Statuses about evil people women. Evil statuses about life

The worst crimes begin because of small grievances

  1. Only the one who can survive will be able to rise.
  2. A normal person has no phobias. But tell me, which of us is normal?
  3. This world is covered with skin. As thin as yours.
  4. He said he wanted to taste my lips. And I'm already scared.
  5. The greatest fears are associated with emptiness. We don't know where death might await us...
  6. Someday the time will come when people will be overcome by mass horror!
  7. Once upon a time there was a girl, and everyone hated her. And then all this hatred turned against her offenders.
  8. The forest must be respected. Otherwise, darkness will come, and I assure you, he will not spare you.
  9. The worst is yet to come, because you are still alive, my boy.
  10. This love is somehow bewitching, heart-chilling. I certainly won’t forget her.
  11. Be prepared for the fact that after death everyone will forget about you. It's easier to live this way.
  12. Unbearable horror. Just before dawn. Someday I will provide this for you.
  13. Space is terrifying. How can you even dream about it?
  14. The melancholy turned into horror. I have nothing left to hide.
  15. You definitely won’t feel the feeling of victory again after death...
  16. From eternity there is only bad news: none of us will remain in this world!
  17. The worst will happen to all of us at some point.
  18. I will be beautiful, there will be lifeless flowers around. Why be afraid?
  19. Horror creeps in when you realize that you are not in control of what is happening. No way.

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Loneliness in itself is not scary. It's scary when lonely thoughts tear you into thousands of small pieces...

It’s scary not to fall in love, it’s scary to not fall in love again...

If a fly swims in your soup, it’s not a big deal! It's scary if she drowned...

It's not scary to lose your goal in life, it's scary to lose your aim!

You know, I'm scared. I take everything that happens so calmly: I grin, get distracted, forget myself... Everything accumulates. And I'm afraid that one day I won't be able to stand it and throw a chair at someone.

It’s not scary how long Dom-2 will go on, it’s scary how long it will be repeated!

Take off your clothes, but I’m almost not afraid!

I’m kind of scared, I’ll go put on my socks.

She felt a wave of tears rush to her eyes, her knees began to tremble, she felt incredibly lonely, scary, cold inside...

Terribly beautiful, insanely smart, temporarily single. In general, I talk a little, I cook deliciously, my head doesn’t hurt...

It’s scary to realize that here he is a person, in your city, in your life... but he will never be closer than on the other side of the monitor... never again

It’s scary to think what thoughts are in the minds of polite-looking consultants at that moment when, after an hour of trying on and selecting clothes for me, I refuse to buy anything :)

And I get scared when I’m walking with my best friend and I start frantically thinking about what to say... At such moments, you’re afraid that you’re moving away...

After Lady Gaga donated some of her clothes to charity, it became scary to go out on the streets of New York)

My brother put a sticker on the mirror: “Yes, this is your reflection! Scary?!”... She makes me so happy in the morning... You should know XD

Love is the experience of death and resurrection. To be born again, you need to die, and dying is scary.

It's so scary to be disappointed in the people you prayed for.

Life must be lived in such a way that the pathologist becomes scared

In this city it’s already scary to meet someone - everyone knows each other, everyone has met.

Why am I with you? You're probably not mine. And I'm not afraid of losing you. :(

Do you remember your first kiss?...Were you scared too?...

- It's dark. Scary. Very cold. - Fool, close the window and turn on the light!

He said that I was his life. And I became scared. What if I don’t live up to his hopes...

What you? - I'm scared. - Why? - I'm afraid that I will never be so happy again...

It's scary when a person has changed, but you continue to love him. The same old one.

My emotions are now comparable to the heat - I have air conditioning and I’m not afraid!

Nastya fell and broke her chin, but it’s not scary, because she has a second one: D

After your indifference, I’m just really scared to fall in love...

Bravery is when only you know that you are afraid.

– Isn’t it scary to fly? - No flying. It's scary to fall.

With you on earth, you forget about everything, even your fear of heights. Stupid dreams. And our souls are not subject to the wind, just to be with you, come what may.

My little brother is not even a month old, and he, the bastard, is already encroaching on my computer!

Scared that peanut butter will stick to the roof of your mouth? It's arakibutyrophobia, baby.

