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Our life is a very complex phenomenon, the essence of which few manage to understand, or rather, many fail to understand. We are used to taking life for granted and expecting happiness to be handed to us on a silver platter. Unfortunately, it is not. Everything that we usually perceive superficially turns out to be more complicated and often incomprehensible. So our life is intriguing, exciting, varied and at times cruel to all of us. How can we find out what awaits us ahead and how to cope with the difficulties prepared for us? The answer is very simple: not at all. The only thing we can do is take advantage of the wisdom and experience of other people. This is why we need a variety of statuses with meaning about life.

When thinking about the meaning of life, you should not expect the answer to appear by itself. Do you want to know what life is? Life statuses, wise quotes and sayings will help you understand situations and phenomena that are inexplicable at first glance. Very often, a beautiful status about life that accidentally catches our eye can inspire us or clarify the essence of incomprehensible situations.

Beautiful statuses about life

Each of us has ever wondered why we need beautiful statuses about life. The answer is quite predictable: of course, in order to understand all the surprises that she is preparing for us; get inspiration to move on, not to stop, despite any problems and obstacles. But the most important feeling that should appear after reading wise life statuses and quotes is love for life!

  • When life gives you hundreds of reasons to cry, show it that you have thousands of reasons to smile.
  • One day you will realize that you spent your life observing the rules and prohibitions that society came up with, instead of living and enjoying life, but it will be too late.
  • Life is a mystery that you need to be able to accept and not torment yourself with the constant question: “What is the meaning of my life?”
  • Life is a strange thing. When you have all the cards in your hands, she starts playing chess with you.
  • If it rains in your life, focus on the flowers that will bloom thanks to this rain...
  • Life is always fair, it just tests your strength sometimes...
  • Life is a wonderful adventure, worthy of enduring failures for the sake of success.
  • You need to live in such a way that your presence is necessary, and your absence is noticeable...
  • The life given to us is short by nature, but the memory of a life well lived remains forever...
  • Life is the art of extracting significant benefits from minor circumstances.

The best statuses about life with meaning

Many people believe that everything that happens around has its own hidden essence. Others, on the contrary, argue that one should not look for meaning where it does not and cannot exist. A person must decide for himself what life position to take. But with all this, you need to remember one important truth: no matter what difficult situation you find yourself in, the best statuses about life with meaning will help you find a solution... or at least get inspired!

  • Never complain about fate! You will upset your friends, you will please your enemies, you will not help yourself.
  • If you have a problem, try to solve it. If you can't solve it, then don't make a problem out of it.
  • The most terrible enemy is doubt. Because of it, we lose what we could have gotten, but didn’t even try.
  • No one can go back in time and change their start, but everyone can start now and change their finish!
  • Everyone is the master of their own life. What a master you are, such is your life!
  • Life is like a game of poker: you always have to be prepared for someone else's bluff and have an ace up your sleeve.
  • Everyone has their own hell: there is not necessarily fire and tar... Our hell is a wasted life!
  • The secret is to be friends with those who are better. Train with those who are stronger, love those who are not allowed. Don't give up where others give up.
  • Life is given to learn, life is given to love. But you need to know what you are learning and you need to know who to love.
  • In old age it is difficult to start a new life, but it is easy to end the old one.

Funny and cool statuses about life

In the life of every person, sooner or later there comes a time when you get tired of being serious and purposeful. At such moments you just want to relax and enjoy life in every aspect. Don’t know where to start to forget about problems and difficulties for a while? Perhaps funny and cool statuses about life will not help you find answers to all your questions, but at least they will help you take your mind off the daily routine!

  • Never complain about fate! She may not be very pleasant with you either)
  • Life is a book... Some have a detective story, some have a novel, some have complete fantasy. I look around me... I think I have a comic book...
  • Don't shed tears in vain, everything has gone to hell... LIFE is beautiful!
  • Life is a joke, only it’s so long that at the end it’s no longer funny.
  • Life is given to a person only once, and every Monday you want to start it again.
  • Life is movement: someone moves their brains, someone flapping their ears...
  • This is not who I am. You are the idiots. With uv. Life…
  • Life is like a piano: the key is black, the key is white, the lid...
  • You have to live in such a way that everyone at the top goes nuts and says, stop, repeat it again!
  • To earn a living, you have to work. But to get rich, you need to come up with something else.

