Quotes from the book “Spiritless. The Tale of an Unreal Man" (Part 1)

Phrases from the film Duhless

The article contains quotes and phrases from the film Duhless (“Duhless”):

One thing I can’t understand is why these, in general, intelligent people who have received a good education try every day to look dumber than they really are.

Alcoholism is not corporate.

I achieved everything myself! It's not my fault that I'm not disabled or ugly!

suddenly another brilliant thought came to me... I figured out how we would part

I don't invite you into my world. Stay in your own way. Just don't drag me there.

Money is absurd - You work for a point. Every day you flush your life down the toilet!

— I'm talking about disinfection. I have cockroaches. - And if cockroaches are in the head, then disinfection will not help.

It's just money. Grandmas! Grandmas,..., grandmas!

If you want, you can come to my apartment and find out everything about me: what I eat, what I drink, what I listen to, what I read.

Do you already know who you will sleep with today?

I find myself thinking that I watched some really bad movie. With a terrible script and absolutely no sense.

The Mayan priests were puppies compared to middle managers.

We have spirituality! Look at Vasilievsky, at Peter and Paul Fortress - there is a memorial plaque on every corner. A poet lived, a writer...

Image, Max, image.

That's how they live. In the morning to the trainer, in the evening to the dealer.

One world collapsed for me, but I didn’t have time to build another.

My clients are my bosses.

Secular Moscow. Vanity Fair. The so-called "high society"

My secretary Katya is an android. Powered by network.

Because I can’t afford to have a book with the title “Combat Attacks” or “Special Forces Contact” lying in the back seat of my car. We are very different, do you get it?

If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.

In her opinion, these days it is not the strongest who survive, but the one whose face flashes more often in the gloss.

The revolution needs martyrs, not idiots!

My annual income in euros is a nice sum with five zeros.

Scalp the blonde for her fur coat!

What kind of people are they without a helicopter?

Can you tell why they are all happy? It all makes me want to puke, but they still rejoice, dance, drink.

the golden calf demands more and more bloody sacrifices

Since the time of Peter, it has been our custom to invite rogues and ridicule barbarians.

Pathologically greedy. He drags me around to boutiques and tries to get me to buy them all.

Good clowns earn a lot.

If you want to be a real revolutionary, if you want you to have a thousand followers and your rather unattractive face to be on every T-shirt, you need to stop working in kindergarten, go to the barricades: destroy shop windows, burn cars.

I would have died if it weren't for you.

Ninety percent of the population came from collective farms and mixed with the remnants of your burghers

I don’t understand, in America they mix something into your water and that’s how you get there!

There are a number of moments in our lives when you, just like that courier, light up to do something special.

I live here... And I want everything to be somehow normal in this country. So that the fashion is normal, and not from Slava Zaitsev. So that life can be normal.

And here is our office. Tower of Mordor. The abode of global corporate evil.

The selection includes dialogues, phrases and quotes from the film Dukhless “Duhless”. Russian drama filmed by director Roman Prygunov based on the novel by Sergei Minaev. The film was released this year.

Sergei Minaev, author of the novel “Spiritless”:

“Having published the book, I didn’t think that it would interest filmmakers so much.
And even more so, the rights to it will cause such a stir, and I will be able to sell them for a record amount at that time. Many serious companies made me offers. I even had to return the advance payment twice. As a matter of principle, I included a clause in the contract that I would not interfere in castings and scripts. I am convinced that pies should be baked by a cake maker, and boots should be made by a shoemaker. If I knew how to write scripts, in addition to the rights, I would also sell the script...” Source

“Duhless” is an autobiographical story. Much of what is described happened to me. I even watched flashbacks with some pain: I remembered some events of those distant years. Of course, I was not as handsome as Danila Kozlovsky, but I would like to be... The film is different from what I came up with. I was then going through my own personal crisis. And the country was different, so my novel turned out to be hopeless. A lot has changed today. I have changed too. I’m glad that the film ends with a happy ending, and I regret that I didn’t think of it when I wrote the book...”


