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Howl's Moving CastleText

“Put your foot in there at the same time as the boot,” Michael explained, pulling two important cylindrical things up to the door. - These are the last words of the quiet [seven-year-old] that Howl prepared for the royal army. Later we were able to make them lighter and more similar to work.

Voni from Sophia sat on the threshold, and pulled his skin over his boot.

“First step on the ground, turn your faces to Upper Falling,” Michael led the way.

The stinks rose, condensing onto the leg that was in the first boot, and carefully turned around so as to admire the side of Aper-Folding.

“And now let’s get one krok,” said Michael.

Whack! The landscape collapsed all over them with such fluidity that it turned into two dark colors: the earth - into gray-green, and the sky - into blue-gray.

The wind tore Sophia's hair and pulled all the wrinkles on her face back, and she was already beginning to wonder that she would arrive at the place with half of her face, and that was right behind her ears.

The flight kicked off as raptly as it started. It was sunny and sunny all around. The stinks stood knee-deep in zhovtsy in the middle of the huge pasture of Aper-Folding. A cow nearby stared at Michael and Sophie in shock. Far away, under the trees, little budins under straw dachas were dozing. The dashing, wind-like thing became so important that Sophie, landing, tripped.

- Don't put your foot on the ground! - Michael howled, but it was already late.

It whined again, everything suddenly melted into a thick serpanok, and curled up in the wind. When she stumbled, Sophie discovered that she had kicked herself in the Warehouse Valley, even beyond the swampy humps themselves.

- Thu, butt you! - Sophie hummed, carefully turned around on her nose in the casual boot and gave her friend a test.

Whack! It was dense... And the axis is back on the Aper-Folding's pass, and again the axis is gravitating forward. Out of the corner of her eye, Sophie spotted Michael, who rushed to her to get her, and...

Whack! Imla...

- Well, it’s not an infection?! - Sophie chimed in. Once again she was in the middle of the mountains. The lopsided black silhouette of the Mandrivny Castle peacefully sticks nearby. Calcifer, having become bold, lets out the black rings from just one of the containers. This was all that Sophia had to remember, because at the end of the day she got lost in the fleece and fell on the other leg.

Whack! Whack! Once again Sophie made a short visit to Rinkova Square in Market Chipping and to the lawn in front of the great luxurious mansion.

- Thu! - Vaughn shouted. - Damn! - according to the word on the skin area. By the force of inertia, she was pulled forward again, and again - whack! - she tripped on that same passer. The majestic red beak slowly raised its ringed head from the grass and began to flex its horns thoughtfully.

“I’m already on my way, dear little creature!” - Sophie boomed, turning around furiously.

Whack! Back to the mansion. Whack! On Rinkova Square. Whack! Know the name of Mandrivny Castle. Sophie has already begun to call for this. Whack! Axis and Aper-Folding - how can we stop it?!

- And you should be shaking! - Sophie howled, kicking herself again across the swampy hillocks.

Once again she turned around very carefully and stepped out very confidently and respectfully. Whack! And then, luckily, Sophie fell into the grass after losing the cow's cake.

Quotes from Howl's Moving Castle

“I can clean your house, but I cannot cleanse you of filth.” “The girls walked decorously in pairs, waiting for someone to finally pester them.” “Tantrums rarely actually happen because of the reason for throwing them.” “You will have to admit that I have every right to live in a pigsty if I so choose.” “Sophie read a lot and soon found out how little chance she had of an interesting future.” “Leave me alone, I did everything for money!” “And I want to get married and have ten children. Only, you understand, if you want to have time to give birth to ten children, you need to start early.” “Tantrums rarely actually happen because of the reason for throwing them.” “Go to bed, idiot,” Calcifer mumbled sleepily. - You're drunk as hell. - Who am I? - Howl was offended. - I assure you, my friends, I rub... rub... hard as glass! - And he got up and wandered upstairs, holding on to the railing, as if he was afraid that if he let go of them, they would go somewhere. The bedroom door deftly dodged him. - What vile deceit! - the sorcerer remarked, bumping into the wall. “My salvation will be my radiant dishonor and chilling malice...” He bumped into the wall several more times, in different places, and then finally found the bedroom door and broke into it. Sophie could hear him falling to the floor there, complaining that the bed kept jumping to the side.” "- Hell fire! Well, I have a hangover! - No, you just hit your head on the floor." "- I hate unfortunate people. Always dripping tears right on me. It would be better to be angry, really.” “- Four horses and ten people - and all in order to get rid of the old lady. Sophie, what have you done to the king? “I’ve never seen such handwriting in my life! - she muttered to the skull. “Is he using a pen or a poker?!” “Those who run from everything deserve every cold.” “I won’t go anywhere without a cane. She provides me with moral support." “I have reached a stage in my career where I am forced to make the proper impression with both power and malevolence.” "The lady's face was thoughtfully beautiful." “It’s amazing how other people like to curry favor.”

