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Time is inexorable

Statuses about time are placed when a person begins to appreciate it, when the realization comes that time flies quickly, and it is important what we spend it on. Then statements may look like this:

  1. Time is inexorable, and it is impossible even for rich people to bribe it - it will not stop anyway.
  2. Don't rush to live, hurry up slowly, but with taste.
  3. Don't rush time, life flies quickly anyway.
  4. Time doesn’t ask whether you need to add more hours to talk about the main thing - so do everything on time.
  5. Don't forget that time is fleeting. Do what you think is most important.
  6. Our whole life passes under the ticking of the clock - this is a kind of indicator of our life; if you don’t have time, you’ll be late.
  7. Don't chase the second hands, your decisions may become rash. Go with the minutes - they will help you analyze the situation correctly.
  8. If you rush, you will not only make people laugh, but you will also lose time.
  9. Losing time is an irreparable loss, for which one day you will feel very bitter.
  10. Love life as it is, and don’t rush things - everyone has their own time.
  11. Don’t speed up your life, but to achieve what you want, speed up the pace of work to make your dreams come true.
  12. Do not regret the time that you lost in vain; in our lives, even fruitless pastime does not pass without a trace - it always leaves an imprint on the memory or enriches our experience.
  13. Don’t rush to judge people, rush to understand them.
  14. You shouldn’t chase the impossible, just keep up with the times in accordance with your goals.
  15. Do not listen to the reproaches of those who themselves have wasted a lot of time, value time and listen only to yourself.
  16. When they say that you could do more in your life, know that you could do everything - only your choice was the one that was most comfortable and convenient for you.
  17. Don’t complain about fate that you haven’t achieved something, rejoice in what you have achieved – that’s already a lot.
  18. Time does not allow us to forget that everything will end someday.
  19. Thoughts about death make our lives more thoughtful.
  20. It’s a pity that everything will end someday, but time doesn’t allow me to think about it, because now is the time to live.
  21. To live fully means not to waste minutes or hours, just like that, thoughtlessly.
  22. Don't let them steal your time - give it only to those you consider worthy of it.
  23. Do not spare time for your loved ones, they will always appreciate it.
  24. It's time to scatter stones, but the time will come to collect them - scatter only beautiful gems that are useful to others.
  25. Laziness ruins your time, but it does not forgive such destructive moments.
  26. Overcome your shortcomings in order to cope with the time allotted to you with honor.
  27. Don’t forget that you are the chosen lucky one who is lucky to live on earth - appreciate every moment.
  28. If you didn’t see something useful in this or that moment of your life, it means you didn’t live it to the fullest.
  29. Seeing the useful even in the harmful is the acquisition of experience and the accumulation of valuable knowledge. Use every minute of the time allotted to you on earth only for the benefit of yourself and others.
  30. To forget about time means to be as happy as possible.
  31. The happier a person is, the faster time flies. For unhappy people it lasts.

Yes, not sixteen!

Women have a special attitude towards their age. It is very important for them not to grow old, and some of them try to stay young with all their might – and it’s funny. Therefore, meaningful statuses about women’s ages can be fun and funny:

  1. I no longer do unconscious stupid things; my age allows me to do everything meaningfully and joyfully.
  2. For me, my experience is my wealth, only now I know what I want and how to do it.
  3. Don't ask about a woman's age, give her a compliment - she'll believe you anyway.
  4. Don’t try to find out from a woman how old she is, you won’t hear the truth anyway.
  5. Of course, I want to not grow old in appearance, because in my heart I’m always 30-35.
  6. Don’t look at how old I am, but not too old either!
  7. Why get involved in strange relationships with young girls when there is a huge selection of mature ladies of Balzac's age. Who will feed you, give you something to drink, show you, and tell you?..
  8. The older a woman is, the more vigorous and stronger she is.
  9. A mature woman - a glass of exquisite wine, be careful not to spill your happiness.
  10. You can’t drink water off your face, so pay attention to the other qualities of women of Balzac’s age.
  11. The life of our show business stars proves that a wife may well be twice as old as her husband - and this does not spoil her at all.
  12. I won’t look in the mirror or at my passport, I know that I will never be 60, but only 20 three times.