I’m not afraid to stay awake all night and fly in the clouds for days, but the fear of losing you is my only fear.

Best status: The most durable and incurable disease is fear.

Have you cleaned up, cooked a meal and walked the dog with paid internet? Dad's p***s, that's power! And all of you: willpower, willpower...

One smart person said that love has only two parts: 1 - curiosity, and 2 - fear that you will die alone.

– I don’t know fear, pain and loneliness! - Yes, boy, you still don’t know many words!

This subscriber fell into the abyss, this subscriber was killed morally, by those who were considered friends. Stoned, feels no fear, feels no pain. Shout, don't shout: the subscriber is not available.

Forgive me for everything! It hurts my soul! You're not around! I want to forget you, but I don’t have the strength anymore! I close my eyes - a tear runs down my cheek! I see white light and blood on my hand...

Fear is when you stand next to your loved one and cannot touch him.

The best decoration for a girl is modesty and a transparent dress.

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because in fear there is torment. He who fears is imperfect in love

You sit there and are upset that September 1st. And 4 terrorists came to our city, and I’m afraid to go to school.

...or the green tea was defective...or the nerves have completely lost their fear...

You are the light of the sun, you are pain and fear, you are the taste of heaven on my lips, the melody that I sing... You are life... And I love her...

Because of love, I experienced a lot: pain, resentment, fear, loneliness... Why did I fall in love again?...

There are moments when you want to tell the whole world to f*ck off!!

As soon as something becomes dear to us, the fear of losing it arises!

Soon I will die. And yet fear no longer controls me.

It hurts so much.. He comes towards me with her and says that she is the best he has, and I walk past with my eyes downcast, but recently he said this to me..

And I myself, to the point of pain, want to believe in what I say...

Girl, are you very brave or safe?

I’ll offer my palms and fill them with my pain. fill the echoing emptiness with sadness and fear. and you won’t know how the sky burns on fire, how life breaks all hopes and dreams...

Dad was kicked out of work. A young man joins the army. No money left. Admission to university hangs in the balance. They can evict you any day. And they also ask me: “Why don’t you smile?”

I'm a person who can step on a rake even if it's locked in a shed.

Eh, I would like a machine gun... and so that I don’t run out of cartridges!

there is no passion and pain, resentment and love. There is no fear and jealousy, whatever you call it, there is light, and behind it the emptiness wanders again, and the sacred name is simple: Dream...

Who the fuck is this genius? Let me shake his throat!

Nothing strengthens love for a person more than the fear of losing him.

When old feelings come back - IT'S SCARY(

The rapper will never show that he is scared, but will simply hide his fear behind an invented quatrain...

All stress originates from the fear “I won’t

Yes, I don’t have a price!!! I can’t even get insurance...

The speed limit is undefined...until fear stops

Death begins with the same letter as Laughter... Lies begins with the same letter as Love... Pain begins with the same letter as Intimacy... Freedom begins with the same letter as Fear... and only “I” and “You” start with different letters...

The fear of losing is already a loss.

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because in fear there is torment; he who fears is not perfect in love. (Bible)

Jealousy has nothing to do with love. Jealousy is the fear of being worse than your opponent.

Teachers are like dogs - they always sense your fear)

I tried to have sex with Anya in the water - nothing worked. She keeps popping up.

The most terrible words of parents are like a death sentence: we are turning off the Internet for the whole summer O_o

Love exists as long as the fear of losing a loved one is alive...

through the line between the dates, our life will stretch in a rut; were we there? did we live? will be forgotten... our fears and wounds will heal...

She takes the pain back to the beginning, she hides fear behind a mask. Too many people promised to suffer any failure for her...

Fear is when a tram that hit a Porsche disappeared into the courtyards.

And how well everyone starts: beloved... dear... cute... little... stupid... fool... fool... idiot... stupid... brute... bastard... fuck... I hate it!!

Trust is when you take his phone number without fear, and without fear you give him yours...

It's all over... Hello coffin, I'm your tenant...

The strongest fear is the fear of boring someone you care about.

I am not the sun! I won’t warm everyone!

Claustrophobia is when you go to the toilet and piss out of fear...

why are you so brave? Is it insured?

For some reason, the last 5 minutes of class drag on like chewing gum, and another 5 minutes of sleep after the alarm goes by quickly...

