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Statuses about life values

Theme of the collection: Statuses about life values. Truth is supported by sight and time, and falsehood by haste and uncertainty. Publius Cornelius Tacitus

The truth is the same for everyone, but every nation has its own special lie, which it calls its ideals. Romain Rolland

Every warrior must understand his maneuver. Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov

Nothing can inspire and help people like friendship. Ba Jin

If you only tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything. Mark Twain

I know of no marriages that would break up more easily or be associated with greater difficulties than those concluded because of a passion for beauty or because of falling in love. Michel de Montaigne

Frivolity is characteristic of a blooming age. Marcus Tullius Cicero

Betrayals are most often committed not out of deliberate intention, but out of weakness of character. Francois de La Rochefoucauld

I’m sending you an SMS at night, dear love, I miss you very much! I would like to play around with you now and smell your sweet smell!

You need to live and be human, love will come, but don’t lose yourself in it!

He who takes fills his palms, and he who gives fills his heart.

If you want to succeed, ask yourself 4 questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not right now? Jimmy Dean

Never complain or explain anything to anyone. Benjamin Disraeli

Duty! You are a sublime, great word. This is precisely the great thing that elevates a person above himself. Immanuel Kant

Learning to say “NO” decisively to small things will give you the strength to say “YES” to something truly worthwhile.

Love is an attempt to escape from loneliness!

In ancient times, a pirate and a merchant were one person. Even today, commercial ethics is nothing more than a refinement of pirate ethics. Friedrich Nietzsche

Therefore, some conversations improve us, others corrupt us. This means that you should carefully choose your interlocutors. Blaise Pascal

Often a girl in love with a dimple on her chin makes the mistake of marrying just a man! Alfred Newman

The most worthy men escaped the shackles of the whole world, followed by those who escaped attachment to a certain place, followed by those who escaped the temptations of the flesh, followed by those who were able to avoid slander.

As much as someone values ​​himself, so do his friends. Marcus Tullius Cicero

Those who haven't run in the summer will run in the winter. Dargin proverb

A woman has amazing intuition: she can guess everything except the most obvious. Oscar Wilde

Statistics is the science of how, without being able to think and understand, you can make numbers do it. Vasily Osipovich Klyuchevsky

The highest virtue is to do in solitude what men dare to do only in the presence of many witnesses. Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Have you become clean air, bread and medicine for your friend? Another is unable to free himself from his own chains, but he saves his friend. Friedrich Nietzsche

If a friendship falls apart after the first push, stumbles over the first bump on the way, or crumbles into dust from the wind, this is not friendship at all. And so, it’s just pampering, friendship - and nothing more.

You work like this, you work, for what seems like a whole week, and then suddenly it’s Wednesday.

My love, good morning, have a good day, it’s so great that I have you!

Money is like legs - it is taken away from those who do not use it. Henry Ford

It is necessary to give to different characters and ages something that is compatible with them. Quintus Horace Flaccus

Anyone who, turning to the old, is able to discover new things, is worthy of being a teacher.

What I wouldn't give to rid the world of isms! We fiddle with our isms like blind moles, doing so many base things to each other that a thousand years ago it would have been necessary to throw some kind of comet at our heads. Charles Dickens

On Monday everything is a little Robinson Crusoe. They really miss Friday.

Take care of your friend to save yourself.

You can admire antiquity, but you need to follow modernity. Publius Cornelius Tacitus

I realized what kind of car I wanted... a cash-in-transit car!

I'm your best and only friend, you just don't know it yet

Force yourself to smile. If you are alone, whistle or hum a tune or song. Act as if you are already happy and this will lead you to happiness.

Conscience is the best moral book we have and should be consulted most often. Blaise Pascal

Whatever suits our desires seems right. Anything that contradicts them makes us furious. Andre Maurois

Love is the tendency to find pleasure in the goodness, perfection, and happiness of another person. G. Leibniz

Possessing all kinds of benefits is not everything. To receive pleasure from owning them is what happiness consists of. Pierre Augustin Beaumarchais

Good night, very sweet dreams, full of dreams and colorful flowers. To wake up in the morning with a smile and plunge headlong into happiness.

A stingy person is always in need. Quintus Horace Flaccus

May revelation come to you at night, may every moment be sweet, may it give you energy and strength to move through life cheerfully and happily!

There is no point in listening to everything in a row for an intelligent person; he will already guess. Pierre Augustin Beaumarchais

He who knows how to flatter also knows how to slander. Napoleon I Bonaparte

For a sophisticated woman, the night is always a newlywed night. Igor Severyanin

The less they know about you, the better they think.

If there were no reason, sensuality would overwhelm us. That's what intelligence is for, to curb its absurdities. William Shakespeare

For a loving man: a woman is naked at home, but wears a hat outside.

