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Quotes from Tyutchev

Prepared by: Dmitry Sirotkin

I present to you a selection of quotes from the poet and diplomat Fyodor Tyutchev (1803 - 1873).

In his person we find a somewhat strange combination of a subtle lyricist, a lover of social life, a thinker, an enthusiastic but tragic singer of love, a conservative statesman, a censor, a privy councilor...

Quotes are divided into topics: love, nature, Russia, relationships, life, society, the West, poetry, man, life ethics, old age.

About love

Oh, how murderously we love, How in the violent blindness of passions We most certainly destroy that which is dear to our hearts!

I met you - and everything that was before came to life in an obsolete heart; I remembered the golden time - And my heart felt so warm...

There is more than one memory here, Here life speaks again, - And the same charm is in you, And the same love is in my soul!..

The trees bare their shoulders, the yellow ball hides the masks, Whoever says that time heals has never known love...

You loved and as you loved, No, no one has ever succeeded, Oh Lord! And survive this without your heart breaking into pieces!

So sweet and gracious, Airy and bright, Your Love was a hundredfold to my soul.

There is a high meaning in separation: No matter how much you love, even one day, even a century, Love is a dream, and a dream is one moment, And whether it is early or late to awaken, But a person must finally wake up...

Let the blood in the veins become scarce, But the tenderness in the heart does not become scarce... Oh, you, last love! You are both bliss and hopelessness.

Oh, how in our declining years we love more tenderly and more superstitiously... Shine, shine, farewell light of last Love, the dawn of the evening!

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About nature

Not what you think, nature: Not a cast, not a soulless face - She has a soul, she has freedom, She has Love, she has language.

Nature - Sphinx. And thus, with Her temptation, she most certainly destroys a person, That, perhaps, she has not and never had any Mystery since the ages.

It’s not for nothing that winter is angry, Its time has passed - Spring is knocking on the window And driving it out of the yard

Spring is the only revolution in this world.

The soul does not dream of everything painful: Spring has come and the sky will clear.

I love the thunderstorm at the beginning of May, when the first thunder of spring, as if frolicking and playing, rumbles in the blue sky.

In the original autumn there is a short but wonderful time - The whole day is as if crystal, And the evenings are radiant...

The air is empty, the birds are no longer heard, But the first winter storms are still far away - And clean and warm azure is pouring onto the resting field...

About Russia

Russia cannot be understood with the mind, nor can it be measured with a common yardstick: it has become something special - one can only believe in Russia.

There is nothing serious in Russia except Russia itself.

In Russia there are offices and barracks. Everything moves around the whip and rank.

The native land of long-suffering, you are the land of the Russian people!

I don’t have a longing for my homeland, but a longing for a foreign land.

Russian history before Peter the Great is a continuous dirge, and after Peter the Great it is one criminal case.

The smartest German, when he starts talking about Russia, will certainly turn out to be a fool.

We must admit that the position of Russian God is not a sinecure.

About relationships

How can the heart express itself? How can someone else understand you? Will he understand what you live for? A spoken thought is a lie.

It is not given to us to predict how our word will respond, - And we are given sympathy, Just as grace is given to us...

She took familiar sheets of paper and looked at them wonderfully, like souls looking from above at the body they abandoned...

Alas, what is our ignorance that is more helpless and sadder? Who dares to say: goodbye Across the abyss of two or three days?

And there is no feeling in your eyes, And there is no truth in your speeches, And there is no soul in you.

A written conversation is almost as tiring as a game of chess by correspondence.

About life

To survive does not mean to live.

While living, be able to experience everything: Sadness, joy, and anxiety - What do you want? Why bother? The day will be survived - and thank God!

No matter what life teaches us, But the heart believes in miracles...

Nowhere do they live such a full, real life as in a dream.

My life is smoldering so sadly And every day it goes up in smoke; So I gradually fade into unbearable monotony!..

The past does not breathe a light shadow, but under the ground, like a corpse, it lies.

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About the society

It is not the flesh, but the spirit that has become corrupted these days, and man is desperately yearning...

On earth, where everything has changed, there is no good higher than glory.

Above this dark crowd of the Unawakened people, Will you ever rise, Freedom, Will your golden ray shine?

Any weakening of mental life in society inevitably entails an increase in material inclinations and vile egoistic instincts.

About the West

There can be no alliance between Russia and the West, either for the sake of interests or for the sake of principles; we Russians must always remember that the principles on which Russia and Europe stand are so opposite, so mutually deny each other, that life alone is possible only at the cost of death another.

