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Hidden meaning

False feelings quotes always carry a hidden meaning, the main thing is to just think about the expression and realize what the person really wants to say:

  1. A person always plays with two toys - his own destiny and other people's feelings.
  2. You should always keep your own pain inside yourself. People around you don't care about your feelings.
  3. People may easily forget what a person said or did, but they will always remember how they made them feel.
  4. Sometimes the deepest feelings are hidden behind a mask of coldness and indifference.
  5. If a person is not needed, you need to immediately inform him about it. You shouldn’t play with other people’s feelings, because life can take revenge.
  6. The greatest happiness is when you feel that you are loved, you don’t know it, but you feel it.
  7. It's never too late, it's just indifferent.
  8. Sometimes situations arise when a person knows something that is powerless over feelings.
  9. In the world of feelings, only one law reigns - to make a loved one happy.
  10. Sometimes a person expresses feelings in silence that he can never express in words.
  11. You should not give hope for reciprocity if there are no feelings, because a person will waste his life waiting for an answer.
  12. In an ideal relationship, there are childish and sincere feelings and adult dreams.
  13. You can close your eyes to what is happening. But the heart cannot be closed from feelings.
  14. It’s amazing when you don’t feel anything for the person you’ve been crushing on for many years.
  15. Women can easily say what they don't feel, and men are unable to express what they really feel.
  16. Age cannot kill feelings, it only changes their appearance.
  17. The only difference between wise men and fools is that they always listen to reason and not to feelings.
  18. You should not regret if a person plunges into the pool of passion, because this is the same thing as regretting that he is a person.
  19. Poetry plays with feelings, deprives one of reason. Eloquence is only reason animated by feelings.

Thoughts, feelings and sensations

A traditional exercise in Gestalt therapy: “Looking at a person, say your thoughts, your feelings and your sensations.” At the same time, everyone understands that “You’re probably about thirty years old” is a thought, “I’m drawn to you” is a feeling, and “My hands are sweating a little” is a feeling.

It would seem that everything is so simple and obvious, but in practice there are many errors, misunderstandings and just confusion. And from a theoretical point of view, there are many difficult issues due to the fact that the prevailing usage of words in practical psychology over many decades has become seriously different from the standards of academic psychology.


Sensations are, first of all, elementary kinesthetic sensations: everything that we directly receive as an output from the contact receptors of the body when directly influencing them.

Touch or muscle tension, pain or cold, sweet or bitter - all these are sensations, as opposed to sounds, pictures and images. I see pictures, hear sounds, and feel (perceive) sensations.

“Pleasant relaxation in the chest” or “tension in the shoulders”, “clenched jaws” or “I feel the warmth of my hands” - this is kinesthetics and these are direct sensations. But the story about what you see and hear is, to a lesser extent, a story about your feelings.

“I see light and hear soft sounds” is still about sensations, but “I see your beautiful eyes and warm smile” is no longer immediate sensations. These are already perceptions, sensations processed by the mind, this is already a holistic and meaningful vision of what is happening with the addition of certain feelings.

Where perceptions begin, sensations usually end. Sensations are unprocessed, without interpretation, immediate kinesthetics.

However, in life everything is more specific and complex. The phrase “I feel how my shoes are pinching me” is still about sensations. Despite the fact that “boots” are a holistic perception of an object, this is no longer a sensation, but a perception, but the phrase does not focus on the boots, but on the fact that the boots “press.” And “pressing” is a feeling.


Thoughts are interesting connections of something with something that the mind gave birth to in the process of processing sensations, feelings or any other thoughts. Thoughts can be clear and vague, shallow and deep, confused and clear, these can be assumptions and associations, confident statements or a story about doubts, but when thinking, the head always works.

If feeling is perception through the body, then thoughts are figurative-visual or conceptual perception, perception through the mind (head).

“I know that we are strangers” - this is knowledge through the head, a neutral thought. “I feel that we are strangers” - if this is passed through the soul (that is, through the body), it can be a burning or chilling feeling.

