Students live happily from session to session: a selection of statuses about the session

Session is perhaps the most terrible word for a student...Sleepless nights, mountains of books and notes, panicky pictures of missed lectures on the phone. The session is torture not only for students, but also for teachers. Of course, poor people, they have to listen to such discoveries during exams and tests, and all because the student did not finish his studies a little...

Students don’t like the session itself, but its end is a real holiday for them, even a birthday can’t compete with it! When the grades for all tests and exams are in the record book, students begin to “wash” the session. That’s the way it is with them, it’s something like a student tradition.

Students are a bit strange people. The understanding that they had to study everything on time and pass it only comes to them on the eve of the session. But for those who are constantly gnawing on the granite of science, the sessions are easy; before the exam, they only need to repeat the material they have covered. But which student is happier: the one who studies only during the session or the one who studies all year and does not strain during the session?! This is probably a rhetorical question, however, everything should be in moderation. A student must find time for both study and rest!

A little theory

Statuses, or text messages voluntarily posted by users on their pages, are a convenient way to simultaneously communicate with all friends, subscribers and those who accidentally or deliberately look into the account. They are immediately displayed in the news feed and perform the following tasks:

  • They notify about a significant event (“I’m waiting for everyone at the bachelorette party”).
  • They are encouraged to share the joy (“Hurray! I finally succumbed to the strength of strength! I accept congratulations from those who understand!”).
  • Written in the form of jokes, they lift the mood (“My character is not easy. From the liver!”).
  • They help change your opinion about yourself (“Always in an active search for... adventure!”).
  • They help admit feelings (“Sometimes thinking about someone and not sleeping is so nice!”).
  • Express an emotional mood. Such messages also include farewell statuses, which will be discussed in the article (“The phone is erased, but the memory cannot be deceived. And you will never become a stranger to me!”).

Philosophical reflections

Farewell statuses are designed to support a person who feels the bitterness of loss. That is why many choose statements or aphorisms of philosophical content. They seem to tear a person away from the bustle of the day and force him to think about eternal values. When parting, people often turn to the legacy of the great Colombian Gabriel García Márquez:

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

The German writer Erich Maria Remarque managed to reveal the theme of “love and war” with utmost honesty. You can find many interesting sayings from him. For example, this:

No person can become more of a stranger than someone you loved in the past.

One of the most respected writers and poets of today is the Brazilian Paolo Coelho.

Sometimes you have to die to start living.

The worst wound is not from an enemy in war, but from the betrayal of a loved one.

About the session and exams

The student has two signs: the snow has fallen - the session is coming... The snow has melted - the session is coming...

This is how they live, poor people, no sooner has one omen come true than a second one is on the way...)

The session is the time when the epiphany comes that “after all, it was possible to study normally throughout the whole year”!

Epiphany may be coming, but it is of little use...

A session is when a teacher learns a lot of new things about his subject from students who “didn’t finish their studies a little.”

Maybe those who have not been educated are not talking nonsense at all, but are expressing a modern point of view on this or that issue?!)))

Nothing brings people together like one option on an exam.

So that’s why students start meeting each other after the session...

Session. I eat quickly, sleep little, and surf the Internet with a feeling of shame.

What a feeling of shame is, you will understand when you receive a tail and ask your parents for money for living!

Session. At the university, on the desk where they often take physics tests, there is a fresh inscription: “I changed my mind! Take me home! Or at least join the army.

You should have thought earlier. Now pull your ticket, student!

The session is a sudden interest of students in books, a feverish search for a library card, which no one has seen since the last session.

Only when the session ends does all interest disappear in an unknown direction...

The closer the exam is, the louder the students greet the teacher on the street.

Well, the teacher should at least remember on the street that I am his student, since he didn’t see me in classes!)))

Nothing makes a student's facial expression more meaningless than receiving a ticket in an exam!

It can only be even more meaningless when a student tells his parents that he will no longer have a scholarship...

While taking exams, the professor asks the student: “Why are you so worried?” Are you afraid of my questions? - Oh, no, professor! I'm afraid of my answers.

A conscientious student, he has not yet begun to answer, but he is already ashamed of his answers...

Farewell statuses to your loved one

A break with a former lover is always a drama, even if the love is gone. It’s especially hard for those who have been abandoned. At such moments, it is important for a woman to learn lessons from the breakup so as not to experience the pain of loss in the next relationship.

