14. I'm tired of counting the days. When will they end and I will finally see you?!
  15. There are so many kilometers between us. And, of course, all my thoughts belong to you.
  16. “I miss” may not mean anything to you, but my whole life is in it.
  17. I can’t tell you in words, I can’t show you in a picture, I can’t convey in music how much I miss you.
  18. I try to fill my heart with others, but it still belongs only to you.
  19. Fill the emptiness in my soul. What do you need for this? Just come!
  20. If at some point I was ready to leave you, this does not mean at all that I do not love you to the point of unconsciousness.

Quotes for those who want to tell you how much they miss you

If a girl writes, it means she’s bored, and if she doesn’t write, it means she’s waiting for you to get bored.

Boredom is a lack of meaning. It turns out that you are my meaning, because I miss you like crazy.

It's never too late to just say: “Hi, I miss you”...

Sometimes seeing the person you really miss is enough to make you happy.

You dream because you think, but you think because you miss, and you miss, because you love, and you love because this is your little man...

And again in a quiet echo - I miss you!

I can't get enough of you. Catastrophically few.

I miss? This word is negligible to convey all the longing for you!

Missing you... It's somewhere on the level of pain...

And again longing squeezed my heart, everything is simple - I miss you again...

What makes you miss someone is a feeling of deep closeness, a feeling of love or being in love. That is, when a person is part of your life. That person next to whom you feel incredibly happy. And when he is far away, you involuntarily want to know where he is, who he is with, what he is doing, how his time passes, what thoughts bother him and, of course, whether he misses you too.

Statuses I miss my beloved guy

How often kind words to a loved one are missing. How often separation extinguishes the flame of first love, forcing one to doubt the fidelity and devotion of the beloved, which is typical not only of inveterate jealous people, but also of everyone who once loved and was in love. Love is a real holiday of tenderness and happiness, when every day you expect tender and kind words from your loved one, but, alas, you don’t always receive them because new worries and affairs simply do not leave time for writing kind words and joyful pictures. That's why sometimes it's worth reminding a guy how much you appreciate and love him and expect kind words from him. Let him know that there is a person in the world who is always waiting for him and loves him, who dreams of meeting him.


Take care of the one who misses you and don’t hold on to the one who is happy without you!


I’ll write on a brick how much I miss you and throw it out your window so you can understand how painful it is to be bored.


You know - I miss you, even if I don’t tell you about it.. PS I need you...


Distance does not destroy relationships. You don't have to see a person every day to continue to love him.


Don't be bored, I miss you too. Don't be sad, I'm sad too. I need no one in this world. I love it, I love it very much!


You think I’m far away, but I’m close... You think I’m high, but I’m low... You look in vain for me... Look around, I’m close... (Statuses I miss my beloved guy)


I miss you like the stars miss the moon, like the cloud misses the sun, its ray is knocking on the window, come back soon, so that we can be together sooner, I will hug you tightly, Our cupid shoots accurately...


And sweetly, as if on camera, I said “I love”... the worst thing is to deceive yourself.


I miss your love, I miss your touch, but I feel you every day.


I love you and miss you, I don’t notice other guys. I only need you, my beloved, with you - I will be happy!


To love a person, you don't have to be close to him. It is enough just to look at his photograph occasionally and know that he is doing well.


Waking up early in the morning, I open my eyes and quietly repeat - I miss you! I go out to the kitchen, I pour some tea... And again in a quiet echo - I miss you! I live only by you, I don’t notice others, And every minute... I miss you!


I miss you very, very much, when I meet you I will hug you tightly... please don’t leave my life, I value you very much...


Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems completely empty.


Far from me, but still I love you. I'm strong and I can handle it... I miss you...


- Are you bored? - No. - Right. Me too, that's why I'm calling. (Statuses: I miss my beloved guy)


Don't be sad and don't be bored...... know that life is not paradise!


I miss you. I miss our friendship, our long walks and conversations in the evenings. I just still feel it with you.


You're not here, I know it. You're not here, but I miss you. You're not here, and I'm sad. You're not here, but I want...


A day without you is like a day without the sun... I miss you...


You're the one I miss! You're the only one I'm sad for! You are the only one whose eyes I remember! And whom I love very much!


I want you to call and ask how are you baby? I answered: I miss you and in response there was only one word: I’M LEAVING


If a girl writes, it means she’s bored, and if she doesn’t write, it means she’s waiting for YOU to get bored..