It has long been possible to predict that this furious hatred, which every year was inflamed more and more strongly in the West against Russia, would someday break loose. This moment has come... It is the whole West that has come to show its denial of Russia and block its path to the future.

It was not without sadness that I parted with this rotten West, so clean and full of comforts, in order to return to this promising future mud of my dear homeland.

About poetry

Poems never proved anything other than the greater or lesser talent of their writer.

A clean hand will not violate your shrine, but your life will inadvertently be strangled, or carried away beyond the clouds.

Lovers, madmen and poets from one imagination merged!

About a human

An imperturbable order in everything, a complete consonance in nature, - Only in our illusory freedom do we recognize discord with it. Where and how did the discord arise? And why, in the general choir, does the Soul not sing like the sea, And why does the thinking reed murmur?

We stand blindly before Fate, It is not for us to tear off its cover...

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About life ethics

Happy is he who visited this world in its fatal moments!

Be silent, hide and hide your feelings and dreams!

About old age

When memories fade in our hearts, death makes them bloom again in its hands.

Fragments of old generations.

About miscellaneous

Russia’s heart will not forget you, like its first love.

But all charms are short-lived; they are not allowed to visit us.

Wasted work - no, you can’t reason with them, - The more liberal, the more vulgar they are, Civilization is a fetish for them, But its idea is inaccessible to them. No matter how you bend before her, gentlemen, you will not win recognition from Europe: In her eyes you will always be Not servants of enlightenment, but slaves.

Hours of monotonous battle, A weary night's tale! The language is foreign to everyone and understandable to everyone, like conscience!

One gets the impression that Tyutchev somehow managed to find himself practically outside the literary process in Russia, creating his poems autonomously and in a certain internal logic. It is also surprising how he managed to retain his poetic talent while engaging in prosaic matters of public service.

He was probably perhaps the first (and perhaps the last?) major Russian poet who actively promoted the official ideology of the Russian Empire in his poems . This is reminiscent of the case of Mayakovsky (see quotes from Mayakovsky), but he, at least at the beginning, was intoxicated with the idea of ​​​​creating a new, better world. In essence, real poetry and propaganda are incompatible things.

Quotes about Tyutchev

  • P. Vyazemsky: With the death of Pushkin and the absence of Zhukovsky, my literary relations were almost completely stopped. Tyutchev alone has something else in common.
  • A. Fet: Tyutchev is sweet to me not so much as a person who treated me more than friendly, but as the most airy embodiment of the poet, as romanticism pictures him. To begin with, Fyodor Ivanovich shrank painfully at the slightest hint of his poetic gift, and no one dared to start a conversation with him about it. (see quotes from Fet)
  • I. Turgenev: His poems do not smell like composition; they all seem to have been written for a certain occasion, as Goethe wanted, that is, they were not invented, but grew on their own, like fruit on a tree... In this sense, his poetry deserves the name practical, that is, sincere, serious. (see quotes from Turgenev)
  • N. Nekrasov: The poems of Mr. F. T. belong to the few brilliant phenomena in the field of Russian poetry. G. F. T. wrote very little; but everything he wrote bears the stamp of true and beautiful talent, often original, always graceful, full of thought and genuine feeling. We are sure that if Mr. F. T. wrote more, his talent would have given him one of the most honorable places in Russian poetry. (see quotes from Nekrasov)
  • I. Aksakov: The mind is strong and firm - with weakness and powerlessness of will, reaching the point of weakness; the mind is vigilant and sober - with the sensitivity of the nerves the most subtle, almost feminine - with irritability, flammability, in a word, with the creative process of the poet’s soul with all its instantly flaring up ghosts and self-deception.
  • L. Tolstoy: Once upon a time, Turgenev, Nekrasov... barely managed to persuade me to read Tyutchev, but when I read it, I was simply dumbfounded by the magnitude of his creative talent. (see quotes from Leo Tolstoy)
  • A. Blok: Well, what is Tyutchev? Briefly, little, all excerpts. Besides, he is German, abstract. (see Blok's quotes)
  • Y. Tynyanov: An analysis of Tyutchev’s art leads to the conclusion that Tyutchev is the canonizer of the archaic branch of Russian lyric poetry, dating back to Lomonosov and Derzhavin. He is the link connecting the “florid” odic lyrics of the 18th century with the lyrics of the Symbolists. Starting from Derzhavin's vocabulary, he significantly softens the archaic contours of the solemn and philosophical ode, merging them with some elements of Zhukovsky's style.
  • I. Brodsky: Tyutchev is undoubtedly a significant figure, but with all this talk about his metaphysical nature, it is somehow missed that Russian literature has not given birth to a greater loyal subject. As for me, I cannot read the second volume of Tyutchev’s works without—I won’t say disgust—astonishment. (see quotes from Brodsky)

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Quotes about nature and man

“Man made a huge mistake when he imagined that he could separate himself from nature and ignore its laws.”

