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Statuses about moral fatigue of the soul

Sleep will not save you if your soul is tired.

Sometimes I am so tired that I painfully want someone to give me hot tea, cover me with a blanket, and sleep in a calm, serene sleep...

Sometimes everything just gets boring... And you can’t explain why. You can’t understand it yourself...

I’m tired of smiling all the time, saying that everything is fine, giving hope...

I don’t have the strength to fight anymore... I’m probably just tired

Sometimes it seems to me that I am 100 years old, my soul is so tired.

I want to become for a short time a girl with big eyes, with ice cream in one hand and a scoop in the other, and only think that the weather is beautiful today...

I'm so tired... And everyone wants to finish you off... With their gaze, word, movement.

Tired of it. I'm sick of it. Sick of all. I'm tired…

I want to be carried to bed in my arms, as in childhood, picked up and brought to my cherished goal.

“Tired of lies and false smiles, Tired of pain and other mistakes, Tired of tears and love in punishment, Tired of someone’s naive confessions, Tired of changing and throwing off masks, Tired of joking, believing in good fairy tales, Tired of looking for what will last forever gone, tired of life. And I’m just tired..."

….tired….I want to go to the island…where there are bungalows, ocean waves caress the beach, the sun warms…quiet and calm….

If your soul is tired, then there is no point in resting.

...Hey, can you hear the sky, take me with you - I’m tired...

Tired. Mentally squeezed dry. Tired of lies and pain. Tired of being strong. I want to be strong. I want to be needed. And nothing else is needed.

Sometimes everything just gets boring... And you can’t explain why. You can’t understand it yourself...

I lost the desire to move on. I want someone to take my hand and show me the right path.

Sometimes I feel like my life is like a plastic cup. I was taken advantage of, my nerves were frayed, I was tired, I broke down, then they threw me out

Inspirational Quotes - Never Give Up (100 Quotes)

Never give up is the only and most important credo of a successful person. And the point is not even what this person has achieved, but the fact that he is always moving towards his goal. As you know, the road can only be mastered by those who walk. So it is here. No matter what circumstances interfere with you, you should always move on. Motivational quotes, like nothing else, can help a person in a difficult situation. And just such quotes are presented in the collection Inspirational Quotes - Never Give Up on our website.

I don't think there is any other quality as essential to any kind of success as persistence.

Never, never, never give up!

There is no greater failure than stopping trying.

Half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones is persistence.

Every failed attempt is another step forward.

Never give up, even when you have to.

Anyone who really wants to go upstairs will come up with a ladder.

We will either find a way out or create one ourselves.

It's not always easy, just keep at it and don't let the little things get you down.

I didn't fail. I just found 10,000 ways that don't work.

We will defend our island at all costs. We will fight on the coast. We will fight on the airfields. We will fight in the fields and in the streets. We will fight in the mountains. We will never give up.

I can't do anything but keep walking and rocking.

Perseverance is what makes the impossible possible and the possible destined.

I am often asked: “What are we fighting for?” I can answer: “Let’s stop fighting - then you’ll find out.”

Listen only to people who encourage you. If this is what you want and it's inside of you, then keep at it and try to do it for the rest of your life.

Never give up - never, never, never, never, neither in big nor in small, neither in large nor in small, never give up if it does not contradict honor and common sense. Never give in to force, never give in to the apparently superior power of your opponent.

Sometimes even the maximum of our capabilities is not enough, and we have to do what we previously considered beyond our strength.

Do not get lost. Don't get discouraged, just keep going, keep going.

When I'm having a hard time, I always remind myself that if I give up, it won't get better.

To say that we did everything we could is not enough. We must achieve what we need - and only then will we find real success

What's incredible about people is the decision to keep going.

You are not a loser until you give up!

A pessimist sees difficulties in every opportunity, an optimist sees opportunities in every difficulty.

Your victory is just around the corner. Never give up.

In my life I have missed many thousands of times, I have lost hundreds of games, about 30 times when the team trusted me with the last shot that decides the fate of the match, I missed... I suffer defeats day after day - and that is why I am a CHAMPION!

Consistent effort—not strength or intelligence—is the key to unlocking our potential.

Never give up. You only get one life. Take action!

When you go towards your goal, an obstacle stands in your way. I've encountered them, everyone has. But don't let obstacles stop you. When faced with a wall, do not turn back, do not retreat. Find a way to overcome this barrier, work on it...

