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Every year millions of children sit down at school, and every year millions of boys and girls graduate from high school. They leave school having received a wide range of knowledge, skills and abilities in the Russian language, literature, mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, geography and other subjects, having formed their worldview and character here, ready to further continue their education in a higher educational institution . All these are the precious fruits of teachers’ pedagogical labor . Proverbs and sayings on the topic “Teacher” express folk wisdom about the teacher and students, about the characteristics of the teaching profession .

Proverbs about the teacher and the teaching profession

The teacher at school is sowing in the field. The tree and the teacher are known by their fruit. You will learn from the smart, and you will unlearn from the stupid. Teaching children is not about sharpening your lasses. Learning is the path to skill. Bend the tree while it bends, teach the child while it obeys. Teaching a scientist only spoils him. It is impossible to be a teacher without being a student. Live and learn. They didn’t teach while they were laying across the bench; but stretched out to the fullest - you can’t teach. And they teach the bear to dance. Every great teacher is close to healing and art. First az and beeches, and then science. Teaching children is not sharpening your lasses. Teach others and you will learn yourself. Going into science means suffering. Without flour there is no science. What goes around comes around. He who does not control himself will not teach anyone else to reason. To teach is to sharpen the mind. Teach the people, learn from the people. If the teacher eats while standing, then the students eat on the go. Good luck for the student, joy for the teacher. Jump with a letter, but cry without a letter. Teach others and you will learn yourself. Parents create the body, teachers create the soul. To teach others, you need to sharpen your mind. A teacher is not the one who teaches, but the one who learns with the children. And a pile of books is no substitute for a good teacher. The student and the teacher are judged. Every master takes on training, but not every master completes the training. Knowledge is power. From the science teacher. It is good to teach whoever listens. Each teacher teaches differently. The path for the new is further than the old, for the student – ​​further than the teacher. A true pointer is not a fist, but a caress. The severity of a teacher is better than the affection of a father. The teacher just opens the door, you enter on your own. The teacher alone does not count the years. Raising a child is not letting the chicken out. A kind man will give the child some sense. A scientist without work is like a cloud without rain. Teach children without people. What you teach a child to do is what you will get from him. Whoever indulges children sheds a tear later.

Quotes about teachers

Prepared by: Dmitry Sirotkin

I present to you a selection of quotes about teachers .

Teachers meet the future every day. And this is not an easy test .

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Teacher and pupil

Teacher and student grow together. (Confucius)

Good teachers create good students. (M. Ostrogradsky)

All the pride of a teacher is in his students, in the growth of the seeds he sows. (D. Mendeleev)

What the teachers digest, the students eat. (K. Kraus)

The student who does not surpass his teacher is pitiful. (L. da Vinci)

A student will never surpass a teacher if he sees him as a model and not a rival. (V. Belinsky)

Whoever has not been a student will not be a teacher. (Boethius)

The greatest joy for a teacher is when his student is praised. (C. Bronte)

When teachers began to recognize me and praise my achievements in science, it motivated me to strive to be even better and smarter in scientific achievements. (S. Wozniak)

Your teacher is not the one who teaches you, but the one from whom you learn. (R. Bach)

You will never be able to create wise men if you kill naughty children. (J.-J. Rousseau)

The most important thing in any school, in the education of any school community, is to overcome the confrontation between students and teachers, which always happens here and which in all cases is not so easy to overcome. (V. Soroka-Rosiysky)

Teaching is not a mechanical transfer of knowledge from teacher to child, but first of all human relationships. A child’s attitude towards knowledge and learning depends to a great extent on how he relates to the teacher. (V. Sukhomlinsky)

The “depravity” of a child in most cases is not the result of innate mental or moral stupidity, but of the pedagogical mistakes of educators. (P. Lesgaft)

Some people believe that the teacher is stealing from his students. Others say that students rob the teacher. I believe that both are right, and participation in this mutual theft is wonderful. (L. Landau)

Students remember nothing more firmly than the mistakes of their teachers. (A. Ligov)

His very nature should stand much higher than the nature of a child in all respects. Otherwise, what will happen if the teacher, for example, admires Derzhavin and forces the student to learn the ode “God”; and he already likes Pushkin, and the ode “God” is a completely incomprehensible set of words? (N. Dobrolyubov)

Today's youth are accustomed to luxury, they have bad manners, despise authority, do not respect elders, children argue with adults, greedily swallow food, and harass teachers. (Socrates)