Attraction, desire can be neutral knowledge: “I know that by lunchtime I will be hungry and will look for where to eat.” And this can be a vivid feeling when attention is looking for “cafe” on all the signs and it’s difficult to get distracted...

So, thoughts are everything that comes to us through the mind, through the head.


When you are asked about your feelings, it is not about the so-called external senses, not about the presence of eyes, hearing and other senses.

If a girl says to her boyfriend: “You have no feelings!”, then his answer: “Why not? I have feelings. I have hearing, vision, all senses are fine!” - either a joke or mockery. A question about feelings is a question about inner feelings,

Internal feelings are kinesthetically experienced perceptions of events and states of a person’s life world.

“I admire you,” “a feeling of admiration,” or “a feeling of light emanating from your beautiful face” are about feelings.

Feelings and sensations are often similar, they are often confused, but in fact it is easy to distinguish them: sensations are elementary kinesthetics, and feelings are sensations already processed by the mind, this is already a holistic and meaningful vision of what is happening.

“Warm hugs” are not about 36 degrees Celsius, it’s about the history of our relationship, just like the feeling “I’m uncomfortable with him” says much more than the feeling “the shoes are too tight.”

Feelings are often confused with intellectual assessment, but the direction of the ray of attention and the state of the body will almost always tell you the correct answer. In intellectual assessment there is only the head, but feeling always presupposes the body.

If you said, “I am satisfied,” but it came from your head, it was only an intellectual assessment, not a feeling. And the satisfied one, with all his breath, released from his entire belly, “Well, you’re a parasite!” - an obvious feeling, because it comes from the body. See more details.

If you look into your soul and feel a feeling within yourself, then it’s true, you have a feeling. Feelings don't lie. However, caution is needed here - you cannot always be sure what exactly you are feeling. What is sometimes experienced by a person as a certain feeling may not be one, may be something else. At this particular point, feelings sometimes lie.

So that people do not get confused about their feelings, so that people do not mistake one feeling for another and are less likely to invent feelings where they actually do not exist, inventing racketeering feelings, many psychologists offer a dictionary of real feelings and methods for recognizing them.

So, how do you briefly define feelings? Feelings are a figurative and bodily interpretation of kinesthetics. This is kinesthetics, framed in living metaphors. This is a living thing that came to us from our body. This is the language our soul speaks.

Who defines whom?

Do sensations cause feelings? Do feelings cause thoughts? Is it the other way around? — Rather, the correct answer will be that the relationships between sensations, feelings and thoughts can be anything.

  • Sensations - feelings - thoughts

The feeling of toothache - a feeling of fear - the decision to go to the dentist.

  • Sensation - thought - feeling

I saw a snake (sensations), based on past experience, I concluded that it could pose a danger (thought), and as a result, I got scared. That is, a different order.

  • Thought - feeling - sensation

I remembered that Vasya promised to give me money, but never gave it (thought), I was offended (feeling), the breath stole from my chest from offence (feeling) - a different order.

  • Thought - sensation - feeling

I imagined that my hands were warm (thought) - felt warmth in my hands (sensation) - calmed down (feeling)

How much of what do you need?

If we have sensations, have thoughts and have feelings, then is it possible to talk about some kind of desirable correlation between them? In fact, this ratio can be very different for different people, and first of all there is a difference in the predominance of thoughts or feelings.

There are people who love to feel and know how to feel. There are people who tend not to feel, but to think, who are accustomed and able to think. It is difficult to turn to such people for feelings: they can tell you about their feelings at your request, but when you leave this person, he will return to a normal way of life, where he thinks, makes decisions, sets goals and organizes himself to achieve them, without being distracted by what he doesn’t need, by feelings.

Men more often choose reason, women more often choose feelings. It seems that it is not only this or that relationship between thoughts and feelings that is important, but the question of the quality of thoughts and the content of feelings.