Danila Kozlovsky, leading actor:

“Max, of course, has my appearance, there’s no getting around it, and we are almost the same age, but we have different characters, interests and activities too. And the social circle, of course. So, on the one hand, his story has almost nothing to do with me personally. On the other hand, it does, and it’s direct. After all, it’s about the fact that you have to pay for some delusions without a discount, that it’s easy to waste yourself, but it’s difficult to jump out of the void into which you’ve driven yourself. What if life decides to give you a good shake in order to bring you to your senses, then it may not be limited to one blow to the head, but will carry out a whole series of blows, and you need to withstand them, to avoid a knockout. There is no person who is not affected by all this.”

“The book was fashionable, many people read it or at least leafed through it, and if these people go to the cinema - and we, of course, would like this - then each of them will take there with them their impressions of the story, which means they will drag them into the hall and his Max, whom he imagined and only considers him real. Our task is to convince them in an hour and a half, to make everyone, or at least the majority, believe that the real Max is ours. It’s more interesting to solve this problem than to cleverly portray the hero of our time or his anti-hero.”


Roman Prygunov, director of the film “Duhless”:

“When producer Pyotr Anurov called me and offered to read the book, I was, in my opinion, in Kazantip - relaxing, lying on the beach. It turned out that the girl who was lying next to her had this book. I asked for a moment and read it briefly. Well, that is, not exactly fluently, but, in any case, everything is clear there. And in general, my grandmother is a teacher of Russian language and literature. What I am grateful to Minaev for is the fact that none of his characters pretend to be a superhero. By the way, I didn’t know Minaev before. Overall, it seems to me that we have achieved an adequate adaptation of a popular novel..."


“I made only three films in 10 years, and when I was offered to participate in this project, I agreed without any doubt: I had no options. I make a good picture, and I may have good cinematic taste. That's probably why I was invited. My task was more artisanal than highly artistic: to rebrand this novel, no matter how cynical it may sound. To somehow update it, refresh it... I just redid something, changed some details. We tried to catch the trends of the time, somehow react to it, introduced an allusion to the group “War”, something else... Our film is an attempt to respond to the expectations of the viewer, to public demands.”


Artem Mikhalkov, who plays the protagonist’s friend:

“The 2000s were the first period of time when managers appeared in Russia. And these managers had money that they didn’t really understand what to do with. It is clear that a frenzy has begun, which is gradually subsiding today. But our film is ultimately not about that. It is about such a basic concept as the possibility of choice. My hero, unable to come to terms with his surroundings, decides to die. Danila’s character has a completely different choice... I have a friend who works in a successful company. And it’s customary for them to get together every Friday in the same bar. That is, they do this not because they enjoy getting together, but because it is necessary... But the money they earn is much more important to them than the freedom to do what they want during non-working hours. It’s also a problem for all times - either a full pocket or freedom...”


Arthur Smolyaninov, performer of one of the roles:

“I play Avdey, the leader of a certain radical group, whose creative methods are quite harsh: the group carries out scandalous, provocative actions in public places... My hero is not in Minaev’s novel, he was invented by screenwriter Denis Rodimin, and everything is very contradictory with his beliefs. It's fun to play him."


Watch the film “Duhless” on July 1 on the Dom Kino channel.


