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The wisest bird in the world is the Owl. He hears everything, but is very stingy with words. The more he hears, the less he talks. Ah, this is what many of us miss.

Now it's time for the OWL. Everyone needs her ADVICE, After all, the angry OWL Knows wise words. But for more than three o'clock the door is bolted and a grumbling sound is heard: - No OWL! At the MEETING! T. Kersten

Call me in the morning - we will meet the dawn on the balcony. Coffee over a carefree conversation accompanied by birds singing. Or we will drown in warm silence in each other’s smiles, Reading the understatement in the light movements of the eyelashes. Call me on your happy orange afternoon. We'll just wander through the fragrant grass barefoot. Let's run away from everyone along the chamomile fairy slopes. Let's dance on a rainbow in the blinding rain. Call me in the evening - right under the shower of stars. We will bask in the breath of the fire, drowning in dreams. The sparkles of words will scatter in a magical cascade, Reflecting with a loving radiance in clear eyes. Call me into the night, where only tenderness does not sleep except us, Where the tangles of feelings reveal the last secret, Where the play of sensations attracts heights of inevitability... ... And then call me again to meet the dawn on the balcony. 04.07.08

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The owl is a very interesting creature, not only for the study of magical animals, but also for symbolism. The owl itself is a symbol of wisdom, but also of darkness and death. But every nation characterizes the owl in seemingly the same way, but also in different ways. The formation of the symbolism of the owl and similar birds is influenced by: 1) Nocturnal lifestyle and “fear” of light; 2) The ability to see in the dark, silent flight, predation and a frightening cry, characteristic appearance, “intense” gaze, glowing eyes at night... Peculiarities of daytime behavior: 1) Solitude in a gloomy shelter 2) Almost complete immobility of the bird. Like all birds, the owl is associated with the symbolism of the soul, or rather, with its seeing off to the afterlife. The owl is considered the bird of death in Ancient Egypt, India, Central America, North America, and the Far East. In addition, the image of an owl is characterized by a connection with mystery: secret, often frightening, knowledge, powerful forces of magic and predictions. In modern use, it is a frequent symbol of brand names and emblems of enterprises and organizations related to education and enlightenment, science and publishing. In military symbols, it most often serves as an emblem for reconnaissance units and special forces. Main meanings: 1) Insight, prophetic gift, clairvoyance, foresight; 2) Wisdom, knowledge and erudition (bookish), rational worldview; 3) Meditation, academic studies, night studies, medicine; prudence, moderation; 4) Thoughtfulness, loneliness, sensitivity, silence, 5) Melancholy, sadness; 6) Winter, cold, long nights; 7) Night, darkness, gloom (twilight, twilight, twilight); 8) A harbinger of trouble, bad news, misfortune, death; 9) Malice, witch, demon, devil; 10) Evil prophecy, evil divination; 11) Ignorance, disbelief. Sumer In ancient Babylon, the cry of an owl in the night was considered the cry of a dead mother, yearning for her children. Antiquity: Associations of the owl with wisdom originate from ancient Athens, where the owl was considered a companion and attribute of the goddess of wisdom and learning, Athena. It is in this capacity that the image of an owl is often found on Greek coins. From the Athenian tradition comes the wise owl in European fairy tales and fables, the emblematic image of wisdom - an owl sitting on a stack of books, and the idiom "learned owl" in reference to scientists blinking like these birds behind thick glasses. Owl... Reasoning is more valuable than eloquence. Symbol of wisdom. dedicated to Minerva “not so much for the sweetness of her voice, but for the seriousness of her gaze and the nobility of her appearance. On the other hand, being a bird of the night, it symbolizes the time of day when silence surrounds us and we can concentrate, digest and organize our thoughts.” “Take owls to Athens” - do something unnecessary, go to Tula with a samovar. The expression “nosta volat” (lat.) goes back to the image of an owl on coins. - “The owl flutters.” Means constant change of money of the owner, especially the one who takes bribes. Celts Chthonic symbol, “night witch”. China A “yang” animal with a negative connotation of destructiveness, an antagonist (negative similarity) to the phoenix. Associated with thunder and the summer solstice. Fixed owl eyes are seen as “demonic” and causing illness. Present on funeral urns as a symbol of death. There are ideas that young owls can begin to fly only after they peck out the eyes of their parents. Numerous bronze owl figurines date back to the Shang Dynasty, probably of a benevolent or protective nature. Japan Death, bad omen. Mesoamerica In Teotihuacan, the rain goddess was revered in the form of a sacred owl. Among the Yucatan Mayans, the death god Gunhau often carries the head of an owl with him. Among the Aztecs, the owl acts as a nocturnal demonic creature and an evil omen. North America Wisdom, prophecy. Among the Plains Indians, owl feathers in their headdress have a protective value. Egypt In one of the papyri, the owl is called a symbol of night, cold, winter, indifference, and belongs to the kingdom of the night Sun, sailing along the underground Nile in a boat from West to East. Hinduism Emblem of the god of the dead Yama. Vahana (mount) animal of Goddess Durga, manifested as "Kamunda". Judaism The embodiment of blindness. Companion and attribute of Lilith as a demon of the night. Christianity In the era of early Christianity, the owl was opposed (as a symbol of secular science) to theology, the cross. As a nocturnal creature, the owl has become a symbol of evil spirits and witchcraft in Christianity; its images in the Christian tradition are a symbol of the blindness of unbelief. Because the owl hides in the dark and is afraid of the light, it has become a symbol of Satan, the forces of darkness. The owl is said to deceive other birds by luring them into bird catchers' nets, just as Satan deceives people. Solitude, sorrow, desolation, bad news. The owl's cry is the "song of death." The owl also symbolized the Jews, who preferred darkness to the light of the Gospel. In the Slavs, the owl belonged to the group of unclean birds and was endowed with demonic properties. According to legends, the appearance of an owl near a house foreshadowed death or fire. In marriage symbolism, she acts as a symbol of a widow or an old maid. The owl symbol was also used as a talisman. The owl is also credited with the role of guardian of underground wealth, treasures, and tear-grass, which helps to open any locks. Magic The owl was seen as an accomplice of witches. The association of owls with witches is very old, the earliest mentions of this date back to the 5th century AD. e. At that time, and later, people believed that owls and other animals associated with witches brought evil. In the Arthurian legends, the wizard Merlin is often described with an owl on his shoulder. In Western European art, owls have long been depicted in connection with dark rituals and witchcraft. The belief that owls are witch animals continued in Europe until the Renaissance. At that time, the total persecution of science had largely ended, and science was separated from superstition and mythology. In medieval heraldry, the owl became the emblem of all scientific (alchemical, scholastic), educational and educational institutions, societies, and began to be used in coats of arms or seals of universities, and later - libraries, museums, etc. In the 18th-19th centuries, the owl began to be used as an emblem in the trademarks of publishing houses, printing houses, on the bookplates of individual scientists, etc. There was a belief that a witch often has a “familiar” - a creature that is not just a pet, but also a close friend and companion - a “companion”. Such an animal is often a cat, toad, dog, mouse (rat) or owl. Owls, at the same time, usually carried out various assignments for witches. Emblem Since antiquity, the attribute of personified Wisdom in the image of Minerva. In this capacity, she is often seen sitting on a pile of books. Attribute of personified Night and Sleep. Present in allegorical images of October (month of death?) and winter. Contrasted with spring birds - the cuckoo and nightingale. There is a famous engraving by Albrecht Durer depicting an owl that cannot stand daylight, contrasted with an eagle that can look at the sun with open eyes. This example is interesting as an example of rethinking an ancient image. “Owls, due to their nature, are of exceptional importance, primarily because they keep their watch at night, therefore they can be likened to vigilant guards and others who belong to the same classification.” As an image of philosophy and science: “O Greece, you saw yourself as the diamonds of the eyes of Socrates’ owl!” A Polish proverb says: “Every owl looks stupid during the day.” (In my opinion, it is very difficult to agree with this). Proverbs, sayings, etc.: “What an owl sings to one, a nightingale sings to another.” “An owl on the roof screams, prophesies someone’s death” - Polish. “A sleepy face like an owl at noon” - Polish.