Training and teachers

It takes more intelligence to teach another than to learn yourself. (M. Montaigne)

The art of teaching is the art of facilitating discovery. (M. Van Doren)

The art of teaching is the art of awakening curiosity in young souls and then satisfying it... (A. France)

We learn nothing from the one who says: do as I do. Our only teachers are those who say “do it to me.” (J. Deleuze)

The one who considers it necessary to teach children not to the extent that they can learn, but to the extent that he himself wishes, is completely unreasonable. (Ya.A. Komensky)

I pay the teacher, but my son is taught by his fellow students. (R.W. Emerson)

If you wash a cat, they say it will no longer wash itself. A person will never learn what he is taught. (B. Shaw)

A teacher who does not begin by arousing the student's desire to learn is striking cold iron. (H. Mann)

A teacher must behave in such a way that his every action teaches, he must understand what he wants to achieve and what he does not want, otherwise he is not a professional. (A. Makarenko)

The easier it is for a teacher to teach, the more difficult it is for students to learn. (L. Tolstoy)

The secret of good teaching is to regard the child's intellect as a fertile field in which seeds can be sown to grow in the warmth of a burning imagination. (M. Montessori)

Use a little, but with discernment, with tact and know how to manage it so cleverly that the child does not notice that you are feeding him the same thing. (N. Pirogov)

A teacher must know his subject really well, and then he will be respected and obeyed, even if he is a harsh person. But no matter how kind you are, even if you feed them candy, if you don’t know your subject, they won’t value you even a penny. (A. Makarenko)

The teacher should appeal not so much to the memory of students, but to their mind, to achieve understanding, and not just memorization. (F. Yankovic de Marievo)

Most of the things we are taught are, of course, quite true and correct, but you can look at everything completely differently from the teachers, and then for the most part they acquire a much better meaning. (G. Hesse)

Teacher's calling

The idea that the teacher serves is to instill morality in the human race. (A. Disterweg)

One must be born an educator and a teacher; he is guided by innate tact. (A. Disterweg)

It is no coincidence that teachers are called by the high name of the people. His wisdom creates that complex thing that is commonly called the continuity of generations. (V. Sukhomlinsky)

Our work is, figuratively speaking, the work of a sower. We sow seeds from which we must grow - this is the meaning of our work and our life - ears full of grain - beliefs, actions. (V. Sukhomlinsky)

They demand a miracle from doctors and teachers, and if a miracle happens, no one is surprised. (M. Ebner-Eschenbach)

The task of the educator and teacher remains to introduce every child to universal human development and make him a person before he masters civil relations. (A. Disterweg)

For me, a teacher’s education is less important than his upbringing, and in this I strongly disagree with those who have not yet stopped thinking that the main role of a teacher is to convey “the sum of knowledge.” (P. Blonsky)

The teacher’s task is to cultivate in students the desire to learn, as well as the ability to challenge themselves. But the most important thing is to help them, to feel responsible for their learning, making it clear that each of the students is very important to him. (A. Muller)

Not the teacher who receives the upbringing and education of a teacher, but the one who has the inner confidence that he is, must be and cannot be otherwise. This confidence is rare and can only be proven by the sacrifices a person makes to his calling. (L. Tolstoy)

If a teacher has only love for the work, he will be a good teacher. If a teacher has only love for the student, like a father or mother, he will be better than the teacher who has read all the books, but has no love for either the work or the students. If a teacher combines love for his work and for his students, he is a perfect teacher. (L. Tolstoy)

Education and teachers

In education, it's all about who the educator is. (D. Pisarev)

The teacher himself must be what he wants the student to be. (V. Dahl)

The teacher is not an official; and if he is an official, then he is not an educator. (K. Ushinsky)

The secret of successful parenting lies in respect for the student. (R.W. Emerson)

The teacher himself must be educated. (K. Marx)

A teacher only becomes an educator when he has in his hands the most subtle instrument of education - the science of morality, ethics. (V. Sukhomlinsky)

Children are drawn to those who themselves are drawn to them, cannot live without them, and find happiness and pleasure in communicating with them. (V. Sukhomlinsky)

It is better to have one good teacher at school than a dozen excellent teachers. (K. Ushinsky)

The basis of education should be the personal activity of the student, and the entire art of the educator should be reduced only to directing and regulating this activity. (L. Vygotsky)

