Statuses about work: funny phrases about work with meaning

Aphorisms about career

There are two types of devils: demoted angels and career people. S. Lec

Career - climbing a mountain peak. The higher, the more difficult it is, but also the more dangerous. V. Zubkov

A career is a wonderful thing, but it can't warm anyone on a cold night. Marilyn Monroe

Careerism - falling upward. A. Prozorov

The best poker players in the world don't ask to be casino managers. Tom Peters

When you retire, you will move away from a world where everyone keeps track of who has become what, and you will stop being meticulous about what jobs your peers are assigned to. Walter Wriston

I have yet to hear a person ask for advice on how to integrate marriage and career. Gloria Steinem

Project management is the furnace in which successful careers are smelted. Thomas Stewart

I started by forcing myself to start. Madame Walker

The power of the official position gradually gives way to the power of the individual. Now the formal title of a job and its place on the organizational chart have less influence on career prospects and success than the skills, abilities and ideas that a person demonstrates during his work. Rosabeth Moss Kanter

I had to work long enough to find out that I didn't like the job. Paul Theroux

Never burn bridges. Today's young guy working next door to you will become tomorrow's senior partner. Sigourney Weaver

The difference between a profession and a career is the difference between working forty and sixty hours a week. Robert Frost

He who gets up one more time than he falls will make it through.

When you climb to the top of the stairs, the hardest part is getting through the crowd at the first step. Arch Ward

If you want to start straight from the top of your profession, invent your own profession. Ashley Brilliant

The only profession in which one starts right at the very top is hole digging. Unknown author

The easiest way to climb the career ladder is from the family tree. "20, Quips Quotes LLC"

Don't be indispensable. Those who are irreplaceable are not promoted. Chapman's Law

The bed is often just a step. Georges Courtelin

In our time, the true symbol of the social status of a high-ranking African is a white chauffeur. Bill Deeds

What you are far from seems high to you, but go up and it will turn out to be low. Let me be a liar if you don’t want to climb higher even then: what you considered the top is just a step. Seneca

It is not as joyful to see many behind you as it is bitter to look at even one running ahead. Seneca

Some became people, others remained people. Arkady Davidovich

Whatever the upheavals in a person’s life, he is no longer afraid of falling when he sits on the bottom step. J. Bernardin

He who has many positions will not succeed in any of them. And those who serve here and here, And there and here they wait in vain. S. Brant

A high position sometimes eliminates the need to also have talents. L. Vauvenargues

Some people climb to a high position in life, like chimney sweeps who crawl through dark, suffocating and dirty chimneys and are completely covered with soot and soot. I. Goethe

However, he will reach the known levels, Because nowadays they love the dumb. A. Griboyedov

I would be glad to serve, but being served is sickening. A. Griboyedov

Ranks are given by people, but people can be deceived. A. Griboyedov

It is not the position that ennobles and elevates a person, but the position, thanks to the person, becomes noble and high. A. Jami

What occupies a high position is not always high, and what occupies a low position is not always low. Charles Dickens

Whoever has entered the rank of a fox will be a wolf in the rank. V. Zhukovsky

It is not important who is the first and who is the last to enter the boss’s office, it is important who comes out how. V. Zubkov

For some, promotion to a higher position is the result of a merit of the head, for others it is a reward for many years of patience of the buttocks. V. Zubkov

If your career is going well, be attentive and careful. Don't miss the step from which you begin to slide down. V. Zubkov

The career ladder is an anachronism. Modern technology allows this to be done using a high-speed elevator. His services are, of course, more expensive, but what a speed... V. Zubkov

Career desires are always limited by the capabilities of the patron. V. Zubkov

It doesn't matter what you know, it matters who knows you. V. Zubkov

The intelligence of a boss should be judged by his attitude towards those employees who are smarter than him. V. Zubkov

Career success largely depends on how correctly you determine who is the trump card. V. Zubkov

It is not honors, titles, greatness that constitute the real value for a person, but the opinion that the public has about them. P. Calderon

It is not easy to meet a person who, having devoted three years of his life to teaching, would not dream of occupying a high position. Confucius

High places make great people greater, and low places more low. J. Labruyère

A high position that requires a flexible mind is much easier to occupy than to maintain. J. Labruyère

There are two paths to the high position: a well-trodden direct road and a circuitous path around it, which is much shorter. J. Labruyère

Each of us must be worthy of the position he occupies, that’s all we should care about: the rest is the business of others. J. Labruyère

Anyone who knows how, if necessary, to calmly give up a big name, a high position or a large fortune, immediately gets rid of the burden of many worries, anxieties, and sometimes even crimes. J. Labruyère

