50 Stress Quotes to Help You Calm Down


Stress resistance as a personality quality is the ability to adequately endure significant intellectual, volitional and emotional stress (overload), a tense or extreme situation without any particular harmful consequences for the business, others and one’s health.

In a normal state, about sixty thousand thoughts fly through a person’s head per day. Stress is when one dominant thought drills into the brain, and the rest are even afraid to stick their nose out. This sign can be used to diagnose whether a person is experiencing stress, or is simply restless, anxious or agitated.

A stress-resistant person has one remarkable property. People sometimes call this “thick skin.” In fact, in a stressful situation, he reserves the right to choose how to react to a particular stimulus. A hot-tempered person robs himself of the right to choose; he immediately reacts angrily to an irritant.

A stress-resistant person is usually reasonable. He says to himself: “I’m in a traffic jam.” Nothing dedends on me. If I give vent to my feelings, start to get nervous, worry and swear, nothing will change, the traffic jam as an insurmountable circumstance will not dissipate from my dissatisfaction. But my mood will deteriorate and I’ll come to work irritated and exhausted. Therefore, I’d better turn on the radio and listen to classical music.

Stress tolerance is the ability to ignore all kinds of irritants, remaining calm and serene.

Why is stress resistance a positive personality trait? Stress resistance helps a person to adequately learn the lessons of life, change his understanding of happiness, that is, realize the main goal of his life.

Stress resistance is the ability to navigate an extreme situation, to sensibly and calmly repel excessive attacks of irritants on the psyche, to realize what is really significant to me, and what is just a “pot-bellied little thing”, from which you can simply fence yourself off with a thick wall with the inscription “not available”.

Is stress tolerance a male or female personality trait? The question is complex. Women adapt better to prolonged adverse effects (blockade, deprivation). Men are not women's competitors in long-term stress resistance. At the same time, in the event of sudden and unexpected troubles, women are significantly inferior to men in stress resistance. For example, a man who finds himself driving in an extreme situation will fight for his life until the last second. Women, as a rule, in such situations abandon the steering wheel, cover their eyes with their hands and scream deafeningly.

Stress resistance is not “stepping on the throat of your own song” and “not being silent in a rag.” Artificial suppression and containment of emotions has nothing to do with stress resistance. For example, a person with demonstrated self-control internally reacts violently to some external stimulus, but through an effort of will prefers to remain silent. In other words, he showed restraint, but he has no right to claim resistance to stress.

Peter Kovalev

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, director of the state educational institution “Secondary school No. 180 in Minsk”

Quotes from Sharon Melnik’s book “Resilience to Stress. How to remain calm and highly effective in any situation"


I What can you do to change your attitude and adapt to the situation? How to prioritize? How to take action while controlling everything you can control? Describe what steps you can take specifically. You may want to discuss this with trusted colleagues. Try an exercise together to identify your zones of control.

II Change your attitude towards the situation. Looking at a problem from a different angle can help you find new solutions. Learn to control your physiology. Focus when you're overwhelmed, find energy when you feel overwhelmed, and calm down when you're anxious or irritable. Solve the problem. Eliminate the source of your stress and you'll never have to deal with it again.

III There are three categories of stress relief mechanisms. Regardless of the situation, you can always: change your attitude towards circumstances; adapt your physiological response; take steps to solve the problem.

IV Set a goal and designate “on” and “off” periods. To recover, choose activities that relax you (such as deep breaths or meditation) or activities that fill you with energy (such as special exercises). The best option is to alternate them.

V One of the most important skills for success in the modern world is the ability to pay full attention to what you are doing at one moment, and then switch your full attention to a new task.

VI By focusing on factors that you cannot control, you automatically set yourself up for stress and again find yourself in a vicious circle from which you see no way out.

VII What might be a cause for concern? How do you know if stress is getting out of control? A typical first sign is when you say to yourself, “I don’t have time to go to the gym this week.” Another alarm bell - “I’ll sit longer to get everything done.” In addition, notes of irritation in your voice can be harbingers of stress.

VIII The essence of the “horizon point” concept is to set a goal for yourself every day and control the process of achieving it. If your goal is to develop the qualities characteristic of a successful person, stop meekly carrying out all the instructions and solving other people’s problems. No matter what difficulties come your way, you can always control how you react to them.

IX Three basic rules: you need to change your attitude towards the problem, your physical reaction to the problem or the problem itself.

X Turn obstacles into opportunities: change your mindset and look at the situation from a different perspective.

Quotes about stress

Alexis Carrel

Business people who don't deal with anxiety die young.

Eckhart Tolle

Have you ever seen an oak tree in a state of stress, a dolphin in a gloomy mood, a frog suffering from low self-esteem, a cat that cannot relax, or a bird burdened with resentment? Learn from them the ability to come to terms with the present.

Queen - Under Pressure

Pressure pushing down on me Pressing down on you no man ask for Under pressure that brings a building down Splits a family in two Puts people on streets

Stress is pressing on me, Pressing on you, without asking, without permission. The pressure is such that houses collapse, families break up, and people end up on the street.

Stephen King. Fog

Children deal with shock differently than adults. They are trying to get used to them, perhaps because until the age of thirteen they already live in a state of semi-permanent shock.