The opportunity lies somewhere in the middle of the problem you have.

The only thing you have to give up is give up!

Many failures in life occur because people don't realize how close they are to success when they give up.

This is not because I am so smart, but because I approach every problem more carefully than others.

It doesn’t matter how fast you move towards your goal, the main thing is not to stop.

Even if you have to go through hell, go without hesitation.

Survival can be summed up in three words - never give up. That's the essence of it, really. Just keep trying.

Just know that when you really want to succeed, you will never be disappointed in it. It doesn't matter how difficult the situation may become.

The best way out is always through.

It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I spend more time solving problems.

Take responsibility for your life. Know that only you can take yourself where you want to go, and no one else.

Let me tell you the secret that brought me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity.

Winners never give up, and quitters never win.

I don't regret what I did, I regret what I didn't do when I had the chance.

I was taught that the path of progress is neither quick nor easy. — Marie Curie, two-time Nobel laureate

How long should you try? Until you win.

Problems make life interesting, and overcoming them gives life meaning.

We will either find a way out or create one ourselves.

Never give up cause it's just time and place the tide will turn.

It's hard to wait for something you know may never happen; but it's even harder to give up when you know that's all you want.

If you're not making mistakes, you're not working on hard enough problems. And this is a big mistake. ~ Frank Wilczek, 2004 Nobel Prize Laureate

Our greatest weakness is the desire to give up. The surest way to succeed is to try again.

One of the most important keys to success is the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don't feel like doing it.

Do you want me to give you a formula for success? It's very simple, really. Double your failures.

I refuse to give up because I haven't tried every option yet.

Good things come to those who wait... great things come to those who get off their butts and do something to make great things happen.

We do not need to step on the same rake that we already had.

Failure is not always a mistake. Sometimes it's just the best we can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.

You are a fighter. Look at all you've overcome. Don't give up now.

Happiness cannot be arrived or arrived, it cannot be earned or worn. It is a spiritual experience of living every moment with love, grace and gratitude.

It's hard to beat a man who never gives up.

To succeed, your desire for success must be greater than your fear of failure.

Never confuse one failure with final defeat.

It is not the desire to win that makes you a winner, but the refusal to accept failure.

Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated. If they don't see your true value, then it's time for a new start.

Always honestly admit your mistakes, this will dull the vigilance of your superiors and allow you to make new ones.

I never lose. I either win or I learn.

Don't be afraid to support what you believe in, even if it means being alone.

Every failed attempt is another step forward.

Nothing can replace perseverance: neither talent, nor intelligence, nor education. The world is full of talented losers, unrecognized geniuses and well-educated homeless people. Only perseverance and determination are omnipotent.

The best revenge is great success.

Failure gives you the opportunity to start all over again, only more intelligently.

Dont be upset. Often the last key in the bunch opens the lock.

Forget all the reasons why it won't work and believe the one reason why it will work.

Don’t give up when you encounter difficulties On the difficult path of life, Try to create opportunities When you can’t find them!

I am grateful to all those who told me no. Because of them, I did everything myself.

When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long.

Never give up! Even if it turns out that you are losing today. You can lose once, twice, ten... But if, despite this, you do not allow yourself to give up, then in the end you will definitely win!

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you still haven't found it, keep looking. Do not give up.

Courage is not always a militant roar. Sometimes a little voice at the end of the day whispers, “I’ll try again tomorrow.”

Consistent effort—not strength or intelligence—is the key to unlocking our potential.

Life is short - live it. Love is beautiful - love. Anger is harmful - leave it. Fear is terrible - face it. The memories are great - cherish them.

Persistence is not a long race. It's a lot of short races one after another.

To say that we did everything we could is not enough. We must achieve what we need - and only then will we find real success.

When you say “it's hard,” what it really means is “I'm not strong enough to fight for it.” Stop saying it's hard. Think positive!

Let me tell you the secret that brought me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my perseverance.

- Even if you have to go through hell, go without hesitation.

Life is like a photograph. You need negatives to develop.

Being defeated is a temporary state. Giving up victory is what makes it permanent.

Let me tell you the secret that brought me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity.

Don't worry about failure, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try.

If you're going through hell, keep going.

We will either find a way out or create one ourselves.

The pain you feel today is the strength you will feel tomorrow. In every challenge you face there is an opportunity for growth.

Hard times don't last forever, but difficult people always do.