We may appear significant when occupying a position that is beneath us, but we often appear insignificant when occupying a position that is too high for us. F. La Rochefoucauld

Be careful not to fall under the wheel of someone else's fortune. E. Lec

Having reached the pinnacle of success, you may not meet a single friend there. Mark Twain

Be polite to the people you meet on the way up, you will meet them again on the way down. W. Mizner

Kill your conscience - this is the biggest enemy of anyone who wants to quickly achieve success in life. O. Mirabeau

It is not difficult to rise up; It's hard to remain yourself. J Michelet

They pursue privileges, positions and other worldly tinsel not at all for the sake of serving society, but rather in order to benefit from public affairs for themselves. M. Montaigne

Ranks and positions - this is how the axis has turned - are given to a person more often by luck than by merit... Look who is the most powerful in our cities and does the best job - and you will find that usually these are the least capable people. M. Montaigne

Those who cannot speak will not make a career. Napoleon I

Those who stand high and in full view of everyone should not allow themselves to make impetuous movements. Napoleon I

You can stop during the ascent, but not during the descent. Napoleon

A successful career can begin with competent examination performance, continue with competent sycophancy, and culminate with competent selection of an advantageous bride. S. Parkinson

Careers made by one's own head are always stronger and wider than careers made by low bows or the intercession of an important uncle. D. Pisarev

Those who do not go to university as a temple of science go to it as the threshold of a career. D. Pisarev

Among the immutable truths is the one according to which a person, no matter how high he climbs on the ladder of Life, always sees from his place someone who is closer to the top than he is. And no matter how low a person sinks and retreats, he will never reach the last step, below which no one would stand. A. Reyhani ar-Reyhami

Now in bureaucratic circles they have become so deftly groveling that they can easily blow their noses with the help of their toes. W. Scott

Anyone who climbs a ladder must start from the first flight. W. Scott

It’s not enough to be able to stay in the shadows, you also need to know whose. E. Torosov

Have you noticed that a person who is unusually absent-minded in a circle of subordinates is never absent-minded with superior persons? Ya. Turgenev

The ranks begin - sincerity ceases. D. Fonvizin

The higher a person's position, the more strict should be the limits that restrain the self-will of his character. G. Freytag

They learn from their mistakes, and make a career from others. A. Furstenberg

When you see how persistently the zealots of the existing order expel worthy people from any position in which they could benefit society, when you look closely at the alliance concluded by fools against all who are smart, it inevitably begins to seem that the lackeys have entered into a conspiracy to eliminate gentlemen N. Chamfort

I have heard from many, including very intelligent people, that a great career certainly requires intelligence. This statement, in my opinion, is not entirely true. It would be more correct to say differently: there is intelligence and ingenuity of such a kind that the owners of these properties simply cannot help but make a career, even if they are endowed with virtue, which, as we know, is the most dangerous obstacle on the path to everyday success. N. Chamfort

Do you want to know how to make a career? Look at what is happening in the stalls of the theater when there is a large crowd of audience: some remain in place all the time, others are pushed back, others are pushed forward. This comparison is so true that an expression that conveys its essence has entered the language of the people: a commoner says not to make a career, but to “get into the people”; a secular person uses other words - “advance”, “move forward”, “take their rightful place”, but although these softened expressions are freed from side ideas about violence, fury, rudeness, the essence of the matter does not change at all. N. Chamfort

When climbing a steep slope, the main thing is not to rush from the very beginning; impetuousness is an arrogant horse, give it free rein and it will exhaust itself with its own ardor. W. Shakespeare

As soon as an outstanding talent appears in any profession, immediately all the mediocrities of this profession try to hush up the matter and by any means deprive him of the opportunity and opportunity to become famous and declare himself before the world, as if he were planning an attempt on their inability, banality and mediocrity. A. Schopenhauer

Take the place and position that is right for you, and everyone will recognize it. R. Emerson

He who wants to rise must sacrifice himself for others. E. Echeverría

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Quotes from successful people about business

There is a lot to learn from famous people. They have gone through ups and downs, and from their example you can learn how to run a business.

