Wedding signs associated with wedding rings

Statuses about wedding anniversary

A happy anniversary is not about a bunch of gifts. This is when a couple in love looks at each other with special tenderness.

Slowly but surely we are moving towards a golden wedding!

This year has passed like a fairy tale. All because I lived it with you.

Today I realized that we are not just celebrating a wedding anniversary, but an anniversary of mutual understanding, devotion and, of course, love.

Over the years, your significant other becomes just a part of you.

Don't believe that feelings fade away. True feelings burn equally hot on any wedding anniversary.

I don’t know how else to thank my husband for the gorgeous anniversary. Oh, I’ll write more in the status!

I dream of celebrating my golden wedding. We lived 5 years, 45 remain. Just.

A gorgeous wedding is about falling in love. A great anniversary is love.

Before the wedding, the groom often calls the bride a mouse, a bird, etc. With every year of marriage, animals become larger.

Signs about wedding rings after the wedding

  • Wedding rings cannot be removed. It is believed that they are a strong talisman of the family; they protect family happiness. People try to wear these jewelry day and night so that the marriage is strong and long. Anyone who often takes off the “engagement” will face frequent quarrels and misunderstandings in the family.
  • You should not let other people try them on - not only after the wedding, but also before it. During such a fitting, the family happiness of the bride (or groom - depending on whose ring is being tried on) may go to another person.
  • Losing a ring portends trouble : it could be quarrels and discord in the family, various troubles and even divorce. If the husband loses the jewelry, then he may soon cheat on his wife or leave the family. If a wife has lost, then difficulties may begin in communicating with her husband’s relatives, and misunderstandings will appear in the couple. If the symbol of marriage is lost in the house and then quickly found, the family will live in prosperity.
  • If the ring of one of the spouses is stolen, it can be used for love spells. To protect your marriage, buy new wedding rings for yourself and your partner, consecrate them in church and wear them without taking them off.
  • Breakage of jewelry does not bode well . If the ring is bent, burst or cracked, the couple will soon face trials that may become critical for the integrity of the family. They say that a crack in a ring can indicate an unfaithful spouse.
  • During pregnancy, they try not to remove the wedding jewelry from the finger - it is believed that the closed-shaped ring protects against miscarriage (if the expectant mother suffers from edema, it is still better to remove the ring - you can thread it through a chain and hang it around your neck). But just before giving birth, be sure to remove all closed jewelry - rings and chains, so that the birth will be easier.
  • No one should be allowed to remove the “engagement ring” from their finger . According to superstition, by doing so you can shorten your life and give away your family happiness, health and material wealth.

Beautiful quotes about wedding

A wedding ring on a man's finger is proof that someone trusted him with their destiny.

A wedding is a feat, the most desperate and hopelessly in love go to it.

Living with you is almost impossible. But I’m getting married precisely because I can’t live without you!

Not a calculation, not a benefit, not because it’s time. But simply because love. And today I will sign this!

There is no need to swear eternal love. It is enough to swear your love here and now!

I will marry her because I love her and she loves me. This coincidence should not be missed.

Today everyone envy me. Because I'm marrying the best groom!

It doesn't really matter how much money we have. It doesn't matter how many friends we have. The important thing is that we walk hand in hand.

And even if it’s a little sad that I’m leaving my parents’ house. But now I'm yours.

In this bustle, I realized that everything is not so important. The main thing is that we have our whole lives ahead of us.

Signs about choosing wedding rings

  • You need to choose both rings at the same time, in the same store. This is explained simply: a simultaneous purchase symbolizes living together, and jewelry from different stores can lead to quarrels and a quick end to family life. Previously, it was believed that only the groom should choose, but today this rule is taken more seriously and more and more people choose jewelry together.
  • You should go to a jewelry store in a great mood, and when buying, think only about the good. This way you can “charge” your jewelry with goodness, joy and positivity.
  • It is advisable to choose classic wedding rings - without carvings, engravings, or precious stones. They say that those who get married with a smooth ring also have a smooth family life. There is another opinion - jewelry with diamonds and other precious stones symbolize prosperity in the family and a happy life.

If you choose jewelry with a stone, make sure that the mineral suits you and your other half. Take into account your zodiac sign and personal preferences, and before buying, hold the “engagement ring” in your hand - if you feel comfortable and the jewelry feels warm, feel free to buy. If you feel cold and negative, choose other models.

