Holidays. Quotes, sayings, statuses about the holidays.

Quotes from famous people about holidays

Eternal vacation is a good definition of hell. Bernard Show

For people who have not stopped being children at heart and have retained the amazing gift of believing in miracles, the New Year is always something special. A time of joy, optimistic plans, hopes, long, fun holidays... and a little bit of the magic that they create for themselves and others, trying to make the holiday bright and memorable for all their loved ones! Oleg Roy

There can be no good without bad: even schoolchildren are given assignments during the holidays. Charles Lamb

What paradise and vacations have in common is that you have to pay for them and the coin is your old life. Joseph Brodsky

Life is not divided into semesters. You won't have summer holidays and there will be few employers who are interested in you finding yourself. Search at your own expense! Bill Gates

Vacations are when you have nothing to do and do it all day. Robert Orben

Life phrases on the topic of taking a break from studying

Holidays are a cool time. I want to clean, I want to wash, I want to iron. But if I want to go crazy, I’ll go to the dacha. I will water, weed, dig.


  • Vacations are when you wash the dishes just before your mother arrives, wash off your makeup so you can put on your makeup again in five minutes, and put on your pajamas when you get ready for the club.


You have to torture children at school so much that they start writing in their diaries: “Thank God, it’s vacation!”


Vacations also affect teachers: the historian, instead of “Open your diaries,” said “Open the refrigerator.”

The travel agency "Barmaley" organizes holiday trips for children to Africa. One way ticket.

Vacation statuses for social networks

We wanted to come up with a plan with a friend on how to spend the summer holidays, but we didn’t have time - they were over.

No matter how long the holidays last, it’s still not enough for me...

Well, the time has come when you sleep until lunch, and then hang around the house waiting for the evening. Long live the holidays!

I don’t know who Quarantine is, but thank him for the holidays.

Vacations are when you have breakfast at three o'clock in the afternoon.

Like friends, like holidays.

Law of nature: the more fun the holidays, the faster they end.

This is what vacation means - I only found out today that yesterday was Saturday.

The holidays have begun - a time when you don’t know what the date is or what day of the week!

The most popular question from students on the last day of the holidays is: “Did they ask us anything during the holidays?”

I just came to my senses, and then, bam, it’s the holidays.

School... There is something good about it. For example, holidays.

Vacations are when you go to bed and your parents' alarm clock goes off in the next room.

Cool statuses about vacations


The tourism agency "Barmaley" organizes holiday trips for children to Africa.
One way ticket. *** It
’s so cool - to wake up at 7 o’clock, remember that it’s vacation, and continue to sleep until 11... ***
don’t know who “Quarantine” is, but thank him for the vacation ***
think it’s the coolest holidays, dear Pavel Durov, turn off contact for a week!
*** Like
friends, like holidays.
*** teacher
asks: “What did you read during the holidays?”
And we told him: “All funny statuses for contact!” *** are on
come home after the holidays and then the parrot screams to me: I’m finishing, I’m finishing... *** I want
(( - But they don’t have you!! ***
the holidays, my neighbors woke me up at 10 o’clock. Now it’s time to have a blast in full =)) ***
think that the winter holidays will be hot... ***
is money, and money is time!!))) The holidays have begun, it's time to fucking sell at fifteen minutes to seven and buy at 3 o'clock in the afternoon! !


January, Teacher: Guys, do you have any questions?
Children: When are the holidays? *** Only
during the holidays you can wake up late and without combing your hair or washing your face, turn on the computer and sit like that until lunch... ***
that’s when the holidays began!
The time when you don’t know what date and what day of the week! *** What
does vacation mean - Breakfast at 15:00, Lunch at 18:00, and dinner generally at 01:00 ***
holidays - we remember... we love... we mourn... they are always in our hearts...
*** Yeah
... I certainly didn’t expect that during the holidays my friends would be a thermometer and pills... ***
popular question among schoolchildren on the last day of the holidays: “Did they ask us anything during the holidays?”
*** thing
about the holidays is, of course, turning off the alarm clock.
*** For
the holidays, I beg you, slow down, slow down.
*** Madness
is when you sit on vacation... you look at the clock, and it’s 13:20 and you think - oh now the bell rings.
*** I
just came to my senses, and then, bam, it’s vacation.
*** Blah
, it’s vacation, and my mother forces me to work around the house... - How?
- Well, yesterday, for example, when leaving for work in the morning, I wrote “X*Y” on the TV... I had to wipe off the dust... *** Why
can you enlarge your penis, enlarge your breasts, but the holidays cannot be enlarged no matter how hard you try!
*** School
There's something good about her. For example, holidays. *** Name
3 reasons why you love school?
-June July August! *** I’m
surprised that I didn’t forget how to write during these holidays..

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Songs remade about Summer Camp

Summer, oh summer

Statuses about the New Year holidays are funny, but statuses about summer holidays can be much funnier.

  1. Three whole months of summer vacation as a child seemed like a short life. And now they rush by so fast that you don’t have time to blink...
  2. Only in the summer do I begin to feel the taste of real life. Bright. Light. Joyful. Active.
  3. You wait for summer all year, but it flies by, and only memories remain. Probably, our life flies by in the same way.
  4. Summer vacation is a small demo of what an ideal life should be like. Bright and carefree. Without bosses and thoughts about deadlines.
  5. I love summer more than anything in the world. At this time of year you really feel alive.
  6. Having become a parent, I began to understand how good it was in childhood. There was no need to think about how to keep someone busy during the summer holidays.
  7. How I would like to leave a little warmth in reserve so that in winter I would be able to uncork a jar with bright summer sun rays.
  8. It is not for nothing that a person’s life is measured in years.
  9. Summer holidays are a happy dream about childhood, which is quickly forgotten, but which leaves behind light, joyful memories and a barely noticeable smile.
  10. Summer flies by like one day. And therefore you begin to appreciate him even more. And wait even harder.

