They are smart, independent, and incredibly graceful. Quotes and aphorisms about cats

They say that a cat is always “on its own”, it is independent and free. But we bring them home, and the cats become members of our families. Yes, they are wise, sometimes mischievous and wayward, but they become so attached to their owners, love them and miss them very much. And how smart they are, how they understand and feel us...

There have been many sayings about the love of pet fur babies. Today we offer a selection of quotes and aphorisms about cats: meaningful, short, funny, about women and cats, about love for them.

Cool statuses about cats

There is no greater temptation in the world than sticking your finger into the mouth of a yawning cat.

Oh great Cat, thank you for leaving me the edge of my bed and a little blanket!

Cat: "meow." I "meow". Cat "meow meow." I am “Miracle!” I spoke like a cat!

My cat knows better what position I should sleep in, eat and sit in front of the computer.

They say scars make men beautiful. Now I know how to win women. Barsik, we're going for a swim!

Cats can walk on their own, or they can walk on you.

If I want to get rid of my cat for a while, I put condensed milk on her nose - both fun and effective!

When I say “bye” to my cat in the morning, leaving for work, she lazily looks at me with the expression - go away already, slave, and don’t forget to buy fish for me.

I understood one piece of life wisdom. You should buy clothes that match the color of your cat's fur.

In front of you is a soft cat. He has a big belly. And there is emptiness in my stomach! Feed the cat quickly!

What does a cat think when it shits under your sofa? First of all, no one can see me. Well, secondly, I’ll bury...

A hungry cat is the coolest alarm clock!

A cat is a cunning animal, sometimes such a look will make you feel guilty before it.

Dogs have owners, cats have service staff.

Got a cat. I am no longer the master of my house.

A cat and training are not such incompatible concepts. In just a couple of days, a cat can train anyone.

Puss in Boots is a fairy tale. But the cat in slippers is reality. A cruel, unfragrant reality.

If your pet tears up wallpaper and curtains, you know you have bad taste. But the cat knows better

My cat shits in the corners. And it seems to me that he thinks that I’m beating him because he doesn’t shit enough...

I taught the cat the “face” command - now I’m not happy about it, because when choosing a victim for a cat, I’m not an exception at all.

A cat in the house is a sign of stability, well-being and a persistent smell.

Our cat can only run faster than to the refrigerator from the hugs of a child.

Nothing sounds more threatening to a cat than the words of a little girl “PUSSY”...

I’m watching an advertisement: Boris the cat is an actor, philosopher, athlete! And I think: maybe I should eat whiskey too?

Cat habits

Cat statuses can also be given by girls who look so much like cats, or by those who see a great similarity between a cat and themselves:

  1. Inside every woman there lives a cat that can purr and let out its claws.
  2. There is such a category of women - cat women - they go where they want, they shit as they please.
  3. The feline gracefulness in a woman cannot leave anyone indifferent.
  4. Women are as sudden as cats - out of the blue they can be so dumbfounded.
  5. My wife is like my cat only in her cunning - when she needs something, she purrs all over, it would be better to take an example from the calm and equanimity of my cat, otherwise she screams forever, like a victim.
  6. A wise woman rules the family and pretends that the owner is a man, and the cat is also the one in charge of the house, and looks so meek and kind.
  7. Yes, my wife’s grace, softness and flexibility are no worse than a cat’s, especially in bed, when she masterfully pulls the blanket over herself.
  8. And men are not far removed from cats - the desires are the same: to eat, to sleep, not to wake up, and yes - to fulfill the spring call of cats.
  9. In the morning I constantly catch myself thinking that I pull myself up, move my paws and purr just like my cat.
  10. When your soul is heavy, take the example of a cat - go either eat or sleep.
  11. My husband is like a cat - sometimes you need to pet him, sometimes you need to give him food.
  12. The woman is the same cat, but she carefully hides it.
  13. Cats and people become similar over time when they live together - and it is unclear who is adopting whose habits - human cats or vice versa.
  14. A drunk woman is a March cat, something is still missing...
  15. My cat completely copies my husband - he’ll fall all over the sofa and won’t budge.

Statuses about cats with meaning

Cats are mystical creatures sent to people as a consolation.

If you have a cat, then you don’t have to be afraid of loneliness...

They say that calico cats bring happiness, all cats lie - they bring goodness to the house.

I like the purring of cats more than the empty words of people.

If you don’t like cats, then you are not only allergic to fur, but also to life.

Having a cat nearby makes everything special. even loneliness.

A cat can teach a person the ability to be needed and always comfortable.

Life simply isn't the same without a cat.

I often wonder: am I playing with the cat or is he playing with me?

Where have you seen a cat that cares what mice say about it?

The best cure for depression is a cat.

If you have a cat, you don't come back to the house, but to the home.

A cat's love is inversely proportional to the amount of space it leaves for a person on the bed.

Cats, like women, are the same - you just think you own them.

We should learn honesty from cats. They arch their back only in response to stroking. We are there to be stroked.