V. I. Vernadsky

(Russian and Soviet scientist, thinker and public figure)

We are created according to the laws of nature, and therefore it is foolish not to follow them. Without knowing the basic rules and laws of nature, humanity will not be able to conquer the elements, control them and become superior to other creatures on earth.

“Man, of course, is the master of nature, but not in the sense of its exploiter, but as one who understands it and bears the moral responsibility for preserving and improving in it (and, consequently, in himself) everything living and beautiful.”

A.S. Arsenyev


Taking advantage of the gifts of nature, shouldn't we take care of their preservation? Unfortunately, human activity is often aimed at destruction. We have created atomic bombs, we are building plants and factories that poison the world around us. But a prudent owner will never allow his farm to be destroyed. Likewise, people should strive not for wars and destruction, but for managing natural cycles. And this is possible if we study nature and certainly love it.

“Let us not... be too deluded by our victories over nature. For every such victory she takes revenge on us.”

F. Engels

(German philosopher, one of the founders of Marxism)

And we see evidence of this more and more often: scorched steppes that have turned into deserts, irreversible climate change, poisoned air in megacities, dirty water in the seas and oceans - this can lead to the death of all life on the planet.

“A country with a constant climate cannot be especially beautiful... A country in which there are four sharply demarcated seasons is always beautiful and will never get boring. A true nature lover welcomes every season as the most beautiful.”

M. Twain

(American writer)

The beauty of nature lies in everything that surrounds us - both in the sunny day and the gentle sea that splashes under our feet. In the lush greenery in which the gardens are buried in the summer. But winter is just as beautiful - with its endless blizzards and frost. How much perfection and subtle beauty there is in one single snowflake! What about autumn? Caressed by the sun and washed by the rains, now sad, now grumpy, now tender, now gloomy... Love for nature, the ability to enjoy its gifts, care for it and endless gratitude for everything that it has created - this is the main moral quality of a real person.

The theme of nature in Tyutchev’s works

Tyutchev is sure that people are sources of chaos; they do not control their passions, unlike nature. She knows the secret of eternal peace, lives in an orderly manner, develops, acts according to unknown, higher laws. The surrounding plants, trees, birds are a world united with man, which the author glorifies in poetry.

It is impossible not to love nature, since it is part of one single being. The writer often used cosmic motifs and theories. Life around a person moves in a circle, the cycles are interdependent. The life of one tree repeats itself from year to year, every autumn it sheds its leaves and blooms again in the spring. The author associates this cyclicality with clear order, and the interruption of a person’s life with chaos.

Writers and poets about the work and personality of the poet F.I. Tyutchev

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V.A. Zhukovsky, A.S. Pushkin and N.A. Nekrasov about the poet’s work

Portrait gallery 7

“To the best works of Tyutchev , and indeed all Russian poetry , in the opinion of N.A. Nekrasov , belongs to the poem “I remember the golden time...” (1834, 1836) . “Even Pushkin would not have refused such a poem,” wrote Nekrasov. Let us remind you once again that it remains unexplained why Tyutchev needed more than ten years of waiting for the event to which it was dedicated to write the poem.

On the same portrait, Pushkin wrote his impromptu address to Zhukovsky:

His poems are captivatingly sweet

Centuries will pass the envious distance,

And, listening to them, youth will sigh for glory,

Silent sadness will be consoled

And playful joy will reflect.

The portrait given by Zhukovsky was very dear to Pushkin, he never parted with it.

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excerpts from the biography of the son of Fyodor Tyutchev

What role does nature play in Tyutchev’s poems?

Each poem about nature conveys the feeling that the author experiences at the moment. Tyutchev draws a parallel between human sensations and the state of the sky, earth, and plants. These images are of great importance in the poems of Fyodor Ivanovich.

The philosophy of autumn is compared to the state of a person’s soul during a period of apathy, fatigue, and frustration. In his works, even when describing the passing summer, the writer introduces positive motives. This way he conveys the idea that every season has its own charm, just like every stage of a person’s life.

The author is fascinated by night time; he considers it mysterious, opening up new possibilities. This is the best time to unite with existence, space and the forces of nature. The poet's heart is open to new sensations; he is in constant search for harmony, tranquility, order and the meaning of life.

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