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ren 8 02:01 15/10/16

but I remember I liked it very much, I vaguely remembered the plot - a magical land, magic, good, evil... I decided to read it to my boys at night, and it turned out that the book was far from being for children, I had to change the situations a little so as not to burden the children’s room too much psyche, for that I laughed heartily...

Katara Avatar 23:08 10/14/16

Well, I understand. I was probably in 9th grade when I read it... I really liked it then) As for me, the anime is a little worse than the book.

利用者名がない 23:03 14/10/16

Katara Avatar, perhaps, but after no impression of the anime, the toad presses on spending time. Maybe I’m wrong - I don’t have the information. Maybe I'll read it someday. But not now, when there are plenty of other things to do.

Katara Avatar 22:59 10/14/16

利用者名がない, you should have read the book first)

利用者名がない 22:56 10/14/16

I couldn’t even finish watching the anime, I dropped it. Kind of boring.

Cardinal Chan 22:32 10/14/16

I need to re-read it)))

Akira. The anime is a masterpiece. But the fact is that many people often put an overly subjective meaning into the word “masterpiece”. And, as often happens, they themselves do not know what this “masterpiece” should look like. Someone puts into this word the predominance of qualities inherent in his taste, forgetting that there are things that he, due to his underdevelopment in any area, is simply not able to understand. Also, many are ready to canonize everything that is new, unusual, and revolutionary for a given period of time. But with all this, such people forget that there is such a thing as “classics”. And the classics are selected masterpieces of the past, time-tested - the best that ever happened. And the whole catch is that every classic is a masterpiece, but not every “masterpiece” is capable of becoming a classic. Akira is a classic. And this is undeniable.

In any even more or less outstanding work of art, they look for deep meaning, and this almost always gives rise to countless disputes. But what can you do, some people look for deep meaning even in the most hopeless works, and some don’t believe in all this “insanity” at all. Only one thing is clear, that this meaning exists, but it should not be looked for in every “nose-picking” of the hero’s chapters or in every word of a casually spoken phrase, but RECOGNIZED at the level of abstractions and images directly during viewing. Of course, sometimes you need to sit down and think everything over carefully, but in most cases (and if the author has talent, then in almost every case) this meaning is understood immediately. So, in Akira there is a meaning, and a very deep one. Moreover, I personally don’t find it too tedious and incomprehensible - its complexity is proportional to the complexity of the idea itself.

The search for meaning “between the lines” has, of course, a downside - after all, not everyone is able to find it (if it is hidden, and even if it exists at all) and find it correctly, which again raises a lot of controversy. Although many people understand it, and correctly. And the whole point is that often the one who understands everything will not try to “dig deeper” and make holivars about this, but only (if the film is really good) can rewatch it again or express his opinion regarding this work. If there is no meaning as such or it is too simple and insignificant, then an ardent fan (usually a complete noob) begins his epic search (and to what extent this very search does not lead, often the author himself did not even know about such “hidden truths” o_O) and (or) go into a discussion of another Anime and begins to lament that his “favorite anime” is a masterpiece, and this is just garbage - “And who even does this?! " And the so-called “sages” do all this, forgetting about one important truth - “You cannot rise by putting others down!” " Speaking of the Elven Song - Akira is already over 20 and is remembered, the Elven Song loses interest in itself literally after watching a couple of titles, preferably of the same type, and many seasoned anime fans generally consider it pure trash (and believe me, it is stereotyped surpasses Akira himself - this is unless you consider that the second created these templates, and the first uses what was invented before her). Elven's Song is certainly not a bad project, but very passable (perhaps the best choice for beginners).

Akira not only rose on his own, but also made a colossal breakthrough in the art form of Anime, and it is largely thanks to him that many of today's masterpieces are so beautiful. “Akira is old nonsense! Anime has evolved! " - how? Previously, the concept of adulthood was achieved by being as realistic as possible (in everything), deep philosophy and actually strong ideas, but now this “evolved” Anime achieves “the same and even much more” in most cases with panties, tits and gallons of implausible blood (+ kawaii ). This is all, of course, incredibly good and wonderful. However, it's worth thinking about!

Plot? I don’t argue that there are now a lot of works with much greater detail and elaboration of events than in Akira, but almost all of them are, by and large, petty and limited, and as soon as they cross the line, they completely turn into a bunch of awkward, dull nonsense. Akira in this regard, even after 20 years, looks cheerful (and by the way, he starts with teenage bakers and ends with the power of God) and keeps the dynamics quite well. In general, as for its full-length form, all those events that were in these 2 hours (6 episodes in time) could be placed in a 24-episode series without any “smearing” (as is now customary to do in order to make more money ), but fortunately they didn’t. All this is said to mean that what happens in the film is very concentrated (as befits a full-length film). Akira is epic. And the integrity of the film only contributes to this (the atmosphere is not lost). And the fact that it contains all the most interesting things at once cannot but rejoice, although some manage to get confused in this thick of events.