If a person’s thoughts are empty, negative and incoherent, then it would be better if he had more kind and beautiful feelings. If a person has an excellent head, deep and quick thoughts, then there is no longer any need to distract him with a large number of feelings.

Probably, a developed personality should have sufficiently developed (as a subsistence level) all three of these abilities - the ability to sense, the ability to feel and the ability to think, and then everyone has the right to their own choice.

This is what happens in a good school: it provides a compulsory set of subjects, and then everyone chooses their own specialization, their future.

A person as an organism will more often choose to live by feelings, a person as an individual will develop his mind. Cm.

Arousing interest

Feelings from quotes from great people always remain relevant and will never cease to be on the wave, because they help demonstrate their true attitude towards the people around them:

  1. It is impossible to say how much vanity is hidden in the truest feelings for loved ones and what kind of selfishness love has.
  2. The most unusual feelings give birth to the greatest creations.
  3. Moral assessments are the companions of every feeling; this is what paints the world with bright colors.
  4. Ordinary people will always remain sentimental; they will never hide their sincere feelings and try to express them in a new way.
  5. Young people cannot hide their own feelings.
  6. You must always show a smile on your face and fun, because there is nothing more attractive than a good-natured character, and let passions rage in your heart...
  7. Imagination can only be generated by real feelings.
  8. Every day a person can produce and consume a limited amount of tenderness.
  9. Men are always cruel to their loved ones, not because they are evil, but because they feel too intensely in love and cannot feel the feelings of another person.
  10. Sooner or later you begin to understand that a person can do great things. Well, if he is not capable of experiencing great feelings, then he simply should not exist.
  11. Feelings make thoughts move, but thoughts never awaken feelings.
  12. Only contempt should be the most silent of all available feelings.
  13. Distrust is a truly aristocratic feeling.
  14. Need is considered the sixth sense, which can drown out all others in a difficult situation.
  15. The stupidest people in the world experience the same feelings as the smartest.
  16. Deep feelings are reminiscent of good women; they are afraid of unraveling themselves and always walk through life with downcast eyes.
  17. If a woman gives herself completely to a man, then she has real feelings for him. The soul is a closed vessel; empty connections will not find a way out.
  18. A sarcastic person expresses his feelings very rarely, but unusually loudly.