  1. If there is a problem, then there is a solution. (Jeff Bezos)
  2. There is no life without mistakes, but try to make small mistakes both in your personal life and in business. Always learn from other people's mistakes. The more you learn from their mistakes, the less likely you are to make your own. (Carlos Slim)
  3. Think through everything in detail for yourself and come to your own decisions. Don't be led by the opinions of most people. (Larry Ellison)
  4. In business, always think with your own head, have your own principles and make decisions yourself. (Larry Ellison)
  5. Entrepreneurship is about creating opportunities, not companies. This is helping people solve their problems, not just business. This is an opportunity to change the world for the better, not just make money. (Mark Zuckerberg)
  6. Never go into business just to make money. If this is the main motive, then it is better to do nothing. (Richard Branson)
  7. Good brands reflect the history of the time and the group of people who created them. They cannot be copied and cannot be remade. (Richard Branson)

  8. Personal or professional success is not a sprint, but a marathon. Success doesn't come overnight. In order to achieve something, you need to devote yourself completely to it, without reserve. And we must remember that in this marathon of life there are no straight paths. (Mukesh Ambani)
  9. To succeed in business, you must put your heart into your business and the business into your heart. (Thomas John Watson, Jr.)
  10. It is dangerous not to develop in business. (Jeff Bezos)
  11. What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone else, know your customer and have a burning desire to succeed. (Dave Thomas, Wendy's founder)
  12. You need to be a leader and attract people so that they believe in you and want to stay with you for a long time. (Larry Page)
  13. There are many opportunities in the world, you must be alert and not miss them in order to seize the right moment. (Steve Ballmer)


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The best employees are not suitable for the highest positions, but they are good in secondary roles. Gaston de Levis

The best way to make a career is to work for someone who has a career.
Marion Kellogg
You can't make a career by climbing the rungs of a shabby staircase.
You need to be in an elevator in the right company. Zbyszek Krygiel
There are people who make a career.
And nothing else. Wolfgang Escher
It's worth climbing up, if only to look at the people from above.
Frank Moore Colby
Getting a job is harder than holding one.
Lawrence Peter
Man can climb to the highest peak;
but he cannot stay there for long. Bernard Shaw
A career is a horse that enters the gates of eternity without a rider.
Karl Kraus
The less worthy bad citizens are of the honorable positions they receive, the more careless they become and filled with stupidity and impudence.
Birds that fly high not only have large wings, but also heavy beaks.
Leonid Nikolaevich Andreev
When you climb onto the roof, do not throw away the ladder.
Karol Izhikowski
The higher you rise, the deeper you get stuck.
Lawrence Peter
He who stands tall and in full view of everyone should not allow himself to make impetuous movements.
Napoleon I (Bonaparte)
Be more polite to the people you meet while climbing up - you will meet them again when you go down.
Wilson Mizner
He who is high must be as subject to circumstances as a weather vane on a tower.
Heinrich Heine
The higher you rise, the more difficult it is for others to understand whether you are doing your job or not.
Allan Cohen
Those who give way to others in time will go far.
Eugeniusz Korkosz
He is one of that breed of people who are the second to enter the door and the first to leave.
Jonathan Lynn, Anthony Jay
Whoever achieves much, lacks much.
Publilius Syrus
The dishonest means by which many rise to the occasion clearly show that the ends are also not worthy of a kind word.
Michel de Montaigne
What occupies a high position is not always high, and what occupies a low position is not always low.
Charles Dickens
We will achieve the greatest success in what we have the best ability for.
Unknown author
What must rise to the very top begins at the very bottom.
Quintus Horace Flaccus
There are two paths to a high position: a well-trodden straight road and a roundabout path that is much shorter.
Jean de La Bruyère
He achieved more in his life of service, Whose strength, intelligence and courage lived in friendship.
Harun Guseinovich Agatsarsky
Peaks are not reached immediately.
Unknown author
High position has such a corrupting influence on us that it is not in our power to refuse it.
George Saville Halifax
The difference between a career and a job is that when you do a job, you stay in one place.
If you want to make a career, then work should be a step leading to the achievement of a specific goal. And when you go to work, you must clearly understand at what point you will leave this job. By Charlie Conran
Choosing a career is a leap into a waterfall.
Natalya Grace
The one who does not do what he is told, and the one who does no more than what he is told, will never make it to the top.
Andrew Carnegie
There are no two more different people than the same person, when he is still applying for a place and when he has already taken it.
George Saville Halifax
Is it possible to escape responsibility by climbing the corporate ladder?
Oleg Sein
Career is more difficult for women, because they do not have a wife to push them forward.
Yanina Ipohorskaya
There is little joy in climbing higher and higher if you still remain on the stairs.
Christian Friedrich Goebbel
I was good while I was climbing.
Gaius Julius Caesar

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Aphorisms about career (Part 1)

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Cool and funny statuses about work