Rumor spreads throughout the world that the owl is wiser than all. But, I’ll tell you a secret, There is no more unbearable creature. I don’t save politeness when meeting her. I tell her: “Good evening!” And the owl responded: “Uh-huh!” I cordially remark: “Aren’t you cold in the snow? Come and have some tea...” And the owl responded: “Uh-huh!” “Can’t you sleep again, owl?” And in response again: “Uh-huh!” No, I cannot communicate culturally with this bird. A. Eroshin https://dreamworlds.ru/intersnosti/71680-sova-kak-simvol-mudrosti-i.html

Series of messages “Non-children's fairy tales”:
Part 1 - 13 magical nights of YOLE Part 2 - What does a woman lack??? ... Part 9 - “Not a single creature is your enemy, not a single creature is your friend, but every creature is your great Teacher” ... Part 10 - No title Part 11 - The wisest bird in the world Owl. He hears everything, but is very stingy with words. The more he hears, the less he talks. Ah, this is what many of us miss.

Owl quotes, aphorisms, statuses, phrases from around the world

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I must admit, gentlemen, with every action or conversation you make, my opinion of you falls lower and lower. You are like over-aged, playful children who were allowed absolutely everything from the very beginning, and what you didn’t get, you took it yourself, of course, without asking anyone’s opinion. So now you both have the same problem, and you share a new toy! And all because one of them jumped up, “I don’t have that!”, and the second, for some reason, considered it his property! Tags: Alexandra Cherchen // Course work on the inhabitants of the swamp // Yulia Aristova //

Has this world become one with pain? Everything here is meat for someone’s food... A baby cannot be born without blood... Countries cannot live without enmity... Tags: Vi Torres (Lesya Lisova) // sad quotes // peace, universe //

- Maybe you should see a doctor? — She asked timidly, trying to come to her senses and start thinking. — I know a good dermatovenerological dispensary. You will be gladly received there! “Yes, we really need a doctor,” the green guy looked at me longingly. - Psychologist. - Psychologist? - I corrected. “Perhaps,” he agreed obediently. - But a fact is a fact. - What for? - asked carefully. Maybe they have maniacs here? And their victims need to be rehabilitated? “We need to convince our women that they are beautiful,” the man said with universal sorrow in his voice. - Didn't understand! “I even hiccupped nervously.” - Then you need a stylist. - What do you? — The interlocutor looked at me in shock. — Stylists are a rare, endangered species of animals! Listed in the Green Book and protected! Therefore, it is not possible to get a stylist. It was easier than you. Tags: Alexandra Cherchen // Course work on the inhabitants of the swamp // Yulia Aristova // Felix La Chavoir //

