Mental statuses and quotes. Statuses about the soul.

The soul asks for peace, the heart asks for love, the body asks for debauchery. I don’t give anything to anyone, everyone sits there angry.

Yes, I don’t chase new music, I like to listen to what touches my soul

I should have been born 300 years ago. My romantic soul is not in fashion right now.

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Roses are more expensive and last longer when your soul is invested in the bouquet and gift.

If you have never betrayed your soul, then you don’t have one!

Statuses about pain in the soul

In difficult times, only music can calm the soul.

Again I mistook the hangover for the longing of my soul for you...

My soul hurts with terrible force, no matter how much you tie it with ribbons: she gave me happiness on credit, and then took it away with interest.

For you, I play positive, for myself, I suppress the pain in my soul.

Nothing hurts forever: neither a tooth, nor a soul.

Tears are the words that the soul wanted, but could not say.

They spat on my soul so many times that it seems to me that it choked and died...

The soul is not an organ of our body... but its pain is incommensurable with anything...

Not one status can express the pain that you caused my soul!

An inexplicable thing is the soul. Nobody knows where he is, but everyone knows how much it hurts.

There is no stronger heartache that hearts in love cause each other.

With pain on you

Few can boast that they have come to terms with a life that is dark and full of horrors. Statuses about the cry of the soul, which only those who have been to the dark side can understand.

  1. Only the pain before bed prevents me from falling asleep... otherwise everything is fine.
  2. Whoever wants it finds the time...
  3. This is how women are made, they cannot resist men when they love...
  4. When will you finally get drunk, pluck up the courage and say how you feel?
  5. Every day I hear dozens of beautiful words, but your “hello” makes my heart beat faster...
  6. If we broke up, then let’s break up... and not be an eyesore for each other.
  7. Am I happy? Undoubtedly. What am I dreaming about? About death...
  8. I switched off my phone, smudged my mascara... I might as well cry.
  9. What is loneliness? When you mistake your phone ringing for an alarm clock...
  10. And like this every evening. I sit quietly with my headphones on, listen to a couple of songs and try to convince myself that I don’t care...
  11. I want to return everything, but there is nothing to return...
  12. God, what a fool I am... a stupid, cruel fool.
  13. I only dream that he would sometimes take my hand...
  14. What is love? This is when you learn to cry in the evenings so that you can smile in the mornings...
  15. I still remember times when I was happy... maybe that's my problem.
  16. I don’t need to cut my wrists or stand on the edge... you already know that my life is in your hands.
  17. Tears do not decorate anyone...
  18. It's not those who don't care who cry. Those who have not yet fallen out of love cry...
  19. The pack of cigarettes is running out... this is the last thing left after you.
  20. Life is disgusting, why can’t the feelings be mutual?
  21. If we suddenly run into each other on the street... please try to pretend that you don't know me.

Sad about the soul

The soul experiences an attack of acute pain from deceitful faces, empty emotions, weak will...

The soul burns from the fire, and the hands shake the wrists. He does not choose me, but I wish him happiness.

Thanks to life experience, the intuition for a rotten soul is well developed.

I really want to cry, but my pride doesn’t allow me.

And I know how to laugh, even when my heart is very bad!

An open soul has one drawback - people often spit on it...

The most cheerful people have the saddest souls.

Sometimes a wide smile hides a wounded soul.

The kinder the soul, the more difficult the fate

Multiply goodness - choose suitable statuses, kind, sincere words addressed to your friends.

