Statuses, quotes and hashtags about your wedding anniversary

Wedding Anniversary Quotes

To tell everything about your happy day - your wedding anniversary, you can use famous sayings of famous people about family life.

Honore de Balzac said: “One must believe in marriage as well as in the immortality of the soul.”

Beautiful words for those spouses who want to emphasize that their love for each other will never die.

You can simply confess your love to your spouse in an original way using a quote from Paul Sweeney: “I love being my husband’s wife.” Or in the words of Martin Luther King, to emphasize that marriage is the daily work of two people: “Chains cannot hold a marriage. It will be held in place by many tiny threads that people have been sewing for many years.”

Other wedding anniversary quotes:

  • True happiness is when, 5 years after the wedding, butterflies in your stomach are still fluttering even just from his glance.
  • Why is a wedding ring worn on the ring finger? Because it has a vein that leads to the heart. So you have been in my heart for a whole year now.
  • Life is like a sensual dance lasting 15 years!

Our feelings are unchanged, just like a bouquet of red roses.

Wedding Anniversary Quote

Statuses with meaning about age

  • “Remember, no matter how old you are, you are always younger than you will ever be.”
  • “You begin to see your own years in your peers who are growing up.”
  • “In middle age you understand more about the elderly and less about the young.”
  • “A man’s age is how he feels. A woman’s age is the assessment of others.”
  • “The same actions at different ages are perceived differently. At 16 it might be a mistake, but at 30 it’s a conscious decision.”
  • “What difference does it make how old you are? If you still want to love, have fun and find new things in life, that’s youth.”
  • “We always remain children at heart. Only over the years do we become covered with a layer of rules of behavior and principles.”

Man's age: statuses

There is an opinion that men are less sentimental in matters related to age. Is it so? They will try to answer the question about age statuses for men.

  • “The more a man matures, the more women he finds attractive.”
  • “There is a period when a man realizes that it’s time for him to get married. At the same moment, a woman understands that being alone is a privilege.”
  • “At 40, a man feels younger than ever.”
  • “The growing up of a man is indifference to where his wife went. If only she didn’t drag it with her.”
  • “Twenty-year-old men add to their age when meeting a girl. The same can’t be said about thirty-year-olds.”
  • “A man’s sense of his youth depends on whether he has lived all this time with one woman or several.”

Cool statuses about age

40 years old is a cool age... One friend became a grandmother... Another went on maternity leave...

You grow up when you forgot your hat and think that you are a sucker and not cool.

Unfortunately, you can only be a woman of indefinite age up to a certain age.

You become an adult not when you stop listening to your mother, but when you realize that your mother was right.

A person has two lives, and the second begins when he understands that there is only one life.

Every day you become more and more convinced that life is a highway. Some slow down, others drive...

Life is divided into two stages - first there is no mind, then there is no health.

Four phases of human life: Carefree childhood. Anxious youth. Puzzled maturity. Fooled old age.

Four stages of human life: not yet, already yes, still yes, no longer

How is life? At first you are unlucky, unlucky, then you are unlucky and again unlucky, unlucky...

Life is like a Rubik's cube, on one side everything gets better, but on the other it doesn't.

A love triangle, a vicious circle, a financial pyramid... Not life, but pure geometry.

Childhood is a fairy tale. Youth is a novel. Maturity is an accounting report. Old age - outpatient card.

It's not enough to enjoy life. I want her to be happy too.

Our Earth is a place where aliens show their children how not to live.

Life is a theater where no one knows the script, but everyone tries to act as a prompter.

Life is divided into two stages - first there is no mind, then there is no health.

Life gives us a breath of fresh problems from time to time.

Unfortunately, life experience, intuition and inner voice are my swan, cancer and pike...

We live like in China: at school - tribute, to the official - sun, to the traffic cop - throw, to the doctor - take out, and salaries - hun.

Love life! He'll fuck you anyway, even if it's for love.

Eh, I don’t want to say that I’m getting old, but all those sounds that I once made during sex, I now make just by getting up from the couch...