He had his own theory of education. Children need to be trained, like purebred puppies, to live independently - this is the main duty of the father and mother, and not at all to indulge parental instincts. Tags: Anna Borisova // Time of year // Klim Zvonarev // parents // children //

The present is a stopped part of time. Life exists only in the present, where it stands. Do you want proof? Please: my present cannot be anyone's future. Tags: Milorad Pavic // Landscape painted with tea // reality // present //

Lack of pretense is a very strong quality. Both in women and men. Tags: Boris Akunin // I don’t say goodbye // Mona Turusova // pretense // men //

- So you are not afraid of death? - Yes, I don’t think about her at all. As it comes out, so it comes out. Live and wait for death? Stupid. And why, you fool, should you look back at her? She is always there, from morning to evening and from evening to morning. We wander through death as through a forest shrouded in fog. Around us, everywhere, are its trees, its holes, its ravines. Every second you can run into yourself, stumble, fail. Death rushes through the stream of cars driving in the oncoming lane. The slightest turn of the steering wheel - and that’s it, instantaneous end. In spring, death hangs like an icicle from the roof. It is in the pocket of a psycho who walked past you in the crowd, giving you a dead look. He could scream, slash, but something distracted him and would attack someone else. In the old days, people knew very well: life is fragile and can end at any second. Now this irrefutable truth has somehow been forgotten. But this does not stop it from being true. But there is no need to gnaw at yourself over this. As you grow older, you become wiser. The body itself will tell you that there is nothing special about death. Tags: Anna Borisova // Creative // ​​death //

People whose existence generally makes sense are divided into two quantitatively unequal parts: generators and implementers. Generators - today's "creatives" - are capable of producing new ideas.(...) The second category is the implementers of these ideas. (...) The eternal ambush of Russian reality is that our generators undertake to implement their ideas themselves, and the implementers strive to be creative. Tags: Anna Borisova // Time of year // life quotes // person, people // work //

Not believing in God is like hiding your head in the sand. Tags: Anna Borisova // Creative // ​​ironic quotes // faith // God //

I see you're worried. Not worth it. What is meant to be will happen. Nothing in life happens for nothing. Every meeting is not accidental. Every event, even the seemingly insignificant one, is a great experience for the soul. Tags: Yulia Basova // Clear. Mission - love // ​​life // events //

You can be able to do anything and think anything, and believe in anything, and surpass all earthly wisdom, but if you don’t love, you are nothing. Tags: Marcel Sauvage // wise quotes // love // ​​man, people // achievements //

Autumn threw leaves in the rain, as if it gave a reason to be sad... But while you wanted to be in my life, I liked living it... Tags: Vi Torres (Lesya Lisova) //

A person is designed in such a way that if you place him in a psychologically comfortable, absolutely conflict-free environment, he will begin to generate stressful situations due to nonsense. Tags: Anna Borisova // Vremena goda // life quotes // person, people // conflict //

People hate people, but share beds with each other... We would like to be sorcerers, but we can’t visit Hogwarts... Tags: Vi Torres (Lesya Lisova) // person, people //

- You... this... what?... that? Like... the one... which... of these... - It doesn’t matter who I’m from! It is important who is in me! Tags: Suspicious Owl // Owl // Peacock // homosexuality //

The strongest argument in favor of the existence of God (if arguments made sense in this matter) is the view of the notorious starry sky, or a sunset over the sea, or such a valley. The divinity of the world is perceived not through logic, but physiologically. Not through the head, but through the pores of the skin. Tags: Anna Borisova // Vremena goda // Klim Zvonarev // God //

The one who speaks the truth must have a horse under saddle, so that, having spoken, he can sit down and run away. Tags: Vakhtang Ananyan // Prisoners of the Barsov Gorge // Gagik // truth //

— Is this bean sauce? - Bean-human. Tags: Watchmen // Dan Dreiberg / Nite Owl // Walter Kovacs / Rorschach //

But we are not alike, you are summer, and I am winter, you are in bright colors, when the city freezes, when everyone is walking and there is no time to sleep at night, and I am in my December, in the chilly and gray cold... Tags: Victoria Manzhosova // man and woman //

Vika is searching. She is looking for a kind, smart, romantic, wealthy man. She searches and doesn’t find it, because she has an obsession that it all must be the same person. Tags: Mommies (2015) // Anna Belousova // ironic quotes // search // men //

And it’s as if we have formatted dislike back into falling in love - otherwise we don’t like it... It’s a risk to suddenly start something new... But let’s take a risk. Love story - reincarnation. Tags: Vi Torres (Lesya Lisova) // love //

How wonderful it is to be young and carefree - there is so much time ahead that you don’t have to worry about the future, don’t remember too often, but just live, live and live in the present... Tags: Natalya Shcherba // Chasodei. Clock battle // time // youth, youth // future //

Man is such a creature that in some circumstances he can be a giant, in others he can be a dwarf. Tags: Anna Borisova // Time of year // Ivan Ivanovich // person, people // circumstances //

Seconds drag on like days. We are not together, but we are alone. At the crossroads of all roads Will leave feelings between the lines... Tags: Liza Arzamasova // I am your sunshine //