In my opinion, the film has no message to the viewer, does not have a goal to teach or convey something, there is no idea. What is this film about? About a playmaker who has a career and money. But in essence his life is empty, because he himself made it so. His life is a web of vice: disorderly sex, cocaine, drunken stupor, nightclubs... Every day is “Groundhog Day”: a sore head after another debauchery, apathy, reluctance to start a new day. All his life he wanted to achieve something, he went towards this through years of hard work, studying English textbooks on economics. But for what? To have the money that he squanders every day on his adventures? What did the hero create? Absolutely nothing. I will give a typical conversation between Maxim and the Director of the St. Petersburg branch of the Bank: - You don’t love me very much, Max, why? — Because in 1995 you were selling beer at a kiosk, drinking vodka with your dad and drinking barbecue, and at that time I was studying English textbooks on economics. You spent your first four-year salary on a baby, and I went to Rome and Florence to see, because I can’t afford to hold the book “Blind Against the Mad” in my hands and gush over the Comedy Club. - Then what are you doing here, as you say, “in this country”? - And I live here. And I want everything to be somehow normal in this country: for fashion to be normal, and not from Slava Zaitsev, for life to be normal. So that Spartak and Zenit play like Inter plays with Milan. I admit that the majority of the population doesn’t fucking need all this. But I don’t invite you into my world. Stay in your own way. Just don't drag me there. - This is Max. And it’s not about Florence and not about Rome, and not about Spartak and Zenit. People need the same thing everywhere. And by and large, you are no different from me. I just carefully pinch off my piece and feed it to the kids. You laugh, but I’ve already built a house and planted a tree. And you smell the coconut and think that yours is the longest...

And his opponent is right.
If you want life to be normal in this country, then why don’t you start with yourself? What good have you done in life? Who do you help with the kind of money you have? International terrorism, drug lords, a hotbed of prostitution? Thereby adding evil to the country for which you supposedly wish good. 'Everyone thinks to change the world, but no one thinks to change himself' (Leo Tolstoy).
At the same time, our hero is quite arrogant and arrogant.
The scenes where he gives tasks to his subordinates are indicative. They are afraid of him. He considers himself an educated, smart, worthy person. But he is empty, there is emptiness in his soul. Women for him are just an object for mating, because he has never met any other kind of lady. And suddenly he meets Yulia, who is also in complete disarray. She thinks that she is fighting for a better life, but in fact there are millions like her. And only exceptional individuals are given the opportunity to go against the system and change something at the global level, but, as a rule, this comes at the cost of their lives. Here Maxim is right, addressing the leader of the rebellious group Avdey, in which Yulia is a member, in one of the beer bars: “Avdey, if you want to be a real revolutionary, if you want you to have a thousand followers, and your unattractive face to be on every T-shirt.” , you need to stop working in kindergarten, go to the barricades, destroy windows, burn cars, and be beaten with batons every day.
The revolution needs martyrs, not idiots. In my opinion, an ordinary person, which is the majority, needs to improve the world
through self-improvement, creation, family, self-development, and not through protest and struggle for vague ideals.
So, two people with unsettled views met.
Nevertheless, Yulia has much more kindness, morality, and spirituality. Only the energy is not directed in the direction necessary to find harmony. As a result, our hero is framed at work and fired. At the same time, he loses his best friend. Yulia, the only girl who differs from the whirlwind of other women in his life, tells him to his face: “Your place is in the trash heap.” Where does he end up... What does the hero essentially lose when he ends up at the bottom, in a garbage dump? After all, he has already lost himself a long time ago, and the rest is no longer important... At the same time, he does not evoke pity or a drop of sympathy. If I had lived differently, everything would have been different. On the contrary, in the landfill, I really hope so, according to the author’s idea, he acquires himself, at least a particle. After all, someday an understanding must come that it is no longer possible to live like this... As I wrote above, I don’t see the idea in the film. 'Man is the architect of his own happiness.'
– what’s the point of the idea? But this is understandable.
The director didn't have to spend so much time and money to bring this age-old idea to the masses. Perhaps I am so biased because I have not read the book or watched the second part. Well, we'll fix this. To be continued... 5 out of 10