Cats are a valuable resource. They create comfort.

A cat can allow a person to become its friend. The owner - never.

If you look into a cat's eyes, you can understand that they know much more than people suspect.

And the widest bed is cramped for two, if one of these two is... a cat

In a cat I see a woman with an ever-changing, sensitive soul

Quotes and aphorisms about cats and women


In a cat I see a woman with an ever-changing, sensitive soul. Giacamo Casanova


An enchanting flame sparkled in her beautiful eyes the color of emerald grass, from the soft movements of her pointed ears one could guess that virtue was combined in her with intelligence, and from her curled tail - that her wonderful grace was inseparable from feminine tenderness. E.T.A.Hoffman.


Women and cats are the same: you just think you own them.


Women don't like timid men. Cats don't like cautious rats. Henry Louis Mencken


Why doesn't my cat talk??? She would tell me when and how I came home after the party, where I put my keys and mobile phone...


Women love to be compared to cats. You call her a cat, and she immediately imagines herself as a proud, graceful, independent predator...


I always dreamed of being a cat. When I want, affectionately domestic, and when I want to be wild.


You seem to be a lioness, a breed of cat. You walk through life as if by fate. You don’t know that your owner lives somewhere, who will tie the gulena to himself. Аnisimovata


Graceful, like a Cat, All in diamonds and furs. Legs in lace stockings, All wearing French perfume. Allegra

In the feline religious pantheon, the cat is God, man is the priest, and the vacuum cleaner is the devil.

Quotes about cats and people


Cats by their very existence refute the assertion that everything in the world was created for humans. Paul Gray


People have dogs, and cats have people. Apparently, they consider them useful pets. George Mikish


The relationship between a cat and a person is much closer than it can be between two cats. Paul Leyhausen


Sometimes you scold a cat, look at it, and you get the unpleasant feeling that it understood everything to the last word. And I remembered... Charlotte Gray


As soon as you relax, the cat appears. With a soft paw and a gentle purr, she will conduct a meditation session with you. V.Martin


People are often like cats. Either they fluff their tails so that they are afraid, or they huddle in a corner so as not to be noticed. And if you show them that you are not afraid, but also not dangerous, they will already purr on your lap.


There are very few kind people with kind eyes, but beautiful cats walk with great grace along the alleys of the universe. Charles Bukowski


You people are always scattered in all places at once. Cats, on the contrary, are always within themselves. Neil Gaiman


A real cat strives to live its life peacefully - so that people interfere with its life as little as possible. In this way, real cats are very similar to real people. Terry Pratchett

Life with a cat is adventures, fun events and many unforgettable photos.

Quotes about loving cats


The only people who don't like cats are those who haven't met their cat yet. Deborah A. Edwards


You can only love a cat on its terms. Paul Gray


Only cat lovers know what a warm, luxurious, fur heating pad is. Suzanne Millen


A cat will never make friends with someone who is not capable of loving her. Cats are never wrong about people.


Humanity is roughly divided into two groups: those who love cats and those deprived of life. Francesco Petrarca


The world would be a better place if every person first practiced loving cats, and only then moved on to people. Eric McCormack


A cat doesn’t need the whole world to love her... Those whom she chose herself are enough...

The neighbor's cat can most often be seen sitting with his eyes bulging from tension in your garden bed or flower bed where you have just planted seedlings. The most common nickname is Anubrysyattudaskotinataka. Terry Pratchett "The Unadorned Cat"

Quotes about your favorite cat

It seems that the only one who understands what is inside me is my cat. When I take him in my arms, he looks as if he understood everything.

I’m sitting, having nothing better to do, imitating my cat. He will lick his lips, I will lick my lips. He yawns, I yawn. So he, the bastard, twisted around and started licking the balls.

A cat person is when you carefully cover the burden that weighs you down at night and don’t move so as not to disturb it.

My beloved cat always stays on my lap until the last moment when I get up. Waiting for me to come to my senses, I’m a shameless person

My kitten is an optimist: he eats food for adult dogs of large breeds!

My Barsik is the cutest, affectionate and loving pet. When you're hungry.

Only people with pets are not afraid of the crisis. There will always be money for food.

I am completely sure that my cat has a soul. Otherwise she would not have such piercing and understanding eyes.

The best Mafia players are cats. When the city falls asleep, my Barsik wakes up.

Night. It's 2 o'clock in the morning. I wake up to the wild scream of a cat. It turned out that this dunce got into the duvet cover and got lost there! I had to save him.

My best friend doesn't tell anyone what I eat at night. He does this to me. Thank you, Barsik.

I think our relationship with the cat reached a new level when he started drinking from my cup.