“The winner is the loser who made one more attempt.”

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

A gemstone cannot be polished without friction. Likewise, a person cannot become successful without enough hard attempts.

Always believe in yourself, especially in those moments when no one believes in you!

We learn something from everyone who passes through our lives. Some lessons are painful, some are painless... but all of them are priceless.

Life is at its best when everything has become irrelevant and you have decided that you will fight, not when everything is going your way and everyone is praising you.

There is only one way of comprehension - Act.

fall quotes, aphorisms, statuses, phrases from around the world

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In a dirty fall, a person has only one thing left to do: fall without looking back. It is only important to do this with interest and energy. Tags: Daniil Ivanovich Kharms // fall //

- Harley! Is that really you? - Crap ! Don't fail everything. “Don’t you even want to say hi?” - Guys, you should see this. The Joker just spotted Harley! - Keep walking. - Tell him to shut up. “I bet you’re still suffering.” At least the bruises have healed. What's your hurry, Harl? - Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! - Damn you! Went. “Maybe she'll kill him.” - I hate you, bastard! I'm going to kill him! I will personally kill him for everything he did to me! - Women ! Am I right, officer? And you can’t live with them, and you can’t throw them out of a moving car. Tags: Batman. Assault on Arkham (Batman: Assault on Arkham) // Joker // Floyd Lowten / Deadshot // Harley Quinn //

The most natural and most naive thought that comes to a person, as if from the depths of his nature, is the thought that he is not guilty. From this point of view, we are all like that French boy who in Buchenwald stubbornly wanted to file a complaint with the scribe (also a prisoner) who entered his name on the list of prisoners. Complaint? The clerk and his comrades laughed: “It’s no use, my dear. They don’t accept complaints here.” “But you see, monsieur,” said the little Frenchman, “I have an exceptional case. I am not guilty!" Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // guilt // condemnation //

A piece for me. Slices, slices. Storm! Tags: Cipollino (1973) // Prince Lemon // attack // death penalty //

One hundred and fifty years ago people were touched by lakes and forests. And now we are driven into lyrical excitement by prison cells. Tags: Albert Camus // The Fall //

The only deep feeling that I happened to experience in all these love affairs was gratitude if everything went well, if they left me alone and gave me complete freedom of action. Oh, how I could be kind and nice to a woman, if I had just been in the bed of another, it was as if I were spreading to everyone else the gratitude I felt for one of them. Whatever the confusion in my feelings, their essence was clear: I kept my lovers and friends close to me in order to enjoy their love whenever I wanted. I myself admitted that I could live happily only if all the people on the whole earth, or at least as many people as possible, turned their eyes to me, never knew any other affection, never knew independence, ready at any moment to respond to my call , finally doomed to infertility until the day when I deign to caress them with a ray of my light. In general, in order to live happily, I needed my chosen ones not to live at all. They were to receive a piece of life only from time to time and only by my grace. Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // pride // selfishness //

- It can not be! - War trophies. — Black Spider kicked Batman's ass? - Buddy. I started to tear up. Tags: Batman. Assault on Arkham (Batman: Assault on Arkham) // Floyd Lowten / Deadshot // Harley Quinn // Digger Harkness / Captain Boomerang // Eric Needham / Black Spider //

Even knowing that you will fall, you cannot avoid the pain of falling. Tags: From scratch: A guide to survival in an alternative world (Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isek or Seikatsu) // Pack // life quotes // fall //

When you fall, look who kicks you the hardest. Don't be too surprised to find your friends among the particularly violent kickers. Tags: Vladimir Eduardovich Kazaryan // betrayal // fall //

We no longer say, as in former times: “I think so and so. What objections do you have? We now have sober views. We replaced the words in the dialogue: “The truth is this and that. You don't have to agree with her, I don't care. But in a few years the police will intervene and show you that I am right.” Tags: Albert Camus // The Fall // man, people // society //

Too many people have chosen to practice mercy without generosity. Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // mercy // generosity //

Any fall begins with a small step down; a lost battle begins with a soldier’s unbuttoned collar. Tags: Alexandra Marinina // View from eternity. Good intentions // Lyuba Golovina // fall // loss //

We cannot prevent falling into the abyss, we can only delay it for a while. Tags: Philip K. Dick // Do androids dream of electric sheep? // Rick Deckard // fall //