Don't waste time, it's already short

Statuses about time with meaning also reflect your inner world through the prism of whether this is how I live, what I do, and where I am going in this life. They can be like this:

  1. Looking back, analyze all your moves - suddenly some were wrong, and now time is working against you.
  2. Make friends with time, it is it that will put everything in its place.
  3. Don't grumble that life has flown by. Like one moment - love your past and enjoy the present.
  4. Time both heals and can cripple.
  5. Don't regret what happened, take care of what you have.
  6. Even the ancients said - seize the day, this means - be able to see the beautiful and enjoy every moment.
  7. Don’t repeat the story about wasted time—it’s unlikely that you’ll have time to make up for it later.
  8. Many people think that life is endless, but in reality you have to live like it’s your last time.
  9. Time doesn’t ask whether you managed to finish all your earthly affairs or not, it just sometimes ends...
  10. Love every day – it will bring you joy and your time will become more valuable.
  11. It is possible to get a lot done when every minute counts.
  12. Our whole life revolves around the ticking of a clock, and sometimes we stop hearing it.
  13. Don't be afraid that one day time will stop forever for you, just love it and appreciate it.
  14. You can’t argue with time - it doesn’t listen to anyone, it just goes on and on.
  15. “Tick-tock, the years fly by.”
  16. Years go by, but we are still the same.
  17. Don’t thank time for putting everything in its place, you just knew how to appreciate it.
  18. “Stop, just a moment, you’re wonderful!” - you just want to shout in the happy moments of life, but time will not hear you, it continues to run.
  19. For some, time flies, but for others it crawls - it all depends on how fully a person lives.
  20. “A little slower, horses, a little slower!” - but time rushes by like the end of three - uncontrollably and rapidly.

Whatever I have they are all mine

Statuses about age can have different shades: lyrical, nostalgic, sad, funny. Choose which status suits you:

  1. I'm not afraid of my age, but sometimes I'm afraid to look at my passport.
  2. I am proud of the years I have lived and would not change anything from the past.
  3. All the years we have lived are mine, but we do not betray ours.
  4. The clock is ticking, but we haven’t had time to live.
  5. When we meet with friends, after the next phrase: “Yes... we’ve been through so much,” we simply start laughing, because at this time we remember the most ridiculous and funny stories from life - and the same ones for everyone at once.
  6. The past years cannot be erased from your life, and even if there was something unjustified or wrong in them, then accept it - because this is exactly what had to happen for you to become who you are today.
  7. Don't be ashamed of the past years - accept them as a given of your destiny.
  8. “Now I would do everything wrong,” many complain, but that’s now, and then you made the best decision for yourself and made the choice you needed at that time.
  9. You shouldn’t flaunt your age, because what matters is not how long you’ve lived, but how.
  10. Yes, experience, the son of difficult mistakes, unfortunately, comes only with age, and young people do not take other people’s experience into account - and you did the same at their age.
  11. I was always afraid that they would call me “old lady”, but after the birth of my granddaughter I am so glad about this veil. Especially when she takes my face in her hands and playfully says: “You are my old lady, old lady.”
  12. When you’re 50, you realize that you really want to live for yourself, but you’ve already forgotten what that is.
  13. Even if blank spots appear in life over the years, fill them with love - for men, grandchildren, and, in the end, for the garden.
  14. It is rightly said that we ourselves are the creators of our own happiness. And if it doesn’t come over the years, then the creators are lousy.
  15. You look at old women and understand what kind of girls they were in their youth: intelligent dandelion grandmothers loved someone all their lives - children, grandchildren, relatives, and grumpy, loud-voiced, and, as a rule, lonely grannies - only themselves, they are still aggressive and not good guys, what did they do in their youth...
  16. As people say, everyone in old age receives the face that he has earned through all the years he has lived. Therefore, when you see a pretty old woman, it means she lived righteously, and the old crooked woman Yaga - well, she played pranks from the heart.
  17. I am proud of the years I have lived, with the exception of a couple of moments, but I don’t even want to think about them.
  18. Every age has its own charms, it is important to see them, and not complain that life has passed and there are many wrinkles.
  19. A lot depends on your personal perception of age: for some, life just begins at... 60, and for some at 35 years old - “I’ll never get married, I’m an old woman!”

