Betrayal and betrayal. Quotes, sayings, statuses about treason and betrayal.

Have you been deceived? No, not like that - have your loved ones deceived you? Do you know this salty cocktail of melancholy, amazement and disappointment, seasoned with the tart taste of approaching tears? Hopefully you've never tried it. Let someone else need statuses about the deception and lies of a loved one, but not you.

  1. You can’t live without deceiving, say those who judge by themselves.
  2. It’s terrible to look into his eyes when he’s pouring, but I know the truth.
  3. I'll drink to the lies of betraying lips...
  4. When a loved one lies to you, it's time to ask yourself the question: is this really your loved one?
  5. An intelligent person always needs the truth, not lies.
  6. The sweeter the speech, the more painful the deception.
  7. People deceive recklessly, but they demand exceptional honesty from themselves!
  8. For me, it’s better those who shoot in the forehead than those who enthusiastically lie!
  9. Lies and deceit are a bitter pair.
  10. Fool. You lie to me, you dodge... You don’t understand that in your eyes I see your whole life.
  11. If the truth is naked, then the lie is in a suit of colorful feathers.
  12. It’s better not to ask so as not to hear lies.
  13. You need to forgive the one who hurt you. Because his life will punish him for what he has done even without you.
  14. When you pour on me again, I think: I would rather choose loneliness than you.
  15. You deceive me so often that I am convinced that you have already begun to believe yourself.
  16. “Wedge with wedge knocks out with wedge,” I decided, and now every deception of yours will be answered with deception of their own.
  17. When God created a woman who loves with her ears, a man immediately appeared who loves to lie.
  18. It’s easy for you to deceive me, because I trust you so unconditionally.

Remember me when you feel good

  1. Most of our problems come from the fact that we do not notice traitors right away.
  2. If you give kindness and love, it is not a fact that the same will be returned to you. The world works that way.
  3. I just want to communicate with a sincere person. I'm tired of these traitors!
  4. Previously, I wanted not to give you to anyone, but now - at least just not to know...
  5. We were both lying. We probably deserve each other.
  6. Friends pass it on. Yes, I heard about it. But for some reason I thought that this would not affect me...
  7. Don't get too close to your best friends. There is a huge chance that you will become enemies.

If you realize that you are left with absolutely nothing, set a status about the person’s betrayal.

  1. In life you will meet very different people. Therefore, you need to be prepared for anything in advance!
  2. The only people who don't betray are parents. And that’s not for everyone.
  3. No, I was never shot at. But I was very betrayed. I'm sure this is more painful.
  4. Over the years, it turned out that no guy can cause the kind of pain that a beloved girlfriend can cause...
  5. If returning to traitors is good, then only for the traitor. You need to run.
  6. If you think about it, each of us is capable of betrayal. However, not everyone falls for it.
  7. And everything seemed to be the same as before. I even tried to pretend that everything was fine. But the betrayal ate straight into my throat.

He who lied once will do it again and again

Thus, based on the above-mentioned aphorism, it will be safer for you to refuse to be in a relationship with such a person, be it your lover or friend.
But if you look from the other side, each of us makes mistakes and has the right to forgiveness. Besides, a lot depends on the circumstances. Only in early childhood did the world seem to us either only black or only white. But there are many shades of it. You can do an ugly act out of stupidity, without thinking about the consequences, out of fear or anger. There is a possibility that the person acted this way consciously and calmly. Who knows, maybe you were the reason the person lied to you.

It is important to take into account the reaction of the offender. Perhaps he is confused, feels guilty and is trying to correct the current situation. Or he perceives all this normally, without feeling guilty.

The question is: can you forgive him? Not everyone can close their eyes to the lies and hurt caused, try to see something good in a person, or trust him. Is it within your power not to mention, not to hint, not to return to betrayal?

Everyone is trying to find support and understanding in a loved one. Day after day we reveal new secrets to our soulmate in the hope that they will never deceive us. We all need the warmth of a close and kindred soul who will support us in difficult times. That’s why when a loved one betrays us, it hurts us so much.

Truly loved ones do not betray

Statuses about the betrayal of a loved one are not just alarming, but cause a whole storm of emotions.

  1. It doesn't matter, you know what you did. It's important that I trusted you.
  2. Over time, you will understand that guys are the last thing you need to fight for. A loving guy will never leave.
  3. My problem is that I dissolved in you, but I should have loved myself. They told me, but I didn’t listen.
  4. You didn't become a traitor to me, don't think so. You. Just. Stopped. Exist.
  5. We will communicate, don't worry. But there will be no more trust between us...
  6. Yes, you were faithful. It’s only a pity, in the intervals between betrayals.