Expressions about weddings with meaning

Over the years, your significant other becomes just a part of you.

A wedding is a formal statement that you are entrusting your happiness to someone else.

The wedding should not be with someone you can live with! And with someone you can’t live without!

A wedding is when you pick up a girl to go out with her and never return her to her parents.

Over the years, your significant other becomes just a part of you.

A wedding is a formal announcement that you are entrusting your happiness to someone else.

A wedding is the result of a relationship that is in the process of development.

You marry your appearance, but you have to live with your character.

The wedding should be the snow-white tip of the iceberg of a long journey for many years.

The most difficult moment in preparing for a wedding is choosing a groom.

Signs about wedding rings in case of divorce and death of a spouse

  • After a divorce, the former spouses do not put on the rings and do not allow others to try them on. There is an opinion that even just keeping such jewelry at home is not worth it - they are thrown into reservoirs or given to church.
  • Widows can continue to wear wedding jewelry, but on their left hand instead of their right hand. You cannot pass them on by inheritance, give them as a gift or let them try on - there is a risk of passing on your destiny to someone else.
  • If a widow remarries, the old ring should be removed and never put on again, so as not to bring trouble to the new spouse. The new product is worn on the right hand.

Statuses about the wedding day

The wedding day is the day of the treacherous attack on my freedom.

Over the years, your significant other becomes just a part of you.

The time had come when we could have fun at the wedding. Because now this is our wedding.

The happiest morning for a girl is her wedding day. Just think: when she wakes up, she knows what to wear...

The husband is forbidden to forget about the main family holiday - his wife’s wedding day.

If there is agreement, there will be happiness! From now on, only “We” – not “I”, and there will be a strong family!

I'm not just waiting for spring, I'm waiting for its happiest day, our wedding day!

Over the years, your significant other becomes just a part of you.

Signs about wedding rings during a wedding

  • On the day of the wedding ceremony, you cannot wear any rings other than wedding rings.
  • Putting the ring on the wrong finger means cheating. Moreover, the cheater will be the one who incorrectly put the jewelry on the other half.
  • If an unmarried man or an unmarried girl touches the newlyweds’ jewelry, they will soon have their own wedding. It is believed that everyone should not be allowed to touch their “engagement rings”, even if you really want to help everyone - usually the bride and groom allow this only to very close people.
  • Whoever picks up the box (cushion) of rings first will soon have their own wedding. Most often, the box ends up in the hands of the witness - she is the one who usually takes it after the bride and groom put on jewelry. The bride is not allowed to pick up this box.
  • Dropping a ring at a wedding means there will be troubles in family life. If this happens, you can try to “erase” the negative charge of the event. For this you will need a white thread (witnesses prepare it in advance - just in case). Before putting on the jewelry after falling, you need to thread a white thread through it. Afterwards, the thread is given to the person who dropped the ring, and this person must burn it with the words: “Fire, burn all my troubles and sorrows.”
  • You cannot put jewelry on a glove. If gloves are part of the wedding attire, you will have to remove one before putting on the ring.
  • During the wedding ceremony, it turned out that the decoration did not fit in size - a bad sign. This sign promises a dysfunctional marriage.

Jafar's Ring

Well, solve the riddle, Since you are a hunter to think: Who works more - a lazy person or a zealous worker? But before you find the answer, listen to the tale of ancient times. The sage Jafar lived at the court in a country in the south. And since he was very old, the servants carried him. One day, on the way home, from a distant bazaar, a golden ring rolled off Jafar's little finger. Jafar said to the porters: - Go around the whole city and find my precious royal gift, my ring! The porters answered him: “We don’t feel like looking.” We don't care about the loss. We have our own work. We were ordered to carry you, and not to look for your ring! “Well, if so,” Jafar said to the slaves in response to these speeches, I will look for the Ring myself! And he sat on the slaves' shoulders. They had to trudge again with Jafar to the market... But it would have been easier for them to look for the Ring without Jafar!

Samuel Marshak


Beautiful lines from beautiful songs

Musical compositions provide great scope for imagination. It could be a song that means something to both of you, the song you had your first kiss to, or the tune that was played the day you first met. For example: “I’m not alone, but without you I’m just nobody” (“Prayer”, “Bi-2”), “I wouldn’t lose her one, cherished one in silver” (“Silver”, “Bi-2”) or “ The laws of physics are not able to reveal the principles of our attraction, because the depth of the soul for my heart is like the whole Universe” (“You are like the whole Universe”, “JaKalib”).