Interesting short statuses about life

Recently, writing various philosophical statuses under photos has become commonplace on almost all social networks. What is the actual meaning of this? This is how people express their emotional state or share interesting thoughts with others. If you have such a desire, interesting short statuses about life will help you fulfill it!

  • The winner in life is the one who knows how to survive in the world of gossip.
  • Don't seek happiness, but be its source.
  • Everything is in our hands, so they can not be omitted.
  • Life gives you a lot to think about, but little time.
  • Leave cloudy water alone and it will become clear and clear.
  • You need to live in such a way that others experience depression!
  • Stupid things happen by accident, and then become the best moments in life.
  • To see a rainbow, you have to survive the rain...
  • A new life begins with the disposal of previous mistakes.
  • The desire to start a new life does not come from a good life.

Cool VK statuses about life

If you are one of those people whose day does not pass without at least a couple of interesting statuses found on one of the social networks, then cool VK statuses about life will definitely interest you! Stop being the person who quietly reads someone’s statuses and saves them on your page. Start posting your posts with statuses for VKontakte that will interest others!

  • Thanks to everyone who refused to help me! It was thanks to you that I managed to do it alone!
  • There is no need to try to ruin my life, I always do everything myself!
  • Life is a painful progression from a state when you still don’t know anything to a state when you no longer understand anything.
  • Life is like the movement of dogs in a sled: if you are not a leader, then the landscape in front of you will never change.
  • Life is like hot tea. Burning, but ok with sweets!
  • Life is short! Break the rules! Goodbye quickly! Kiss slowly! Love sincerely! Laugh uncontrollably!
  • Life is a cross-country race in which everyone strives to get ahead in order to reach the finish line last.
  • There is nothing complicated in life. We are the ones who are complex. Life is a simple thing, and the simpler it is, the more correct it is.
  • The most important day in your life never passes, because it is always today.
  • Life didn't mean to make us perfect. Anyone who is perfect belongs in a museum.

Source: memesbams.com

Life is high

Happiness is the only thing you always want to share with the whole world, and completely free of charge. If you live high, put your high status.

1. Live - have fun, walk, play. If you fall, get up. Be bold. Scold. Drop strangers, save your own. Hold on to the principle - survive!

2. Everything is fine. The earth is spinning. Friends are calling. And there is someone you want to think about.

3. The sun is shining - I'm having fun. It's raining - I'm flashing a flashlight. I get a thrill from life. Everything is fine – It’s my life!

4. Only losers say “never.”

5. We breathe for fun, we write for fun, and you blow my mind.

6. How cool it is to be with your loved one. His gentle touches, kisses. When you don’t want to leave him in the morning, it’s all such a thrill.

7. I'm not rich, but I enjoy being a deputy.

8. The beauty of life is that no one knows what is on your mind.

9. Live, love, steal, walk. Buy the whole world - then give it away. Always just remember one thing - don’t forget your lads!

10. Be more positive! Change “Ugh, caterpillar” to “wow, almost a butterfly”!

11. I don’t step on the same rake... I jump on them, from the heart and with acceleration!

12. Peace to the world, and ice cream to me!

13. And remember: no aggression - hit and smile!

14. Everything will be awesome. For some immediately, for others gradually.

15. Those who know how to wait always get the best.

16. The coolest parties always begin with the words: “Come on, what are you talking about, I have to go to work tomorrow...”

17. I like to call people “little people” - it’s as if they automatically turn into my slaves.

18. I wonder if you erect a monument to a dove, will it somehow stop them?

19. Alcohol is harmful, but, bitch, it’s fun.

20. A properly raised conscience never gnaws at its owner!

21. It seems like I drank a glass of champagne, but the braid is tongue-tied...

22. Everything will be fine, everything will be cool - life gives us a chance every minute.

23. Take care of me - I’m good.

24. Stop whining about assholes! You are beautiful!

25. Boring. I would like some company... a small oil company!

26. It is not the one who is stronger who wins, but the one who is ready to go to the end.

27. If you live, then it’s beautiful. If the look is clear. If you rely, then only on yourself. If you love, then with all your heart.