If you know firsthand what betrayal is, you will be interested in reading statuses about the betrayal of a loved one with meaning.

  1. I shouldn't have let you get close. Well, why didn’t I trust my premonition?
  2. I was already happy that you called me beloved. But that didn't stop me from betraying.
  3. To get through this, I'll have to be strong. This is, of course, possible, but it is very painful!
  4. I will believe in love no matter what. I want to dust myself off and move on with my life.
  5. Was there love between us? What a difference it makes now. What matters is what happened next.
  6. I'm not sorry that I trusted you. It’s just a pity that the memories will now pierce me for the rest of my life.
  7. One betrayed, but you begin to suspect everyone. This is how it happens.

Statuses about betrayal

All around is betrayal, deceit and lies. It’s so good that your dear mother will always protect you from this.

After the betrayal of a loved one, a person perceives every unpleasant little thing personally and thinks that this is punishment.

Realizing that they have been betrayed, many people cannot stand it. But there is one scum that doesn’t care about anything.

Best status: The saddest thing is that those who go over their heads through betrayal and lies are more successful in life. And it’s even worse when you realize that your trust in people did not end with anything good. This is the salt of life.

Only narrow-minded people think that they are capable of keeping secrets and secrets. Fools! Don’t you understand that your betrayal, so carefully hidden, comes out through every cell of your body.

If you feel that they want to deceive you, then you have already been deceived...

Trouble forces even the honest to lie.

To survive, a lie must be more reliable than the truth.

“Suddenly the sky bent lower, and the rain began to knock on the roofs...” - what a country, everyone knocks, even the rain!

Again, comforted by that deception, I believed in your ridiculous story... But I knew there was no more faith, not for the first time...

The first opinion can be deceptive... But it’s worse when all the subsequent ones become deceptive...

A woman does not cheat in two cases: if she believes that her man is the best, or if she believes that they are all the same.

The world is beautiful, and I don’t care if it’s not true

You are still a master of deception. Tears from the eyes are also part of the plan...

If you love, love without deception. If you believe, then believe until the end. If you hate it, say it straight. And if you laugh, laugh in your eyes.

If a person is indifferent for a long time, he is capable of betrayal

Statuses about a person’s betrayal with meaning - so that you finally burn all unnecessary bridges!

  1. I will not resort to ordinary revenge. I will take revenge with indifference...
  2. The bad thing is that you have become an enemy. Well, what I know for sure is that you are not very good.
  3. Sometimes guys betray you. Hurt. Betrayed by friends. It happens too. But if your mother betrays you, it’s already unbearable!
  4. You know, my dear, now he betrayed me, and then he will betray you too. Don `t doubt!
  5. I am for traitors to live on a separate planet. And they didn’t poison the lives of normal people.
  6. In the life of a real girl, there are also betrayals. But they are not the first, they are the only ones.

This is scary, but sometimes there is nothing left to do but set statuses about treason and betrayal.

  1. I will never betray anyone. I realized the hard way: it’s not worth it.
  2. In fact, betrayal binds even more strongly. But not all, but not all.
  3. Who would have thought that betrayal should have been expected from you, my friend...
  4. There's emptiness inside of you. Unfortunately, I cannot draw any other conclusions.
  5. You need to forgive. If your foot is accidentally stepped on or pushed by accident. But they don’t accidentally sleep with friends!
  6. You did something irreparable to my heart. You should know that all this will not work out for you so easily...
  7. Well, why are you doing this to me? I can’t believe in other people now.
  8. I honestly didn't think it would hurt so much.

Come on, lie

Are there gender differences in deception? Which gender cheats more often? And why is the status about a man’s deception more popular than about a woman’s lies?

  1. Even in lies you are cool...
  2. You didn’t come into my life to lie, did you?
  3. One of your deceptions was to try to convince me that you were not lying, but were mistaken.
  4. Once you swore and deceived. Now I don't believe in your gods.
  5. – Do you know anyone who doesn’t lie? - It is me. - So I don’t know...
  6. You have no equal in imitating the truth, my dear.
  7. Each of us has our own role. I just love you. You're just lying to me.
  8. First they lie, then they cheat – or vice versa?
  9. You speak, but it’s as if I see your speech. She wriggles like a snake.
  10. When you lie, you make the one who loves you suffer.
  11. You so actively defend your right to deceive me...
  12. Having behaved with me, you began to live in a lie. Maybe you should do away with either the first or the second?
  13. I look at your deceitful smile and don’t understand how you signed up to live deceived?
  14. - Are you lying to her? - Well, telling the truth and being sincere are not the same thing... - So you’re lying...
  15. The girl is always beautiful. Until she found out that her beloved was deceiving her.
  16. Attempts to change the deceiver lead nowhere. Just leave.
  17. Cheating must be punished! Suddenly she thought while preparing dinner for him...
  18. She went to visit her mother in the village, and he went on a business trip. And both met on the beach in Turkey...
  19. I trusted you, Onegin, you betrayed me and now all the school kids are reading the letter and laughing...
  20. - Please, every time you deceive me, give me a ruble! - For what?? - Maybe I’ll get rich this way...
  21. She promised herself to stop loving him... and she lied.
  22. You've been telling lies for so long and so sincerely that I think I'm starting to believe you...
  23. It wasn’t difficult for you to deceive me... after all, I myself allowed you to do it.

