“Is this my classmate’s Twitter?” The pharaoh was sad and had a night of wisdom on Twitter, but the fans did not understand him

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Bewilderment is a typical reaction of an uninitiated person whose ears have been touched by the mysterious lines of the Pharaoh’s song Black Siemens, popularly known as “Skr skr skr” or “In dead Nikes.” On the first listen (and the second, too), the lyrics of the song Black Siemens seem like a meaningless jumble of words, in which American youth slang is mixed with randomly placed expressions in Russian. Well, this obfuscation of the essence is undoubtedly intentional and not accidental, but it is still possible to decipher the meaning of the Black Siemens song and the famous “skr sk sk sk” to a certain depth. This is what I will do below.

Tumblr Aesthetic and the Meaning of Pharaoh's Songs

It must be said that Pharaoh, although he became famous a little more than his other comrades thanks to the wave of hatred and ridicule over his videos, is not alone in his creative direction. The musical and cultural current, on the waves of which Pharaoh splashes, unites experimental music performers throughout Russia, but its origins, of course, go back to Western culture. In particular, to the aesthetics of the Tumblr community, whose users are distinguished by a love of mystery (which is so clearly manifested in the lyrics of the song Black Siemens); following certain trends in clothing and generally turning clothing and household items into a kind of icons, symbols of belonging to the “initiates”; interest in everything experimental and underground; open drug use (I’ll talk about this a little later) and, finally, a desire for self-destruction. Let's see how this manifested itself in the text of Black Siemens.

Typical Tumblr Community Users

In dead Nikes - white Nike sneakers have long become a distinctive feature of stylish guys; here it is appropriate to recall, for example, the composition of the Tomsk group “Vhore”, which is called “Boy in Nikes”:

Boy in Nikes, give me likes, Subscribe to my Instagram, Boy in Nikes, give me likes, I’ll sell my soul for you.

The members of the group "Vhore" sing about the admiration that young girls feel for stylish guys - local celebrities such as Pharaoh. Well, he, in turn, uses the image of “dead” (i.e. killed, old, worn out) Nikes in order to emphasize his belonging to the “chosen ones”, “initiated”.

I’m counting the tags, I’m wearing a black thrasher - with this phrase Pharaoh makes it clear that he still has a lot of fashionable branded clothing that the Tumblr crowd values ​​so much. Thrasher is a brand of skatewear, in this case we mean a sweatshirt with the brand's logo. It’s interesting how these fragmentary lines create an external portrait of the hero of Pharaoh - just as if a young man posted a photo in a fashionable sweatshirt on his social network page.

This is what a black Thrasher looks like

The scars on the wrists are a reference to the fashion for self-destruction, which was started by representatives of the emo movement in the legendary 2007, and later picked up by Tumblr users. A photo of a wrist cut with improvised means is as much a part of the image as Nikes, thrashers and a white T-shirt. But all these are just details of appearance, but what lies inside this image? More on this later.

Statuses from songs

Music has always been an endless source of thoughts. The singer sings briefly and clearly about what touches the strings of our soul. We remember beautiful and laconic words best. Quotes like these will help leave a lasting impression on you.

As you scroll through our quotes, you may come across ones you knew but forgot, or ones you heard somewhere but couldn't find. Perhaps you could not understand something, but now, after reading these lines, you understand everything.

Love is always one, not a shot, not a sigh, Love is when good people feel bad... Moody - Jim.

We understand each other and don’t argue. We don't waste time. To hell with all these quarrels. Dzhigan - On the eighth floor.

Leave me some space in your heart, Let me be there. NY - In the heart.

I would turn back time so I could never lose you again. Artem Kacher - Shoot.

The dark night hides dreams, we remained in love. And this is more than love. Max Barskikh - It’s no coincidence.

Even if the words have not yet been spoken, I will find you in distant dreams... Andrey Gubin - Day and Night.

There are wires between us, Cities yes yes yes I said come here, And you said: “Yes, yes, yes...”. Tanir, Tyomcha – Da Da Da.