28. I’m walking, I’m in a wonderful mood, I think: “Lord, make sure everyone feels just as good!” - I fall into a puddle, and everyone around me laughs.

29. I'm going to the shower - to light up with a washcloth and a yellow rubber duck. I'll be there in 20 minutes.

High quotes, aphorisms, statuses, phrases from all over the world

An extensive collection of quotes, aphorisms, sayings from many sources on the topic of High from a variety of authors. Are you looking for a beautiful aphorism for your text? Want to use a clever quote in an important conversation? Or do you just want to put a beautiful status on VKontakte or Instagram? Then use our list of quotes about Kaif generated on this page.

And it takes time to find out which of us breathes what. Tags: Loc-Dog // And you are the coolest thing about me // time // //

“They took my right hand too.” - I'm here! - You are the left one. - The one that’s beautiful? - The one that is closer to the heart. Tags: Killjoys / Killjoys // John "Johnny" Jacobi // Jalena "Dutch" Yardin //

No, thank you, I’m already bored. In reality. Without any compote. Tags: Down House // buzz //

As life shows, many got a thrill from it, and those who missed the moment feel annoyed... Tags: Tatyana Egorovna Solovova // life // buzz //

As soon as I lost my human feelings, it was like I lost a size. Tags: Killjoys / Killjoys // John "Johnny" Jacoby // feelings //

... you can only feel pure high if you give up something important, something that meant a lot to you. You are pulling yourself out by the roots. But you can only do this when you have roots. Tags: John Green // Paper Towns // Q Jacobsen // thrill // life experience //

When the comedown lasts longer than the high, it means the holiday is over. Tags: Breakaway! (Human Traffic) // high //

You can panic while sitting in your pajamas in front of your laptop. Tags: 007: Skyfall coordinates // Severin // life quotes // programming and programmers // panic //

For lack of other happiness, the high is its bitter substitute. Tags: Chingiz Aitmatov // Scaffold // Grishan // happiness // buzz //

My mistakes cover my shame. Tags: Civil defense (Grob) // High or more //

For such a weak creature as a human, two highs in a day are too much. Tags: Zemfira Ramazanova // buzz //

Harmony should be sought not in communication with other people, not in life for someone, but in YOURSELF. Tags: Diana Balyko // 40 NLP rules for living a high life // on behalf of the author // life quotes // harmony //

— Any activity is a phenomenon. - Like this? “First you achieve something, and then you lose it, forever.” This is the law of life. Tags: Trainspotting // high // activity, activity // loss // activity //

Burning to the ground, find God within yourself. Tags: Endgame // MiyaGi // High //

If this crap is laziness, give that crap a buzz Tags: Sasha Kramar // laziness // buzz // pleasure //

People themselves are smart, but the crowd is stupid. They would rather close their eyes and listen to a lie than open them and see a lie. Tags: Killjoys / Killjoys // Delsey // motivational quotes // stupidity // lies, deception //

I traded your love for a buzz. Tags: Loc-Dog // Love sucks // love // ​​drugs // high //

-Where the hell have you been? - Visiting death. 007 arrived for duty. Tags: 007: Skyfall coordinates // James Bond // // ironic quotes // death //

“I can do more damage with a laptop, sitting in my pajamas with a cup of morning tea, than you can do in a year of operational work.” - And why did I surrender to you then? “As long as there’s a trigger, someone has to pull it.” - Or don't press. You wouldn't know it sitting in your pajamas. Tags: 007: Skyfall coordinates // life quotes // choice // decision //

The best agents come from orphans. Tags: 007: Skyfall coordinates //

— Age is not a guarantee of effectiveness. — And youth is not a guarantee of fresh decisions. Tags: 007: Skyfall coordinates // life quotes // youth, youth // age //

How did we get stoned yesterday... Tags: Where's my car, dude? (Dude, Where's My Car?) // Jesse Montgomery III // alcohol // high //

And I realized, but only later, that the weaker sex is not always weaker... Tags: Caspian Cargo // Naked thrill // women //

Welcome to the land of cold, boring days, I will teach you to play with your imagination... Tags: Kukryniksy // High //