Everything has passed... Everything passes sometime, But we are not free to forgive and forget... This date is a mournful funeral feast for us: Forty-one - the beginning of the war. Tags: Maria Borisova // war //

One worthless little man dies, he spent his whole life wasting heaven in vain. He falls into the other world and asks God: “Lord, tell me, why was I born into the world? Was there really any meaning to my existence?” God to him: “Of course my son. It doesn’t happen any other way for me. Do you remember, in 1969 you were on vacation in Gurzuf?” “I remember, Lord.” “And how did you meet a blonde from Kremenchuk on the evening of July 27 and sit and have dinner with her at the Yakor restaurant, remember?” “I remember something, vaguely.” “And how a woman with a pale face sat at the next table, kept smoking cigarette after cigarette, and then asked you to pass the salt shaker?” “No, Lord, I don’t remember.” “In vain. This is why you were born.” Tags: Anna Borisova // Creative // ​​meaning of life //

They grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out. — I haven’t talked about people yet. - Did you... eat them too? - asked with a sinking heart. “No,” the strange subject shook his head. “Even though they are relatives of humans, they are bitter and infectious.” That’s why they live, and even evolved to the point of being supposedly intelligent. “That is, we tried to chew...” I summed up the dialogue. “Of course,” the green one looked with slight surprise. “There was hunger, I tell you.” Oh, mom! - But we haven’t decided. “He looked at me carefully. - So who are you? - I am a psycheologist! — she said the only thing is that they don’t seem to eat here. “Wonderful,” this... Kikki struck me again with his smile. - Then follow me! - Where? - I squeaked. - Make women happy! - the green psycho solemnly said. Tags: Alexandra Cherchen // Course work on the inhabitants of the swamp // Yulia Aristova // Felix La Chavoir //

Suddenly, as if the ash fell off your cigarette, the whole truth of unspoken words in missed moments... Tags: Vi Torres (Lesya Lisova) // sad quotes //

I see all your vices, and more often than not you are not guilty of them. You have crossed thresholds for so many days, but your path has been both difficult and uneven. But the brilliance of the mind and the depth of reason obscure everything in the shores of love. And the justification for your actions Now all my thoughts. Tags: Ekaterina Kolosova // love //

The smoke of the cigarette melted into the air - here it is, human life. Tags: William Somerset Maugham // Patterned Veil (Painted Veil) // life //

Stop, Chicken! Wait, cheap jam!!! Tags: The Adventures of Vasya Kurolesov // Loaf // funny quotes //

Children most often grow up good if their mother does not love them enough. Tags: Anna Borisova // Time of year // Zhanna Zvonareva // children // mother //

I've always loved to draw. When I was a child, I used to draw in the air with my finger. Tags: Oscar Niemeyer // beautiful quotes // drawing // architecture // childhood //

... this is a useless business: teaching fools is like healing the dead. Tags: Nikolai Semyonovich Leskov // Councilors // Marfa Andrevna Plodomasova // ironic quotes //

In a difficult situation, you always need to be stern and sometimes cruel. The kindest commander can be harsh in moments of battle. Tags: Vakhtang Ananyan // Prisoners of the Barsov Gorge // Ashot // cruelty //

... a bent pine tree is the only and best way to depict the wind, which cannot be drawn otherwise, it is invisible. Tags: Vyacheslav Soldatenko (Slava Se) // Eva // beautiful quotes // drawing // movement //

Lack of happiness is a reason to create it, just like if you simply have nothing to do... Tags: Vi Torres (Lesya Lisova) // happiness //

In summer we miss warmth, and in winter we miss snow... We will always miss something... But sometimes the joy is just to hear reggae, because it’s enough to notice happiness in the little things... Tags : Vi Torres (Lesya Lisova) // positive quotes //

She came into my room, turned on the light with a clap, looked around with satisfaction at the room that had been refreshed during our absence, wished me good night and left. The door closed with a thud and the lights went out. I clapped my hands. Nothing. No, well, this is definitely some kind of mockery! Tags: Alexandra Cherchen // Course work on the inhabitants of the swamp // Yulia Aristova //

Faith is the great and sad dream of the human soul that it is not alone in the world, that someone needs it and is important, that it is immortal. Tags: Anna Borisova // Creative // ​​person, people // faith //

Instead of the desire to search for endorphins, someone in his room loads a gun, man is not man’s friend, when the best background for consumerism and cynicism is love... Tags: Vi Torres (Lesya Lisova) // sad quotes // life //

I chose cinema because it can combine photography, drawing, music - everything I did Tags: Robert Rodriguez // music // photography // cinema // drawing //

— The ground has been completely cut out from under our feet, our values ​​have crumbled like a house of cards, and therefore, it’s time to gradually implant your views on life, right? - I asked sadly. — Felix, you really are a great psychologist. Tags: Alexandra Cherchen // Course work on the inhabitants of the swamp // Yulia Aristova //

And most importantly, don’t drink in the morning. Otherwise, everything is in vain: rest and work. If you're thirsty, it's time for wine in the evening. And you can’t cry in the morning, otherwise the day will be torn to shreds. To endure, to be able to wait for the night - then roll, roll, my tear! ….. But the main thing is not to drink in the morning... Tags: Maya Ivanovna Borisova // sad quotes // alcoholism // drunkenness //