The schoolteacher and professor raise only species, not individuals. (G.K. Lichtenberg)

A teacher who does not have facial expressions, who cannot give his face the necessary expression or control his mood cannot be a good teacher. The teacher must be able to organize, walk, joke, be cheerful, angry. (A. Makarenko)

A teacher who does not want unpleasant surprises and does not want to bear responsibility for what may happen is a tyrant. (J. Korczak)

The more the teacher remembers that his students look at him as a higher being, the stronger his influence on the children will be, the more joyful his every praise will be, the deeper his every reproach will cut into the heart of the student, and, consequently, everything. the work of education will be incomparably more beneficial. (N. Dobrolyubov)

Teacher's authority

The teacher should have maximum authority and minimum power. (T. Sas)

There is no more noble and valuable occupation than a person teaching the younger generation. (M.T. Cicero)

Teaching yourself is a noble thing, but teaching others is even more noble. (M. Twain)

The ideal of perfection that teachers embody is too unattractive to strive for. (K. Frelich)

Teaching is the noblest of endeavors, and I understand that, despite all its difficulties, it can bring great joy to those who know how to awaken young minds. (R. Rolland)

A teacher who can endow his students with the ability to find joy in work should be crowned with laurels. (E. Hubbard)

Teaching is not a lost art, but respect for teaching is a lost tradition. (J. Barzin)

They have been given an excellent position, higher than which nothing can be under this sun. Let it be an eternal law: to teach and learn everything through examples, instructions and application in practice. (Ya.A. Komensky)

We must place the people's teacher at a level at which he has never stood, does not stand, and cannot stand in bourgeois society. This is a truth that does not require proof. (V. Lenin)

We are children's comrades. We must do everything that children do, and must not cling to our authority so as not to suppress the children... The more children see us as participants in their lives, zealously fulfilling common responsibilities, the better. (S. Shatsky)

Good teacher

A good teacher is one whose words do not differ from his deeds. (M.P. Cato)

A bad teacher presents the truth, a good one teaches you to find it. (A. Disterweg)

A good teacher can inspire hope, spark imagination, and instill a love of learning. (B. Henry)

Only he can become a real teacher who never forgets that he himself was a child. (V. Sukhomlinsky)

A good teacher differs from a bad one only in the number of mistakes made and harm caused to children. (J. Korczak)

To be a good teacher, you need to love what you teach and love those you teach. (V. Klyuchevsky)

The best teacher is the one who awakens in us the desire to learn and provides us with the means to do so. (A. Ferran)

A truly wise teacher does not invite you to visit his own house of wisdom, but leads you to the threshold of your own mind. (H. Gibran)

A real teacher is not the one who constantly educates you, but the one who helps you become yourself. (M. Svetlov)

A good teacher can teach others even what he himself cannot do. (T. Kotarbinski)

The teacher is...

A teacher is a person who can make difficult things easy. (R.W. Emerson)

A teacher is a person who knows better how to raise other people's children than his own. (J. Falkenare)

The most important phenomenon in school, the most instructive subject, the most living example for the student is the teacher himself. (A. Disterweg)

A teacher is an engineer of human souls. (M. Kalinin)

Anyone who, turning to the old, is able to discover new things, is worthy of being a teacher. (Confucius)

A teacher is not the one who teaches something, but the one who helps to reveal to his student what he already knows. (P. Coelho)

Whoever the gods want to punish, they make him a teacher. (L.A. Seneca)

Those from whom we learn are rightly called our teachers, but not everyone who teaches us deserves this name. (I. Goethe)

A teacher is the person who must pass on to the new generation all the valuable accumulations of centuries and not pass on prejudices, vices and diseases. (A. Lunacharsky)

Those who know how do it, those who don’t know how to teach others. (B. Shaw)

He who knows how, does it; those who do not know how to teach others; and whoever does not know how to do this, teaches teachers. (L. Peter)

Help in self-education

The purpose of educating a child is to make him able to develop without the help of a teacher. (E.G. Hubbard)

I don’t teach my students anything, I just create the conditions in which they themselves will learn. (A. Einstein)

I am not a teacher. I'm just helping you study yourself. (B. Lee)

Everything you need to know cannot be taught; the teacher can only do one thing - show the way. (R. Aldington)

The role of the teacher is to open doors, not to push the student through them. (A. Schnabel)