I'm saving time

When you save time, you can put short, meaningful statuses about time:

  1. Time is your friend, not your enemy.
  2. Value time - get everything done.
  3. There is never enough time - there are wrong things to do.
  4. Time is the most valuable thing life gives us.
  5. Save every minute - enjoy every moment.
  6. In grief and sadness, time is your healer.
  7. Give yourself time to rest, don't push yourself.
  8. Don't complain about the transience of life, just enjoy it.
  9. With friends, time is one moment.
  10. Happy people don’t watch the clock, unhappy people hurry them up.
  11. “Don’t think down on seconds.”
  12. The time will come and you will appreciate it.
  13. Time is the best friend of those who value it.
  14. Time is irreversible and irreplaceable.

Statuses about time and love

Life can be measured not only by the number of achievements, but also by the number of happy days. What else makes human existence more fulfilling and meaningful than love? A status about time devoted to love will help you beautifully reflect your thoughts on this matter.

  • “In love a man can kill time, but time can kill love.”
  • “A day spent in the company of a loved one flies by in seconds. A day with the enemy is an endless year.”
  • “Always take a minute to talk with your loved one. So that when the moment comes, there will be someone to talk to.”
  • “Love is not tested by distance, fame or money. Love is tested by time."
  • “Now is the time when politeness is mistaken for flirting, and a good attitude is taken for self-interest.”
  • “Even eternity is not a long time for waiting loved ones.”

A status about time is a good way to remind yourself and others that a person’s days on Earth are limited, a person himself chooses how to fill them. And how to live with benefit for yourself and others.

Live in time with the times

When you think about the meaning of life, that you still have a lot to accomplish, you can put a status about time and life:

  1. Your life is a certain period of time that cannot be changed, so expand the space.
  2. Living here and now means seizing every second.
  3. Only happy people can forget about time.
  4. Life is given once - don’t waste time.
  5. Live your life so that your memories include everything: sadness, joy, troubles, disappointments, happiness, tears, love...
  6. Don’t save time on your loved ones – this is unjustified saving.
  7. Set yourself the rhythm of life - in unison with the second hand.
  8. Laziness cannot stop time, it stops your life.
  9. So as not to pound water in a mortar, get up and do it.
  10. Time is generous to those who can appreciate it, and merciless to those who have forgotten about it.
  11. When you didn’t have time to look back, and you were already old, you lived without looking back.
  12. You shouldn't spend a lot of time remembering the past, you just need to know that you have it.
  13. When you are afraid and slow down in life, time flies far ahead.
  14. Living with the times does not necessarily mean being fashionable and following modern trends. This means appreciating everything that is and enjoying every moment.
  15. Every moment of your life is a choice that you make yourself.

Beautiful statuses about time

  • “There is no such thing as a lost day. Every second has its own meaning.”
  • “You need to live in such a way that “one day” and “one day” are today.”
  • “In the interval between “it’s not time yet” and “it’s no longer time”, life actually stands.”
  • “Life is an opportunity. An opportunity to start again, to let go, to forget or to return.”
  • “Life is like falling from a height. If you look down, it's scary. If you look at the world, it’s interesting.”
  • “There is no other moment than now. Everything else is illusions, fantasies, dreams.”
  • “A day not yet lived is an opportunity.”
  • “Life is like a game of chess. Every pawn has the opportunity to grow into a queen."
  • “The moment is the same for everyone. Only the first chooses to rejoice in it, and the second chooses to be burdened by it.”
  • “Life is a piggy bank for experience.”
  • “The most important law of existence: enjoy slowly, act without delay.”

Time does not spare, but it heals

A status about time and people can be put when maturity or old age comes, also when it seems to you that life is passing you by:

  1. Time spares no one, but it also helps you grow old gracefully.
  2. In the subconscious of everyone sits the fact that no one is eternal, but this thought should not upset or lead to apathy, it should inspire new achievements and good deeds.
  3. Don't be afraid to change everything if it seems like it. That you are going the wrong way, be afraid to waste precious time.
  4. Over time, the pain of loss does not disappear, it becomes familiar and close.
  5. Time can only cure unnecessary feelings and meaningless grievances; deep feelings are incurable and timeless.
  6. To understand and forgive is to help yourself not to waste time on meaningless grievances, anger and disappointments.
  7. Take care of time - this is the most valuable thing in your life.
  8. They forgot that time is passing, which means they stopped somewhere halfway towards their goal.
  9. No earthly wealth and blessings can compare with time, because if it suddenly ends, then wealth and money will not help.
  10. Don't waste time arguing - it's a waste of time.
  11. Living with goodness in your soul means helping time work for you.
  12. Time works against a person, when he destroys himself with anger, negative thoughts and envy, make time a friend - stop being angry and angry at the whole world.
  13. Living in unison with time means being grateful to it for every moment.
  14. A better friend than your time has not yet been invented.

Statuses about time with meaning

  • “A person always wants the minutes to fly slower and drag on faster.”
  • “The only thing you can’t buy in this world is days of life.”
  • “Very often such important things today become stupid things a year later.”
  • “Every action has its own response in the future.”
  • “Trains, unlike time, are coming back. But even in this case, there are already different people on the platform and in the carriage.”
  • “There is no right time. There is an internal readiness.”
  • “The paradox of life: in youth a person puts off joy until later, but in old age he regrets that he did not live to his fullest.”
  • “It is not time that controls us, but we that control it.”
  • “You don’t have to hold on to anything in your life. Over time, it will become clear: what remains is what is important.”

The most important thing is how old the soul is...

Status for a woman “50 years old” such a phrase should be special.

  1. The years fly by so quickly. If only money would come to me like that.
  2. 50 years is the time when only the truly brave decide to change something.
  3. Even at 50 years old, no one can take away the true desire to enjoy life!
  4. The breath is warm, bright, hot. Today I'm 50 and I'm ready to love.

If you want to start this period not only with pleasant deeds, but also with good words, set the statuses “I’m 50 years old today.”

  1. I want to spend this day in peace. And it doesn’t matter to me at all who says what.
  2. Fifty years is not twenty. You need to gather only the most faithful friends.
  3. I used to be a lighter. Now I am already a woman of fire))).
  4. Fifty. Now your whole life is ahead of you. There were always some difficulties behind me.

Which means I'm twice as good as I was at 25

The cool status of me being 50 years old will prove to you that there are no barriers to being happy.

  1. They say I'm too old for many things. It's good that I think differently.
  2. 50 years is no longer 20, and not 30. But still there is some kind of romance in a retro style...
  3. At 20 you are simply young, but 50 shows exactly how you lived your youth.
  4. 50 years is a period when you can afford a lot more. And I'm not just talking about money.
  5. Let's start enjoying life at 50, so that later, at 80, we won't regret that we never started...
  6. Girls, let's not focus on our age. So we won’t even notice that we are 50!

If you want to think about the topic of age, perhaps cool statuses for 50 years will suit you.

  1. In general, half a century has already been lived. But the main thing is that the heart is still young.
  2. Much has been rethought, and I am ready to give in to a new stage of life. Fifty…
  3. Well, I’m already fifty. So where is the desire to dig in the garden?
  4. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really understand how a fifty-year-old me differs from a thirty-year-old me :D.
  5. At fifty you still want romance, and you also want love. Don't trust anyone!
  6. It's never too late to feel young. And I say this on my fiftieth anniversary.
  7. If they tell you that you are old, don’t be offended. Just take out your revolver.

And all this will fit into one memory

We all have moments that we remember throughout our lives. And there are also countless months of which there are no memories. Statuses about how time flies will make you feel the ambiguity of life.

1. A day off is a day that simply does not have time to begin: it ends immediately.

2. There is not always time for important things. But idle wandering around the house is always welcome.

3. Growing up can be overwhelming with the freedom it brings. If you realize it in time.

4. At every age, success is seen differently. And it is evaluated too.

5. If there was a time when they cheated on you, then there will be a time when they cheated on you.

6. How many hours could you tell about your life? It’s bad when all this is measured only in minutes.

7. The time will come, and you will definitely be disappointed in each other. You just need to be able to prepare yourself.

8. Spring blooms in the soul even when the leaves outside the window are just beginning to turn yellow.

9. Time taken is like borrowed money. You shouldn’t take it away from someone if you know in advance that you won’t be able to make it up.

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