Hug him from behind... Inhale his scent... Kiss... Press your cheek against his cheek... Hug... Squeeze even tighter... How I miss this... I miss him


It is a great happiness to write to a dear person: “I love you and miss you”... and know that he needs it.


Don't be sad and don't be bored...... know that life is not paradise! (Statuses: I miss my beloved guy)


When you truly love, you never get bored.


Distance weakens easy infatuation, but enhances great love!


It seems to me that I will soon go crazy from lack of you!


I love, I miss, I wait, I hope, Someday that hour will come, And I will warm up in your hands, And this world will be for us!


My smile has no meaning without you. Miss you!


SMS at three o’clock in the morning: “If you are sleeping, sleep, and if you wake up, call me bored.”


There is great wealth in writing to someone “I love you and miss you” and knowing that someone needs it.


It’s so nice to realize that somewhere they worry about you, somewhere they miss you, love you and are waiting for you.


Just know that I miss you every day and hope that we will be together soon.


I don’t want to put loud statuses about love or anything else. Not love at all. I just really miss a person who is now far away; in my understanding, missing is a great desire to see a person, and a desire to spend as much free time with him as possible. I haven’t lived a long life, I haven’t experienced a lot of troubles, losses and stories of unhappy love, I just can’t convey that incomprehensible feeling that every day not only torments me, but simply prevents me from falling asleep peacefully...


I want to come to you... for tea... for a movie... for a conversation... in a hug... under the blanket... no matter what..., but only to you...


Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems empty.


I miss you, believe me???!! It’s so difficult for me without you, you know???!!


The rain will pass and the sun will come out, and I will see you again! So it will be! (Statuses: I miss my beloved guy)


I love you dear, my most beautiful...and I can’t go a day without you! And tomorrow I’m leaving... and I don’t know what will happen to me because I won’t see you soon...


You look into his eyes, it seems that he is... very close... and this is only a photograph...


I miss remembering your phrases with the pronoun “mine”, which give pleasant goosebumps on my arms and make everything inside me turn inside out...


The best feeling is when you meet a person and realize that you have missed him all your life.


Every day I miss you... every hour I miss you... every minute my heart yearns without you... every second of mine belongs only to you...


You are just like the air I breathe, I need you every minute...


They asked me if I miss you. I didn’t answer, I just closed my eyes, smiled and walked away... and then whispered... madly...


You appear and disappear for a month, and again it hurts me, again I wait for you, I miss you. But just when I start to forget, you appear again... And all over again...


I miss you so much right now!!! I would give anything just to see you, to hear the sound of your voice. I really want to fall asleep in your arms...


Every minute I think where are you now, what are you doing?


Just like the air I breathe, I need you every minute...


When you call, my phone doesn’t just light up... It glows with happiness!


I really miss my beloved LOVE...


To be happy, I need someone who I miss every minute to miss me.


Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems empty. (Statuses: I miss my beloved guy)


You know, when you don't see a person for a long time, you cool down. You just get used to him not being around. But as soon as you see him, everything begins again.


I miss your tenderness... I wish I could put it in my pocket, like in childhood - sweets with the affectionate name caramel.


Dream about me today, I miss you...


I miss you so much right now! I would give anything just to see you, to hear the sound of your voice. I really want to fall asleep in your arms...


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Voice declarations of love

Bored statuses are short and sweet

The best feeling is when you miss someone and they come back into your life.

Missing someone isn't so bad if you know you can hug them again.

Touch... whisper... glance... But you're not there...

I miss? You can't get out of my head at all!

When they are bored, they don’t write; when they are bored, they act.

I'm not bored. I just sometimes want to know how you are doing...

An unbearable feeling... When your soul misses a person, but with your mind you understand that you can’t...

All thoughts are about you. And hopes too.

I really miss... The two of us!!!

I miss you... I miss you... Very much... sometimes to the point of tears...

It seems that when you miss your loved one so much, you feel inadequate. Incomplete without your soulmate. Separation greatly affects a person’s mood. Sadness and longing are your eternal companions when you miss someone.

How boring!