By treating a patient, the doctor only helps nature; in the same way, the mentor should only help the student struggle with the difficulties of comprehending this or that subject; not to teach, but only to help learn. (K. Ushinsky)

The teacher does not reveal the truth, he is a guide to the truth, which each student must discover for himself. A good teacher is just a catalyst. (B. Lee)

Parents and teachers

Teachers to whom children owe their upbringing are more honorable than parents: some give us only life, while others give us a good life. (Aristotle)

It educates everything: people, things, phenomena, but first of all and for the longest time - people. Of these, parents and teachers come first. (A. Makarenko)

One father means more than a hundred teachers. (D. Herbert)

Without good fathers there is no good education, despite all the schools, institutes and boarding schools. (K. Ushinsky)

Schools, educators, and preachers can only develop and in some way direct the education of children in the right direction. The basic mentality of an individual is born in the family. (Ya.A. Komensky)

Since parents very rarely have adequate ability to educate their children and rarely have enough leisure for this, it follows that there should be people who, by their profession, would be engaged in this one thing and so that the needs of the whole community would be served in this way. (Ya.A. Komensky)

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Teacher self-education

To educate others, we must first educate ourselves. (N. Gogol)

The one who teaches must always continue to learn himself. (R.G. Dana)

You are only capable of educating others as long as you continue to work on your own education. (A. Disterweg)

Teaching means doubly learning. (J. Joubert)

Learn what you teach yourself. (Jerome)

You learn fastest and best when you teach others. (R. Luxembourg)

Teaching is food for the one who feeds. (Gregory the Theologian)

A teacher, if he is honest, must always be an attentive student. (M. Gorky)

Even an intelligent person will become stupid if he does not improve himself. You are your own teacher. (Buddha)

In order to teach others profitably, one must first of all learn from the teacher himself, and learn until a very old age. (E. Paton)

There are teachers who cannot be taught anything. (B. Kaufman)

Teacher Features

A teacher must have an unusually large amount of moral energy so as not to fall asleep under the soothing murmur of a monotonous teacher's life. (K. Ushinsky)

School teachers have power that prime ministers can only dream of. (W. Churchill)

The characteristic of a teacher is not to hesitate in what he himself says. (I. Chrysostom)

The teacher must be an artist, an artist, passionately in love with his work. (A. Chekhov)

He who is a teacher to the core takes all things seriously, only taking into account his students - even himself. (F. Nietzsche)

The teacher is a person with humor. Imagine a teacher without humor and you will understand that he will not last long, and if he does, it will, unfortunately, last only his legs. (A. Ryzhikov)

For a school teacher, the history textbook he himself uses is Holy Scripture. (F. Goebbel)

Attitude towards teachers

Be nice to teachers. Even if they don't deserve your respect, they deserve your pity. (E. Brilliant)

I demand only good morals from a teacher, just as I would demand them from every citizen. (D. Diderot)

Whoever undertakes to give instructions must consider himself more skillful than those to whom he gives them: his slightest error deserves censure. (R. Descartes)

For a teacher, perhaps the most important thing is not to take himself seriously, to understand that he can teach very little. (V. Rasputin)

God bless you for being next to a man who has spent his whole life striving to educate others. How narrow is the horizon of these people! How tired they are both of us and, probably, of themselves, endlessly repeating and chewing on the same thoughts! (O. Wilde)

New and teachers

The child is preparing to live in a new sphere; the environment of his life will no longer be the same as it was 20–30 years ago when his teacher was educated. And usually the educator not only does not foresee, but even simply does not understand the needs of the new time and considers them absurd. (N. Dobrolyubov)

Teachers, in fact, are the main engines of progress. Without them, humanity would stand still. Teachers are the blood that carries spiritual nutrition in the body of society. (V. Tendryakov)

The indifference with which cheerful youth perceives the prescriptions of pedagogy, which are contrary to the spirit of the times, is to a certain extent explained by the kind of servants of pedagogy themselves, this class of people, separated from the rest of the world by special inclinations, their own weaknesses and squalor. (K. Frelich)

Teacher's salary

The work of the one who taught you at least one letter on the path of truth cannot be paid for with all the treasures of the treasury. (A. Navoi)

A schoolteacher certainly earns too little as a nurse, but too much as a teacher. (F. Lebowitz)

Teachers work too hard and get paid too little. Indeed, it is a difficult and tedious task to reduce the level of human abilities to the very bottom. (D.B. Leonard)