  1. Beautiful is not the one who looks good, but the one who was born with kindness in his soul
  2. Kindness is for the soul what health is for the body. If you own it, it will ensure success in any business
  3. Give kindness of soul to each other, give kindness of soul to others. Good that has passed through the circle returns to its origins
  4. Don’t be afraid to give a lot of kind words and do good deeds! The more wood you add to the fire, the more heat will return!
  5. Hug each other more often and give each other warmth! Let people stare at you, embrace all troubles out of spite!
  6. There is a cycle of good in the world. And even if there are evil clouds in the sky, whoever always carries kindness in his heart will receive the kindness of others in return.
  7. Warm the warmth of your soul to the one who is freezing next to you. And splash drops of kindness with your happy, gentle gaze
  8. Let us live in peace with each other, no matter how difficult life may be. Let the rain drizzle and the blizzard howl - with goodness the soul is always bright
  9. May there be peace and happiness in your home! Know how to concede in an unnecessary argument. And be wise, if your disagreement can lead to a family quarrel
  10. I wish you to put on your smile every day! And may she delight everyone and decorate your life!
  11. Let your soul, like the sun, smile at the world! Let every day begin with a warm smile!
  12. I want to live without grief and sadness, to warm my friends with a smile. Radiating tenderness with my soul and heart, I want to live and make people happy!
  13. I wish you well from the bottom of my heart! To all those who read these lines! So that you are in the mood in the morning, so that your daughters and sons love you!
  14. I will take the sun in my palms and give it to my friends! Smile - it's easy! A ray of sunshine is for you!
  15. Speak kind words! Just speak from your heart to everyone! You’ll barely get tired of them, but you’ll heal someone’s soul

About the soul with meaning

And dozens of those who wanted your body are not worth the little finger of the one who loved your soul...

Don’t open your soul to the first person you meet, he might inadvertently shake you out of it.

If you are trying to warm someone's cold heart, conquer the soul first.

For some, wealth is a material state, for others it is a state of mind.

Don’t look for ideal people... Let your soul mate be found...

It is very important to touch not with bodies, but with souls.

The brain functions well only when the soul is calm

Statuses about a beautiful soul

Luxury is when the soul is as beautiful as the face.

The true beauty of a person is not in the perfection of his body, but in the beauty of his soul, the beauty of his deeds.

With the right balance of Strength and Mercy, the Beauty of a person’s soul is visible...

The beauty of people's souls is measured by the depth of their feelings...

Your soul is more beautiful than any of these statuses

Beautiful is the one who has a kind soul and pure thoughts...

Beauty will pass, so build up your personality, not your eyelashes...

Heartfelt sayings about friendship

Mental statuses often describe friendship. Like the relationship itself, the words about it are touching and filled with personal meaning.

  • “Take care of people to whom you can say: “Do you remember?...”
  • “A friend does not complain to you and does not shift problems. He trusts you."
  • “They are not looking for friends. They are not a new bag to go with your shoes. Friends are felt with the heart. In a crowd, at a distance, in trouble.”
  • “Having friends directly depends on our ability to be a friend.”
  • “Take care of your friends, not material possessions. If you have friends, there will always be a place to stay and something to eat.”
  • “There are two commandments for a true friend: to be there in trouble and not to envy in joy.”
  • “Friendship and health are two things that you value little while you have them.”
  • “They worry about their friends as they worry about themselves.”

About spring in the soul

My soul is in anticipation of spring.

I feel the warmth, albeit barely perceptible, and enjoy it, breathing in the spring...

With the onset of spring, not only his feelings and soul thawed, but also his brains...

Spring has come and joy is in the soul!

I want very beautiful, sincere love this spring.

Spring has come, open your soul to it!

Spring in the soul. Favorite look. Sakura blossom...

Close your eyes... Draw spring with me... Take the brightest colors from your soul.

Spring in the soul - drops, water, And fragile ice melts in the heart

Tender sayings about relatives

  • “It won’t be warmer anywhere than in your mother’s arms.”
  • “Everyone who cares usually lives the furthest away from everyone else.”
  • “Life is given to us in order to please our loved ones.”
  • “The rhythm of life, long roads, fatigue - they prevent us from giving love to our loved ones. And they make you feel more acutely the need for your own shoulder.”
  • “The dearer a person is, the more sensitive his soul is to all our words and actions.”
  • “Family people are pillars that you can grab onto when you have lost your bearings in life.”

Beautiful mental states can have a certain therapeutic effect. With their help, you can release pent-up emotions, feel relief and get the opportunity to be heard.

Beautiful statuses about the soul

There is one world in which my soul feels at home... This is the world of your thoughtful eyes...

The perfection of a woman lies in beauty, and beauty lies in the purity of the soul!

The soul allows us to be close to those who are physically far away

If my soul was a bird. Now she would be sitting on her shoulder.

A friend is one soul living in two bodies...