The real fear is when you have 15 missed calls from your mom.

Love penetrates the soul, makes it strong, kind, sympathetic, and fear, pain and shame only disfigure it. (Felix Dzerzhinsky)

The main thing is to overcome your fear. Because every time you take a risk, no matter how it ends, you are still glad that you took the risk.

She will leave... And will not return again... She will be able to overcome all the fear and pain in her chest... She will leave, quietly crying, and turn around... Walking clumsily into the unknown that will lie ahead...

shoot away your fear..Give your heart to the person you love..

It’s scary when you delete a number from the phone book, not because you had a fight with the person, but because he is no longer alive.

This is how nature works: nothing strengthens love for a person more than the fear of losing him.

The world opens all doors to those who overcome the fear of failure!)

Miracles of disguise or how to sleep with a woman without her feeling anything.

The system breaks those in whom it feels fear. Problems disappear when this fear disappears...

We choose what’s cooler, and after this same coolness fucked us and abandoned us, after such cool majors, we’re afraid to trust ordinary guys, it’s in our brains, and it’s a sin to refuse “All men are assholes!” How naive we are.

Don’t get into my soul... it’s dark and scary!)

I feel calm... with an ax in my hand...

I have never felt pain, I did not know what fear was, I was afraid of only one thing - bondage, Although only dust awaited me.

only one thing makes fulfilling a dream impossible - fear of failure (c)

There are people who bring goodness, light and joy into the world. There are people who bring evil, hatred, fear into the world. And there is Me, I carry the bag.

Fear is the emotional distress caused by the lack of responses to painful memories. (With)

The biggest fear... This is the fear of boring your loved one!

Your friend called me princess, and you said hiding your fear. Such princesses in old plays were burned at the stake at the end

The ass is coming to us... The ass is coming to us... The ass is coming to us... The session is coming soon... It brings fun to students who are not sleeping! The fear of expulsion is always real

Your friend called me a princess, and you said, hiding your fear: such princesses in old plays were burned at the stake.

Everything I say falls on deaf ears!

We are all simple pawns... Ruled over by kings...

Don’t be afraid to take the first step, because fear breeds insecurity in you.

I went on a binge for a couple of days! An SMS comes from my mother: “Dim, have you forgotten where you live?”

A show with crocodiles was brought to Chechnya. It was very scary. But, overcoming the fear, the crocodiles still came out.

I live in constant fear that I will be misunderstood.

What you want is on the other side of fear

It is the fear of losing a person that helps us understand how much we value them.

The main thing in a woman is not her breasts, but her eyes!!! Believe me, a woman without eyes looks much scarier!

Teach me to smoke nervously and aristocratically, to confuse silk curtains with smoke, and perhaps I can beautifully confess my love to you, in poetry, but for now - excuse me, but I want to fuck you right here on the floor

Anger is fear directed inward...

and for me, the fear of childhood is the music from “The X-Files”, even now I’m afraid to listen to it))

Don't look into the past, because fears live in it. Don't look into the future, because illusions live there. Look at the present, because you live in it. And this is where you can be yourself.

Fear of failure makes fulfilling a dream impossible...*

I must go and satisfy my sorrows with women.

It's not scary to talk to yourself, it's scary when you don't even have anything to say to yourself.

I live in constant fear that I will be misunderstood. /Oscar Wilde./

We must hold on! Hold on, hold on! With teeth and claws! Blindly, in the dark! You can't give in to anger and fear!!!

You can't cover up brain defects with foundation.

“fuck” is a universal word that can mean fear, surprise, puzzlement, anger, joy, sadness, pain and finally all the fucking feelings: D

What a shame it is when the rose you gave dries up along with our love... On the same day.

Never pursue a man, this will show your weakness and fear of being alone. Believe me, the world will not converge on him like a wedge, there will be many more like him.

xxx: The worst burns are when the bubbles are like this? uuu: This is when the ashes

Sometimes the feeling of fear is stronger than the feeling of love... Sometimes it is easier to retreat and forget than to take a step forward and admit your feelings...

The little heart beats excitedly quickly, from one word sparks flare up in the eyes, feelings overcome, but fear does not allow you to confess, but you cannot be afraid forever!

And the worst thing is silence. Your silence...

