Quotes from Russian classics with the phrase “fire with water”

With fire in the soul

Fire statuses can relate not only to the flame as such, but also simply touch the soul and evoke strong feelings, then statements can be like this:

  1. We cannot live without love, and we cannot put out the fire.
  2. There is fire in the soul, and there are no thoughts - a big greeting to you from love.
  3. Doing everything with passion means loving everything you do.
  4. The fire in the eyes can speak of the strong feelings that a person is currently experiencing; one must give them free rein so that a fire does not break out in the soul.
  5. If the fire of the soul goes out, then love will pass by.
  6. In order not to extinguish the flame of love, add firewood in the form of care, affection and attention.
  7. Fire in the soul can be a consequence of strong positive feelings, as well as negative ones. In the second case, the fire ends in a pile of ash and ash.
  8. Do not allow the fire of hatred and malice to burn in your soul - it will only burn you to ashes.
  9. The fiery gaze of a stranger in your direction is a direct reason for acquaintance, but what if it’s fate...
  10. The heart is a fiery engine - this is when you want to live, create, work, experiment, try.
  11. I will not give even a spark of the flame of my soul to unworthy people.
  12. If your love has not a flame, but a light, then you should turn on reason and wisdom in order not to let it go out.
  13. When the fire of love has gone out, do not be disappointed in everyone, because you are simply not very lucky now, do not close your soul to new love.
  14. When there is fire in your chest, everything works out and everything goes according to your plan.
  15. No electric fireplace can replace a living flame and the crackling of wood.
  16. When your soul is filled with emptiness, ignite a flame in it, at least with passion for work. We need to fill the void.
  17. Without proper experience, you should not play with fire.
  18. A fire in the fireplace of your home will create comfort, calm your nerves, and warm your soul.
  19. Without experience in handling fire, you can get burned, but an experienced person will always find a use for it.
  20. I want a fiery life - with adventures, fantasy, unpredictable turns.
  21. A woman - fire - is one who never loses heart, and will not let anyone around her do so.
  22. “The fire is beating in a small stove,” and I look at it in fascination and understand how beautiful life is.
  23. What does it cost a fiery woman to always knock out sparks? She completely spills out in public, and at home alone she can cry into her pillow.
  24. There's no need to extinguish my inner fire, let's light it together.
  25. After the arrival of the fiery women, only the ashes of disappointment remain.
  26. Don’t stir up the ashes of memories - you won’t find anything new there, but kindling a new flame in your soul will help you find yourself and a bright life.

What is fire, explanation for children

Fire is not a solid substance. Even a child can understand this. But it is not liquid either. It tends upward and seems more like gas - except that you can see it. But from a scientific point of view, it differs from gas, because it can remain in its state indefinitely, but the fire goes out sooner or later.

There is a misconception that plasma is the fourth state of matter in which atoms are stripped of their electrons. It, too, like fire, does not have a stable state on our planet. Plasma is formed only when a gas is exposed to an electric field or heated to temperatures of thousands and tens of thousands of degrees. But fuels such as wood and paper burn at temperatures of just a few hundred degrees—well below that threshold.

Fire of the soul, fire of love

Statuses about fire with meaning often relate to inner fire, when a person wants to live fully, learn something new, create, love, search. Then the statements could be like this:

  1. When there is fire in the soul, obstacles to the goal cease to exist.
  2. I don’t see any obstacles - my inner fire seems to burn them in my path.
  3. With fire in your heart you can burn to the ground.
  4. Don’t give the fire of your soul to just anyone, take a closer look at the person with whom you want to share your fiery heart.
  5. Only two people experience the heat from the fire of love.
  6. If the fire in your soul goes out, do not immediately light a new one; let the ashes of the old fire scatter in the wind.
  7. I, like a moth, flew to the fire of love and only burned my wings, it’s good that I didn’t burn it completely.
  8. When you have a fire girl nearby, you constantly live as if on a volcano.
  9. My friends and comrades will put out all the fires.
  10. It is better to burn with love than with hatred and anger.
  11. There is no smoke without fire, just like there is no flame without labor - what you earn is what you get.
  12. My inner fire makes people neither warm nor cold.
  13. A spark will ignite a flame, so be careful when scattering sparks around you.
  14. “But he was wrong, he burned everything in an hour, and after an hour his fire went out. But at this hour everyone became warmer.”
  15. Fire cannot create, it is capable of destroying, but at the same time, here’s the secret, fire gives warmth and light.
  16. Burning for others, forgetting about yourself, is the lot of the chosen few.
  17. Don't play with my fire, because everything around you can burst into flames.
  18. After his first love he received a 3rd degree burn.
  19. It is not the one in whose soul the fire of desires and love has gone out that deserves pity, but the one who constantly warmed himself nearby.
  20. As long as I am alive, I will give the warmth of my soul fire to people dear to my heart.
  21. Only embittered and offended people can burn everything in their path.
  22. The light of your soul will not let you get lost in the darkness of the labyrinths of fate.
  23. I went through water and copper pipes, but burned in my own fire of unfulfilled desires.
  24. All people are drawn to the light, but everyone carries this light within themselves.
  25. “While we burn for happiness, while our hearts live for honor, my friend, let us dedicate our souls to beautiful impulses.”
  26. I don’t feel sorry for my inner fire - because love protects me and supports this flame.
  27. Fire is good when you look at it from the outside - it calms your nerves, but when it is inside, it can burn you to ashes.
  28. Even on the ashes of our love I want to write your name.
  29. Fire in your eyes, fire in your soul - you will win any fight.


An amazing element is water. Wherever you look, she is everywhere. We drink it, we inhale it, it flows inside us, it cleanses us. And this happens to all living things on planet Earth. Mikhail Prishvin called her “Mother Water,” because she is a sinner like all people. How she angered God is unknown. One thing is clear - it falls to the ground for a good deed, to revive and give life to everything that exists. When he finishes his work, he receives forgiveness, evaporates, rises up, closer to God, to walk like little clouds next to Him. And the Swedish writer Karl-Johann Wallgren called it the silver blood of the earth.

But is she always kind, gentle and serene? The Belgian writer Amelie Nothomb compared her to a woman in whom two opposites live simultaneously: silence and noise, hatred and joy, tenderness and destructiveness, cunning and patience, music and cacophony, but above all, invulnerability. Her thoughts can be continued with the words of Victor Hugo. He wrote that water is pliable and obedient because it cannot be compressed. When pressed, it slips away. If you start squeezing it on one side, it rushes to the other and turns into a wave. The wave is the embodiment of freedom, which either fills with energy or destroys everything in its path.

Is it worth putting out the fire?

Statuses about the fire can be either memories of friendly conversations around the fire, or have a symbolic connotation, when the fire is a symbol of strong feelings. Such statuses can be either positive or with a degree of sadness and sadness:

  1. You lit the fire of love - you put it out.
  2. Our fire is shining in the fog, isn’t it time to put it out?
  3. “Raise your fires, blue nights!” – this song of my childhood plunges me into the world of friendship. A reliable shoulder and kind people.
  4. The flame of my fire protects me throughout my life from wild animals called “traitors”, “envious people”, “cheaters”.
  5. When people say goodbye, they must carefully and carefully extinguish the fire of their former love.
  6. If you light a fire, keep an eye on it, otherwise you may return to scorched earth and living souls burned to the ground.
  7. You should not blow on the embers of an extinguished fire of love - it is unlikely to flare up with the same force.
  8. If the fire goes out, then there are two options: light it again if you want to warm up some more while sitting next to it, or completely fill it with water so that nothing reminds you of past warm evenings.
  9. In the flames of a fire you can find warmth and keep warm, or you can burn the trash you don’t need.
  10. Don’t be afraid to constantly add wood to the fire of your relationship, because it will only make everyone warmer.
  11. The wind of change can only extinguish the weak fire of a fire; a strong flame is kindled with renewed vigor.
  12. What could be better than friends gathered around a fire?
  13. A healthy, strong tree of love is unlikely to grow from the ashes of a fire.
  14. The sparks from my fire have already burned a single person, it’s time to put it out.
  15. We collected wood for our fire of life together, but the logs turned out to be damp - the fire did not light up.
  16. My chosen one is like a fire - it will warm you and can burn you.
  17. Do you know how to properly warm your soul by the fire?..
  18. When the fire of love went out, we began to blow on the coals together, and they gave off a flame again, only it was already cold...
  19. Seers, like eyewitnesses, have been burned at the stake in all centuries...
  20. Even when the flame of love has diminished, maintain the embers of the fire - just for comfort and warmth in the family.
  21. The flame of a fire, like our life, has a million shades, it can burn some, but it gives only light and warmth to others.
  22. Everyone must be responsible for the fire that he lit - love, anger, resentment, hatred - and put it out in time so that no victims appear.
  23. We cannot end our sick relationship because you constantly extinguish the fire of your ex-love with gasoline.
  24. Sometimes you want to be alone with a fire - on the river bank, under the starry sky...
  25. Don't walk into someone else's fire, light your own.
  26. When you want to end your old life, make a fire and throw in everything that bothers you today.
  27. When everything is bad and there is little to make you happy, go into the forest with your friends, light a fire and think about where to go next.
  28. I lit a fire - but for what? After all, there is no one nearby.
  29. Saying the right word at the right time and helping a person is like throwing a log on the fire at the right time so that it continues to warm those around.
  30. Do not leave the fire unextinguished - neither in the clearing, nor after parting.
  31. For some, a fire is childhood memories, potatoes in the ashes and the first kiss, but for some it is a disaster that burns them for life.
  32. The fire burned and died out, we didn’t look after the fire, then it flared up again, we couldn’t stop...
  33. A fire made from wood that you have broken throughout your life is unlikely to warm anyone.

What color of fire is the hottest?

We see all this due to the fact that light radiation is generated during the combustion process. Molecules emit it when they heat up, and its color depends on the temperature of the elementary particles. The hottest fire is white or blue . The type of molecules inside the fire can also affect the color. For example, all the unreacted carbon atoms form small particles of soot, which fly up and emit yellow-orange light. The one that is associated with a fire in the first place. Substances such as copper, calcium chloride and potassium chloride can also add their own characteristic shades to the range. A fire is not only light, but also warmth. It maintains the fire by heating the fuel to or above its combustion temperature.

Ultimately, however, any fire, even the largest and hottest, goes out. The fire, emitting a farewell smoke, hides and disappears. It's as if he never existed. Well, such is the fate of everything that is in this Universe...

Sad statuses

Usually quotes about ice in the heart come to mind in difficult moments, when it seems that the “dark streak” will never end...

  1. How can a heart be so cold? How can thoughts be so dark? I am the night, I am winter...
  2. When life freezes, burning ice flows in your veins instead of blood.
  3. I would like to forget and let go, but how to do this when an icy blade of betrayal and lies is stuck in my heart?
  4. I’m so cold... I didn’t understand why. Now I understand: my soul froze this winter and, probably, will never thaw.
  5. This cold... This darkness... This night, it seems to me, will be eternal.
  6. A cold heart is the best anesthesia for my feelings. I can't afford them. They might kill me. Tear my soul into a thousand little pieces.
  7. To make it less painful, my soul simply decided to freeze, become covered with frost, and turn into crystal-clear ice.
  8. They say we must preserve our warmth. But they don’t explain how to do this if instead of a heart there is a huge piece of ice in the chest...
  9. In the spring everything will melt and turn into water. Everything except my poor heart, which, it seems to me, will now forever be icy and cold.
  10. It's too dangerous to be around me right now. Stay away, or I'll freeze you too...
  11. Love doesn't warm you up. My love is a cold desert where there is nothing alive, where there is nothing that gives hope.
  12. I feel like I'm dying without warmth. But it won’t warm me, it will melt me, turn me into water, evaporate and lift me into the heavens... It’s better than carrying this weight in my chest.
  13. I'm not afraid to die. I'm not afraid to forget who I am. I am only afraid that this ice in my soul will never melt.
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