Even an opium lover must vote in this country! Tags: Gangs of New York // politics // elections // voting //

Only the dead are not afraid of death. Tags: Spleen // Plastic life // death // fear //

— I yelled at Sergei’s children. - An, don’t worry. When you have three children, screaming is a normal wedge of conversation... What happened? - Well, I called them to the table three times, and they were sitting on their phones. - So, you yelled at the children for sitting silently? - No, I yelled at the children because they ignored me. I'm just empty space for them. “Then any mother’s best friends will help you.” This is a payoff, this is blackmail and a slap on the head. Tags: Mommies (2015) // Anna Belousova // Yulia Melnikova // Victoria Smirnova // ironic quotes //

Each musician in the orchestra plays his own instrument, and how much does he know about the complex harmonies that are born from this? He plays only his own, sometimes very modest part. But he knows that the symphony is wonderful, wonderful even if no one hears it, and he is glad to be a part of it. Tags: William Somerset Maugham // Patterned Veil (Painted Veil) // Waddington // meaningful quotes // music //

Great. We're both of no use. At least there's something in common. Tags: The Painted Veil (2006) // Kitty Fane // uselessness // general //

You Russians are a very passionate nation. Especially in politics. The dispute instantly turns into a quarrel, the quarrel into a fight. Tags: Anna Borisova // Time of year // Luc Charpentier // politics // Russians //

After all, the best men in the world are officers. In any case, when there is war in the world. Tags: Boris Akunin // I don’t say goodbye // Mona Turusova // men // military //

It is not the one who knows the truth who is right, but the one who considers his lies to be the truth. Tags: Milorad Pavic // Landscape painted with tea // truth // truth // lies, deception //

Paraphrase. E. Ryazanov: there is too much noise from someone who has lost his voice. Tags: Evgeny Vitalievich Antonyuk // voting // choice // public opinion // ban //

You keep thinking that someone will decide something for you, that your time will come. But all that remains of your future are horns and legs. Tags: Milorad Pavic // Landscape painted with tea // time // future //

The road, like all roads, thought for them before they had time to set foot on it. Tags: Milorad Pavic // Landscape painted with tea // travel //

And happiness comes to the happy, one person told me, and people are still waiting, patient, in their souls, for a bright light. Tags: Victoria Manzhosova // happiness //

If evil is committed with inspiration and talent, it is a hundred times worse than if it was done incompetently. Tags: Anna Borisova // Creative // ​​meaningful quotes // evil // talent //

“I would love to invite you somewhere to get to know you better.” - For what? - Well... to get to know each other better. - For what? - So that, for example, next time our dialogue will be more meaningful. Tags: Mommies (2015) // Anna Belousova // Toto // dialogue // acquaintance //

- Are your women so ugly? “We like it,” he shrugged. “It was they who went berserk after the arrival of the elven embassy.” - Why do you need me? I haven't finished my studies yet! - So you know how to make women beautiful? - this one asked menacingly... - I’m not a stylist, - she waved her hands. Well, you never know... Who knows what their stylists looked like... Maybe like me?! - I am human ! - Human? — the green one tilted his head to the side like a bird. - We also had such people. They ran slowly, so during the great drought we ate them all. At the same time, he smiled so dreamily, as if he personally caught and ate, and now recalls with nostalgia those happy times. By the way, he smiled very toothily... I have no doubts that it is carnivorous! Tags: Alexandra Cherchen // Course work on the inhabitants of the swamp // Yulia Aristova // Felix La Chavoir //

Everything is beautiful in our Duma, There is no opposition there, Everyone votes unanimously - Amazing grace! Tags: Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky // ironic quotes // opposition // voting //

... the world exists for you ... Tags: Elena Nekrasova // Gil-Gul // world, universe // //

For a long time he lived in a fairy tale that he himself had invented, and when life destroyed the fairy tale, he decided that life had collapsed. Tags: William Somerset Maugham // Patterned Veil (Painted Veil) // on behalf of the author // man, people // feelings //

Divine and new, Given to us from time immemorial, The Word owns the world and rules over it. In a careless whirlwind Among things and persons The eternal will blow upon us From the stage and pages We realize again, Believing in that, In the beginning was the Word, And the rest came later. Tags: Maria Borisova // words //

Like a phoenix, I fell into ashes... (Isn’t it better to burn than to fade away?) Tags: Vi Torres (Lesya Lisova) //

A real woman is like water or fire, seemingly the same, but never the same, constantly changing, and there is nothing more fascinating than watching this process. Tags: Anna Borisova // Vremena goda // life quotes // women // changes, changes //

Ice is not a carpet to lie on. Tags: Tatyana Tarasova // life quotes // ice //

For many centuries, most American men have lost their virginity with black women, and in Europe, especially in the southeastern part, it is customary to sin with gypsies. God bless the gypsies and black women. After all, it’s a good deed to give a little feminine affection to a boy who needs love like bread. With them, those who have not been loved and will not love lose their innocence. Tags: Milorad Pavic // Landscape painted with tea // love // ​​virginity //

I must be just incredibly tired of being alone, of surviving every day in a strange, barely familiar world. And I desperately wanted to lean on someone. Someone who will be strong, brave, knowledgeable. Who will help and protect. Who, even if he won’t take on my problems, will at least help a little. He will put his hands under my burden a second before I drop it. Tags: Alina Borisova. Vampires of girls' dreams // Larisa //