You can pay people to teach. But you can't pay them to worry about the outcome. (M. Collins)

The teaching profession provides a lifetime guarantee against kidnapping for ransom. (S. Motsarsky)

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Types of teachers

There are two types of teachers: the one who will fill you with so much knowledge that you find it difficult to contain it. And the one who will give you a little knowledge, but thanks to which you will feel like you are soaring in the sky. (R. Frost)

There are only two types of teachers: those who teach too much and those who do not teach at all. (S. Butler)

A mediocre teacher expounds. A good teacher explains. An outstanding teacher shows. A great teacher inspires. (W. Ward)

What is the difference between a good and a great teacher? A good teacher develops a student's abilities to the limit; a great teacher immediately sees this limit. (M. Callas)

Knowledge and teachers

He who knows little can teach little. (Ya.A. Komensky)

You need to know a lot yourself in order to teach others. (V. Korolenko)

Knowledge - like heaven - belongs to everyone. No teacher has the right to withhold them from anyone who asks for them. Teaching is the art of giving. (A.D. Geschel)

If you have knowledge, let others light their lamps from it. (T. Fuller)

Education is the knowledge that we get from books and which no one knows about except our teacher. (W. Hudson)

School is a place where teachers demand knowledge from students in all subjects, while they themselves know only one. (K. Melikhan)

Religion and teachers

Those who do not have religion and do not feel the need for it cannot raise children. (K. Ushinsky)

Human life is a school in which the teacher is God, and we are here only so that everyone in his place can be worthy of his teacher. (V. Zhukovsky)

Secular schools are unacceptable because there is no religious instruction in them, and general moral education without a religious basis is built on air; therefore, any education of the individual must proceed from faith. We need believers. (A. Hitler)

Thank you, Lord! You can, if you want! As any schoolteacher would say about you: capable, but lazy. Exactly. (M. Fry)

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Love and teachers

At all times and among all peoples, teachers hated love. (A. Makarenko)

There is no faster way to mastering knowledge than sincere love for a wise teacher. (Xunzi)

If teachers treat students with love, then they will easily win their hearts so that children will enjoy being at school rather than at home. (Ya.A. Komensky)

Learn from those you love. (I. Goethe)

You need to love children with all your heart, and in order to love them like that, you need to learn from them how to show this love. (Sh. Amonoshvili)

You cannot teach to love what you yourself do not love or do not know how to love. (A. Tvardovsky)

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School lessons

Boring lessons are only good for instilling hatred both towards those who teach them and towards everything taught. (J.-J. Rousseau)

When assigning homework, teachers target students and end up targeting parents. (J. Simenon)

Only those who do not know how to make anything of themselves and are still waiting to be dragged by the ears to where they themselves should go justify their ignorance by the lack of skill of teachers. (N. Dobrolyubov)

No one, under any pretext, should be allowed to skip classes or avoid lessons. (Ya.A. Komensky)

From the lessons of some teachers, we learn only the ability to sit up straight. (W. Katarzynski)

Talent and teachers

The more talented and capable a person is, the more irritable and tormented he teaches. (M.T. Cicero)

Natural educational talents, which in themselves pave the way for education, are less common than any other talents, and therefore one cannot count on them where many thousands of teachers are needed. (K. Ushinsky)

No teachers were needed for those who were destined by nature to create a school. Bacons, Descartes and Newtons - these mentors of the human race did not themselves have any mentors; - and what teachers would lead them to where their mighty genius elevated these people? (J.-J. Rousseau)

Word and teachers

Teachers are given the floor not to lull their own thoughts, but to awaken someone else’s. (V. Klyuchevsky)

The main thing that determines the effectiveness of a teacher’s word is his honesty. (V. Sukhomlinsky)

Only a living soul will revive souls. Speak, speak, teacher; maybe the hour of your passion is the most instructive hour for children. (P. Blonsky)

Whatever you teach, keep it short. (Horace)

If you teach, try to be brief, so that an obedient mind will immediately understand the words and keep them in memory correctly! Our concept cannot store everything that is unnecessary. (Horace)

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Grades and teachers

The mark should reward hard work, and not punish laziness and carelessness. If a teacher sees a two and a one as a stick with which to spur a lazy horse, and a carrot in a four and a five, then soon the children will hate both the carrot and the stick. (V. Sukhomlinsky)