Spiritless: The Tale of an Unreal ManText

The sight of a dog’s grin with broken teeth, so vividly pictured in my head, immediately brings me to a picture from my childhood. A picture with which I still associate death. It is no secret that all children who grow up on fairy tales with happy endings, on good books and warmed by the warmth of those around them do not think about death at all. Moreover, they are not even aware of the very fact of its existence. When I was little, I had two budgies. And then a couple of times it happened that one of them disappeared. That is, in the evening, when I went to bed, there were two of them, and in the morning there was already one. Of course, at the end of the day a second one appeared, slightly different in plumage color, but it still appeared. Mom explained to me that in the morning one of the parrots got sick and she took him to the hospital, where he was very quickly cured and returned back. Naturally, having recovered, he slightly changed his plumage, as befits all those who have recovered. Another time I saw that one of the parrots was lying in a cage on its back, raising its ossified paws up, and was about to burst into tears, but again they explained to me that the parrot got sick and fell asleep, and in the evening it again turned out to be alive and unharmed in its place . Again, a slightly different color... At that time, I had no idea that my mother, who cared for my vulnerable child’s psyche, simply bought me a new parrot every time he died. And I, accustomed to the fact that fairy-tale heroes in the worst case fall asleep, but certainly do not die, believed in all the stories with illnesses, quick cures and so on. What could I do? Then death did not yet exist for me. And then one day I was walking down the street with my grandmother and saw the corpse of a dog. Apparently, she was hit by a car. The dog’s body seemed to be broken in half, its mouth was twisted into a terrible grin, some of its teeth were knocked out. And at that moment I realized that THEY DO NOT SLEEP LIKE THIS. That in books, princes and princesses, even bewitched by the most terrible witches, sleep with serenely beautiful faces until someone is found to kiss them or sprinkle them with living water. And that they don’t have distorted faces and broken bodies. I remember with what horror I asked my grandmother what happened to the poor dog, clearly realizing that the worst thing had happened to the dog. Grandma looked at me very sadly and replied that the dog had died. Shedding tears, I asked my grandmother questions all the way home: will the dog really never wake up? Is it really possible that no one can help her? And to all my questions I received the answer: NO. This very NO gave rise to a whole series of even more terrible questions in my childhood mind. So, does this mean we will all die someday? And the parrots, and you, and mom, and me, finally? I don’t really remember in what way my grandmother answered me in the affirmative, but I remember very well that for the first time in my life I felt truly scared. It was an incomparable fear of the imminent loss of people dear to me. Moreover, all the arguments that this would not happen soon only aroused greater horror in me. The horror of irresistibility and the realization that all these fun days, all this sun, winter, spring, summer, autumn, rain, snow and so on - there is only a small delay before the inevitable finale. After that scene with the dog, I lived for some time with this terrible feeling of a person who has become acquainted with death, but then, as it should be

child, lighter moments displaced death from my consciousness. But I still remember the sight of that dog’s posthumous grin very clearly. Of course, there were many more deaths in my life later. School friends, just acquaintances, just very good friends, relatives, mother, but this first, childhood feeling of death was for me the revelation that you remember all your life. Later, it was mixed with nostalgia for childhood, such painful memories of a time when much bad had not yet happened to you or your loved ones. When everything was still perceived in the future tense. When today was catastrophically far away and many of the events that led me to it could simply not have happened. Or it would have happened, but not to me...


No matter how much you say “halva, halva,” your mouth won’t get any sweeter, it’s crap, it’s crap.
Kilometers are the best aphrodisiacs.
There is a goal, there is a distance. The rest is details.
What we hate most is what we are drawn to, what we so carefully copy, what we envy and what we want to possess.
In Vogue, as in any fashionable restaurant, there are many prostitutes posing as honest girls from the capital, and even more honest girls from the capital, for some reason posing as prostitutes. How the first differ from the second is completely unclear to me
These references to classics and lyrics sound especially cool. Whoever you take, any “hero of our time” - Chatsky, Onegin, Pechorin - all the characters led an absolutely aimless existence, looking for the meaning of life, spiritual homes, etc. And the search for “spirituality”, even just listening to you, continues like this three centuries. And the cart, Misha, is still there.
Truly, the road of cocaine in the morning is a step into the unknown...
Indeed, since this is hell, then, of course, there must be demons in it? These are very modern demons. Without horns and hooves, but with horns and handcuffs.
Angels have no place in the dirt. Flap your wings and fly away.
We all drink together a cocktail of passion, lust, tenderness, jealousy, blood and deception.
-Where are we going?

- Towards the dream. Most importantly, don't forget to buckle up. We'll take off soon.