People live in their thoughts like larvae. Only a few develop into butterflies and leave the cocoon. Tags: Milorad Pavic // Landscape painted with tea // man, people // thoughts //

Joys are so rare now. The number of my losses is growing... And only the years come, Like water in a flood. Tags: Maria Borisova // life // loss // time //

The ballerina smokes nervously in a pack of cigarettes... Tags: Dumps // Plastic life //

- Stop! Who are these people? - I suddenly became suspicious. “Monkeys,” La Chavoir laughed quietly. - But it is also one of the self-names of the human tribe. In any case, it has long been proven that they originated from this species. - Why did you scare me half to death?! - I hissed angrily. What a bastard! “You reacted so funny,” this... cannibal looked at me honestly. - I couldn't resist! And I was interested in your behavioral reactions. And which of us is a psychologist now?! Tags: Alexandra Cherchen // Course work on the inhabitants of the swamp // Yulia Aristova // Felix La Chavoir //

Well, learn to survive without injuries so that you can look forward without despair... Tags: Vi Torres (Lesya Lisova) // motivational quotes //

- Why is it that men always blame women? - The same as for women and men. Tags: Anna Borisova // Vremena goda // Ivan Ivanovich // Sandra Kaznacheeva // women //

Sorry, there are no toys, but you can play with the handcuffs. Tags: Trace // Margarita Vlasova // funny quotes //

After all, all truly grandiose undertakings seemed crazy in the beginning. Tags: Anna Borisova // Time of year // Sandra Kaznacheeva // madness // ideas //

All fairy-tale monsters hide under beds, and the monsters of the real world hide behind masks of education and intelligence. Tags: Louise Glassova // Where darkness reads fairy tales //

So, one more time! Forget about the rules! Art does not know science! Feel the drawing! Convey your feelings! Draw exactly what you see! See with the eyes of your soul! See what you feel! Express yourself, express yourself! Tags: Echoes of the past (Little Ashes) // Salvador Dali's drawing teacher // motivational quotes // soul // art //

“I’m not used to opening my mouth if I have nothing relevant to say.” “If everyone spoke only to the point, humanity would have lost the power of speech long ago.” Tags: The Painted Veil (2006) // Kitty Fane // conversation, conversation //

I always want to see you now. Read your thoughts in every eye movement. And sometimes you can hear breathing so that every breath is in rhythm. Tags: Natalya Vlasova // I’m at your feet //

- Nooo! Baaaaaaaaay! - Whaaat son? - Why are you here? “Aren’t you glad that I’m not there, or what?” - I'm just confused! Tags: Suspicious Owl // Owl // Owl //

There is no freedom in the world, there is only an illusion, a common word that means little in the lives of mere mortals. Tags: Giorgio Faletti // Painted Death // illusions // freedom //

- And what would you like? “A little,” I honestly lied, deciding to demand as much as possible, maybe in the end I’ll get something relatively decent. - Estate, maintenance, guest apartments in the palace and two personal maids. - Or maybe marry the Duke? — Felix was amazed at the scope of my requests. “And then all this will be automatically added, plus a couple of dozen locks on top!” “No,” after thinking about the offer, I decisively rejected it. “Excuse me, even though I’m only familiar with the highest nobility so far in absentia and through you, but... it’s not inspiring.” “That’s pretty cool,” the swampman grinned. — Julia, I think you perfectly understood the background of my question. Of course I understood. In common people this is also called: “Can’t you spread some jam on the pug?” Tags: Alexandra Cherchen // Course work on the inhabitants of the swamp // Felix La Chavoire // Yulia Aristova //

Lyashko was received on a farm in Zhitomir. The radical drank a little too much milk. Lyashko declared in front of his electorate: “Look, I am the president of all Ukrainian cattle...” Thirty people have already gathered to run for president, Not such a minimum salary, since they managed to save up for votes. If everyone contributes two and a half million on time, then the amount will be greater than the entire national debt. Ukraine in terms of wealth, one hundred and twenty-third place is unfortunate. As they say, the main thing is not victory, but participation. But in terms of billionaires, we will soon take first place. Every year there are more and more of them - their faces have eaten them up... Tags: PureNews // Quarter 95 // Evgeniy Koshevoy // sarcastic quotes // voting //

Reflection, it is not literally thinking, it is a mistake to identify these concepts. Reflection relates to thinking in much the same way as bodybuilding relates to weight training, that is, as free leisure relates to sports. Tags: Maxim Kantor // Drawing tutorial // sarcastic quotes // thinking //

It was raining, it was a dreary time when women from one dream go to another to kill someone there. Tags: Milorad Pavic // Landscape painted with tea // women // autumn //

“Let’s go on the other side,” I agreed easily. - La Chavoir, have you ever had to communicate with a woman who is very hostile towards you? “It happened,” he answered warily. - And how close was she or they to you? - I still asked softly, feeling simply fierce anger at the arrogant aristocrat, who decided that everything was allowed to him. - The same as rial? Think about it, you and I have our whole lives ahead of us... And how indescribably “beautiful” I can make it! Tags: Alexandra Cherchen // Course work on the inhabitants of the swamp // Yulia Aristova // Felix La Chavoir //