The one I teach is first of all a living person, a child, and then a student. The rating I give him is not only a measure of his knowledge, but, above all, my attitude towards him as a person. (V. Sukhomlinsky)

Science and teachers

Only that teacher will act fruitfully on the entire mass of students who is strong in science, possesses it and loves it. (D. Mendeleev)

Teachers, as local luminaries of science, must stand at the full height of modern knowledge in their specialty. (D. Mendeleev)

When learning science, examples are more useful than rules. (I. Newton)

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People and teachers

No one is your friend, no one is your enemy, but every person is your teacher. (Socrates)

The good in a person has to be designed, and the teacher is obliged to do this. (A. Makarenko)

It is pointless for a teacher to talk about curbing passions if he gives free rein to any of his own passions; and his efforts to eradicate in his pupil a vice or obscene trait that he allows in himself will be fruitless. (D. Locke)

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Staff and teachers

Nothing has such a disorganizing effect on children as a situation where one teacher acts one way and another another. Then, of course, no one is authoritative for children. (P. Blonsky)

Where educators are not united into a team and the team does not have a single work plan, a single tone, a single precise approach, there can be no educational process. (A. Makarenko)

State and teachers

The attitude of the state towards the teacher is a state policy that indicates either the strength of the state or its weakness. (O. Bismarck)

Success in war is determined by two factors: a new type of gun and a school teacher. (O. Bismarck)

Teachers and doctors want to eat almost every day! (V. Chernomyrdin)

Friendship and teachers

All educators should also strive to be not only leaders of their students, but also their friends. (Ya.A. Komensky)

A true teacher is the best, most faithful friend of parents... Feeling like a teacher means feeling like a friend of your parents' home. (A. Disterweg)

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Life and teachers

A teacher needs to know life deeply in order to prepare for it. (L. Tolstoy)

The less free time a teacher has, the more he is loaded with all sorts of plans, reports, meetings, the more his spiritual world is emptied, the sooner the phase of his life will come when the teacher will no longer have anything to give to his pupils. (V. Sukhomlinsky)

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As you can see, the greatest attention in quotes about teachers is given to the topics of students, training, education, vocation and authority of the teacher.

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Proverbs about teaching methods

It is necessary to teach not by telling, but by working and showing. Punish children with shame, not with a whip. To teach others, you need to sharpen your mind. It's easier to punish, harder to educate. A good example is the best sermon. Learning is the path to skill. A true pointer is not a fist, but a caress. The severity of a teacher is better than the affection of a father. Beatings torment, but do not teach. A silent reproach is heavier than what is said. You can't raise a puppy without strictness. Teach children without people. You can't teach with a whip or a club. Whoever indulges children sheds a tear later. A good example is worth a hundred words. What you teach a child to do is what you will get from him. He who does not control himself will not teach anyone else to reason. A good spanking never hurt anyone. A word to a wise man is worth more than a cudgel. A silent reproach is heavier than what is said. A good example is worth a hundred words. A living word is more valuable than a dead letter. Good covers good. There is patience for wanting.

Proverbs about teachers and students

He has a diploma, but doesn’t understand business. He who wants to know a lot needs little sleep. The student and the teacher are judged. An unlearned person is like an unsharpened axe. There is no shame in asking, it is a shame in not knowing. An overtrained person is worse than an undertrained one. Learning to read and write is always useful. Those who are good at reading and writing will not be lost. Without studying you can't weave bast shoes. Don't teach a fish to swim. He who knows a lot, asks a lot. Whoever learns from a young age does not know hunger in old age. A scientist loves everything. A full belly is deaf to learning. Many scientists, few smart ones. A hungry belly is deaf to learning. Dunno lies, but know-it-all runs far. The notebook is a mirror of the student and the teacher. Honor your teacher as a parent. It is impossible to be a teacher without being a student. It is not the one who knows how to read who is literate, but the one who listens and understands. Eggs don't teach chickens. I led her by the hand and got a white hand. Learn good things, so bad things will not come to mind. It's never too early and never too late to learn. It is not the one who has lived a lot who knows, but the one who has comprehended a lot. What goes around comes around. The scientist leads, the unlearned follows. It is not the one who knows how to read who is literate, but the one who listens and understands. Learn good things, so bad things will not come to mind.

Every teacher should have a little spark of a child in them.

Quotes and aphorisms of great teachers


The teacher must behave in such a way that every movement educates him, and must always know what he wants at the moment and what he does not want. If the educator does not know this, whom can he educate?

