40 Self-Empowering Quotes to Help You Believe in Yourself

The best is yet to come…

A status about believing in the best will help show your optimistic attitude.

  1. The darkest hour is always followed by dawn. The dark stripe is followed by a light stripe.
  2. There are no challenges that a person cannot overcome. I believe in myself and that sooner or later everything bad will become just a memory.
  3. Sometimes it feels like your strength is running out. But it’s enough to think that any trials come to an end, and hope for the best appears.
  4. I'm not afraid to be alone. I am not afraid of trials and betrayal. I'm only afraid that I'll lose hope for the best. This can completely break you.
  5. Many difficulties are already behind us. I was able to overcome them with dignity. This means that sooner or later I will receive a reward in the form of happiness and peace of mind!
  6. They say that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. So someday I will become very strong.
  7. Three things help me get through difficult periods: faith in the future, a sense of humor and the help of close friends. The recipe is simple, but it always works.
  8. Even when it seems that there is no hope, there remains the belief that everything will end well.
  9. There have been times in my life when it seemed like there was no hope. But they came to an end and I was happy again. So it will be like this now.
  10. For all trials, a reward awaits us. This principle always works. The more terrible the test, the more experience and wisdom it will bring.
  11. I'm not afraid of anything except that I will lose my faith in the future.
  12. People who no longer believe in a successful outcome have given up. I don’t want to be like them and lose my optimism!

Top 50: Quotes from the greats about God and faith

We present to our readers a selection of quotes from great figures of the past - scientists and diplomats, thinkers and writers, military leaders and sovereigns, doctors and playwrights - what they said about God, the Church he founded and the Holy Scriptures:

1. Poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

“There is a Book in which every word is interpreted, explained, preached to all ends of the earth, applied to all kinds of circumstances of life and events of the world; from which it is impossible to repeat a single expression that is not known by heart, which would not already be a proverb of peoples. This book is called the Gospel - and such is its eternally new charm that if we, satiated with the world or depressed by despondency, accidentally open it, we will no longer be able to resist its sweet attraction.”

2. Archbishop and surgeon Luke (Voino-Yasenetsky)

“We are accustomed to thinking that knowledge is stronger than the faith that underlies religion. But in fact, it is faith that imparts power to knowledge. Knowledge without confidence in it, without recognition, is dead information. You may know that the plane is capable of lifting you, but if you are not sure of this, you will never dare to board it. We know God the way scientists know electrons - by His manifestations, by His actions, by the outpouring of God's power on us, by the grace of God that we feel in our hearts.

Faith is unprovable. There were a lot of disputes, there were many attempts by some people to prove that God exists, and others - that God does not exist. And never throughout the history of mankind has anyone been able to convince their opponents, because it’s not a matter of evidence. It is impossible to prove the existence of God by reasoning. God can only be perceived with a pure heart. Science proves the necessity of God’s existence logically, aesthetics shows ideal existence in images, and religion connects and brings into communication with God.”

3. Generalissimo Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov

“Most Holy Mother of God, save us! Holy Father Nicholas, pray to God for us! - Without this prayer, do not draw your weapon, do not load your gun, do not start anything. Do you know the three sisters? Faith, Love and Hope. With them glory and victory. God is with them."

4. Prince Alexander Nevsky

“God is not in power, but in truth. Some with weapons, others on horses, but we will call on the Name of the Lord our God!”

5. Mathematician Blaise Pascal

“Only God can fill the vacuum in the heart of every person. Nothing created by man can fill this vacuum. Only God, whom we know through Jesus Christ, fills this void. Knowing God without knowing your sinfulness leads to pride. Knowing your sinfulness without knowing God leads to despair. Knowing Jesus Christ leads us to the right path, since in Him we find God and our sinfulness.”

6. Writer Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol

“Be not dead souls, but living ones. There is only one door to life, and that door is Jesus Christ.”

7. Surgeon Nikolai Pirogov

“I cannot hear without disgust the slightest hint about the absence of a creative plan and creative expediency in the universe, and therefore the existence of the Supreme Reason, and therefore the Supreme Creative Will, I consider a necessary and inevitable fatal requirement of my own mind. So, even if I now wanted not to recognize the existence of God, I could not do this without going crazy.”

8. Physicist Albert Einstein

“I believe in God as a Person and in all conscience I can say that I have never been an atheist for a single minute of my life. True, I am a Jew, but the radiant experience of Jesus of Nazareth made an amazing impression on me. No one expressed himself like He did. Indeed, there is only one place on earth where we do not see a shadow, and that Person is Jesus Christ. In Him God revealed himself to us in the clearest and most understandable way. I honor him."