Hey, inhabitants of the sky, who have not yet been to the bottom Without going through the underworld, you cannot build paradise Hey, inhabitants of the bottom, thunder is laughing at you To be on an equal footing with him There is one way - up There is one way - up! Tags: Aria // The way up // motivational quotes // fall // rise //

They always fall only on the side in which they are leaning. Tags: Francois Guizot // life quotes // fall //

I will read aloud to you - and so we will pass this terrible night together. Tags: Edgar Allan Poe // The Fall of the House of Usher // reading //

I no longer needed their respect, because it was not universal, and how could it be universal, since I myself could not share it. This means that it is better to throw a cloak of absurdity and ridicule over everything - over human judgment and the respect of “decent society”. Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // man, people // respect //

Sometimes you don’t have the strength to get up and walk, And there’s no one to help you on this path, And there’s no one to tell you that everything will be fine, That this is just the beginning, and at the beginning it’s hard. Tags: Bachelor party // War // support // fall // helplessness //

A person rises from a word and falls from a letter. Tags: Cosmopolis // Eric Packer // fall //

Falling into an abyss, at least at some stage, at least resembles flying, but falling into a ditch is completely safe, but you will swallow shit for the rest of your life... and, what good, you will get used to its taste! Tags: Max Fry // White stones of Harumba // ironic quotes // fall //

With age, everyone acquires the appearance they deserve. Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // age // appearance //

Only excess strength serves as proof of strength. Tags: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche // The Fall of Idols // power //

Telling me that I can do anything is like pulling the plug out of a water-filled bathtub and telling the water that it can go anywhere. Try it and see for yourself what comes of it. Tags: Nick Hornby // The Long Fall // life quotes // responsibilities // freedom of choice //

I'm not afraid to fall, I'm happy, I'm not afraid of falling, flying attracts me... Tags: Lisa Oldoak // Emma // beautiful quotes // falling // flying //

And while you rise, you can fall. Tags: Boris Lesnyak // fall //

You have to pay for everything, and taking off can be the first step to falling. Tags: Charles Bukowski // Bread and Ham // main character // life quotes // fall //

It rarely happens that a person who has spent a long time using his mental abilities on government affairs can remain alone with himself. Tags: Edward Gibbon // Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire // state // service // man, people //

No flight altitude can justify the pain of falling. Tags: Tamila Magomadova // fall // flight //

The main thing is not to believe your friends when they ask you to speak with them quite frankly. They just hope that by promising not to hide anything from them, you will support their high opinion of themselves. Can frankness be a condition of friendship? Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // frankness //

I'm like Alice in Wonderland, Josie thought. - Watch me fall. Tags: Jodi Picoult // Nineteen Minutes // Josie // sad quotes // fall //

Alone, in an hour of fatigue, you willingly consider yourself a prophet - what can you do! In the end, I became a prophet, hiding in a desert created from stone, fog and stagnant waters, but my speeches are empty words, for our time is the kingdom of vulgarity, and you can call me Elijah, the unsent messiah, inflated with fever and gin, a prophet , who leans against this sticky door and, raising his finger to the low sky, curses the lawless, who cannot bear judgment about them. Tags: Albert Camus // The Fall // man, people // life //

Incredibly, everything that went up had to come down. Tags: Ray Bradbury // Rising from the dust // life quotes // fall // success //

And I feel like I’m falling into the sky. I’m falling into the sky and there’s no edge. And here I need to get tired of the need for less and less strength. And I haven’t been on my own for a long time. And I feel like I’m falling into the sky, Like I’m falling into the sky and there’s no edge in it. And I need to stop somewhere, But my strength is running out. And you are not alone for a long time. Will it always be like this? Hey, at least don’t leave today. Tags: Ocean Elzi // More heavenly // fall //

It's too late now, and it will always be late. Fortunately! Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // delay //

While you are alive, you are, so to speak, a dubious case, you have the right only to have a skeptical attitude towards you. Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // life // skepticism //

Those who lose heart die before their time. Tags: Omar Khayyam // meaningful quotes // work // fall // spirit //

There was more to this article. There was an interview with a man who survived an attempt to commit suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. He said that as soon as he jumped, he immediately realized that there was nothing in his life that he could not handle - except that he had already jumped from a bridge. Tags: Nick Hornby // The Long Fall // motivational quotes // suicide // problems //

Before a fall, the heart of man is exalted, and humility precedes glory. Tags: Emilia Austen // Sinners and saints // fall // humility // glory //

