50+ very kind and wise quotes from books about the Moomins

50+ very kind and wise quotes from books about the Moomins

About the writer and her books

Tove Marika Jansson (Swedish: Tove Marika Jansson, 1914 - 2001) is a Finnish writer, artist, and illustrator. She gained worldwide fame thanks to her books about the Moomins. She wrote in Swedish. Tove Jansson is primarily known for her children's books about the Moomins. The first part of the series, “Little Trolls and the Big Flood,” was not a great success, but the second, “Chasing the Comet,” made Jansson famous in her homeland and throughout the world. Many characters in the Moomin universe have real prototypes among the writer’s relatives. Jansson gained worldwide fame thanks to the book series about the Moomins: charming creatures living in the idyllic Moomin Valley. These books, for which Jansson did the illustrations herself, broke all records for popularity in the 1950s and 60s. They sold millions of copies and were published all over the world.

In total, Jansson wrote 8 stories about the Moomins (“Little Trolls and the Great Flood”, “Moomintroll and the Comet”, “The Wizard’s Hat”, “Dangerous Summer”, “Memoirs of Moominpappa”, “Magic Winter”, “Dad”) and the sea”, “At the end of November”), one collection of stories “The Invisible Child”, 4 picture books (“Dangerous Journey”, “What Then”, “Who Will Comfort the Little One”, “The Fraudster in the Moomin House” ).


Moomin series Little Trolls and the Great Flood (Småtrollen och den stora översvämningen) - 1945 Moomintroll and the Comet (Kometjakten / Kometen kommer) - 1946 The Wizard's Hat (Trollkarlens hatt) - 1948 Memoirs of Moominpappa (Muminpappans bravader / Muminpappans memo arer) — 1950 Dangerous Summer (Farlig midsommar) - 1954 Magic Winter (Trollvinter) - 1957 The Invisible Child (Det osynliga barnet) - 1962 (collection of stories) Dad and the Sea (Pappan och havet) - 1965 At the end of November (Sent i november) - 1970 Many of the books have more than one edition and differ significantly in plot and set of illustrations. Moomintroll and the comet (When the comet arrives)

Other works "The Sculptor's Daughter" (1968) - autobiographical story "Summer Book" (1972) - story "Who Can Listen" (1971) - collection of stories "City of the Sun" (1974) - novel "Toy House" (1978) - collection of stories "Honest Deception" (1982) - story "Stone Field" (1984) - story "Travel Light" (1987) - collection of stories "Fair Game" (1989) - collection of stories "Letters from Clara" (1991) - collection of stories "Notes" from the island" (1996) - story "Messages" (1998) - collection of stories "Gray Silk" (1971-1991) - collection of stories

Moomintroll and the comet (When the comet arrives)

It must be very lonely for someone who everyone is afraid of.

The raft has disappeared! - he exclaimed. — The coffee pot was carried away into the bowels of the earth! How are we without coffee now? “It’s okay, we’ll eat pancakes,” said Snusmumrik.

I understand it's difficult when you want to have something, but you can't take it with you. But I just look at what I like, and then I leave, and it remains in my head. It's more pleasant than carrying suitcases.

The muskrat is a little upset,” the mother explained. - This happens when you are left without a home, and besides, you catch a cold. I'll drink some coffee and try to scrub off the dustiest areas. Calm down and don't needlessly scare Sniff.

- Don't be sad! - exclaimed Moomintroll. - We'll get there soon! We’ll come and mom will already have breakfast ready, and she’ll say: just think, you did it all, and we’ll say: you can’t even imagine what we had to go through!

My home was just a hole, but I loved it. The philosopher, of course, stands above worldly attachments, and yet it was an excellent hole.

I own everything I see and think about. I own the whole world.

Wizard Hat

There is no order in this world, the Hemulen thought sadly. - Yesterday it was too hot, today it is too wet. I’ll go get some more sleep.”

Someone who eats pancakes with jam can't be that scary

Dad looked at himself from front, back and sides and, sighing, put his hat on the chest of drawers. “Yes,” he agreed. - Why decorate something that doesn’t need decoration?

Magic winter (Moomintroll winter)

But just because someone is right doesn’t make it any easier for you. Quite the contrary.

“Apples used to grow here,” remarked the sociable Moomintroll, looking at the bare trees. “And now snow is growing here,” Too-tikki answered indifferently and moved on.

Everything is very uncertain and that’s what calms me down.

In the end of November

You can lie on the bridge and watch the water flow. Or run, or wander through the swamp in red boots, or curl up in a ball and listen to the rain pattering on the roof. It's very easy to be happy.

When you have a desire to do something, you need to make a decision immediately and not wait until this mood passes.

No need to worry. There is nothing worse in the world than ourselves.

To give shape to a big dream, you need space and silence.

Some people leave, some stay, and this has always been the case. Everyone chooses for themselves, the main thing is to choose at the right time and then not look back.

The creature curled up around the lake behind Dad's tobacco patch and waited. It was waiting to grow so big and strong that it would not be upset about anything and would not need anyone but itself.

The air smells of autumn and separation.

The slow march of autumn towards winter is not such a bad time. You can stock up, warm yourself, and prepare as best you can. It’s nice to scoop up everything you own closer to yourself, gather your warmth and thoughts, and bury yourself in a deep and reliable hole, in the center of safety, taking everything important, valuable, and your own. And then let the frosts, storms and darkness come as they please. Let them feel the doors and look for cracks to get inside - nothing will come of it, all the doors are tightly locked, and behind the doors sits and chuckles in warmth and solitude, the one who thought about everything in advance.