Anton Makarenko


It educates everything: people, things, phenomena, but first of all and for the longest time – people. Of these, parents and teachers come first.

Anton Makarenko


What kind of person a person will be depends mainly on what kind of person you make him by the fifth year of his life. If you don’t raise him properly until he is five years old, then you will have to re-educate him.

Anton Makarenko


You need to brake yourself at every step, and this should turn into a habit... A person without a brake is a broken machine.

Anton Makarenko


It is a common belief that a person must have both advantages and disadvantages. Even young people and schoolchildren think so. How “comfortable” it becomes to live with the consciousness: I have advantages, but I also have disadvantages. And then there is self-consolation: if there were no shortcomings, then it would be a scheme, not a person. The flaws should be there for the sake of beauty.

But why on earth should there be disadvantages? And I say: there should be no shortcomings. ...In general, you need to demand, demand, demand from a person! And every person must demand from himself...

Anton Makarenko


...Adults should not be angry with children, because it does not correct, but spoils.

Janusz Korczak


I noticed that only stupid people want everyone to be the same. Anyone who is smart is glad that in the world there is day and night, summer and winter, young and old, that there are butterflies and birds, and flowers and eyes of different colors, and that there are both girls and boys.

Janusz Korczak


Love your child with anyone - not talented, not lucky, adult. When communicating with him, rejoice, because a child is a holiday that is still with you.

Janusz Korczak


One of the most malicious mistakes is the judgment that pedagogy is a science about the child, and not about a person. There are no children - there are people, but with a different scale of concepts, other sources of experience, other aspirations, a different play of feelings. A hundred children are a hundred people, which will not once be there tomorrow, but already now, today they are already people.

Janusz Korczak


When you think about a child’s brain, you imagine a delicate rose flower with a drop of dew trembling on it. What care and tenderness is needed so that when you pick a flower, you don’t let a drop drop.

V. A. Sukhomlinsky


A little spark of a child should shine in every teacher and never fade away.

V. A. Sukhomlinsky


Only he can become a real teacher who never forgets that he himself was a child.

V. A. Sukhomlinsky


A game is a huge bright window through which a life-giving stream of ideas and concepts about the world around us flows into the child’s spiritual world. The game is a spark that ignites the flame of inquisitiveness and curiosity.

Sukhomlinsky V. A.


To recognize, identify, reveal, nurture, and nurture in each student his unique individual talent means raising the individual to a high level of flourishing human dignity.

V. A. Sukhomlinsky


If pedagogy wants to educate a person in all respects, then it must first get to know him in all respects.

K.D. Ushinsky


The main thing in modern pedagogy is the education of the spiritual side of a person.

K.D. Ushinsky


Pedagogy is the first and highest of the arts, because it strives to express perfection not on canvas, not in marble, but in human nature itself.

K.D. Ushinsky


Education, a modest matter in appearance, is at the same time one of the greatest affairs of history, on which kingdoms are based and entire generations live.

K.D. Ushinsky

Proverbs for Teacher's Day

Live and learn. Parents create the body, teachers create the soul. To teach others, you need to sharpen your mind. A teacher is not the one who teaches, but the one who learns with the children. And a pile of books is no substitute for a good teacher. Honor your teacher as you would a parent. The task of teaching is high, but it is also difficult. And a pile of books is no substitute for a good teacher. Only by respecting the teacher will you become a teacher yourself. The student and the teacher are judged. From the science teacher. Each teacher teaches differently. The teacher just opens the door, you enter on your own. Raising a child is not letting the chicken out.

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Quotes and aphorisms from films about school and teachers


“Are there really no gentlemen in the class?” - There are a lot of gentlemen, there are not enough places! "The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin"


- Fedya, behave yourself, you are not at school. "Old New Year"


I remember my school teachers. We had this saying: “Those who can’t do anything themselves teach others, and those who can’t teach others teach physical education.”

"Annie Hall"


“You sow wise, good, eternal things, and henbane and thistles grow.” "We'll live until Monday"


There was no cruelty in her face, which over the years becomes almost a professional characteristic of teachers.

"French lessons"


For a teacher, perhaps the most important thing is not to take yourself seriously...

"French lessons"


We have a responsibility to guide our children so that they do not remain on the sidelines, so that they do not become unnecessary.

"Teacher for the change"

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