Statuses about boredom can simply state that you are unhappy and in a bad mood, or they can have a deeper meaning and look for the reason why you are so bored. Are you looking for your status:

  1. How can you explain to yourself that you need to live with joy in your soul when boredom overcomes?
  2. When life is not very enjoyable, still try not to succumb to this insidious boredom.
  3. I’ll get bored and go and tune in to a cheerful wave.
  4. If you also introduce boredom into this difficult life, it’s a total disaster.
  5. When you're bored, life stops flowing.
  6. It’s boring to constantly fight - for survival, for good health, for a cheerful mood - I’ll let everything take its course - let boredom reign a little.
  7. I tried to enjoy life, but it didn’t work, I’m going to get bored.
  8. My boredom does not allow me to turn on the positive, it even turns off the strength to get up and go to work.
  9. When I'm bored, I always put on a skeptical smile on my face, which looks more like a grimace of despair.
  10. Boredom prevents you from mastering the art of managing your mood.
  11. The only thing to blame for my failures is boredom - well, I’m bored of working and getting paid pennies.
  12. It’s boring to see those who teach me how to live, but they themselves don’t know how.
  13. Boredom makes the whole world turn away from you.
  14. Boredom helps you lose heart and hurt yourself.
  15. Boredom can only overcome those in whose hearts there is no love - neither for themselves nor for people.
  16. Where's my sense of humor? Boredom wins again...
  17. It's boring, gentlemen from TV, to see your boring faces.

Phrases and sayings about missing a loved one

I miss you like an asthmatic misses air.

I miss you, I miss you. It’s corny, but I miss you so dearly.

If I survive this day without you, then I will cope later...

I miss you, even when we go around puddles from different sides.

I'm too human not to miss those people with whom I had a good time.

You are not near, but you are with me... you are in my thoughts and in my heart!

You're just confusing "I'm bored" with "I miss you."

How slowly time passes when you are not with me.

I have a unique diagnosis: missing you unbearably.

I miss? No! I just have an urgent need for you. No more and no less.

I would like to believe that your feelings are sincere, and the separations are not long. Let these bored statuses help you understand that all lovers go through this feeling, and that it is a natural companion of love. It's normal to miss someone. And this shouldn't be scary. Remember that the sun shines for you.

My eyes are completely made of sadness

  1. I just want to feel your touch on my skin. And nothing more.
  2. I feel bad already that you are far away. I can’t imagine what would happen if you left for good.
  3. It seems that I am ready to forgive you anything. Just be with me, please!
  4. Your love warms me even across kilometers. But how is this not enough for me...
  5. I want you to hug me from behind. I want to see you wrinkle your nose. Want you.
  6. All that remains is to draw hearts in the fields and wait. Waiting for your call.
  7. No, I'm not perfect. But I'm the one you come back to again and again. In general, come back soon.
  8. Darling, I'm as soft as a rose. I can't stand such a long distance between us.
  9. I understand that there is a distance between us, but sometimes I just get overwhelmed. It's overwhelming how much I love you.
  10. Our hearts are forever intertwined, and therefore we must endure all trials together. Even if it's not close.
  11. I couldn't stand a long distance relationship. I already miss you when you go to work...
  12. Separation is what makes people fall in love even more. After a short separation, you love more.
  13. Your eyes are a real treasure that I miss unbearably.
  14. They miss those who managed to get into the soul. Not necessarily for those who are just beautiful or just smart.
  15. During the day I hold on. But as soon as darkness falls and I close my eyes, I give up. I miss you unbearably...
  16. Every girl wants flowers and gifts. And only, probably, I want a banal presence...
  17. Smile. Smile the smile you always smile. And be with me.
  18. Drops on glass. Dim headlights. Reflection in the mirror. And thoughts. Confused thoughts in which only you.
  19. Couples are designed to fall asleep together. Remember this.
  20. You look like a little fluffy kitten, which I miss unbearably. Let's change something!

But it’s really funny when you’re sad

Funny statuses about boredom are posted when you should laugh at yourself or your friends who have allowed themselves to be bored and sad. Laugh at this state together by setting the following statuses:

  1. It’s so bad at heart - come, let’s laugh together.
  2. Something is so bad in my soul that I have no one to laugh with.
  3. I haven’t had any problems for a long time - come to me, we’ll sort mine out.
  4. I wanted so much to be bored alone, but again they didn’t let me - they said I had to work at work.
  5. When your soul is happy, boredom goes away with a sad expression on your face.
  6. Never get bored alone, but you won’t get bored with company.
  7. With the arrival of a child in the family, the concept of “boredom” ceases to exist.
  8. How boring is it when there is a circus with horses all around?
  9. When I see my bored face, laughter just overwhelms me.
  10. I got bored and went shopping, saw the prices and got upset.
  11. Never call a friend when you are bored, because in the morning you will also feel embarrassed.
  12. When I'm bored, I turn on rotten perch, and everyone shies away from me.
  13. Cover your boredom with obscenities - and immediately happiness will appear in your soul.
  14. There is no money, but we try not to laugh, but the laughter is nervous...
  15. Our state takes care of people so that we don’t get bored in retirement - they put it off until death.
  16. Life around is fun, how boring?
  17. Our life has become worse, but we have more than enough fun.
  18. Laughing at everything that happens is our credo; we were left with no other choice.
  19. I’ll look around – the fun is endless!
  20. What kind of boredom - God forbid you survive.
  21. “It’s boring, and sad, and there’s no one to give a hand to,” said the classic, lucky one - there was time to be bored...
  22. We are all sad clowns in this life, only some do not put on a mask of fun.