Is it possible to get married with rings that were worn by relatives?

Some couples prefer not to buy new jewelry, but to use those that they inherited from grandparents or other relatives. It is believed that such products preserve the energy of the family, and they will be a strong talisman for a young family. If grandparents lived a long and happy life together, their relationship was kind and filled with love, then their rings can really bring happiness to the newlyweds. It is not recommended to use jewelry from relatives who were unhappy in their marriage or lived as a couple for less than 25 years. The same applies to melting down and trying on wedding rings - you should not interact in any way with jewelry whose owners lived in quarrels, divorced or were widowed.

Engraving for newlyweds with a sense of humor

One of the most dangerous (in a psychological sense) engravings is the application of humorous inscriptions to wedding rings. In this case, it is worth considering the character of the partner, and also pay special attention to such inscriptions so as not to offend the partner. It is better to discuss with each other in advance what you will write.

It is advisable that jokes be neutral. For example, the popular Gameover message (“game over”) can evoke negative emotions. If you look at the ring in a bad mood, then the person will have a feeling of captivity, lack of freedom. It is much better to write “Adventures are ahead”, “Seas and oceans, islands and millions of dollars await us” or another optimistic inscription.

More examples of humorous inscriptions: “Hole for a finger”, “I’m busy”, “Captured by a beautiful blonde”, “Ringed at my own request”, “I love. Adore. Want". Of course, such ring options are not suitable for everyone, but only for couples with a good sense of humor. It’s better to make two sets of rings – classic and funny.

Funny options from statuses on social networks

Popular phrases today are on personal pages on various social networks and are quoted by millions of people. But the fashion for them is passing, and literally in a year you may regret your decision. Statuses are often written by ordinary people who tend to make mistakes, and even if today it seems to you that they are infinitely right, tomorrow you can refute the “truth” with your own experience. For example: “Love is not only the feeling of love of one for another, it is understanding and trust.” Everything seems to be sweet and romantic, but who knows, maybe in a year you won’t like this popular quote anymore?

There are also frankly stupid statuses, for example: “I am difficult to find, easy to lose and impossible to forget” or “I came, I saw, I left behind.” Such inscriptions on wedding rings should not be made.

What types of engravings are there?

Currently, the following engraving options are distinguished:

  • Manual.
  • Diamond.
  • Laser.

Hand engraving is applied to the ring using a cutting tool. Such work can only be entrusted to an experienced craftsman. He needs to explain his wishes.

Diamond technology involves the use of a tool such as a stone. Due to the fact that such work is done manually, the inscriptions are more expressive and clear.

When using laser engraving, the inscription on the wedding ring will obviously be made using a laser. The image itself will be in relief.

Short and sweet phrases of an intimate nature

Many couples have phrases that only they understand. As a rule, these are expressions that emphasize a certain intimacy of the relationship. Less often, these are some affectionate nicknames, for example, “my sunshine,” “sweet candy,” “little fox.” This also includes harmless nicknames, for example, “bunny”, “honey”, “kitty”, etc.

However, if you prefer this option, do not forget that the engraving cannot be removed. Therefore, it’s not worth writing humorous nicknames like “fatty” or “dumpling”. In order to avoid such misunderstandings, we recommend that you consider more suitable examples of inscriptions on wedding rings in Russian. We recommend that you think carefully before writing anything. Approach the process wisely, choose an inscription in advance.

Engraving Features

Engraving makes rings unique. Jewelers can perform it on different materials: gold, silver, platinum, titanium, steel. Shortly before the wedding, future newlyweds can have their chosen rings engraved. You can choose any inscription on your wedding ring, and if you don’t want to think for a long time, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our small selection.

So, memorable symbolism for young people can be made both on the outside and on the inside of the rings. At the same time, the symbols on the outside will emphasize the uniqueness of the ring, and on the inside they will tell about a special intimate message. Some newlyweds do not stop at the first or second, but choose both options at once.

Inscriptions from scriptures

Believers can write a quote from the Bible, Koran, etc. on the rings. For example, the inscription “Let a man leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two may become one flesh” from the main Christian book of the Bible can remind two people that their the connection is not accidental. She will also be able to help in difficult situations and help restore relationships after serious quarrels and conflicts. Even if you are not a particularly religious person, wise phrases from the scriptures will motivate you no worse than statuses on social networks.

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