9. Physicist Isaac Newton

“The Heavenly Lord rules the entire world as the Ruler of the universe. We marvel at Him because of His perfection, we honor Him and bow before Him because of His boundless power. From blind physical necessity, which is always and everywhere the same, no variety could arise; and everything corresponding to place and time, the diversity of created objects, which constitutes the structure and life of the universe, could have happened only through the thought and will of an original Being, Whom I call the Lord God.”

10. Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte

“Alexander the Great, Augustus Caesar, Charlemagne and I myself founded enormous empires. And on what basis did these creations of our genius take place? - Based on violence. Jesus Christ alone founded His empire with love... And rest assured that they were all real people, but none of them were like Him; Jesus Christ is more than a man. At a distance of one thousand eight hundred years, Jesus Christ makes a difficult demand that surpasses all other demands. He asks for the human heart."

11. Scientist Galileo Galilei

“Holy Scripture can never lie or err. Everything it says is absolutely immutable. Both it and nature were created by the divine Word: the Bible - according to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and nature - to fulfill Divine commands.

12. Physicist Max Planck

“Wherever we turn our gaze, whatever the subject of our observation, we nowhere find a contradiction between science and religion. We rather state their absolute harmony in the main points, especially in the field of natural science. Both religion and science ultimately seek the truth and come to the confession of God.

When religion and science profess belief in God, the former places God at the beginning and the latter at the end of all thoughts. Religion and science are in no way mutually exclusive.”

13. Biologist Louis Pasteur

“Descendants will one day laugh heartily at the stupidity of our contemporary materialist scientists. The more I study nature, the more I am amazed at the inimitable deeds of the Creator.”

14. Astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus

“My life, intertwined with patience, was one joy. Although before the greatness of God I must confess: Almighty! We do not comprehend Him. He is great in power, judgment and fullness of justice, but it seemed to me that I was following in the footsteps of God. I feel that my death is not far away, but this does not scare me. Almighty God will find another form of existence for my spirit, will lead me along the road of eternity, as he leads a wandering star through the darkness of infinity. I argued with people for the truth, but never with God, calmly awaiting the end of the time allotted to me.”

15. Poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe

“The Gospel reflects from itself the radiance emanating from the person of Christ. If God ever came to earth, it was only in the Person of Jesus Christ.”

16. Writer Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky

“In adversity the truth becomes clear. I will tell you about myself that I am a child of the century, a child of disbelief and doubt to this day, and even (I know this) to the grave. What terrible torment this thirst to believe has cost me and is now costing me, which is the stronger in my soul, the more contrary arguments I have. And yet, God sometimes sends me moments in which I am completely calm; in these moments I love and find that I am loved by others, and in such moments I formed within myself a symbol of faith in which everything is clear and sacred to me. This symbol is very simple, here it is: to believe that there is nothing more beautiful, deeper, more sympathetic, more reasonable, more courageous and more perfect than Christ, and not only is there not, but with jealous love I tell myself that it cannot be. Moreover, if someone proved to me that Christ is outside the truth, and it really were that the truth is outside Christ, then I would rather remain with Christ than with the truth. Christianity is the only refuge of the Russian land from all its evils.”

17. President Abraham Lincoln

“I have often bowed my knees before God, prompted by the strong conviction that to no one else could I turn in my need. I believe that the Bible is God's best gift to man. Everything beautiful from the Savior of the world is transmitted to us through this Book.”

18. Philosopher Vladimir Solovyov

“You just need to, before deciding to take any action, evoke the moral image of Christ in your soul, concentrate on it and ask yourself: could He have performed this act; or in other words, whether He approves of it or not, whether He blesses me to do it or not - and we will get the answer. I suggest this test to everyone, it will not deceive. In any doubtful case, if you only have the opportunity to come to your senses and think, remember Christ, imagine Him alive, as He is, and place the entire burden of your doubts on Him.”

19. Poet Taras Shevchenko

“Right now my only consolation is the Gospel. I read it daily and hourly."

20. Scientist Mikhail Vasilievich Lomonosov

“Nature is in a sense the Gospel, loudly proclaiming the creative power, wisdom and greatness of God. And not only the heavens, but also the bowels of the earth preach the glory of God.”

21. Playwright William Shakespeare

“I have committed my soul into the hands of God, my Creator, and have absolutely unshakable faith in Jesus Christ, my Savior.”