Fill your heart with the rhythm of love. NYUSHA, Artem Kacher – Between us.

Remake, you again, me again, we are again before the truce. Mot - Crossroads.

You are my bullet that is stuck inside. So stay there and don't go anywhere. Lx24 – Bullet.

With one glance, let's put our feelings in their places. Mojito - No one is irreplaceable.

What does “skr skr skr” mean and what does Pharaoh have to do with rap culture?

The music that Pharaoh and his comrades make grew not only and not so much from rap, but from more modern experimental musical movements such as witch house and trap. Yes, yes, these are the same guys who name their tracks with unpronounceable combinations of special characters. To understand what kind of music this is, try listening to Black Ceiling or Powwoww. But what does Pharaoh have to do with rap? Well, he borrowed a lot from rap culture, but he turned most of the mainstream rap techniques inside out.

“Tommy Hilfiger, Volga, smoking session... Ten stylish bitches, but I’m bored with them” - all this is very similar to quotes from typical rap ballads. And the onomatopoeia itself “skr skr skr”, so remembered by listeners, was borrowed from foreign fellow rappers. This short word imitates the sound that the tires of a drifting car make when rubbing against the asphalt. The onomatopoeia skrt was used in their tracks by such artists as Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, Fetty Wap and many others, and Kodak Black even titled one of his compositions this way. But do not rush to accuse Pharaoh of plagiarism - after all, it is already difficult to figure out who first coined this word, and its borrowing rather indicates respect for foreign colleagues. Another hint of commonality of styles and goals is the line “I’m always upset.” This is a reference to the name of the project Sad Boys, created by Swedish rapper Yung Lean. “Sad boys”, that is, sad guys, began to be called all his followers, which to some extent includes Pharaoh.

This is what this symbol actually looks like: “Three green arrows around her neck”

Like more “traditional” representatives of hip-hop culture, young talents prefer to unite in groups. Pharaoh belongs to a group called Dead Dynasty, which he happily mentions several times in Black Siemens: “All friends are bastards, we are always behind the scenes”, “My crew is as beautiful as the Prime Minister”, “Dynasty shines, I I blow up palm trees." The "three green arrows around her neck" is also a reference to the Dead Dynasty symbolism (three green arrows and a skull).

Best quotes from songs (80 quotes)

This collection represents statuses from songs of various genres. These are statuses from rap songs and quotes from songs about love. Here everyone will find familiar lines and suitable words from songs for status. And of course, add your own lines from your favorite songs. The best quotes from songs are collected in this section of our website.

I could forget about everything, I could love you, but this is just a game. Kipelov

Don't give up, fallen star, I won't let you die.

We went to the bottom, we lit the lights, we are the only ones in the universe. Spleen

I will fight for the sun, Because I happened to look into the barrel of a gun... It's not funny, because you're a cheap, mediocre fake, And I'm an obstacle that you never managed to overcome.

I am your slow star. In the depths of the distant sea, the one that attracts. B2

Now my mistakes haunt me, As if winter had come and frozen me.

With you, I was ready to run to the ends of the world, but you changed, you fled there yourself. B2

This is the second time today I've hurt you Just because I can. You didn’t finish building an insanely wondrous, wonderful city on the sand. Pavel Kashin

If you promise not to go anywhere, I am ready to pay you the same.

If suddenly you are not there, who will love me then? Potap and Nastya Kamenskih

Bite the hand that feeds you, Stop the bleeding vein, Get down on my knees. For your sake, I will turn love inside out.

Genghis Khan and Hitler bathed in blood, but they too were caught up in the wheels of love. Nautilus Pompilius

The sky decides everything - remember, no matter who you are.

Someday I will be better and wiser than I am now. Alla Pugacheva

I have forever learned the lesson given by the evil world.

I wish I could stay with you, just stay with you. Victor Tsoi

Again, I repent of all the sins in the world, baby, I’m guilty.

Once again the blue evening looked through my window, I was hoping for a meeting, but I’m sitting and drinking wine. Denis maidanov

You can't melt all the snow, but you can warm a piece of ice in your palm.