But I am cruelly marked by fate, I will not forget my father’s ghost. “To be or not to be” are empty words, I know for sure that there is not to be. Tags: Maria Borisova // theater //

Even though universal suffrage has its dark sides, it is still the only way of rational government, for it represents power that surpasses brute force. Tags: Victor Hugo // positive quotes // elections // voting //

Smart landowners used to give two unbeaten people for a beaten man, which means they saw the benefit in it. Tags: Mikhail Evgrafovich Saltykov-Shchedrin // Patron Eagle // Owl // experience //

What a twist of the human heart it is to despise a person because he loves you. Tags: William Somerset Maugham // Patterned Veil (Painted Veil) // on behalf of the author // love // ​​contempt //

All of New York is a giant film set; its sights have been seen on the screen so many times that you no longer want to look at them in person. Tags: Giorgio Faletti // Painted Death // New York //

There is no right or wrong in children's drawings. And if your child drew a cat with ten legs and three tails, don’t be a bore, draw wings for him too. Tags: Pavel Linitsky // How to draw any animal in 30 seconds // positive quotes // children //

But if you endure the pain, the result will be something extraordinary. Tags: Jacqueline Wilson // Painted Mom // Marigold // life quotes //

Very often I don’t know how to live with all this. From pity for everyone, from this impossible beauty, pain. How can you see all this and... live? Tags: Maya Kucherskaya // Crying for the departed art teacher // Anya // sad quotes // life //

- She's amazing. Tell her that I have never seen such beautiful hands. I would like to know why she loves you. Waddington translated her question with a smile. - She says I'm good. “As if women love men for their virtues,” Kitty snorted. Tags: William Somerset Maugham // Patterned Veil (Painted Veil) // Kitty Fane // Waddington // love //

They happened to speak Coptic and Hebrew, Greek and Latin, Georgian and Syriac, or remain silent in all these languages. Tags: Milorad Pavic // Landscape painted with tea // language // silence //

Being sincere with yourself and living according to the will of your heart is the highest form of consciousness. It can be inconvenient, it can be difficult, you can find yourself misunderstood, but this is true free will, which straightens your wings. The most valuable people are those with whom you are honest and those who are honest with you. I do not accept hypocrites, because by nature they are losers and, wearing masks, they try to go out at the expense of other people, to give their mezzanine dust the appearance of a “star,” at the expense of others or in the background. If you really want to be happy, be sincere, don’t be false, because it is valuable to find one listener to your heart, and not hundreds of listeners to your fables. Tags: Nina Chepkasova // motivational quotes // sincerity // values ​​// person, people //

Fingers in white, fingers in blue, White chalk looks like frost. Blue chalk looks like the sky, Eh, I wish I had red chalk. Tags: Propaganda // Chalk // drawing //

Our thoughts are like hunger—always the same. Tags: Milorad Pavic // Landscape painted with tea // thoughts //

Jokes about owls and larks

Hey, I’m asking you, woodpecker: are you an owl or a lark?

Note to owls. To become a lark, you need to be bitten by another lark.

All people are divided into: 1. Owls (get up and go to bed late) 2. Larks (get up and go to bed early) 3. Woodpeckers - because of them, owls get up early and larks go to bed late

- You're a night owl or an early bird? - Judging by the rhythm of life, I'm a zombie!

- Darling! Won't you remind me who I am: a lark or a night owl? “This is the fifth time you’ve asked me, woodpecker!”

The one who wakes up early is a lark... The one who goes to bed late is a night owl... And the one who goes to bed late and wakes up early is generally a f*cked bird.

It looks like I'm neither a night owl nor a morning person. Judging by my regular lack of sleep, I am an angry crank bear.

My girlfriend is a night owl, I am a morning person, our drug dealer is handsome!

The secret to a happy family life has been revealed! It turns out that for this the wife must be a “lark” and the husband a “night owl”. Then the wife doesn’t see how her husband comes home, and the husband doesn’t see how she wakes up in the morning!

- You're a night owl or an early bird? - If I drink, I’m an owl; if I don’t drink, I’m a lark.

If you don’t have children yet, you are a lark or a night owl. And then – that’s it, you’re a zombie.

- Gogi! When it comes to getting up, who are you: a night owl or a lark? - Why are you insulting me, girl! I'm on this part!

My “night owl” friend taught me to eat “lark” at night. She left, but the habit remained...

– Syoma, are you a night owl or a lark in life? - Phoenix. From time to time I come back from blackout.

The blonde is asked: “Are you a night owl or a morning person?” “I don’t even know what to say... My husband calls me “My swallow!”

You get up early - you're a morning person. If you go to bed late, you are a night owl. You get up early, go to bed late - you're a fucking bird.

Larks and owls meet in the morning, when the former go to work, and the latter return from a disco.

An owl can turn its head 270 degrees to any lark that tries to wake it up.

I'm not a night owl. The owl goes to bed late. I'm not a morning person. Larks rise early. I'm a ferret! I always want to sleep!

It is best to determine who is a “lark” and who is a “night owl” who knows how to refrigerator.

Woodpeckers are the reason why owls get up early and larks go to bed late.

Owl: - Why did we let the larks make their rules in this damn world? Another owl: - They did it while we were sleeping.

The one who wakes up early is a lark, the one who wakes up late is a night owl. And the one who sleeps poorly and walks around with black circles under his eyes is a panda!

