Beautiful words to a girl: 270 pleasant and affectionate phrases

From this article you will learn:

  • Why are there so many beautiful words in English?
  • What words are usually called beautiful in English?
  • What are the most beautiful words and phrases from films that Russians like the most?
  • What are the most beautiful words in the English language named by British linguists?

Anyone who has studied English has probably wondered why this language is so beautiful and fascinating from the first word. First of all, the appeal of English for English learners is that it is the most popular language in the world. Being a worthy competitor to French and Spanish, English gives a person unlimited potential for new opportunities. In our article you will find the most beautiful words in English.

Why are beautiful words in English so attractive?

What is the reason for such popularity of English among many people studying it around the world?

Firstly , the English language is melodic, and people are attracted to the harmonious sound of words. Indeed, the results of phonetic analysis can confirm this:

  • in English words there are rarely sibilants located next to each other;
  • English consists mainly of open long vowels and diphthongs;
  • it often contains combinations of consonants -l, -m, -n, -b, -d, -v with vowels -a, -o, e, -i, -u, -y, etc.;
  • Despite the articulatory originality inherent in this language, English does not contain words that are difficult to pronounce (for example, such as the Russian word “borscht”).

The second reason for the popularity of the English language lies in its semantics:

  • universality, recognition of speech units;
  • a large number of borrowed words, for example:

Cosmopolitan - cosmopolitan. Delicacy - delicacy. Eternity - eternity. Fantastic - fantastic. Galaxy - galaxy. Liberty - freedom, etc.

If we assume that all people living on Earth had one progenitor, then, accordingly, the linguistic memory of all humanity is contained in our DNA. If we talk about borrowings, then English combines the most significant linguistic forms. It is for this reason that from the very first acquaintance with this language we find it so attractive.

Thirdly , another important characteristic of the English language is its incredible ability to color vocabulary with a variety of emotions. For example, in English we use:

  • idiomatic expressions and slang;
  • diminutive suffixes, etc.

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Invaluable experience of linguists

Linguists from Britain like to organize various surveys. Not long ago they decided to create another one. Its goal is to discover words that are pleasant to the ear. The survey was conducted among foreigners, since it is difficult for a native British resident to determine the attractiveness of a particular word - he simply attaches them to certain meanings. And, as for non-native speakers, they are often attracted to unknown words.

First place in the survey was taken by the very melodic word mother, known to every person from birth. Other results varied depending on age and social group level:

Young people prefer romantic words, as well as those related to music.

Philosophical concepts appealed to older people.

Businessmen like tangible terms about business life.

Housewives like everyday words, as well as those that are often found in shopping and in TV series.

As you can see, the survey did not give definite results. This was further evidence that the environment where a person lives and works influences lexical preferences. Every language has attractive words.

The most beautiful and memorable words and phrases in English from films

Movies are the source of famous quotes. Surely everyone knows the phrase from the movie “Terminator” “Hasta la vista, baby.”

You can memorize the most beautiful words in English from famous films. This will allow you not only to practice using the language, but also to study frequently used phrases and constructions that residents of English-speaking countries use in their speech.

Phrases in English, given below with translation, are used in special cases, accurately and aptly reflecting the meaning of what is happening.

Houston, we have a problem . - Houston, we have a problem. (Apollo 13).

Use this expression when you find yourself in an impossible situation.

I'll be back. - I'll come back. (Terminator).

Practice saying this phrase in an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent to make the right impression on your interlocutor when you go somewhere for a while.

It's alive! It's alive! - It's alive! It's alive! (Frankenstein).

In the story, a mad explorer said this phrase when Frankenstein was revived. Include this expression in your speech when, for example, your phone, which was about to give up, eventually turned on. This way you will definitely show your listeners your genuine delight and surprise.

I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore . “I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” (The Wizard of Oz).

Use this expression in situations where you are in an unusual place.

Bond. James Bond . - Bond. James Bond. (Dr. No).

There is no doubt that the James Bond character is determined and strong. When you're trying to make that impression, say a phrase with the same structure, but with your name: say your last name, then drop the dramatic pause and say your first and last name again. However, do not forget that very often this phrase is used as a joke.

There's no place like home. “There is no other place like home.” (The Wizard of Oz).

The following expression from the well-known movie “The Wizard of Oz” will help you talk about how much you love your home.

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn . “To be honest, darling, I don’t care.” (Gone with the Wind).

Previously, this expression could plunge the public into shock: how could a husband say this to his wife during a separation, and how could he even decide to break up? Nowadays you can apply this expression almost anywhere, just find the right object.

I feel the need… the need for speed . “I feel thirsty... thirsty for speed.” (Top Gun).

The phrase comes from the lips of the hero of the film, who was a pilot. He wanted only one thing - exciting adventures, strong emotions. In the same way, you use this expression if you want to get new experiences.