You were my high - the purest and most tender. I stuck it so casually - across the lips and the heart. You were my breaker. Where to run when it hurts? Under the blanket like a child, but it weighed a ton. Tags: ZippO // You were my high // sad quotes // love //

As if being high is a bad thing. Tags: Life Is Strange: Before the Storm // Chloe Price // sarcastic quotes // high //

He who doesn’t take risks doesn’t get high.. Tags: Author unknown // high // risk //

Gareth Mallory: We'll call it "preparing for retirement." The country highly appreciates you and your many years of service. When you leave this post, you will receive St. George with all the regalia. Congratulations. M: You're firing me. Gareth Mallory: No, ma'am. I will see to it that you voluntarily resign in two months. Tags: 007: Skyfall coordinates // // Gareth Mallory // sad quotes // dismissal //

My grandmother had an island. The island is so-so: you can walk around it in an hour. But still, it seemed like paradise to us. One summer we arrived and saw that the island was infested with rats. They arrived on a fishing boat and became addicted to coconuts. How to clear the island of rats? Grandma taught us. We buried a barrel with a lid in the ground and tied a coconut as bait. So the rats come for the coconut and fall into the barrel. In a month, all the rats are in your trap. But what to do next? Throw a barrel into the ocean and burn it? No, leave it as it is, then they will starve and little by little begin to eat each other until only two remain. Two survivors. What's next? Kill them? No, we need to take them and let them go home. Only they won't eat coconuts anymore. They will eat rats. Tags: 007: Skyfall coordinates // Silva // ironic quotes //

“We can’t just run away.” - Of course we can’t, fool, we’ll leave. Tags: Killjoys / Killjoys // D'avin "Dove" Jacobi // John "Johnny" Jacobi //

-Have you always been this funny? - No, it's laughing gas. Tags: Killjoys / Killjoys // D'avin "Dove" Jacobi // John "Johnny" Jacobi //

Family holidays will now become hell. Tags: Killjoys / Killjoys // John "Johnny" Jacoby //

No matter how dark your life is, you can sometimes let in the light without burning everything you have. Tags: Killjoys / Killjoys // life quotes // life //

I tell you: “Bye,” and sleep peacefully. What a thrill it is, I don’t love you! Tags: Pizza // I don’t like // beautiful quotes // dislike // buzz //

I need you as much as dynamite needs a fuse. Tags: Loc-Dog // And you are my coolest nonsense // //

The bosses hate us, Dutch hates everyone else. Tags: Killjoys / Killjoys // John "Johnny" Jacoby //

... I don’t remember a time when a paycheck fell safely from the sky. And I'm glad it's like that, otherwise it would be boring. Tags: Alphavite // Dog high // positive quotes //

If the cry of Satan is heard everywhere, and violence has become more familiar to people, when there is no end to the machines, there is a horde of demons, there is a crowd dancing, but in the center there is only one mask. Hang in there kids. Fears away. So that it doesn’t come to you this night, turn the cover over, fill life a little with color. The ink will not dry. There will be no harm to them. Kyfolomov, Kyfolomov will never die. Tags: Gerard Way, Sean Simon. Legendary Killers and their real lives // Doctor Anti-Death //

It's grass! Me too, dope. Tags: High with delivery (High Maintenance) // Leo // hemp, marijuana //

Shut up already, come on. Let me get high from the medicine in peace. Tags: William Burroughs // Naked Lunch // drugs // high //

— I read your obituary about me. - And How? - Terrible. “I knew you wouldn’t like it.” Tags: 007: Skyfall coordinates // James Bond // // ironic quotes // obituary //

Funny, right? DiMT has been rushing for only six minutes... But these minutes seem like an eternity! The chemical composition is the same as what the brain secretes at the moment of death. So it turns out... that death is like your coolest trip, right? Tags: Enter the Void // death // drugs // high //

- It hurts me so much! - Then be patient. Because it's much worse. He will take you to the flower meadows of the hot summer, to the soft grass, where you will bask in the sun. You will feel bliss... and you will not want to return to this frozen hole. Tags: A Young Doctor's Notebook // Dr. Vladimir Bomgard // pain // drugs // high //

Loving and being loved with different people is not difficult Tags: Hydroponka // Levon // And I am your buzz // love //