Interesting question... did ALADIN fuck his JASMINE?? It becomes clear when you read his name backwards.

because of several people I can step over my pride and my fear...

Sometimes the fear of losing suppresses the desire to have...

A bachelor is a person who has lost his joys for fear of finding them forever.

A person’s life is spent sorting out his past, complaining about the present, and fearing for the future. © Antoine de Rivarol.

Your friend said that I was a princess, and you said, hiding your fear: “such princesses, in old plays, were burned at the stake at the end.”

[A person falling with a parachute that has not opened experiences wild fear, terrible stress, and unbearable psychological torment. One thing is good - this horror will never happen again]

Eyes... Complete emptiness... This is scary...

Do you know what's worse than the fear of telling the truth? Fear of recognizing her.

I will take your night fears away, I will take you the FUCK out of here, I’m like crazy on the last day of Pompeii, this is madness, I’m going crazy from you...

Be brave... fear destroys people... turns them into animals, mammals, constantly running away from their predators...

The most painful thing is when you, having overcome your fear, uncertainty and pride, wrote to him, but he did not answer.

A boy with a water pistol kept the carbide plant at bay for a month!

“FUCK!” – expresses delight, admiration, fear, horror, bewilderment. Unique word!

Fear paralyzes the brain... but you have to think.

They began to stutter... all the serious PPC... as if they were solving problems of global importance...

The mistake of many is the fear of error...

Prayer is born not of faith, but of fear...

But very often among them there are very, very strange ones. What the people who post them think about remains a mystery to many!!

Although for the vast majority, statuses are still an opportunity to express themselves. Read the strangest statuses and think, laugh, choose!

All statuses are selected from real and live accounts on social networks.

1. You think that I am strange because I am not like YOU. Ah, I think that you are strange, because everyone is so the same...

2. Actually, I’m not Alice in Wonderland, but my world is also a little that...

3. “It’s worth it.” (this is a fairly popular and short status for some guys on VKontakte).

4. I lost my “roof”, please don’t disturb the finder.

5. I sit and work. It’s strange and interesting, but why does a 5-kopeck coin fit into the left nostril, but not into the right?!!

6. This is so strange... because before I couldn’t live a day without your smile.

7. You are happiness... Although a little strange and incomprehensible... leading to nervous breakdowns and a nightmarish fear of losing you...

8. Well, how can you stop drinking in a country where even milk is more expensive than beer?

9. I am a very strange girl: I hate lies, but I lie in the name of good, I hate alcohol, but I get drunk with my friends, and I also hate various idiots... but for some reason they are the ones I fall in love with... You are not one of them?

10. A man's tie does not always mean that the man is elegant. It can also be a signpost where you need to go!

The strangest statuses -

11. One looks into a puddle and sees dark water, and the other, stars reflected in it!

12. Well, that's why guys are so strange? Either he won’t even write a line on VKontakte, then suddenly he had an urge for my phone number))).

13. Remember, if your loved one is cheating on you, then there is no need to make trouble with your wife!

14. They say don’t sit on the corner, otherwise you won’t get married, make sure your legs don’t get dry, otherwise you won’t get married... You might think, who are we kidding??? Who needs this @banatka???))))).

15. If your mother said: “clean up the room, otherwise the boys will come to visit, see the mess and won’t want to marry you!” Conclude: “mom allowed you to bring boys home!!!”

16. Don’t put in so much effort, all the best things happen unexpectedly.

17. Oh, your friends too, when you are walking with them and your mother calls you, they shout: “come on, let’s pour it quickly” or “give me a cigarette”?

18. Strange country. You can get married at 16, and watch movies with sex scenes at 18.

19. Someone is added to the heart, but damn me anywhere, to ICQ, VKontakte, to a mobile phone!!!

20. I love you on the floor (a popular status among girls on VKontakte - probably the answer to status 3).

Some things cannot be prepared for...

On a rainy evening, it's time to watch a horror movie. Well, for him - pick up the corresponding terrible statuses in VK.