If a person with a conscience lies, he has a hard time. Your heart is beating too much, your palms are sweating, fear is squeezing your solar plexus... We hope you never experience all these sensations...

No chance to get it all back

Short statuses about betrayal - for those who believe that there is no need to talk a lot about bad things.

  1. Communicate, but not like before.
  2. You tore out a piece of the heart, no less.
  3. You can't see much. For example, a knife in the back!
  4. You can't hide anything from your heart.
  5. It will be difficult for me, but I will not return to you.
  6. You've lost a lot. Believe me.
  7. Even if I'm bleeding, I won't cry.
  8. You know, where there is a lie, there is betrayal. And vice versa.
  9. Treason is already like an accusation.
  10. Stay away from narcissists.
  11. Loyalty is when you are alone in the whole world.
  12. Betrayal should separate.
  13. Friends - before the first betrayal, they forgive loved ones.
  14. Betrayal behind your back is like a point-blank shot.
  15. Why did you trample me into the dirt?

Betrayal of loved ones - how blood flows through the veins: statuses about betrayal of loved ones.

  1. I said that everything is fine. But do you know how I cried into my pillow at night?
  2. I decided that I was clearly not worth such an attitude. Sorry, but you and I are not on the same path!
  3. Starting life over again seems impossible now, but someday I will be able to do this.
  4. I can only be the first. Sorry, but this is how I was taught since childhood.
  5. You know, in principle, everything was heading towards this. But I never thought that you were capable of such a thing.
  6. On purpose or unintentionally - these are your problems. Mine is that I am no longer needed.
  7. It's my own fault, there were too many signs. But still, what have you done...
  8. It seemed that we would be together forever, but “forever” did not last long.

We saw the truth, but we heard lies

It's easy to lie when you think people believe you. If you know that no one takes your stories seriously, the process becomes more difficult. Let statuses about your loved one’s deception serve as a reminder that everything secret becomes clear.

  1. If you want to be my beloved, don't lie to me.
  2. You said you needed me. Apparently, it’s needed to lie...
  3. A lie is an abyss on the path to happiness and love.
  4. I'm no longer at that age for the noodles to stay firmly on my ears.
  5. We girls are ready to drink sweet lies in one gulp, and call the truth too bitter.
  6. The first thing that kills lies is love.
  7. No matter how much we scold the deceiver, we love his lies.
  8. You lie to me even when you are silent.
  9. What is unbearable? This is when an obvious lie is presented as the truth.
  10. I know you're lying. But you do it so beautifully...
  11. Your lies leave wounds on my heart. And even when they heal, the mark remains forever.
  12. When you become a victim of deception, it is always sad. But the hardest thing to survive is when your loved one becomes a deceiver.
  13. I think I understand that you deceived me a little... but I can’t believe it anymore...
  14. When a loved one lies, he betrays
  15. When a status about deceiving a loved one becomes relevant, you need to get over it and move on. No matter how difficult it is.
  16. You are so beautiful that even your lies breathe sincerity!
  17. After you deceived me and somehow your saggy belly and bad character immediately became visible.
  18. Your mother gave birth to you good and sincere, but you turned out to be such a liar...
  19. Lying is for a coward.
  20. You lied. He became addicted to deception, like an alcoholic to vodka.
  21. There are stupid lies. It hurts like a club. And sometimes it’s thin. It stings like a needle. And you either bludgeon me or stab me.
  22. And where did you learn to lie so well?
  23. – You need to carry a very large memory suitcase with you. - For what? - To always remember what you deceived me about.
  24. With your lies you humiliate me and yourself. And that means our love has no reason.

How rotten you all are inside

VK statuses about betrayal are for those who want not only to complain, but also to cope with the current situation.