Funny sayings about cats

  • “My cat knows better what position I should sleep in, eat and sit in front of the computer.”
  • “All cats in the past are killers. Remember what they do when they see a laser pointer?
  • “Like any girl, a cat loves with her ears. Otherwise, why do cats scream so loudly in March?”
  • “When I wake up, the first thing I do is go to the kitchen to feed my animal. And you said that my cat and training are incompatible.”
  • “They remember everything. Especially your dislike. Make sure of this when you become a mouse in your next life.”
  • “Even if the machines one day rise, they will still love these furry creatures.”
  • “Those who even give way to a black cat are truly unlucky.”

Beautiful expressions about cats

I feed her, bathe her, clean up after her. And in return she allows herself to be admired.

Even the most sophisticated lady can envy the grace of cats.

“Those eyes are opposite” early in the morning, at 6 o’clock and plus loud purring - it’s unrealistic to oversleep on the way to work.

Cats are like independent women. They only allow you to think that they belong to you.

A kitten in the animal world is like a rosebud in a garden.

So cute... The cat always kisses me, nuzzles my nose, and when I cry, she starts meowing and licking tears from her cheeks...

In a cat I see a woman with an ever-changing, sensitive soul.

Cats are like lonely people. They never impose themselves, but their presence is felt.

Even the smallest cat is a work of art

Even if the machines one day rise, they will still love these furry creatures.

Cats are happy creatures. They don't care about anything at all!

Cats cannot be accused of superiority. How would you behave if you were the most perfect being on the planet?

Where else have you seen as much charm as in this animal?

Selfishness can be cute. Just look at your purring pet on your warm... Shoulders

There are two ways to forget about the hardships of life: music and cats.

No matter how empty the home is, it becomes cozy if there is a favorite fluffy in it.

If a black cat...

Lovers of black cats are always ready to protect their pets from the attacks and dislike of others. Statuses about a black cat can contribute to this:

  1. I love black cats, he helps me get rid of prejudices when he crosses my path into the kitchen and bathroom 50 times in the morning.
  2. My black cat is definitely fortunate. As soon as I acquired it, all the neighbors started saying hello and somehow walking around me crookedly.
  3. In the morning, I deliberately let my black cat out into the yard and observe: 3 people turned off while she was imposingly crossing the road, 5 cars changed their route, one grandmother almost hit her with a crutch... And only the children rejoice and shout after her “kitty, kitty, kitty.”
  4. It is not the black cat who is to blame for your misfortunes, it is just you who are morons.
  5. My black cat has long realized that her neighbors are afraid of her, so she goes out into the yard like a full-fledged housewife and laughs when everyone runs away from her.
  6. My black cat knows her worth and behaves like Bagheera - sometimes she’ll give you a ruble, sometimes she’ll wag her tail so hard that everything around her will shake.
  7. The eyes of black cats are a bottomless pool, in which there are definitely devils.
  8. My black cat, an extreme sports enthusiast, runs out right in front of the cars, and they all immediately turn around.
  9. Don't anger the black cat - you will regret it.
  10. I’m starting to be afraid of my black cat - she’s so vindictive, she even remembers what happened several years ago.
  11. My friends did not approve of my choice of cat, and when they saw a black one, they stopped being friends with us.

About cats and dogs

  • “Who said dogs are smarter because they can be trained? Cats don’t give in, they’re smarter.”
  • “If you call a dog, it will come running. If you call the cat, he will think about this proposal.”
  • “A dog is a friend, and a cat is a man’s companion.”
  • “The cat gets what he needs even without training.”
  • “When training a dog, it is important that he obeys your command. In training cats, you need to have time to pretend that you gave exactly the command that he carried out.”
  • “In a happy family, even the cat and dog get along.”
  • “But I love both dogs and cats. I really don’t like people.”

Cats and children

The relationship between kids and animals is always special. Is it worth reminding us how children love to show their love for pets? Here are some statuses about cats and children that may reflect the interaction of these worlds.

  • “Denis, how do you understand that you and your brother have the same essays about a pet? “We just have one cat in the house.”
  • “The only thing scarier to our animal than the sound of a vacuum cleaner is the cry of our daughter, “Barsik!”
  • “If you have children and at least one cat living in your house, you will only dream of peace.”
  • “Sometimes it seems to me that our son and cat are the leaders of warring criminal gangs. And soon they will decide which of them will evict my wife and me onto the street.”
  • “Our cat can only run faster than to the refrigerator from the hugs of a child.”

All the statuses about cats are not able to accommodate people’s love for these animals. Let them delight everyone with their presence, because this is an additional handful of happiness in life.

About the house where the cat lives

  • "A house without a cat is a dog's kennel."
  • “If you have a cat, you never return to an empty house.”
  • “Got a cat. I am no longer the master of my house."
  • “A Christmas tree and a cat are incompatible things.”
  • “A cat girl, just like a woman. She has her own order in the house.”
  • “I feed her, bathe her, clean up after her. And in return she allows herself to be admired.”
  • “No matter how empty the house is, it becomes cozy if there is a favorite fluffy in it.”
  • “Folk wisdom says: nothing protects shoes better than a well-fed cat.”
  • “The best Mafia players are cats. When the city falls asleep, Barsik wakes up.”
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