  1. I read all these stories because in the place of the heroes I imagine you, my offenders.
  2. I came to the conclusion that the biggest mystery for me is me. I can’t even imagine what I’m capable of!
  3. In such places one gets chills. From horror to what happened there...
  4. Yes, I have an unstable psyche, because I once saw things that I shouldn’t have seen.
  5. There is something creepy inside each of us. And we learned about this in distant childhood.
  6. Being alive does not mean protecting yourself from everything terrible.
  7. Few people are willing to risk their lives. Few people have anything to risk for.
  8. You said that you were ready to strangle me with love. I'm becoming more and more convinced that you weren't joking.
  9. I don't feel good with you. And it’s scary that I’m drawn to you no matter what.
  10. Your presence chills my blood. How creepy and pleasant at the same time.
  11. It is impossible to be afraid of everything, but there are some things that cannot be ignored...
  12. I'm afraid that in the end I will meet the ideal one, but it will no longer be a person.
  13. People were too angry, so it was much more pleasant for me to be alone with something unknown.
  14. Sometimes it's even nice to scare children. But no one can guess how they can take revenge...
  15. I want there to be silence. And all around, waiting for sunset, only birds sang plaintively.

Sometimes you want things that you definitely shouldn't want.

Terrible statuses are for those who are ready for their lives to change in incredible ways, and even let something terrible into their consciousness.

  1. Only those who were once alone are truly ready to die!
  2. Creepy is simple entertainment. Rest assured, really scary things will not appeal to you.
  3. Yes, I did something terrible. But the worst thing is that I enjoyed it.
  4. No, It is Immpossible. Please spare me the pain of love.
  5. Sometimes you can plunge into such circles of horror that you simply cannot get out of them.
  6. You thought I couldn't do it without you, but you have no idea what I'm really capable of!
  7. You know, I don’t even remember you. But that won't stop me from making you suffer.
  8. Someday I'll come visit you. And it won’t matter whether you’re happy to see me...
  9. Now there is a war between us. Well, girl, get ready for some horror.
  10. I will take revenge on you. Even though it's wrong, even though it's terrible.
  11. At midnight you will notice a moving shadow. You will think that it seemed, but believe me, it will not be true!
  12. Your prayers will be useless because you will be dealing with me.
  13. It was a terrible love. Bloody. Sizzling. And maybe it's real.
  14. Only endless horror awaits you. You deserved it.
  15. He is not the same person anymore. And I no longer know if I’m a person at all.
  16. Horror is not yet hopelessness. The worst is yet to come.

The most evil quotes and phrases

  • If you kill a killer, the number of killers will not change.
  • Education makes a good person better and a bad person worse. (Fuller)
  • A short mind has a long tongue. (Aristophanes)
  • - I do not care what you think of me. I do not think about you at all. (Coco Chanel)
  • You are controlled by the one who makes you angry. (Lao Tzu)
  • Eagles soar high in the sky, but snakes never fall into airplane turbines.
  • Then be angry with yourself if you are so kind... (Vladimir Kotikov)
  • Evil people are prevented from being kind by everyone around them. Therefore, they have no problems finding the last resort. (Juliana Wilson)
  • I almost always do what they do to me. And there is no need to complain later.
  • People do not change. Scum will remain scum.
  • There are much fewer people who are ready to die for an idea than there are who are ready to kill for it.
  • The one who speaks equally well about everyone is bad. (Fuller)
  • Backbiting has the head of a snake. (O. Balzac)
  • I won't let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. (Mahatma Gandhi)
  • I'm not evil. I'm just not afraid to tell people the cruel and unpleasant truth. We live in a cruel and unpleasant world. (Chuck Palahniuk)
  • A holy lie shone in the extinct eyes of truth...
  • Anger is the most useless of emotions. Destroys the brain and harms the heart. (Stephen King)
  • They say that you can’t eat from a knife - you’ll be evil... I have a question for some of the people participating in the discussions... Are you... licking a chainsaw?
  • Every tactless brute with defects in upbringing strives in all seriousness to consider himself simply a straightforward and honest person.
  • Hello, I'm Monday. Be tormented.
  • Anyone who naively thinks that things can’t get any worse has a poor imagination!
  • I love respectable and highly respected acquaintances; It's nice to be the worst in the company. (Swift)
  • The first accusation is rejected, the second hurts, the third wounds, and the fourth kills. (F. Voltaire)
  • Angry quotes with meaning
    - Anger at oneself is always the strongest, which is why a person strives to direct it at someone else as soon as possible. (Janusz Leon Wisniewski)
  • All bad deeds were born from good intentions.
  • Some people are simply evil, and only the strongest of them become so of their own free will. About this and more - in the evil statuses of VK.