By the way, I’ve been looking at a lot of new projects lately, but Akira was a real breath of fresh air (although the word “fresh” is a little inappropriate in relation to the 1988 film). It’s just that, after watching this film after a whole bunch of “kawaii” films, you understand why some people say that they don’t make good films anymore. No, of course, they film, even a lot, but there is practically no real “food for the brain” among them. Humor, kawaii, stylishness, artistic brutality, thoughtfulness and elaboration of plot episodes - you’re welcome, but unfortunately you won’t find anything serious and ideological during the day.

As for the “senseless pathos”, as some believe, so, excuse me, where do you think the pathos is “meaningful”. By itself, it may not carry any meaning, but it simply must be an ideal catalyst in terms of atmosphere and high themes. And we shouldn’t forget that many people are often ready to spit not only on high philosophy, but also on such things as love, friendship, courage and the like, it all depends on the depravity and “adultness” of the beholder. As for Akira himself, pathos is an integral part. And it is done very realistically (as well as many things in this Anime), the entire epic component of the film is alive, truthful, real. Akira is an epic, but not a fairy tale, but a very real one. There is no falsehood in it. Simply staged in a convenient way for the viewer to view moments that can be found in real life. The only difference is that in Akira’s world, although different from the real one, but living according to its laws, a power has appeared that is beyond the control of man. From the cover of the film to the final scene, it is completely imbued with this sublime atmosphere. And we shouldn’t forget that one of his goals was to attract as much attention as possible from the adult public (and directly to Anime), which he did quite well (and pathos in those days was, so to speak, in fashion). I would like to separately consider two points. The first is when Tetsuo tears a piece of red cloth from a broken display case and puts it on like a robe. It looks so cool. Yes, of course, all kinds of pretentious characters with cloaks are a dime a dozen, and they look much more extravagant. But they all look cardboard and toy-like; we can admire them for their style, but we rarely take them seriously. It’s simply extremely difficult to believe that such a pompous costume (even if we believe that it was made after all) remained unharmed after going through so many battles, and the idea that the hero-traveler simply has a whole wardrobe of such costumes is, in principle, not considered. Akira is simply imbued with realism, and most importantly, despite this, it still retains this anime style. The second moment is when the main character sits on the (Olympic) throne. The very idea that this place is not prepared SPECIALLY for this particular moment, but is simply a coincidence in the world of Akira, is truly magnificent. And in general, Akira is very organic in this regard.

I was especially pleased with the phrase that chaos and devastation are not a reason to think about life. This is of course correct; ideally, one should think about life regardless of situations. But somehow I can hardly imagine a billionaire thinking about life, sipping expensive cognac on a private beach, located on a private island not far from a luxurious mansion, in the circle of best friends and beautiful girls, when the weather is heavenly. At the same time, there is nothing good when people are truly in a catastrophic situation - this is, of course, the best reason to think, but it is better not to get into such situations. Another thing is that films such as Akira give us a reason to think about life, but at the same time we are not the direct victims of those events. That's why they are films, to instruct and teach without endangering the person himself.

As for the music, it is magnificent in its own way. Take the same “controversial” track “The Battle Against the Clowns” - it is nervous, ragged, aggressive and annoying. And this frantic breathing acting in the form of vocals seems to some to be a “dull set of sounds.” This track puts you in a state of nervousness, irritation, tension, it creates an eerie mental feeling - would you say? And what, in the end, should evoke a track that is responsible for immersing the viewer in an atmosphere of speed, fight and cruelty? Isn't it surprising? And the same feature is with all the music in Akira. So, as a soundtrack, it’s just 10 out of 10, a masterpiece. The music in this film is simply a clear example of the genius of the sound engineer; it is an ideal indicator of how soundtracks in films should be made. And to those who openly slander the musical accompaniment in Akira, I just want to say: The soundtrack is not so much a “show-off little guy” that you turn on in headphones or on speakers and you sit there enjoying yourself, but rather an instrument that should introduce the viewer into the right atmosphere, without distracting him from the main action. And with a 95% (+3%) probability, your favorite song from your favorite band won’t fit anywhere near this. And not because the music is bad, but simply because either it will distract you completely from the film, or the film will completely distract you from it, and it’s unlikely to create the desired atmosphere. A good soundtrack is very rarely a good song in isolation from the film, although I enjoyed listening to the compositions “Kaneda” and “Requiem” regardless of the anime. And don’t forget that it was 1988. The music in Akira is a product of that era, which, by the way, gives it a certain charm. As for the sounds themselves, in the film they are simply at their best, you can immediately see that people tried.