The best thing about any drug is not the high. This is the moment before the reception. Tags: Money for two (Two for the Money) // drugs // buzz //

— 007, I am your new assistant. - Is this some kind of joke? - Because I'm not in a white coat? - Because you are too young. - My appearance hardly matters. - Your experience - yes. Tags: 007: Skyfall coordinates // // James Bond // age // experience //

Eh, murder. Even microbes are capable of this. You are above this. Tags: Gerard Way, Sean Simon. Legendary Killers and their real lives // Phoenix Witch // murder //

- Did I get covered? - How do you feel? Tags: Due Date // drugs // high //

The real ones have disappeared. Fantasy is part of reality, and we turn off the brakes. We think clearly and at the same time we don't think at all, it's a good feeling... We stop trying to control everything, a warm flow of chemicals inside us, we sway. What is this, brain damage? We forget all the pain in our life, we want to go somewhere else. People no longer threaten us, all our insecurities have evaporated, we are in the clouds, we are wide open, we are space people in orbit around the earth and the world looks beautiful from up there. We are infoleptics who crave the impossible, we risk prudence for the sake of short-term enlightenment. So many ideas... So little memory... The last thought dies from the anticipation of the next one. We are captured by an all-consuming feeling of love, we float in unison, we are together... I would like this to be real. We want a universal level of community where we feel comfortable with everyone. We are in the rhythm... Part of the movement... Escape movements... We wave goodbye, in the end we just want to be happy... yes... yes... Tags: Breakaway! (Human Traffic) // Jeep // drugs // high //

Love is like an ocean... You can’t just wet your feet - you won’t understand the full power of it, you’ll never experience the depth of the buzz... You need to dive in headfirst! Yes, you won’t be short of breath, but you will see so much beauty in the depths that it will change your life forever. Tags: Vitaly Gibert // love // ​​buzz // ocean //

While pursuing Silva on the London Underground, Bond jumps onto the running board of a departing train. An eyewitness to his companion: - He’s in a hurry to get home... Tags: 007: Coordinates “Skyfall” // funny quotes //

“I’m not your friend, Dell Seiya.” - No, you are much more, Yala. Now you are my ally. Whether you like it or not. Tags: Killjoys / Killjoys //

“I’ll snap my fingers and you’ll come running.” “You can be damn convincing.” Tags: Killjoys / Killjoys //

Relationships without love are like unripe fruit. You can eat, but there is no buzz. Tags: Anna Kudasheva // relationships // love // ​​buzz // dislike //

I'm holding you. I'm holding it. Shallow breaths. Don’t even try to fantasize about it later. Tags: Killjoys / Killjoys //

The person is not finished, but maybe that’s the whole thrill? Tags: Rozhden // Trifle // quotes with meaning // man, people // buzz //

- What did the left buttock say to the right? - I don't know. “If we stick together, shit won’t go away.” Tags: High Maintenance (High Maintenance) // dude (Ben Sinclair) // funny quotes // joke //

An artist should have fun on stage, and not do himself a favor. Tags: Dima Bilan // buzz // artists // stage //

If you are always afraid of something, then what is the fun in life? Tags: Stace Kramer // 50 days before my suicide // fear // life // high //

Withdrawal is the other side of the high. Tags: William Burroughs // Junk // drugs // high //

And still not a single high in the world will rid my head of the memory of these curiosities. Tags: Loc-Dog // Loaded // drugs // memory // buzz //

When you love, the brain produces endorphin and saturates the blood with it. Organic morphine flows from a gland located in one of the hemispheres, and the lover experiences a high, like from cheap opium. We often confuse love with high. We think that we love a person, but in fact we love a syringe. Smooth skin like silk, the smell of hair, the curves of the body, a smile, eyes, feelings, thoughts, trust - all this is good, but a syringe is better. Tags: Craig Clevenger // Snake Man // love // ​​drugs // high //

I will be limitless, like a condom. I'll be as clean as a toilet. Tags: Civil defense (Grob) // High or more //

- Datura - what is this? Mushroom or what? - It's... like, the plant is... it... takes you so far... Crazy shit! - And what is this... I mean, what does she look like? That is, what is the return from her? - Well... like... you don’t even realize that you’re high, do you? You seem to be normal, you can talk to everyone... And after two weeks it will dawn on you that... That you didn’t talk to anyone, something like that... Tags: Enter the Void // drugs // high //

