Statements about the creative abilities of children. Quotes about creative people

An article on the topic “About children's creativity in quotes from great minds.”

About children's creativity in quotes from great minds.
Today, there is a lot of discussion about the issue of children's creativity. Some people believe that children’s creativity cannot be called creativity: children’s drawings and crafts are not works of art,

others boldly claim that
this is truly art
In the forties, what the talented teacher E. A. Flerina warned about happened: teaching “dried up” children’s creativity

As a result of the discussion, the majority adopted the following position: a child does not discover anything new for the adult world

, but he makes
discoveries for himself
, and by discovering new things for himself, the child simultaneously
reveals new things about himself to adults

Let's look at a few statements from great minds about children's creativity:

Sukhomlinsky V. A

.: “Children should live in a world of beauty, games, fairy tales, music, drawing, fantasy, creativity.”

Paustovsky K. G.

.: “The impulse to create can fade away just as easily as it arose if left without food.”

Creativity is a special type of activity; it brings satisfaction in itself.

4. Makarenko Anton Semenovich

: “To refuse risk means to refuse creativity” (to give the opportunity to experiment, to take risks).

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It is not simple

Creativity can be created in many ways, but at its core there will certainly be something personal. Mysterious aspirations and desires, protest against everyday life, words that will never be spoken. And the one who says that creating is easy is wrong. In fact, as Baurzhan Toyshibekov said: “Creativity is created from one portion of ink and three portions of sweat.” To create something outstanding, you need to put in maximum effort every day. Constantly develop and work on yourself.

The difficulties in creating works of art are best described by quotes about the work of famous philosophers:

  • Socrates: “Every creator is obliged to express his state of mind.”
  • Plato: “Anyone can be a creator if he has something that inspires him.”
  • Aristotle: “Art never says what is, it always shows what should be.”
  • Voltaire: “Creation speaks of its creator.”
  • Diderot: “The highest task of any creativity is to find the unusual in the ordinary and the ordinary in the fantastic.”

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What should a creator be like?

We can talk for a long time about what the meaning of creativity is, where it comes from in this world and how it affects people. But it is important to know what real creators should be like: interested, striving for perfection and not ready to admit their masterpieces are ideal. This is exactly what these quotes about creativity say:

  • “Creativity is a mystery that the creator asks himself.”
  • “Any creativity begins as a desire for self-improvement and holiness.”
  • “Creativity helps preserve personality.”
  • “To be the greatest master is to not recognize your perfection.”

Quotes and aphorisms about children

Children are the flowers of life. They decorate our lives and fill it with meaning. We offer you a selection of wonderful quotes and sayings about children. Funny children's sayings and aphorisms about kids will lift your spirits, and quotes from great writers and teachers will teach you the basics of education.

Funny, interesting, unusual statuses about children will help highlight your individuality.


Beautiful statuses about children

Many women who are on maternity leave spend all their time and energy on children. In this regard, the day turns into a series of walks, activities, educational games, as well as cooking and putting the house in order.

Despite the fact that this rhythm of life is quite boring and monotonous, it is what women most often remember when their children grow up. After all, it is most interesting to communicate with children under the age of 5 years. Interesting, unusual, beautiful statuses about children will allow your friends to tell you what is happening in your life and what is troubling you.

Bottom line

Beautiful quotes about creativity can be summed up in one simple word - freedom. From all the examples presented, it can be noted that creativity does not imply submission to norms. It is an act of free thought and action. The creator notices a special charm in everyday life and tries to present it to people. And each of them always puts into their works the memory of what they love.

They say that anyone can become a creator. Every person has the power to bring something innovative, interesting, and complementary to the world. But if the person himself does not say: “Yes, I can do it. I will create, no matter what!” - nothing will work out for him. Creativity is freedom, which begins with self-confidence and absolute readiness to go against the system, defending your position.

Statuses about children with meaning

It turns out that children are the most beautiful miracle on earth. Just think that there are little people in the world who hold out their little hands to everyone and think about everyone that he is good and kind. People for whom it doesn’t matter whether your face is beautiful or ugly, they are ready to kiss everyone with joy, they love everyone - old and young, rich and poor!