A person is alive as long as his soul is alive. As long as he knows how to feel and believe, no matter what

With all my heart I am with you, no matter where you are.

Thank you, my mom, that we are one family. You put your soul into me, my love, my family...

Touching statuses about love

The most heartfelt statuses are those that talk about love. No other feeling combines many shades of mood and experience. Joy, euphoria, pain, sadness, peace - all this variety is felt by a person in love. Mental statuses will help express this.

  • “The human soul does not perish from unrequited love. She dries up when she doesn’t love at all.”
  • “Love changes a person. As long as he is able to change, he lives.”
  • “We clearly remember not how we were loved, but how we were loved.”
  • “Women are like books. If you can’t read, then there’s no point in blaming the book.”
  • “When love leaves, hope remains. When hope leaves, pain comes.”
  • “The most severe physical pain is dental pain. The greatest mental pain is disappointment.”
  • “Loyalty, caring and kindness are a sign of strength, not weakness of the soul.”
  • “We want to leave so they can bring us back. To disappear - to be looked for. To hate - to be loved as much as we are.”

About soul and love

The soul is given to us so that we can love and forgive!

He tore out her heart, and she passed through his soul... and left...

Close is not the one you can reach with your hand, but the one to whom the soul reaches out...

Look for someone whose demons will beat your own.

Love is when your soul sees its reflection in another soul...

You can love a soul without knowing the body... And then go crazy touching the body of your beloved soul.

No matter how far I am from you now, my soul will embrace your soul...

Close is not the one you can reach with your hand, but the one to whom the soul reaches out

Heartfelt statuses about love are an opportunity to confess your love to someone with whom you don’t dare explain yourself in private.

  1. Loved ones are felt with the soul and are never met twice in life. Without words they feel good together and the distance doesn’t matter
  2. Fall in love with the soul - beauty is given only for a while
  3. We carry our dearest people with us all the time. Inside. In heart
  4. When breaking someone else's soul into pieces, remember that they can hurt you too
  5. You can close your eyes to what you see, but you can't close your heart to what you feel.
  6. The gift of life is those people with whom even silence seems like a sincere conversation
  7. Why do we close our eyes when we pray or kiss? Because we don’t see the most touching events in life, but feel them with our hearts
  8. The whole world sparkles and laughs, and the light is shrouded in kindness. There is no happier person in the Universe who has been touched by love
  9. Quiet, gentle, pure, snowy, light, ringing trill of a nightingale. Light, secret, extraordinary, extreme pain - that’s all me
  10. There is no one more precious to you in life! You are the light that illuminates the soul! Just don’t betray him in return, and what happens next – only God alone decides
  11. Love is eternity and only a moment, a star’s radiance, a ray of sunshine. Love is a test, love is magic, it is a triumph of two loving hearts
  12. There is no need to call love loudly; it already hears everything sensitively. You just have to whisper, and its light will fill your soul
  13. How good it is to be someone’s forever and to believe that promises are not empty! And equally share both the soul and the years, look into such dear eyes!
  14. My beloved sun, my selfless happiness, the sky was at sunset, but the sky became dawn with you...
  15. And happiness is in someone’s devoted eyes, in the whims of loved ones, in joy, in support. And when you can talk about dreams, when love is serious and sinless

In English about the soul

In this subsection, I have collected statuses in English about showers from all over the Internet, you are unlikely to find more than them here!

Life of my soul Belongs only to ME… The life of my soul belongs only to me

And now my heart left I feel so empty and hollow... Now my heart is broken, and there is emptiness in my soul...

As soap is to the body, so laughter is to the soul. Like soap is for the body, laughter is for the soul

Love is like the sun which comes out from the clouds and warming your soul. Love is like the sun that comes out from behind the clouds to warm your soul.

The memory warms you up inside, but it also breaks your soul apart. Memory warms from the inside and at the same time tears the soul apart.

Music is the soul of language. Music is the soul of language.

Don't let your mind kill your heart and soul. Don't let your mind kill your heart and soul.

Music is the soul of language Music is the soul of language

Out of a thousand men who speak beautifully, I will choose the one who silently commits an act

Spiritual statuses in VK for girls are a way to attract attention and an opportunity to demonstrate the charming qualities of your character.