I am from the generation of those who grill kebabs at their dachas and do not plant potatoes.

The private pension system also has its own risk: the client may live until retirement...

Your memories are just an old lantern hanging on a street corner where almost no one ever walks anymore.

In old age it is difficult to start a new life, but it is easy to end the old one.

An adult is one who has stopped growing vertically and is now growing horizontally.

You live and live for yourself, and then bam and it’s not you, but the children who are thirty!

I don't want to say that I'm getting old, but all the sounds that I once made during sex, I now make when I just get up from the couch.

If a boy launches a radio-controlled helicopter at the age of 7, this is normal; at 27, it is abnormal; at 47, it is normal.

What does childhood smell like? - we forgot. Toffee, laughter, milk... What do adults smell like? - banal, perfume, sadness, cognac

I wonder what statuses we will have in old age? Hurray, I received a pension for everyone in Corvalol at my expense.

Yes, the future is not what it used to be.

The older we get, the richer we get. Silver is in the hair. Gold is in the teeth. Stones in the kidneys. Blood sugar. Iron is in the arteries. And inexhaustible reserves of natural gas... Previously, we could not even dream of such riches!

We often say: “But there will be something to remember in old age!!!” And in old age, bam... - and sclerosis!!!

I'm almost 30, and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up...

Welcome to adulthood, where you'll be forever tired and sleepy - except when you go to bed!

Before a person dies, his whole life actually passes before his eyes. Actually, this process is called life.

Short statuses for social networks about the Old New Year

Statuses for the Old New Year on social networks are designed to cheer you and your friends up. They can be with wishes, as well as funny, funny or in poetry. For those who don’t know what status to set for the Old New Year, we offer a selection of status messages for this holiday.

  1. Against the old rake with new and new strength...
  2. It’s already a new year, but the mess in the room is still old...
  3. We begin to celebrate the new year, and end with the old one.
  4. Russia is an amazing country, we even celebrate the New Year twice – on December 31 and January 13.
  5. The New Year is a success if you celebrate the Old Year in the same company as the New Year!
  6. Old New Year is New Year take two.
  7. People are positive again. Hello old New Year!
  8. Wow! Well, it’s good to take a walk on the night from the 31st to the 14th...
  9. The old New Year has come. Set the table again.
  10. And the people celebrate again. Hello, Old New Year!
  11. From the diary: Thought after celebrating the New Year: Or it could just become snow.
  12. It would be great if January 1st came again immediately after the Old New Year!
  13. I wonder if Old New Year is a remix or a remake?
  14. I haven’t sobered up since the New Year, and then suddenly the old one came too...
  15. Don’t burn old bridges in the Old New Year... It’s better to set fire to old rakes so you don’t step on them again...
  16. We sacredly promise ourselves that from the New Year we will stop doing everything that gave us the most pleasure in the old one.
  17. Old or New - who cares! The main thing is to have fun celebrating the holidays!

Statuses about a woman's age

The most sensitive to the number of years lived are, of course, women. They notice the smallest wrinkles near the eyes, they are upset by the rapid growth of children, and the question makes them blush: “How old are you?” Let any status about a woman’s age, funny, with humor or sadness - whatever it may be - make you look at it from the other side and smile at every day you live.

  • “For a woman there can only be three ages: infancy, adolescence and “how beautiful you look!”
  • “Sad statistics: every 15 years a woman becomes 5 years older.”
  • “Only women know how to constantly talk about their years and never say how many they are.”
  • “Forty-year-old women look much younger when they say they are thirty.”
  • “There are no old women. There are some younger than others.”
  • “Don't trust women who don't hide their age. Who knows what else they are capable of?
  • “At 20, a woman thinks that 30 is old. At 30, she realizes how stupid she was at 20 and how good it is that she is young now.”
  • “If a woman is not yet married, this is not a reason to sympathize with her. This means that she understands perfectly well that it’s stupid to wait for the prince, and it’s too early to go out because “you have to.”
  • “Do you want to know how old the woman is? Ask what music she liked to dance to at the disco.”
  • “A woman in a good mood always looks younger.”

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