Choose good statuses about children with meaning and add them to your signature on forums, statuses on social networks and instant messengers.

Music, literature, painting

You can often find quotes about creativity that focus on one type of art, rather than the entire process as a whole. But if you think about it, if you replace the word “sketch” with “creativity”, the meaning of the phrase will not change. For example, here are the most common quotes:

  • “It’s hard to part with someone you love. The melancholy of an ordinary breakup passes through several written songs, and the longing of a broken heart passes through several written albums.”
  • “Every sketch, still life or landscape, is essentially a self-portrait.”
  • “If a person thinks clearly, he will write the same way, and if his thought is valuable, then his writing will be valuable.”

Quotes from great people about children

The birth of a child is an opportunity to immerse yourself in childhood again. Just think, after the baby arrives, you will take your first steps and say your first words together, you will go back to first grade for the first time, and you will return to the prom again. Being parents, isn't it wonderful?!

Read quotes from great people about children and choose the one that suits your status on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and other social networks.

Children are flowers of life that are born with their heads down. (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

When Saint Exupery was asked: “Is it worth pampering children?”, he replied: “Certainly pamper them, it is unknown what trials life has in store for them.”

Children need a role model more than criticism. (J. Joubert)

Children never obeyed adults, but they regularly imitated them. (D. Baldwin)

All the children in the world cry in the same language. (L. Leonov)

If people say bad things about your children, it means they are saying bad things about you. (V. Sukhomlinsky)

Children have neither a past nor a future, but unlike us adults, they know how to use the present. (LaBruyere)

Children immediately and naturally become accustomed to happiness, because by their very nature they are joy and happiness. (V. M. Hugo)

I don’t know anything more beautiful than a worthy happy mother with a small child in her arms. (T. G. Shevchenko)

Children are holy and pure. You can’t make them a toy of your mood. (Anton Chekhov)

Without children it would be impossible to love humanity so much. (Fedor Dostoevsky)

One child is enough to fill the entire house and yard. (Mark Twain)

You cannot scare off children with harshness; they only cannot stand lies. (Lev Tolstoy)

Most of us become parents without ceasing to be children. (Minion McLaughlin)

In a good family, there is never any punishment, and this is the most correct way of family education. (A. Makarenko)

Give us better mothers and we will be better people. (Jean Paul Richter)

If you want to raise good children, spend half as much money and twice as much time on them. (Esther Selsdon)



Children are one third of the population of our country and our entire future.

The future depends on how you raise your children.

Even the dullest room is decorated with children... Beautifully placed in the corners...

And sleeping children decorate it even more...

I want happiness... such small happiness, with tiny arms and legs, and with your eyes.

But they say correctly that happiness cannot be born, it can be bought.

Happiness is soft warm palms, candy wrappers behind the sofa, crumbs on the sofa... What is happiness? It’s easier not to answer! Everyone who has children has happiness!

Anyone who has a child automatically becomes happy.

Children don't owe anyone anything.

But parents owe it to their children. And a lot.

Children are a blessing that grows over the years.

The more children there are in a family, the more happiness there is.

Giving birth to a child takes a lot of energy, health, and time from a woman. But in return it gives a lot of happiness, love, tenderness.

The birth of a child makes a woman happy.

God has a favorite place - This is a little child's heart. He goes there slowly In the first moment of the baby's birth.

Children don't come from nowhere, they come from God.

Quotes about children with meaning: 100 sayings of great people

What beautiful and touching statements of famous and great people about love for children, as well as about their upbringing and the happiness associated with it, do you know? We at set out to collect meaningful quotes about children that will be useful not only for parents, but also for all adults.

These words, phrases and sayings tell the essence of children, as well as how adults should treat and raise children. We have divided these quotes into funny and cool, short and smart. Therefore, everyone will be able to find for themselves those words that will be in tune with their feelings for children.

We would like to advise you: enjoy every day with your baby, because time flies by very quickly!

What is creativity?