I see dead people . – I see dead people. (The Sixth Sense).

The expression belongs to the hero of the film “The Sixth Sense”. Use your imagination to use this phrase appropriately, for example, if someone asks you what you see. And you answer that you have the ability to see the dead.

I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse. “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.” (The Godfather).

Marlon Brando's character hinted that he would start making threats to get what he wanted. This phrase is perfect for those situations when you strive at all costs to persuade your interlocutor to take the action you want.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship . “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” (Casablanca).

The expression is ideal for showing that you communicate well with someone or that your business relationship is going well.

You can't handle the truth ! - The truth is too tough for you! (A Few Good Men).

Say this phrase emotionally if someone asks you for the truth and says: “I want the truth.”

May the force be with you . - Let the force be with you. (Star Wars).

The expression can be used instead of the phrase Good Luck (I wish you good luck!). Say this expression to encourage someone who is doing important work, as well as in everyday situations.

Go ahead. Make my day . - Come on, make my day. (Sudden Impact).

In the film, the main character, a policeman, provokes a bandit, deliberately pitting him against a hostage. The phrase is suitable for those times when someone is trying to scare you, but you feel truly invincible.

They may take our lives, but they will never take… our FREEDOM ! – They may take our lives, but they will never take our... FREEDOM! (Braveheart).

Of course, you shouldn't use this emotional phrase about freedom fighters in serious situations, but if you want to joke, it's perfect.

Are you talkin' to me? -Are you talking to me? (Taxi Driver).

You are missing out on a lot if you haven't seen this movie yet. Then watch a piece of the film on YouTube: Robert De Niro’s hero trains his oratory skills before a showdown with the negative hero.

Draw me like one of your French girls . – Draw me like those French girls. (Titanic).

An expression common on the Internet. Most often it is used to sign good photographs of people or animals, as well as provocative photographs. Use this phrase according to the context.

Say hello to my little friend . - Say hi to my little friend. (Scarface).

Al Pacino's character, Tony Montana, pulls out an M16 from his wide trousers. You can use this phrase to intimidate your interlocutor.

Why so serious? - Why so serious? (The Dark Knight).

This expression must be used very carefully for it to work. For example, in a situation of increased seriousness, during an argument, ask: “Why So Serious?” This will show your opponent that he means nothing to you.

You Shall Not Pass ! - You shall not pass! (The Lord of the Ring).

Everything here is clear without explanation: say this phrase to prevent a person from passing through.

I will find you and I will kill you . - I will find you and I will kill you. (Taken).

Try to accurately imitate Liam's intonation when he uttered this phrase to the face of the scoundrel who stole his daughter.

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List of the most popular (good) kind words in alphabetical order

Use this matrix of kind words in alphabetical order. Change their cases in relation to who or what you want to appease with such sweet words.

Words starting with the letter

A – angelic, neat, appetizing.

B – noble, blessed, selfless, complacent, impeccable, brilliant.

B – cheerful, magnificent, uplifting, delightful, inspiring.

G – humane, grandiose, harmonious.

D - benevolent, friendly, kind, sincere, friendly, wonderful.

E – natural, the only one.

F - cheerful, life-loving, life-giving, desirable, desired, picturesque.

Z – funny, bewitching, tempting, caring, mysterious.

And - playful, ideal, refined, amazing, intriguing.

K – beautiful, colorful.

L – affectionate, loving, loving, radiant.

M – sweet, alluring, dreamy, magical.

N – tender, real, incredible, unusual, unsurpassed, unique, reliable.

O – adored, excellent, charming, inspiring, enchanting, enchanting.

P – positive, friendly, amazing, lovely, attractive.

R – joyful, luxurious, rainbow, romantic, welcoming.

S – sunny, stunning, happy, bright, perfect.

T – touching, solemn, reverent.

U – successful, breathtaking, sophisticated, confident.

F – fantastic, enchanting, phenomenal.

X – good, charismatic.

C – blooming, regal.

H – wonderful, sensual, enchanting, ambitious.

Sh – comic, chic.

E – elegant, spectacular, energetic.

Yu – humorous.

I am clear, bright.

Kindest words to your beloved man (boyfriend)


  • the only one,
  • unique,
  • adored,
  • economic,
  • desired,
  • Darling,
  • fabulous,
  • Kind,
  • good-natured,
  • affectionate,
  • gentle,
  • sweet,
  • skillful,
  • funny,
  • unsurpassed,
  • amazing,
  • best,
  • strong,
  • sports,
  • slim,
  • sexual,
  • hot,
  • passionate,
  • sexy,
  • muscular,
  • Expensive,
  • native,
  • funny,
  • cheerful,
  • caring,
  • unusual,
  • irreproachable,
  • precious,
  • Beautiful,
  • radiant,
  • charming,
  • beloved,
  • charming,
  • amazing,
  • fantastic,
  • smart,
  • sensitive,
  • brave.