22. Naturalist Carl Linnaeus

“The eternal, infinite, omniscient and omnipotent God passed me by. I did not see Him face to face, but the glimpse of the Divine filled my soul with silent wonder. I saw the trace of God in His creation; and everywhere, even in the smallest and most imperceptible of His works, what power, what wisdom, what indescribable perfection! I observed how animate beings, standing at the highest level, are connected with the kingdom of plants, and plants, in turn, with minerals that are in the bowels of the globe, and how the globe itself gravitates towards the sun and revolves around it in an invariable order, receiving life from him.”

23. Emperor Peter the Great

“Whoever does not believe in God is either crazy or naturally insane. A sighted person must know the Creator from his creations. He who forgets God and does not keep His commandments, despite all his work, will not have success and will receive little benefit.”

24. Prince Vladimir Monomakh

“First of all, for the sake of God and your soul, have the fear of God in your heart and give generous alms - this is the beginning of all good.”

25. Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin

“Whoever has not found God on Earth will not find him in space.”

26. Poet George Byron

“If Man can be God and if God can be Man, then Jesus Christ was both.”

27. Publicist Heinrich Heine

“And what kind of book is this Bible! Majestic and vast as the world, rooted in the depths of the universe and rising to the mysterious azure of the skies! Truly, this is the Word of God, while all other books in the world express only their own, human art.”

28. Writer Charles Dickens

“I have surrendered my soul to the mercy of God in Christ the Savior.”

29. Naturalist Charles Darwin

“I have never been an atheist in the sense of denying the existence of a Creator. Life had to be breathed into the first cell by the Creator.

The world rests on patterns and in its manifestations appears as a product of the mind - this is an indication of its Creator.”

30. Philosopher Immanuel Kant

“You do well to seek reassurance in the Gospel, because it is the inexhaustible source of all truth, which the mind will never find anywhere else.

The existence of the Bible is the greatest and highest blessing that mankind has ever experienced."

31. Philosopher Karl Jaspers

“The existence of God is so obvious that not believing in him is a sin, and it is so unobvious that believing in him is a merit.”

32. Philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev

“Belief in immortality is not only a comforting faith that makes life easier, it is also a terrible, terrible faith that aggravates life with immeasurable responsibility.

Without the great sacrament of repentance, spiritual life is unthinkable. Sin must not only be recognized, but also burned in the fire of repentance.”

33. Writer Jean Jacques Rousseau

“The words of the Bible fill me with wonder, the holiness of the Gospel speaks to my heart. Look at the books of philosophers, how insignificant they are compared to the Bible. Is it possible that such an amazing and at the same time simple book was the work of human hands?

34. Physicist Michael Faraday

“I am amazed why people choose to wander in the dark on so many important issues when God has given them such a wonderful book of Revelation”!?

35. Chemist Robert Boyle

“In comparison with the Bible, all human books are small planets that receive their light and brilliance from the Sun.”

36. Physicist Henri Marie Ampere

“The most convincing proof of the existence of God is the harmony of means by which order is maintained in the universe; thanks to this order, living beings find in their bodies everything necessary for the development and reproduction of their physical and spiritual abilities.”

37. Astronomer Johannes Kepler

“Great is our Lord and great is His power, And His wisdom has no end. Praise Him the sun, the moon and the stars and the planets - in whatever language the praise occurs. And also you, witnesses of His revealed truths, and you, my soul, sing honor and glory to the Lord all your life.”

38. Physicist Hans Oersted

“Every thorough investigation of nature ends with the recognition of the existence of God.”

39. Physicist William Thomson, Lord Kelvin

“Don't be afraid to be free-thinking people. If you think deeply, through science you will gain faith in God.”

40. Historian Dmitry Sergeevich Likhachev

“Consciousness precedes the embodiment of ideas. God

- a great architect."

41. Philosopher Francis Bacon

“Superficial knowledge removes one from God; deep knowledge leads to God.”

42. Writer Francois Mauriac

“You don't have to have faith to pray; you need to pray to gain faith.”

43. Writer Clive Staples Lewis

“God speaks to man in a whisper of love; if he does not hear, then with the voice of conscience; if he does not hear, then through the mouthpiece of suffering.

All events in the world are answers to prayers, in the sense that the Lord takes into account all our true needs. All prayers are heard, although not all are fulfilled.”

44. Writer John Tolkien

“The only cure for weakening and diminishing faith is the communion of the Holy Sacraments.”