Beautiful quotes can sometimes tell a lot about what creativity really is. For some, this is a true act of love. Some people are sure that creativity is an innate character trait that cannot be taught. To understand the full range of opinions, let’s present them in the form of quotes about creativity:

  • “To create is to make thoughts easy by inventing new life possibilities.”
  • “Creativity is a natural gift. It is akin to beauty or a strong voice. An innate ability can be developed, but no amount of effort will help you gain it.”
  • “The ability to be creative is a divine gift. The act of creativity is a great sacrament of the soul.”
  • “Creativity is the moment of the present in which the future is created.”
  • “Creativity is a feat that does not come without sacrifice.”


Aphorisms about creativity and talent

The creative process in its very course acquires new qualities, becomes more complex and richer. Konstantin Georgievich Paustovsky

You cannot teach a person something, you can only help him discover it within himself. G. Galileo

Each type of creativity has its joys: the whole point is to be able to take your goodness where you find it. Honore de Balzac

To create beauty, you yourself must be pure in soul. Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka

No copy can be perfect, since it only imitates the original reality. Karl Raymund Popper

Anyone who creates for posterity is a great optimist if he thinks that posterity will have nothing else to do. Gabriel Laub

Know, artist, that simplicity and unity are needed in everything. Horace (Quintus Horace Flaccus)

The ability to create is a great gift of nature; the act of creativity, in the creative soul, is a great sacrament; a minute of creativity is a minute of great sacred rite. Vissarion Grigorievich Belinsky

The impulse to create can fade away just as easily as it arose if left without food. Konstantin Georgievich Paustovsky

A painter should not try to be universal, since he loses a lot of dignity by doing one thing well and another poorly. Leonardo da Vinci

Whoever (...) without the frenzy sent by the Muses approaches the threshold of creativity in the confidence that, thanks to art alone, he will become a great poet, is still far from perfect: the creations of the sane will be eclipsed by the creations of the frantic. Plato

Every artist, every philosopher considers what others call the fruit of his creativity, a rough sketch that requires completion. Maurice Merleau-Ponty

You can't learn creative techniques. Every creator has his own techniques. One can only imitate the highest techniques, but this leads nowhere, and one cannot penetrate into the work of the creative spirit. Ivan Aleksandrovich Goncharov

Every day we have before our eyes an example of an act of creation that is absolutely elusive and inaccessible to pure science. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The whole difference between creation and creation comes down to this: a creature can only be loved by something that has already been created, and a creation can be loved by something that has not yet been created. Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Where there is creativity, there is no place for madness. Paul Michel Foucault

Joy is essential for creativity. Edvard Grieg

Consciousness remains unchanged in its essence, but during its work it causes vortices, flows, cascades of new thoughts and images, sensations and words. Therefore, sometimes a person himself is surprised by what he wrote. Konstantin Georgievich Paustovsky

The creative process in its very course acquires new qualities, becomes more complex and richer. Konstantin Georgievich Paustovsky

Without creativity, it is unthinkable for a person to know his strengths, abilities, and inclinations; It is impossible to establish self-respect, a sensitive attitude of the individual to the moral influence of the team. Vasily Alexandrovich Sukhomlinsky

The mind, living in exile among the creation for which it serves as an invisible support, knows that it is free at every moment to destroy it. Jacques Lacan

Creation is a symbol. Martin Heidegger

Thirst for the possible, the beginning of the path and the outcome, the rejection of real death, the response with an excess of meaning to the sea of ​​\u200b\u200bthat which has no meaning, these are the signs of creativity. Paul Ricoeur

Only passions and only great passions can lift the soul to great deeds. Without them, there is an end to everything sublime both in moral life and in creativity. Denis Diderot

Freedom is expressed in creativity. Sergei Nikolaevich Bulgakov

Doing easily what is difficult for others is talent; to do what is impossible for talent is genius. A. Amiel

Great talents are alien to pettiness. O. Balzac

If talent does not have sufficient strength within itself to align itself with its aspirations and enterprises, it produces only empty flowers when you expect fruit from it. V. Belinsky

The ability to create is a great gift of nature; the act of creativity in the creative soul is a great sacrament; a minute of creativity is a minute of great sacred rite. V. Belinsky

The level of honor of society depends on the level of respect (even reverence, worship) for talent; there is no greater blow to honor than the triumph of mediocrity. E. Bogat