Don't wait for the Last Judgment. It happens every day. Tags: Albert Camus // The Fall // life quotes // life // the Last Judgment //

She was shot in the back. You know, it surprises me how often black people get shot in the ass... when they attack. It's like they're moving in two directions at the same time. Tags: American Crime Story // shooting // attack //

Often people fall from great heights due to the same shortcomings that helped them achieve it. Tags: Jean de Labruyère // meaningful quotes // fall // shortcomings // achievements //

I loved them - according to the generally accepted expression, that is, I did not love any of them. Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // love //

What is right for one may be terrible for another - this knowledge helped me stand where others fell. Tags: The Walking Dead // Eugene // life quotes // rules // fall //

The fall cannot last forever! Tags: Theodore Dreiser // Financier // Frank Cowperwood // motivational quotes // fall //

There are no situations in which it is impossible to screw up - you just have to try. Tags: Nick Hornby // The Long Fall // Jay-Jay //

It’s not for nothing that we rarely trust those who are better than us. Rather, we avoid their company. Most often we confess to those who are similar to us and share our weaknesses. We do not want to improve at all, we do not strive for self-improvement: first of all, we need to be judged with all our weaknesses. We want people to take pity on us and support our spirit. In general, we would like not to be considered guilty and not try to cleanse ourselves. There is not enough cynicism in us and not enough virtue. Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // life quotes // trust // pity //

I raise my hands to reach higher, I'm so tired of screaming for someone to hear me. In this noise of voices, stories and faces, It is so difficult to resist and not fall down. Tags: PLC // Air // drop //

As soon as the first bullet is fired, politics and all this crap immediately goes to hell. Tags: Black Hawk Down // Norm "Hoot" Gibson // war //

Upside down! Upside down! Tags: Doctor Who (2005) // Rory Williams // funny quotes // fall //

In reality, history is little more than a catalog of the crimes, delusions and misfortunes of mankind. Tags: Edward Gibbon // Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire // history // humanity // crime //

You will fall more than once. But the most important thing, Kono, is that you got up. Tags: Hawaii 5.0 / Hawaii Five-0 // motivational quotes // struggle // fall //

The fall happens exactly at the moment when you think you have reached the top. Tags: Bernard Werber // Star Butterfly // Gabriel McNamarra // life quotes // fall //

Any person who has not experienced propaganda cannot say what it does to the opinions of people, of the entire people. This new means of warfare is a blow to the mind. Tags: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (The Nightmare Years) // William Shirer // war // propaganda // opinion //

Having allowed doubts into our souls, Not fully believing in the dream, We get lost, quickly falling down... Wandering in endless alleys And with a terrible thought, it’s like I’m burned through with a hot iron, And I understand that all this was just a dream. Tags: Autumn Rain Melancholy // ...And I Want To Believe // ​​fall // doubts //

When you're sad - really sad... you can only stand the company of people who are also sad. Tags: Nick Hornby // The Long Fall // sad quotes // sadness // society //

You always walk on the edge, so others can't take their eyes off you. Both those who do not want you to fall, and those who are waiting for you to fall. Tags: Tokyo Ghoul // Uta // life quotes // edge // fall //

This is the largest surprise attack in world history! How could he not have been noticed? Tags: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare // Dan Lyell // attack //

In times of epidemic of uncontrollable evil, when the madness of the majority causes the fall of civilization, every city should have organizations that protect animals. It is necessary to have time to preserve innocence, which contains immunity to the infection that has taken away the common sense of 95% of the population. Tags: Yanna Serkova // motivational quotes // animals // civilization // fall //

Everyone loses their dignity, but not everyone raises it. Tags: Oleg Sergeevich Krivchenko // Reflections // sad quotes // dignity // fall //

The more I blame myself, the more I have the right to condemn you. Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // conviction // accusations //

The best gun in the world. Tags: Batman. Assault on Arkham (Batman: Assault on Arkham) // Joker //

As you go up, you will meet a lot of different people. Don't offend them, because you will meet them all again when you fall down. Tags: Ozzy Osbourne // motivational quotes // man, people // fall //

And why do books scare people so much? If I opened a book to pass the time on the road, it was considered an antisocial act, but if I played Game Boy for hours, no one would say a word to you. In my circle, it's much more appropriate to blow up space monsters than to read Philip Roth's American Pastoral. Tags: Nick Hornby // The Long Fall // books, literature //