Adult life is not about getting high. There will be no energy or time left for the buzz. Tags: She shot down the pilot // Vasily // thrill // life //

“It’s sad to look at this picture.” The mighty warship is being scrapped as it is no longer needed. But time is inexorable, isn’t it? What do you see? - A big ship. Sorry. Tags: 007: Skyfall coordinates // // James Bond // ironic quotes // age //

Be immoral, but MORAL! Tags: Diana Balyko // 40 NLP rules for living a high life // on behalf of the author // life quotes // morality //

Life is a thrill. Although being able to live an interesting life is also work. Tags: Irina Khakamada // life // work // buzz //

The thrill is when the sky is on fire, When we drown in it... The thrill is when among the huge walls There is no place for other systems... Tags: Kukryniksy // The thrill // the thrill //

But I have to choose - High or more Heaven or more Death or more. Tags: Civil defense (Grob) // High or more // inspirational quotes // self-development and self-improvement // death //

- Let's start with simple associations. I say - a day, and you... - It was in vain. Tags: 007: Skyfall coordinates // James Bond // sarcastic quotes // pessimism // associations //

And you are free and liberated. There are no shackles, frameworks, prohibitions. There is desire, there is love, there is joy. Complete buzz, emotional explosion, delight of soul and body, bordering on ecstasy... Tags: Author unknown // buzz //

“Let him kiss my ass and choke.” - How can you choke on your butt? Tags: Killjoys / Killjoys // John "Johnny" Jacoby // D'avin "Dove" Jacoby //

- Well, everyone has their own hobby. - And what is yours? - Resurrect. Tags: 007: Skyfall coordinates // James Bond // Silva // hobbies //

High - when thousands of vivid dreams Change the meaning of words... Tags: Kukryniksy // High // high //

What frightens me is that we no longer know our enemies - you won’t find them on the world map. These are not countries, but individuals. Tags: 007: Skyfall coordinates // James Bond // // sad quotes // enemies, enmity //

Many people get high when their legs are from their ears, but I get high when my legs are from my ass. Tags: Piotr Kwiatkowski // sarcastic quotes // legs // man and woman // buzz //

Healthy and forever

A good mood should not remain only yours, it needs to infect others. Do good - put statuses about fun and positivity.

1. Did you smile today?

2. Those who run on Sunday mornings and enjoy it - you haven’t tried lying on the couch until lunch. What a thrill!

3. Summer, I love you and will wait... But first I will enjoy autumn, winter and spring!

4. Little sparrows! There are so many interesting things in the world, I should have cut my bangs earlier!

5. The most common deception at the end of August: “Well, that’s it, I’ll start studying this year!”

6. Love is something that cannot be expressed in words... it can only be felt.

7. When we communicate with him... from the outside, it probably seems that he ran away from kindergarten, and I ran away from the madhouse.

8. Cockroaches are the first thing that comes to mind!

9. I’m such a brilliant cook that my water even burned!

10. The butterflies in my stomach were brutally killed by the cockroaches in my head!

11. Why do I walk around the house in my underpants? It's hot in two!

12. If you don’t like me, shoot yourself, I won’t improve!

13. The closer the morning, the more comfortable the pillow!

14. Do what you want, you will still be judged for the rest of your life.

15. The most annoying thing is when you have thought through a dialogue in your head, but your interlocutor does not speak according to the text.

16. And as a child, were you also afraid that you wouldn’t grow up when people stepped over you, and always asked you to step back?

17. I loved him very much. And then he fell on a kitchen knife. Accidentally. 46 times.

18. What other drugs and alcohol? A piece of Milka chocolate and you'll be hanging out in the Alps with purple cows!

19. A sleeping baby is not only cute, but finally!

20. Stuck in thought... Tell me, when the time on the clock is 00:00:00 - is it yesterday or already today?

21. And why do they say that sins do not allow you to sleep peacefully? When I have a good sleep before bed, I sleep wonderfully!

22. Summer nights, we are looking forward to seeing you.

23. The one who will get high will not be the one who sits and waits, but the one who strains for the sake of his future.

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