The creator of poverty does not know. Far from worldly bounties, He is not busy with the acquisition of riches, He gets them from the soul. L. Boleslavsky

The great creations of the human spirit are like mountain peaks: their snow-white peaks rise higher and higher before us, the further we move from them. S. Bulgakov

Where there is life and freedom, there is room for new creativity. S. Bulgakov

It seems to us that people have little knowledge of both their capabilities and their strengths: they exaggerate the former, and underestimate the latter. F. Bacon

Ingenuity lies precisely in the ability to compare things and recognize their connections. L. Vauvenargues

There are no more reliable patrons than our own abilities. L. Vauvenargues

Some are colorless in the first row, but shine in the second. Voltaire

It’s wonderful to invent yourself, but to know and appreciate what others have found is less than to create. I. Goethe

He who is born with talent and for talent finds his best existence in it. I. Goethe

No one knows what his powers are until he uses them. I. Goethe

The ability is assumed in advance, but it must become a skill. I. Goethe

Traces of generations will disappear, But talent lives, genius is immortal. M. Glinka

There is hardly the highest of pleasures than the pleasure of creating. N. Gogol

You can't learn creative techniques. Every creator has his own techniques. One can only imitate higher techniques, but this leads nowhere, and one cannot penetrate into the work of the creative spirit. I. Goncharov

If you don’t know how to hold an ax in your hand, you won’t be able to cut wood, and if you don’t know the language well, you won’t be able to write it beautifully and understandably to everyone. M. Gorky

Talent is faith in yourself, in your strength... M. Gorky

Great talents are products of painful passion... J. D'Alembert

Man is glorified neither by gold nor by silver. The man is famous for his talent and skill. A. Jami

Compared to what we should be, we are still in a half-asleep state. We use only a small part of our physical and mental resources. In general, we can say that a person lives in this way far beyond his capabilities. He has abilities of various kinds that he does not usually use. W. James

Talent is one-third instinct, one-third memory, and one-third will. K. Dossey

Talent needs sympathy, it needs to be understood. F. Dostoevsky

Creativity... is an integral, organic property of human nature... It is a necessary accessory of the human spirit. It is as legitimate in a person, perhaps, as two hands, like two legs, like a stomach. It is inseparable from man and forms a whole with him. F. Dostoevsky

What is talent? Talent is... the ability to say or express well where mediocrity will say and express poorly. F. Dostoevsky

There are no incapable people. There are those who are unable to determine their abilities and develop them. And since these problems are solved in childhood, it is primarily the parents’ fault. Without their help, the child cannot solve these problems. V. Zubkov

True talents do not go unrewarded: there is an audience, there is posterity. The main thing is not to receive, but to deserve. N. Karamzin

The talent of great souls is to recognize the great in other people. N. Karamzin

Creativity is a high feat, and feat requires sacrifice. All sorts of petty and selfish feelings interfere with creativity. And creativity is selfless service to the art of the people. V. Kachalov

The highest task of talent is to make people understand the meaning and value of life through their work. V. Klyuchevsky

Talent is a spark of God with which a person usually burns himself, illuminating the path for others with his own fire. V. Klyuchevsky

Talents measure the success of civilization, and they also represent milestones of history, serving as telegrams from ancestors and contemporaries to posterity. Kozma Prutkov

What do celebrities say about creativity?

Celebrities also often talk about creativity. Most of their ideas are based on personal experience and observations. The most famous statements belong to designers, models, and actors. Their work is a little further from the stereotypical understanding, but nevertheless they know about it first-hand:

  • Igor Moiseev: “I am happy when success comes in creativity, because I am glad to do what I am naturally destined to do.”
  • Giorgio Armani: “You need to be bold in your ideas. When I experimented with cuts, no one recognized me, but over time, my crazy ideas became fashion.”
  • Bruce Lee: “The creator creates himself, and this is much more important than the established system.”
  • Tyra Banks: “No matter what you want to become, the most important thing is to pursue your passion, not the money.”
  • Barbara Palvin: “To achieve your dreams, you first need to be able to create.”

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