The joys of winter holidays

Statuses about winter holidays will help you share your joy with your subscribers.

  1. Winter is an opportunity to temporarily return to the carefree times of childhood, when all you care about is what gift Santa Claus will leave under the tree.
  2. The New Year is a sparkler in the midst of gloomy and dark days.
  3. I don’t understand those who don’t like winter. After all, there are such long holidays in winter.
  4. In winter, you can feel the warmth of your home more acutely than ever.
  5. In these cold weather, I will be warmed by the warmth of your loving eyes. And we will have a lot of time for this.
  6. Since childhood, I have loved winter because it is in winter that you can feel the closeness of a fairy tale and a miracle. Even as an adult, I never stop enjoying this magical feeling.
  7. A long holiday in winter is the best way to restore inner warmth with your family!
  8. During the holidays, we charge our internal battery to prepare for new work feats.
  9. Winter holidays need to be for adults only. And the children continued to study in schools. Otherwise, the rest turns out to be somehow not very complete.
  10. The winter holidays are so long that you gradually begin to get tired of them.

Vacations: cool statuses, aphorisms, quotes

The most popular question among schoolchildren on the last day of the holidays is: “Did they ask us anything during the holidays?”


For some people, the only difference between vacation and work is that they sit at a different computer.


The holidays have begun! The time when you don’t know what date and what day of the week!


  • That's what everyone thought. Vacations, now go to the skating rink, to the cinema, somewhere else, and spend the entire vacation on the Internet!


Now, when you come to school, you can write an essay “How I got drunk all holidays.”


This is what summer vacation means: you don’t know the date or the month, and most importantly, it doesn’t bother you at all!


You have to torture children at school so much that they start writing in their diaries, “Thank God, it’s vacation!”


Each person has his own happiness, some have money, some have children, but I have holidays.


Cool status about vacation: Typical answer to question: How was your vacation? -Good but not enough)


That's what everyone thought. Vacations, now go to the skating rink, to the cinema, somewhere else, and spend the entire vacation on the Internet!


Two perfect excuses for not cleaning up: I don’t have time, I’m already tired from studying. I'm on vacation, I'm relaxing!

Short statuses about autumn and love

Autumn. Kissing the rain, hugging the wind...

I go into the autumn alley... I wander slowly, rustling leaves... And I don’t regret anything anymore, my soul sings the autumn blues...

Autumn is beautiful, everything is in your power. I ask for one thing - give me happiness.

Fall in love and date, there’s nothing else to do in the fall anyway.

Autumn is that time of year when you begin to feel sad, miss someone for some reason, it is not clear why or why.

I hope that this fall each of us will have someone who will warm our hands...

Beautiful, golden, sunny, happy autumn! The soul sings and waits for the first snow.

I kissed the rain, hugged the wind, I guess I just fell in love with autumn.

The spring weather is excellent - in our hearts we choose the season ourselves.

Indian summer is the last chance to decide who you will spend the winter with.

Every person’s dream on cold autumn evenings is to warm their feet near a real fireplace, read an interesting book, leisurely sip tea and have a loved one nearby.

Even in the most mournful autumn rain, do not forget that the sky is actually blue! You just need to wait a little...

Autumn has divided people into pairs... And she just broke me...

Short statuses about coffee and autumn

Neither the coffee, nor the jacket, nor the blanket keeps you warm... Summer is ending... What, hello, autumn?!

September means coffee with cinnamon, multi-colored maple leaves like part of a child’s drawing, warm, tender pies with jam and the subtle smell of smoke

Autumn coffee loves candles, blues and one breath for two.

The time has begun for soft blankets, soft music and hot coffee... Autumn...

Millions of women love autumn... Falling leaves and the sound of rain streams... Carefully measured doses - Coffee, chocolate. and a kiss...

Autumn coffee – sweet honey with the finest bitterness of wormwood; So hot, it burns your lips. Let it be okay. It will cool down now.

Autumn means coffee with cinnamon, multi-colored maple leaves, like part of a child’s drawing, warm, delicate buns with vanilla and a subtle smell of smoke...

Everything ends someday

A status about the end of the holidays is the best way to show that hard work will soon begin.

  1. It's a pity that the New Year holidays are ending. But my liver will thank me for this.
  2. I wonder if the time of the New Year holidays is specially designed so that we have time to finish all the chopped salads?
  3. Pain, suffering, torment... This is what I feel when I realize that there is only one day left before the start of everyday work.
  4. Well, the holidays are over again, and the New Year's miracle never happened to me. Apparently I wasn't a good enough girl last year.
  5. And only at the end of the holidays do you realize that there is so little time in our lives that we can devote only to ourselves and our desires.
  6. And the winter is not snowy enough, and the sparklers are shining dimly... And the holidays are not long enough. Either I'm growing up, or somehow everything doesn't work out.
  7. Vacations, like champagne, are never enough.
  8. The New Year holidays seem so long that I have time to do the impossible - miss my colleagues.
  9. The holidays are an opportunity to rekindle the dying flame of love for your work.
  10. First you wait for the long holidays, then you wait for them to end. I don't understand why this is so. Apparently, if you are an adult, you simply do not have the right to be satisfied with life.

The coolest statuses about school!

If you graduated from school two, three, ten years ago, then you had to attend an alumni meeting. When you can meet with childhood friends, favorite teachers, walk through the classrooms and corridors of your school and remember. Remember everything that happened in that distant happy time. And then, sitting with classmates in a cozy cafe, talk about your present and accidentally remember again a funny incident from your school life. And let childhood be a thing of the past, but cool statuses about school will remind you of it!

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