Olga Marquez

You go to cut down a forest, but you will only see stumps.

Victor Tsoi

Don't listen to anyone, only your heart - it knows everything.

Max cake

Life is only a word, there is only love and there is death. Victor Tsoi

You are not evil, no, of course not, you are a saint and it’s all about me.

And the days go by - we eat one day, and drink three, and in general we live happily, although it is raining outside the window. Victor Tsoi

You're not like everyone else, you're just a mystery.


You will know that I am your kind genius, I will know that you love me.

Denis maidanov

Snatches of serious adult words no longer prevent me from dreaming.

He remembers neither ranks nor names and is able to reach the stars, not considering that this is a dream. Victor Tsoi

In the pauses, between breaths, the rascal changes the air to the one who is rude.

When you are far away, everything is not the same and the dreams are not the same. Irina Krug

In the pauses, between breaths, the rascal changes the air to the one who is rude.

I could drink the sea, I could become different, forever young, forever drunk. Semantic hallucinations

Women want love, stability, honesty. Basically like all people.


The tape recorder is broken, I sit in silence, which I am completely happy about. Victor Tsoi

But when everyone leaves, stay, sit next to me.

Olga Marquez

When all the songs I don’t know are silent, my last paper steamer will scream in the tart air.

Nautilus Pompilius

And even if the whole world turns to dust, I will carry your heart in my hands.

Olga Marquez

I listen to our breathing, I never thought before that we had only one breath between us. Nautilus Pompilius

And which of them is right is all the same to me, I need both of you.

I don't play with my soul anymore. Whatever it is, it will suit someone. B2

Where there is money there is evil, where there is success there is envy.

Max cake

Where there is fear, there is no place for love. Agatha Christie

It feels like time is wasting, it feels like it’s running out of charge, it’s such a bad feeling, come to terms with it or decide to make big changes in your life.


I dream of Summer in the sad autumn rain, Hiding my tail with a pipe under a trash can. Chizh and Co

Friendship! Is this concept really necessary? In order to once again understand that a friend can be a traitor, it is probably necessary, because in addition to how to substitute, Friendship also teaches you to forgive.


And now I know what is there, behind the Door to Summer. This is a place for those who survived Winter and Autumn. Chizh and Co

And here we are simply moving, until we are exhausted In close quarters with loved ones, make sure you don’t fall out of your chair.

I left in April, I found a reason - I froze, wrapped in your cold. O. Mityaev

It doesn’t matter here whether it’s a Bible or a karan. At dawn, a caravan leaves for a hike. Be careful, bro, look around. And the finish line will be shown to us by who is number one.

I want the honest taste of cigarettes to remain in my mouth. Your look is very dear to me, your color is extremely important to me. I die when I see, as if I see and there is no one to sing, I’m so afraid of not having time, at least to do something. Zemfira

People need sound, the ears of servants are waiting, Servants are what we are, no offense, my friend.

My star is not destined for Warmth, like us simple and mortals. For us - a well-fed house under a bright lamp, And for her - only bitter wine. Aquarium

My price if not someone is waiting, But if someone has finally already waited.

Silver of my Lord, silver of the Lord, Do I know the words to say about you? The silver of my Lord, the silver of the Lord Above tears, above words, equal to our melancholy. Aquarium

Friends are lost, there is no point in looking for them, Enemies will remain the same - their faces will change.

The closer to death, the cleaner the people, the further to the rear, the fatter the generals. DDT

Today I will completely erase you from my memory. I didn’t even want to remember about you.

I'll get drunk! I’ll sit in the carriage, And the train will go far away, Where someone also looks at the world through their window, And cannot remember How evil the memory is! She took everything and jumped off as she went. Pilot

Democracy is complete bullshit. This is speculation. An incomprehensible format for adequate people, and a convenient format for political speculation, games, and intrigues. Basta

Death is worth living, but love is worth waiting for. Movie

Someone else's weakness does not make you stronger, someone else's stupidity does not make you smarter.