Forgive and farewell, And there is no need to blame yourself. There is no place for us in this world, And it costs me nothing to explain. Tags: Stigmata // Rise and fall //

Tell me the truth, I'm not afraid, Having fallen, I will rise again. Tags: Nver Simonyan // fall // truth // rise //

My psychologist told me a story (true) about a guy who survived jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. The moment he jumped, he knew he had just done the one thing he couldn't undo. Imagine those five seconds when he was flying, that agony... Personally, I had this fall... It was without a jump. Because of you guys. For me, these five seconds passed on the roof, and not in the fall. Tags: A Long Way Down // Jay-Jay // rethinking // sadness // understanding //

Three birds were circling in the sky: they came close and immediately scattered. There was some mystery in their behavior. What did this blue gap mean when one bird approached so that it probably felt the wind blowing from the flapping wings of another, and that other one immediately moved away. When a person sometimes has three similar thoughts, do they also move in a similar way? Tags: Yukio Mishima // Fall of an Angel // birds // behavior // thoughts //

— All the lemon guards ran away. The castle was attacked by bandits. - Bandits!? That's how it started for us. Well, the whole world is one village! Tags: Cipollino (1973) // dog Mastino // Signor Tomato // attack // riot //

It's not scary to fall, it's scary not to get up. It's not scary to make mistakes, it's scary not to draw conclusions. I did something stupid, fell and... I need to find the strength to get back on my feet! Tags: Ekaterina Vilkova // fear // mistakes // stupidity // fall //

I found you because I thought you would help me fall. Now I'm afraid that you will be the one to save me from this. But I don't know if I'll be grateful to you. Tags: Ayn Rand // We are alive // ​​Leo Kovalensky // sad quotes // fall //

“I hope I don’t have to explain to you what it will look like,” Gus finally says. <…> - Since when did “what it will look like” become more important than what “it” actually is? - Scott asks. Tags: Noah Hawley // Before the Fall // Scott Barrows // Gus Franklin // life quotes //

What's wrong is that I remain right! I'm too right. “And whoever laughs best today will also laugh last.” Tags: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche // The Fall of Idols // rightness //

And, perhaps, the fact that I always briefly regretted the people and countries that I left - perhaps this feeling of only short-term regret was so illusory because all that I saw and loved were soldiers, officers, women, snow and war, all this will never leave me - until the time comes for my last, deadly journey, a slow fall into the black depths, a million times longer than my earthly existence, so long that, while I I will fall, I will forget everything that I saw, and remembered, and felt, and loved; and when I forget everything that I loved, then I will die. Tags: Gaito Gazdanov // Evening at Claire's // death // memories // fall //

-Where's Harley? - Don't worry! I fell on my head. Tags: Batman. Assault on Arkham (Batman: Assault on Arkham) // Floyd Lowten / Deadshot // Harley Quinn //

There are people who want to throw you off the top. But there are many more who will catch you if you fall. Tags: Kwon Ji Young (G-Dragon) // fall //

It happens that a rapid rise for some turns into an unexpected fall, the reason for which is “star fever.” Tags: Tatyana Egorovna Solovova // fall // rise //

And those at the top can always fall down. Tags: PLC // The path to the scaffold is thorny // life quotes // fall //

Have you noticed that there are people who, according to the commandments of their religion, must and do forgive insults, but never forget them? I was not at all inclined to forgive, but in the end I always forgot. And the offender, who believed that I hated him, could not recover from amazement when I greeted him with a wide smile. Then, depending on his character, he admired the greatness of my soul or despised my cowardice, not knowing that the reason was much simpler: I even forgot his name. My generosity was explained by the very natural defects that made me ungrateful or indifferent to people. Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // memory // forgiveness //

Words of a disappointed person. “I looked for great people and always found only monkeys of my ideal.” Tags: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche // The Fall of Idols // ideals // disappointment //

You spoke about the Last Judgment. Let me respectfully laugh at this. I wait for it fearlessly, because I have experienced something more terrible: human judgment. Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // condemnation // ridicule //

But my will was not law. There were disagreements, ambition... and a thirst for power. There is something in the Force against which there is no defense. I was overthrown, deprived of power, expelled. I suffered humiliation and fell into darkness. Tags: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II — The Sith Lords // Kreia // exile // power // fall //