Statuses can help you be honest with yourself, trying to give a correct assessment of past experience:

  • Sometimes it is so important to say goodbye in order to open the doors to true happiness.
  • I will definitely become happy. Against all odds!
  • Sometimes letting go is better than holding on.
  • Only those who have been separated more than once will know true happiness.
  • If we are destined to be together, then you will definitely find a way to my heart. I'll trust fate!

Sometimes statuses are presented in order to draw a line. If a couple’s communication mainly took place on social networks, girls often choose the form of an open message:

  • I put the relationship in “waiting” mode. Bye sweet.
  • I thought I loved it. It turned out that she liked to think more.
  • You said the breakup was a mistake. Alas, the meeting was a mistake!
  • From now on, access to my heart is... closed for you!
  • Thank you for the happy days. What a pity that they are gone forever!

Humor always helps out in difficult times. A girl can always allow herself an ironic and even playful attitude towards what is happening:

  • They say that the right man will always come back... like a boomerang!
  • If after a breakup a guy says nasty things about you, know: you managed to break him...

Statuses and quotes about the meaning of life

Success and meaning in life are not connected in any way 11

Without the element of suspense, the game of life loses its meaning Galsworthy J. 13

It is necessary that each person find for himself the opportunity to live a higher life in the midst of the humble and inevitable reality of each day. Prishvin 15

Life is like games: some come to compete, others to bargain, and the happiest come to watch. Pythagoras 12

The question about the meaning of life is probably an incorrect question in relation to the Creator, which we, by our very nature, cannot, however, formulate differently Kruglov A. 13

Life is not something, but only the possibility of something Gebbel F. 13

Nonsense has its own meaning - to be nonsense Shpet G.G. eleven

Whatever they think of you, do what you think is fair Pythagoras 9

Death of the flesh clearly shows the need for true life, which we do not have. eleven

This is the meaning of our stay on earth: to think and search and listen to distant disappeared sounds, since behind them lies our true homeland Hesse G. 10

Due to the brevity of life, we cannot afford the luxury of wasting time on tasks that do not lead to new results Landau L.D. 10

The issues of life are decided entirely by boys. The sage has them in mind, but decides only on specifics Prishvin M. 9

We understand too late that the meaning of life lies in life itself, in the rhythm of every day and hour Leacock S. 13

Create problems for yourself if it’s in your character, but don’t create them for those around you Kipling R. 12

Life itself means nothing; its price depends on its use Rousseau J.-J. 10

One should look at the day as a small life. Gorky 10

To create means to kill death Rolland R. 14

Blessed is he who has chosen the goal and path And sees in this life the essence of Schelling F. 12

Without freedom, human life has no meaning or dignity, and this is the most important thing. The meaning of life is to love, create and believe, and without freedom this is impossible. eleven

The goal is the path. Not the final destination. 16

In order to live a good life, there is no need to know where you came from and what will happen in the next world Tolstoy L.N. 12

They worked at an institute that dealt primarily with the problems of human happiness and the meaning of human life, but even among them no one knew exactly what happiness was and what exactly the meaning of life was. And they accepted the working hypothesis that happiness lies in the continuous knowledge of the unknown and the meaning of life in the same. Strugatsky A.N. and B.N. eleven

The scientist does not have an answer to the main question of every reasonable person: why do I live and what should I do? Tolstoy L.N. 12

To understand what is fair, to feel what is beautiful, to desire what is good - this is the goal of a rational life Platen A. 11

The smarter we are, the less we understand the meaning of life and we see some kind of evil mockery in the fact that we suffer and die Tolstoy L.N. eleven

A person can have two basic behaviors in life: he either rolls or climbs. Vladimir Soloukhin 11

Life will fly by like one moment. Appreciate it, draw pleasure from it. As you spend it, so it will pass, Don’t forget: she is your creation Hiam O. 10

Messages for a girl

Men prefer to refuse to sort things out, so they often disappear without explanation. They simply stop calling and communicating on social networks, unfollowing former lovers or abandoning their accounts. But today they are increasingly using farewell statuses to their beloved girlfriend to avoid ambiguity:

  • I confess honestly: you were a dream. I was just seriously daydreaming.
  • My patience has reached its limit. Be happy!
  • You expected much more from me than I could give. Alas, it is not my fault, but your mistake.
  • After a breakup, motivation always appears - to become a thousand times better.
  • Let me remain the main mistake of your life.
  • Thanks to the next girl for helping me forget the previous one.
  • Do you prefer freedom? Free!
  • Alas, sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you are loved if your feelings are asleep.
  • Married. Another. It's all about the stamp in the passport.