I waited for this time and now this time has come. Those who were silent - stopped being silent. Those who have nothing to wait for, get into the saddle. You can’t catch up with them, you can’t catch up with them anymore. Movie

My city has rotted, I notice everything. It’s no time for jokes, I answer with tin. Give snow to the skins, they will reach the sky with tea. We desperately need weight, desperately need weight.

But if there is a pack of cigarettes in your pocket, then everything is not so bad today. Movie

Remember, there are always and everywhere those who like to rummage through someone else's trash can. Guf.

You-s-you love these films so much. I-e-e-e know these songs. You-s-s love cinemas so much. We are unlikely to be able to be together. Movie

They seem to be serious, mature people, but here, damn it, they get carried away. You call for them, fuss, ask someone. They are not yet happy with something when you bring them something. Guf

You are now a deserter Outside the law - know the truth cannot be found You are now just a target For the rifles of hundreds of mountain rangers. Aria

I take it out on my loved ones, but I cool down low, it’s disgusting to remember the antics. I don’t take turns without you, but you’ll never know about it. Swift

It's too boring to be immortal The same faces day after day, The same smart answers to the question Why do we live? Aria

I like to listen to silence, but I can’t drown out the noise of cars. I am captivated by the big city. And from the top I can see houses and garages, People caught in the grip of lies. Plastic

You alone did not break, did not lie down. The Lord protected you from blows. You see, Caesar descended onto the sand to reward you with will. Aria

We smoke cheap dope with our dear loved ones.

Don't cry if you can, forgive me. Life is not sugar, and death is not tea to us. I have to carry my own path. Goodbye, friend, and goodbye. DDT

Life is a game, the main thing is not to overplay it. Grab and shut up.

I would like to be the wind and fly above the earth towards the sun in the snow. I would like to sleep in the sky and watch dreams about it in the clouds. Bravo

Here the words help and care are not spoken out loud. It’s better to close both your eyelids before you die. Chemodan

It has become cold in the land of flowers, where gold is cheaper than words. Bravo

Don’t rush to grow up, but learn to be an adult, Although sometimes everything in life is somehow childishly simple. Just get used to not whining about nonsense. Fate itself gave us tickets to the front rows.


There are clouds above your head, puddles under your feet, It’s even better - after all, it could have been worse. You have gucci shoes and narrower trousers, but I’m tormented by dry wood, and I need to sleep.


Pharaoh and drugs: what do the slang words mean in the song Black Siemens

Another theme that is inextricably linked with the work of Dead Dynasty and Pharaoh is the use of narcotic substances. We are not talking about hard drugs and the addiction they cause, but mainly about marijuana. “With a skunk zip” our hero appears in the text - here “zip” means a plastic bag with a tight fastener, and “skunk” is a slang name for a cannabis variety. The joint is mentioned a couple of times - “instantly rolled”, “my blunt is furious” (blunt is still the same joint in English). “I blow up palm trees” - that is, I smoke. And finally: “I left stamps, I won’t go back.” Stamps are LSD, and our hero apparently chooses more conventional ways to have fun in the form of his frantic blunt.

"I'm always upset, but my blunt is furious"

Well, let's sum it up? The meaning of the song Pharaoh - Black Siemens is to outline a certain image of the hero, establishing him as “one of our own,” “dedicated,” “chosen one.” His belonging to the party is determined - this is achieved, firstly, by mentioning his crew, and secondly, by quoting foreign performers whom Pharaoh focuses on when creating his own music. The abundance of slang expressions, including English, as well as the technique of creating text from isolated short phrases help the author to obscure the meaning of the text in such a way that it becomes as incomprehensible as possible for outsiders, strangers, uninitiated people who do not belong to the party. On the one hand, this caused a wave of hatred and indignation, on the other... it attracted a lot of attention to the performer and the new genre. And if you have any questions - what does “skrrt skrrt skrrt” mean, what is the song Black Siemens about? - this means that Pharaoh’s music has achieved its goal.

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