He is the person you definitely want to have as a friend, or even better, as a loved one.
I'm trying to build London around me, brother.
— Misha
All the shy and hardworking colleagues immediately took off their masks and became who they wanted to be. Bastards, perverts, ladies' men. Inaccessible beauties, femme fatales and depraved whores.
Since we have all been poisoned for a long time by the poisons of cynicism, vulgarity and misanthropy that have accumulated in our bodies over such a short life, then, devouring each other, we will all die out in the end. And God grant that healthier people replace us.
I'm going to die here now. I will die from your indifference and emptiness. Hey, somebody talk to me! You hear?
Right at the exit there is a smell of not quite fresh fish, probably from the kitchen. But I want to believe that it was Vadim who began to rot. And it also seems to me that he is sitting and crying. And it increases my self-esteem. I'm probably not completely done yet.
That's how they live. In the morning to the trainer, in the evening to the dealer. In the morning they exhaust themselves with exercise equipment, in the evening with drugs. It seems to me that they work so hard on their own health in the morning just so that they have something to ruin in the evening.
New people enter the carriage. It seems to me that they are all carefully examining me and waiting for me to tell them some fundamental truth that can turn their lives around. Or I’ll just tell you to fuck off.
Has nothing really changed? Or no, not like that. Have we really not changed anything?
And I’m bursting with tenderness and romance of the situation, and I feel good, like in childhood, when my mother covered me sleeping with a blanket. And it seems to me that the scales have swung. And that cup of them, filled with pieces of good, fragments resting somewhere in the depths of me, went down, outweighing all my nasty things, which seemed dominant until tonight. Or is it all just me?
If you want to be rich, work for the poor.
The emptiness in economical packaging for a discounter in Zhulebin is not much different from the emptiness in a bright gift box for the Podium boutique. Believe me.
The only difference between the Internet and the real world is that the crowd here is felt much more clearly.
Only one in a thousand human beings is able to resist the vulgarity and ugliness of the world around them, remaining a thinking person.
The Internet is a very attractive thing because of these kinds of things. In addition to being an excellent platform for communication, it opens a person to a different kind of opportunity. The one we read about in science fiction novels. Possibility of transformation.
It's only in action movies that the bad guys die from the bullets of the good guys. And in real life, scoundrels are the most resilient creatures of all mammals.
There are those who care. And everything is built on this. The main thing is to meet such people.
The world is no longer ruled by capital. Hypocrisy and hypocrisy are the true kings of the world.
...a secretary is not a position, but a special human breed, trained from childhood to be stupid, philandering and rude to others.
That is life. Most of it you climb in an effort to take a place in the sun, and when you achieve what you want, you sometimes give up the ghost without having time to enjoy its first rays.
I’m sitting with my acquaintance Timur, one of those acquaintances whom everyone out of habit calls friends, although, of course, they are not friends at all, but just people you call when you have nothing to do in the evening and need a drinking companion to squander another a couple of hundred.
- What is this in your hands, in the package?

- Money, Vadim, money.

- Ah-ah... I thought it was drugs.

- It hits the brain worse than any drug, brother...

Sometimes my imagination draws bales on the backs of slightly hunched figures, turning them into serf slaves, daily paying their masters taxes in the form of their own health, feelings and emotions. The stupidest and most terrible thing about this is that they do all this of their own free will, in the absence of any serfdom.
I clearly understand that the days of passionate friendship passed in the fifth grade, when you became “inseparable” with a person after the first game of football.
Pimples - because they don't fuck. And don't f*ck it because it's acne.
And so we play nasty things, make fun of them, although if this happens to you, you will instantly burst into pink snot and become disgustingly sentimental.
“Great, it’s high time you changed.” You know, sometimes I think you just need to calm down and stop doing stupid things. Just look around and realize that there is so much love around you and you just don’t want to notice it. And sometimes I am very scared for you. After all, in fact, you are very good, just playing at being a cynic. And you don’t need any masks, you just need to stop rocking yourself, and everything will be fine. Just believe that everything will be very good.
- Julia
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