  1. The most terrible time is night. You have to realize how terrible you were.
  2. I loved you, and I still do. But you and I are not on the same path, remember, you yourself decided so!
  3. I won’t wait for you at the door, I won’t call, and, most seriously, I won’t visit your page :D.
  4. Life passes, and more and more insistently teaches you not to believe words.
  5. It turns out that everything you promised me was a lie. So how can we recover from this now?
  6. So many tears have already been shed because of you...
  7. There is so much to do to earn trust, and so little to just create a void.

If you are increasingly thinking about the injustice of fate, perhaps you will like statuses about a friend’s betrayal with meaning.

  1. How did I react? Yes, everything is fine. I just couldn’t sleep for several nights.
  2. I don't want to be disappointed anymore. At least twice.
  3. If you betrayed me, you will definitely regret it.
  4. The world works so strangely. You seem to be kind to the person, but he is a knife in your back.
  5. While we stubbornly deceive ourselves, others continue to do so.
  6. You did it, it's your right. But still, please get out of my life.

Statuses about betrayal - when it comes to truly negative emotions. Under no circumstances should you limit yourself if this has already happened!

Wise sayings and phrases about betrayal

Probably, betrayal is indeed the worst thing that can happen. Betrayal of friends, loved ones, those in whom we do not doubt, those whom we trust without hesitation. It’s like losing the ground under our feet and the sky above our heads, because those whom we trust are our land and our sky.

Isn’t it stupid to uproot a good old tree in order to hopefully plant a dubious market seedling in its place? Isn’t it stupid to waste good old things, be they wives or leaders, for the sake of your naive hopes?

Understanding, sympathy, kindness, love are the only ideals. And when we betray them, we become those we despise. And we lose our humanity, and then after us only violence and destruction remain in the world.

Loyalty in love is entirely a matter of physiology; it does not depend in the least on our will. Young people want to be faithful - and they are not, old people would like to change, but where can they be?

Betrayal by a man is not treason. Betrayal is not that he left for someone else. Betrayal - when, despite the fact that you are pregnant... he will tell you to go for an abortion.

Thanks to those who left me in difficult times. You made me stronger. So much stronger that it’s better for us not to cross paths.

Trustworthiness is a mark, to acquire which you need to do some dirty tricks.

Never forgive cheating. Any betrayal is a comparison, a search for something better than what you have. Those who seek the best will never appreciate what they have...

You must remember that those things that bring you a lot of money will sooner or later betray you.

He who sells his homeland also sells himself.

What could be more humiliating for a betrayer than the knowledge that they failed to take advantage of his betrayal as it should.

Kings know no more about the affairs of their ministers than cuckolds know about the affairs of their wives.

Betrayal, destroying hope and faith, kills love.

Don Juan is the one who cheats on a woman, but not on women.

It’s a shame when you are Judas and they sell you like Christ.

Betrayal, destroying hope and faith, kills love.

That physical betrayal is only a consequence of spiritual betrayal. For people who have given each other love have no right to lie.

Nothing in the world smells as good as the corpse of an enemy, traitor or traitor.

Love is not a matter of morality. But feeling knows no betrayal. It grows, disappears, changes - where is the betrayal? This is not a contract.

Whoever finds chastity a burden should not advise it, lest it become the path to the underworld, turning into dirt and lust of the soul.

Whoever is alive waits in vain for the praises of the arrogant crowd. Only the devotion of friends is the treasure of rulers, It is more beautiful than all the riches of the world.

The most cruel, the most evil and intolerant of their opponents are traitors and renegades.

Anyone who is accustomed to making white out of black and black out of white is capable of any deception.

Protect me, Lord, from those whom I trust. Whom I don’t trust, I myself will be wary of.

Betrayal, like the law, has no retroactive effect.

When your head has been turned, it is difficult to notice the moment when your neck has already been broken.

It makes no sense to kill petty traitors in a state where the government itself consists of traitors.

Love and friendship are what you have to endure betrayal and betrayal for.

The first betrayal is irreparable. It causes a chain reaction of further betrayals, each of which moves us further and further away from the point of our original betrayal.

Forgiving betrayal is not much different from betrayal itself.

He already left you once and he will leave you again. You can't depend on people who let you down.

Believing the oaths of a traitor is the same as believing the piety of the devil.

The biggest competition is in the market for selling skins.

Each stab in the back has its own face.

You cannot betray one to protect many.

The best way to keep your friends is not to betray them...

The sellable skin is closest to the body.

Is there at least one person who has never betrayed? Loyalty is an exclusively dog ​​quality!

The betrayal of those closest to us is killing us slowly, very slowly... It’s like it’s tearing off the skin from your entire being... you can live without a soul, you can live without a hand... but without skin? When your body is one continuous wound?

He was a person, he betrayed him - he became a circumstance.
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