– Are you a “night owl” or a “lark”? - Bear. - How is that? – Try touching me while I’m sleeping!

British scientists have proven that early birds eat less than night owls. Naturally, when the “lark” opens the refrigerator early in the morning, it immediately becomes clear that the “owls” ate everything at night.



Why is the owl a symbol of wisdom?

The owl is a majestic nocturnal predator, whose appearance and habits have long given rise to the image of a bird shrouded in a mysterious and even mystical trail. She has long been feared and revered as an unusual creature, capable of bringing both good and evil. Therefore, in order to understand why the owl is a symbol of wisdom and who gave it such symbolism, one should turn to old beliefs and ideas about this bird.

How and why did the image of a wise owl arise?

Even at the dawn of the development of ancient civilizations, the image of an owl was most often associated with wise deities on whom the fate of people depended. This bird seemed so unusual that it was revered as the embodiment of the magical thoughts of the gods.

Not everyone can see an owl, because it hunts exclusively at night. For the same reason, she was considered the embodiment of darkness, a threat to all living things. That is why, in most dream books, an owl has long been interpreted as a negative sign. But it was precisely the nocturnal image of these birds and the ability to see in the dark that gave them the notorious image of the symbol of wisdom.

People believed that if the owl was given the ability to see in the night, then this bird could notice what was inaccessible to the eyes of others. In addition, she could see everything around her without moving, but only by turning her head, in a way that others could not do.

Therefore, they believed that she knew more than anyone else in the world about everything and, therefore, embodied the image of a wise being. This is where the belief arose that an owl flies around the world at night, learns about everything, and at dawn reports it to the gods, whose messenger it later appeared in the myths of a number of peoples of the world.

Wise owl as perceived by different peoples

The Slavs considered the owl to be the keeper of treasures. According to their beliefs, she protected treasures hidden in the earth and served as a messenger between the worlds - earthly and otherworldly. Therefore, the owl in Slavic mythology also acted as a wise bird, because it knew everything secret.

It is not surprising that later, when Christianity supplanted paganism, the image of an owl became associated with Christ, bringing the truth to people. In ancient Russian fairy tales, this “prophetic” bird was called nothing more than a “wise little head”, capable of helping the hero and giving him good advice. She was also considered Leshy’s faithful assistant.

The North American Indians, among whom animism and totemism were widespread, also paid special attention to the owl as a symbol of wisdom. This bird of prey in Indian myths appears as a wise deity of high spirit. Brave warriors decorated their heads with owl feathers, believing that such a talisman would give them steadfastness in battle and protect them from death.

In some Indian tribes there was even a belief that the souls of warriors after death moved into owls, so these birds could not be killed. The Indians considered the owl to be the embodiment of magical powers, which also gave this bird an aura of wisdom.

Among a number of peoples, the owl was considered a faithful assistant to shamans and wise men, who, with its help, could communicate with spirits and receive wise advice from them. The English imagined the wise wizard Merlin with an owl on his shoulder. In India, this bird was considered a prophetess and prophetess, capable of predicting fate.

But the most striking image of the owl as a symbol of wisdom became among the ancient Greeks. In their minds, this bird acted as a faithful companion of the goddess Athena. It was in Ancient Greece that the most ancient image of an owl was discovered. The appearance of this bird was minted on coins with Athena.

To the ancient Greeks, this bird, in its way of life, resembled philosophers seeking solitude in search of truth. This could also serve as an imprint on the image of the owl, which became the personification of wisdom.

The ancient Greeks believed that meeting an owl could turn out to be extremely lucky for them, because they would be able to find a solution to any, even the most complex problem. If this bird flew over the battlefield, then this completely foreshadowed victory for the Greek troops.

The wisdom of the owl - what is the reason?

If we ignore the long-standing myths, thanks to which the image of an owl became a symbol of wisdom, then we can find more scientific explanations for such symbolism. In particular, scientists believe that these birds are endowed with special abilities because of their unusual voice.

Firstly, people have long been frightened by the variety of sounds of an owl's voice - from the most familiar hoot to a terrible screech and imitation of barking, meowing and even human muttering, as, for example, the Nepalese eagle owl does. Secondly, scientists believe that any vocalization of an owl has a rather strange effect on both people and animals (including wild ones).

Jackals, cows, and wolves respond to the owl's call with their voices. All this could be the reason for the owl’s ascension to the rank of a creature close to deities, and therefore endowed with sacred knowledge and special wisdom.

It is curious that a number of biologists are confident that owls are actually very smart birds. The reason for this, they see, is that owls have larger brains than other birds. The guesses about the wisdom of the owl and its habits are confirmed.

This bird is very patient, never fusses, hunts very thoughtfully, developing a strategy for attacking prey, rather than rushing at the first target that catches its eye. The owl also has very sensitive hearing and is able to detect the slightest rustle, which allows it to easily identify a hidden victim.

The appearance of the owl could also be the reason why this bird began to be considered a symbol of wisdom. Representatives of the owl family have a human-like head due to their face, which resembles a sage in thought. The large round eyes of this bird resemble glasses, which were believed to be worn most often by wise people, scientists, and inventors.

One way or another, people have long been accustomed to consider the owl a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. This symbolism remains relevant to this day, especially when purchasing owl figurines and various amulets with the appearance of this bird.

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