Aphorisms about love

  1. There is no need to waste yourself on just anyone. It’s better to accumulate love, care and tenderness in yourself so that at the right time you can give it to the right person.
  2. There are people who hate me. Let them hate. There are people who love me. Let them love. And there are people who hate me, but pretend that they love me. These are the ones I hate.
  3. Any passion pushes you to make mistakes, but love pushes you to the stupidest ones.
  4. Tears are sacred. They are not a sign of weakness, but of strength. They are messengers of enormous grief and inexpressible love.
  5. Squalor in love is willingly masked by the absence of someone worthy of love.
  6. Only that love that lurks in the depths of our heart and is unknown to us is pure and free from the influence of other passions.
  7. Love is a delicate plant and does not live long if it is watered with tears.
  8. Habitual actions become beautiful thanks to love.
  9. Habit is everything, even in love.
  10. Love is a feeling against which we are powerless, and prudence can help us avoid it, but not defeat it.
  11. Love is vain and selfish from beginning to end.
  12. People hate as well as love recklessly.
  13. …love never speaks in full voice; but is there such an insensitive female ear in the world that it would not catch the most indistinct whisper if it comes from the lips of a lover?
  14. When a person falls in love, he begins by deceiving himself, and ends by deceiving others.
  15. True love helps you endure all hardships.
  16. Having fallen in love, the most intelligent person no longer sees a single object as it really is. A woman, mostly ordinary, becomes unrecognizable and turns into an exceptional being.
  17. In a person who is truly dear to us, everything is dear to us - even his shortcomings. Without them, he would not be himself, which means he would not have those qualities that tie you to him.
  18. True lovers are like sunsets and sunrises: they are written and spoken about more often than seen with their own eyes.
  19. There are no people who, having stopped loving, would not begin to be ashamed of their past love.
  20. The one who has fallen out of love is usually his own fault for not noticing it in time.
  21. Love without respect does not go far and does not rise high: it is an angel with only one wing.
  22. Life in abundance comes only through great love.
  23. A man in love with himself in his love has at least the advantage that he will never have many rivals.
  24. For the sake of the people you love, and together with the people you love, you can go to eternal torment.
  25. The suffering of love is too sweet to seek a cure for it; Usually, when they look for him, it is already too late.
  26. Love without marriage is much less humiliating for a woman than marriage without love.
  27. Before a woman swears not to love anyone but herself, she should have seen all women or seen only her alone.
  28. A lot of brief madness is what you call love. And your marriage puts an end to many short madness - one big and long stupidity.
  29. Writing about true love means experiencing the most beautiful of creative disappointments: it cannot be described or expressed.
  30. Don't talk about wasted love! Love is never wasted; even if she did not make the heart of another person richer, then her waters, returning back to their source, like rain, will fill it with freshness and coolness.
  31. Our body needs calcium, phosphorus; our spirit is in encouragement and honor. The body blooms in the sun, the spirit in the rays of love.
  32. If you continue to sincerely love what is truly worthy of love, and do not waste your love on trifles, on trifles, on nonsense, you can little by little make your life brighter and become stronger.
  33. The love of a married woman is a great thing. Married men never dreamed of this.
  34. If spouses have loved each other for many years, then love imperceptibly turns into a sweet habit and ardent passion is replaced by tender friendship.
  35. How can lovers be content with correspondence while remaining within an arrow's flight distance?
  36. The love that is not afraid to bring contempt upon the beloved is insignificant.
  37. Love is not enough. She has happiness, but wants heaven; she has heaven, but wants heaven. O lovers! All this is in your love. Just be able to find it.
  38. It is a terrible responsibility to be the first love of a genius. And even an ordinary person.
  39. Love those who love you.
  40. Every great love does not want love: it wants more.

Folk wisdom

Talk about your feelings quotes should definitely be installed on social networks, because they will allow you to tell your loved one what emotions you really experience, as well as hint at certain actions:

  1. Old age comes when you stop relying on feelings and begin to sympathize.
  2. Pessimists often attribute to themselves the feelings of other people that they themselves would experience in their place.
  3. Any animal experiences hunger, desire and hatred, but a person is able to anticipate and imagine them in the imagination, store them in memory and prepare for satisfaction.
  4. You should never show feelings that can provoke an awkward situation and unpleasant situation, you should not promise something that you cannot fulfill.
  5. Memory always depends on the heart.
  6. Feelings convince the mind, and images are just decoration.
  7. If a person learned not to give in to feelings, he would hate life and dream that it would end quickly or not exist at all.
  8. When the end of what needs to be known comes, a person begins to feel.
  9. If a person is blindly passionate about something, he cannot feel deeply.
  10. Silence shows deep feelings that cannot be expressed in words.
  11. A person's feelings can often be softened by examples rather than words.
  12. To begin to feel means understanding and comprehension.
  13. The mind should be trained to doubt, and the heart to patience.
  14. Women have too much imagination and sensitivity to logically perceive reality.
  15. Words can stretch any feelings.
  16. The mind cannot contemplate anything, and the senses are not capable of thinking; only the combination of the two components gives knowledge.
  17. Sometimes you come across women who are constantly infatuated with someone. This makes one doubt that they are capable of deep and sincere feelings.
  18. A person's feelings are much more interesting than his thoughts.
  19. If the mind is not constant, it is not contagious for the heart. You can constantly change your opinions, but carefully preserve your own feelings.

Statuses about feelings are always filled with emotions and sincerity. They will help you establish communication with loved ones, make peace with your loved one or inform them of your attitude, and suggest that it is worth taking the first step. All of them are filled with meaning and wisdom that everyone can understand, the main thing is to think about it...

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