45. Writer Ivan Turgenev

“Everything on earth is dust and decay, and blessed is he who cast anchor not into these bottomless waves! He who has faith has everything and cannot lose anything.”

46. ​​Philosopher Ivan Ilyin

“Faith in God belongs to the deepest, most mysterious and spiritually precious states of man. This is a blessed experience of great spiritual and artistic value and vitality, which must be treasured, which must be protected and which should not be approached by cleverness and arbitrariness.”

47. Poet Vasily Zhukovsky

“God is positive goodness, positive truth, positive truth, positive beauty - everything that contradicts goodness, truth, beauty, truth is a negation of God. the foundation of all goodness, all truth, truth and beauty in the human soul is faith in God. From faith in God comes all goodness, all truth, all truth and beauty.”

48. Wanderer Grigory Skovoroda

“The Kingdom of God is within us. Happiness is in the heart, the heart is in love, and love is in the eternal law.”

49. Philosopher Semyon Frank

“Only faith unites, while unbelief disperses and atomizes human forces.”

50. Physicist James Joule

“After we have known and submitted to the Will of God, we have another important task: to comprehend His Wisdom, Power and Mercy from the evidences revealed in His works. Knowledge of the laws of nature is knowledge of God.”

Andrey Szegeda

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Faith in people

Statuses about faith in people can be excellent support in difficult times and help you withstand the blows of fate.

  1. Sometimes help comes from where you don't expect it. Human kindness and compassion are sometimes amazing and inspire boundless confidence that the world is not hopeless.
  2. My friends are the best in the world. They always come to the rescue and can count on me to repay them this debt in full.
  3. Man is a complex creature. Sometimes you are amazed at his inner darkness, and sometimes you admire the light that lurks in his soul. And the second is much more important.
  4. I am sure that there are no bad people. There are those who hide their kindness so as not to appear weak.
  5. Every person is beautiful in their own way. There is something good in everyone. And no matter how the world tries to convince me otherwise, I will always believe in this thesis.
  6. Yes, people have created many terrible things. But there is art, beautiful books, amazing paintings, brave deeds. This means that there is still more good in the human soul than bad. And this thought helps me overcome all trials.
  7. Sometimes it amazes me how strong people can be.
  8. Every person hides treasures in their soul. You just need to be able to see them under a thick layer of dust, psychological defenses and cynicism.
  9. The more actively a person tries to seem worse than he really is, the more it seems to me that he is hiding enormous pain in his soul.
  10. There are no bad people. There are only those who, due to the blows of fate, had to put on impenetrable armor.
  11. Are you saying that people have become bad? I guess you just see what you want to see.
  12. I don't condone some actions. But I believe that it is always important to find out for what reasons they were committed.

Faith in man

Statuses about faith in a person will help support a loved one who finds themselves in a difficult situation.

  1. I know that you can overcome all difficulties and emerge victorious. Why? You're just strong and have great friends. For example me.
  2. You have already been in difficult situations and come out of them with dignity. And I know it will happen again.
  3. Your strength is matched only by your love of life. Don't lose faith in yourself and everything will work out.
  4. You delight me. I will always believe in you, even if others turn away.
  5. Don't be afraid to admit that it's difficult for you. Everyone has difficulties. And everyone really needs support sometimes.
  6. When it's all over, you'll be surprised how much strength and courage you have.
  7. I am confident that you can overcome anything. People sometimes amaze us with their capabilities and emotional resilience.
  8. In difficult times, remember: there are people nearby who unconditionally believe in you and you are confident that you can handle anything!
  9. You are the knight who will defeat any dragon.
  10. Just believe in yourself as much as I believe in you. And then everything will definitely work out.

Faith in God

Faith in God can help you survive all difficulties and find meaning in life.

  1. I don't know if there is a God. But I always feel his presence and support. What other evidence is needed?
  2. The perfection of the world convinces me that it was created by some higher mind.
  3. There is no need to be ashamed of the fact that you believe in God. We must be ashamed of our own limitations, aggressiveness and feeble-mindedness.
  4. Yes, I have always believed and will believe in God. I don't argue with atheists and supporters of other faiths, I just feel that God is everywhere and inside me.
  5. My soul is filled with faith. And in moments of testing, I always feel that there is a higher being next to me who loves me and leads me on the right path.
  6. There is nothing more stupid than religious disputes. You either have faith or you don’t. What's better? Everyone decides this for themselves.
  7. Religion is evil, but faith is the strongest resource that helps to overcome any trials in life. I am against empty rituals; I don’t need them in order to feel a connection with higher powers.
  8. I am sure that the Universe was created by a real artist. Otherwise how can she be so beautiful?
  9. Faith without love and wisdom is empty fanaticism. You shouldn’t blindly trust what they say, you need to learn to feel and analyze information. This is the only way to become a wise person!