- Will you do the cleaning? - asked Kiel. - Of course not! - exclaimed the Hemulen. — I’ll organize others. After all, few people understand how everything should be arranged, and can do without good advice!

Be careful, don't let your fly turn into an elephant

There is nothing worse than peering into the darkness, it’s like going straight into infinity, and even alone

Charged with wild energy, she thought. “I could do anything, but I won’t.” How nice it is to do only what you want

There is nothing to be sad about anymore! You just need to make a cozy nest and let the rest of the world do what they want. And when you wake up, everything will be as it should be.

When someone can’t live without dancing and when someone should dance are two different things

In order for anything to work out, the Hemulen explained, it is always necessary for one to build and the other to bring the boards. Or have one hammer the nails and the other pull out the old ones

There are some things you shouldn't think about at all. Don't think too much

- There is cold! - shouted the fillyjonk. - Why don’t you love me? Why can't anyone figure out what to do with me?

“You don’t understand anything about important events these days,” Staroum began to explain to Mymle. - And your feelings are wrong. You don't admire me at all!


He knew that the hidden meaning and privilege of love is longing, timidity and dreams, as well as patience, the ability to wait and forgive.

Sometimes cruelty is not what you do, but what you don't do.

Perhaps we are not paying enough attention to what is continually happening to those we love.

And nothing makes rest and warmth as deep as when you listen to the sounds of snow removal and, having already woken up, roll over and fall asleep again.

In their souls, people always carry images of those they love, they live in their hearts, and the world is full of different opportunities to show them your tenderness, this cannot be valued with money, but it brings so much joy.

How sad it can be when you admired a person immensely, but you met him and meet him extremely rarely, and you confided to him something that should have been kept secret.

Letters and gifts and glossy pictures expressing affection are important. But it’s even more important to listen to each other face to face; this is a great and rare art.

From different books

There is a place in this world for absolutely everything in the world. Lack of common sense is intertwined with iron logic. There is something in this from surrealism, from dreams, from the reality of every day in its fantastic frame... From the speech of Tove Jansson, delivered on the occasion of the award of the H. C. Andersen International Gold Medal

In general, there is a big difference between the way you talk about certain things and the way you think about them. And besides, it all depends more on how you feel. Memoirs of Moominpappa

I believe that every canvas, still life, landscape, whatever, is at its very core a self-portrait. Boat and me

People sometimes learn the truth too late, when they no longer have the strength or desire to start all over again, or they forget about their dream along the way and then remain completely ignorant. Summer book

It's just very dangerous to tell someone about your deepest dreams. The Hemulen Who Loved Silence

To understand her granddaughter, the grandmother tried to remember what she herself was like in adolescence, but only the image of a sweet, obedient girl arose in her memory. The wise grandmother came to the conclusion that she had not yet reached adolescence, and it could come at about eighty-five years old, so she needed to take care of herself. Summer book

… The sea sometimes has a good character, sometimes a bad one, and it is impossible to understand why. After all, we only see the surface of the water. But if you love the sea, it doesn't matter. Then you accept both the good and the bad... Moominpappa and the sea

You are trying to live correctly, and I am trying to live richly, meaningfully, life is like a meadow, where I with pleasure, with all my heart, collect flowers here and there, and you go straight and come out empty-handed on the other side, because you didn’t find exactly the flower you wanted. Boat and me

The moon, like me, Misa thought sadly, is just as lonely and just as round. Dangerous Summer

There are people who should not be interfered with in their aspirations, be it something important or not. A reminder can cause desire to instantly turn into unwillingness, and then everything is ruined. Boat and me

We must keep our eyes open and see when we are at a crossroads, because there are so many roads on our way: paths, side paths, different possibilities. Boat and me

- And they also lead a vicious lifestyle... - A vicious lifestyle? What does it mean? - I do not know for sure. They're probably trampling other people's gardens and drinking beer. Memoirs of Moominpappa

There are so many unknowns here. <…> But on the other hand, why does everything have to be the way you’re used to? Dangerous Summer

You can completely switch off if something is really important to you. Then everything is fine. You shrink and close your eyes and say one important word all the time, say it until you feel confident. The Sculptor's Daughter

Sometimes cruelty is not what you do, but what you don't do. stone field


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The meaning of the song by the Mumiy Troll group called “Bear”

The plot of the song is clear - the girl cheated on her boyfriend. She didn't hide it much, but she didn't want the guy to find out about it. However, this happened because her friend spilled the beans. Now, according to the girl, she (her friend) should be ashamed. That is, not even the one who cheated, but the one who told about it. Amazing impudence!

The result is clear - the guy is offended, he is in tears because of such a betrayal. But the girl doesn’t even think of repenting and asking for forgiveness. She simply realizes that she will not be able to find an excuse, so she goes to look for another young man. Surely something similar will happen to him - it's only a matter of time.

And at the moment of leaving her former boyfriend, she sees a bear. We think that with the interpretation of the meaning of the name, it becomes clear what it means. She sees her future - lonely and unhappy.

What to expect next? The girl will again find a guy who will later cheat on him with someone else. This will continue over and over until this girl becomes a grandmother with no one around. No support or support - only endless loneliness that will haunt her until her death. The girl will not be able to find a place that will become her favorite home. She will simply pass away without leaving a single memory of herself in people’s hearts. Quite a sad but fair ending.

It turns out that the girl herself destroyed her own relationship, as well as the life of the young man. The saddest thing is the fact that the girl considers this to be the norm. She doesn’t worry about this at all, so she easily endures the breakup. And this is terrible, because any relationship should be built on trust. But girls like the main character clearly don’t understand this.

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