  1. No matter how sharp the turns of fate are, I greet the day with a ringing song. Despite any sorrows, I remain a mischievous girl
  2. If a girl grows wings in a relationship, her man will never grow horns
  3. I'm as beautiful as a picture, I'm like an angel from heaven! I am like a sweet raspberry, life with me is full of miracles!
  4. I want to be his beloved, to wake up next to him in the morning, so that he can give me his kisses and admire my gaze.
  5. I am not only beautiful in appearance - my soul is also beautiful! Life will be wonderful with me, because beauty rules the world!
  6. You know, a girl really has a place that, if you touch it, you can drive her crazy. This is her soul
  7. I love to be that very special one, to be frankly unthinkable with you, to be drawn under your skin, to be the only one, like the truth
  8. Like the sun, radiant and bright, festively dressed in love and happiness, my eyes are like heavenly stars, I am, without a doubt, the most wonderful!
  9. And you know, I’m a bit of a cat: I love sleep and milk. Under the glove, each palm covers five graceful claws
  10. I will collect a bouquet of tender words, I will cover you with kindness and affection. I will give you my love, which I will paint with bright paint
  11. You cannot enter the country of my soul without visas; the border is securely guarded. It is impossible to get into it without sincere love and true friendship.
  12. One day I will wake up to yours, disturbed by the falling leaves. And, probably, there will be no relatives of anyone whose breath is nearby
  13. I want to be your medicine and your poison, your dawn and your sunset. Even if she is not married to you, the last woman in your life
  14. I am as beautiful as a picture and more beautiful than a flower. And in my eyes the smile is like a spark of light
  15. I am a woman and I am unique. And for there to be no reason for sadness, it is enough for me to be loved by the only one out of a thousand men!

Statuses about music in the shower

If you have music inside you, play it! If there is silence in your heart, be silent! But don't try to play when the notes don't come and don't hold back the music when it breaks from your soul.

Music is the only universal language, it does not need to be translated, soul speaks to soul.

Headphones are my ears. Spotlights are my eyes. Music is my soul.

Music, like the strings of the soul, sets us in the right mood in life...

Listen to music, it will save your soul. Move boldly, the beats will save your body

Our playlists are our faces, our players are our shields from storms in our heads and souls.

The strings of the guitars produce inexplicable melodies that soothe my soul.. and the vocalist conveys in words everything I need.. just.. rock it's life, sh*t..

No one will go to heaven...

Everyone has to deal with something that others don't understand. And if they do understand, they will prefer to bypass it. Statuses about the cry of the soul that only you understand.

  1. And not a friend... and not an enemy. And just like everyone else - just like that.
  2. It's so hard to find someone who is worthy of your feelings... and so easy to lose them.
  3. I was once told that happiness is when the pain goes away... I hope this is true.
  4. Life works in such an incomprehensible way. Everything is repeated in it... even the bad things.
  5. You need to think about how to make yourself feel good, and not about how bad things are for you!
  6. Have you noticed that people don't like stories that end well if it's not about them?
  7. The modern reality is that making love does not mean love...
  8. Tears and screams accompany fake pain... real pain is different.
  9. Happiness finds those who have learned to endure... apparently I’m not like that.
  10. It's so hard to find those who will make you happy. But it’s even harder not to lose them...
  11. It’s better to take a few steps back and look around than to continue on your way and fall into the abyss...
  12. I still have your photos...
  13. You know, I don’t care about you for a long time... But why does it hurt me so much when I see someone else with you?
  14. I was a bitch... because I was afraid of losing you. So stupid, right?
  15. I will never be alone. I will always have walls...
  16. I'm a wolf chained... shoot me.
  17. Every morning I start by trying to forget you... every morning.
  18. They took years to build, but they tore it down in a few minutes...
  19. Why do I keep his photos? Because I want to, that's why...
  20. You know, you taught me a lot... like being a bitch.
  21. Favorite songs in headphones, sweet ice cream and brighter makeup so as not to cry...
  22. I don’t understand people who scatter and then come together again... Was it really not clear the first time?
  23. You say, you don’t need to keep your feelings to yourself... Well, yes, then it’s not for you to live with your confessions.
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