Friendship is not such a simple feeling. Sometimes it takes a long time, it is difficult to achieve, but if you have tied yourself with the bonds of friendship, try to free yourself from them - you won’t succeed, you have to endure. And most importantly, do not imagine that your friends will call you on the phone every evening (as they should) to find out if you are going to commit suicide or at least if you need company, if you would like to go somewhere. No, calm down, if they call, it will be on that evening when you are not alone and when life smiles at you. And they will most likely push you to commit suicide, believing that this is your duty to yourself. May heaven protect you from too high an opinion of your friends about your person! As for those who are obliged to love us - I mean relatives and associates (what an expression!) - this is a completely different story. They know what to tell you: exactly those words that kill; They dial the phone number as if they were aiming a gun at you. And they shoot accurately. Oh, those snipers! Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // friends, friendship // family // loved ones //

Just as an abyss in a rain puddle sometimes frightens us, in which our shoes will only get slightly wet, so too are unprecedented heights within ourselves dangerous - from them we can fall into such an abyss, in comparison with which the cliff on the Danube is nothing. Tags: Milorad Pavic // Horses of St. Mark // fall //

Ultimately, it was a brilliant invention to tell us: “Yes, you do not shine with virtues - that’s a fact. But let's not go into details! You will atone for everything at once when you are crucified on the cross!” Now too many sufferers climb onto the cross, wanting to be seen from afar, even if they have to trample underfoot someone who has long been crucified. Tags: Albert Camus // The Fall // man, people // faith //

I suddenly desperately wanted to see the ground, to see how high we were and how many bones we would break if it occurred to us to fall down. Tags: Virginia Andrews // Flowers in the Attic // fall // //

Whatever the upheavals in a person’s life, he is no longer afraid of falling when he sits on the bottom step. Tags: Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre // fall // life experience //

Carnal jealousy is the result of imagination, as well as a person’s opinion about himself. He attributes to his opponent the bad thoughts that he himself had under the same circumstances. Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // jealousy //

"All truth is simple." Isn't this a double lie? Tags: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche // The Fall of Idols // lies, deception //

Elementary truths are those that a person discovers last. Tags: Albert Camus // The Fall // meaningful quotes // man, people // truth //

The greatest torment for a person is to be subjected to the judgment of the wicked. But we have to endure it. Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // Lawyer // man, people // condemnation //

We win as long as we attack. Tags: Alexander Bogdanov // Red Star // victory and winners // attack //

If I have to crawl on my knees, I will crawl! I'll just have to get up again. And one day I won't have to fall anymore. Tags: Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) // fall //

Chaos is not failure. Chaos is a ladder. Many tried to climb it, but they stumbled and never tried again. The fall broke them. Others had a chance to rise to the top, but they refused, continuing to cling to power, to the Gods, or to love. All these are illusions. Only the ladder is real, and only the climb up is important. Tags: Game of Thrones // Petyr Baelish // fall // success // chaos //

The only benefit from God would be if he guaranteed innocence, and I would look at religion more like a huge laundry, which, by the way, it once was, but for a very short time - for several years - and was not called then religion. However, since then there has been a shortage of soap, and since our noses are dirty, we wipe them for each other. Everyone is dirty, everyone is punished, and then we spit on the guilty ones, and bang - into a stone bag! Come on, who will outdo whom, that's all. Tags: Albert Camus // The Fall //

I knew a man who gave twenty years of his life to a real fidget, sacrificed absolutely everything for her - friends, career, decency, and one fine day discovered that he had never loved her. He was just bored, like most people. Tags: Albert Camus // Fall // life quotes // man, people // love //

- Jack, what happened to you?! - I fell. - Fell?! - Yes, I fell and hit the door handle. - ? - 2 times. Tags: What Happens in Vegas // Jack Fuller // funny quotes // fall //

The sea... is a phenomenon without its own name, it can only be called the sea, be it the Mediterranean, the Japanese, or the Suruga Bay that was now before our eyes - all this is nameless, complete, absolute anarchy, something generalized with great difficulty and does not recognize names. Tags: Yukio Mishima // Fall of an Angel // sea //

But, apparently, he made a mistake in his calculations and wanted a little light, but he tripped, burning his cheeks and fell. Tags: pyrokinesis // Touched by the Sun // life quotes // light // fall //

Out of the ground into the sky. Out of the sky into the dirt. Tags: Nirvana // Very Ape // changes, changes // fall //

Anyone who strives for the highest peaks must be prepared for the danger of slipping and falling down. Tags: Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) // About a woman // fall //

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