It is in vain that a coward beats his chest with his fist to gain courage; it must be had first and only strengthened in communication with those who possess it. Denis Diderot

“No person can become more of a stranger than the one you loved in the past...” E. M. Remarque

Friendship is based on mutual benefit, on community of interests; but as soon as interests collide, friendship is dissolved: look for it in the clouds. Arthur Schopenhauer

To love means to stop comparing. Bernard Grasse

Seeing a woman on a tree, Socrates said: Oh, that all trees would bear such fruit as this one! Abul Faraj

There are some misconceptions that cannot be refuted. It is necessary to impart to the erring mind such knowledge as will enlighten it. Then the delusions will disappear by themselves. Immanuel Kant

Girlfriends are people who don’t like people you don’t like, even if they’ve never even seen them...

Nature will never be able to create a woman as perfect in everything as the chisel, brush and fiery soul of an inspired artist give birth to. Pierre Brantome

Women don't like timid men. Cats don't like cautious mice. Henry Mencken

If there is no law, then serve as an example to those under your rule - and you will leave an indelible memory of your rule. Basil I the Macedonian

When you and I met for the first time, I couldn’t even think that we would be together very much... and now I’m afraid to think that we wouldn’t be together very much.

Sometimes stronger glasses are enough to heal a lover; and whoever had sufficient imaginative power to imagine the face and figure of a beloved twenty years older would, perhaps, spend his life very calmly. Friedrich Nietzsche

Only in mathematics do two halves make one whole. It's not like that in life; for example, a crazy husband and a crazy wife are undoubtedly two halves, but in complexity they make two crazy people and will never make up one completely smart person. Vasily Klyuchevsky

To earn a living, you have to work. But to get rich, you need to come up with something else. Jean Carr

Major betrayal feels like devotion. Japanese proverb

Our happiness depends much more on how we meet the events of our lives than on these events themselves.

Don't shy away from the task, but don't fuss too much either. Quintus Horace Flaccus

People themselves are often the cause of happiness and unhappiness. Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov

Loving someone means wanting the best for that person. F. Aquinas.

The most important decoration is a clear conscience. Marcus Tullius Cicero

The judge is the speaking law, and the law is the dumb judge. Marcus Tullius Cicero

It is enough for men to know that they are believed in. It is enough for women to know that they are loved. And that they are beautiful, and that they are not fat. In short, they need to know everything!

Winners don't believe in chance. Friedrich Nietzsche

A girl always talks about a guy’s friend about how cool he is, but he’s not good enough to be a guy...

Although there can be friendship between people of different sexes, in which there is no shadow of impure thoughts, nevertheless, a woman will always see her friend as a man, just as he will see her as a woman. Such a relationship cannot be called either love or friendship: it is something completely special. Jean de La Bruyère

We must always go beyond. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Statuses about life values: You love to talk about your love, but you forget to share it.

What are the values ​​of life: quotes

Photo: UGC What are the values ​​of life - a question that modern people think about in difficult moments. Usually these are stages when something is completed, a goal is achieved, or, conversely, everything is lost. Then a person stops his run around the circle of life and thinks about what is really important to him.

Values ​​in a person’s life play the role of a kind of barometer or compass. Every day a person resolves certain issues and takes certain steps. In this process, values—spiritual and ethical guidelines that guide an individual’s decision-making—are of utmost importance.

If our actions contradict our values, a crisis ensues - anxiety, loss of direction, or even depression.

However, a significant part of people have false values. Someone strives for wealth, although all material values ​​sooner or later depreciate in value: money, gold and diamonds can be stolen, a house can be taken away or destroyed, a new iPhone, a mink coat and a super-fashionable car will quickly become outdated. Some people rely on their career and reputation, but they are easy to destroy.

Quotes about the value of time

Time is a resource that cannot be replenished. Each person decides for himself what he should spend his time on. Sometimes not everyone is able to wisely manage the time allotted to them.

You can talk about this topic for hours. Fortunately, the great minds of mankind have long found answers to all the questions of interest. The sayings on our website are a collection of the best quotes that can be used under any circumstances. Choose those smart thoughts that match yours.

Life is short, but the years are long. Robert Heinlein.

Time is the coin of your life. You only have this coin, and only you have the right to determine what it should be spent on. Be careful that someone else does not spend it for you. Carl Sandburg.

Do you love life? Then do not waste time, for it is from it that life is created. Benjamin Franklin.

In the important matters of life one must always hurry as if everything were to perish from the loss of one minute. V. G. Belinsky.

The biggest waste you can make is time. Theophrastus.

There are many ways to kill time - and not one to resurrect it.

Time is an amazing phenomenon. There is so little of it when you are late and so much of it when you are waiting.

Don't waste time on a person who doesn't want to spend it with you.

Time, which has become the past, loses all reality in people's minds. It comforts, frightens, and inspires indifference.

Over the course of my life, I have become convinced that conversations with friends take up the most and most imperceptible time; friends, the great robbers of time... Francesco Petrarca.

Time doesn't matter, what matters is what you fill it with. Che Guevara.

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