Graphics and animation? Well, simply amazing things are happening here, the film, which was shot 20 years ago, is not only “not damp in the powder flasks,” but is also capable of fighting with many “young” projects. One can only envy such a margin of safety. This is the line where the factory mechanism ends and real talent begins. Akira, made entirely by hand, presents us with almost more (and in some places even more) than all these modern 2D\3D computer technologies - the very fact of this is amazing. This film is a living example (or rather a monument) of how truly great and gifted people with their own hands created something that could only be dreamed of and considered impossible. As for the faces, yes, they are terrible, but: Firstly, in 1988, something better simply did not exist (other drawing styles of that era were too childish and would not have given the desired effect), and secondly Secondly, this unique method of drawing faces helps to distinguish Akira from a whole variety of Anime with kawaii and other modern styles. It is difficult to confuse him with others, and this seems to be the calling card of this film. And all these “particularly handsome people” only emphasize the atmosphere of Akira and give it a certain charm.

Akira is undoubtedly a very violent, scary, evil and realistically bloody film. Some people think such authenticity is too unnecessary; you see, Akira sometimes makes them feel nauseous and other unpleasant ailments. Well, everything can be learned very well in Russian - in examples. Remember the old days of Mortal Kombat - hundreds of liters of blood are spilled on the screen and a real meat grinder is happening, but all this only caused delight and fun, because all of this, although it looked impressive, was not natural. And there was no one of the most important factors in this meat grinder - the real pain of the one who was spinning in it. All these bloody scenes with tearing into meat looked cool, but only cool (the other side of the coin was not visible). Therefore, we did not experience any feelings regarding the character himself, although we could know his story well, it’s still just a joke and a game. But if anyone has seen footage of real incidents, for example, at some show a man was torn to death by a bull, then even though there seems to be no blood there, and the limbs did not fly apart in different directions (though they were bent unnaturally), however , it became creepy, bad feelings and worries appeared for the person we were seeing for the first time. And all because this is not a joke or a game. So, Akira is not a joke or a game.

As for the character development of the characters, they are also done at the proper level. Would you say that visually they are all similar to each other? So the fact of the matter is that in everyday life we ​​are all similar, but at the same time, we are all completely different. It’s just that most anime fans are accustomed to the fact that each character has its own unique visual style, which cannot be confused with anything else. I will repeat once again, Akira is very realistic, but in reality almost no one has his own very distinct style, and in this situation it would be wrong to take on the role of the main characters any “chosen by the gods of chaos and the spirits of fire and wind.” And although visually we are all similar (both we and Akira’s heroes), but in terms of our characters we are radically different. So, as for the characters, they are made very charismatically. Each character lives by his own laws, each has his own values, his own rules, his own “cockroaches in his head.” And again, these characters are very vital - almost everyone can find themselves or someone they know there, and not in some alter ego, but in the most everyday way.

In conclusion, I just want to remind you that Akira is a classic. And yet, this film is largely for the amateur and the “understander”. Should everyone watch? What's the point? It’s the same as forcing you to read Shakespeare in a school literature class - no one needs it, and (most importantly) no one will understand. Everyone will say in unison: “Sad Brad! " However, the magnitude of this work, both personally and as a contribution to the development of drama, is undeniable. Just to understand, you need to have a certain level of development, and if you don’t have one, there’s no point in trying (although they do try). The same situation applies to Akira. It was probably really created in an era when people did not try to please the “universal” opinion and were not afraid to implement their ideas. At heart, Akira is that “good old film” in which they teach certain things and openly discuss difficult philosophical topics, a film in which one main character is a shirtless guy, sometimes making simple, but truly funny and light jokes, and the other is his best friend, immersed in his personal difficulties, a film in which they are not afraid of outright pathos and complex endings, in which there was no “complete happy ending” but life went on no matter what and there was always hope for the future, which the heroes paved with their own hands. Yes, at that time there was no such abundance as now, and, as some said, everything was viewed with special care and was already potentially perceived as a masterpiece. This allowed the authors a lot, but still, even at that time, there were people who set themselves the goal of not only making good money and getting some temporary recognition, but also creating something truly amazing - a masterpiece, a work of art. Akira was created by such people. And the fact that now, 20 years later, he is being judged by today’s standards, but despite this he is still holding on, and even quite successfully, already says a lot. To all those who are interested in “where the power came from,” to all who are not indifferent to truly deep and complex films, and to all who seriously want to understand “what is Akira?” We ask you to watch it, but no one will give you guarantees that you will be able to truly understand its essence - it is too specific and complex for today’s “mass”, “spoiled” viewer. The rating by today's standards and requirements on average and rounded is 8\10, like classic Anime - 10\10, my personal rating is 10\10. Akira is certainly a masterpiece that has become a classic, which, although it has a high throughput, is still alive to this day.

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