  1. I didn't sleep, but tested the keyboard for resistance to drooling.
  2. Work is the greatest thing in the world, so we should always put it off until tomorrow.
  3. My boss didn't know I was drinking until I showed up to work sober one day.
  4. I'm in a dangerous place. Here the bosses are holding my salary hostage. I won't get it until I do what they tell me
  5. My bed didn't feel very good this morning. I had to stay home to take care of her. (Read more funny statuses for VK or WhatsApp).
  6. Tell your boss what you really think about him. And the truth will set you free.
  7. I gave up my seat to a blind man on the bus. So I lost my job as a bus driver.
  8. Why am I working without initiative? Because I haven't won the lottery yet.
  9. Some say I'm a dreamer. Others think that sleeping on the job will get me fired. Where is the truth?
  10. I got a job today, and they asked for three recommendations. I provided a dictionary, thesaurus, and map.
  11. All I want is to spend more time working less. Therefore, he should receive a higher salary for not fulfilling his desire.

  12. I'm in that place they call work. I guess I should work while I'm here.
  13. I don't care how bad I feel when I go to work. I try to give my best, in no case more than 12%.
  14. The job isn't easy or fun, but it's a lot safer than lingering in a liquor store.
  15. Did I fall asleep while working? To my boss, this is a signal that I'm working so hard that my eyelids are sticking together. (Do you love yourself? Then read cool statuses about your beloved self).
  16. Right now I'm working. But next time I put off my business for later, I will come back to you.
  17. The boss is behind me! Therefore, do not write to me if you do not want to give him compliments about me.
  18. A successful man is one who continues to look for work after work.

Wise and short statuses about work

  1. Nothing ruins a good day like work.
  2. Isn't it scary that doctors call their work practice?
  3. No one leaves work early unless the boss leaves early.
  4. Morning is the time when everyone envy the unemployed.
  5. It would be much more pleasant to drive to work through a beer bar.
  6. I'm tired from work, and so should you.
  7. Thoughts from a Worker: Millions of people on welfare depend on me.
  8. The only reason I go to work is money.
  9. Can I trade my work for what's behind the cash register door?
  10. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow.
  11. The work is so interesting. I can look at her all day.
  12. Talent does what it can. A genius does what he has to do. I do what I get paid to do.
  13. I have to, I really have to go to work, but my legs won’t obey me. My exit to work!
  14. I have this thing called work.


  15. Due to economic difficulties I have to go to work.
  16. Do I work a lot... or do I barely work?
  17. Hello, I'm going to work, are you with me?
  18. Not available, works... At least that's what my boss thinks.
  19. My boss wished me a good day. I am going home.
  20. These people at work give me work all the time! Can you believe it?
  21. Hard work may not kill you, but why take the risk?
  22. A procrastinator's work is never done.
  23. Hopefully all this hard work will pay off one day.
  24. I love my job. This is a job I hate.
  25. All I ever wanted was an honest week's pay for an honest day's work.
  26. According to my calculations, if we work, then there is no problem.

I recommend reading wise quotes and words for every day.

Laughing statuses about your favorite job with meaning

  1. Am I sleeping at work? No, I'm just trying to pick up contact lenses off the table hands-free.
  2. Don't worry, better days are coming at the job you love. They are called Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  3. I work in a library. Literally all we do is stack books by thickness and size.
  4. I am fascinated by my work, I can look at it for hours.
  5. Most people are shocked to find out how bad I am as an electrician.
  6. I keep thinking about quitting my favorite job and going back to school. But then I remember how easy my job is.
  7. I consider working at a fireworks factory pointless; I was often fired from it.
  8. I was going to become an ophthalmologist, but I couldn't see anything.
  9. I got a job I loved at a health club. Here they constantly tell me that I am sick.

New and interesting statuses and thoughts about work

  1. You've had plenty of time to relax on your vacation. It's time to get to work. Do everything possible to ensure that your work brings you good dividends.
  2. About working in the police. A police officer came to my house and asked where I had been between the ages of 5 and 6. I answered: “In kindergarten.”
  3. The teacher's job is to take a bunch of live wires called children. And make sure they are well grounded. (Do you want to know more about the work of a teacher? Then read the list of quotes and aphorisms about teachers with meaning).
  4. Most bosses who work from home suddenly find that they don't have secretaries to serve as security. (About the work involved and the security service)
  5. Happiness and prosperity love the company of workers. (About the team at work)
  6. Being afraid to return to work after a vacation or long weekend is the cowardice of a sloth.
  7. Success is sweeter when it is achieved through hard work. Going to work!
  8. I love waking up in the middle of the night to realize that I still have time to sleep before work.
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