Faith is the power that gives wings. Without it, people would not be able to overcome the difficult trials of fate and expect the best. Share your experience: maybe your words will help someone gain faith in the future and in people!

Quotes on the topic “Believe in the best”

And the snow swirled and fell on my eyelashes. She was waiting for someone on the platform. She took off her mittens from her graceful hands, exposing her warm palms. She caught it in her mouth, laughed and spun. She smiled at passers-by. “It looks like you’re seriously in love.” - said a passing old woman. “Look, people! The snow falls white. Erasing pain, and anger, and failures.”

“Oh, if only that was the case. Everyone would be beaming with happiness, no other way.” — the man muttered. He was nervous. He smoked. He was also waiting for someone on the platform. “And I was once happy too. Happiness sped away in such a carriage. And she grabbed her son. And I'm waiting. And I come in hope. like a boy. I looked everywhere. I'm going crazy. The house is empty. And where is your little son now? Year. What happened? Why? For what? She left a note: “I hate you!” And how could I offend my wife?.. with what? In my dreams I hear their voices more and more often.”

And grandfather stood in a shabby jacket. Memories came flooding back to him. “I remembered the 43rd. forget-me-nots. And our first kiss goodbye. Snow.mine.blood.was left without a hand. And in the letters: “Come back to me alive!” And fear in my chest: “Oh God, help me,” when I returned to her home. It was snowing. And there was a war. And I am a cripple. But her glance dispelled all doubts. I realized: there is no one more valuable than a person! I lived with her my whole life - that’s luck!”

And a little further. the woman stood. “I can’t be happy about the snow. It was snowing when I met my son here. I met you from Chechnya. in a zinc coffin. I live. I live without joy and happiness. What should I live for? And for whom? White snow brought me nothing but misfortune. It's frozen rain. That's all."

Two people stood hugging each other at the cafe. No, they weren't expecting anyone. Just. “Well, what kind of pessimism? Well, what is it? Love life every day, guys! And even this white, white snow. Not everyone gets to see it. Not everyone can hear laughter. Love life. There's no need to hate."

And here comes the train. Everyone began to fuss. Mixed up: bags, voices and people. The hopes of many here have come true. And someone will continue to wait in hope. The children shouted: “Grandfather, hello!” Daughter-in-law, son and grandchildren are happiness. Three years... my wife is no longer alive. They are his today!.. the present!

The man wanted to smoke again. He opened a second pack of cigarettes. Suddenly a voice behind you: “Can you forgive? I no longer want to live without you!” He turned around. Tears on eyes. Wife and son. the closest people. The bitterness has disappeared. The fear evaporated. “I missed you so much!.. my dears!” “I thought you didn’t love me. And she ran away. I behaved like a fool. It wasn’t my heart that I trusted, but gossip.” "I love only you! How could you?!" Hugged them. as if the world had embraced a huge world. I have neither the desire nor the strength to swear. Her smile. the look is still the same languid. Everything is clear with him. He forgave her.

And the woman looked at the people. Nobody will come to her. It is sad. Some boy turned to her: “Hello! Is it true that your cooking is delicious?” "Why do you think so?" “My mother told me so. You are my grandmother. And I’m your grandson.” The outlines of the station were lost. A sigh of surprise. and a painful knock. He looked at her through the eyes of his son. Him smile. dimple on the cheek. “I accompanied Maxim to the army. Pregnant..." "Thank you, daughter! Let's go! Why are we standing like this?! On such a happy day, why be sad? My grandson!!! Thanks for the gift, son! Thank you, daughter!.. for the desire to live!”

And the girl. she didn't wait. He didn't come. He didn't show up. “I’m arriving at 17.40, Nastya.” He didn't call back. Didn't apologize. I went into the nearest cafe in tears. Hot tea. Frozen nose and hands. And a lot of pain in sincere eyes. The sounds of a favorite song could be heard. He will return home. there is snow outside the window. And a night without sleep. he will cry like a sack. And in the morning a man will knock. “Nastya, they robbed me!” “The main thing is you’re home!” ————————————

No matter what happens in life, don't give up. You and I all deserve happiness, people. And try to believe only in the best. We can handle it. So it was. And so it will be.

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