    What if these are not worries, but truly terrible things?

    We were once absolute beasts. But has something changed now? We will look for the answer in the most terrible statuses.

    1. The horror fascinated me. And then I realized that I fell in love...
    2. In order not to be found out, you need to take revenge subtly.
    3. No, it won’t hurt, but I promise: you will forget even yourself!
    4. Horror is always with us. We just choose not to notice it. And maybe it will be so.
    5. Beyond the boundaries of the rational, the unconscious is already beginning to play with us.
    6. The truly scary things are faceless.
    7. And who said that chilling horror can't be beautiful?
    8. I realized that life can go downhill at any moment. And that's what really scared me.
    9. As soon as I close my eyes, something terrible rises inside. In bright colors, not promising anything good.
    10. The worst thing is that you did it secretly. Now there is nothing to blame you for...
    11. You poisoned me with your poison. And I know you did it on purpose!
    12. I may not even become a memory, but I will become what unites your nightmares.
    13. You will never know what I feel. Let be. But I hope you will feel it yourself.
    14. Or maybe it would really be better to die?
    15. Nothing else is given. Just survive this horror. Just get to the end.
    16. There's nothing funnier than fake horror.
    17. The real horror comes when you have already given in to temptation. Well, do we have anything to talk about?
    18. Let your horrors materialize!
    19. No horror movie can compare to what I will do to you.

    And you have the right to be scared

    Terrible statuses are phrases that make your heart beat a little faster. Perfect for the run up to Halloween.

    1. I'll just watch and laugh. Yes, you deserve this name!
    2. The source of fear is in your head and nowhere else.
    3. Now you are saying that you are not afraid. And then darkness will come, and... we'll see.
    4. Forgive? I'll forgive you. But I don't promise that I won't take revenge.
    5. How I wish I didn’t have such a memory at all...
    6. You will never be hungry again, dear: eternity will greet you.
    7. I just want to burn you like... let it be a terrible memory!
    8. People didn't need me. It's probably easier for me to leave.
    9. You lost it yourself. Nobody forced you.
    10. Take action. Perhaps this will save you from horror. Although, no, it is inevitable.
    11. There was something creepy in his laugh. And it wouldn’t be so sad if I noticed it right away.
    12. I don’t understand the meaning of your words, I stayed here, my love.
    13. I'll give you a sign. Even if I am no longer on this Earth. Promise that you will wait for him...
    14. She was just looking for someone to open up to. And he acted so cruelly!
    15. The fascination with mysticism is not at all accidental. These people know something anyway.
    16. It’s not his fault that he couldn’t find another way to show love.
    17. You shouldn't stop loving, even if it hurts. Do you hear me?

    Such statements are definitely not to everyone’s taste, but we are waiting for what you have to say. Choose the creepiest of scary statuses for VKontakte.

    Simple but not obvious

    A gloomy status that not everyone is able to notice. And even more so - to realize.

    1. Know how to tell the truth, express your feelings... and not mumble what is expected of you.
    2. The funniest thing is to return to those places that have not changed... and to those people who do not know how to change. Then you see how you yourself have changed.
    3. If you haven’t learned to appreciate female beauty, you will forever remain an idiot and a loser.
    4. The madman complains that people don't know him. The sage complains that he does not know people.
    5. In our society, even virgins are called whores.
    6. Night is the most pleasant time of the day. You sit quietly, no one disturbs you, listen to music, enjoy the silence around you. Wonderful.
    7. Never blame your parents for not being able to give you something. They probably did the best they could and gave it all they had. Each of you owes a debt to them.
    8. You will forever remain the warmest memory in my life...
    9. There are men who cannot talk about love, but know how to love. And there are those who can only babble about love, but are incapable of loving.
    10. If the buffalo dies, there will always be a predator.
    11. Personnel changed, the names of departments and departments changed, laws changed. But one thing remained unchanged - a mess.
    12. Parents are not always the best judges.
    13. I assure you, only songs that come from the heart are to people’s liking. And only such songs really help a lot.
    14. God loved birds and created trees. Man fell in love with birds and created cages.
    15. Choosing the right decision comes with experience, and experience comes with wrong choices...
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