Everybody Hates Chris

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a cardiovascular disease that occurs for many reasons. But one of the most important factors is the stress of, for example, trying to support a family of five on money for three.

Stephen King. Black House

Mortals overwhelmed by stress tend to turn to their mothers for comfort and support. This message is encoded in our DNA.

Legalize - Stress

Life flies by - stress, nerves, Everyone wants to be the first, only the first. Where no one has been before, forward, faster, Even faster, before the doors close.

Vladislav Galkin

At the moment of separation, there are always resentments and offended feelings. Any separation, no matter how it goes, is already stressful. There cannot be a universal remedy, and thinking about it is in any case a calculation.


Stress is the body's response to an urgent need to adapt.

Do you know what I want? Gobble up carbohydrates and not think about it.

There’s something wrong with my nerves, it’s really bad. Apparently, the last one was frayed. I'm ready to strangle anyone if he ends up in my hallway. The nutritionist, my neighbor Zina, once said something out of place to me: “You’re not a psychopath at all. You have accumulated toxins.”

When we realized that there was more stress than the body could withstand, we parted very amicably.

Regarding the divorce from my third husband.

- For example, can you throw away all your complexes and relieve stress with me? Can? “I don’t know how to relieve stress, but I definitely can give it to the eye!”

It is harmful to live in an environment of endless stress. Even a horse dies from excitement, and it is bigger than us.

When you see a person before whom you feel guilty, your displeasure center is triggered subconsciously and stress hormones are released.

- Where did we leave off? - Under stress! Just you, Pasha, don’t follow their lead, you don’t have any stress. You have a magic glass in your eye and you urgently need to cry so that it falls out, otherwise your heart will freeze. Urgently cry, do you hear?! - Mashenka, I’ve already cried. - Did you cry? Then, grandfather, now you sing a song so that all the sad people will get scared and throw their hooves back into hell, right in the head of the devil. Pasha, where are the tartars? - Mashenka, - in a fairy tale.

Stress spoils your whole life, but death spoils one day and nothing more.

Stress is such a thing that kills faster than a bullet.

. I don't like the massage process itself. I prefer the ending, where I'm relaxed and still, thinking, "I don't have to wear a bra anymore." I don’t like the process itself - I feel awkward being in front of a stranger in my underpants. I end up booking a massage, reaching a high level of nervousness during the warm-up before the massage, that during the massage itself, she [the masseuse] can, at best, bring me back to the original level of stress I was in before ordering the massage.


Quotes and aphorisms about stress

Sometimes you only need to quarrel in order to make peace later!

Women's thoughts

I'm hysterical today. Shred by shred from the crown of the head. God's punishment has been sent down to me. Now I'm going to wash my head.

Well, why am I going to God with rubbish? What kind of nonsense? Where does this quirk come from? Apparently I often got into a dead end with feminine behavior.

All. A dream come true. Now I hear the thoughts of women. Happy, idiot? From the first words, the roof is already blown away. Maybe it will somehow smooth out and pass? ...show full text...

I don't suffer from stress. I am a carrier...)))

Diet for stress

“Wind, wind, you are powerful. You are driving flocks of clouds." Drive away the melancholy and sadness. Let him quickly rush into the distance. Let it melt in silence. Let it dissolve at the bottom of the Blue Ocean Sea. That's where she belongs, the damned one. Don’t let people disturb you... It’s better to have a sandwich with butter. It’s better with cherry pie, with cottage cheese with sour cream. Better than bread with caviar. Better than a mountain of pancakes. ...show full text...

If you knew how much I don’t give a fuck, you would cry.

Sometimes severe stress helps to get everything unnecessary out of your head.

Best book review

Why zebras don’t get ulcers and why people are “so scared to live”

If you are interested in biology, the theory of evolution, the psychological and physiological aspects of human behavior, then Robert Sapolsky is exactly the scientist who, in completely everyday language (with minimal inclusion of terms scary to the ear) and with sparkling humorous inserts, will talk about the most complex processes occurring every second in your life. body

Sapolsky’s genuine passion for representatives of the animal world (in this book, especially for zebras, rats, primates and people) allows him to clearly illustrate thoughts and facts that are so complex for the unprepared Reader, which in the Author’s presentation cease to seem something unattainable for the average homo sapiens.

It is unlikely that it will be possible to talk about the “Psychology of Stress” in a nutshell. The author goes both “in depth” and “in breadth”, which allows you to look at the influence of stress on ANY living organism from different angles in order to realize that in fact stress is not a problem, but an important survival mechanism that is still effectively used by almost all animals, well, except for the “king of all animals” Man. Indeed, for our species, stress has long turned into a serious illness, and a complex biochemical process created for protection began to slowly destroy its owners.

I repeat, the book is extremely multifaceted. The reader will be in the skin of a zebra and run with lions across the savannah, not to mention close contact with rodents and monkeys. The rather rich part about the biochemistry of the body is simplified as much as possible, at least I, as a person who does not have a biological or medical education, mastered it without unnecessary stress.

It is also worth noting the easy language of presenting information, flavored with truly excellent humor. It's accessible and, most importantly, a pleasure to read!

Is science difficult? Science is cool!

To my taste, Robert Sapolsky is the personification of a progressive scientist, open to dialogue with an interested listener: discussing current topics and really wanting to convey quite complex information in the most simplified form to those who are ready to hear it.

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