Some beautiful words and phrases

Sometimes beautiful English words with translation into Russian are needed in a specific language situation - for example, when you want to gracefully speak about your love or someone’s beauty, while expressing the highest feelings. For such cases, it is worth taking note of a few English words in advance.

Beauty is in everything

About love

Over the millennia of human civilization, an infinite amount has been said about love - and it is this feeling that has given us a huge number of beautiful expressions. Beautiful words about love in English are another way to express your emotional experiences orally or in writing:

  • adoration - adoration;
  • infatuation - reckless passion, blind infatuation, passionate love;
  • desire – desire;
  • passion - passion;
  • bliss – bliss;
  • to fall for smb – to fall in love with someone;
  • limerence – romantic love;
  • obsession - obsession;
  • to be head over heels in love - to be in love without memory.

To tell a girl

With special care, we select compliments for girls - beautiful and often deeply caring. You can try to win over a person who speaks English with a few beautiful words to a girl in English:

  • fabulous - incredible;
  • talented - talented;
  • gifted – gifted;
  • inspirational - inspiring;
  • cute - sweetheart;
  • nice – good, kind;
  • sunshine – sunlight, sun;
  • perfection - perfection;
  • beauty – beauty, beauty;
  • intelligent - smart;
  • bright – bright.

Funny, smart words, statements with humor

Sayings, quotes and aphorisms from simple and famous people with a bit of humor will always help you understand the truth of life, help you draw conclusions about many things and gain wisdom. Jokes or ridicule that may be present in phrases are only needed to point out mistakes and stupidities that a person may make.

Smart and funny sayings

Sayings with humor Funny aphorisms

Smart words about goodness, happiness: prose and poetry

Every person strives to live in peace and prosperity. Only then will he be able to achieve his desired goals when he comprehends the real significance of such values ​​as goodness and happiness. Clever sayings that wise people have created over centuries will help him understand the essence.


  • Happiness without goodness is a myth.
  • Don’t be afraid to give kindness - it will come back to you doubly!
  • Good is like a log that you place in the hearth of a relationship. The more firewood, the happier your life will be.
  • Good habit : when you first look at a person, think only good things about him.
  • The greatest wisdom that a person can comprehend in his life is goodness.
  • Only that person can be happy who asks for forgiveness for all his evil.
  • Any illness can be cured not by evil, but by good.
  • Anyone who does not see good in others is himself evil!
  • Staying in goodness , you forget evil and become happy!


Good and evil are always in battle and conquer a person. Good is a reflection of the soul, And if evil is there, you are crippled!

Be happy every day, Bring only joy every day, And goodness will follow you like a shadow, Taking away your fatigue!

It’s not difficult to find happiness, be kind and everything is possible. Don't harm other people and they will forget your evil!

Drive away evil from yourself, fill yourself with goodness, so that life is good, so that your soul is happy!

The secret of a happy life is Kind, true thoughts, Work and great love for everything that surrounds you!

Sayings and clever words about kindness and happiness

Proverbs and sayings with smart words: examples

Proverbs and sayings have been created over centuries. Each of them will contain not only smart words, but also a way to influence a person, changing his understanding of the world and his actions. Reading and memorizing such proverbs is very useful for a person. This is how he develops his thinking, worldview and becomes wiser.

Japanese clever proverb Clever proverbs and expressions

Jewish proverb

Smart words about girls, women, loved ones: in poetry and prose

A woman is the magic of the world, about which many poems and prose have been written. Women are praised and admired for their beauty, compared to the Divine and songs written about them. Every woman is unique, but every statement about them is true.


  • Telling a woman that you love her beauty is not right. You need to love a woman completely and completely: her tears, her sadness and sadness.
  • A woman is comparable to a shadow on a sunny day : if you try to catch up with her, she will confidently run away from you. As soon as you leave, she will follow you.
  • A real woman knows how to not only appear , but also be so wise that a small mistake of stupidity will seem like a “gift” for a man.
  • Understanding a woman is very simple - just look at her, but don’t listen at all.
  • A woman is such an unearthly creature that as soon as she walks down the street, she remains in the heart of a man for life.
  • You can understand a woman only by becoming a woman , but if it is impossible to become a woman, her being can only be accepted.


A woman is submissive only to God, All roads are open for a woman, Only a man can love her, Who has power, confidence, strength.

A woman is the beauty of the Universe, She is wise, unforgettable, In her eyes life has meaning, Every life needs her!

There is a secret in a woman's eyes, which cannot be more beautiful. But, they can’t solve it, Men can’t know it!

You need to love a woman, keep a woman in your heart, carry her with you throughout life, She will help you along the way.

They will warm a woman’s hands, relieve her of pain and boredom, give her warmth and care, and bring freedom to her soul.

Smart and beautiful words about women

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