Quotes about “I miss you” without attribution

It is not always possible to find the author of some expressions or quotes; this does not make them any duller. They gain freedom because they pass from mouth to mouth, and this is a very serious reward for a master of words. It is possible that the phrase, which was written by a modest novice blogger, flew halfway around the world and became a signature phrase for thousands, or even millions. And snippets of someone’s poems adorn statuses and pages on social networks. This is a special genre of Internet art.

I burned poems, cities and some parts of the planet,

Where your foot once stepped by chance.

Why is there no cure for people in this world?

Maybe people would be happy then?

Women feel everything many times more acutely than men; their natural emotionality is the key to the brightest phrases about love and relationships. There are quotes about “I miss” that seem to have been ripped from your lips - this is a 100% coincidence with art, it looks like a miracle:

If you ask about my wish

and what I would like most,

I would burn all the distances to hell

and his hands would warm and warm.

Sadness is not always light, because it happens that a person is bored, realizing that everything is in the past.

The past must remain the past... There is no need to return to it,

and if your heart remains in the past, then move on without it.

The state of longing for a loved one is very fruitful if you direct it in the right direction. Poems or songs that were divided into quotes were also born in torment, not only creative, but also emotional.

It’s getting dark, shadow hugs the walls, moonlight scratches along the chimney.

I can write on any topic - it will still turn out to be about you.

It's slowly but surely blowing my mind;

For psychos, it’s spring when things get worse.

I think I hear him breathing

Hundreds of kilometers from me.

I'll laugh in the face of boredom

Statuses about boredom and sadness can have a positive connotation, when you want to get rid of these states and you begin to look for ways out of sadness and boredom. Also, such phrases are suitable as support for a friend who is bored:

  1. I just decided not to bother myself with troubles and problems - just don’t bother!
  2. When boredom overcomes, the most important thing is to get out of the house, and then wherever your feet take you...
  3. A smile is not always a sign of happiness and joy; sometimes it helps to hide inner melancholy and sadness.
  4. Having fun when you are having fun is easy, but try having fun when nothing is making you happy.
  5. Life stops making sad faces if a person wants to overcome his inner boredom and sadness.
  6. It has already been proven that when you are sad, everything around you is gray, when you are happy, the world is filled with colors.
  7. Boredom settles in the soul when there is no goal, you need to find something important in your life.
  8. Life will always help optimists, but with sadness in your soul you don’t even want to do anything.
  9. Sometimes you want to be bored, but there is no time.
  10. More often, boredom sticks to lazy people - you sit, it happens, and think - I don’t want anything...
  11. Boredom is such a thing, once it settles in the soul, you won’t get rid of it.
  12. Bored people don’t get chances for the best, because they simply don’t see them.
  13. When boredom overcomes, you only need to reconfigure yourself - it’s unlikely that anyone else will help you get rid of it.
  14. Get up in the morning and say clearly: “I’m not bored today,” and call your friends - they will definitely not let you get bored.
  15. I’ve already noticed how I’m starting to get bored - all the problems are right there.
  16. The salary seems ridiculous, but it makes you sadder and sadder.
  17. With sadness in your soul, even good events in life become gloomy and boring.
  18. When it’s sad to look at something, look at it with humor - then melancholy will clearly have no place in your soul.
  19. Always remember the cheerful situations in life - then there will be no place for sadness.
  20. It seems to me that all people with serious and pathetic faces are internally filled with melancholy and sadness.
  21. Always carry with you the antidote to sadness and boredom - a sense of humor and a positive attitude.
  22. What helps me not to be sad is the feeling that life is short-lived and will end someday, so why waste precious time on unnecessary emotions?
  23. Life improves for those who begin to improve it themselves, but with longing in their souls this is impossible.
  24. A cheerful disposition and humor are your best protectors from boredom and sadness.
  25. “To the sunny world - yes, yes, yes,” to boredom and sadness - no, no, no!
  26. When you are sad, you begin to wander in the labyrinths of fate and cannot find a way out.
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