Farewell status to friends

Sometimes friends leave our lives: some for a while, and some forever. The status of death’s intervention will be discussed below, but now let’s think about those who leave us, leaving an unhealed wound on their hearts:

  • Friendship is the distance between acquaintance and... betrayal.
  • The understanding has come: the place of true friends is in the Red Book.
  • Goodbye ex-girlfriend! Alas, friendship is not a toy.
  • When a guy appears, girlfriends disappear somewhere.
  • Friends leave somehow by chance...

The status is all over

Everything passes, but a person’s desire for happiness can last indefinitely.

Everything will pass... but the photos will remain!

Feelings someday become memories.

You will be happy like no one, When one day it turns out that it becomes indifferent to what was once so important. – Yurokkip

I’m waiting, but you’re still not there, and I’m passing the time on the couch. With one hand I hold your portrait, with the other hand I dream about you.

It seems to me that I no longer love you, And such thoughts do not give me peace at all, But there is an undoubted plus in this anxiety - The heart has finally decided to be friends with the head. – Olya Zakharchuk

I want to become little, to be stroked on the head and told: “Don’t cry, everything will pass”...

All will pass. And this pain will pass too, even if along with your own life... - Oleg Roy

Any feelings sooner or later turn into memories. – Lyudmila Shcherblyuk Problems will disappear, joys will dissipate. The most logical thing in life is to accept its neutrality.

The worst thing as a child was being left alone in line at the store when mom went to buy milk... And your turn is getting closer and closer.

Everyone is trying to have a good time, but what the heck. You can't fool him.

There are moments when everything works out, don’t be horrified - it will pass.” - Jules Renard

I learned to wake up without you and pretend that I live...

Smile, everything will pass!

Everything will pass, and this too will pass. This day, winter and summer. Year after year - quietly, Under the firmament. Everything passes, pain and joy, childhood, youth and old age. Everything in life is so fleeting, Memory will only be eternal. – Mikhail Suslov

Everyone who knows me is divided into two groups: those who like me and those who have not considered me

Youth passes, and what was previously considered knowledge of life now turns into our jambs.

It happens that everything works out. Don't be alarmed - this will pass. — Jules Renard

Sometimes you can be sad because of what is good. Good, like bad, also passes. – Lucia-Svetlana

Has anyone listened to the same song half the night, simply because she likes it...

"All will pass!" - said Reason. “All wounds will heal!” - Heart whispered. “I’ll start living again,” the Soul smiled! “Well, well...” Memory grinned...

You've been killing time for so long, so why are you surprised that it did the same to you?

There is never a time to work and a time to love.

And someone told me: “Calm down, you are so young (in English - miss) Everything passes. This too shall pass". But I love her beyond Bibles.” — Yashka Casanova

Life is one moment. Yesterday is gone, but tomorrow is not yet certain that it will come...

He completely stopped writing to her, He completely stopped calling her. There’s just nothing more to say, and why say anything at all. It happens that time passes, And words go somewhere. Their departed feeling steals, Taking them with them forever. To nowhere, without goodbye and forgive, The ellipses of an empty sheet. The paths just suddenly passed each other, The words just suddenly went numb... - SIV

You may feel differently about the fact that everything ends. But not accepting it is at least stupid.

And tomorrow everything will be different.

The most wonderful day of the week is tomorrow. Tomorrow everyone will quit smoking, sit down to study, stop disappearing somewhere at night and call the right person in time. Tomorrow no one will be late and no one will forget about someone’s birthday. Tomorrow…

With the presence of gadgets, the main thing that people have lost is the opportunity to calmly collect their thoughts. Previously, they could, for example, ride in public transport, look out the window and reflect. Now everyone is forced to constantly consume more and more new layers of information.

If this winter passes, I will truly be strong as death - or simply dead." - Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva

The most beautiful and pleasant moments of life will dissolve in time.

No suffering lasts forever. A person is able to survive any pain, which subsides over time and becomes chronic. And chronicles, as we know, fade into the past, leaving behind an emptiness in the present. But it, too, will certainly be filled as the future approaches. “I will return...”, Elchin Safarli

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